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Danny PIcard and Jerry Thornton open w/ Patriots Training Camp, 7-26-14

Jul 26, 2014|

Jerry Thornton joins Danny Picard to discuss the opening of Patriots' training camp and Gronk gives out radio gold, "Smashin' an Dashin'"

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What's up. On paper cut studio today. Which Jared Norton from hostile sports -- just joined us from patriots camp. Went straight double duty today I. Went -- it straight here from there and he'd like you know at that. That's not work -- -- nor is working with you know I mean this is this is fun but yes that's pleasure that I -- do that nobody even asked me to do you were you at the front of the -- you -- the front of the gate when he opened the gates and everybody runnin' utes to get the best -- you know they got now it's -- -- -- after a hatch shell out the fourth of July fireworks now. And and I I will tell you this it is. A sea of humanity down there now arm and I'm gonna throw down we'll -- -- -- right now -- -- -- -- all the -- let's do it. Look at the crowd that's coming to watch a practice up practiced with. Nine players sell them the majority of those guys will never be heard from again -- -- will not make the team. And yet so many people show up to this look at that Intel meet. That this is not a football town. Anyone who who concede that in think that this is primarily. A baseball or hockey town. You're delusional. You're kidding yourself the heat it's the patriots -- world the Red Sox Bruins and Celtics aegis living and it. I if I -- several training camps at about four or five for Comcast sports net knowing when -- when I was written is actually the first year in the last five years that haven't. October training camp goes along with Comcast sports net website but. When I was there I you know I saw I was almost shocked because I haven't gone to a patriots training camp when I was on and to be honest I don't know when -- that again. When they spotted Latin you know the masses common and watch trying to -- you -- -- -- it's pretty much always been thus but they didn't. Start having it actually let. Bomb until a couple of years after the company open in the place of I think I think they've built the stadium and had a season or two. With -- still kept the camp not a prank call it's don't don't quote me on that what I started going to it back when it was down in at Bryant in Smithfield RI. And very it was it was actually war. In formal than it is now like you could the media guys would pretty much beastie and and around with like rubbing elbows with the coaches and mingle with players. I remember specifically going down in -- 2001. And Terry Glenn was in his fake hamstring -- phase of his career. And he just but the whole practice she isn't yes yes exactly he just kept doing the right that the -- -- Terry on the sidelines on a stationary bike. Arm and that when they open up this facility they put in. Bleachers and it's roped off and at the end of practice in -- of like five or so players are on designated to the loop around in and sign autographs in until one. Calm fears the bleachers and if they rumbling to the Fiat. They didn't run. A grown from the end zone all the way up the side and even the bleachers right on the sidelines but you've got that grassy hill behind the end zone next to the immediate action. That was wall to wall people. And then people like lake and behind trees like people just trying to get a vantage point it was it's massive and and I mean I I got -- few minutes late not because I'm unprofessional though because I'm a professional. Pomp and -- people leaving I think is they -- just like this is more than they than they bargained for. What it's -- reflects this team and their popularity and the at the level of optimism about the season if it. It has the feel to it there there's been reasonably optimistic this -- But this year it feels like I heard only like eight era so it just feels like this is going to be a powerhouse team and and everybody's on -- Everybody knows yeah everybody knows and if you've never been Donna training camp again when I first went and covered my first training camp for five years ago I was sort of shocked. -- as to what was the what the scene was like you know looking over at the fan base that it showed up and state what you -- that some people Lehman. But for the most part they stick to the variant is as you mentioned placed about your autograph if you've -- and you should triangle. I am not usually into. Patriots training camp already NFL training camp and we're talking about the month of July does not. On the baseball guy first dozens doesn't mean I don't get fired up for the patriots season because I do. But just not July. And how it's summertime and and they're -- now sort of force football training camp on. On training camps and a down my throat if I don't really wanna sit there. I would rather you know with the worst sunburn in the world go back on the beach and sit there and watch college football live on a sunny afternoon I just in July I just don't wanna do. I totally get -- it makes it you know your point makes perfect sense -- When I heard. Rock. Say that he wants to keep smash and dash -- -- not in my life. Duncan did. That. Don't get that. I mean I -- -- on football season when he said that grudge match and that -- me up the schedule. Wins the well due to match his action that Kelly fired up now and it's not like the Red Sox -- ten and a half out and by the way. I'll tell -- feel about the season. It's over. And I know that's not really you know going out but that's not go crazy on -- -- That's not a crazy opinion. I have been somewhat optimistic that the reds -- -- back in bubble will go after. We go to the Red Sox right now if you want to know all I wanna stick with the training camp real -- because you came from that and since we opened its its I told -- wrong. Those