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Ian Browne reflects on 10th anniversary of Red Sox-Yankees brawl

Jul 25, 2014|

A compelling case can be made that July 24, 2004, represents as significant a landmark as any date in modern Red Sox history. On that day, a memorable brawl between the Red Sox and Yankees served as a catalyst for an epic 10-9 walkoff victory for the Red Sox over New York and indomitable closer Mariano Rivera, a game cited by many members of the 2004 team as pivotal in Boston's first championship run in 86 years. Ian Browne, who covers the Red Sox for MLB.com and authored Idiots Revisited, discusses the landmark game.

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Joined by Ian Brown of mlb.com who wrote the award winning book idiots revisited it award winning meaning -- will give your trophy party in power. It. This is a meaningful day right in Red Sox history we are on -- date is July 24 2014. An astonishing ten years removed from one of the most significant days in Red Sox history. July 24 2004. Wet what do you remember it like as as someone who is covering the game that day into explored that day at length but just from your own personal recollections of -- what's. Stands out as kind of the the the impression mistake. First memories of of that day. Well -- first -- and I want to. Shop somewhere and coming back -- -- well again now -- huge. We're told you all are here are out there. I know what you are also. Down -- just heard that. We blew it when I saw it go that other week and the place to place that there. Still it felt pressure the key to that man roster. -- I. Haven't for Iraq they have that well. And in that it's. Not cute and an -- BBA he's been here. There absolutely and then prudent. And apply and when. Eight. Royal part -- or a break in hot dog not a national and Dario are right the wrong -- to just -- One it really backed the -- there -- -- rally -- that all really rally around. Their. What do you remember about where about your impressions of the Red Sox team at that time answering July 24 2004. Actually -- that you -- so I can. You know are showing. Are very aware another map they were pretty flat he I just I just couldn't hear about because. So these before -- much the same team. -- -- just like ordinary -- you know and want something needed to collect just remember. You know that -- -- that today it out of the -- and the way I don't know I won the game with a walk on the right. This is exactly what big -- -- dispute. I'm likely to moderate -- go to Europe are. What was your sense of the level of tension that existed between the two teams entering that game. You know I think -- Alex most of it was from the start start because. Saw they had pick up and one -- restore -- finally. Certain flag at the Yankees they -- -- first morality. That they took so we saw their enemy. And it just fell apart against government. I called for a -- and then make some iron just get up to there are mediocre start. You know so are and -- totally -- whether that would -- you literally just acknowledge that the expert to see it. That they -- -- the latest couldn't have some looked at the and it's not -- I they lost to be some kind of and -- -- there should stay out there that Europe finally you know it was thirteen and beat these guys. And I think I felt all are still out or they were sort. At the way I think that's why the frustration or. Support on that that they are delighted that they just they just basically couldn't say anymore I will regret -- In you know so in terms of in terms of the unfolding of the game you know it's on the red the Red Sox get kind of knocked back a little bit right a right there wasn't particular pitching particularly -- At the time when not at the time when. When he did hit a rod. What was your sense of you that was the first year that A-Rod it was with the Yankees. What what was the perception of A-Rod by members of the Red Sox prior to that day. Well -- picture big debate you know without that there are certain. Yeah you know that was before it RA are much calmer. For sure they want to try and you are responsible about public people -- so. How much power how narcissistic you -- -- I am sure what a lot of weight at that they want to be the vote in regards. They have a Red Sox park and be greedy -- and made aspect a lot of the reps I work. -- up -- it makes you and I guess they were like you know effect that we didn't get distract and that there are or are you would ever agree here. -- out or you know it would have been wanna get treated for Iraq are checked. These are -- -- ratcheted up that that rivalry a little bit because look. Jason Varitek -- -- -- -- record acute attacks of -- -- didn't like you or -- you know -- to party was real. That was really arrogant and so -- auto interestingly Howard throughout that Iraq and have -- -- from Florida. But turned it and I'm a better so there are a lot of -- -- that it there go to a lot of you know just being written even before him -- -- that it's ratcheted up. So silly and it just -- to a child protective right after a Russell has on the shoulder a little operate while. What was your sense then you you mentioned that you didn't think to Varitek liked him before before the fight why why not. Just