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NFL setting a strange precedent by only suspending Raven's RB Ray Rice for 2 games

Jul 25, 2014|

We discuss the suspension of Ray Rice, and how the act he committed certainly seemed like it warranted a harsher penalty from the strict front office of Roger Goodell.

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I'm trying to figure out today who's having the worst day Roger Goodell Stephen A Smith. And it's cut -- -- for me right now Stephen A Smith. On first take today with skip Bayless. At one of the dumbest diatribes I've ever heard on TV the the bumper sticker version. Women don't provoke men and do wants. Imploring women to not provoke men and beating them I guess -- liberal -- saying they do not. Always -- instructing them I -- yes I pay you know you what does it incredible Hulk -- like me when I'm angry and -- no seriously it just was beyond stupid. But it it it all she deserved it being -- -- she is traditionally brought it on -- -- he was trying to stress that she might not have been but some women you know bring it on themselves and as tight as -- Read it I haven't heard yet I've only read it read the transcript of well it would give -- chance this is what Stephen A Smith said today on first. But as the man who was raised about women. So what I've trot to employed the female members of my family some hopeful you'll admit to talk to what have you. Is that again in this is what I've done this all my life. Let's make sure we don't do anything to Pro -- role actions because they're not come. Or somebody else come what this law enforcement efficient your brother was all the fellas that you know if we come. After somebody has put their hands -- you. It doesn't negate the fact that they -- -- -- they had to -- you so let's try to make sure that we can do. -- caught in making sure all that that doesn't happen. Was. I really really understand it he did not just. What you can tell about halfway through that he went all god Arab bygone. -- and access the work the word provoke sure he knew -- from Pro Bowl on it was like. Beep beep -- BP pay pay pay pay. -- just he should've just ended that sentence each Italy. Actively keeping it just figure own death -- yeah. When they carton would make you know the legal out of the wrong thing come through and say sorry guys I had to get out of that stupid cents or just no way to pick up. How debt can never finishes the sentence is when he's not react to stop and move on look at somebody else later turned. Let this all comes about because the commissioner of the National Football League Roger Goodell in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to suspend Ray Rice. The first two games of the NFL season. Ray Rice who we've seen on video. Hauling his then fiancee now wife. Out of an elevator after he allegedly knocked the hell out. Now supposedly law enforcement officials have the video inside the elevator that shows him knocking an -- And all around the sports world what people are basically and it's unanimous here. I mean I've I've been hard pressed to find out a dissenting voice in the wilderness. It's. An assistant coach in Minnesota says something stupid and reprehensible. And get suspended for preteens. You use marijuana you get suspended for four games. You not a woman how to. And you get two games. And I can't find anybody who understands. What Roger Goodell was doing what the justification wise. And and here's any I'll take it one step further the amount that he's being find the game checks that he's losing. Isn't even based on what his salary is this year. Even -- the incident took place in the calendar year 2014. And he's been suspended for the first two games of the calendar year 2014. He's been docked last year's game checks to them which is significantly lower than what the hell is going on in the NFL. You don't. Any time somebody does something wrong you have to be able to except that there might be some mitigating circumstances I mean -- a thorn examples terrible would happen Don that I am. Dante stalwart. There was some mitigating circumstances he was. Just that the costs but be legally -- that was it's the the the person that he he he killed you know by the stepped out on the road. He owned up to which he didn't have to all these things. What mitigates what Ray Rice did. What possible factor could Roger Goodell have heard to make him say. Get -- I'm gonna really whack him a couple of games and game -- last. -- the only one and by the way I don't even believe this is gonna give op was she hit him first. So I I just set I don't believe that either read I'm guessing I cannot and I think they -- -- wrong they met with the commissioner and she clearly is standing by him since that since she got married after the right now a day after the arraignment believe. But still I had I don't get -- this is a man who. Is -- is a ball of muscle it essentially is just one ball muscle contained. Who makes it living. Hitting and taking hits and a woman hit him and that gives him free -- to knock out. Central right and I'm by the I don't I don't believe that that was the justification. I'm just saying in to your point Jerry like something tells me some reason that justifies what you did. I -- feel ray rice's answer would have and I got enough yeah I can't tell what you you would hope that's the rate cuts if he has a justification. Now I think even less of him I hope he just sets. I was drunk I ice snapped it's the worst mistake I ever made in my life is the answer that I'm looking to hear 'cause if he tells me. Well -- it really wasn't my fault. I'm Matt and now matter he's telling me somehow it's not his fault. I've seen two things I've seen Ray Rice run 83 yards right up the gut of the Patriots defense. And have seen his wife and I'm decimate she can't put a dent in him. You don't based remedy this Bill Clinton and her size so there goes that and Goodell seems to be hanging in his