comments fired up football like I never really thought it would of and I just old enough for piled on July but I got me fired up yeah yeah. Yet taken a solid right -- you specifically watching -- No people on don't know is the they're bringing him along in a progression which he he alluded to during the smashing and dashing. Press conference that he had black -- that got a quote that you know I mean I. Unbelievable he's still controls on the silence his -- patterns but it's not like against coverage and that kind of think I mean I -- -- do -- to -- and -- this does is sold like football key stop but I but I love it yet. A pretty it was from a distance -- pretty sure it was Ivan fears there of the running backs coach. I'll stay out of high ground. Lobbing the ball. Over the back of his head that he could that he can catch it that's the kind of drilling have -- through pin her down smashing -- everything I do I don't -- and I. I loved -- that presser because. It was ground talking and cliches and I love that because that's when you know. He's feeling good he's in a good mood he's back to be a football player and not a patriot yet and not what he was last year we had to answer questions about. The controversy of whether his father wanted him to play or not deal with he had to be guarded. And and hide what you say you know we get a little bit of that yesterday that was up yell up he sort of like you're aware on the same page now and support followed up like. AC to run on the same page actors -- -- -- all though what's past is past we -- excited it. I -- started drinking game where you played his whole quote and every time he says my teammates. You got to do a Shia and the whole city will be like you know. Do you -- -- drunk by the end of it because he just talked at all his -- working hard give better every day with my teammates excited PO PO at my teammates in and you know. He's genuine you'd know that he's. Thrilled to be back in pads and a helmet and played football and not. You know it was agony for them last year to miss the beginning and the end of the season. And had. I can't wait. -- what he's not a 100% but at the same time. They would not have been out there at all right now if they didn't think he would be. Ready to -- -- riot so that you can tell me the percentages are you want he's -- we want my shot right I don't like he he wouldn't be. At this stage of -- rehab and if if they were to vote for week one I think it's just. There's a progression of him Belichick touched on this he said. -- all the medical staff they've got -- -- on their procedures and what fallen Ellison is a protocol for you know how fast to bring it dialogue and and. You've never heard this before I am making this up right now I'm gonna take complete. Credit for this there is. Shape be in shape and Anders. Being anxious and no one's ever said that before I come at a copyright -- but yeah that that's it he's just you know he he looks great it. If you see him help their running routes against no coverage to whatever. He's he's making cuts he looks faster and it's just you know what why Russia to do we do we need him in. And against the you know Redskins in the air at this scrimmage as their combined practices -- we need a week one and more importantly we -- the first Sunday in February. You mentioned being in shape and speaking of being in shape registry editor in the Trenton all he said yesterday. Darrelle Revis is in the best shape of his career. Is this jazz on -- I know a lot of guys will say this started training camps daddy's boy I feel like I'm in the best shape of my career. Did you. You watch -- but the ya -- people show up the C has got to be Revis you know she certainly people watching Brady but. We quit quit watching Revis was sort of an ought at this at this guy's going to be in the patriots secondary and but the reason that I I had a tough time getting fired up for training camp in July as well. Is because I would this patriots team -- of the gonna have twelve ones. I go to one division we know they got a -- -- what are spread AFC championship games why should be a fourth. Regardless of what happens and in training camp but the guy that you look at -- guys that you say these guys need to stay healthy right that's really what you bought Revis. Rock break. Those of three. You can -- for the new face in the. And it whether that's the rookies whether that's the guys that might push for a position -- like you know -- that you can. It's nice to look at the offensive lineman because. You know you -- deal look at two starters from last year who could be replaced it and Connolly Ryan -- that kinda thing but. Mostly -- -- the glamour position you look at four. Revis you're looking for Brandon Browner -- while he won't play the first four games can practice all through camp. So it's it's exciting to see him and he's just just powers of both people I mean east. 34 inches taller than some of the receivers Andy's coverage of that we've never seen -- likes it and so that's lots of fun. -- as far as Revis being in shape -- No no athlete is a book about it. Yeah I was the best shape of my career three years ago. Pretty much get fat lip and lays it out right it's but the whole offseason played video games at double load. I I by the way -- not in the best shape of my career wanna I wanna point that out that was probably. Eighteen is just for the record. Arm I've -- on the record. One thing I think he's probably talking about -- a lot of guys say this after haven't -- a knee injury like he did it's that first year. You don't feel right on it even if it's physically OK you're kind don't think get a body -- you worried about it while he's good a year under his belt. Arm plus another offseason to to get in shape I'm guessing that that's part what he's talking about. Like flash and like them in the best shape. You know I've been in my career and just -- forces and. So are we girl you know it's I -- welcome said that about about his leg it wasn't. That he couldn't play on and clearly could -- like a guy like Welker like Revis who relies on being able make quick cuts and lateral moves it and whatever. They have to feel 100% confidence in in India I guess since it's really analogous to like a pitcher who's had shoulder problems you know they've. It's gonna take a while before mentally you feel you can air it out in Atlantic going I'm gonna assume that -- did that by the way I tweeted out a little while ago. Com a of buying video of a play just randomly selected to play it Revis. I you are allowed to do that. Should I play on I mean beyond that I know exactly don't like us -- half a million dollars in the first round pick you like it appellate text. Yeah and I have found -- -- -- -- delete that video I know one of those guys to the ivory tower over the -- in press -- I'm out there with our people can you weren't in the not that I -- -- I was if I am -- in the media that I'm one of the ramblings is that -- a Shakespeare I -- on the part of the that the -- popular I am a man of the people. Rub elbows with the citizens -- And -- the play I just randomly selected -- Revis came across the field and batted down of -- it was brilliant and it trailing coverage. -- -- -- Got his hand on the ball knocked it down the crowd went nuts look it -- Jerry thought -- one on on Twitter yes I'll I'll tell you gonna say on line. Would you up on on children -- and up on yeah I -- it on my idea my my Twitter -- so it was great it was a gorgeous -- does not today because we are you know did anyway a little scrum after the. -- the what's not to like -- after the whistle. And drums I was and I can't believe they -- was involved I got -- and something an analyst from what I -- this -- and adamant that might have been com. Geez anyway it was a router ground may -- match at a needle treatment and a look at -- a lot of -- -- that -- Ronaldo temperature and again no bad blood but. And it played Jimmy grapple while news it's Rhode Island he looked at I thought that he threw a pick. On Thursday. And lomb to Chris White model linebackers that. We put it this late. Michael Collins and upon all Apollo eleven was closer to home that a receiver was -- like there was nobody around him. He would start the ball just came right to lump on the goal line and grappled just -- a to a -- like on his head. -- heat -- a picked today to. And it might have been -- harm but at vote when I was leaving. He had had to run a punishment lap related VI I I took my cousin is a more play us up and out of my half the field he might have watched this snapped typically argue when you bike just now yeah immediately the guys Jimmy -- yeah and. And it it's a funny dynamic is the crowd is is he'll packed in there. And holiday it they don't not to and is a -- play right going to be replied -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Note don't even on the defensive side as did you know the coming out to seven -- throws it deep he catches it people who don't knots yeah he well. What happens when a guy runs a lap but it's it was to be punishment people cheer everybody up that -- -- like. Really think that's what the coaches there -- -- boy here but. You know it it's. It's early on in his progress obviously play -- yeah he's that the pass the -- I've got picked off on -- Tebow last night I will say that -- at the ball actually got the Tebow would trouble the twelve times before it attended the defensive back -- It's going to be really interesting to watch grapples progress but it. I'm not -- are unaudited nation you know what I'm not gonna watch it and I don't care about -- progress that serious I don't care yeah and I know they do storyline sometimes. I knew where both legal both go on Comcast sports tonight right and sometimes they drop below story comes up and it's a topic. Ads and sort of -- who cares right now at Tom Brady so the quarterback. You know let's not try and just because -- -- and that cute they drafted Jimmy gee let's not to put Brady I mean I still consider an elite quarterback. And I'm not even trying to stop that leak on the stage right now because I think it's ridiculous and stupid. I could care less about -- You're up almost you know production or progression right I just I just don't -- should. I hear is a phrase I will state fuel a lot as we go to the pre season it's it's about impressions not conclusions. Don't like and. I I've seen too many guys. Who looked like it was you know the next big thing and you never heard them again and vice Versa. Guys who look terrible Matt Cassel was when the worst August quarterbacks I've ever seen. When he finally got his chance. You know he he led them to eleven wins. Consequently I've I have seen guys who looked fantastic and I. Last year by every -- fall in love with a guy a new face and yeah I agree I'll do I mean we all do we question we did what was it. You don't do it three headed monster of Dobson -- -- -- bullets right yeah I I am now gonna use I create a phrase for that guy a bomb over there yet. I got a column stud felt is that sex that's not tell us Mike I don't want to till I was on bullet. All I I've bought at that hook. -- and Gary rated tickets are still look at from my guys like Susan Sarandon sampled -- Italy every year she'd have like our current heard new guy that you would like romance at Saks I felt was my guy last year article it's. You he got a two games and I I remember make it one -- the ball. Bounced up as he has it was intercepted and he never -- the ever had a pass thrown his way again so. I watch one. I remember last year training camp say they were doing two minute drill offense. And sun -- caught a pass right and it's got a goal and get out of bounds or get down he kept run. And and Belichick runs out I'll. -- it. And it really was I have never seen telecheck. Really in a guy's face like that and I -- to question whether or not at