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Jon Daniels, Texas Rangers GM, Joins the Trade Deadline Show, 7-24-14

Jul 25, 2014|

Texas Rangers General Manager, Jon Daniels, joins Rob Bradford and Alex Speier to discuss the upcoming trade deadline.

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Tyler back on the -- doing to an insurance. Trade deadline and show. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com along with Alex -- of the exact same organization. We're going to be having on Jon -- Texas Rangers general manager coming up years in a few short minutes. But Alex we're talking about before the break about -- Really the guys the Red Sox. Are probably be looking to trade we went through Koji no replacement there Andrew Miller no -- replacement. Jake Peavy you do have a replacement. Jonny Gomes. You probably can find a replacement. Right -- have the right handed bat who's able to impact left and pitching are you about what a find out -- we'll Mel Brooks is back nine prime more playing opportunities for him and then to go down the list. David Ross to -- is an interesting one I think. Because. Ross is the guy who. A team probably could use you know veteran catcher all we did use a veteran catchers down the stretch. But he could serve really really valuable purpose that I I think they hang on to a for the sole reason enough he's the guy they want around coach -- I think they keep him next year. Really yeah I I think that they had his value as a mentor. With Vazquez -- and maybe Blake's -- are getting pretty close next year. Is considerable. Gamble it's it's always his body holds up you know there and I think that. We we've seen with David Ross I completely across only played thirty something games last year the -- we remember lap sixty day ideal for the yeah I know but I guess maybe it's because peoples played thirty you've in the postseason. The seemed out way by thirty something games he's played around that this year. Andy seems to be hitting a little bit better by is a planter -- you guys now need. It's weird when he says when the players has yeah I was -- -- of first hoping it rip off might lieutenant ripped off my foot. That's an atypical proclamation yes that is an eight a lot of atypical proclamations. But this we have him yet Rossi peavy obviously then you get to Jon Lester. But first before we get to the red the Red Sox create news we wanna talk to. Jon Daniels Texas Rangers general manager coming up here at minute and I think he's up right now John how you doing. Rod are you good good so John your -- win. Myself and Alex -- both of WI dot com you know -- I assume you know very well. -- -- you well you know as well enough it yes they servant for being honest Jonathan Russa it in the Boston area knows is Dunkin' Donuts. Enough ago and the other places in the area but -- we've been talking about the trade deadline obviously a week ago and and you're just ready trade -- involving. -- Soria for a couple minor leaguers my question regarding that. I'm just fascinated by one you know it's time. In other words you -- other weeks ago when the trade deadline what you know that that is the deal to make that's going to be the best you'll make at that time. Willis you don't ever now 2% is that you can change I think there's there's different strategy to routinely employ you know certainly. If it. If you have unique. Player. And you feel competent. Modern -- it turns -- that they're making some. You know some. Reasons to wait till the deadline -- -- deadline driven industry and and usually the crisis goes up at at the unique guy out there you know Mark Teixeira. 2007. You know we've we've wanted to wait and make sure we got -- -- where he opens are unique. As far as -- -- -- -- player was in and point seven year old switch hitting middle -- got a point that nobody else out there. So that deeper. For a contending club. There's -- case with Soria. Personal very upturn could make it true and very very good player. Problem is being great make up winning guy and to get control over for next year. Plan that we expect have a much. Much better club. We really felt that was our own mind and -- level entry level value or -- a lot of work. Background of -- organization. And we felt like if we can get a -- that line so to speak. That we would. You know once we understood -- that your players or in the enough. On the buyers that we would move it is so there is some risk obviously there the other players that the -- -- and acquired. And I wouldn't injure it could be all the bounces to the player and you know being -- differently so the everything out of it and unique. To that specific player and circumstance but those are -- factors -- why we decided to move we did. John I think taking further step back you know it's it strikes me is being such a hard thing per team to enter a two year with such high expectations particularly given. You know where you had been shopping in the offseason and then to change gears and be thinking you know I'm sure that you know through the first you know through the first month two months of the season. Your -- your focuses what can I acquire in order to give us the chance of contending how difficult is it. To change gears when you have so much invested in 2014. Tibetans say are for the for the sake of the organization we have to be sellers. Great question. We were 35 and 35. And with a lot of injured players but what I saw that. You know and the cavalry was coming back at some point we're gonna get healthy I think over the last five to six weeks. And we played poorly error -- our record is currently. In a period by the worst record in the game and and really on on that a bit but more importantly. From me and and a mind that what you're talking about. At the same time that we got to number of those players we hope would be coming back the relative they're not. And so you know put it on the spot or not only are we thought we right now. Now that the answers to shorter term answers so to speak that we hope that it's not a -- for us. They got to a point where. You know start looking at -- -- -- don't know some of the reasons why strongly this year or it look like next year about what that. Medium term aren't as -- At