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Overrated Story Lines From Patriots Training Camp, 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Broadcasting live from Gillette Stadium, the guys discuss the overrated story lines from Patriots training camp.

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These great. Beside your teammates. Were. So long drinking and I think we got a string a lot of good days together or that kind of beat a team that we wanna be put down. It's going to be a lot of effort work and there's no easy way guys. Brian and but the working -- in the coaches try to make improvements and hopefully we'll start to -- other Q now. Tom Brady after day one of patriots training camp here at select stadium in Foxboro big days of them -- -- year for dates you. Maloney Christian Fauria same bands. Christianity pangs of regret desire to get back out there you know you always fun that's taken place it's funny you know when I -- walking up the stairs. To the field. The first thing I thought of Louis. I don't miss this at all like pulling in the parking lot out basic -- air no I think -- rather Wachovia they'll let me in the players' parking money -- -- -- -- an issue but no just. To see -- watching the guys they -- around just thinking about the it'd just. Then I don't miss it at all there's that there's a note this article what's a -- dollar what I always -- camp and I always. Found creative ways to get out of camp which usually I don't some sort of surgery. But I knew I needed to have that I was Canada's obstacle we took camp starts. You know play the first three four days of them in my Sergey you know rehab for weeks of the season will be ready to go. That was -- didn't really make the most sense but it didn't help me out. I don't spring training I'm still miss like taking ground balls at batting practice that is it. You don't miss playing any game I've missed its ticket ground balls in BP is still do that -- have a blast that you don't obviously -- it's -- go out there maybe just it was at least real public Brady just. It is catching balls you know there's just hedging. Football I don't know yet that that the competition part is is fantastic I love that part. But there is an anxiety level that I had back when they actually used to practice in pads and there was to a day hitting in the note long days you -- sort different issues. When you would stretch to stretch in part. What's in the beginning of my career is to be like 1520 minutes it was a long -- allot time to screw around you know talks big about the day only to decide just how to. Decompress before you actually had to really get after it. -- -- the longer I play the shorter period of this destruction became. From fifteen minutes till like ten minutes to like I did it's. Some are they exactly go Mike Castle. What's the once and -- hamstrings went from one to you is -- -- now what exactly -- got the different Alonso didn't you guys doing all this is what we call it active stretch. This stretch oh we're running a fifty -- the back yet you should be -- now what is an inactive stretch and now there's a threat to rely on the ground lying on the ground -- your toes. But I put my leg behind your back OK clap you know. Hand trees threats -- -- stretched and active stretch would be. You start off at like I don't know what the ten yard line -- -- go -- the -- was so bent down to toes at ten minutes and you -- weeks. You know we'd just randomly -- very late day yeah they dope yes Lou knows you know you get -- baseball too we do this while with you ought to. I don't -- covering training camp at all. I despise the Pittsburgh Steelers haven't put it this has been nice for you because you're actually witness a lick of really good range I guess like you get to watch a great quarterback here pre season I got sick it's as if he's a citizen now trophies everyday -- This week so -- exit IQ we tackle the Boston. Because zone -- it's actually watched the Brady at least every single word -- cornerback in the are there must be -- -- finally on the right side -- -- you wish you had -- well what other choice sound -- so much about Connecticut -- cover every day it is could be magnificent. Thing when you did you did the Steelers have their training camp at their facility you know and they weren't they go easily could there would throw. They share their early with -- of what was the troll how far -- about -- 45 minutes to an hour away from the 45 minutes from me enough. Now it's not fun to do that every day but for awhile and it's what most reporters -- their loved training campers -- to stay in the dorms. So it's like recorders yet a month away why each month away from the kids. Stand up there with the boys is one bar that's on the street to bars on the street that everybody goes to every night it's like come you'll have an immediate -- -- they yes they find a hotel no you've got to stay in the dorms there's release may like at the you've got to stay in the door like who wants to -- -- out the door until a year. Bet that like the best thing that -- it ever did. The one year of these the that -- -- ranked college yet. I was there one year the last sure there there's no air conditioning the beds were terrible he could feel this -- in your back. It was easy to to speak out if you want to cause it to Florida at ground level lowered into that later but I've yet after like. Four weeks is so that's -- he -- some 1819 year old freshman it's all excited right got a little room dog you always get two guys in Israel in a summertime Vince Wilfork is on his bed. I I I wanna -- and how well that's supposed to work right accidentally 67. In note three to when he is lying in some. Dorm room college dorm room that's what you -- but asserts that make me think it was like how the because. Even a college -- purity smaller you're just as big hot they fit how did we -- only guys -- -- -- Like a talented in the pros. The younger