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Roger Goodell lets Ray Rice off easy 7-25-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Dino, Meter and Kirk discuss the light punishment given to Ray Rice by the NFL.

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I can only present the facts as I know that and then we draw whatever conclusions you would like to draw. And here's what we'll tell you these are the facts Gerri. Some reason is not here today. Kirk's entry pass has somehow been canceled through and me are held jug made abroad god lecture. Shows up -- spring in his step and a smile on his pay eight -- those facts I don't know what any media Weis -- -- out. Here because you know what the good thing about this thing this they're gonna monitor that a -- worker once a week yeah this is the -- to -- -- of the rest of the days of his bitter 'cause I have nothing to do tonight. I woke up sit down like it's a place to go someplace debate someone famous to me. Little to copy what he does yeah. It's like the. It's -- secret. He knows that we don't know I got knows those are my life so you know yeah. I did something this morning to honor John -- -- something I've never done in seventeen years in this business and how many years we've been in this building. -- -- -- I use the second floor fight as an aside I had. I used to second or -- never you never know it's nice security is not just really I must clean it's cleaner it's it's like. Built in six and -- -- little escape yeah it is rolling papers on the ground Null. Great City Hall LB hasn't filed the -- going to be wondered if I can't stand out I was one of my great discoveries we went to the spill -- got a funny clean break them there's no -- -- not -- -- half expected to see -- there actually into this -- -- more secure anywhere remotely match at 530 at 545. It was -- are well. All of -- doors were -- That's that well there are a couple of meet Perot had cell towers here Thursday night. Erupted actually interrupted. -- -- Tibet house. The occurrence at this point I guess. I guess what are good talk radio in my estimation. Past to present varying points of view we all agree. That the sky is blue. Allow it to be good the rest of recent contentiousness -- difference of opinion while -- payrolls. Oh -- Take it. And it will say this I wish I could feel differently. That probably an -- for fact the two would you do. About a couple different subjects we could go back and forth and banter bicker and and discussed but I have a feeling on the same page not make for. Kind of a crappy conversation. I wish I could somehow as an example. Defender Roger -- Dell. Or -- games for owing your fiance is soon to be your wife dragging her lifeless body. For carcass out of an elevator. And then suspending somebody who rules fatty for a year Lewis this works out perfectly because meters for the show you want to agree -- aside -- -- -- -- -- yeah -- -- got railroaded out of that one definitely brought a little bit. No I'm not IIDD you can't justify and I liked you this is our mindset. How -- we take a picket outside. You can't can't do it can't do it it's impossible. Makes it's one of these things you say well why would you ever do this is why you know it's slapped around park. Misuse of the word yeah -- -- I figured to be. A lot in order sheriff -- supposed to -- wider gap does -- -- what he does. A fatty a couple of times you get caught so who's the victim. Smoke dope smoking again Josh Gordon yes. These avenues to articulate his crime here not a question of ups and joint. I don't times. Smoking grass. And he is for the year -- guess he's appealing. It won't work but he's about he's going to miss an entire so easy on him a free ride Oprah's -- -- there's -- -- -- that because there are rules in place as a union and he is is the and it always. Get beat up by the owners they always as the players always lose battles we know. They signed a crappy agreement and you know what -- violated so that's the deal. But but the right thing to a separate you have to look at the -- okay. The of video that we don't know -- in the elevator that we -- pretty good idea. He's dragging her -- out. And this is can Dell's answer so what happens next two games -- obviously Greg -- and Carolina paragraph is waiting on his suspension right. And he's back he and his wife and I think called her and threatened her that he was gonna color correct yes right you did all -- -- get like two and a half games fool all of the talent and try to stand by detail John Harbaugh coached Baltimore Ravens have this say about three right situation. We always said from the beginning that the circumstances were determined consequences. There are consequences when you make a mistake like that that stand behind raising heck of a guy. He's done everything right since. He makes mistake all right it's gonna -- consequence. Are we done enough for me that's -- The response. Recommend a heck of a guy. He also said and I'm not exactly. Specifically shore what hardball with referring to have a quote from me it's not a big deal. Says John Harbaugh. It's just part of the process we always said from the beginning as circumstances would determine the consequences which is we just heard him say I hope. He's referring to missing Ray -- for two games is not a big deal not this entire situation. Is a big deal. Roger Goodell and a letter. To Ray Rice said the following the league is an entity that depends on integrity. And in the confidence of the public and we simply cannot tolerate conduct that endangers others or reflects negatively on our game. The letter writes this is particularly true with respect domestic violence and other forms of violence against women. I believed you were sincere in your desire to learn from this matter and move forward to a healthy relationship with your life. And a successful career I'm now focused on your actions and expect you demonstrate by those actions were prepared to fulfill those expectations. Now if you read that. Where seems cannot you know. Go hard on -- right to thank him. Without knowing the punishment -- -- the -- right six games X games games at least yet to consider the fact you take out overall you'll get more games right yet. Also NFL player to decide you know if you're gonna break some rules. You gotta decide which ones you're gonna break. So