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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Dumbass Fan Behavior Edition - 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

We tackle four topics, all sparked by our interest in the story about the Browns fan peeing on Art Modell's grave this past week.

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And -- Will be good thing. -- Do within the day out. -- Well never had a -- it better before it more than today. -- four brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Don't worry and elegant talk over that it was too little that looked that download. At the time had a song line and it's like him to around importance. Well it was a good call by you because it fits perfectly. For today's dip balls. OK okay. I'm stupid. That's right in honor of our first stupid fans hope this guys that it. So browns fans went to a cemetery. And decided to take a leak on our most Dell's grave. Ignored when you human let me try to -- we brownie. In these grounds. It. Ratliff and anomalies words you use your. Sport is on your grade I it towards. Anybody's list in about fifteen years -- there it goes you know what and. And he typically on -- models for now. That you you feel overwhelming merge. Probably induced by alcohol that go take a leak on our models grave which is even bigger urged to videotape it. Quickly -- police authorities to -- at all. And I'm allowed to do that it's a great line. At you you. A great why I -- quote that some day because that is good. I go beyond Syria yet we might call a -- like Dakota this guy's tee up. There's going to be a recovery by guillotine any time if it changed bush or the wind had succeeded in getting the patriots already are -- to Saint Louis. -- mr. Kraft had come in like a superhero and save the day. I think I'd have a twelve tackles Sam Adams summer railroaded through my system -- was playing great right now like the passion like I don't think he's stupid action. This place fashion noted above the the stupid. Parties videotape because well that's this day and age but you know after the doctor Arnold bashing mailboxes and people are still -- it and -- -- we do about it lately we may have finally found something -- Baltimore they will arrest the guy for. You know I think that's. A fairly -- moral compasses Crockett is it was project that Dell's. Yes we are this in my view of the dumbest of all time in Alabama fan went down to offer him poison too historic oak trees. -- on the radio and bragged about it Alison JE. AL. They've always done well things this year I was that the -- all day and not all whereas they split. -- scale here in the home bear crimes statute. That's eight years later okay well let me say why did the weekend after they are involved. I've lived all over Alabama but the wheels started out light and how important it is better. There output spiked to eighty BL animals that they. Why did that they've got an update yet but it's -- good -- baby -- back is against the law. Boise street what -- I don't care. Do you think he said you think I care after he spent three years in our. They can pick them sent to prison for three years for poisoning the jury will look like that guy. I get the impression that he feels it was worth it like well first of all -- -- thirty miles away from from the the yeah yeah -- Mike guesses I don't know that area of the country too well but I get that prison was an upgrade. I so was bigger than in the trailer with Clinton and other -- -- the woods. I think but he thinks he's a hero to these people like -- MLK in the Birmingham jail and all these guys like. It's not enough to know they did OK you're breeze you're throwing your -- but I need everybody else on the one -- radio and tell everybody I didn't treat target dead yet and I and they're not they're gonna not like I'm telling you what's coming that they're going to prosecute me for. And they did. -- Stricker might be the dumbest of all sports fans at Super Bowl 38 a streaker took to the field. An absolutely gut demolished by Matt Chatham. Listen to the audio it happens to be. In German. Why is it when I was there you go. This sacred. Mean there's been I was going through because it's really -- -- sixty dixieland. Big happy sixtieth. Tonight so we'll vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. I mean I. It at all. -- And the body is German because of course in America don't show it on TV in Germany guests at a party and then -- know what's worse than that. They can't take credit for the tackle at the and I -- -- I read the translation as a chemistry they were showing -- space laughing at the spla -- look at -- he's loading its -- in such Adams saying you know but when you hear that oh that's when Janet tackles and I know about it they streaker -- -- Well. I picked up but asked if she's at night with a breezy. It's. Should -- girl bar and at that here just -- -- -- -- -- They clearly enjoyed -- streaker in Germany in Germany where there are all in. Your mental them. Patch Adams said after the game it's miles I repeat I talked about it several times is that right after the game he said. Well thing is we're -- Belichick coached team we've watched -- on that -- We know exactly what the government. -- Time now for the AT&T stupidest fans of the day. That honor goes out to the entire region of northeast Ohio sorry Michael Holley I know your listening. But cavs fans for years ago they burned the -- Jersey and now backed out of time back. It's. Though it. It's. -- -- And yeah. That's why I I I I got -- I got -- into bed with us what he talked about it earlier this and keep up the feel good here. We Scotland back. Only thing that could have been better with that they definitely in the middle of the living at their house on fire and but at the beginning -- and put on the ground and just keep -- I was put out the fact -- Is -- northeast Ohio's average what Rogers is about 80% of gross. -- taken jobs and everybody. You know sprayed bullets -- all -- And I are out in an honorable mention. And this is not a specific and but it general thing. If you ever fall out of the second deck anywhere while attempting to baseball for all you are a couple more guys the guys that -- game yet. If you all have to act in in this is trying to hit a reef ball that cost somewhere between I don't know five dollars and at the very most -- all of 400 you are. Org is the guy immunity with real CS stadium filling the net and pretended to be hurt for about five minutes -- it -- -- -- everybody -- The only ones that are dumber than that works and that to me. Are the ones who who pile drive a four year old so that