his his hat on the fact that while they didn't prosecute. The reality is that. Every single day in every court in America there's a woman who says I wanna put this incident behind us. I I will not cooperate I have a marital privilege it's it's a constitutional privilege to not testify against your spouse. So prosecutors tend to throw up their hands and say there's nothing we can deal. So that doesn't fly because you're the commissioner of football you don't care whether they didn't prosecute and -- you have the power to do the right thing. In his idea -- the right thing was. No one -- the suspension that Josh Gordon is gonna get the smoke and -- And and this is a guy that came in as the sheriff should you know he just gonna clean up everything we're gonna to a player conduct policy I don't care it's not in the CBA governor do it anyway. And now all of a sudden. I don't know if he he felt like he overstepped his bounds at some point and is now trying to rein it back in but. It just doesn't add up to the way he's handled himself for the bulk of his target of one of the conspiracy theories I've heard you guys like -- debunked if if you see. One of the conspiracy theories I've heard. Is that he's about to give. Irsay a slap on the wrist. And that this was a -- of the players association. So that when they give Irsay a slap on the wrist. And the players association can't hit way to. What do you do when Lawson and and here's an owner and that's one of the conspiracy theories -- -- by and that one I kind AM I'd like to debunk that but. That Irsay thing is very interest I don't know if you followed him -- taken yet will Jim Trotter from. Actually know where he has now been with Sports Illustrated was with the San Diego union Tribune Tribune covered the the chargers is an African American beat writer and literally every time something happens in the -- matter like there's a hearing. He reached tweets that we have what say you commissioner because there's been such silence on what Irsay is gonna face in terms of punishment from a commissioner who. So often in the past and his tenure has been quick. Indecisive. And pretty hard pretty pretty punitive and by the way most NFL fans kind of applauded him. Correct -- quick hard punitive you know it's it we've joked about the new sheriff in town. But -- kind of liked the fact yeah you know he's gonna clean this place up he's the ginger hammer. Well Brady out of -- of velvet hammer and all of a sudden in this case -- I text her. Taking me to task says side amenities like to -- Every day you guys not try to make up controversies and mountains out of mole hills Stephen -- didn't say anything bad. As soon as a woman gets abused in any way physically abused in this case. If you even used the word -- yes you've said something correct if if you somehow try to suggest. That you know while some women provoke this there is no provocation. Port knocking a woman out it's as bad as the rape thing the old -- while she was wearing shorts her. Skis and -- like yep if you did you just say that that think that makes sense and all her fault there's like an. Action there to meet this is equally as bad and especially. I can almost if if you if member like that was at the gorgeous ladies of wrestling baby that was one of them and Jerry torched just beating the hell lot of you in an elevator and she was 66 and 300 pound. Maybe -- but again I get back to the man who makes his living banging heads and is is essentially a -- muscle and I'm supposed to think. While he was just in you know he's defending himself here for his right. It makes no sense at the other differences India wouldn't mind that thoughts on -- I hope that that pay good money for that up. And -- yeah I don't all the people that you're you're gonna defend Stephen A Smith. You know -- of all of all the incidents that you want to say well that could be two sides this this is the one you pick. They pulled her -- we see we are conscious being pulled out of an -- I will say I think the one thing that that does sway this. Towards us being more. Looking for more is the video. If this were just a story that we read in the paper. I'm not sure we would it all -- feel strongly about the video we've seen right and that's -- those Roger ball that's the problem we've all seen it even the guy that laid up punishment he should have thought a little 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T text minus 37937. We do understand that there are also folks wanna talk about. David Ortiz not facing David Price tonight -- that in fact is the case we will get to that as well don't you worry dale and Holley. Now we've got Andy heart we got Gerry -- in the house Sports Radio WE. I think probably most of the certainly the media world from tracking it on Twitter and most of the public. I think believes -- right Scott about easy -- But two game suspension that he gonna -- in themselves that would -- Usually -- when your best players get suspended for two games you're not really happy about it but I think ravens were relieved. I think what this came down to for Roger Goodell. Is that. You know at the end of the day. Ray -- was not convicted of anything. And even though. -- and you know he clearly acknowledges. Being in physical altercation. -- it's fiance and I think. Where -- NFL gets in trouble on this is that they have the crowd at the table and hold players every single year. At the rookie symposium. And had other grants you have to respect women and not torture hands run out of -- You just can't do that and then when they have the opportunity. To set an example I think because three races been fairly close to a model citizen who is spin. You know until that event happened he was clearly. The number one guy in the community on the Baltimore Ravens. I was Peter King joined us yesterday talking about the reaction. Are both in the media and among the fans around the NFL to the two game suspension of Ray Rice. -- and and I understand