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Jul 25, 2014|

A full version of the Trade Deadline show hosted by Rob Bradford and Alex Speier. Featuring an interview with Texas Rangers GM, Jon Daniels.

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All right my fever start of the week. It is my favorite time of the way the entire week of rob Bradford WEEI dot com alongside Alex spear the exact same organization. This is the hub. Normally insurance. Trade deadline show. Second the last and that is what Alex the penalty exactly. He's got into an ultimate which is. Every week we really should throw in the anything in when -- news show because this is a very pro approach ago. We were removing Ford were moving forward not back where moving are moving forward towards a 162 -- down the road draws tallied eight hundred sixties you -- -- -- it. 162 hours to the non waiver trade deadline that's what they show is all about. Gearing up towards that in Davis made the Alex every time reduced so things change big change from week to week the exchange from today. Things change from hour hour and today I think was one of those. Noticeable shifts right of the big if if the Red Sox won today in the car -- at least a little different. But it's a whole lot different thing because they lost -- also the way they did. For better fours yeah I think that day you know they had built up this little bit of momentum it's suggested OK okay maybe there's a run and bomb. And the way which early in the week like if you had to kind of casual conversations with. With some you know people around the Red Sox organization the feeling was kind of if they can take. Five or six games in that in that string of games between the Blue Jays in the -- that maybe kind of talking about you know about what they were kind of damage. They might be able to do with the division using this this opportunities a platform to really. You know take advantage of the fact they are mediocre division well they're not going to take five or six -- you know the other part about that is -- your division. Is it part of this whole equation is Red Sox win and -- so flawed they'd lose right. There have been -- old ones yeah Orioles haven't been yielding up a bunch of ground -- and I mean I think the Blue Jays and yankees about. You know drifted back towards the middle of the Blue Jays won three in a row they did divide it up but until then they were drifting -- have found their way and it's. There's optimism Toronto and is not optimism Boston we should take note that. Again pub knowingly trade deadline show were really really honored to be sponsored by -- knowingly insurance how busy dog no problem for -- tech there's no -- for and I and I -- -- before the show's over go to hub NE dot com check it out. If you wanna join the conversation would be taking called it later 617. 7797937. And we've. In his start we've been doing the show Alex this has been my favorite things that I know I didn't know how is gonna work out you know ten to twelve -- a midnight. People going to be -- wanna talk and we've got a lot of calls and they've all been good calls too. They've been great I've got the answer it's an indoor and for those who were plight of the concorde's fans. The -- -- has been yes we of the bed in and also the gas and the gas with a guest today. Will be little later -- show Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels will join as an advocate collar. Yet while he ends up well if it works out perfectly because we're gonna miss Florida could callers and then we're gonna punctuated that. -- You know with the -- the -- -- perhaps room yeah exactly is that it did as a good -- to talk to because. Obviously there in a selling mode like the Red Sox are probably going to be. But also because he went through something the Red Sox could potentially be going through this year. Trading a guy at the end of his contract a pitcher in the league pitcher at the end of his contract. At the trade deadline. In the -- -- dynamic where whatever teams trading for -- does not get the draft pick if you do hold onto him you do get the draft so that was Matt Garza. Absolutely I mean he's been on he's been on different sides of this dynamic he's. He is traded for relievers -- coach view hot. As well as side as well as Mike Adams a few years ago and given up big return IE Chris Davis. As well as Tommy Hunter to the Orioles. He has you know he just sold on a close -- In in Soriano and ended up getting the kind of high ceiling return from from the Tigers in exchange for that. Really -- guy who's going to have a lot of perspective on the multifaceted nature of the. So that's Texas general manager Jon Daniels will be joining us a little later. And we talked about the Garza trade a year ago and how that compares to what the Red Sox are going through now I think it's a good comparison -- what's everyone talked about today Jon Lester. And it is so many facets of this conversation I'll just start with this that what we know this is what we know Jon Leicester situation. Scott -- over the Boston Herald got an email from John Henry last night early this morning. And John Henry basically said that being they have agreed with Jon Lester for a presentation there remained -- after the season. When Lucchino comes Allen Dennis and Callahan. And says pretty much the same thing I don't also pushing it as we wanted to park. And they didn't want it right Jon Lester is clear preference I believe was the praise was. Wait until after the season so and then so I called the round in in a source industry source told me this is something that reported same exact thing a few weeks ago. -- Jon Lester yes new -- New Britain very likely could not talk until the in this season blocked. Big but here. If the red Seitz came to Jon Lester in his representation. With an offer that was perceived around market value and who would -- Would result in a -- we put it. A and efficient efficient umps are issues efficient negotiation -- very short is Jon Lester does not want to distract. From the team you don't want distract from his performance in efficient negotiation. Then he would -- during the season absolutely. I I will say that again absolutely. This is a fact if that happened Jon Lester with clock during the season. So I understand the narrative early this morning was there is no chance is talking at the end until the end of the season. That's not the case now. It might be the case give the Red Sox are gonna go there right. And and to me that's how it looks because it I'll say it again if you wanna put your best foot forward. Like the Cole Hamels deal a couple of years ago 2012. They reached an agreement right before the trade deadline because the Phillies say we have to put our best foot forward we got to know we're dealing with -- they get the deal done. But the Red Sox have not done that at this point. Right into it seems like the Red Sox you know the Red Sox are looking to acting if there's some. Some disagreement evidently about the nature of what a discount and -- straight. And I think it. You know Lester has probably now close enough to free agency that the idea of taking something it's considerably below market value. For the sake of staying in Boston. It looks increasingly less likely. Well I don't know if you agree with the is a -- in