it's better to smack your wife or your fiance then light up. Right and a so so it doesn't -- any more clear and it's it's it's it's pretty obvious yeah and that there was no video probably not happen. Mean what is the domestic violence -- going to be written into the collective bargaining the next one shore communities it needs to be the players are -- about it upbeat tone -- -- in -- -- if they if they fight this. You have to fight as -- -- fighting this kid. You know but you know with the with the rules will be the first suspension by. It is crazy Gallic seems like he's Smart -- PR conscious guy right and he's addicted -- the country for this at Terrelle Pryor. -- retroactive suspension he wasn't even in the NFL it -- thing yeah. The tattoo for page scandal at Ohio State comes to the NFL. Dealt docs and 55 games just that's all it was Roethlisberger spent -- It was reduced it was six down before sitting down -- -- for something that you know he's ever been arrested for now we can argue whether Dinara I'm sure probably did some stuff with the -- Nope no video proof that this is right to prove him. Knocking woman out dragging lifeless body rather see -- up to it's I've heard a number of people. I think it's more and some others. Say there is video inside. The elevator nobody has seen I'm sure others and maybe -- Dell has seen that -- and apparently she went and made a very passionate plea. To go easy on him because she played a role in tennis now. What role that was I don't know apologize that the press. Operatives periods we so what's what's -- what's the best case scenario for -- writes in terms of her involvement here that she started it and smack. Tim if she -- that you Enron headed in the elevator past I'm semi -- it's I don't know what else you know. If she's a she atlas -- play this game she attacks him as they re -- a big guy right. I think I don't like that Durbin among these situations and women act morally although Charlie and -- clothes off right. Utterly human right I mean I think is that it wave Ray Rice can do without knocking Euro cold would be my guess. And just be my guess promise. Was are gonna ball I don't think the -- is partly a lot of alcohol all right OK okay that is that a great the study's lead based she's bleak based they get into a fight over what ever. And she attacks him he can't stop her to -- He's gonna knock her out. I did I product hard to police are you are able to NFL running back whose 220 pounds. Well yourself press 400. So I don't think there's much in the plus com -- rice in this situation. Believe that give delta and really think about office. -- it's kind of hard to believe I mean yeah well you've been a big story ought to think about the beat the -- -- reaction is that. It was of of the public relations aspect of this is all about doing what protecting the shield as a bit -- man is like taking a dump or punishment should acknowledge start should have known it. Two games you're right two games they -- -- -- the room for five guys Robert make this decision somebody must listen rod. -- him do it yet he -- and people go nuts over this this could be the biggest story in the country. For a couple days which can happen it's like the centers at the drop us burgers X -- and gets knocked it gets knocked out. At least he said 06 right to attack that should be a baseline. Sure know what -- said eight please bridal for Roger. Are now the -- the second thing he has. But I wish we had differing -- I don't know what to think about this. I'm -- watch it all the coverage of the patriots training camp I know this is premature and I know they haven't even smacked anybody. With pads on. Com. -- -- -- -- I I think this is eighteen I hate that sound. A pink hat red white and blue hat waving patriot -- you would never. No I try not to I I I wish I -- the other way I think there is a very very good chance that -- could be in edicts. On February whatever the -- the -- burglaries. Seven we will probably is as we. Put out the very outside for a number of variables there. We would not be going there because of the time difference. Two hours difference Phoenix institute -- think it's two or 32 yet so. -- 3M BB on the -- yeah last time I was there we did not we did not. Which network is doing game featured. A couple of factors. I do not about hundred. -- I don't know that. -- it was. -- -- coming -- it does seem like everything's in line for I think almost championship weekend repay. It's in the two caucuses and this by -- things change between now and then the question is does Revis and Browner and whatever they do is have enough to -- it with a BL TB is enough to get past that you get the feeling maybe this means Denver comes at fox may be. Maybe what's yours -- I think I think Denver is still you know -- loaded. It has -- be -- right speed bump in front of you go forward DeMarcus Ware resides in their defense right. Currently not make at least theoretically on paper the case that for the first time. This season's success will not be based solely on Tom Brady's ability to rack up a lot of points. Yes we -- what we've been asking Bill Belichick. The defensive genius to -- the last improve the defense hello for five years -- writers are so we think that has happened here. How good can they be if Brady and the offense or whatever Brady in the office can produce. And this defense is middle pack loop they were thirtieth in you aren't getting off the field on third down right exactly. 