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Drug Abuse ve. Domestic Violence: Fair Comparison, 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Given the recent Ray Rice suspension, many people are comparing it to Josh Gordon getting suspended for repeated drug abuse. Tim Benz doesn't think this is a fair comparison. He explains why.

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An -- I think that hadn't talked in that we had with the picture itself is very well might have been. Or five games. We'll because that he is well it -- because Ray Rice was able to present. Version of events the commissioner Philippe poured over that incident. And decided to make it -- -- suspension at this point. That's out of -- talking about erase and his two game suspension for allegedly knocked him out allegedly happened. But -- -- what happened in the elevator but. From the elevator door open up and having his fiancee at the time spill out into the hallway dragging her what -- way to -- -- need any arms and just Atlantic City. Without that sitting here either way casino like atmosphere fun -- just ruined the basket courses were broadcast live to Iraq by the Dana Farber -- -- -- Lou Maloney Christians or aids in -- middays with -- B day two of training camp at Gillette for the New England Patriots. Is the debate over Ray Rice gaining just 82 game suspension. About domestic violence and how the league is handling that with its players or about the legalization of marijuana. Has not gotten very confused over the last 48 hours to -- is constantly. Be all I hear is. That Ray Rice getting 82 game suspension is ridiculous because Josh Gordon. Has gotten a yearlong suspension after getting busted for pot. -- And I hear you finally do some. So I guess. What -- -- I've not bought my probable. My god what is that that's the way all right my guys got two minutes ago. My problem is that this is an issue that should be isolated to. What is right or wrong for a punishment for Ray Rice based on his off the field behavior. That is completely independent of what their drug policy is. The drug policy should have nothing. To do but what. The suspension. For Ray -- nothing whatsoever okay the drug policy is entirely different. And people keep trying to minimize or maximize the impact. Of Ray Rice. That's where they're related might and I got it right yeah we exit. It's it's. People looking at it and sitting in compares it to how they deal with marijuana. Is it is it consistent Merrill one that's why don't you. But we'd. That's right don't decreed -- but what I'm saying is that they they're willing to suspend a guy who's in the program for smoking weed. Meanwhile so that that to me that drug issue on marijuana is it -- -- being. That being too tough on people for smoking marijuana. Comparing that to how they're dealing with domestic violence in two games. I don't think people sit their saint like you know that your -- both. Domestic violence legalized they -- of marijuana I think it's just in it how they deal with. Somebody getting caught smoke and we compare it to other -- you optimistic about what the gripe his being in that. There's a lack of consistency for the punishment to Ray Rice vs as for instance them that I covered in depth all too much for my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I sugar Ray -- suspension my first thought is it's ridiculous that a guy who actually did get charged for something with video evidence only gets a two game suspension. Whereas the Roethlisberger thing was supposed to be the gold standard change the paradigm of how players act. Is Roger Goodell is gonna come down and laid on the law and -- six games that was the initial suspension. Six games for -- to get charged twice in fact one of the stories got completely. Discredited. In testimony yet but it was Phillies six game suspension. Rice is a two game suspension I understood why people are upset about that inconsistency. But you're upset about -- consistency. Why you try to get Josh Gordon off by comparison when there is -- consistency -- the drug policy. Just stand and I agree they're consistent the drug policy this is our policy. But people say OK well maybe you can look -- policy for for that then. Because of the way I look at it compared to domestic bounce is consistently tell me has spoken we need for a second time is worse than beaten up beaten up. The answer -- know -- -- -- -- -- you don't have a policy you don't have guidelines less vicious policy that's my problem make the policy but don't try to. Justified Josh Gordon's marijuana use based on the fact that Ray Rice only got a two game suspension and that's what people don't they're they're looking at it from the other direction. All of the sudden 6177797937. And -- wanted to comment. But do you think that -- it says the drug policy is pretty much black and white -- say it's very black and white. What -- with Ray Rice who would have with any guy who finds himself in this position it is. We don't know the whole story but how how completely what was really going on how did that happen so. You you figure he had to find it was something had to do something tool because that's just just looks bad to have to address it. Maybe maybe deserve tend. Maybe deserve nothing