guys have to share -- OK so they're they're basically sleeping in the twin bed a tiny little bet. And -- -- older guys get their own but the that we would take that the two twin beds. Mash them together get one of those little foam be a great things yeah you know put on top police yet some. Some sort of softness to it -- and comfort you know and then that was it. For storm now locked in. At saint Vincent reeked of pot just opened up all why does that matter or rise over the -- -- Waugh did write about it adds up to do with it in previous out where you expected that -- You know we should always you know the guy before I really have to go to practice here -- older you really want alike don't they spent the -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- but -- let's start off with the patriots guys you know we're -- -- large part like you said -- I'm getting to see in division championship team again nearly a conference championship teams with your -- and again. Pleasant departure after 28 need non playoff seasons to watch team that Mike and right well. Is there anything. Amidst all of this optimism about how much better there even going to be this year for New England fans. Is right is being overrated. About this team you think. You wanna go first we wanna go the ice so -- gallery you Aaron and I do you agree with me so I guess we'll jump off of that report first. Is that the defense needed defense we're talking about the collective defense specifically the secondary not specifically the linebackers specifically to deal line is that -- in general is that because you guys say that the -- -- feel like all the -- -- -- up. Is that because. I might sit there and say I expected to be top five. All that's what that is what I guess they expectations. As defense I think that's overrated get a little bit I think it's quite the -- then there are number ten in points allowed so give them credit for that but. You look at some of the other rankings were they world last year like for instance 26 in yards allowed was 24 and takeaways and a third down efficiency 42%. Well -- -- stats can be just the seating at the one that you mentioned that was I think the most glaring most important was the third doubts that yet that's not someone that's -- it's fixed in one year's get the team off the field on third downs and it -- it's just one of them at the point in the yards. Who cares who appears they rushed for 500 yards of some of the times when you look at what the pitchers did against the Broncos mean they allow them to run the ball. I mean Denver Broncos went spread. The patriots went nickel and they said okay we're gonna keep more defenders stood to cover you with a Robinson the first character got no Toledo to score. Well the first time that the Richards won. Read an assailant when they allowed to do that control the clock we're -- -- loss in the second half their position was look if put all of our first thought of -- -- the Broncos played the patriots here. Listen the Broncos were killing the patriot to carry a bunch of almost makes you know the pitchers are back in it they get second opportunities. The Broncos threw the ball over but the -- was still there the second time they played them it was just flat out just a dominating factor by the Broncos. I mean it's comedy and how many consecutive drives they have with a score points but they couldn't get off the field. It's figure that out of the Broncos what they would the Super Bowl gets the Seahawks the Broncos deep and it could get off the field Russell Wilson kept. Completing 353. Seventh third -- That's third down situations where you know meet -- added advantage doubts about thirty to about -- we don't want to place you can run third seven days. It's a little tougher to divert those so to your point Tim as far as you're all rating misty for everybody's looking to the people of this is fine OK as long list. We get the deepest now all -- do anything you need to do. With with just average to a borderline above average players in the -- healthy great but we don't give a defense. We can be specially will win those days the book we won't make the mistakes will stay in the game so we -- Tom helpless when L Lou I think the defense is going to be. Improved I think defense is going to be. Better but. I get the feeling that people are just assuming that the going to be the 85 bears. And I just feel like is there's a leap from they had lots of holes last year they're going to be better this year to all of a sudden they're gonna be like you said top five. Both very it is very 85 bears a tough five NFL 2014. Huge gap. Huge gap of the anyone's it is sitting in the -- -- yet. You know this year so mean that's that's let me tell what they are guys they are comparing to the Seattle -- I think people saying top five. But to me as a big difference your team being top five like those 345. Best defense in NFL. Is not near what Seattle has been last year all the players for that matter. Top five I don't think is out of the real possibility you -- tenth in points. You know is it -- make a difference of -- Vince Wilfork public Jerod Mayo public Tommy Kelly. You know we'll see about -- so now we're starting -- was gonna talk more but get rid of Browner after four games it was more than just Revis is the guys that are injured. That are come back as well I think male makes a huge difference in the defense as far as leadership communication. Making everybody in the right position you on the year according I think this defense is trying to be top five but it doesn't mean I think we gonna be the -- says it. Huge different now and in the Seattle Seahawks were not the bears and you know -- teams a -- -- pretty -- yeah I -- but again. That's -- -- you were talking tackle ball I got my torso 2013. Sclc out of it appears of the courted -- bears. LA tech global but it gets so we will we brought this topic up today. The defense -- telling everybody look at the