Peter's point Ray Rice has not been convicted of anything yet. And Roethlisberger wasn't convicted of anything when the commissioner suspended him for six games and and coach from the vikings. As -- in the event of anything like you guys who are never -- -- -- and have been suspended for marijuana. Meant for steroids. For saying things for doing things I mean this is a -- that takes its personal conduct policy for the most part pretty seriously. And this is a guy and -- -- the argument that rewrites a great guy in the community right. Great people to really bad things sometimes -- make really bad mistakes and should be punished. We're not all perfect I'm not saying that Ray -- this -- his life is forever you know this Carl today on him he's a wife beater and don't ever let him do anything again. But he made a big mistake that you probably have a pretty big recently at the texture who says now on on the eighteenth he text like 37937. If -- woman pulled a gun or -- at night or a clock on me damn straight I'm gonna knock her out. Well I tell you what I I will give you that provides okay -- if the video in the elevator. Shows ray rice's then fiancee now -- pulling a knife or a block on him. Then Roger Goodell was right. Yes a minute I dropped my moral line the same -- -- -- an analyst if that video shows that that the fiance. Holding night for a -- Then Ray Rice was justified in knocking your route and I don't know anybody who has suggested that. The case although we include I can't grenade. A bazooka. Well you have mass destruct yes you it's quite an F a fourteen yen and had seminary in her sights if that's the point when he not be suspended at all. I don't like what that appear king missile called the respected him Ray Rice doesn't deny that this happened. We never mind that he wasn't convicted of anything he he admits to what happened I mean I'm sure he's he's made excuses behind closed doors of Roger Goodell but it's not like. This is that. Ben Roethlisberger denied that he did anything. Ends. Like he's got six games. 01 thing with -- he definitely was in the Texas point this out repeat offenders there were multiple. Issues -- -- -- and up right so there is a difference. I'm assuming that the the Minnesota Vikings assistant coach is not a repeat offender. Well I don't know about that that when I find. That's a tough situation to me because I think a lot of bad stuff is said. In by NFL coaches and players in locker rooms and fields and meeting rooms and now you go down a slippery slope of what's offensive what's not offensive when as the guy offended it was the right to be offended. And my guess is if you use that language and sort that. But he may have used it more than once or multiple time knowing on down that road. Well we know is that Ray Rice was given two games. I don't expect and we talked Peter about this I don't expect there's anywhere in the world these chemists and to appeal. -- try to get as does the punishment reduced. He's probably it is darker moments all by himself in the quiet of his of his bedroom on holy crap did I get off like. Which is the other part of the developing that that baffles me a little bit. Hit him with six. Hit him with four. Like you did with Roethlisberger. Reduce it. Right -- adheres to certain certain mandates certain policies certain behaviors okay it will reduce the punishment. It's not like you're gonna go back and increase ray -- punishment. I thought it was telling when Peter -- -- -- that even the ravens thought that was fair which by definition means it was a terrible decision because the the ravens are probably geared up for six. Or at least four or is a very common NFL's suspension so they may have even been hoping for the six down before. In the start it's sexual PO get it down to four will tell everybody he's a good guy this is his first offense all the things that that might get you off the thing that worried me about. What Peter King said in sort of a double thing you know they work very hard at the NFL a rookie symposium to tell these guys respect to a you shouldn't need to be told to not knock your fiance out an elevator that seems pretty obvious I don't really feel -- that he's BB into their heads. At the age of 22. And in some fancy hotel ballroom in California. But the second part of that is well that's true if you are doing that and it's an issue you're you're certainly worried about. Shouldn't you crackdown on a guy who who. Flew in the face of that desire for your players to respect women and not have domestic violence issues is that why you would go. Six or eight games to say we're serious about this I don't care you're Ray Rice or your Ben Roethlisberger a good guy bad guy or the -- hit a warrant guy on that roster get hit a one minute we know you had a woman. You're gonna be punished severely 6177797937. Joes on the cellphone Europe first on dale and -- -- -- At some been so -- does not OK I know you in any. Your question department -- LP it would bring it right. Back. Up a knock out. Yes -- department himself positively. -- I but it clearly. Aren't quite so all the acting great -- you don't worry about it. Yes yes that's exactly what I I'm saying it's different if it's a woman and if it's an amount yet. You brought up -- we will respectfully slippery. People like -- thought they were all out or let an app called up and every. Story there's talk that woman can hit a bit and went there it is. A multi year the big commitment. To. Courts at all. Building that was a fair fight. -- do you think that was a fair fight Ray Rice and that and that woman who might weigh a hundred pounds if she was so it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want you know shouldn't be outlawed and the story. I'm against. I'm against ray -- fiance hitting it that doesn't justify what I thought we don't touch we don't even know that she did it right we assume that. That's an assumption most people are making. Aren't some problem it might