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Danny waves white flag on Red Sox season, 7-26-14

Jul 26, 2014|

Danny may be the last person, but he has finally given up on the Red Sox chances in 2014

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It's I don't know this is what I love them like a set up on the at times as we're gonna be and -- they trading I completely understand I mean this. I said no hard feelings and what they have to do for. For their organization. And that involves me then so -- it if it doesn't. Keep from authored five days and pension and militants had opened November -- sometime in October -- whenever this. Jon Lester. Last night six innings. Two runs walked one struck out 710. Pitches. No decision the Red Sox lose six to four to the rays I don't know what to Dolly is doing to Longoria. On the bases clearing double that broke at 33 tie by thrown to go to curb -- a terrible what are -- sort of pitch right now he I just got to draw -- two weeks ago right. I'm exaggerating put a lot of rich that is that hung sold badly. That if if Longoria it's going added it would still be it in the year you know -- able to reach the catcher it is it is dangled. While on a string you -- he got up any better in our it was just. Icing on the cake of frustration for the Boston Red Sox back Karbala -- And I have come to the realization Jerry. That the season is over. And I know a lot of people get up on this team on time on all right you all right this season was gone putt. When you come back from the all star break and you -- the Kansas City Royals and you know. At what happened and come up with big hits -- runs and -- position and we knew this team could pitch. You win three straight angle on -- right UN. You went straight to beat Toronto fourteen don't want scored fourteen runs knowing all that's not. Now I know was going to be Boston Red Sox baseball or its -- fourteen runs again. When you win eight of nine at that point and fourth straight. I never should they were activated at that point but I did say they had a shot. I said is a realistic shot at this team if they can keep pitching and and given the offense chance to come opera tickets -- reticence corpses and wishing him a victory now. I mean they missed this ideally I don't. You know we all realized when he was injured that they did miss him I just didn't know they missed them this much I mean. It's come up with some big hits since he's been back imagine if you explain all he would deal and maybe get a couple wins and it or not thrown in the towel just yet. But he missed time of the attack and a half out of the division. And after you went eight of nine and -- fourth straight -- goal lose four straight I mean this is done this was the stretch that I said. You play any division teams can sort of control your own destiny in the division. -- -- win all of them and that's unrealistic to think that almost thirteen games of fourteen games you're gonna went all the stock happened but you needed to win 819. And here we are now they lose four straight and it's it's pretty depressing. To me and I'll have a conversation what do you do before July 31. They trade peavy I think they were doing that eat away or you don't take it 112 on a roll yeah. And please don't get moved to get stripped its efforts to scope it's more about the god it's more about the -- they're bringing out. -- -- At this point may. And a lot of people now wanna say we'll trade less that because it's over it's done they still don't have. And signed to a deal and I know John less that you just heard it on a clip last night after the game. You said that if he -- He would still considers sign in with the Red Sox next year notes on people have said. Well yet you can sort of work out a deal he gets something foolish that he comes back and it's a great move for everybody involved strike -- the Red Sox have done the season I said don't do that. -- -- Jon Lester has come -- -- I want stay with the Boston Red Sox he said spring training I think he genuinely feels that way blot. My concern would be if you'll give him a taste. I'll leave in Boston of even the Red Sox organization you imitation of something else. Like it. Like it a little bit. Like a little bit on the spotlight they're finally. Like an element -- -- Red Sox yankees rivalry might like it a little bit wanna be in that headlines. Every day. If you Red Sox to meet you still can sign him I that you will if you stick with the negotiations. You don't you don't. Even give him a taste of another city or not organization. Did you would you repeat now that threatened a widespread. -- A year like yeah. This stream of consciousness can you go through the mental exercise I would do a couple of weeks ago and every one of us. Has come to this realization at different points than you the last pulled out I can't. You know you don't became official for -- -- was a couple of weeks ago -- win I think became official for the for the public that the though the though real zealots who still hold on to that glimmer of hope with the other night the greatest thing in adult here. It's the best of things and no good thing average guy's -- was Mikey Adams the other of illicit home but it was after the one hitter. And. He it was I was ready to call in grief counselors in the -- and all that samaritans because. There's an old expression from the Vietnam days we they said. If you lose Walter Cronkite meeting of Cronkite comes out against the war is that you've lost the nation. Well we lost Mike Adams in -- keep a card with the 48 hours of each other. This