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John Rooke and Scott Cordischi take your calls on the decline of the Red Sox season, contract talks with Lester, the return of football season with NE Patriots and this weeks 3 Things.

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Local sports show on sports Radio One 037. Here's John rocket things got -- she. Everybody we look if you had a goal local sports on 1037. FM job growth equities -- On Saturday morning nothing's happened it's got it's totally boring there's nothing going on let's go home. Well -- -- all I can say is if you -- one of the many that -- socket in his suckered into thinking the Red Sox are gonna make an interesting in the second half of the season. I think we now have our answer I'm over. Yeah I wrote this team. Awful long time ago. Along time ago we didn't sometime in June I think I wrote this team Moscow ended and that's it was done. Stick a fork in him. And now the big question becomes Jon Lester okay this this this story takes more. Twists and turns. Now there will be no negotiations. And until the season is over at at and Lester has pretty much -- I'm going to free agency now Lester said last night. I would be willing to return to the Red Sox. As a free agent. But he is now determined. To test the free agent waters that's not a surprise sick and we knew that this was gonna lessen this and now the question for the Boston Red Sox -- this he still under your control until free agency begins after the World Series is overweight. Jon Lester is still under your control so you can still make him an offer that he can't refuse the two questions the Red Sox have to answer -- this number one. Do we want Jon Lester beyond this season I assume the answer to that question is yes we do. Now the second question is. How far are we willing to go. To keep -- -- -- red sex uniform in other words are we willing to break our -- and unwritten rule. We don't like giving guys 56. Year contract number one. And number two financially or are we willing to invest some audio on the north in the thirty years old because that's the Wright issue correct so. You know that those questions. Eight you want -- I believe the answer to that question is yes but. Are we willing to kind of break our own rules so to speak. In give him more years to work normally comfortable way the end. A ball all the money because that's what's gonna take so even though they Lester hasn't -- free agency that does not. Not going to present the Red Sox and saying you know what here six years. And here is a 140 million dollars would want to stay as I guarantee if they made that proposal tomorrow it except. I'm not so sure about that all I am because I think I did you just said yourself he's in he's committed to testing free agency. And I think that's I think that's entirely what is going to happen now otherwise he would have taken a hometown discount. Any would've said when the brits are given that embarrassing for -- seventy million dollar offer to start with he what does it look. -- you up in Q can I get an extra year here getting an extra two years here the money doesn't matter as much -- be willing to take the hometown discount as he suggested. Can we throw it inextricably -- -- -- -- about that and then I'll sign and that we wouldn't even be having this conversation. I do think that he's gonna test the waters here's the interesting ITI -- they make an offer he can't refuse he won't test the -- I don't I'm not convinced now that that's gonna happen I thought maybe that would happen earlier this summer I'm not convinced that's gonna happen. But the get in the next report now is that after the game last time -- the Sox lost again. And so that's why we're playing the funeral the urge music this morning because it is definitely over old -- as the cases. Are losing six deported to analyst -- -- Lester took the L here's this here's the thing after the game he says I wouldn't be adverse if they had to trade me. That's a good trade estimates say it great that that's that's pretty products you're right last night he said you know if they feel like it's in their best -- -- trade me now in order to help build this ballclub up. I would be against net and then in reference to that he's -- I'd come back to the Red Sox. As a free agent right we -- I would -- -- -- -- towards he would be open to coming back to Boston no matter who he goes to right for a short term training three month deal. All I can say is if you really want him if he is going to be the centerpiece of your rotation for the future you can't do that okay. It's nice to hear him say that it's what he also said he take a hometown discount to -- and I agree it's our job risk I agree there's no way if you have any. If you've decided within your organization fundamentally Scott that Jon Lester is still going to be apart -- -- Ottawa to work up this money. OK and that maybe this venture into talking here but let's just saved. For the sake of argument he's decided -- we -- Lester he's our guy he's our -- he's he's hit. There's no way you can let him go because they're too many variables involved here if you let him go. And he moves off to another area in the -- teammates -- be -- -- the world title there's just too many other things and then he gets out into the open market and then teams like the Yankees and the tigers and the Rangers and the angels and the Dodgers -- all the big money big market teams start throwing money his direction and -- talk about six years in seven years maybe even -- about a 13801. -- what -- -- -- -- six -- 150 million -- Probably about the market price I think it's gonna be 25 million a year for six years that's my guess. And that's what I'm saying. Even though he said I am going to test the free agent waters I believe that if the Red Sox tomorrow say six years -- 51 -- that is. I've -- to take that I'm just telling you I believe OK if they really want him and they and they were prepared to make that type of -- I believe they could prevent him from testing the free agency could but the Sox aren't -- offers one well that cannot connect -- -- -- figure it's -- if you're telling. Right now. They're not willing to make that type of -- I don't think that it did -- telling you right now John they need to trade him before July 31 well okay and that's what brought up the issue last night after the over the tape that issue to me isn't the point John. About his willingness to return after being traded before the deadline to Boston because of the Red Sox are willing to go six years 150 million. I'm telling you know shot giving him back -- I hate me because that's what's gonna take probably on the worst enemy Gregory were agreeing on this I I've said -- wrote this Google probably as well. I don't think he's coming back but he's he's going to be back at all. Whether they truly got traded that you have whether they trade him in the next week in -- -- he goes to free agency. And so if that and I agree I think they should take good hard look at trading him over the next couple days with a deadline comes -- next week. It's if they can get something for him because I believe that fundamentally they've decided I not tampering and are you kidding me something they've got to get something damn good. I'm telling you right now. If if they are unwilling to go to to the links we just talked about it is signed him I am telling you right now. That I would be very sinister Red Sox fan if they let this thing play out and they lose him in free agency and all they get as a compensatory. Pick at the end of the first round. I understand sometimes -- turn out to be good players. You can get a hell of a lot more for job roster it was you can help a lot more for Jon Lester if you trade him before July 31 place oh. The point is this way if you are not willing to meet what you believe the market will be for Jon Lester the market price then you had. Better trade him before July 31 -- I think that they're going to be I really believe they'll do some serious -- between now and next week I really believe that I think that they're going to kick the tires on it. I still be mildly surprised if it happened is I think the sort of deluded into thinking they got a chance to resigning if he goes to free agency which I don't think they're gonna have enough money to cough up did to bring him back to the table. But I do think they're gonna kick the table in the acute chairs on it and I think that. You know -- probably contact teams like Detroit. By the contact teams like the angels in the -- but probably a couple of others that'll probably be involved as well I don't think there's any way in hell they talked to someone like the Yankees -- unless -- question bill definitely -- definitely put the feelers out let me ask you this question. Who would you rather have. In your starting rotation Jon Lester while Max Scherzer. So that's a great question. I I don't know that I can answer that without taking a closer look at scherzer. I think scherzer is the he's -- the hot commodity he's you know he's the next thing but I think it's because. We don't know enough about him I'm almost willing to take Lester in this