sign. -- might but again. Yes I I just -- actually does I have I I don't have to have that conversation with them they know what's wrong. It's called it's -- -- He was done. -- -- Yes I I I have a son and two daughters. Yes my son was taught from a very young age that you don't it yes I did that same here all of my -- In your son or daughter autumn he might actually get it yards or better and I'm -- I can -- up up up it was six inaudible you know and had really reached the kind of the same size and everything at that age -- -- but I just. You do is that guy just boggles my mind is boggled my mind is the it they're out there and wait I just wanna. No interest at any one. Is his is his main premise so -- you're getting beat up in an elevator you don't break your own rule you just take it you don't defend yourself if it's a man either right he doesn't get any. That guy that would Joseph we just talked to if I'm pummeling him in the elevator he's just gonna take. That was Mahatma Gandhi on the phone yeah UNC has taken the they. The passive resistance the nonviolent approach I -- we know in favor of anybody being hit an elevator right but what we're saying is when. Oh well and hits a guy ray rice's society's built in strength he shouldn't knock or unconscious and I love how he makes it black and white. Like every every hit is the same. So a few sucker punch somebody it's the same as if you punched him in the guy called you out and said let's step outside and a man and a woman of both the same whether they sucker -- format on. Yet they're all the same joke. All times when people swing it's the exact same thing 6177797937. -- telephone number -- Hollywood out -- today but. Andy Andy. That views for one brief moment there Andy parties here Jerry toward animals sit in before. I thought I'd be aware someday someday to maybe you could be mister Andy's point I. Let's get back to the call 6177797937. Steve's on the cell -- hasty I don't. They got water on the -- Kerry Lugar. And Europe but what took barely got fired -- Your back yet. My lovely Tony to -- and violent day. It. There and he took it -- built the lead up to the face over and over and over there and you know so you'll give me -- called on what's called the web. Not -- like -- never will be. All women you don't you don't just stand there and letter -- -- with the stilettos and -- -- right but do you defense you can you can put defensive. Arms up you can take the shoes away we can do those things you -- -- effort to -- -- okay hit me again. That. What you're still have a grip from white the year that you -- -- a -- rep for what looks like Ray Lewis. Let murder threats and there like three point -- teams should be more at least thought what Peter Castro Brooke -- like. Right call and just did you know to take the morality out of it for a second EU respects chuck Finley more as a man. For you know what accused him of hitting her back. The lovely -- -- I believe actually went to jail. For this which is a much better approach from from his point of healing can I just interject briefly that -- contain just randomly follows me on Twitter. That is random I know it's the strangest thing as late as of a couple of years ago and I never understood why -- I feel like it's a responsibility like I like I elect are actually you actually tailor your tweets for tonic attain -- and I think if I'm. Tweeting something about Rob Ninkovich part of me is going to wit what this -- detained getting out of this. Gonna hurt when she unfolds now. And -- -- -- -- -- I I'm going to right now and I just -- whoever wants levels of Bo Derek is started on following -- and she has pulled Tarek. You know what. That's why I get to -- you get three of a kind of I guess I definitely I feel like a loser I don't have any hot older women following me Obama. And anybody not that I know. Just check your Twitter followers top company are it really him -- you beat me on she's potter have cut trees a year. I mean Tony detained is just told the it would blow us deli guy and yet she's happily. -- she's teased about it what you was great in that is the best movie Tom Hanks -- remain with -- when his first Oscar for it was not actual part. Idea that he went for that and then and she was Forrest -- and then she was great on the motor cart to me like -- in -- Not that we watched it over that -- Manchester Christian next on sports -- dale -- -- -- -- wouldn't -- that -- when you -- thinking that you the issue here -- that ignited the woman. I mean it's the only issue right to -- every now I don't I I had been raised bigger than her where you know whatever mr. -- and bigger than life. What if I don't care coordinated in any grown any time right place is like a little experiment here woman any current owner place. I don't think anybody said it was okay for her to hit. But it is totally unacceptable for him to knock her out. You know like -- that we are not well but it it doesn't matter if it. A woman her man who instigate the argument -- the propagation. Yeah that's where I differ with you -- I disagree with you completely Chris I think men and women are different ansari. Most men are bigger than most women most men are stronger than most women. It's it's you can defend yourself stronger than most right so but twelve year old started slapping them if a twelve year old started slapping me I would not knock him out. I would what you -- now. And what do what does this tell Ray Rice corrected his wife and doctor -- that's the correction well he didn't grab her by the wrist. Went. Where we make it okay occurred when an American and holds no you're not listening thank you aggregate. He wrong what yes he has and he's a 1000% wrong. Actually you can get aren't -- good you know I don't know and she may she may have us now. But it doesn't matter. I do know that she got knocked out by the guy in the elevator was her fiance and future husband that is a 1000000% wrong there is no defense of that. No matter