maybe his wife. His is in the end now -- -- -- -- -- -- not to -- out. I don't know what the situation is so we're we're -- gonna final for this based on what. Discovery yet looks terrible just you know it looks good looks horrible but we don't know went on we don't we were assuming we know when all of Roth. Spur agreed -- suspended him for six games. So you -- -- clear that they -- shot with Pittsburgh Zeneca bat and I don't say I'm serious Willy -- all the Smith I'll give in on Pittsburgh say about the don't Roethlisberger all Smith. Back in October was on the verge of being suspended and there's plenty of evidence that was significantly less than Roethlisberger -- some other guys that were around -- it's happened years later they did -- there's still waiting to figure out what to do with all you got that. Problem but it issues that people have with Roger Goodell is. You know you've got a black and white policy on on marijuana right -- black went policy on on form existing drugs. Everything else he's just -- starts. Everything else. So if you take away that that Josh -- which you prob with comparing it to etc. when Roethlisberger aren't. So your problem with the -- gate suspension. Compared to what he do Roethlisberger -- absolutely that's the state people yes have an issue with a two game suspension for domestic violence. It did that bring it up -- for that simple fact of meanwhile you -- Hispanic efforts -- season because of marijuana it's not try to legalize marijuana. Which is thank you have your priorities a little bit mixed up at this their priorities -- -- -- me what else maybe. More important in affecting the shield. Of the NFL it domestic -- people abusing women. It's only -- two games. But smoking -- is -- season 617779793. Sevenths go to Mike in a car -- Mike you're on night 37. One and make a quick and there's been no word pilgrimage and what happened right. If the -- the New Orleans on bounty gate got a whole year for purposely hurting not required. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't get me start on muscle bound to hold of the issue with which I think is ridiculous by. As a whole other show what the difference this is why I think they've actually come up with a policy as a relates to drug abuse because they're tried to not separate PEPs from recreational drugs. The putting everything under the same umbrella. They've -- drug abuse as affecting. On the field performance. And they're sliding in the recreational drugs that -- that to make it streamline. This -- thing was about on the field performance the safest thing was about on the field action to them. It's more important what happens between the lines in the perceptual. Off the field stuff. They act like it is -- but they know in their hearts that it's more important to them which is why they came down. More heavy handed on the saints and they did with what how they handle the punishment to Ray Rice. 6177797937. Yeah you know it and I guess it's never gonna change really it really this whole situation. Reminds you the NCAA like how they just you know each team. -- any punishment that they give up for a player depending on who your depending -- do is different there's no -- guidelines for. Are there is drug policy there is a tennis policy there is like you know great keep your grades. But what areas like this. Dirt it's basically like -- that you're basically just taking each case separately and and based on your mood. Or all or the climate of the culture of sports in general that's are gonna render your punishment. So I don't be great to have I got up a whole little charts at the -- you know you'd knock yourself out. -- that's the great Jack -- -- combined. Mound like. Listeners wrote on -- with a zero at night blessed yourself and knows exactly and Lance Stephenson also Jessica just like I just -- touched your shoulder you know what does that got to. I'm a fan does I don't -- -- here so believable Joseph and Providence your knighted for his seventh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Suspension program. Is. All awful -- -- -- now marijuana. Is not even a legal every state -- the makes it legal now. In different parts of America and they haven't been -- a year. All from my tendency -- God. I days where I can't play into your heating up. Especially does a guy airplane a week one week three as Ray Rice writes. That's the exact all of talking about so that call right there is the exact column blog about -- -- -- -- more upset that this is -- a player for an entire year was more that it Josh Gordon's felicity I just appreciate the -- That's what I appreciate about phone call the unfettered honesty of it. Broadcasting live until 2 o'clock dale and -- were on hand yesterday. And he spirited debate Europe would top the hour about the Ray Rice situations -- got some folks on all the wanna talk about that again it's my contention. And I saw this American Idol on Yahoo.com today as well who I really do you like and enjoy reading and shut down corner. But why. Take Sunday Ray Rice two game suspension is yes absolutely it should be greater suspension especially based on the precedent. That was handed down back in 2010 Roethlisberger case but the perpetual connections that people are making between what went. On