they can get the bow -- that not try to protect the boy -- Its market gets doused with your being here and ran into the -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- But -- training -- you'll see that was the big guys -- pushing its way to the front -- I really do associate or a large children when Google went without the -- and going into the ground. It's like my girls -- Eighteen girls twenty year old college kids like blowing people up the -- -- -- get back by security waiting Dmitry if the ball back. To your point -- athletic but I would color though you're good news. I don't know the flies through. I did make it's got to -- every year and when they were young and they get a little for doing this but they were going to grab the ball the other footballs and go to the rope and you would -- yet grown men trying to. Weasel their way economists -- the -- here you go kids as any normal adult would still like what that one Doug Flutie was bearable -- it's got his autograph but there -- cost the public. Gromit a dog. Guys -- of -- BC jerseys with the field. Police name on the back like have you no sense of decency sir and you can even claimed that those are the guys that are selling them right because in this day and age don't. People go after -- authenticated autograph not just one that's -- gonna all you have -- look at them they want your. -- you make no mistake about. They're gonna have this man. Right next to the moose antlers yes they. That are -- -- -- -- hurting LeBron got. Connected to the -- so unfortunately we can't we came across a lot of incidents with urine through the Texans fan who drank his own -- -- here with -- -- never -- that discussed -- you're. The survival. Of the fan was not there growth and Andy told this story does this is Houston Texans. On videos and you know if if they come back and win this game I'm gonna bring my own your. But it and he did and he meant it worked what he said he said I gotta be a -- of my word -- -- -- that I thought -- I watch out Welch Welch on now want. I could probably another another. Texture here says says you know what about the couple that work coupling in the luxury hotel -- I don't. I actually did I pared their yet nothing dumb about that I don't know that I mean I believe in the curtains open question her judgment but that guy is a win in the like I. So it's gone up the pizza for our family but I think that's gonna feel great. Whips the whole pizza again. All of the that that ended up on -- 2004 World Series dvd and it to this date it's hilarious to -- What solo Grammy just can't get words out they give -- a -- that -- -- so hard because you didn't know what happened until they slowed down the replay. What every week for the right like dumb and dumber candidate and a snowball into a pool and it wasn't a slice it was an entire -- -- next to like it. Pleased to be a place that Pete is that put the worst I think would be your neck yes. I mean at the risk of and I don't wanna go back to the discussion we had earlier but this text -- apparently is sort like the first couple calls we had. When the -- says take. Not everyone can be close to athletes like you guys as they'll somehow that's a justification proportion some seven year old aside right right which is what we were talking about is pushing kids out of the way. So that you get your Jersey side. And -- and I don't get close athletes with the patriots have to stand back because this quarterly losses assert under visionary idea but like I wouldn't. 'cause I'm through autograph age thank you very much but my kids aren't so sure good -- -- fight and I back up and let them in just keep a safe -- on them. Boy there is you know 300 pound guys like screaming at the ball players and they want by it's embarrassing. And I don't get close to movie stars on a regular basis or. Whatever and I would not bushel cannot wait to -- them -- -- corrected it was an entire pizza it was one of those enormous lights that is still -- it was pretty it was pretty hard for for about ten dollars worth of ammunition to take a wild guess which -- Steelers fault. J. D. Drew of course up at all. Dexter says I heard grunt telling guy at a charity event when time calmed down like consigned to the kids. Micron even now if we actually did that I absolutely complete that -- is one nominal with he would an autograph that's when. And is a great human being I know people don't wanna think that they think he's like it's weird. Party frat boy ideas but he's also great just a great guy and I was glad that. Ninkovich said it earlier this week he's one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet I don't think enough people look at him now -- in terms of charitable endeavors you know with the charity found chart. Foundation needs him to do something he does it -- visit. Autographs. That guy now the people moment where my favorite recent anecdotes about him -- -- at the espy's and the year before last -- -- his Brothers went and took a bathroom stall together. Did you cross sees. That. -- -- That's that's hilarious what you not sugar -- accept my point of him no -- -- I don't like much just that he's just. Your focuses hit his Brothers he's not -- deal. Based on the people get out of my way it -- an -- on the rise and crap we did post a video of for arsenal with him. Showed up on -- on we we did it is usually a figure skating competition by the other writers in unite with the with the judges in my first thought was. This -- you showed up he's got the most important year in the world and you guys wanna watch him across that I served as. We'll have to -- Leave the country got a with the assumed names -- But he was just terrific to work with zero pretense about the guy he's is that genuine. Article. At a -- says I saw a little kid get knocked over once by an adult trying to get to Brady. -- just picked the little kid up. Held in his arms signed the autographs for the rest of the fans and Andy said he was actually there and saw that I remember that murdered people while I was. And the patriots do I know that they they assign. Guys to have kind of worked the rope lines after after practices today somebody tweeted out that. According was the last guy believe the autograph line to another good guy that he just stayed in stayed in state. Well you Red Sox fans you can back it off to Defcon two because apparently David Ortiz is in the lineup tonight and no one's been traded. Know what's been well not that I know yet. But now the question is simple. The fireworks happen tonight we'll see what Red Sox fans think what we compact Sports Radio WEEI.

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