what she did not revoke a believe that was the word that Stephen A Smith used to teachers is clearly not provoke. -- knock the woman out very simple it's it's a hard and fast rule seems like want to live by. OK to this caller on the guy in the last hour and Stephen A Smith -- do we need to know whether or not Jared grammys wife did something. To instigate. Being killed by him -- -- to my point is there's a very short jump. Between what Ray Rice did which Jared -- -- I mean what happens if he gets takes the slap on the wrist from Goodell. And that goes out and hit her again. Now what you've gut is that much closer to Jerry Grammy night I've taken that seriously I think it's every bit. As it is -- egregious as what -- was doing before. He murdered and I also think we're giving Ray Rice the benefit of the doubt. That the first time he laid a finger on a woman it just happened to get caught on camera and -- by the right by the way were making up the hole she hit him first thing right all we were trying to. To point out wise. It's the only defense I could come up with a -- it was Ray Rice and I hate the only one I could say to Roger Goodell is. Like you know she was drunk she she started -- inmates in Maine -- but I and I don't even know that that happened. The question we asked internally here what defense which again shore and the only one I could come up with was well she hit me and I don't know what to do. But I don't even know that that was ever said. Well in the press conference that they they they did right witty it was a such a dog and pony show is so distasteful the ravens. Through them multi -- try to put like a happy face on this. She sort of took the rap. You know she I forget exactly the words whoever goes along lines of you know I was in the wrong as well -- She hit him. We're making nap right now and right and and not even making up we were trying to to say what words would Ray Rice abuse to Roger Goodell. To get mercy. Because I think two games was a merciful punishment on the part of the NFL commissioner and we were trying to come up with. I'll be very honest with you guys okay. Sometimes the people that we talked to surprise me sometimes they don't but. The fact that we party had to people who somehow some way tried to justify. Ray Rice knocking his fiancee out. It boggles my mind and and I wanna emphasize one more time we're not saying it's okay if she hit him no aliens no slapped him anything. But it's more wrong that he knocked around is is far. More wrong there's no question there is no if she did and again it's a big gift. If Ray -- had grabbed her wrists and said you can't do this I'm not gonna let this happen. Not to have a problem with that no -- -- he can't defend himself get off the elevator. Leave her presence what we're just stopping short of saying it. You -- -- -- -- -- colder than dragon -- into the hall right is acceptable and apparently we've got to call those who disagree with us Jason's in New Jersey Jason you're next on dale and -- God let that but I don't agree with you guys let me start up I think that I don't agree with what I've read write it. But I will tell you that. You know no ones you'd be able to attack anybody for whatever reason we agree I guess we -- me. -- we we agree with. OK but I I think it -- I just wanna say that. You know I -- it a situation where actually a woman can mean one time and I want her are cooler less and but it seems like if you make it more because I -- And you get back. You know and and yet you know why I I would pick and are -- want to know that you know she would continue that you gonna get hurt. Yet that's not OK either. Walk away why you threatening them and just go away. If you have the opportunity if -- if that if there's enough distance or whatever is going on that you have just lesson if you if you do this. Well then just walk away and the situation. That. Do you look at you know what again when I was in that situation -- -- -- friend when -- gathering and Bob Pickett and you're suggest and but you know what happened that. No no no no no one. Happens after that is. You're exactly right you'll leave. You you you -- step away from the vehicle and them. Being facetious using stupid phrase you. Distance yourself. It's better -- and somebody's -- get a little bit dull series. Like we're being -- older meaning is not a camaraderie you think you get for older people actually believe. Johnson a self. Nation on I don't. I don't I congressmen I was better before the show started. I. I would yet. Opt out of public may have that it is no for an answer but yet or not. I don't know why I brought you don't get a woman. -- and air. That is the reason there's a law enforcement misery and there's. You know when it tastes the same insult. Parameters is that man do to help me let them deal when it. Stress or -- are pro athlete but I don't see if there's any reason whatsoever in any way to ever hit any woman. In the end right there. Look it's it it it seemed self evident to some of us it's it's not as self evident as I thought others of us. -- surprisingly so an -- and look it does begin with how I was raised. My dad I was the oldest of five kids the only girl -- our family was the one in the middle to older Brothers two younger Brothers. And if we had emperor once. If her. My father would have hard me up one side and on the other it was it from day one it was it was hard and fast no. You don't get -- one. No you don't get your sister. Now the Brothers used to fight like cats and I -- -- yeah but she didn't get fight with your sister. And I do want to. I'm not naive I know and -- I have friends that are police officers women manipulate situations some women manipulate situations and use. Perceptions in the legal system and the way you know that sort of favors the woman in domestic I understand that there are women that that manipulate that. But still don't hit the I there's all these ifs and I understand Albert but it all just