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Gronk being Gronk: Although limited in practice, GRONK IS BACK

Jul 25, 2014|

We discuss the return of Rob Gronkowski, his comments to the media today, and what a healthy (or unhealthy) Gronk will mean for the 2014 Patriots.

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I haven't done even before that actually. Welcome that Elena holly programs Sports Radio WEEI Michael's away on vacation but -- not. We are hip deep in funny folks. We get a football guy and a bunny got adapted I also thought that that that you know -- had a patio however you wanna. Wanna play it out any heart patriots football weekly wearing the white patriots football weekly -- today I am happy to say. Terry Thornton also joining us as wealth to deceive both of these guys to. It to be here now and I can't compete with the kind of laughs that that indie artists bring into the yellow dog. Yeah Jack I just thought I could not. Closed after Eli you have to open feel corrales did you do is kill the crowd forming movies are always funny. Right you see but bullet that boat joke yeah yeah you can work clean in -- cute cute cute too talented to go blue to go right for the boob joke. What was -- bogeys -- -- it's a blue. Want it it's. Yeah I don't expect that as a way to throats and on the probably exactly the way to put it -- any got here direct from my Gillette where the patriots were on the field for the second time so far in training campers padded practice tomorrow. We also I guess -- our first injury of training ample wide receiver. Taken off the field today yes carted off didn't look good one of the situation grows teammates fellow wide receivers were kind of going over valuable Pannemon head. But the major injury Greg Orton not a major blow -- the team -- but major blow it right the only major blow to a young guy trying to carve a roll out from its opening NFL. And I really feel terrible for two reasons one personally for the guy but to for the fact that when you're being honest you say. Oh thank god it wasn't anybody I've heard off you know like get that story came out it was and the receiver corps suffered a blowing like oh my god it's drunk -- no it's just somebody who. Which probably our camp body anyway and then there's a little bit of me that doesn't feel too bad because you know you go on iron to collect a paycheck. Okay -- veteran minimum. Go for -- guy they treat bills plus that guy that none of us thought probably will -- Survived the first cut -- case. Area was four grand a week on the practice squads were just a little pay bump. You know I'm sure that doesn't make him better at all now look realistically. Greg Orton was probably a long shot to make this team any way. And and he probably knew that he was a long shot to make this team anyway but you. You know you might get you might catch the -- of some other team might get you know some other team it's a rabbit cute we saw in a plane for the patriots in the first pre season game. And we don't know the extent of his injuries at this point I'm just saying you know he he probably realized the kind of had an uphill climb -- Janet that's what stinks is you don't get pre season action you don't get any tape you don't nothing's floating around you spend the whole year rehabbing an injury. And you know what those types of guys you don't have too many chances and to have one ripped out money but. -- -- So far. I called OP a pessimist not I don't know yet look at we discuss this in the past by I I that was sarcasm I have resigned myself to the fact that he is never going to be a sixteen game a year guy again. I don't know that's -- I hope it's only -- he misses a game here misses two games or something. Maybe I'm wrong and I sincerely hope I'm wrong it's just unfortunately what we've seen is that. The last couple years have been in a kind of play it again but again he tore his ACL he broke his -- these are not. Hamstring injuries that a recurring he's not shape and it happens every year hip flex their. He's here he breaks right acute injuries that can happen to anyone. And you just say bad luck and hopefully that's the end of the straight about what hurts himself making plays to exactly -- a little effort plays -- and smashing I believe is how he -- it today he -- those those likes to stick it to the -- it will while I think that bashing in dashing mixed up but it went -- the basically said he's not change his playing style for all you people that want to. You know go down dive out of bounds what he's not doing that and I don't think you should casinos that's his game and he doesn't do that -- not right. I'd be a lot more concerned that the nature of -- injuries were like a key to leave type injuries where he just. Holes like Tammy -- like it -- -- people and down in the championship game against Baltimore two years ago. My my lovely Irish rose who rarely watch the football game with meat went completely -- just don't wait a minute he can't. You can't just stretch out here to pull a lot do you both what he's a professional