instance Scott. -- because we know and we know what we're getting from him when nobody has a pension as you've always like to say that -- he -- come -- on the mound sometimes but we we've dealt with that we don't know how scherzer will re act to. Boston I don't know how he'll react to -- well -- so because. I am more of a double note in the -- like don't know kind of guy yeah I think I would -- right now at this moment Saturday morning at seven await again. I -- to keeping Lester -- and I understand that because your right there's something to be said about knowing that a guy can perform in this atmosphere right OK fine. And I think scherzer could it but I'm not positive about that. But your your right so I understand that and and I have no problem when you take my point is this. If they. Do not want to meet. What they believe the market price will be in the kidding themselves if they don't think the market price is gonna be about six years and 150 money for Jon Lester if they're not willing to go to that extent. Then I would suggest to you that they have to do two things that have to trade Jon Lester before July 31. And they had better. Find a way to replace him in get an -- for their staff next year and I don't see too many other options other than going after assures her. Who also is headed toward free agency now now that's not to say the tigers can't sweep them off as the two before. The World Series is -- -- say here here's an offer we wanna keep in Detroit so that's a risky game your playing here if you must go before July 31. You're playing a very risky game. Okay there's a lot of other things though that it if you're gonna go -- go lectures during the offseason. There a lot of the things that have to happen I think fundamentally the Red Sox team before you become that attractive to potential reach about -- turns thirty tomorrow. And dates you're one of those north of thirty contract the -- that about him you gonna pay him 150 million in whatever 160 million is being turned down six and 144 with Detroit. You gonna pay him to 837. -- -- -- -- I know that we're gonna take I've but that's that's what you're talking about haven't if you wanted to pitch -- right in the suburban fundamental choice that is. Not. Well in the knock and have a place. Okay right and they're not gonna have an -- if they're not willing to break their old rule they're knocking haven't got. I said this again in in writing some of the pieces that are written I think we're beginning to see. Fundamentally the Red Sox organization turned a page from being a free agent slash big money market team. To a team that is going to try to cultivate more from within. They've got young arms they've got young players. I -- you take a look at the standings but you know what the pos -- are coming back you know Portland has been kicking butt and taken names in the Eastern League. The farm system is in pretty good shape still within the Red Sox organization OK that I pray that they're getting ready to turn it over to some of the younger arms and the younger players -- recession they're turning the page on some of the show. -- and that's great but. We. As Red Sox fans should not have to put up with any type or rebuilding process I have no problem with mixing in some of the young down okay. The bottom line is this. This franchise is one of the financial. Now it's not one -- not to Major League Baseball right they should never. Not be competitive. Okay they should always be competitive for a post season spot. They should always be able to supplement their roster they're young and up and coming stars they wanna turn the page to win the -- Veteran talented studs some high ticket free agents the thing is there they have the right ones they can't make Carl Crawford mistakes like you made in recent years. They have to spend their money on the right guys. And it if they think it is gonna go to 100% complete youth movement and it's gonna be rebuilding process 234 years forget about it they'll be playing crickets. At Fenway Park trust me on one of the lovely intelligent girls that variable price that's great but he can Junco Stanton you know give you a nine innings to vote one run you know for baseball. Okay. So great -- to see about like John Carlos Guillen in the Red Sox won game. No we just don't know that yet are your thoughts on the Red Sox this morning. In the interest in peace you know and in the aftermath of the this export lost him last night his job last Tuesday it would be adverse to being treated. You know the question was brought up to him he's our team's -- as -- fuel -- and if you wanna win I mean it's clear that most of the guys in -- team if not all the guys in the team basically acted. And for whatever reason they just practice about the way last week I spent some time defending Jonny Gomes on on the easier ways because. I think you can perform at a cost of well I tickets production is relative it has been pretty much close to what I expected from him -- this week's defense that we use awful. And -- his defense field so. Part of the game last night was embarrassed. Law who was embarrassed that I can deal with you know that at 238 batting average or whatever it is put their defense is. Brutal EU looks like he doesn't know what the hell's going on out there and them it's part of it is is that one you know things -- points out they -- herself for a lot of guys mean to about a guy who looked slick and who looks sleek and who looked like he was. Like the next. -- say Jeter shortstop Alexander blogger is a mess yes he's he's turned into the guy who can't throw straight up. You know and so that's a little bit of concern and yet here's a guy like brought -- just continues to tick right along -- -- and and and just like -- totally amazed that this guy. And for anything if for no other reason. Then I wanna watch Brock -- he is the reason that I'm gonna continue their acts but the rest of this summer really gonna continue to watch him on I -- not care less I like the -- suck -- my -- right now -- like baseball I don't do and it's still summertime and I even on overturning the football season and you are gonna turn the page you're just a moment. But I understand that he's a guy that I enjoyed playing -- -- -- watching play because he seems to still have the innocence about it. He seems he's got that white guy you know you know little kid atmosphere and in an aura about him out of hospitals just that right approach everything that's right about he is sports he is the that jam it in a bag of coal out there on the field for Boston this year. And don't watch probably just watch him if the other guys decide that you don't give a crap wanna come along great. But I don't think they do. I don't please everybody else is practicing it. And I think you know the Red Sox -- that you know. I I advocated a couple of weeks ago I said look I'm not sure they need to blow this thing up that there are some pieces to this puzzle that I'm pretty sure that they should hold on to at least for a little longer. I'm not so sure now because I'm I'm almost wondering if maybe some of these bad attitude that I am sensing. Is starting to permeated so the club does not like chick in a brigade of a couple years ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know there were sending and they were -- and Tesco homes anywhere and Gomes Bobble the ball and screwed up. Put you listen to they're just Johnny Byrd himself on the trade market last night in New Delhi and it is that he wants a right handed -- just what royals and take him while they wanted to for his bat they don't glow on you don't walk off home run against the royals now and always cuts expansion -- -- only line. Ted Williams in that category. I don't care. They distrust doesn't matter consider. Consider the stat pinch hit homers. There's a reason he's a pinch hit and not a regular. While that's on -- -- the consent I can't defend him defensively whatsoever. I can't know he was he was awful all right so if your thoughts on the Red Sox -- Arctic meltdown yeah. It was -- 73712874017371287. Is. The number to call to get on the program as one of the text line -- 37937. It's an email to go local WEEI dot com he can -- us up on Twitter. He's Scott according -- -- you are broadcaster. We do wanna turn the page as well a couple of other things that we spent some time talking about it -- the least of which -- -- training camp. Will go out live training camp in thirty minutes ex beatle for patriots football weekly will join us as the next training camp session. Gets under way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which had 7000 plus and yet it did and I think the world via the rule over 8000 yesterday though. Great crowds out there if you're gonna head out there it's completely free of the public. -- -- all the if wells in the game it is difficult like Bob Krause is not making money well how much is a bottled water they're gonna sell the 795. Now. It probably not far from -- I. -- but. The fact is you get a chance for those that don't get a chance to get tickets to go to games this your opportunity to see the guys up close and personal in this is the year. You definitely