kind of whittled down to don't have or don't opera but it seems simple. You know what what are my best friends that we were talking one time about a day. It's someone in the new ways I think that was you know arrested for domestic violence or something in his dad said. Guy hit his wife right OK that's all I need to know that was -- -- I don't need to know anything else about this man I don't need to know that he's he's. Coaches -- does charity -- gives to the community. That's it I he's he's dead to come apparently that's not a universal opinion. Based on a couple of calls of guts of a -- that last caller he just started kinda open as I think rebuild the vote the foundation of our humanity here. 61777979237. Bethany is in Derry New Hampshire hey Bethany I don't. Eight I it on you're done with the NFL after all of that it. You know socially and culturally absolutely Neanderthal on the homophobia. When the commuter the commissioner says more acceptable to knock out your yacht speed and it is not on -- there's something Majorly -- and on und dot org clay I have no plans to watch pat that you didn't. And I love it but I won't be joining my little -- on Sunday it. I'm not like it's disgusting and I ended as I had no confidence -- -- Well I will say this Bethany for a league that debt. Properly so I might ad hoc courts the female audience. The patriots are among the teams in the NFL but have these clinics to try to teach the game took a female audience that might not have grown up with the game as others have. And and for the commissioner to be as forceful as he has about this. What he did surprise me now I I hope you don't take it out on the patriots because commission. Around all of the patriot right. They are part of an -- the leader had an and a belt does that does okay we kept it -- -- dire I used to hear in knocking her out. ET here about. Getting help about wanna be -- not to care. Yeah I think it's unfortunate as dale said I I think there are a lot of really good men in the NFL from players up through ownership up through vast majority of yes and I think it's unfortunate and and but. I think as a fan she has every right to say that's just that's just too much for me to accept the way the commissioner trees right. He's the head of the league he's the face of the league that is his job he's paid a lot of money to be that. And he seems to have stood by and allowed something pretty bad to go. Not unpunished but not justly -- I don't blame Bethany or any other woman who looks at the punishment leveled by the commissioner and say. You don't take this seriously is I think he should. And I don't blame Bethany at all for feeling that way. I Kenny can argue -- right it's it's hard not to. 6177797937. As the telephone number. It's -- holly but Michael's not here today ending -- -- partner in the house Sports Radio WE yeah. I'm gonna say this without. Further editorial -- Because -- significantly to equate the two. Coming up on foreign for the top at the top of the hour we're gonna talk about incredibly stupid sports fans I. And -- -- got a couple nominee some -- pressing -- -- some -- -- you know incredibly stupid things that they've done it. That's coming up and I swear to god. This was planned it. It actually was -- yesterday morning at 10 o'clock and because of the Red Sox game we didn't get to get into yesterday as we've planned. Sold so it it was planned long ago but -- Ford today. Really really stupid sports forums. And it it it couldn't be more timely. Perfect it's like what those large order episodes it's ripped from today's headlines only this is ripped from today's collars -- I did want to point out the one -- 'cause it made me -- too is when you said -- It's gotta -- it -- reading in between they had what I -- -- I was reading the tax. I'd like to add to the list of weapons that women shouldn't use against Manning -- sick time. Like I've got what that is it's it's a ninja sword play so late for instance if Obama Thurman in kill bill was common at -- cut. You might justify -- Like I tried to just run well good luck good luck trying to my -- all three killed bills you would have no chance exactly. Although it was only to kill bills which -- still have no chance. Why do you remember what she did to the treaty 88 I mean she just hack them to to pieces so if one of them. It felt it necessary to knock around I would put dead in the self defense category not ready races fiance. 6177797937. Paulus and Fall River -- You can debate killed bill on -- particular bill to -- before I give my serious point to Pavano levity here -- -- -- dig up a bit. Andy you gotta get your thought -- Iraq -- Walter Christie Brinkley to follow you on Twitter that'd be be a full house to trump Jerry and dale okay. Luck with that -- Brinkley yeah I can -- Yet been changed much since the days -- you know of the -- about. -- -- -- -- with -- Billy -- but the uptown girls let's -- your screen here about the that union were bulk of -- the of them intoxicated when they're in the elevator. I don't know. Who wants to the rebound saying that is that amendment -- screen here when I was working and educational institution in New York. They want suitcase in which a woman -- because here her boyfriend was cheating on her -- and it got her an elevator pulled a knife. And you know he not to roll over and that to do it -- I was involved in the that I just knew about it but. What I'm saying is is there a possibility that she could that a weapon not -- -- night what they he's here. Or. Pepper spray that you may have used that he had no. Being -- -- -- what you repulsed or maybe took a swing pattern to it to me you know what you get the -- knocked her out and that's what transpired in the air. You know that nobody got to expletive I agree I think it's surrendered the only got a two you know. That date suspended two games suspension. But that's the only thing I can think of that perhaps. They wanted to explain that and police record