athlete I said you know. I can't argue your point absolutely right whereas. Chronic injuries have been like you said he he he got hurt blocking he he got hurt the leaking -- for a com. For a -- Torre felt weird on it and then he had Bernard Pollard the typhoid Mary of patriots lower leg injuries. -- to the ground in and rip that that's a that's a damn -- different then. You know. Let me let me attempt to not read too much into this and I'm -- paraphrase but it's pretty close. Our Rob Gronkowski speaking to the media after practice today said something along the lines of well. The doctors the trainers the coaches and me we are all on the same page now he -- it. Now if and when I when I heard that I want them. And and we weren't all on the same page before this if you are looking to read into it that way he certainly gave you that opportunity with that quote and that was obviously the story for the first. Month and a half last year that there was some. Difference of opinion of it was he ready was he not ready we need doctor James Sanders to now consult on this and will be his decision. But the patriots decision patriots have cleared him and you hear rumblings his dad says this and that. And while they're on the same page now so now and if I'm not there I'm not mistaken that was a follow up question to that and someone referred to last year. And he just wouldn't take the cheese on that he would -- help it pass this past and then he kept saying my teammate because he probably. We had realized what he had just said and black and it opened up a little there to give them a chance to creep throughout the thought it was interesting he. He focused on how the trainers and the the doctors they've been through this a lot they've seen a lot of knees in their career. Which again if you want to read that feels like he was sort of juxtaposition that opposite to what went on last year by one. And you seem to want but there's already been a difference of opinion this week that in the comments that Rob Gronkowski was. Clear the plight. That that was somehow pressure on him to get his ass out there you know been -- in the Boston Globe took it one way. I did not take it that way I think that was searching for something that simply wasn't there he actually refer to that is well today when he said he has not been cleared for everything. -- and it's obvious just how they've utilized in the first two days of non padded practices. You know he's not doing everything it always -- doing individual drills. And I have yet to see really anything with a defender or anything where it's a group where you. You -- get multiple guys running around defense anything team it's its individual drills and that's about it a lot watching what he's he's running routes right he's not just a pilot that I get yourself think you know I don't know he's running routes. By by himself and the only resistance he's -- in getting in terms of defense is is a coach occasionally kind of mocking press coverage and couple hand moves by him. No it's it's been somewhat limited but. And that jumped out to me first and foremost he pooh -- this today was just that he's wearing that that massive armed armed. You know that he wore when he returned last year and he downplayed that said you know I've been wearing it for -- second nature now. But it was just sort of by opening when he first came on the field lotteries he's still gonna go with a big -- I will say this and and Matt Chatham our colleague here tweeted about this. About him wearing the big arm brace and he said many times when guys. Have to Wear braces of one form or another they just. Or become used to -- it's okay -- I'd like Hamilton right last year the with the pistons after he -- the face mask forever he just decided I like where in the face -- I'm you Saddam brace now I mean it's Bennett it's been a year and our mess up that second hand having nothing I'm enough knee -- is tired but. It's a second day out there and American comfortable and everything so it's doing good out there running routes to involves and it's just feels good to be up through my team it's again. Been in the huddle -- -- and Tom Brady I mean the dream come through again feels like got taken away now feel like I -- back. I'm so happy to hear him talking in platitudes again you know he's just he's just happy cliche garage area he said my teammates like. Blake if you if you make a drinking game out of that everybody embossed and would be like blown a point to four right now and -- I love that as opposed to. You know last year we had to deal with questions he didn't want to answer our doctor Gil was. Performance surgery every three days on them like this is I'm I'm I'm over the moon about this. And I do want to play at the knee brace is actually relatively small. You know we've seen much larger braces they have a Don enjoy full sort of skeletal brace that is much bigger he was wearing a what I would call us leave with a little bit of extra structure to it now and like Cheney yeah I was gonna say when it went in and yet he won't be involved