this -- -- earlier today. I think with the Red Sox are doing here which is I understand you ease into the process they did it with Pedroia news it was -- -- He's that's there -- And and then they're saying we like the cost certainty also -- getting through an entire year -- guys healthy that's also their MO Schilling Pedro. They wanna get through the year -- and then now at the end of the year like the said this morning. Will talk and maybe they come up to the level that we're talking about may be -- -- five point one. The problem where that is that once you get to that level. Then other teams are there and they're gonna go beyond that level that's where I think the Red Sox are banking on the hometown discounting -- Right if given let's say a five year -- from the Red Sox that you know at a set a B or a six year deal. From another team at the same may be would Jon Lester ultimately choose to staying with the Red Sox over going to a different place and I think. That's the the -- they took with David Ortiz Tuesday to think he would leave right that's a tactic took the Mike Lowell. Would actually ended a working focus of Philly offered before he took three to stay in Boston so I think -- market hometown discount. That's what the Red Sox are leaning on when relying on Jon Lester Ripley really want to stay here. Yeah unquestionably there there is a certain you know. Well I -- a wanna say anything unquestionably played. I do feel like the Red Sox are you know in terms of the way they've approached this or this negotiation. There're couple things that obviously they care about one is the idea that yes Lester does want to be a member of the Red Sox he stated over and over the Red Sox are appreciative of that. -- presumably would like to figure -- -- -- of accommodating that but to -- really really risk averse. They are very much aware. Of what of how crippling a bad contract can be for a pitcher one who looks very good order begrudge him for that all that that's your prerogative and if they want to say hey you know we're not comfortable going four year beyond four years that's fine. But it we can I don't think we can I can say we do agree but I think that you they screwed up in spring training that was -- opportunity you get the bargain basement deal with Jon Lester kept going up. And now I think this whole idea of gonna get to that point. And you -- rely on Jon Lester taking Leicester than deal. Because hourly it's really realistic I mean the difficulty for them if you think about it was that spring training they were. Them the market shifted during during the negotiations spring training I think that it's easy. To kind of forget that but. The Homer Bailey contacted -- exist until late spring training right the Max Scherzer opera wasn't known until. Late in spring training in. By the way Lester said about Lester said -- in being asked about that spring training. I'd have taken that but god knows when it goes when it became public that the Tigers up for 6144. But to me those kind of represented. Moving targets in where the negotiations might go and all of a sudden. You know if if there was. Any kind of common ground maybe that common ground shifted a little bit that I'm not sure dead is it's a great point I remember I was. Are we dancing talent spring training in the ask you what are you being on -- to -- This off the top my -- Greinke. And -- and I'm like are you know I'll think really don't think he's gonna get that but I might have been right on I don't. If if he goes to the open market. Yeah I mean he's older than Greinke was when he hit the free agent market but he is a you know he's he's a durable guy who's. Whose performance track record is. Is pretty significant and look we know that serves are things that he's going to do better than 6144. So even if Lester comes in below -- their shooters or would end up back in the open market. It's not hard to them that Lester adds up and Greinke. Which is kind of bizarre that we keep just accepting -- -- is gonna end up below scherzer right. I mean it's it's not nearly 66 months different job so the age thing as an -- India. Performance you know you can say -- to six months to six months that and that's the thing Alex that people. Have the same reaction you suggested I -- -- -- -- -- asked her about it and in Arthur and -- he's the one at all yet we're six months like really. I thought it was a year and a half down. But anyways in you talk about the value plastered you can go right down the list why he's valuable and that's why wanna talk about. The next level conversation which we're gonna have today. That may be we weren't -- you know or as much a week ago which is trade we talked about the Red Sox. Digging their own grave here in Toronto. And now betray conversation. It's much broader and a -- to include Lester right. I mean if you are thinking about if you're thinking about finding ways are really and truly impact the roster are. This is at least for 2015 it's going to be hard to have to. Returned Jake Peavy into a a franchise changing asset for 2015. Jon Lester is the guy who you could move. And really kind of Alter the complexion of some of the areas of weakness that you see and you know at a time when. When they're mixed signals about what about the rays would be open to dealing David Price you know what happens if you approach let's say the Dodgers and say. This is Jon Lester he has a great track record of being able to secure World Series for you as a rentals so it doesn't mess up your long term finances. You know maybe me you'd rather take media rather give up a senior or a Laura Peterson in exchange for him Dodgers right that you would talk across guys reprise. Yet in in soil brings back I wanna encourage people to join the conversation 6177797937617779. 7937. In week you know we knew we run through the calls right after the break is coming up the second. But I wanna give back to you talk about trade in luster and value and we have to go back to Garza because Garza was a guy who was a rental. -- wasn't gonna get the team who traded former traffic which is a big thing. And he got back exceed Jay Edwards which is. Heading into this year was considered. The top pitching prospect for the Cubs team to trade he had better numbers I believe in high A Carolina league and -- exactly. And in any -- might -- Whom was cute he's not a terrible year this year but it was very highly thought of well at the time of the deal he basically represented some both of those guys represented lottery tickets their way Edwards because it was far from majors -- because you've been having these strange vision problems. But all have huge hours we represented. The potential thirty plus home run guy. The kind of Chris Davis type guy -- the Rangers ended up giving to the Orioles a couple of years associate Jay Edwards top pitching prospect Michael. You know high upside power guys -- -- baseball. And then you know Justin Graham a serviceable reliever. -- or merits -- -- -- -- have an excellent year for the Cubs their bullpen. So you've got four guys in on its own. You'll know it all going to be because he's having a bad year. In -- Bears is that it could you got a good bullpen arm. Well you have CJ -- a top pitching park or Matt Garza. Matt Garza who we can agree to notches down. At that last year trade outline compared to what Jon Lester is right now yeah I mean he was pitching well at the time of last year's deadline just over three ERA but he. He wasn't he was on a -- gets them going by last year. Lester is in. And an even better role with an even bigger track record. And what they've proven ability to be Patriots border post season figures though yeah I think it I think that clearly Leicester would be there were Garza a year ago. Yeah out today in so and so are you would agree that the Leicester trade conversation. Considering what has happened over the last three games and where they are right now. And we looked at what taking yet. We discount we kind of defaulted to the they're gonna hang on the last here in the game get the draft pick and they get more time to negotiate if you let him go you not to be able to get back. But I almost think that you know it to when due diligence if you don't look at this really root -- residents have to listen absolutely so we're gonna talk about that again phone number 617. 