wanna get a look at these guys before things get started. It's just been over the last couple weeks and you know we're talking about this before the show started today but I bet there's an air of excitement. And an air of anticipation the continues to build for this team. That I don't wanna say is unprecedented because we've had a this expect expectation and we've had this air of excitement building for some time but -- I tell you I think this is the year. I mean it. This is the year this is the year this is the year that this team. Hand and should thrust itself right at the top of the heap in the AFC another gonna get a huge amount. Of always EO of pressure and competition from the Denver Broncos because of the Denver is also of very very well situated to get back to the Super Bowl. And I think that the gonna have a little bit of emotion on their side like the papers did a few years ago with Myra Kraft but you know with -- Poland and Denver's ownership you know with him being stricken by alzheimer's and removing himself. From you know the day to day operations of the team they're going to be playing for mr. beat in Denver and I think you know I think we all understand. That emotion definitely helps fuel if fire. -- going to be very good. And they do have a -- to leave so they definitely upgrade their secondary but when I tell you that I think that. Darrelle Revis. And Brandon Browner when he's through his suspension and is able to play the when I tell you that mean not only will they help the patriots defense -- but they will turn this patriots deepens. From being just good. The championship good I mean. I'm already seeing Browner and what his musicality can do and that Defense Secretary just a couple of days of practice this week I've been thoroughly impressed. And the best thing about the patriots what they're doing right now is they're building up depth quality depth which they need to have. Because the injuries are going to happen right and if you build up the depth beyond your starters. And bring that into -- it when the injuries happened you got guys that are ready to slide into spots. This is when your team wins and beats the other. Well we talked about this last week you and I are on the same page. You know -- -- a lot of people talked about the -- year put. If you recall the first two -- three games of the season. This defense looked pretty darn good and then all of a sudden. Pages got riddled by injury it was Mayo it was a Wilfork it was Tommy Kelly they do is drop like flies. I thought last year that this was going to be in much improved defense and I think had stayed healthy. He could have -- and it wasn't because of the injuries. So now you get guys healthy and US significantly upgraded. The weak part of your defense your secondary. With the acquisition of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner and I agree with John I. I think. I think this team I picked as a result. I think there's a focus. That that we need to make a run for. Our fourth Super Bowl title I'm this year and you know I say that try -- -- -- I -- that and I say that -- and let's not kid ourselves that is the goal of this franchise every year it has been since Belichick and Brady walked through the door OK and let's not also forget this team played in the AFC championship game -- so. They -- That far away. Okay with that said I agree with you -- I don't wanna get too excited here -- -- overly optimistic because Super -- -- not -- in the month of July. But. I deuce I do see a lot of pieces of the puzzle in place here. 418 that has a chance to make a run. At a world championship so I am excited for the upcoming patriots season I really. Really am in addition to everything you do -- and in talking about the defense and improve secondary. I just sense that there is a little bit more of the and I'm not saying he wasn't focused before. Tom Brady's got a little. A little itch to scratch here so by making a run and another championship I really feel like Brady. You know he won't say it I think deep down -- they can. I can win another one I wanna -- met my legacy here. And and I'm sick of this close but no cigar these past few years losing to the giants in the Super Bowl -- in the AFC title game you know I -- so. I can sense that Tom Brady while he won't come out and say it. I think he's thinking you know what I wanna do it decent and I wanna do bad. I don't disagree with this is his fifteenth season the patriots have not won in ten years it's time. He's got the weapons and that's why you see them bring in Rob Gronkowski along slowly couple days. I I'd be stunned if you really saw him play much -- at all other than just a few snaps during the pre season because they have to be able to bring him along slowly be a part of this team in November and December when the games really start to matter and you turn in the corner toward the playoffs and you know so there are a lot of things that are put in the equation interesting note Darrelle Revis spoke to the media yesterday after practices over. And we solved. By the way there -- some -- reporters here from the New York -- workers and reporters there because the New York Daily News. Got him to acknowledge. That the patriots were not his first choice of season that the jets actually work. His first choice of team to come back to this year if he was going to leave -- remember you know the jets mile and go to riot police on the -- right Tampa it's evident wanna pay the contract so they're gonna let him go which they did in Denver millions of setting a one year deal to come -- New England right. Relatively good money and so the -- obviously the kind of wanted to throw that in his face like will you know your first choice with the jets right. And he says well it didn't work out in ointment when Arnold that make you feel a different one way -- the other is a patriot fan but at the same time. -- -- Yeah I think if you -- but it put this like smoke them if you go out right now yeah you take it -- at all got his stick around the on the. You are you -- if that's the problem I have with -- Revis so far I have no doubt there were gonna get -- -- because he's an contract year so it would behoove him to how to how -- wherever he so we are in cash and yes -- by the same token I still feel deep down inside that he his heart is not fully invested in being -- that he's. At his party's with the New York yeah I agree now I totally believe now I'm I'm I'm saying we're not gonna give his best but I'm just saying that I I agree -- I I feel like he hit his. You feels like deep down inside you wants to -- This will be an interesting scenario to -- play out yeah throughout the course of the year and I you're right I think you'll be focused on New England trying to win here and it behooves him to do so -- This just kind of adds a little spice to the whole new York New England -- -- when it does come around and yes it will get to come around a couple of times in the younger -- patriots on the table pager scavenger headed out of Foxborough. This morning for camp that I love to hear from -- -- your thoughts on whether or not this is the year. What is the single most important factor for New England in your estimation. What this team get over the -- To beat Denver to get back into the Super Bowl for next year any thoughts of that whatsoever for a 17371287. The text line 37937. Email go local WEEI dot com. Twitter is at scholar protege and at JR broadcaster. Our number two of the program today in addition or three things we're gonna get a visit scouting from Bryce cotton. In San Antonio or the San Antonio Spurs it's a big weekend and prices like this weekend as well -- -- it's -- a couple of minutes we're gonna catch up with him and but at what the summer camp you know summer league experiences been like he's doing all right Vegas he's got his home and get great weakness last you know week. He's held his -- he's gonna do he's doing very well and a that you and I bolt realizes he's gonna carbon nice niche for themselves somewhere and so we're gonna pick his mind and get some of his thoughts on his though foray into. Professional basketball that's coming up in our number two but we got plenty of time for you as well we talked -- we talk Red Sox we talk anything else that's on your mind its -- local sports won all 37 FM. Close. Calls for a -- 4017371287. -- Radio One through seven FA MI. And joining us on the line this week to talk about one of the courses that is on our golf cart is a great track and north because a plated a few times myself. From the country club of New Bedford we are joined by their PGA pros got -- -- Scott. John -- Scott here in Providence RU. Good morning thank you -- Scott. Let's let's let's start just like talking in general terms about country club of New Bedford for those that have not been out. And senior track what in your estimation makes it. Attractive. For the public to come out. Well first and foremost it's the of the green the green complexes that at the Donald Ross golf course. -- in the early 19100. And that is it is par for the course or Donald -- that it is it is green complexes that make his golf courses it's not the link. It