in. Patted tomorrow's first padded practice he won't be involved in many of those drills. But when he does start to get in a position where he's in physical altercations with a guy across the defensive line from him. I wonder -- -- is gonna change and and I think there's a chance that it will and that's something to keep an eye on because it's something Wes Welker talked a lot about when he came back that he wasn't comfortable with -- And it's a lot of what Revis is talking about now I'm two years removed and now I'm I'm there I'm fully helping strong as as ever I've ever been I wasn't last year. We have to work our way through this year with ground doing all that. But if you complain within and it's not restrictive it's it's one of those wind not like right arm -- why not -- Brady it came back after after his knee injury still we are in the the the -- to this day and he says. I don't know -- every quarterback doesn't. And I agree and ending to a solid -- programs they have to and most colleges now all the offensive line and we're double knee braces all five guys have the double knee braces on so nobody gets rolled up on because listen. Now Welker I can see you make your money with lateral movement with your quickness and the brace can affect that and I think that's why he didn't like it. I don't think it'll affect grumpy as much because that's not his game I mean that's not how he's running -- of those little party cut at three yards it's totally different and -- safety over I mean. Very got some people like dale doubting that he can possibly make it through a season. So anything that look -- that I think that I hope I'm wrong but I just. Given the way he plays he he never he never avoids yet no in fact sometimes I think he seeks them out to be honest with the but he's never been hurt doing that. He's been hurt just running after the catch boom -- -- being blown out. Running after the catch I wraps him up and as he pulls him down kind of tweaked that ankle. And blocking on a PA TT SB -- breaks with which by the way for those people who asked about that. All while you'll never see him out there Emmanuel. I went a little surprised he's doing it again first of all. When was the last time anybody ever got hurt on that play -- you know who it is right now. -- -- He's not important and he your year three supposedly. -- pass rusher so. They want a guy who's relatively long athletic and edge guy in that position clearly and they're not worried that because one guy get hurt. Everybody else is there it was such a weird fluke he's sort of in I still don't understand free visit. I don't physically -- yeah I would like to see a sports science on his forearm breaking on that play -- like. Beat there was seven point two pounds of pressure at a thirty degree angle that's why is arms. Right and -- Belichick's own words it's a non competitive play correct because there appeared what 99 point 6%. Accurate so. Like who really trying to block an extra point it just was the most freakish of all freakish injury he's been more violent and this is a fact on the dance floor and he was unhappy life. He's gonna get hurt on that play at all by the way I agree with with some people. And bill Belichick's -- talked about how. Stupid it is to keep having extra point kicks. Sure you got to change well they some settlement protesting it. And yet they are doing yet they're testing it. What what's the success rate is at 99 point 6%. I didn't behind that I backed I thought I had read 99 point 6% of extra point kicks are good and this was like over the last fifteen year -- It it is it's stupid -- to run the -- now is they're gonna experiment with backing it up I applaud them for that. Get rid of it I mean if if it's successful basically every single time you run it what's the purpose was running well what's the point right it would big question is how do you replace it that's the problem. Because you have a sport where there's an opportunity for one or two points and if you wanna get do you just go there to point so tall so you only get six yeah and you go for too. Good efforts of people say when you get seven or you can take that one off the board and go for two to get eight I've heard different theories thrown out there that's the problem is what to replace it. -- to me it doesn't have to be gimmicky it doesn't have to be complex you just move it back fifteen yards -- notices are asking for this to be. Virtually impossible. Just if it's 95%. To 90% accurate. Then okay I can live with that at least there's some interest in the play as opposed to now where it's you get a score. They -- they review the score. You go out he kicked the extra point you go to commercial. You come back for the kick off which is always a touchback venue go to commercial there is like fifteen minutes now between competitive plays in football they've got to. Just at least get rid of one. The only problem I have and that's what they're doing they're moving back there for the probably the first two weeks of the pre season gonna be up to fifteen yard line so you're