with Josh Horton getting year base our policy that's written down. And tried to compare that as a way to say that Ray Rice. Should be getting a longer suspension has nothing to do with it -- that people are trying to excuse. Josh Gordon. By conflicting. Ray Reitz and I don't see one hand washing the other. No and you know I think it's there's always how do you how do you how would you regularly that -- to -- like how would you. How would you set. Punishment schedule based soft stuff that happens with -- writes based on stuff that happens with. With Ben Roethlisberger like you said yourself like. I mean he was he was Iran expert was issued all these these penalties and -- and the suspension. And a lot of the testament book when it got to go to court. Was found wrong they didn't make stuff up so. Is it you know innocent until proven guilty evidence -- suspend any sort of suspension of -- were comes out how would you would you do I. Find a way to write down in the policy the players union the next collective bargaining agreement if you are convicted of a felony you get this many games off. If your convicted of a misdemeanor in this category you get this many games off I mean they're taking. Do you lies they're taking. Marijuana bust in the putting them in as. Positives so to speak in the drug policy so why couldn't she do the same thing brought the field David it has nothing do with substance abuse. The -- the question is you know what they have and it's a real estate -- pitcher hurt the team dragging her out right is most terrible the police report says there's a videotape the ball within striking each other. Mean their their quotes in stories nothing new corps of he would drop their quotes and basically eat. He punched elect a guy knocked down knocked it down and drag to route -- knocked her out now. Nick said he wasn't -- was arrested force you know as far as like now was found guilty of it. But I think. The problem that people have is that you're looking at once suspension vs others and people saying well maybe NFL that's due. Figure this out there either being too hard on marijuana users. What do soft on domestic violence right. I would be focused on that I would focus on it I would focus on the consistency. When it comes to -- aggressive off the field behavior felonious activity off the field. I would focus on that and putting it -- over that. Finding some sort of policy that is similar to the drug policy so we don't have to spin the wheel of justice with Roger Goodell as his populist that would Brendan Shanahan. In the NHL for on the ice issues that they suspend guys for. Because it's kind of the same thing at spinning the wheel of justice and wherever it lands is doing the math in his -- almost to a degree well it is two games. It's two divisional games at home -- as for how -- is for kind. Which you know again with the Roethlisberger. Comparison doesn't -- -- -- -- that it did have one divisional game in there might have been against Baltimore's -- all but at any rate. I just have a problem with the way it's being positioned as a way to say that Josh Gordon should get something lighter because Ray Rice only got two games it's looking at it backwards. I'll take people's thoughts and at 617779. 79837. Let's get to delegate to some discussion but coach Christian that you won against Tony province go ahead you're on night 37. Hey guys -- up quick Christian knows what's in and out Super Bowl against Carolina you've got robbed of a touchdown why why did Belichick challenged. It was late in. Horse who would have was there was a defense of interference call on Carolina and what happened was since there was that call. There is no need for them to review it they would refuted it would've called toss out there would have been -- great. But the -- does that there was a holding penalty on Troy Brown. It was first goal of the ones so they decide just take their chances. With the first gold one handed off in Portsmouth and then the version history lesson. I like you don't remember at all are now that the funny thing is they've read the exact same play. Later on in the game and it was intercepted a new story to -- again but this is not even -- whatsoever. So they go. They've got -- real quick quick sellout so hang up. You know being a former player do you think go to Dallas too much out in front you know in the media and everything which take a step back with eagle do you think he's good in the NFL thanks to. -- you know I don't I. That's his job -- -- could be comfortably in about I don't have a problem I never had a problem with him talking and I'll never concerned with it didn't bother me -- here. You know it didn't matter so I mean if it as far as his policies go. You know I was I was never on like the players union so I really didn't have a -- -- you always do what you did you really never did. So I just was concerned with like really just keep my head down and do my job although the politics of listed out of. I don't think he's been out for in the media enough when it comes stuff like this at least he hasn't been open with the media enough in his -- explanations. Well I think that's at least what we terrible British getting any NHL the videos yeah awesome. Love the video Mike is people also they say it why