77979837. Minute talk all about that we view and we're also gonna replay an interview I did with Jon Lester for the Bradford show. Podcast where we'd talk specifically about being traded. It was a much more fascinating with the back to it but I thought it was at a -- is even more fascinating now. Then when I did the interview we have all that after this. -- organization -- New England insurance trade deadline show. One to go before the big one and I'll -- next Thursday as a very special time. 6 o'clock you ready for that Alex I don't know I've never done 6 o'clock when of these before you sure have. Sure have four Clark did trade deadline and soul be reacting to everything that happens up to employed. B are fantastic fantastic show but it's going to be tough to top this one off the top of the ones we've Marty had. To this point evolving -- calls have been great if you wanna join the conversation this time around 617. 77979837. In before the breaker talked a little bit about. Jon Lester possibly being traded comparing him to the hall. That. The Cubs got from Matt Garza tags trading to taxes. This happened have Texas Rangers GM John -- talk about little bit later to show. -- -- all gonna -- for renal. Maybe right we'll find out a couple of years whether or not it was a good -- I was it was a good it's it's a good idea in terms of how to leverage an asset into potential impact right. Use a lot of these trades a lot of these trades. The impact would have to be focused on guys were maybe in the lower minors or guys like old. Who represented lottery tickets because their performance track record is doing some strange things is they get the upper levels. I think it. You know in order to get the sure fire prospect you have to do kind of what the Cubs did great where they dealt. Both the margin as well as cool as well as Jason Hammel right in exchange for around us and Russell. And some other intriguing prospects we'll let me ask you this Alex and that's different because you have -- under control out and how does if you took that -- right with everything the control that you able to control some -- -- that those two guys. How would you compare that to what John the value -- on last. That value exceeds journalist okay. Are pretty clearly. -- because the controls of march control you potentially get a draft pick back with some marginal you know some want to leave as a free agents yeah I am Italian dating multiple guys. Can impact your rotation keeping. Two guys away from the rest of bother the rest of the of the other teams that compete out our it's excellent 77797937. I promised before the break. Play a little bit the sound of the conversation I had Jon Lester now this was about a month ago. I asked him flat out his thoughts on potentially being traded at that time really doesn't give a lot of Steve obviously whole different story right now this is what Leicester I'd say. I mean I think every year when you get to the trade deadline it's always a possibility. How great a possibility is I don't know because you're -- in that room you know make some phone calls. I think obviously this year with with kind of unique situation -- we could be in at that time. You know I don't know I mean a couple of said. If if they feel like trading mean it is who's gonna make the Boston Red Sox better for the future and no hard feelings I mean it's it's been like a serious business. If they did I would understand. You know obviously. Would be to be probably pretty sad time but at the same time you know exciting and all those things you talk about the foreign. In. I've always try to take that mindset going into the trade deadlines because. If you sit there and worry about it and contemplate -- get on the Internet and try to find out where you think you're going to you know whatever and thinking you know find out all these things it's just the -- unneeded stress and thoughts that you don't feel all except for reasonably sure that I do but don't I don't mean I'm gonna continue to take the ball and go pitch from here. Of -- even better. If fired if I'm with another team that you know obviously you're trading your probably going to team attendant. You know give them hopefully take the ball for them in and give him a chance -- it. Like I said there's not a whole lot I can do to control things and only thing I controls. They easily them too much starts and another -- I've journalist from the Brad votes show podcast about a month ago in the big everything you said holds up. So to basically his message right now as well. He's been consistent with just about everything sent throughout the cat out he's really -- you he's really been able. Not have any kind of slip ups and and we reference the all star game and -- bill bill league that's 33 minutes of sitting in one place. And and you don't know what you're gonna get he really wasn't throwing too many curve ball to the national media and come after him. Yet the the greatest by by most amused moment watching Jon Lester was the next day in Villa in the clubhouse. In the American League clubhouse. -- Ed Witten. A writer from Chicago. Made an inquiry of him he said it's 325. Yeah my first estimation -- yes him ticket into. He's he he's that something generic and many at Chicago's nice. I think he was marking me -- I do base -- warning. Warning by saying this is how it works that are -- job my job I wrote a whole column Von -- Jon Lester. 