that point -- the sun filled the would be anything but I still there was -- it's at nominal I still think this guy's going to be tight -- that that we're gonna. Enjoy watching and well we both Iran really we enjoyed watching them sit on the bench for the jets yeah and they get kind of I'm not does not when you say all I gotta pick a guy you are on the to have one guy training camp that you have to be. Like did you get to be a rookie -- you have to be like how do you consider that because we look at Jamie Collins going into his second year right. And the lasting memory I -- Jamie Collins is that colts playoff game. Yes last year and really that was a couple games before and then late in the regular season he sort of jumped out jumped off the screen a little it but it -- colts game and. And on question that's that's my god Obama. Be like yet and a deception -- a sack he had three quarterback hits like. The monster under Ian drew looks bad right now I think looks like Jamie Collins cell. Yeah at the same time he was that he was a work in progress I -- before we start putting him in encampment. I'm IE read heard this fact yesterday discussed this with that -- art in this very studio. Apps are not at my heart Indy cart from patriots football we can forgive him that. Well -- lots Comcast yeah it's Jack. Yeah Andy -- pointed out that Collins had eleven games last year -- two or fewer tackles. But unquestionably at the end of the year he came along and looked like this is a guy who can do a lot of different things he can drop into coverage. Tom he he didn't you know he took -- fleeing a completely out of that game and coverage but we saw him get after into lock and they take the Wii shop this guy and and let him you know go on the attack I think we've got something. Potentially special I mean you look at those three linebackers they're all you know high of early picks and calm they're young they're athletic and I I I think the sky's the limit them. And you know a lot of praise go to mail here from from Belichick yeah hospital days. I was you so I like. And you mentioned tackles. On someone that thinks that that's suspect and be an overrated stat. At times yeah. I don't know -- on the biggest. -- guy in the world but I I didn't expect. That much rates. Obviously he's a leader but I didn't expect it like that. Belichick who goes out of his way to -- single and out of this this guy for praise or for criticism. -- like he or mail that we talked about like Tedy Bruschi at Troy Brown Zach after they retired you know I mean this is the act of Diana's roster. Tom -- clearly. He's not just blown smoke I mean he. He likes what male brings to the table on and off the field here and tell it like by his second year in the team he said he was he was a leader. Wolf among the veterans in the the new guys but -- takes someone under his wing base -- -- you know. Film study geek and -- upon a time to one that works hard all these things. And I always felt with with male that. If he was a guy who beat his chest if he had out of you know -- dance that he does if he endorsed the kind of products I think he'd get more respect I think he'd be more recognized by. He's the complete opposite of that is a quiet I mean he may have some like. Billboard for a local restaurant or something does the couple you know just. It'll Comcast commercials whenever they just regional things. What he's not a household name but -- -- among the league leaders in tackles every year and the rap on him as yankees. He's just grabbing guys eight yards up fuel -- you know he's the heart. Of that patriots defense and I guess. I didn't realize just how much of -- -- he was. Not just on Belichick in their praise but you. Yeah Alessio any went down and that you know they note -- -- the green -- hi -- connect wrecked it couldn't handle he became onset. It was too much yeah. You don't nobody was more. Unfair to a tight talent then yours truly I I ripped him. He just seemed like for 270 pound guy he was -- passive he was -- slow to begin with but and he was like mentally slow. It's not Tedy Bruschi talk about the just like. But record as a late in the season he says. That -- that hightower is making it really hard he's never played inside before he's never had to make all the calls it's the most it's -- the quarterback is the second most. Complicated position on that team -- Cutting him some slack he played really well at the end of the I think it's just it was a learning curve the air and I I think he's made yet he was just trying to make his -- from -- you -- And you add that up on top of it you -- that type of responsibility -- that. It's crazy play Unita a -- him about the move Mike Vrabel and again for a year when Bruschi was hurt. And Vrabel struggled and you know nobody had a higher football IQ than himself. The lesson here again is I should never criticize somebody on the patriots ever again. That's the thing I was wrong to have done it I was I was sort that was also I never used before and it it it really hurt well. Guests guests who we are gonna criticize. After this next break is the Boston red stock today they are another reason why may be some people move more -- patriots training camp the Red Sox have lost four straight. They've made a trade today Jake -- -- its efforts is go giants the you'll get to prospect pitchers in retirement it's not even about the prospect pitches it's about I think. Just -- and back into the rotation -- and you know big -- in the transition. And next year and beyond even if it means guys like -- and Derosa not even this organization next year. Because maybe they packaged those guys and ideally get gee I don't know John Paul Stanton will talk about that Red Sox team. It is all but this season is done he's -- Thornton. Updated -- winner until 4 o'clock Sports Radio W yeah. The man of the people. Well -- elbows with the citizens out there.

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