because it would AT. Kerry himself which is kind of like being exactly. I exact where -- are there expects to have a result. -- and -- grind where they stop there. -- -- groups a little bit of pressure pressure -- are trying to promote the really Iraq trying to Philip then noted that the states have the same -- of course we want to go there might have been some sort of struck. There are actually might impact. Well they would have also both been in the Mariner's system at the same time -- certain that I I. The great question that's why they are no -- read -- -- I'm regrets that one of my only regret to the books are sort of -- -- anger in one -- Amid much Utah or world like to pay BP to let hard Terrell opener. In an opulent but yeah I ice is still so mystery why -- Like their tech disliked him to level but he did but it it was kind of obvious because of security Doris. Go to the cap to certain western. Kind of a PP class seat now are kind of nice work sick about it Alex Rodriguez there was there was one -- -- -- -- all star in together couple arms. I don't know I know it's -- up between note to our future ultimatum the club properly pay -- which. By -- by the provided count of the book right and I think that this is accurate the -- bear attacked dust up was the undercard of what was going on on. -- -- -- -- -- -- Or just -- are still pretty remote. That name recognition of those two guys -- well in the iconic picture right leg. -- that Wilson remember. But -- back if you watched the video. Care and other real I was not -- first base side where again sorry Yankee epic there are rats architect are. And instead purchase just aren't cheap shot because it works. Was probably in history you ought to strongest guy on the other that's actually that's arm. And I -- Trot Nixon artist and Trot Nixon and maybe the second strongest track and Arctic. Probably are just pop culture. Starts and anarchy -- there. They are basically three big stars are one drama just beating. -- -- what they'll remember that the bloody images. Adjusting its stare stare and you know very popular set to bring you aren't around. Fred's -- like that it struck next as the way to check out he had my back when he -- that that start to really. You know blowing him a little bit like that team I think that seem really you know like the passengers -- -- really. Became closer unit that they that that's why didn't let it -- preacher there. Pay -- every parent out there and that they -- is already at each other facts about epic really. -- -- -- -- I mean you do forget that like big capital -- turning virtually purple because the -- detained in -- -- on. Yeah if -- are not where. Believer you know try to the only way to start to -- the very -- to order this sort get behind him and joke now or later there are certain. It was a distraught diet try and stick to our distributor. And it trot just absolutely. -- on this guy and Trot Nixon was the only Senator Obama salary. So I think this try that might have been anybody who enjoy that well all committed that ball flight to as much as Trot Nixon did that. Both some of the stuff going on around the periphery of the fight you covered your book and let's go to some details here tell them of -- yeah aside from the principals involved right which is the obvious stuff. What else was happening. That's kind of funny because just. -- spoke with square asserting that -- reduced on the arts totally outlaw I think it started -- are you a quote mr. we're not out. You know now out of -- in the poll numbers that matter he sees the fight. A TV it is racing how to get out there. And and that any electronic that's what percent Johnny come here and are -- still sitting in the dugout a little packet out there you are repeat yourself what must assess you know journey to get out there and we get our task is racing up the steps. And perhaps focus drawing down vote collider. The slightest together and folks Seve -- and let's say at the that I felt so Johnny rest. Does -- eat crap all of them just a not so are at Penn State just. It -- juror but you have Kara -- a record. Better stories and also a talker extra all the guys -- from the distressing video. That area well so that you did did just a particular candidate right. Or up to that earlier and beer or go. And it'll blow and I think we're still they also think that there are some measure of much calculation prepared sectarian -- -- or want to Iraq challenged them. I think there's that you are usually what do you know issue are cool not starts -- their. These guys -- like there's a servant essentially fired him up by a -- keep it to era. -- -- so that's and so that's happening on the periphery of a fight I guess you know it's worth at well we'll kind of get to the course of that game and a and a little bit but it is. It is kind of interesting bit uninteresting footnote to that game. Bit later in the season but there were doors suspensions that were levied for this game for obvious reasons yeah I forget who all was who always get with them to your -- who always are. Gary they were not there are checked. I'm nick Sheridan and where where all of the spectrum are -- mature now for about a third because there's a stretch we expect or air I think. Don't think it was a couple games I think they