325. -- days in the all star break finally gets one and all he says I love Chicago exactly what you expect -- niceties of stat the skill of the calls are filled expert I don't Knight bill. Currently doing -- -- about it fell. I wanna get away from beyond the straight line talked for a minute and really aggravated -- -- -- -- Their abilities -- the little that week. Yeah I don't think he hurt his back -- he's. And Major League Baseball game. We want you and David Price -- talked -- take and I thought mullets. You know look calm things down what sort of effect of baseball. And that struck me very. Well listen fell it's it's a conspiracy there is going to be prevalent I think throughout the day tomorrow. And and we've only David Ortiz knows right neighbor he says he hurt his back. He leaves the game -- -- history of shying away -- stuff. So there you have it. But I don't think that's good. Means they've got is -- stop people from picking yet typically the way that Major League Baseball would handle that would be to issue warnings before the game or at least -- offer awarded up ice today. Oh by the way take a dive it why are you discount the Major League Baseball partnered by it. It's to me it is is is not realistic but I fully understand jar that wide of conversation because -- a conversation. Wool. The from 6 AM tomorrow all the way up into the fide Red Sox radio broadcasts I have a feeling of the David Ortiz is not passing on him and a homer and his fourth straight game in order to in order to accommodate. Step dad David and I also. United as -- says I think the rookies usually. Like -- story things he likes Dallas he likes the controversy but he likes -- showdowns and so forth and so does get back on the trade deadline. Brian this is the -- doing the trade deadline show and rob. Or you're next. On the -- doing trade deadline so. Hey guys. Regarding the lesser -- well a couple of courses taught. The whole -- number one are you guys to much in the Yankees you know. That the Yankees are gonna step up and do it takes they're gonna side shooters are and they're gonna side -- -- -- throw money at them what you -- -- and if that happens. I don't see shall be sharing her look you know especially sharing that. England should stay where he's that because -- it won't last if he goes to the Yankees. That's just an opinion and I just I don't think anybody. They're probably getting ready wanted to Red Sox Nation is going to go like that too much over two weeks you talk about it betrayed bluster. As it comes to it all these minor leaguers that are. I think what I don't understand. Why have you but he is saw Atlanta what is so enamored with some minor league system and having the young guys play I know it's all well and good but the Red Sox between now don't -- -- every year they need to be competitor you don't want to see them all out all these young guys and everyone's talking about. You want some real stubborn here and -- I don't see anything happening out here and we're talking about well. You know there's no better person talk about that in the guys sitting right here out -- I'll let rob I'll let Alex answer the second part and then maybe -- get -- the first part. -- basically what it's come what it comes down to -- is that there isn't a real scarcity of impact guys who were available to become. Almost impossible to get young player to get players were going to beat. We're going to be available at their primes switches in those -- the guys were going to be not only performing it'll add in the league level. But being healthy so when you talk about the obsession in Major League Baseball with. Young players they're few different components of what they're inexpensive. So you can go out and you can add the impact guy. Elsewhere on the roster and that might not be you know beat this superstar player but it's the kind of Shane Victorino types but he can suddenly afford -- Peyton got 500000 dollars to be an all star. Two is your buying the best years of a guys career in nearby in the healthiest years of the guy's career as opposed to investing in a guy who's in his thirties. For whom decline is and is pretty much an inevitability right in so that's why that's that's where the rubber hits the road you have a proven track record. Which is a huge asset with a guy like -- Jon Lester. But at the same time this kind of sense that OK he's been -- up to this point but there is somewhere. This kind of like invisible there's. It's an unknown it's it's an unknown invisible line but somewhere. That performance is in -- And rob broke before we get the part one of of your question or statement her. I'll chime in -- using music under Bogart's. I -- conversation which is. -- Bogart's we understand the talent we've heard all about the talent we heard about 25 to thirty home runs when the lead prospects in baseball. Will -- our city we watch a game like last night. This was not part of these in to Bogart's conversation which is fielding a ground ball at the key time in the game and -- yanking it. And make it and throwing a terrible throw which basically help costs in the game and then. Small small thing but not sticking around in answering to the reporters after the game which. You might say you don't care about but the team cares about is what happens the veterans have to answer form. Frowned upon all part of the progression but also all part of not what we're we're talking about when -- getting so excited about in a boat ride across. So and I saw that the first part about the Yankees absolutely. If Lester goes to the open market absolutely I don't know about scherzer and last I couldn't imagine them and now -- of -- -- so much about him tonight but I had to America but Lester no question about it no question about it. And that you know -- OK so not sure there I'd putt well and I guess you've got someone like -- probably could go after no I don't I don't think you can afford to have two unranked in that I don't I didn't want to see the and they they have no book. Yeah the starting rotation you know I just keep them just saying you know what after this year they have no minor league system. And I see -- receiver so completely -- with anybody who's played the Red Sox anyway I mean did I think I heard what was it -- you guys I'm not sure. -- worked it did also a two year deal Stephen Drew but he target out of wanted to go to Boston. Statements they -- the rest. -- and I I've never heard that -- -- never heard the Yankees in two year deal. I think the two year deal with floated out there in vague terms by Boris out but no one -- the gives a team attached to whatever. You know and they just made it to. -- currently yes it's important that -- -- it all integrated McCarthy that he got as well I mean so you know nobody but your point is -- well take game thanks for the call rob. Point is well taken. That the Yankees beat pitching and they go into the market I don't think there's any doubt you go through analyst of pitchers you can blaster shields. Scherzer. They're gonna go after one of them I think. It's a pretty good especially if insurance if they have insurance on sabathia and he's. Long term. And some yes so I don't think there's any question but there's also something that -- talked about it's a he's in better stick around sentence and if -- I will say this about that. Is that I think that charity yet he had some misses this year no question about it. By Woodward talking about the content contract and the the instructions of the -- seek a from on high they're very very proud of this right -- years John Henry at at the -- line. Yeah -- yet in this case the Lester contract talks are going to be driven at the ownership of depth when you're talking about a guy. Who has this kind of centrality. To the baseball opportune to. -- the organization. Who has a relationship with John Henry -- -- to when he was the Red Sox top with the Red Sox first draft pick. Under this ownership version regime -- you're talking about an ownership negotiation justice David Ortiz has been an ownership driven negotiation. In his last few dances. Yet -- but there are signs there are signs going back to join an understatement he is not in favor of going beyond for years Pritchard in the thirties. That. Even where the relationship they're dig in and on this we're gonna continue the conversation. 