it is it is almost a 100% the greens. I agree with you a 1000% -- -- and I haven't played in their fears that a plated enough to know it's a classic Ross design he defends par. From the green back to the -- you've got some elevated greens you've got some on relations. I agree with you a 1000% that you have to have a good day pudding if you're gonna score at the country club -- New Bedford. -- leash your short game is it's is exposed here if you missed the fairways in the and the greens. You better you'd better have -- -- -- with it. I'm like well okay that's actually the better part of my game so I don't have any problems that about it. What about you know anything that you -- new recent renovations. -- whether it's been the golf course the clubhouse again we're talking about overall attractiveness here what can you tell us. Well I tell you what the in the last two years have been here for two years and I've played here been from New England my whole my whole career. And played probably 1015 years ago and came back last year and that's -- it's fantastic. We've been doing a lot of renovations to the them to the golf course itself. Warsaw on unification. We we have a great membership here that volunteers their time. In their and resource is two. To the static. To the -- to the he used the grounds around the clubhouse. It's really been it's really been on the launch. You know Scott what talked about this with the with some of the other people -- pat on this year and listen we we understand that that the sport of golf. You know. It it it it has struggled when the economy went in the tank I think a lot of people. May -- gave up that that luxury of of country club membership but I understand New Bedford has seen an increase in membership over the last six months or so. We sure have you know. Like he said we. I think that the idea. Of the business in general has has suffered. With the economy I think is that there isn't an upside to it now we've we've added some. The membership classifications. To our target. Which is the you know that when he took forty year old to sustain a membership going forward we have what's called RR junior intermediate. And our intermediate classes of membership. The junior to mediate is one of the 19 and the intermediate -- thirty to 39. And tell us about that the other types of deals you know -- what are we talking about numbers wise. Well we don't like it's a deal. Erect -- offering. What we offer is something you need to. To dispel coast. We're worst we're strictly a golf course when you come and you join -- you -- you're surrounded by a passionate golfers. You know we have a we have a fantastic beautiful clubhouse. Top -- dining facility. In the golf course is our our pride and joy and you come in you you join the club you are part of a part of a vibrant membership of a troop golfers. For instance the junior into mediate is is that you can join at that little is -- in 2000 dollars. Per year. No initiation. No initiation known notes that while its -- This will -- -- 3504. For our intermediate. And it goes up from there -- old golf membership. Is that statistic and development. And in terms of any sort of added cost from a do you have. What what do you what do you do with your your membership in terms of improvements needed how do you guys managed. I missed that question are now just asking united are there any upgrades mean what you pay the initial membership -- -- and assessments are there any assessments like that that members have to look for two. No we we we have really kind of put a hold on any assessment going forward. We do that by eight or a regular. A regular voluntary. Donations slash raffle that we have every month with in the club and that generates so what are some are working capital. Every month for those improvement so you know when she went she joined you're not expected to have. Any of those that those added. I don't put added charges that in the. That that's that's good to know when I ask only because that seems to be though the going rate for a lot of clubs they're looking for new members and so. That's got to be a draw to anybody who's looking to bring in new membership is you know the I guess the in frequency of fuel assessments. Yeah yeah and one of the one of the most popular thing and I think is innovative that. We can't we are offering what's called the bloody bloody membership and you can you -- news yourself -- and John there and can join in every additional person you bring in your yours and his or birds. -- membership dues are dropped by 700. So for instance if you could bring in a foursome. Of bodies from another club or or -- -- a public well right now looking to join. Your full golf membership will drop by 700 person while that you could potentially bring a foursome and brand new members. Of the old golf classification. At 3500. That's pretty good and it's good deal how about a ascent of its gonna -- of public function space. -- the club host a lot of weddings different events things of that nature. Oh yeah we have we have -- we probably have to -- winning the month on here. At least we have with a lot of local functions within and that the chamber of commerce on local business. -- companies come and have a lot of luncheons and dinners. Treatments indeed parties weddings. Every Monday throughout the season we have we have outings. There are still some dates available in a we September and October foursome or Monday outings -- And then you know that the the dining -- in its first class or just been here. Think prosecutors. Local restaurant tour and -- good of a great job. Well tell you what I'll play the course before I love it now always immaculate conditions a great test of golf great Donald Ross layout. I'm looking forward to getting out there I bought the WEEI golf cart myself I can't wait to come out and see written in and witnessed some of the things that improvements you've talked about. You looked at that that golf cart has been that has been a great thing for us that's correct one. Folks came in and offered to host the it's gonna it's been when women and we appreciate -- on. Well Scott thanks a bunch of the time we appreciate it. All right thanks guys that great day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the country club of New Bedford part of our WEEI golf cart. And part of our were sitting around at the local links here in southern New England as we do -- Saturday mornings in the local sports. -- 17371287. The text line 37937. John Brooks congregation the local sports here on which revealed WEEI it will get up to patriots training camp -- about ten minutes with the capital from. Patriots football weekly. Ouch ouch. As part of the problem what's gonna coach you don't on the I don't know I still there when she's. Again which is trying to do 75. Different things that are asked at a at. Well. Well let's okay that's the way that would they. I guess now a bomb all right so we have the Sox on the table we have the picture at the table who's on the line. Anybody on the line yeah that was revenue that would -- -- -- And good morning you're on Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got. The biggest St. -- I want to thank. Disgraceful to me I. The John Henry note this week they were doing about it that was. Obviously saying what he reaches -- He's got. But equipment hypocrisy pollute scheme I just don't understand and don't get it and -- may not may -- may not true back. Apparently. Unless it was willing to -- all of Bailey contract in spring training remember hearing about that what to expect tomorrow I may be one and that's out of -- right. Well he said he'd be willing to take a hometown discount exactly what that was I had no idea but but yeah I I think the Red Sox insulted him and his agent with -- low ball -- and Larry Lucchino has since come out. And admitted as much that that we really low -- them out of the shoot. There was a line on the other elements built on so we could only way I would say 200 -- interpret Hummer when you look you know the record with the thought -- said. That may be without help. Hi well look Moneyline know. Is that you know -- and was willing -- and fifty million posting fee but I dot -- gyro and yet. And -- the contract and a hundred dollars 200 million adult content site unseen pretty much on it all -- and operate the ending a bit they're acting like -- by the teammate Clint last night. And that in public now behind 200 million -- you know I'd just not understand. Why they're willing to go eight. With Pedroia and not six with what guarding me at all all grown guys deserve the contract there are exceptions to the role. And this guy qualifies probably more than anybody that -- evident at. Well -- and I agree with that last part of the statement I will say this. On one of the guys that was wrong I thought when they re sign Pedroia they got in they did so a little bit of a hometown disk and I thought it was a good contract. I'm not liking that deal right now I ice I I was a little critical -- last week and the show wanted to remain critical. On the -- nearly as good as as. That we or the organization thought he was going to be I think that's a