43%. Allowed last year on third down numbers staggering yeah. And up until it was that simple so that's improved you got a great chance. Yet your top ten top twelve defense you're gonna win. Thirteen games 1213 and provide people stay -- yeah that's that's going app is it possible this could be better in the top ten or twelve I think it could be it's ever going to be is good -- these could be good maybe championship team that was the that is -- you. The -- Guinness advocate for people on -- able Seymour Bruschi. We Ron Wolf for you last year. -- -- you you would think it's -- a -- and the pass rush will be improved would have Browner when he comes but it is relievers on the back in covering net value pastoral and groups. Outlooks for games for Browner is at its its substance would be -- you right to smoke -- detect it at all not now we don't know now -- -- But he's out twice as long Israeli rights as he has gone. Up. That yesterday's gonna say he called his union -- with the union -- room. I like to do something about this rate right situation I get four he's got two solid it was brutal -- -- portrait or McHenry Oilers. Sports I haven't seemed. To center now I'll get a check of Britain and I had I was. ESPN has gone like if it. Raise the bore this shot McDonnell wants there raising the bar. -- -- -- about the like Sean McDonough that's true not true. Yeah bury -- going to Richardson I think you should call Briton nick and for report from Richmond when the patriots are in retreat which she were threes that we can yes we can effort. Yes that we can. That's a -- molester. Receive expert. That's subject to discuss. It all out on the table. I guess it depends which writer you want to believe regarding the future of Jon Lester. With the Boston Red Sox now one right -- would have you -- that's since the Red Sox cable any negotiations until after the year. He is a goner another writer would have you believe it changes nothing. It's something could be done even before the end of the year. And that does not signal the end of John lobsters Red Sox career. And to agree with before. So. I know -- I. Again now expected to disagree but I again the moment I heard the -- yes David you guys as. As -- -- beat you on being gone beyond attached. -- -- What what did you think your -- -- -- Arkansas department research on this may yet -- -- in my usual new round. And I think that it is definitely. Over in less. It's such dramatically upped their offer by 5060 million dollars -- -- anybody thinks it's gonna happen do you think the gap that big yes hole well. When we asked we plays -- game yesterday. What one that when that when you see on Twitter in December January. When Rosenthal buster whoever has Lester signs with team with -- -- gonna be with the -- -- we did this really going to be. Cuban team here -- just the years. About six years 140 million -- the lowest interest yeah I think -- be higher but even -- is still you know fifty million dollars I would say you always get one media -- to do this right right -- the Dodgers might be at the top of the list and the Yankees you know and the Yankees they might -- that Seattle and Atlanta Texas. -- -- -- Red Sox have been offered -- -- -- I think they made it pretty clear. They don't want this guy in -- right we we sub Henry you melt the Silberman first there that we have Larry on after him -- I mean. Without saying if you're not gonna talk -- this guy. There was a free agent basically him he's a free agent you know he's gonna walk around wrecked once he walks Randy and get overwhelmed you -- -- -- match. It doesn't take a genius to connect the lines luckily when -- -- he's he's gone. I think he's been he's been waiting for this -- do you know since its kind that first it's. They all are they -- they get the free agency 85 not to pursue I don't know what the numbers. Most of them -- to now he doesn't know what the difference is going to be between whatever the Red Sox final offers going to be what's a maniac. Owner or general manager from some other team is going to pay he doesn't know that number right now it's all speculation he's probably saying is -- -- and you can probably gets six years maybe seven and UD DB seven. And it could be closer to. 200 than it is 100 -- will be -- I guess would be is guess happening to him and get an idea it's a lot more pirates right through the Red Sox started at seven. Victory in a hundred the public thinks. That they are welcome John what he needs to know we're not here yeah. I hit it right -- in the right things -- even say the right things besides some worlds in which is that'll happen ocean the next step be to make a deal. You trade jobless yes yes yes in a week well let's think we're -- agree about the beat the better the bumper -- Atlanta this morning is -- Yes it is sabotage. All the old this this. And I was out at nine -- flawed right. Guitar what you want about that great they wanted out of nine they still can't at. I thought there you know it really didn't like it and I haven't practiced Roman god -- -- writes quote the great and the victory doughnuts Will Ferrell as -- barely had a flair it's a -- let's call audited so. It's time it's time to start is rebuilt can be -- rebuilt -- I just brits are -- don't like they hear that Red Sox don't rebuild. There -- big market team when you know what they gonna have to rebuild because they have no bats. Right that's when it comes down to you need to rebuild the -- Larry yesterday. Used the phrase I think you -- question that got him into this particular. Mindset of doing something bold bigger question right. He said a couple of years ago here before a doctor -- it would look at them make a bold move right. Where you can you can do bold moves on both sides of the aisle to correct my old bulls don't require bold moves to. What's ultimately they wanna do and bold move was getting -- again yes and you can trade Lester and you know we can argue about this may disagree but you're going to get back. Better value to with a compensatory pick is going to be I mean there are teams that are gonna give you real prospects. For Lester -- have to make the move. If he's not gonna come back like keep -- around Red Sox fans are they don't season's over they know you're just you just keep you're just to placate you for 67. Aren't you -- Saint Louis and Louis is talking about it. David Price in giving literally giving giving anything they want right including Oscar to ours is one of the top prospect in baseball is a very good. Outfielder and hit and sort through the Red Sox want to say hey. What David Price we got Jon Lester the same pitcher do you think the Red Sox know what they wanna do with Jon Lester. Have they already made up their mind or do they think it's a fluid situation I think they've made -- from -- notes over then what is the point of keep aggressive Sam I completely agree with that. If you know pocket of you know. Top 110121. Of the case may be. Somebody else is gonna blow him away and you're going to lose him let's go let's go let's go table got a -- -- -- -- Mecca deal -- 61777. -- 7937. Fault lines open gyms in Peabody Dave's in Beverly. -- in the house and hands. Entry pass no longer -- --

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