that point you know we've ever supported ownership group we've. Pretty stable. Group we've been together now for nine years and you know we're able -- -- back and been -- so valuation relative you know we. Really -- good month and he's pitching depth being one of them broke the news to deal wouldn't it. With target not below that you know prospect that we liked. John gaels -- Rangers general manager joining us here on the -- -- would trade -- show and job take you back a year and you -- different position obviously. But this dynamic of going after a pitcher who is perceived as a -- rental guy in this case it was Mack Garza. How typical a decision was that knowing that you don't look at the draft pick and obviously you. That's why David Price is so valuable right now because he Donnelly of this year but next year going back to that decision. How to furcal was to allocate what you allocated. For a guy who knew you knew the problem is only going to be with you for a couple months. Evidence that the top one. I think the way we looked at a time. Foreigners. Sort of repeat -- The first -- which we thought we had a without the American League someone up for perhaps that's and there are a number of good teams. We didn't unit that that time in July and who would -- anybody truly elite separating from the -- -- You know Oakland Detroit. Tampa. Obviously Boston goes on when the whole thing but there's going to be in the middle the season and we felt we we could truly contend with those clubs and -- we wanted to get shot we've been to the playoffs the previous three years. You wanna continue that and we also knew that we had a little bit cheated and and with the club. Free agent look consistently -- coming up in. And we wanted to kind of -- given regular real shot. I think there's not become like you know taboo you don't trade around the players and and obviously. He give up a lot of years -- controlled that yet. I'm a little bit of the mindset when you have a chance to win it went in front of you know we just taste it and it was close we did. And know how special that is -- unique it is to win and truly have a chance. Course you like you know longer term control players of course that's preferable but. -- and yet we won't be able to chant we -- and mine. You know if you. If you're not completely risk -- take a little bit of a chance that you -- -- and -- -- And -- that subject you know it and it from the from the dynamic there where you currently find ourselves it is you know it is interesting to see the kind of impact that you're able to. To Garner the trade market and you know I I wonder. How aware were you you know how aware were you of the lack of cellars you know that you were competing with did you feel like you had. You know did you feel like there were there were few people who define themselves. At this stage of of July. In so it gave you kind of an opportunity to really. Bear down and figure out what you wanted to get for a -- like a Soria. Yeah you try to pay attention certainly know what else out there bowl side today. The -- -- I'm a year where things changed dramatically so I think can't get cocky and think it we've -- the only guy in. You know somebody loses her -- over the weekend. And the next week and you know they go from. You know three back in the wild card. Six or seven back in the other behind five or sixteen minutes you know we're gonna. You know we're not gonna hang on I -- used only to be cavalier about it but he. Certainly you're aware with what was going on the market place. You try to play your best effort out there to two. Know who you're competing with those people it really comes down to the individual deal and especially his situation with what he -- And we had a year and a career control we didn't feel like we had to move them but once we got to bow belt line and we felt confident -- in able. -- that level value for us. We're complement the. -- -- the all star game -- chance a catcher but he -- Beltre and and I know that that's a pretty big commitment you made five years and at that Miami's -- who's in his thirties or writer on thirty when you signed him. And he's looked up to that he's looked up to that deal I mean he's been he's been one of the best players in baseball through while. How do you how do you view that him and the reason I ask this because there's a lot of conversation. About pitchers and position players alike going through the thirties on the five year deals how did you view that at that time. That very question we did a lot of work on it. And certainly. You know the general rule. And as you'd expect and we looked like players aging patterns and and the bulk urban and when he gets PT. You know you'd typically don't wanna go long into into guys and it upper thirties an obvious. The problem is that some of the best players and are out flyers strike but players are getting there at 91 years old. And a lot of cases the best players all big dollar players are producing -- -- -- -- late thirties at them. Some cases we we eat our homework we only -- was in that category with -- it was a together as we look back on the hall of Famer. I think that I ultimate where he's gonna end up and he's going to be you know light. And we felt like you know he really has been maintained that level place for. Her you know maybe QX three years more than more than -- ya. And go back and look at a lot of clusters. That you'll probably maybe some viewed as. You know they're at -- tool that amendment but they end up performing arts. Or honor or Mike Mussina there. And Jayson Werth student good job for Washington moment contract that made you -- -- People view it a little differently. I was sitting at Papa he can't always signing guys and -- in their mid thirties you're -- get burned but. Are we -- used an exception rule. It's interesting to think about approaching the opera to the trade deadline now in a season that's been unquestionably you know a surprise and in Charlie. A disappointment in terms of where the record is but I I I have little doubt that you guys are kind of -- for bear in 2015 with the idea that you can. You can turn this around pretty quickly. Are you. Is that something that explains to me it seems like there's a great