got them completely eliminated with. Yeah measurement Murdoch's deal making a joke at the time -- a lot firmer. You know they've made to obviously get there are various search out some way to. That's especially our epic its get our budget suspensions go there like -- prepared text -- -- I think. Start -- a very touchy game then. There are errors you -- a process that arts are substandard or vice. To me it was the unprecedented part was seeing it reduced to zero would try to make dinner with like it was unloading on the guy if memory serves I seem to recall. Having had some conversations with some people around it. On the Red Sox -- who simply said that the reason why the suspension was. Eliminated completely much to their shock on my dad was because -- in reviewing the -- opinions -- scheme -- As it's such an investigator in played so obnoxious that they just decided you know -- fair enough. Right I -- consider. This the expert is six and a choking. Children. Backed up from behind and that's sort of so are set up the holes are at all -- it to the side which routes tomato. Definitely a scary part of that bite into our. I mean did you did you try to talk to starts for the book at all heard you know is seeing it I haven't I haven't even research this. Has he ever kind of had a retrospective on what went down there. Site yeah I'd shadows are married in that I didn't -- but -- it would have been interesting to hear her career there recession began and I'm Larry King really in depth they are are these -- At the Massachusetts though that they think they're ever. You know but it's our teachers are a lot diplomatic -- insert that were there. Out of respect ever immediately saw that name up on Google the the second or third -- it from opposite image of them. You know bloodied after that site. Yeah it's pretty astonishing that he has this like memorable plays in in away. Like he's kind of the inverted Bucky Dent right. If you are speaker are there are. So does so at that point you know at that point the Red Sox and I thought in my memory is that the Red Sox have votes a little bit list list that team up to that point. The we don't want a great shot. Of that site is that you go to on the fox structure. But it did -- its steroid noticed soaring right where I expect and the CO Epstein and the -- and -- yawning I write so. Cash sum up where it states where directs our team. You know the quality Saturday afternoon or not they're in -- an avenue and other. They're losing again they have -- in Colorado. -- may have -- about that GM Yani and actually you're out. You know -- -- details and nobody jarring really progress or is it there. This complaint. Oh yeah what happened in the is let's let her call the events of the game that unfolded after the fight. Any interest in -- after the fight you know like several it and respect -- and they're they're losing like. Aren't even accurate but based Obama not and score -- -- current four. And they're -- -- -- maybe -- not gonna do anything and then they just. It never stops hitting epic power -- actually. One of the fight you know -- our -- great game threats markets are yet it's -- it's that they neo barbecue. Tickets and -- game and they just kept coming up practically. And the other they get to the night in new routes -- against Mariano. Girl that. I'd rather just Leo wherever we -- feeling that that they were gonna win their care or even other targets Arianna in the night. It's just like -- like that are crazy day or something -- it out there and and a Bill Miller is not a guy you think her home arms. You know separate the year before -- -- -- and appropriate breaker here were. Are you ready you never like Bill -- -- -- against Arianna I remembered very sort of I -- in the press but we're not very you know -- -- that many times. Normally air like everybody restore like it just kind of jolted everyone what what don't Miller takes part out -- -- and just. That's going to be like one of the top -- fire most memorable regular season moment that oversee and covering it's well. Yeah I remember it being like it felt so charged -- -- you know others -- back then the Red Sox yankees game. Had so much Jews because. The number of people who would cover them from both cities like every outlet and like 600 writers. To cover them so the press box would be like its temperature would be elevated by about fifteen degrees. Over the course of any of those games in their -- you know invest in the amount of national media the number of cameras that would cover any of those games. Mean it kind of like give -- this atmosphere of frenzy anyway. Particularly because at that point you know the Red Sox hadn't won in. But in a few years I forget exactly how many Ian I'm sure of its subway Marta yeah. Yeah yeah I didn't take right arm and like I remember the Red Sox in the club the players in the clubhouse afterwards. We're wearing camouflage Red Sox cap which way. -- which they had never been seen I was I was told that it was mere coincidence after the fact that left Mike Timlin who periodically. A Merrill Lynch shot arrows in the out earlier stuff adopt it just had a shipment of them but like. Just like you could you could still feel the adrenaline firing through everything in the clubhouse after the game. As