contract that quite frankly they're gonna regret having said that. Mean the guy gives you great effort I'll give you that. But you're right I mean to -- the big picture is this. They have the money to spend Vegas have to figure out who the right guys to spend it on and Jon Lester in my opinion is one of those right guys to spend it on because. It is one of the hardest things to -- a Major League Baseball is an -- for your rotation. And they've got one -- if they decide to let out -- they had better find a replacement. Michael can we stop with the whole criticism of Pedroia I'm not the guy that we should be taken on your he's having a down year -- okay he's not a blogger last couple years well you know what I think -- -- one out now I don't think so I think well. Regardless he's not the guy we should be -- you can't argue the guys' effort. You really -- argues -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the game you know if he's on the downside of his career because he's just basically -- himself into the ground over the last few years you know what I'm OK with that. Because of what he's already given to -- he's not really should be taken on the on. One word caution on that -- at -- it goes at darkened Cole Hamels and they'd be tablets would hamper and only let. He was. And 28 that would result the -- obviously. He was X seven and thirteen with a four point six ER AO. No I may be where he might be just good national week and. I can't believe that honestly Dan I think Cole Hamels is probably pretty good nationally garment does not. I'm not sure that that would translate in the American League I kind of agree with -- -- this goes back to what John and I talked about a you know the W knows better than W don't you know Jon Lester can perform. In Boston in the American League in the American League east you don't know that a ball -- Not only money but are patriots real quick -- most important guide to meet. Even more than -- I think its front gronkowski just because of the fact that. So last year when he thought what you would they have they would just the boldly different -- And outside of Brandon looked only up pretty much the same offense right now. He changes things. Are experiences makes defenses game plans no question for him visitation you cannot underestimate his addition to this offense piazza a full season of health that could be an unbelievable boost to this team in this offense. The other thing I think people -- underestimating his. Listen Danny Amendola. It was was not healthy all last year if you can get sixteen games out of this guy LT. I think can be pretty damn productive now the rap on him when they acquired him was he has been unable to stay healthy for sixteen games so we'll see if -- can buck that -- But if he can he can be 708090. -- guy to. You know I think the key is -- to our regularly -- well -- I guess I cut that kind of get all along but patriots will always be. Able to get. I opened up in the twenties that either read on that the only problem and without -- he's got to go to when the end zone you know they just don't have a guy. Tool. Called a little bit all -- -- -- and I'll bet when it all struggled once -- -- -- -- -- budget -- -- That you know -- open it up earlier on all of them so well but. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the QB thanks to appreciate that 737127. The text line 379837. The full contact him. A training camp for the papers today the first full contact practice. At Gillette Stadium in Foxboro we go full contact with -- Eric's gala of the you know patriots football weekly out of training camp coming up go local sports on 1037 -- Local school called oral. 4017371287. -- -- Local sports show on sports Radio One 037. Here's John -- things got -- sheet. Was that a memo -- we didn't get trending now they were like mushrooms around here were kept in the dark and fed nothing but you know what. I putt putt putt putt. Yeah compost. And quarterback however go local sports. What all 37 of them John rode stock we're dishing. -- lines are open 7371287. Text line 37937. And of course. A local at WEEI dot com. Studies and we got a couple folks hang on -- -- to the three things that -- on Joseph on the bucket morning Joseph how are you today buddy. Morning guys on -- victory at the cornerback. The future -- -- Andre and apparently there yet let it and pictured you look at volume cornerback. Like in the Catholic one in the league implement that on you -- think a few years ago the second unit out. -- they even -- Jolie picked Jimmie grapple so you know he's he's the he's the young guys that you know on the folks we're gonna you know probably be looking to quite a bit during the pre season to see if he can come and he can now. You can you know move in at least into the number two shall have between in Mallon I'm not worried about the backup role and -- at the moment yeah. Okay what. Are. All right I just like Joseph appreciate -- I mean obviously the big east championship hopes have everything to do is number twelve staying healthy. We can all agree that -- agreed agreed Greg in Cranston Greg Europe next here on go local good morning Greg. Yesterday morning. Just wanted to give it away from the patriots respect. To talk about of Lester. Some but I haven't heard anyone talk about it it seems like a perfectly good solution is. That the -- everybody agrees that if you to capitalize starter nation that you will and well that that's not there's something that anyone disagrees about the billions. -- numbered years and -- lot of money per year. Is the -- ports. I don't understand why they wouldn't -- it's their red essential your five years six -- -- say that pitchers are usually you're way on the downside by then what hope they overwhelm them with -- or your contract or groups what he. Or market strokes or years. And maybe have an option team option of course this year that that's kind of up all over water were 47. A year warriors and if she doesn't have been you know that's probably not going to be an off the charts number and -- or -- -- For pitchers and nobody brings that up -- I don't understand why that's not an option. I I think that's a fair point a fair question to ask I mean yeah I I think it is more than. You know Ole. More than one weighted towards the roots of trees can academies exactly so I mean if you wanna go six years -- -- a fifty million -- 25 million per year. Or if you wanna go for years like you said 2728 point nine million and then -- to your team option there's different ways. To get to the same. Result. Lester is looking for years that's what he wants I doubt anybody at his age and -- visibility wants he wants the security in Nell. That you know regardless of you know where he goes with his career from here he's gonna get paid for awhile -- you know I don't know that he actually agrees to that. It's intriguing especially if you're able to get to that 25 million plus figure per year. I would agree Greg but I just don't know the Lester or better yet blisters you know agents go. Well what they're much say that he goes out and vote on the free market and what what do you expect to get. Six years of war. Unofficially -- I think six years in the ballpark of hundreds of yet -- he's getting between 20/20 five million a year and I would say it's probably closer to qualify he's earned it because you know we know the the bar was gonna say it was scherzer when he said notice six and 144 Detroit. Yup I'm -- has if I'm the red charts to negotiate with a -- we look we. We don't want to give just six years or what should people were well -- to see you end up with short or a 140 over five years. And to me that would seem like. I don't unless there I don't know maybe five years I'm happy and million dollars -- at. -- again it's all about longevity I really I really believe that you know -- feel like they're gonna get the money. Anyway you look at it in your surely right about this -- gonna get the money. But he's not gonna get the years he's gonna look for the best deal years wise and it'll be up to him to decide all right do I want a little more money or don't want a couple of more years my guess is the guy takes years. There are I guess I mean look I was in his point of view maybe -- its way. But to me it just doesn't make any sense it would in which could have little Britain done. Just you know just knock him out of the water with an annual figures say look it's almost save money at the end of the the end of the contract sure we weren't you know well. And I dedicate and can that is a possibility that the Red Sox certainly can consider it but to date they have not done so and they -- their low ball offer of four years at seventy million. And that's you know that's just not even close to where they need to be they're not in the ball mark. Yeah. Okay well thanks gentlemen. Thanks Greg appreciate the call 73712. Point 737937. As the text line. And Estes and the three things identity everything -- listed three things show season started for no one foot in front another. One fraud in front of an it it's. All right number one put your first put out -- for vin number one for me. I don't know if you saw this