sixteen trillion drop the charges he's gonna marry this woman he doesn't want -- have a police record. That that the period. Look -- and and instead her we said early on if if there is some evidence if the video on the elevator. Somehow someway shows that she pulled a weapon of some sort. On him that Switzerland that the Jerry -- Canton public line if if that's the if that's troll. Then you know what maybe that's why Roger Goodell went lenient on the punishment. I have no evidence of that and I haven't heard that nobody's made that claim correct nobody and I don't know old anyone who -- thinks that that's what happened. And it's possible and they may have been drinking as the -- -- -- but does that. Justifying a mean guy who. We'll take a drink under extreme social pressure the -- you like of the occasional wine in your -- your -- -- -- look like well you know him drinking and he has an occasional client I don't drink. I don't know I have dedicated to -- -- -- This -- you're drinking man I think he's dropped 24/7 is that is there's a big range and I'm actually I'm not truck right -- I'm guessing you probably haven't dropped a soap opera in years not pop up. Mitt Romney is -- and and if alcohol Meade me one and not my wife unconscious and an oh beta because she could meet her one attack me. That's the -- maybe it's time to give up the stuff about all of does is make me com. Occasionally dates plus sadly. Equipment like that's that's the only kind of abuse that that makes me dish out is is bad -- dancing. I can buy it to some degree but and you look at it and. Who has the reputation that you'd prefer to uphold Ray Rice or his. Nondescript fiance who is simply re -- his -- You know like I -- -- I can see well my wife had a -- and I don't really want that out there you know I want her reputation to remain in well. That's at the cost of your reputation very much so your reputation and your name which -- which. You're going to provide for your wife for the rest of both of your lives if you are indeed a cohesive couple that's gonna get married and stay together for the next fifty years. I think if you whispered out there that. There were some circumstances in the elevator at the -- family doesn't really wanna make public but. There were circumstances that were really outside of his can there's a way for I think to whisper that out there and make this a little different feel than it has right now. Here's where a couple of our callers have have somewhat hijacked the discussion. And taken it far afield okay. Our discussion at the beginning wise. You get four games for smoking pot which you get two games for knocking a woman out our our disagreement here forget about. Our disagreement with the idea of hitting the woman that's self evident. Our disagreement here it's with the commissioner and the level of punishment that he that he gave to Ray Rice -- we're saying is as. We think reasonably clear thinking sports fans. Just seems to be off here it just doesn't seem to be right. Even throw in -- and cut you know what did he get six. Final six of last season or something like that for. Hazing or so yeah I don't know messing with -- a teammate who is you know 350. Pound man who can walk away at any time so that it was almost worse than this right. Absolutely sent sent me texts right to a team Bible I spoke to Jonathan Martin. The way all of my friends talked to me on a regular basis I mean like guys who talked to me like that were at my wedding party. And green and Wright Brothers his season ended may be his career ended and Ray Rice -- two games. That's that's -- and again where were the words six. Games bones bone on bone to the the assistant coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Set some really stupid stuff has been suspended for three games. That's the part that the commissioner I don't think has done a very good job both of making us understand. As football fans the sports fans. Why two games. And I do want -- real quick that week and I think you're under the the vikings technically suspended the coach yet and adult now technically suspended. Richie and cut me that's that -- that's fair I'm sorry they're -- they're all intertwined if the league wanted more there'd be more. The league was comfortable with the way the vikings handled it and comfortable with the way the dolphins handle that so even though it's technically not a league suspension they signed off on the punishment. Riddle me this threatening can a team suspend. A player with help the league's consent with the -- collective bargaining agreement in place in our eggs so that they can't. I mean they're limitations in the post member tee -- on in the box and -- their whole feud things were changed as you'd be basically could just send a player home and they feuded out. That was on the heels of Terry Glenn even hear that kind of more specific rules but yes the league -- I mean the team can spend. Okay well and that's exactly what happened with the dolphins right the team suspended Richey and -- beat out now are are you saying that the that the league had to sign off on it. I've just I'm just wondering like he can. Teams have the right to unilaterally. Even if the the league were all under certain circumstance yet you can't just suspend a -- -- you don't like Wright -- an appeals process right and right on the kind of thing but the Mike's point what that I think the league. If they didn't feel were enough that they thought the vikings went light on that guy my guess would be the assistant coach would get a six game suspension three tacked on by the league after the you know it -- if the league just let it be lets the team handle it. To me that's them sort of signing off on that that we felt that was -- properly intern yet and that's the and that's kind of the the the point in my quest for a news. We can assume that the league gave their imprimatur to the suspension every -- and -- needle because they allowed it to lose the