61777979376177797937. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels will be joining it's a little later in the show. And after the break. We wanna talk a little bit more about that a little bit more about where they stand with a starting rotation and he brought up something about James Shields. Why is James Shields and trusting why should we be talking about them we'll talk about that after the break. Our idea Alex. RID see the calls lined up. -- doing the trade deadline so we are often running. Lot of good talk obviously Jon Lester how going to dominate the conversation in for good reason knowledge because the contract because now we actually. After talk about potentially trading time Leicester one of the things I want to talk about before the break. Was I mentioned James Shields. And if you do trade Jon Lester or even if you had John last ago who are the potential placements. They are not going to be and Ryo and Allen Webster ruby dollar -- set. If he Renato you have to at least find a bridge to some of these prospects. At the top of the rotation. James Shields. Seems like a potentially logical one because he's pitched in the American League east. He probably won't -- a little bit older he's a couple years older the 33 right now. But he's the type guy yet to start thinking about him Justin Masterson. If you want. You're probably are gonna go back further probably are spending on right side you are not exactly so anybody else -- the mine. It had no I think did I think his the question then becomes who would be available in trade you and that's that's where would start to become interest in -- You know the way the way in which I think it's it's generally understood is that. If Jon Lester departs the Red Sox could not stand pat with what they have internally they would need to have someone who was better in terms of being more reliable. And you know just I kind of made they would they they recognize that if Jon Lester goes they need to have a top of the rotation guy who they would have to -- We you know it also doesn't help their cause and help their -- we talked about how this has unfolded in spring training. Clay Buchholz. Mean clay buckles of clay buckle was what he was being last year he said oh well you know it's -- lesser. We have our guy we have a popular -- patient yet yes they would rather have. Multiple guys but certainly you look at it now. It going into next year you have an uncertain Clay Buchholz up the year with 36 year old John Lackey. And you have a bunch of young pitchers. Absolutely and they've they understand that that's the that's the reality and they understand that you know that aid that you do need guys with track records. Opera scaffolding for the guys who don't. 6177797937. I -- also talk about. Basically we look at this list of free agents to be the guy threw the Red Sox might be trading. Which of the guys where you say this is the dividing line these guys are big guys who if you trade. You're done it beetle a replacement for. Not that Jake Peavy Jake Peavy is the exact opposite -- right if -- won all these games Jake Peavy was still getting traded right Jake Peavy was a by yourselves. Great candidate right because they do have they wanna see workmen in dollar Rosa. Yes absolutely so I wanna talk about that a little bit later but before we do that the right through some of these calls Jennifer lol good evening Jennifer. Or am I Jennifer I am good. I guess my question was they offered Lackey a five year deal at 31. And now they don't want -- arm -- left any England or yet -- known him many in the organization. And proven himself. And I am just wondering what I holed it and can -- more likely -- no -- that went coming down and -- and this is such a big deal I think would be more Lucchino -- saint. Put the brakes on and everything like that making the decisions. Found it on and would they go on here and why is it OK the one correctly get a idea -- And yet -- that knowing that an out you know at any given that I'd you'd get -- -- -- -- more durable and reliable. And that connected anyone -- any other. -- do with the guy that you know. You know what we've got a lot of great calls with a lot of great calls in the -- Dillon showed Jennifer that might be the best -- so far because that's an excellent excellent point and don't think that Jon Lester is overlooking the same point becomes the request of the -- you know it in Jennifer white talked to Lackey -- couple days ago about exactly that. And is response was well first of all Jon Lester is different. He's -- he said I'm paraphrasing but he said. If you're gonna write a book on how to be a starting pitcher Jon Lester is that -- And he said he'll be justified in five years but -- career raise a great point you go back to when Lackey signed that deal five year deal team option. And now we're at the end toward the end of it he's 35 right now. I think he's a perfect example of what you have to dig in when you believe in these deals Jennifer which is. Which is this you gonna hit some bumps in the road that's what you did -- Lackey. By how much can you get out of although Lackey also represents part of the reason why the Red Sox are probably cautious about the number of years that they wanna -- to a -- -- -- that the F could be competitive. And we're not gonna do it somebody else will and will not support team would apparently some team in all of baseball behind the Yankee -- I had Dodgers. So we need to play like that because even it will have to eat some time we're never gonna get their player up you trying to get has been played -- it -- last year but it can't collect. Daddy I would I would Kolb has been bite you also had raised a good point about. What you know. Right and I do think that when they -- Lackey was a different kind of way of thinking for them but they knew that he might need Tommy trial they don't write it although about a third right. They normally do and how the players didn't have that player in the clubhouse are ready but big they went into it knowing his elbow is elbow ligament was -- office whose body. And do what you have a Jon Lester is the exact opposite you don't know a player better than Jon Lester thanks for the call Jennifer. You know player better than Jon Lester and sometimes I do think there are victim in this. Which is that they don't take that into account enough you know I'll give you a perfect example this is that I think we knew Jarrod Saltalamacchia to march. I think they did -- out and it was right in front of -- they saw his flaws and they saw everything. That this is what's wrong with him he swings and misses it -- he ended portly may be complained at the end. Well okay well what is right about him I think I don't know if you agree with the -- and I am a little bit that. What I think is I I agree to an extent because I do think that they were the bounces they they kind of felt that they had. Knowledge about him they created risks for instance -- tried to have made they tried to make his. Decreed a vesting option based on the health his back because he need an epidural late in the season. And so they were only going to -- really a one year guarantee with a vesting option for a second year and so