story but -- prosecutors on Friday apparently asked for a court order to conduct. Genetic testing. And now one of the murder cases involving Aaron Hernandez in the court filing prosecutors said that they have genetic material covered from the hand. Of Oden -- the victim in the 2013. Shooting also from guns and ammunition recovered by investigators and they wanna see. If they can get a DNA match from any of those samples here's the problem here's the rub. Apparently they feel like these samples are so small. That they cannot divide them as you normally would -- divided a few ways of defense does their own testing the prosecution to well they feel like you may only be enough. For one round of tests and that would use up the samples. So they're asking court to order that these tests being done. And they're willing to have someone from the defense be present. At the testing. So we'll see where this goes apparently by that's that's where their. Right now O'Neil -- case -- enough. My first thing has to do with LBJ LeBron James not know -- -- Johnson but -- -- that comes from Meyer again come -- the matter is he's issued an apology to his neighbors in Ohio. Not so much that he's coming back and creating a bleep storm. You know for his neighbor's -- like but I guess it's because he just he realizes there have been a lot of satellite trucks and a lot of notoriety and people driving by and in on this kind of creating a raucous in the neighborhood right. So what he's done. He has sent a team from a local bakery. Around his neighborhood. To deliver cupcakes to everybody in the neighborhood. To apologize for all the traffic jams in and around the neighborhood because of the interest and his -- -- To northeast Ohio now. It's sounds kind of silly but the same time actually I think that's actually -- and a nice gesture. -- seventy. Dozen. Cupcakes to seventy of his neighbor's yeah around his home -- northeast -- Wish -- lived in Cleveland now you can bronze neighborhood beauty it'll run Davis Cup right -- good for LB today you know I frankly think that. You know he's come a long -- from decision one. This engine to was handled much much better yup and the fact is that he's going tactically in the kind of try to finish what he started there. When he came out more than a decade ago you know it's it's turning into more of a feel good story. He clearly has gotten it Scott that he needs to get on the proper side of the court of public yet and he's in he's doing doing a good job he's doing. Right number to Q1 and one. All right more news from New York to the jets just can't help themselves the latest is Willie Cologne. Who told espn.com Friday when talking about the New England Patriots quote they won their Super Bowls they've earned their stripes in their respected. We're not going to bow down to them when -- feel insecure and any type of way about what they have. They need to talk about the patriots nonstop. Nobody ever said that you had to bow down to the New England Patriots I mean it it's like which -- stop this is all. Rex Ryan can cock did yes I mean I'd I don't get it it's. Just just go play football beat them on the field. I mean things like I love and I -- when the jets in us weekly the likes it makes for great. Print it makes for great talk show off water it's in it adds to the drama of the rivalry I agree we bureau Bob and on all counts but. It's like. Really mean when talking about and really not -- -- about down to them no. -- -- -- -- -- Mike's a good deal has to do with -- football. I don't know if you know this or not but he came out yesterday and he basically said you know I'm -- to play football which we expect him to do but the point is is that. The browns asked him to address his shall we say all season. Well he he. Antics yeah let's just leave it like there well John told I told you earlier that he has crashed a few of my nephews fraternity parties yet at the University of Texas which Islam usually is the -- -- -- -- they must talk a -- Texas football program I don't know I'm just in complete disarray -- actually Charlie Strong doing a good job trying to clean house and see you and giving credit where that that concern. But Johnny football came out journeyman Zell came out and he basically said all right on your play football but I have a right. As someone who's a 21 year old young man if I wanna go out and party one party I'm paraphrasing what he set. I don't necessarily begrudge him that right but if you're going to be a starting quarterback. In the National Football League and you're going to have a hefty salary like he already has been given. I think you need to learn to say things the right way not the wrong -- yes to this point. This makes me wonder about America. And it just shows that America loves a bad boys got. Because Johnny -- they'll Johnny football Jersey is the number one selling Jersey. In the National Football League right now. Number -- want nobody's buying more than those ugly brown number Jews. You know listen I I read whatever you want I Willis and I. We'll say this I am very curious to see how this -- Jon -- tells story plays itself out and I say that because. He does appear would be. A very interesting character and you talk about all those offseason pictures first the ball. You're an -- if you don't realize that everybody has a cell phone camera they're gonna take pictures and videos have view when you're -- -- -- so you gotta be careful when your at these parties in -- -- to position to put yourself in. It's one thing to have a picture snapped -- you when your half cocked. Lying on some float in -- and empty bottle of champagne buyer's side and then it's another thing. When you've got to roll up when he dollar bill in the path from what are you doing with a rolled up when he what. Tell me what. You -- -- that just exactly. What what uses do you have rolled up when he dollar bill I don't know. I mean. That's scary in the if Cleveland Browns. More than a July at which is likely until this week you need to address this unique country in football and -- Ali and it might say in this I'm Brian Hoyer I'm lumpiness. Of course I agree I totally -- eleven people are gonna love Brian -- to include Roloson. -- number three. One and one in one all right this story broke late. Yesterday indicate she did not hear. On WEEI. A Sports Radio host Berkman and has been suspended for a week without a right by our parent company Entercom communications. The suspension obviously for the disparaging on -- comments he made about Erin Andrews of fox sports on after the all star game. And you know apparently. You know WEEI released a statement saying they they -- -- -- heard from the listeners the advertisers and employees and they feel like many hands suspension. A minute ends apology was not sincere enough for did not go to the extent that they wanted to to. According to boston.com. That -- fox sports. Apparently -- CEO sent a letter to David Field the chief executive for intercom saying that fox is pulling. All of its advertising from all Entercom radio stations throughout the country. And they are also not allowing any fox sports commentators on any of their radio stations. So that is what precipitated this suspension. Lesson also is as I did not hear Kirk many hands on air apology. I was listening to the radio at the time I did read his comments that night when he came on and apologize and in print. They seemed sincere to me he acknowledged he was wrong he never should set it. But this is an interesting story this just goes to show you that you gotta be careful when you're in a position like we are in. Look I know Kirk and and work with him on the error on this very radio station in throughout the WEEI network in the past he's a good guy he's a Smart guy. He's an intelligent guy. I believe in my own a patient and opinion and I and I'm not gonna speak directly for him nor am I gonna speak for Jerry and John who I know very well as well. But I will say this -- eat it I think you get caught up in the moment and that's where you have to learn and this is through I guess really. Savvy and experience of being a talk show host for number of years -- learned that is very easy get caught up in the moment. And trying to be edgy in order to you know gain ratings and gain popularity and get people. To listen to you and you get caught up and I think he got caught up here. I think why he's being. You know suspended here. Is reactionary rather than pro action area and that's where WEEI and their comments made their biggest mistake right they should have done this prior to it and what do Kurt did as he issued you know on -- at -- and he did that he did that on WEEI dot com and then. Yesterday on WEEI dot com we put out a column basically take a look at those who were criticizing him. It was fair I mean most of it was real from Boston Globe Boston com what have you and a lot of those guys run 985 up in Boston is while the other a sports channel. And done. Really -- us. Skated -- that they didn't get a whole lot that were held to the same type of thing that WEEI. And some of their on -- people were held to answer you have to understand that this is agenda driven and I