race -- six games for him. I don't wanna say is that I thought it was six the final six the year it was the end of the year it was somewhere around the area yet and 24. Rate and Betsy bouncy -- -- it's got us baffled. It's it's we all agree that Ray Rice deserve to be punished so does does Ray Rice have a good enough for education that we should automatically jump to. -- the league knows more than us and they must have gotten this right. It is is that the determining factor means it doesn't take much for reputation already shot clock and and I would says and you know it's a little down there again. I mean something that sometimes people takes up and and turn it in a fact. I read a stupid text and probably shouldn't have because then for some of the listeners -- all well now I understand right. I've added that's going to be the telephone game and it's gonna come back to us that I heard she had a block right now she pupil the Ottawa and set -- EI can get it. Yeah I just think she pulls a gun sideways because it's cooler. What what we know is that -- His -- And we know that we saw him right around the elevator she said that she may have had some part in it when she held that press conference. -- that the ravens actually held a press conference and baffled why you'd put this woman up there on that stage -- I don't picture of the patriots. Trotting out a player's wife to sit next to home in front of in fact I don't -- for the patriots prodding the player. In front of the media in that situation forget about the wife. I just don't see it happening. She came off in that -- Dole wife and day out like a lifetime original movie you know to me like like a victim. Who just would say anything just so that she doesn't get another beating -- routes and that's the case but that's that's how it seemed like she was just trying to protect her man. And if if it means get knocked unconscious -- a -- while that's the price that she's she's got to pay and you got to leave us alone and let -- -- -- like which is exactly the kind of person you keep you need to help. That the system is designed to try to go like you've got to get away from wrecked from him -- Jared grammys. Almost like it. It was protecting the Bryant the Ray Rice bran mrs. you know the money making star running back of the ravens and we need to you know you see this in political movies where. The guy running for some major office does something really bad in the life. Knows about it and doesn't wanna do it but to protect the Brandon -- I want house of cards my friend. Sure don't -- that was. Up on there you see it happen in real life. You know Eliot Spitzer his wife I -- with his name is Anthony Weiner is like standing next to look like a complete fool literally you just wanna grab that that girl -- just go. That -- woman excuse nation dollar girl. As it just just get away from this guy he's bad for you. I'll know let me ask you this -- you mentioned the patriots deal. If Ray Rice plead. For the 2013. Patriots and this happened during the offseason which he'd be on the roster for the 2014. Patriots. I don't know that it's good question and I understand that the the larger question you're talking about whether it's patriots -- and everybody else is. Star players get more rope then. Non star players I would say on the Baltimore Ravens they most certainly do that get a -- getting -- night's match of that isn't fair to say be that way everywhere. And dear to your patriots question you know does the does the star running back and I don't wanna stick -- name Monica that's right area at somebody playing down. There's a star running back get more leeway than. You know -- practice water yes. I would say that's a way to -- -- -- everywhere every team every organization but there are also different levels of organizations with different. You know moral codes -- compasses and different ownership groups that feel differently you know whether it's a family ownership that has long standing thoughts on a certain Aurora new wage owner. I don't think you can answer either records a week we don't know oldest the deet tails that they would then now. Right I mean a lot of people thought -- dinner should have been gone automated -- not long for this world well. That hasn't happened so the team is comfortable with keeping up -- -- better understanding the details of of his issues off the field. And I think that a case by case basis -- -- you just -- Ray Rice would play for the -- at. Look I'm going to be accused Libyan shameless patriots haunt you because that's what it says on my business card. Arm like the examples that we have with a face something similar to this. They've taken the moral high road each time and I will I'll put it good if you wanna go back -- Christian Peter. They drafted him. -- You don't face some minor backlash but it mostly came from. The owner's wife from my aircraft he said. A guy who's been accused of dragging his girlfriend by the hair down a flight of stairs sexually assaulting somebody else would over the details that were. They just gave up his draft -- it's the only time in NFL history. A team drafted a guy and then just let him walk without ever commented training camp or trying to sign him. The other example is Aaron Hernandez. -- -- soon as there was even the the hit that he was implicated missed the cut all ties with them and then they had debt buy -- program ago. Get cash for guns program when they got hitched his. I'm beautiful I'm sure it's off the street that cost them a quarter of a million dollars cash so I think if Ray Rice is on his team and this happens I think they just. Say no good -- I think they just what kind of. 6177797937. Is telephone number dale and -- normally hear Michael soft and a heavy heart Terry Thornton in the house. Coming up on for a fourth top of the hour. Incredibly stupid things that sports fans have done honest to god we planned this yesterday.

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