season has gone -- -- Yes yes at at they remain ignorant the last ones on the island of hope you're the -- threats -- Mikey you it was you that you know so you've seen there's a chance and for me it was a couple weeks earlier I I still -- -- Before the fourth of July went to a game a month there -- was June 30 the first game against the cubs. Oh -- costs are out Vermont any of that series -- -- it was key that was when Milosevic -- that was a pathetic performance from Boston red -- the Chicago Cubs. OK -- SLP it team right now they came out of Fenway. And they beat up on -- Red Sox right the most important times he's stated that -- -- beat up on your verbiage is perfect I was at the one hitter. Where it even drew broke up but no no -- like. Four routes that go. And. It was that series -- at last help address that homestand -- -- -- -- You know it was difficult to start take at least the series against the royals on Wednesday. This shows they can get back and because. Any team is capable of a run like that. That such a hole for themselves in raw numbers this this is how I am doing them the calculus on. Typically you'd need to vote ninety. To 91 wins today to get a wild card and that's just on average -- spent. Right now they have 47 there exactly halfway there. Grew a 103. Games I think so they need to double their win total. Over the next 59 games if I've got the the man yeah I mean I did it -- 94. What that we see none of them that would make us think that they're capable of of getting half of what. They need when you go to the all star break. I would have liked to have seen them sweep Houston they should've but they didn't they still you know one -- -- -- they only -- one and it's yours. But you look -- come back to -- Kansas City. Annually and a lot of scored fourteen runs against Toronto -- to say and eight of nine. Things can happen six stands on a wild card and energy you put and everybody wants to put a number of wins that they have to get to get -- But I think if you look at a race like the wild -- now especially with this too wild card teams. There's the possibility of teams beaten up on each -- in that. In that race and maybe maybe it's not 92 to get it yet it's -- -- but but still I had hoped then put it can't anymore. Because if you keep lose in the division teams. And you -- fallen back in the wild card race at its over. I've I have come to the realization and I don't people laugh enemy may be last week we talked and I still hope but I told you why I had hope. I just reiterated again why did but I've lost it this season has done but it doesn't mean a trader Jon Lester do you -- Jon Lester. I've now back to the point where I say yes you say yes it I want Jon -- here trust me I want him signed -- -- of come to the conclusion that they're just not going to -- its just -- and -- he's gonna hit free agency. And how many guys hit free agency and don't leave. Some team is gonna come along and I want the Sox to be that team I want them to to overpay to get him because that's the market. What some team is gonna blow him away with a ridiculous. -- and and I would say fiscally irresponsible offer in he's got to sign. And the that you're gonna get nothing far. He said last night if he gets traded he still would consider resigning with the Red Sox I don't know that many guys have that mindset. -- have that love for an organization would -- be willing to do that you know you mites. There might be even more bad blood and it's saying -- not only you -- and give me a contract that I deserve and -- aren't. But you're gonna ship Miata town. Also -- not even gonna let this play out not even gonna get back to the draw armed border. I don't think you don't see many guys have that mindset to make that comment that just -- goes to show how much he does all of this organization true. A but it's gonna take a ton of money in a ton of years to keep them -- I I've just come to the conclusion that. Against my wishes I think they're just philosophically opposed. To signing him to the kind of deal that it's gonna require. I think -- just looked at baseball and seen too many bad contracts they remember the nightmare scenario that they that they found themselves and they'd dug such a hole for himself. In 2012. That it looks like they were gonna be terrible for a long time to come. And I and I I think they can still hit one or two bad contract. But I think they're just philosophically opposed to -- and you know and we were up against a break but you know when we come back I'll have a list of pitchers in Jon Lester age -- written that our stock and terrible contracts that teams have been settled with and I think the Sox. Have that was state they they know all the metrics they know what happens to guys when they get past a certain age that he's fast approaching and I think they have no desire to to be one of those teams. I don't think it should be about money but it should be about years and I think that's what you get into a guy is thirty years old how many years the -- in two and at one point at what point -- that. Do long term deal he -- to fall pot when west says hometown discount. That to me is not money that's the number years. We'll talk about less than his contract what his future is in its Red Sox organization what the Red Sox should do in movement forward. As we get closer to the July 31 trade deadline Jake Peavy is on his way to San Francisco. The two minor league pitches. I'm getting the -- studio Jerry thought they were here until 4 o'clock Sports Radio W.

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