think that's the point that Kirk was trying to make and I happen to agree with that particular point. The point here is all if this is all is everything you've got to be careful as you just suggested number one but number two considered the subject matter. Consider what the real story is the real story is that she should never been put in position to make the -- you know interview in the dugout during the Austrian to -- -- because. That's not what she's what she's they're a pretty if she's there to gather eyes you don't know what he's -- -- -- I disagree OK first the ball unlike you I don't know Berkman him personally. I will tell you this. I enjoy him on Dennis and Callahan I think he's talented I think it is a good job I think he fits his role perfectly on that show and say that because. After they let me to Burrell go. They had some problems filling that role. They have found a personality that to me fits with Dennis and Callahan so I'd like -- -- him on the radio I think he's good I think he's entertaining. Now having said that I do think his comments toward Erin Andrews were on call for. And in this is to meet the the larger story here -- -- what are the boundaries in the business that we are in John okay. You know it is this now strictly entertainment where we have to be as racy as provocative. As possible. Team to get ratings to get people to listen to our station. Or. -- and -- and that's why I've I've always had a problem it's in the last ten years or so I felt dissuade. To me. I just don't feel like I'm going to insult someone. A benefit my show or to benefit me personally I out -- comfortable you know to me. It's the old -- treat others. As you would want to be treated yourself -- that is so I radio and TOK so that makes me a boring talk show host maybe that's why not on full time like Berkman and I'm just telling you. I I have to be true to who I am my character and I can't do that I -- you on. If I feel like somebody's worthy of being insulted shore certainly. But you know I just if if that's what it takes to be on the air on radio or television and in the -- and that's why I am no longer on full time. All right here's number three for me I don't know if you saw the statement of you heard. Statement this week but big twelve commission as a Big 12 Conference it will commission bubbles week. Opened up his -- -- football media day this past week with this statement -- what's wrong with the statements got. -- -- His links programs don't exist. Or the purpose of preparing professional athletes. Really. -- that's what it's OK okay now that's not the biggest and well he's right. Now he's -- yes he is OK tell me -- is. Because it is. Programs exist. Make money. Okay guys that's actually are okay that's actually that's the reason no actually that's actually good point but my my entire issue here is. Their what are programs doing right now. About trying to become autonomous and pull away from the rest of the NCAA because it's all about what you just said that making money for his programs exist basically to make. Money that's what they are there for if they're there for higher education they're there to win game that's just. You know one okay which shovel and every day if you've got it in the backyard your shovel it out or whatever. It it's it's it's not the way it is and so any collegiate administer that says otherwise. Is lying to you lying to me line everybody's all about trying to make. Back to the battery is is that intercollegiate athletics is a big business it always has been a big business -- last ten to twenty years and it's only going to get bigger from here. Gonna see more of the division between the haves and have I don't division want occurred shortly. He also said to do -- -- -- comic book cheating and has to be monitored more closely by the insulated CNET -- monitor really I I think -- was I think those comments were directed may be towards an SEC program. The fact that there's swelling goes across the other that is great but you know these guys are gonna basically to each other speech in the round. You know it's welcome back room full circle at some point but maybe not in Ireland. For all 17371287. The text line 37937. Your comments on that we've talked about not talked about. Support today -- a break and then we got to basketball get to is while Bryce -- up comic. The -- 137. Two starter for us so here's how to put the work in now and grind. Local school. Or law. 40173791287. -- Radio One over through seven FM my. Local sports show on sports Radio One 037 -- here's John rush things got -- she. 4017371. To wait seven John rode stock cord machine. Go local support here only seven of them -- we're awaiting Bryce cotton do give us. His time today he was gonna call in the show. Let let me preface this by saying it's a big week in embraces life this week in so I did I realize that I can understand Andy's not here there and everywhere get married -- -- -- time in the not good for him actually yeah absolutely Laura don't work out there you go. Today you -- battery realized that there are more important things alive. But at any rate let's -- the phone every time I hear the song I just a picture Al Bundy sitting on his -- in his hand in his pants -- to use it yeah. I. There's so avert your prices stick his hand like of the waste of his pants and just got to sit and -- to the American totally Brothers totally remember now. There's so many different ways that I could travel. Okay me. I'm just gonna kind of like leave leave it alone. Right. Let's go to the phones Craig in Providence crank it up next here on the -- good morning Greg. These guys they -- at the moment. It -- always. Odd couple thing. First started -- make a quick comment not -- and hand. But this is it about what you actually do. You know on the -- it's your reaction afterward that I I thought the apology is. -- really blame you know particularly on the attack could hurt -- -- you know. A -- I didn't hear that so that's the case and I can understand why this suspension came but let's be honest I think the suspension came because of what fox did excellent fox pulled their advertising it said. You know no more of our money or our host on all Entercom radio stations that's were precipitated this. I didn't hear the on air apology I only read it the night that it happened and what in -- His apology seemed to me he's been out there and said you know I screwed up he said ice yet but I don't hear it but if -- if he if he apologized and then continue to take shots -- right I don't necessarily the right it -- right it was an apology but it was sort of a backhanded shot and then. And in court the back get a shot continued by his on air partners which sort of just made the whole thing spiral out of control the point where fox got a ball is okay that's enough. Yeah out of it basically at the Academy -- you know he apologized. The same time legal. -- she sees. Only on here because of it looks -- the issue is thirteen pounds heavier should be waitress you know. If you don't eat well applauded nowhere to quit you know -- you know about that that. I think -- I think you're a larger point is correct I think had it been a sincere apology the next day. That's it it's over with so high you handle after the fact I think often will define how it plays out here. Airports a little bit about -- -- -- the last week of the blood quiet period end. Coaches step without their full force sent you know open -- a few players. Pick their top target Donovan -- really point -- -- old conflict over many. The blue blood programs are after right now I think peace is still hanging in the air and so hopefully gonna wind up with -- we re really decent recruit well -- Greg what happens to the perception of of Ed and his staff if let's say Donovan Mitchell decides to go to one of those blue -- that now after him when. They know that they've been on Mitchell for more than two years now. You know I. I hear it it it seemed like everyone kind of focuses on Mitchell because you know it -- went out there it specifically you know -- after it has. Quote unquote the number one target -- -- after an awful lot of really good players right now it does say that. You know in that there were recruiting brought you -- a failure or -- it is going downhill because they don't get this one player I think about air it last year than they did the same thing with abnormally couple patent yet and it. -- immediately want -- with you know their best recruiting in the in the last eight years in in this year's class. So I think it's a bit unfair that they've got a bunch of other out fallback option that the shooting guard and it would be. All summer and fall back options that I think you know this is very good players -- though. I guy gets it you know. I think they're overblown they look at their top target like that. Listen isn't this. The issue that he -- always face I mean let's let's be honest here for a second okay. Providence College basketball it's Kentucky it's not duke is not Kansas not Carolina. It's not one of the blue -- or big dog so to speak but that does not mean that Ed Cooley and his staff should not continue to chase the top recruits at those