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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Dogs understand everything 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

The stories of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane

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You can contact -- -- Kirk -- many app and athlete. Headline brought out by eighteen to cover more than 99%. Of all Americans means they are building a paper better yet I'm glad it's Friday. This week you've done so I figured some thirty. -- -- about to go open your dot. It's the finish line yet. It's a mile 24. We're big we can play no not that well but sleep sleep habits that W. Actually my kids are going to be out of the house on Sunday if the wife and I -- going to be you know the beds are not -- Veronica -- casino that's got. Yeah really that's it. She reported America putting up a plan that you're trying to make a girl you have to know I don't know about a girl yeah a little girl that the doctors -- the building on now is our it. You have to you have to write two -- -- had two kids one done enough to know I would give one the weight of two other one but after I don't you. I can't I can't imagine doing it again you know goes to two years ago but I can imagine wake up and you'll ever wake up. You did you know that the did up. P.'s and buy time and it's. -- little -- you were sort in the ship that that all right don't know that's true I had my two years that I had excused you know like I gotta get up and now -- that you just double in the room and do god -- really didn't very rarely should have a girl. I'm out. Europe I'm not who you are you broken. I'm proud pro military fixed but I am not I am not would you consider -- -- line another another kid a vasectomy if he had to. I thought -- but -- that I've heard the stories -- doesn't work after that doesn't take a day below that before. I mean your sperm so powerful that it had just in surgery would be that -- guys I really do it had been Antonio Cromartie but. -- Two years ago. According to near post -- league best newspaper in America. The paper by the way is documents -- my recent events two years ago overall -- we -- going about daily business blissfully unaware. Our planet almost plunged to a global catastrophe. Recent revelation by NASA explains how July 23 2012 earth -- year missed the solar fire. Or coronal mass injection. What. For the most powerful solar storm and the sun for over a 150 years -- -- decide dimensions. If it'd hit would still be picking up the pieces to Daniel baker doctored -- to receive Colorado he suggested this it hit earth could have been destroyed. -- while we were just just -- thirteen 1012 summer keep. Yeah that you're walking around somewhere right you were still here. How laws right plotting might Gasquet to stick you know you've yet you rip down the days supports. Israel -- the blue cross and up the numbers and yes a bunch of people dubious. And didn't tell us. Doctors suggest yes that's what should we not been warned I think we talked about on the there really there's an award called Arab residue was different -- different one out and I don't want to talk right. Computer the size yeah bust didn't hit that I've come away from our recent studies more habits haven't earth its inhabitants were incredibly fortunate this 2012 eruption happened when the there was one week later by then things had moved around so much that the matter if eruption occurred only one week earlier earth would have been on fire. Just blow up got everybody yeah we all would supposed to -- 32 we don't know what that thing Antarctica have been umpire yes that that he would have been it would be unbelievable. It would have been this could have happened a year ago or two years ago you could happen in the future it could happen sound like my sadness. According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences total economic impact could exceeded twenty true. Nine dollars of the world so why would even -- yet to point whose whose whose the last man standing who was Will Smith. And I Am Legend in this narrator now the president is bunker underneath that you are you taking it. So -- This is a special thing right -- yeah Narnia you want it to president yet. That is that is troubling things like this happen. That's saint Phillips so it's gonna happen when I was at San Diego last week. I'm terrified the whole time earthquakes I noticed -- doubt it I don't I don't yes. Also feared they were eager to terrified of earthquake I three or four earthquake was up there the first. Remember I was about woke up the middle and hotels for the -- are always up all out so screw us up right now in the lights here at the ceiling thinking is going to be an earthquake. It's just coming up it's a prepare myself there after -- don't waste time on stuff like that. You can live like that I don't live like. What role does it hurts right. Did you sleep sort of choosing the -- we choose to. How do you do that house of me. It needs. But that's what. OPEC to work through there -- enough I am a little bit put stuff like out of Micah. -- rapids and app it's been good flyer. I used to be yes I -- his -- all top articles leave these every time -- -- -- boarded a flight with such as say the same thing Indians if -- -- that is much don't forget. Sometimes we -- -- the -- Sometimes they find survivors and they'll. Yeah you always felt and a fourth one I don't like the actual from I hate the process of getting here going -- itself -- goes -- -- off the -- -- we at a point come -- from Maryland a couple of years -- which much was one -- us you know had -- -- -- And governor Pete growing who was sitting next to me and actually making jokes throughout the whole process. The only ones and Brian -- here an exceptional quarterback was behind me. Italy gripping my -- saying why aren't you afraid. -- -- -- -- -- with -- South Florida with the ice we took off in Boston after all the did there was ice on the big and so while. In the pilot walked down I'll member of troop looked out the notes that looks okay. Turn -- back on the plane no we actually sent to either you count -- my -- -- The wings look okay. I don't that's starting job that's. The -- yourself what you got the leg -- islanders ultimately guys on the iced. -- -- on the set all else now in class with Rob -- yet she's not in the clash once one not aging well it's okay but she's now complaint saying older women. Continue once sex meant to one's sleep through two place movie coming. She can't -- the red -- market up to Roger top. Mean Abbott finishes towards the -- -- eagle please. I don't know why you would especially Jacqueline is I mean she looked. Motion picture is up Indians at the -- that Chicago friends on the -- -- by the way. Yet Salinas. She puts market and -- -- in network network want to speculate I think there was some drugs or surgery some went bad partly there's a bad night events in all. Peter Wolf for awhile. But critics -- that -- that is a marriage registry program yet. At that -- it was let me ask you this was the oldest. Famously he still considers sort of you know. Plot sort of sexy. Back CB too graphic but that's a particular pick up Jaclyn Smith old machine. Seven. Seventy -- 65 would you go for seventy that's -- Yosemite -- for you now that's what it's real. That should not be. The parents should be in play it's the -- -- just like your mother sixty is obviously you've seen Christie Brinkley. Up to sixteen. I'm what's your face on America's Got Talent. -- Stupid starts definitely well well well well article to catch -- adult -- forties yeah Helen Mirren. Trouble out there it's not well Rust -- -- ago what I just don't appear naked six different decades. And it's. What about a very slaughtered. -- don't know I'll never very easy for travelers are not that I've seen almost fired. Sale spike. -- Steinberg the markets that are a certificate of merit winning early I'm I'm not meant when he. -- -- you root for -- and Jane Seymour. GC. How they should look up Jane Seymour it seemed you know -- -- -- -- Quinn medicine woman. As you know that -- -- detractors know Bob Dylan but he knows that's what Sarandon she's been. She's -- exit answer should -- she's. Carry signs failed. And then that child wouldn't do it now see more 63. Sixty and yachts. Have seventeen under is in play. 66063. I might take a little off that portrait. That's not play -- pool. No -- not it's about them anymore but. We're talking you know compared -- sixty she's yeah she's going. She did -- the if your apps will. You pay attention all the stuff about who she seen. Known for us. At some point toys well all of a boy toys raises it -- I don't -- jealous of -- Joseph -- engine now yes he has that your girls all yes -- feel IR -- -- she's highly criticized because -- -- -- facing the girl. You know obviously. Work it. But those girls to marry her deal with a feel good grasp yet that's a life's too short dirt samples have been -- They are still talk to the net flexible pre -- feel back for the season you'd be passed that. Is the -- and a huge huge for them they are bringing Curb Your Enthusiasm back and do not have a date but the brain next year. Going to my Hollywood sources really tests is that at some sources as -- of which. -- to be appearing in the major motion picture while -- wrangling. I have representation of yes yeah I alert from data you can't just say you know going to be. There are some that it got so got angles -- feel that I feel like it's gonna happen tickets got a better than average chance this illness but that movie. It's a movie that's a movie that's definitely a movie that you are committed incorporated blockbuster next summer. And it's filming in Boston probably a week at all hours. Now Batman or Superman now. Even bigger and trust me it would be a movie you wanna be just like I wanted to be dominant number two life as a series of disappointments are you -- the bodies. Yes he's he's -- or your kids are probably. They my accuser will definitely be in. Mike -- that first transformers. The other day I was kind of appalled that that violent -- really violent -- with the homeless Shia -- all -- all -- -- dual -- with the odd couple mark -- -- -- magazine -- I've never seen any transformers. Line up bits and pieces -- yes it was I couldn't do with her. At the studies delegate and actually said that the real quick here. Surely appreciate the story doctor Greg burns at Emory University. Says that dogs really understand owners sync music scientific proof -- not just your basic commands everything you say to a -- he says they understand basically intellectually. There are -- part human beings. Based on watched. More study dogs -- more stated their brains to more similarities or see the human brains burns said they're intelligent they're emotionally been ignored in terms of research and understanding how they think. So we are all interest in trying to develop ways to understand how their minds work he used MRI test dogs brings -- the conclusion that much smarter than we initially thought. OK okay I take a backseat to nobody in my admiration. For dogs. But I think they understand like explaining to them white tree -- -- force makers you know that they believe. -- it now and I think. But yet to do it wrong note I've kept up well thought they'd stick by -- last seventeen years old -- to -- with little shaky but. Yes yeah it was not a bad this morning. -- reducing your bed sleeping. And I don't sleep -- to -- once I was 10 what colossal. And that's gone you -- idea if it by the the first Imus well you know -- -- commercials I'm missing. Can never come back and there was this. What -- your house -- bigger question. Why is that the stinky. -- -- really aren't ready to sneeze my brother of the doubt on our ticket doesn't -- And she still Breyer she got to write about it. Dragged its -- more than usual. Which all over so jealous lover. When I touched it once -- details eight team goes off to. At sunset. -- sad day when you bring the cat the real world isn't it there's been some talk about it dog -- -- -- -- forward now to our lab. I'm a big -- yeah lifestyle you know what -- -- brought on back from -- on down of these. It's part -- shelters. Yeah in this what was on the beach walking her dog answers -- on this dog -- -- seems like issue. I am now it's not bobbled the beauty of it is they do everything for free. For that during you don't paper shots they literally just seems to bring the dog back on American has a deal that they liable for for. If there's somebody dark zone what's the catch -- -- -- -- it outside here this is the result is as they're received Israeli's right out yeah Douglas object. Do you gonna fly back the dogs like the French are not selected via. Needs a lot of success of this success resulted dog it's exceptionally. Brought him fighting in four components. Status it's -- hundred dollar question what should go to kill shelter and take one home. The wild dogs running -- on the -- mark in -- area there are some of those at that Turkey cake shall we talk yeah. Good that they -- Portuguese some mines from the past for hours or. Arranged our epic war scars. It's pops up underneath Karstens detonators and -- to sleep under coconut trees. That's headlines brought to you by AT&T I -- somebody who's better what they do then. LeBron James the dog whisper who watched the show got a dog -- -- what's -- season and saw Obama. -- that's just wants is really good news I -- very good when it's down and never seemed like a break I will tell you this when we come back. I'm going to tell. I -- something. As a shock. But quite unusual. In the coffee rooms refrigerators a few minutes ago I need somebody explain to me why this was there. Copy machine -- locker room. As for the cream and bill in people put you know. There's is in there equal I would just waiting to see we find out what -- found -- need to explain.

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