talking a 33 yard kick. For your PAT feeling that gets weird and I think bill's original proposal was the twenty of the 25. You might be a 41 at -- yet. And the issue I have with that is in and to put this sort of in basketball sense -- free throw is now behind the three point line. You're gonna have all these field goals kicked during the midst of the game that are 2730. To 36 that are worth three points and all of us on your one point kick. Is is a tougher fuel forty something yard field like that -- -- await your your analogy. Falls to that of a part is that. If a three -- was 90% accurate then you know. That would be a bad idea but they do he's talking about quarterback to the twenty where the kicks are -- like 90% actor. You guys had a -- doctor Stephen guest house -- about all of this has some very no IE you know. On -- talked to I'd be curious -- kickers think I sort of talk to a passing today and I just asked -- actually about the the opera it's the extension of those the five. -- they're tacking onto that he said. You know -- no big deal is focusing on something be on the operates anyway it's not that big deal but I didn't ask him about the moving I don't think -- care I mean. Your guide it's very and it had a great year last year it's not like his leg isn't strong image if they wanted to kick 43 RP AT I think he'd be fine with -- no I don't think David Wright say all that's in my wheel house some one of the stronger legs kickers in the NFL. You know I don't think yet he did have a problem as to what the the top on the ports and seem to like that up that idea. So would have make it a lot he's now are actually outside the article yet to put it through so there's no question of what he goes in or it doesn't go in -- including different. It's one of the things that -- to -- down to Gillette Stadium offer for training camp. And it's such a great take especially kids anyway. But it's always confusing to some of them on the one field they've got the -- yes and people -- anyway and on one of the feels they've got these little skinny up rights and you look at it needle doesn't look quite right and the other feel they've got the normal upright. It's a great idea it's exactly what -- and I'm sure guess taos -- would prefer to work with a skinny upright and home that accuracy in and you know. Later tonight. Election took and the ethics that they have that at all camps. I think so yeah okay associated changes to invent now all relaxed the patriots didn't reinvent the game I think it makes it thinking -- -- well layup that everybody else that's of course he has that's just goes and -- that's a given. -- he seemed scenes. Just two days and nobody seems awfully. Light -- and I mean look they're not even pat well I mean first of all. -- Ron Borges were second base yesterday talking about like the seventy's I mean that's in his wheel house if you give him talking about the seventies and all that. Of course he's gonna be naked -- twenty minutes he doesn't have to talk about you know his current team and decisions in news. I gotta be honest it was cutie here and talk about breaking down. Was that a rams Redskins gifts from 1975. And -- the formations that they were tight end. In two receivers into an and nobody knew what to -- there was no strong side formation that neither side -- and they freaked out mean just. I was creativity back then and it stuck with. Him hike could listen to that all they want you should you really should just cut an album just do it would HBO special -- me and showed just. Belichick talking old -- one -- show that's that's why I asked this question yesterday when we -- down there and and I'm sure you'll have. The answer 'cause I was just theorize when they are on padded practices yesterday. And yet they halt pads out. Just for the rookies the whole back and I don't know if you like I -- Are they use him at the end sort of in post practice drills -- to drop below hauling off mallet and Brady's pads and bigoted they bring them out here just so we can all look back at. And technically some of the guys could be in pads if they wanted to I think they keep it for uniformly. But the injured guys you know gronkowski was there on Monday he had two days of practice 'cause the -- of that two days a practiced a you know get your feet -- you get acclimated it's just one of these new CB eight things and they they put among -- all the rookie running backs the quarterbacks gronkowski. Just to work on catching because. It's a little misleading to say it will. Pembroke Tompkins has Killen out there. Serena pads on right so he hasn't even made a single catch was shoulder pads on something that you know he'd actually after doing game so I think -- drills -- practice has all the good idea though. What I've I've been watching sports -- -- down to let up. Both Tedy Bruschi and -- the warmer down there I saw Robert Kraft was on Bill Belichick was on Tom Brady was on. And they keep showing footage of radio on the practice field and all the the the footage they've shown today -- -- pads right. So -- unthinkable. How