just like on the offense there's a lot of things that need to go right a lot of guys he'd be healthy there's still a lot of question marks -- -- -- looks like he's fine he's running around like crazy. Thumb but he's still older okay and he still coming off an Achilles and the offensive. Have to have that they've changed their philosophy how often as he'd be going to be on the field Billy need a guy. That big -- every single play is gonna play every down Tommy Kelly coming off -- dominate easily rookie coming off injury do you. There's there's I mean I did it JD Collins listened to colleges the break up. There -- woolly you know -- we took the left. Okay. That's it that's the meeting he was tailor made to play against -- -- -- because they featured their tight ends. He was healed wrong with those guys -- -- -- -- -- with leaders stayed with them he was able to kind of and the and the colts had become. Colts didn't really know how to attack him so I think we'll surprise some people so. Can bring your breakout player yes -- -- -- it's an easy choice especially how we did last year but again. Ominous -- with him on this point is like you know with the next with the expectation as high as they are. Me. Ask for a lot. -- I am asked for a lot -- from the as the physical C added element I don't want that definitely the best -- do you appoint a boat yards yards yards don't matter. Would you agree that we look at the knowing the patriots like throughout the entire regular season we -- it week one. We'll look at that team week one -- -- it's gonna react to people post and reacted. Well as the go ahead of look at what we saw in week one week five week eight how that's gonna help them win in the postseason everything is about how to help them win a post season. Right it's not what we know what they're doing a regular season that we don't Leslie is that you have a certain amount of certain record twelve or thirteen three. And how does -- translate the running a football but it'll help in the post season with a defense is better it's gonna help in the post season so I look at yards is it doesn't matter. You can give up that many yards and a regular season and wait for team to make a mistake. Because they will that quarterbacks had a bad teams. How does that go to post season. If you just you but many are separated man at the Manning. He's gonna finish you possibly credible yards during the regular season guards don't matter -- -- -- it marks -- go up and down the field they'll pick in the red zone. We'll get to post season he played good teams -- better quarterbacks. They don't make those mistakes guards do matter to me are getting off the field given the ball back to Tom Brady. They matter because you in the post season when we judge this team. Quarterbacks finish Mark Sanchez won't or -- Smith won't but you'll face those guys in and Dick genuine. Pacers fans that's the question were asking today from Gillette Stadium -- -- that -- ludicrous for -- days and -- be actually predate your patriots training camp with all of the expectations and optimism surrounding this team coming into the season. What if any element of the patriots. Is overrated. Coming into the season what are you think 6177797937. Christian -- both of the opinion that the defense is gonna be better but perhaps people are -- rating. How great it's going to be my needs to see some more proof before we elevated into that upper Echelon once the season begins -- what are your thoughts. That that that little problem your two weapons dump -- can be fun. You know all of a sudden year two you know geared dobbs is gonna stay healthy and he's going to be just -- -- continue to grow. Shane -- can stay healthy -- Dolan -- adamant. Julian adamant in his last five years with this team played 111513. Nine. In sixteen so basically the last three years thirteen nine in last year's -- healthy. That you didn't look at all the sudden -- now he's Wes Welker. They've Wes Welker went out and like he did all the time 10010 catches 11100 yards I would feel confident walked in here at Gillette Stadium practice this Enola. Was -- gonna do it again. This is no doubt he's going to be on the field every single game and he's gonna do it again. Guess that about Jewish settlement. -- -- -- -- This for the second time in his career is gonna stay healthy I hope so. But I just look at this this that wide receivers. Isn't ever just say I don't worry about it Europe -- is gonna be improvement. I think we've kind of already the op and it is automatically going to be improvement with this group it would dole is still gets hurt and -- that before. You'll -- of fell I think is actually going to be huge this team to god has been helping his career. He's a big wide receiver meeting if you would healthier dobbs and give yet but I still think that. The thought that don't wary about it we've gotten in the wrong as far as weapons go and the uncertainty of this entire everybody that radius those throat. So it sounds like you've kind of at the same approach to Chris tonight on the other side of the ball in the sense that there's plenty of rational sane logical thought and analysis as to why something is going to get better with the assumption the presumption that it's all going to coalesce is where you've got the. -- -- things visible hooked ever really been her before. He hasn't nine always get older you know Jerod Mayo but these guys if they're healthy we know what they are if dobbs himself -- we know what he -- They'll look at you know being so it's like a pig crop is the one guy you know Julian settlement. But do all those guys in defense of said the football admit I have injury history like wolf looked. Mail. Revis. Brown and their other injury yet really forty as -- -- offensive side of the football the weapons were talking about. Wrong no -- bad omen when you look at all get Dobson a political sign on your on your choice of the receivers. Because when I look