yeah I think that they might have over scrutinized. But things like medical information but they did also feel very strongly about their catchers of the future they. Yeah I I've heard also in in especially the last few weeks out but I think the undervalued what he wants to that I agree I and that's another part of knowing what you have there in. And not being going out today and you know -- it. This is the grass is always greener Carl Crawford is really good player he'll fit in the year when it does take our word for -- and it's also figured to take our word for it right those are extreme examples. It's still subject consider when were talking about the laster verses one of these other pitchers conversations Christen it. Chris in mystic you're on the public knowingly and trade deadline so I -- Chris. They're very good unit that. Called -- or I'm a big Lester stand. On paper sack and every time. Another cardinal -- as -- an injury issue is here and their turner early creating separation in the NL central. I think there were beer suitor sir Leicester for what they're connected to TV but there you -- There they weren't gonna get their effect anything what you think -- checkered. Bring in their what we can get through western return. In the -- -- You'd think Carlos Martinez in or. -- Arctic Barrett would be. Too much law yet in Chris -- for the call it in -- is well askew. Us you know the prospects better than anyone Oscar de Veres. Would would you do you think they could get him. A deal for -- -- side not straight up for Lester no they would have to include other stuff under control have good control won't do it probably I mean they're probably have to address multiple needs of the Cardinals so if you were to say. Put Leicester on the table along with Andrew Miller. And then think about dealing maybe from. You're prospect pitching depth inventory and then you might have a package that would get I don't sounds ridiculous but like. That's kind of how the valuation process works with a guy like an Oscar taveras and actually -- think you a lot about the Cardinals recently because. If you are thinking about if you're the Red Sox are trying to figure out how to get impact. From the whenever you deal. And there's an interesting model for how you do that even without a -- parts and that's the 2011 trade deadline. When the Cardinals the Blue Jays swung a very interesting trade. It involves the Blue Jays addressing a number of the cardinal's needs down the stretch -- it what the Cardinals the World Series by the way when they got Edwin Jackson they got. They got some -- ski I'm sorry that vantage point terrible. They got that's the worst pronunciation you've ever ever. Ever so my apologies to the kids keep gambling. But they they addressed a number of needs all that one trade none of the more central star players and in return the Cardinals and to Colby Erasmus. To the Blue Jays note looked like a guy you know like even -- one who was flaw a lot of upside yet outside of upsides so. That's kind of you know to me that's -- you know that's that's how you would. You would work in the non dealing Lester world in order try to get some kind of impact on the trade market but I yeah I think that the Cardinals would be I don't think that they. I don't think that the Cardinals would. -- taveras ran out on I don't think so I don't know if they would do on street upper priced yet all. I'm glad you brought up price of after the break gusts -- wanna talk about I wanna talk about price and how he might affect Jon Lester because there are different ways that get absolutely leap. Can affect Jon Lester and also what I talked about before more the guys of the free agents to be in the Red Sox who we have to start talking about potentially being traded. Other guys where you say you're trading him you have replacement for trading him he really dull however replacement for. Those two conversations along with the your phone call 6177797937. Already laughter. Tyler back -- doing insurance trade deadline show. Second the last one next one will be on the actual day of the non waiver trade deadline and -- albeit 6 o'clock very special time. We're very special show Alex. Doesn't get much more special that drive by -- -- pick to Dallas so far this has been very special. First hour in the books that the second hour coming up right now. In this hour arguing as Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels he just made a trade. Joaquin Soria very contrasting reliever for couple prospect will talk to about that also talked to about what it's like. The trade market for the -- pitcher which exactly what he did last year Matt Garza and and what that price might. Yields. Certainly -- in Charlie value target by Tom Lester begin talk about. That sort of dynamic right absolutely the trades that he has been directly involved him. So 6177797937. Before brightly we get the break I agree the mean David Price that -- And David Price along with Jon Lester -- -- in there double -- antsy to Margaret extreme broadcast year rate year. Out shall be in Tampa with a -- coverage and the I dot com. And it. -- of -- David Price. Has been probably the biggest name talked about throughout this whole trade deadline. A period. And price is an interesting I just talked to someone yesterday Jack QB yes we really thought price was -- he would rated. And the reason was because his value is probably the highest it is right now. It also because this is how camp did those things. Tampa has been able to sustain what they've done over the last year few years by staying ahead of the curve. Now the flip side of that is it there on a run they're getting back into it they feel good about themselves so it makes a little more tricky. But still. I do think he's gonna get -- I know it's a tough one because they've they've they've rarely sold on their elite guys in the middle of the season right like they would have to be raised. Waving a white flag at a time when they've been basically the best one of the best teams in baseball. Over the course of more than a month. They were there the same team that most people. I think you know -- most people including members of the Red Sox organization I don't think it's secret. Up projected to be as good a team is there was in the AL east. So I know it's at that once a real old Richard. Yeah it is I guess maybe how they can look at the race which is yes his value was it's highest right now. Yep because you get that half a year and you get the full year it and you get the traffic QB -- -- If you went to the off season you don't get to half the year correct okay. Our baby isn't worth it. He did that all less of a value for this run that they could potentially go down the baby that's others think of it. But I'll come back to -- this is how they are so good they are so good at staying ahead of the curve whether it's trading guys whether it's signing guys to contract. This is how they've done it. Yes I agree entirely. Pressure because they've drafted badly they have needed their pro scouting. In order to be able to be -- sustain this run of success. What they've done over the many over the last many years is to take prospects from other systems and turn them into really impact the players for themselves. But I will go back to the fact that I can't recall the last time that