you're going around this is really pretty late in the day you know like because the game had been delayed as you point now. The game took forever to play because there was a fight there were nineteen runs scored everything in so like by the time that the game is actually over and -- in the clubhouse -- the players. -- after 9 o'clock. -- -- around 9 o'clock. Still everyone is just you can still just feel that -- like. Circulating through every one and it was it was pretty intriguing. You know like that they need you know. Does some debate about elected despite really -- in major. They still you know they didn't completely catch fire right after it struck -- even about a week after the hour. -- -- are Cabrera trip -- -- from one another week to catch are preparing every act thought through. We're not seen her for a -- -- never want -- -- -- and the site without even prompting them as kind of a moment that -- -- felt certain spot tendencies that are coming human difference seem. You know they emit different are you know. You know tropic -- Jay -- -- -- saying to me that. You know. Simply a championship seeing you know eight and a -- You know ET live together where you are just got a lot of stress and complete together very steady other that fighting was well -- sort of together about where he really. Thought that. At this moment and this game this statement of sound impact on you know what what happened after a tourist season. What do you abuse the most important single day of the 2004 season you wrote after all an award winning book on the subject. -- -- You know I still so I mean it's not a regular season he'd need to. Yeah I mean I would I would say. That this this moment with this July its report it was the day where. That's our swagger they need it against the Yankees do not only -- interrupt Obama by eight. They contend at the plate in the get on the beat the heat -- more quiet it is one of the game to be recognized even at such proper. -- got fired up there that's art student that ownership. It's -- Chinatown march homeowners are quite couple errors that. You know -- -- up we didn't think ownership atop the we're gonna win that. So that so -- arson warrant it's steadily until maybe that it would be playing better stability and maybe gave up a couple months later so I just get really. Galvanize and when not all into the rats sector. I was starting at the bit value and her home there are owners didn't think they -- win that Arctic that that's where our. You don't demand play of the game he witnessed on base and UN the ancestry is -- like -- particularly when you want to return. Yeah well I mean it's I think that's an interesting like that's that's an interesting way of putting him because you know in the absence of of kind of this triple victory right like would they have had the confidence in each other to say that they could erase a deficit of three games tonight it. You know that's I think the whole thing elites are cherry over in the playoffs you know even now three not. That night -- don't get Mariano again. And Bill Miller -- or is the one hand he would dislike each and so plate properly or at least these that he saw a ball well he talks. Every -- ever played at a picture that -- Solid ball well here and just O'Costa boss's successor her -- are irrelevant to our crisis was depressed the best clothes are all armed. And I got to bank that that the other home on that that could that the February Roberts on base that -- -- impact on that team. I think still gets overlooked I think because this is quiet personality. That just you know in my part yet maybe that you think it's it's an entire city. And you still talk about I'm about poppy and chilling. Our -- guys before you -- a Miller by air as -- expect that I was pretty adjusting and Tucker bill about it for the book he should still. Partly console -- almost what he wants people talk about David Ortiz and Chile and police are sketchy just. So cultural background -- there -- guys who didn't want it sector you know Terry Africa which are renteria looked at. I don't know or should be -- number two -- Miller Carol. All the art are -- -- hit night. And that that's where it is better that distrust that religiously personality. On corporate guys at low key but still -- Belichick you know come through in the clutch. Well it's it's kind of amazing to think of ten years out from off from that moment. You know what does that do do you -- what does it take you to know that it's ten years ago that. Perhaps they sell all that a lot of -- chairs that a lot of and there are in the last ten years but it just you don't bring back. Great Britain and it's a way -- still like it was yesterday remembered so typically event trying to figure something might. The year you don't feel like you're ten years ago that you are remembered as well to start and that's when you know truly iconic. I'm moments from the Nazis and that will never forget. And that. Memory that ability dirt Colin vivid detail everything -- is -- it's an award winning book -- revisited Ian thanks for joining on the tenth anniversary. Of the July 24 2004 kind of declaration of Red Sox independence. Aspects certain red -- part of your award winning partner.

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