other programs are chasing there's no shame in losing their recruit that you've been -- for a few years to one of those blue -- who comes in late to me it's important crime if you don't shoot for the -- if you don't go after those guys if you if you raise your hands and say you know what what we're gonna settle for being. You know second best known he's trying to be the best he's trying to get those top kids so I applaud him and his staff for doing it in if you lose under the blue -- Fine I'm OK with. -- beat me as well and it you know it just seems like every year there's this one player that. Although we have spoken and I think he should be focused you know well ought to -- -- -- -- -- really good players and they're gonna wind up with a good recruiting class just made -- that beat. Out of it but I have not given up like I've done the Mitchell play any stretch I think it still have a really really good chance of recruited in the LB these schools are coming in you know we're around hours UT is that. For the past two years as a relationship with the heavily built up over a couple of years but you know we're also -- that that that may well carry the day. All right very good Greg thanks for the call and. John it's got here on a Saturday morning with it let's get back of the phone -- we'll show in Providence effort here -- good morning your uncle local. Oh boy the joke about their -- Where they ought to get to do under the bridge back. I did thank you for asking. -- -- -- This all Erin Andrews than I do not understand of vitriol that people spew this girl. See they are considered pretty -- that's what they're doing -- understand the entire. -- backlash on the dirt roads is non stop but you should not. Gonna PR. Howard Cosell. On the sideline it's not gonna happen. Joseph Bryant that's my point entirely and but but here's the thing to OK I agree with you she's there. One of the big reason she's here his sport looks but. I don't think she does a terrible job I mean she militarily job but you gotta consider the job that she's down. That's nine point that's my point how much are you gonna get on the sidelines anyway I mean how are you gonna get used juicy information to share that -- and not like some investigative reporter no I mean it's not. Get so little bit so little you don't want the best I had -- interviewer is. It's Gregg Popovich to see what it is that you -- -- that's right there are any other Marion. It's really really -- kid -- maybe Belichick -- something snappy or Rex Ryan. My system but spotting other they wanted to get some in depth analysis. On the sidelines is not gonna happen anyway I just I really don't know what people booster also much. The people hate her I just think that -- -- every. -- well I understand that but I think he's just reacting getting caught up the moment of trying to be edgy for his partners which got him in trouble. I'll I'll be consulate here. I think Beck you know what you have -- a certain commodity go to be on the air. You know commentary Bethlehem ego that got out of control -- I mean he's really like I he remembered my -- it's our -- a little. In the midday show that you know vulnerable when when he aren't. But he can just be all over about all I'm actually Omar he's an idiot and always talking about it is to me you might inflict a bully in high school -- You don't. And -- -- down for whatever reason. OK fair enough there -- about what she got -- I US -- there -- training camp I haven't seen the guys look this. Late loose and smiling. And and a very long time I got a good deal about this in this here. I think -- You know -- -- and and then very another year older that he had a huge turnover on the roster I don't think they're going to be. As dominant they certainly going to be in -- symbol amount -- -- can win accidentally speak eons. Overcome don't think that of the other probably better scene but it -- and content to go back to some blows you don't want to get there I mean it -- I'd I'd think that there are going to be several people. In fact I would have to say that probably hundreds if not thousands of people who would agree with you on that assessment we kind of tried to -- convert -- -- he has a little this morning because. Kimberly has gotten started but I would say this that all the ingredients are there and I think they have done. What hopefully most fans have asked them to do in the offseason and that is build toward pointing. This year toward a championship they've they've they've done that. The last point that only is reds are straight then mine. You know well. And it up and resize down Lester using an absolute king grand. And the -- -- little ones really starting pitching a lot of stuff they need. They need -- shortstop we -- even -- they need. Left hander Tom Arnold Bolton would have Miller -- obviously Lester and TV. These guys -- Carlos Martinez Oscar de Paris even study that it loaded the one or two of those guys -- maybe three lower. Prospect or whatever you know anything that they want it not to win. Cardinals are all set it is signed AJ Pierzynski. Pitching is gonna impress. Me ha. -- -- how to handle that right JP it and pay Europe next year -- local mornings at eight. Under mortal. And -- talked a Democrat but I'm back well I don't go out. -- -- I know it and then what are. She did -- she did these -- we should -- it. What -- she actually participated tiger aren't. -- took a look at the cockpit doors that don't want to I gotta get back to ought. -- the next point. And I'm glad that -- -- into the picture book and on that doctor that they can't out recruit and declared brought. You need your brother we've got eight million equipment do whatever it would direct it looked like a lot bigger not only allowed to create. It's the caught the doorbell -- I don't want it all covered in my garage I want but it got blown up but here you know -- I agree but don't you know that he knows that he's never gonna get that back into contract at the bottom line is this is where not to Tampa Bay Rays of the Oakland Athletics where the Boston Red Sox they have the money to -- -- -- the resort. -- to absorb that last year -- two if he's not on top of his game -- -- I'll be right but I don't think they'll do them. They got it to -- now. But but it. -- -- But what we don't until you make that million Gupta you think it sparked a mile -- at the final again but it got to go to the thing. Because they're going to be great and let them -- going to be too big -- and maybe even -- yet. My point. It's kind of what we have a back up towards it doesn't end there it. And what people in the that we clicked all the tiger will be not -- like it didn't look at the open and a bit. But nobody wants that it took a little the other elephant in the room. That could not gonna come back and beat. Okay Sunni surgeries and back surgery I had serious doubt whether or not this guy can ever get back now. It is ever gonna catch him break Jack Nicholas's record of eighteen majors no -- win four to tie in five to break the record that is not gonna happen now. As he had a major -- -- still left in him yeah I think you are likely does seem like that's right. I think did the young talent is too good on the PGA tour for him every get back to where he was. But he's a guy you know obviously -- -- wanna write off because of his his unbelievable ability. But to answer your question no I don't think we'll ever see the same dominant tiger that we once did and I do not that he's gonna break Jack's majors record which. If you ask me that ten years ago I would -- my god he's a lead pipe cinch to break Jack's record. Good morning Steve and. All ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- What I would write you brought. Up. I don't argue will watch wipe out of -- at the world at all of -- -- One this all went out I like you were. Up. I hit an all Jerry oh wait what about. I don't know what these programs -- critical I don't. We -- young demographic. I. Rate. And the -- but on. Our that the patriots go -- and -- -- -- it is the guy the big that it's back. Not have been too. Getting out there they're going to be either they actually -- the air we might well we're not at all. What do I regret over a. You don't think that -- do you not think the data said the defense someone Arrington to slow him down I think they just might I think that they might and I think -- towards -- -- -- -- -- -- So I do think that that's the whole issue from the Nazis had a build of the defense. And on the they've done so this secondary we're out of time but. To me it's on sixties on the record as saying that Denver will beat out knowing and -- -- -- -- and this year we'll revisit our surely I'm taking the patriots put me on the record I'll take the facts there you go all right. Scott vs Steve yet again just cycle times. Right with god I'm John thank you Laura we will catch up the price at some point he's got a great week and ahead of him congratulate mr. continent you're depending up tools. And will be back same bat time same bat channel. Next week they'll -- -- 7 AM Saturday -- Okay. A local sports show with Jon -- and --

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