they made. A blockbuster where they sent an all star away. At the trade all. Because they've -- in the offseason I mean -- in 2011 they were I think six games back of the all star break. They got back into account elected doing now so there really haven't been to two out of it to the point where they say it wouldn't trade off. A guy and I don't think there's been a situation like this of David Price were such -- going to be a high price -- -- which they say -- we cannot sign this guy but another thing about price is that. I'm interested to see where Seattle wins on this whole situation Seattle I know. Have a hasn't it in trust him price. He he's visited the he's the next guy I think he really wanna target after big target and he can now. So if price goes to Seattle. And what does that do for Jon Lester because I think the perception is to the places that Jon Lester could very well. Realistically land in Atlanta where he has a home in Seattle. Obviously where he's from both places. Perceived to have money ball places perceived to be. Contenders down the road. Other other suitors -- Yep I mean -- those those the two that pop up and I -- Betemit to meet the fascination with the price dynamic of the what if the rays do decide that they wanna keep prices. And if they are quick to move him then all of a sudden. Teams that think. Make it really did teams is suddenly -- -- scarcity of elite starting pitchers on the market. This out you know between now and July 31 start thinking wait a second what would we give up for Jon Lester. Before that and yeah I talked yourself and your column tomorrow is go to Kevin province Gavin you're doing. A guy -- -- lesson here right now that you are making me think you know Iguodala spoke they talk argument apart John -- And we really actually earlier after his money is low and his value so I Olerud starts. You know he could pull it decent trade we -- and trade. -- but you know going back to last year when the Sox didn't sign Jacoby all Barry. I and I thought okay. Let Stuart coming up this year you know. It drop off target and something million aren't Jacoby and then after -- outlast the following year I'll take pitcher -- pitcher or position player. -- -- So we -- trying to senate they don't work out that -- deal. Or Leicester that keeps the -- for awhile and it's are the young players achieved that yet or not feel integrate cheap. Unfortunately we have our starting shortstop playing right field and -- -- -- -- are you going to but even through there and armed Bradley -- between what's getting into the field you don't which. Vocal out senate field -- there -- so much but back and let him mature until lineup so we really haven't put -- There's it's as far as training Lester. You know what they haven't been able to do is develop power hitting outfielders left -- right fielder -- politic for it it's been. So -- deal and come back we got when he objected. Not to come back with someone with you know the ability. In a trade would -- -- -- -- Leicester sure thank stick my. Like every -- a lot of good topics Arab -- start. The first thing I would say if he mentioned a couple times which is yet have a great -- have a great team you don't know what type team -- you -- and I think that that's exactly where we're standing. Once you get -- the trade deadline. What you have to do -- you have to start prioritizing figuring out what you have Jackie Bradley was encouraging up at the last couple days. What are you haven't Jackie Bradley is the next couple couple months what are you haven't seemed to Bogart's can he continue to evolve. Can he get on the type of Ron where you feel good about him go to second -- will Brock -- continue to do what he's doing. That's what you have to -- right you don't give Kansas State are you got a great team to get these young players. I guess you have guys who have high ceilings but you don't know what their floors are and so there's a great deal of uncertainty that's why this season has been so difficult for the Red Sox. They haven't had a reliable baseline of performance and frankly they're veterans have also played into that. But now I think that. It's you don't have right I agree that you have guys who could be good but you don't know that there are good and so then the question becomes. How do you create impact using some of these guys the trade deadline can you create impact. Of guys Hewitt who would kind of clearly move ahead of some of these other guys in the pecking order that's where things get interest. Yeah I hated to where they would on this little streak of winning. It was the perfect storm there wise. This is what it was all about you had Jackie Bradley finally hitting his -- it comes Christian Vasquez the under -- grass looks better Brock colds do it is think and guess what going into this that was second half of the season. All these guys are going to be fresh -- not have injuries because they're younger players it's all covered together and the views. Three straight to tomorrow I will say that one of the biggest things that's happened to the Red Sox recently is that Stephen Drew started getting on base again a lot and he he may be creating some trade value for them. Which I think would be I mean if they're out of it. Then moving through and be able to just give Bogart's a shot at shortstop. And see what that's a great one I mean we talked about Brady interest yeah that's a great one figuring things out in the in the last couple months. Bogart's it short of the top analyst Joseph province you don't. They'll they'll you know that. You know I think that we really really match up well Cardinals. Portrayed out and the weather. Are not alone. We. Trade Lester or peavy or both of them on Miller or it you know they could use drew and they called peak as a back up. I don't know how much remembered for the World Series last year because it was quite the Achilles -- of that team and I don't think they gonna get by what they have. Defensively. If you were to get any sort of package back including you know. It's a very is for Scottie. Our home Carlos Martinez I was you know we get everybody. Well you know -- very good young players and we could easily give them an Allen -- it's pathetic that they're just renting peavy were the disorienting lesser -- maybe. So we have their starting pitching and we wouldn't miss some. Now one iota of a couple of guys on Ellis -- -- -- Yeah I do think that your your right in that if if the Red Sox are interested in a complicated deal they'd eat that would have prospects moving. In both directions. Where they would try to fight that kind of middle of the potential middle of the order guy or that impact outfielder who's currently missing. At the Major League level for them. Then I think that you're right that they would they were probably dip into there. Into their pitching ranks because they do have depth they're the -- -- Henry Owens around they'd be willing to entertain the conversation on the next level prospects beyond Webster's. Pop up about the ruby -- -- I think that they're pretty intrigued by him but you know the Webster's the Barnes is the Varnado is that set Chara. Met who could kind of be back end of the -- the rotation. Answers for them I guess Webster has little bit more upside. And then yes create an answer a lot of needs of another