at Brent looked felt here's a guy that you expect big receiver 632 water temp companies massive. Right but he had his best year of his career last year. And if Carolina. Who. Had no receivers they're losing all the receivers. This will be a guy you would think that would kept automated effort to keep Brandon fell so we've heard rumors about him not hold on to football is had a history that the past. Are -- one of his best games was against the patriots last year. When -- nobody knew he was deeply it would great if the patriots and whatever bill Tennessee he's the guy and was local was the same way. He when he was in Miami and they play against the kind of habit in that respect for him. So there's no guarantee that this big 66 with three to order -- empower receiver. Is going to be either for you okay but we look at the defense with. You talk about story lines and I'm in the globe or herald on patriots football weekly anywhere you go nfl.com NFL network. Everybody is pointing to the Patriots defense to being the difference maker that is eight -- enormous target on your back. There are huge expectations. It is hard to live up to you have to be great so many different aspects. But to your point as far as. But shouldn't they don't mean should they showed Canada's defense and say you didn't will flock -- mail -- Revis. Three different levels defense in Tokyo defensive line linebacker corner the mean there's William prove to see what the brother in week five. You know you haven't proved -- that those -- sure it hurt should be there. On paper you have improved where you -- offensively in -- what wide receivers were to deploy everywhere it's not really that overly concerned with them at all. Have you -- is relying on end of the year progress I had that a pretty go to the draft for people -- kind of blown off the need for receiver as a result that talk -- you're talking alarm is three back there wasn't I don't want a part of -- the wider issues. I don't want to publicly that that's I -- event and it's better mentality existed is what I'm saying that mentality was tangible as part of his mother what grapple as part of the reason why -- just stayed away from receiver. Well I mean. We are because they drafted a bunch persons whose last year there were supposed to get broad affiliations yeah and they -- out a temporal Tompkins. But boys and dobbs that those are your there's one big -- others -- super fast guys so you have a little mix there that you hope will be the -- of the future. And that's basically what Thompson -- of these guys are gonna beat these guys that I play for the next four years and these are good -- the guys -- ad ran afoul. You know and yes these guys are young and others still a lot of question -- they've all been hurt not -- -- need help the title only one last year amateur Dolan. But based on looking at the defense. And looking what they're expected to do and the medical their expected to -- yes on paper they look great they -- they should they should they should be. -- Seattle Seahawks up thirty -- to beat the Chicago Brisbane five. But again. Brad about there for the first four games. Revis okay we're not you assume reasonably grades apartment -- -- they put -- -- -- -- -- -- to borrow his Jersey. You know. But other guys listen we'll talk spirited and it Alfonso -- You know who's gonna play safety -- rookie back there next and according there's communication -- just -- things didn't go wrong -- And I guess my point is you can't assume based on everything on paper looks great. That's gonna work out. Brill authorities is to be huge boost. And I know that rob -- expect yes he absolutely is expected with this team -- -- you know you want to quarterbacks to go to guys. Any stands out and he stands out because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know run but I think we're at all all of these guys -- temporal Thompkins where they list him at the list him at 61 OK I get it. In Dobson is the 636 full wide receivers don't feel because of his foot. Well there -- steps in -- of well he's 63 you can already see you like who's a wide receiver. Honest to god he looks like he's 72 compared to some of these guys running around with the settlement and an accidental and boys and haven't dole and elect. Who's this monster and he's only 63 which is still very good sized. But that that's something that that they need. What was -- Peter -- but now they get -- of founding Brill of value say OK I give both these guys in the outside now pocket tickets and some ice. -- -- was talking on CSN and the last night about the combinations. The route combinations that could exist Josh McDaniels he was saying that you know what he went against what. Do you do this view is there anything that can really be done that's new anymore in the NFL especially with. The proliferation wide receivers and spread offenses and so forth -- everything's been done already. It was Josh is suggestion back to him that PF two guys that are that adept at working the slot. An -- and handle plus the big presence over the middle on gronkowski and the potential anyone of those guys. Regardless of what is to be a stretch guide down the field that would open things up. In a manner that we haven't seen yet. And not other teams can match because that the specifics. Of the personnel have -- by by that but it sounds good. Your patriots fan it probably sounds it. 61777979837. Once again we're asking the question the optimism heading into camp for the New England Patriots we all know it's there it's highly tangible. Is there anything about this team that you deem to be over rated. Coming into. This training camp also text 37937. When we come back as -- broadcast live from Gillette Stadium. Well looks like were smarter than we thought we were at least somebody's listening to our gronkowski discussion the other day we'll get to that next this is 937 Libya.

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