this guy get four games why he gets 68 why to get two games well you know go to the video. -- explain it you might not agree with the explanation but you have it right there in front of you. But I think that's a lot of the -- -- these suspensions come out it's nice to have that little tour to have minute video of exactly why we came across. You know the fact that we get all facts together and this is why we gave up that punishment. I think as as as fans. Know that's that's nice the city. -- -- the once I did get flight was fine -- I contested it and I had my own studio to back up my argument that I should not have gotten the penalty. What with Chelsea -- studio -- we broke down with three different ways -- conference call they had their videotape -- I'm assuming was the same. But at that in the big what did it really matter what I said. There -- -- is already made up they were not going to change their ruling. Regardless they were not going to change it we did this doesn't matter what you say finds its -- -- survive for. It was morning illegal chop block. Which it wasn't the rule and that change it you're allowed to. If you got from the guys deep that ends as they're running away from it from view. You were able to closure that was a front you can chop that you could roll in the basement ended up doing is you would end up clipping their heels and they were to fall down through which one of them -- to fall down. It was a front it was Thursday it didn't matter I think the guy got hurt too so that -- made it worse -- felt like they they need to find somebody to. You know make an example up anyways so and I feel like that's what happens sometimes you know they have this. There's this we look just as you like to call it. Which is actually a perfect discuss what -- what I think he dug us like it's what are phenomenon a couple of years ago I -- maybe there's like this -- like you know Austin Powers international man of mystery like -- and all that as it goes up. And we'll strobe light comes on and you go and make he spins the wheelers are two games. But it didn't edit the difference between -- like fans being upset with what they -- consistencies of suspensions. And fines I think the players do. That one is probably a bigger they'll look at it they're costly seducing and this look at this like comparing their situations. With others it is just no justifying I think any of. What they -- to ask about -- to four other top needed to hear debate about some of the coaches who left. Is there an element of provincial ism that can't be avoided. In discussions like this. In the sense that you know as we reference a couple of occasions I'm sure right now all across Cincinnati. Cleveland and Pittsburgh divisional rivals are looking at this with the Baltimore Ravens and he's get off way too late he issued it eight he should get ten he should be suspended for the whole year part of the reason is that outcry right now the -- comparison. Cleveland fans are -- Pittsburgh fans are mad because the Roethlisberger stuff. Might -- in here into it for example of this habit and New England Patriots player something similar like this happens you. Would we be arguing on behalf of that player. Less you know I don't fix -- don't think so well especially with the Hernandez got Aaron Hernandez Hernandez gets Cody should have been suspended all year. A little different. Especially out of I know it is a little out of you don't think there's an element of provincial isn't this at all if other AFC rival out there for the patriots in your yard with this guy should be getting pounded. Joshua Lawrence on my fantasy team well yet but he's not my team and I think he's in screwed no I think what it comes to domestic violence. I think patriots fans would be able to separated and you the tendency on the crazy about the exploration go more to matter frank is the only does come back. What's the future of this player in this offseason move on from. So I went out there and I apologize summer -- she tried to get the charges dropped she went as far as she could she went to Roger Goodell answered please. Make sure that this doesn't stick with a consistent is that. -- without a very -- is that with a lot of domestic air bases extremely bright light on stage husband beats the wife and the way it goes at least -- -- -- press judge what's your raven fans -- fancy that race should be out of her hands. The -- because this idea that it is enough. History to show that show it is a lot of wives -- -- while a lot of girlfriends do it's not that bad he was just in a bad mood and in a year later something. Even worse happens. I agree with you and I'm on record saying I think the suspension should be more but I also suggesting that it's. Easier for every fan in every other city to say. -- -- the -- adamant that went something like this happens one of their players they're willing to by the excuses and the will and by the explanation from the player and the team like John Harbaugh going out there yesterday -- Was not a bad guys a good guy look at everything is done in the community as the exact response she always tend to get. From fans with in the fan base as part of the reason why these controversies percolate the --

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