deal of volatility. In in terms of even elite teams in baseball right now. Where it's possible to see kind of the needled jumping up and down in terms of what's happening on a year to year basis. We've certainly seen it up here with the Red Sox you know even to see you know to see you guys going through a year like this. But with the I think you're not far from contending you have a means of explaining why that's. Suddenly becoming possible in baseball. Well on the amount of level the rules are. Actually set up to create. -- amateur position rules. Are set up to create parity. -- great access to the best young players based on. You know -- finishing at the bottom of the standings. And we're we're we had chances this year were sort through -- I don't want to the car we weren't designed that way but. And -- set up such that it's an enormous advantage. To finish -- I'm in it with I think. And it with a week to look at an industry can we. An incentive. The loose on some level. And nobody wants to acknowledge that instantly and we built it he did it against the blues got. And whereas in the NBA if he finishes the last. What is record east but get people wouldn't lottery right you know you're not guaranteed. Pick first. -- million examples where that doesn't happen. And but baseball I only do you get picked first but then you get a bigger track budget bigger pool. So you actually get it and the the access to the top water but you also get it you know. The event and moving money around and having more money to spend throughout the draft. Simply on the international side plus you get that something a little thing that night it up waiver claim all winter. On and the first since returning the first month of the next year. -- -- -- you know our rule out brick hard so he'll work a lot of times over you have an advantage. In terms of acquiring players. -- almost every avenue that portrayed in Major League free agent that and I did think that contributes to what you see. Chela who go to -- I was gonna say you know how you know do you do you then you know you've -- look at those and say. You know as disappointing as this year's been yet winning fifteen is going to be an opportunity for us to reestablish who we've been in and you know kind of arc in to reach our competitive ambitions. For sure -- number. I think you know personal. Were -- healthy. Apart and a 100% count helped turn everything around but. You know we're gonna get 100% of our guys back at all under and go but. We're gonna be a lot healthier and -- a chance to see Prince Fielder -- crow -- and Derek Holland and -- marquee brands you know guys that are our core guys for us. Hopefully it won't feel together and -- chance to this year. Our home and it's also an opportunity an owner's pocket. Hopefully we're not picking first in the draft but you know we will have access to -- a little bit different level of you know amateur players and we've had here last few years and I would much rather be taking the bottom of the draft -- he -- big event in the when Europe. The last question. I started exactly yesterday and he thought that. That a lot of this trade deadline was gonna go right down the wire it's gonna go down to 31 yet actually thought it might you be perceived by a lot of teams as this is our offseason this is more important in our ops he's we can make moves now that. We want to make now instead of the offseason. You think looking at how things are unfolding that this is gonna be really really have too heavily loaded the last couple days. I think so -- because it because we see happening BC. Well that's and -- agent or we can get to see. It seems that pull away a little bit and -- wanted to -- finishing piece. These -- all back in the pack and look at it a little differently. It is if we also get as prices get established on the market. Never seen that called back a little bit as you know what like. We're receiving cash -- on on this these other guys come available you know later as you move on. And nobody like that is kind of a fun time of the year I'd much rather be buying. You know trying to make our team better right now. I would expect to see quite a bit in the. But judge Dale's Texas Rangers GM John really appreciate you joining us and you're really really busy this time a year but always good to talk. -- 2% like. -- on Dale's Texas range via Amazon said in and always -- lightning in and it's certainly in a unique parts. Position this year different from as Alec pointed out a lot different from Morey was a year ago and in. -- think they've ever when's the last time they were sellers it's been it's been years and you know Teixeira. That landmark trade you know that that was the last time that they that they really. Mean to me a huge cellblock you know from I think 2070 goes may 2009. They were building in -- and 2010 may be camera boy that was a great dancer in relief. Insightful. -- The motivation of finishing last. Yeah I really want our -- advantages yeah I mean think about it -- that that you have a team like that. Who was good good good good and really bad. It now has these as he pointed out the 456. Advantages. -- out and then on top of a team that was already perceived to be good by had a flood of injuries. Does not such a bad thing if the if you can whether -- one year wow. You guys and they and that's that's the thing like it's losing is really hard bit for the way that these guys are wired. But if you came if you can do it in there and just get it out of the way in what year. Then you know it changes a lot about how you approach and -- the Red Sox -- Where were. Dealing with a total novelty when they were planning for the draft last year because they just they were dealing with a different caliber prospects. Is it ever dealt with and ironically they might actually had a better after this is anyway so we're giving it one more break here before we hit the road at midnight as we always do -- Thursday is the squeeze and a call 6177797937. Will wrap things up. Our final thoughts before the last. Non waiver trade island club doing insurance non waiver trade deadline show. Which will be next Thursday at 6 o'clock final thoughts come up after.

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