exactly did drop below -- pads off the eleventh seed in wears pads yet well they have very complicated practice schedule where there's this thing before practice starts which I just referred to was pre practice but it looks like practice to me. And they stretch they actually practice and they all come together old school were all ninety guys in woo -- Then they break up the practice for another twenty minutes -- so I -- I call that's what I call free practice. Practice -- practiced. Post practiced the put the pads on and grow little in that little. You know I think people who never go to training camp have this this image of it that's completely. Also think that the afflicted junction boys with these guys are out there get there -- their heads distilled Dan and swept up a storm and everything it's. It's not that there's not a wasted moment but there's a lot of stand around I mean like the right they have got it scheduled down to. All worn well below o'clock -- set for seven minutes and they do some that exactly for seven minutes but the wind blows and they'll go do something else for like eleven minutes and it's fine but they're not exactly you know. It -- you is -- deadly military boot camp the first time you're there we just went goes a long time ago I've been going to every year I go back to like Bryan College. As I've always been training camp at least be some weakness right way to and that's and yet there they'll -- that there back. Back in the day when their -- college I was doing the games back them. Why it was such a different world you could stand on the side of the practice -- I mean me and I don't just mean the broadcaster that would happen but I mean Ron Borges would be standing there will McDonough would be standing there. That you walked back with the with Steve Grogan you'd walk back to the dorm area irritable at Truman. It was such a different world. You know you'd have to be herded into this and where all the media people all have to stand you go walk out on next to the field and watch what they were due wanna listen to -- with coaches were saying. And it's not exactly like that someplace is still have that template I know. It was Atlanta of the joint practice a few years ago the media -- free -- between the two senator practice fields and you watched you stood there and if I made a diving catch -- the sideline he landed at your get out the way and so it's it's a little different but. It works and I will say people are also disappointed I think when we say you know they put the pads on this weekend banging your right it's still not junction boys there there'll be. Or five segments of practice totaling may be 25 minutes that are really. Physical competitive game like football than that it's still drill holes in one on one season and not quite the the dream train the double sessions anymore that's been. That's been sucked out of the game you you walk down the field where I coached the a thirteen year old and -- working. Five times targets and the patriots are while we do not I mean -- now you're. -- god no -- it's just it's not working hard and did you catch that curry out -- are very important calling out Bill Belichick back breaking news media. When we come back though we are gonna talk about and this is all been positive and embrace that because it's it's Christmas Eve in the start of the season everybody glove and it. Talk about something from the National Football League that's not so Christmas and not so positive. And I think the sheriff may have to turn in his badge it's -- holly without holly any heart here -- Thornton's here Sports Radio WE yeah. It's. It's. This really cool -- Plus it's it's. It's. Business it's not good yeah. Look at mega -- Now I change in that one bit and -- -- go full speed when I'm out there mama keeps mentioning that's in everything I do so. Maybe if it's it's not necessary one single bit go down but. If I -- if I can make some plays and make some extra guards in the hands on that thing go full speed I'm going take the hit someone do everything I can. -- Rob Gronkowski smash and and action. And now that cut you played had he been injured on that I might agree -- okay his style restaurant and you gotta tone it down. But that's not the case with the -- and ten yeah that was the one everybody's blustery and cold -- our second cut him no human being should get up from landing that way certainly a human being that -- that okay yeah yes and he's he's leaving on a stretcher and he he never missed the play and he's not even close to being the biggest -- and out on the field. No stones kid yeah 68 to 75 is what he's listed any doesn't. He's a lanky. He's just tall and people wanna make the comparison to Jimmy Graham because he has a little bit of -- basketball background all that he is kind of lanky does kind of have a basketball built. I've seen him do. Almost nothing to allow me yet mean he's getting a lot of reps described as an out there in the economy tight end but he certainly is an impressive physique.

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