team. That's where it gets interesting I still have a hard time believing that the Cardinals are going to be in a position where they would consider. Dealing away taveras. I must there's something it's gone awry which would put them in the same position they were -- with the -- last past few years ago. Oh yeah you don't -- if he really wasn't working is if it will Koji I would love to see Matt Barnes. Goal into the bullpen. And work tomorrow and see what he can do bring them up. They've got a lot fastball and I don't really you know we don't have to have them and their starting group out on the starter and got to give him a chance who we really don't have anyone on the horizon. Coming up who's going to be back in the the ball and -- That's the greats I -- -- and what I wanna talk about witches we had just been talking about that you know it would which is which of these guys that you think you're going to trade. Which once you have replacement war in which one don't you would you be surprised that some of these guys -- value or trade him well. It creates a pretty significant void in some of these areas if you do trade him. And coach he's at the top of the list now a toxicology. Yesterday said that he hasn't talked the Red Sox about a contract extension. Third now you're getting the trade deadline you don't know what that extensions can be I think they feel pretty confident they can work something out one way or the other even if you have to go to qualifying offer -- which would be so so unique. But if you dealt Koji like a lot of people think they should. Then that is the perfect example what are you replace -- with cannot replace them with Matt -- -- sorry yeah you don't have the the -- successor and I think that they acquired moved -- With the idea that you would be the clothes or fallback option. No he's not the clothes or fallback option anymore now than the other reliever. Who has been taught talked about -- trade rumors and people I think Alex -- to say it straight out at Andrew Miller no big deal. Well trading Andrew Miller. Told he's replacement. Yet they're the Red Sox don't have that guy who's already established asserted himself. In the upper levels must -- Brandon Workman and there's there's a decent possibility that he could be. -- back and reliever for them and you know he had some of the comparisons that for just the makeup comparisons. It's a Papelbon coming through the Red Sox system. In terms of his aggressiveness and he's been nothing but good for the both are good good and obviously he was a very important late innings contributor. Two World Series winning team but. Yeah that would if you talk Europe you're really talking about a kind of the an area for the Red Sox in terms of impact lead innings arms when you start to think about what's beyond Koji. Well there with -- week yeah I hated that without you you hit the nail on the head. He -- was an important guy. Because he was going to be the -- if the coach he was going to be the pitcher our league who was going to be able fill in for coach you when he couldn't pitch in the end of the game. But add to your point. -- -- -- -- He could slide on ran out and that's not working -- that is getting that you know yeah it really is it doesn't really serve any kind of purpose at all. Now he's mean he's a guy who you put into a game where that is where the separation is seven runs or more yet so we go -- a list of of guys who could potentially be leaving. Though Koji you don't cut replacement for -- to think that -- is our locker step up close yet and I'll say now. We've already -- he doesn't eat. The guy flat out came out and said I don't like pitching in the ninth inning. That's that the guy I will -- a parent -- plays that is so you have the marathon so the one of the greatest runs a closer ever had go ahead. You do it even though you don't like it's in there. So our -- Yes yeah well done Boston -- -- much so Koji Andrew Miller the Skoda analyst peavy you do whoever plays and four that's why don't mind trading at one idea yet. And peavy is a guy who we talk about deals. The more that I think it was Joseph we're just caller right. The more guitar the -- start thinking they don't this are so focused on peavy be traded for one player I start thinking about peavy being part of Italian. Yes yes and again that's where that's where that Blue Jays. Cardinals model of 2011 is interesting if you're able to say look. You're a contender it has sport needs. Yes we have eight free agency staff let's start talking about how we can address them in you know drew is if drew looks like you guys who can address some of those needs. There's a scarcity of shorts out he has a track record of being a good second half player in these last couple of years that interest me. You take a different hitter in the last week or so or he's walked in nine of the last ten game yet in and he's swinging with a lot more competent. Boy he's picked up where you left off last year he's been just really really did so I think that that. That profiles as the perfect opportunity. To make the trade no matter what I mean I say no matter what -- there but no matter what because your point. One of the things I think you have to find out these last few months. You have to prioritize. In a Bogart's it short. You really do it's -- mean you're you also just wanna put him in a position where America to be comfortable and perform -- That was a bad play at third base the other day. Let's not dismiss the fact that he didn't spend a day at third base in spring training guy and so yeah I know I mean he's I get it he's 21 EE you've spent a lot of time at third base. I know I'd get it. But still. On on a team that was perceived as a playoff team as a team that was. Up until Tuesday. They were hope they're gonna win the play it in the post season. You're third baseman who has been playing there as long as he has passed to make a play short it is the reality of younger players which as I said before. I think -- week at a discount. Sure I I don't disagree that's not a step that was not a playoff over now -- that's the Tigers last year. In which case that was like the best -- -- it -- an -- at a six foot 777979837. Coming up. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels is going to join as he is let's see we've done this is our fourth trade deadline show. Fourth straight new club New England trade deadline choke. We've had on Dayton Moore of the Kansas City Royals general manager we've had on Mike he's an assist general manager. The Boston Red Sox we have Alex in populist Toronto Blue Jays general manager. My missing someone I mean I was on as a guest ones I was -- right now it was exciting now -- we -- -- -- the Houston Chronicle and all of a very exciting. We haven't had a bad collar bad -- It's in -- the runners that we've always had a bad post. I disagreed vehemently -- Fix what 77797937. Pub knowingly and serves trade -- show Hobbs and after the break Jon Daniels Texas Rangers gentlemen. Tyler back on the -- doing to an insurance. Trade deadline show. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com along with Alex -- of these -- a organization. We're going to be having on Jon -- Texas Rangers general manager coming up years and -- short minutes. But Alex we're talking about before the break about. -- guys and the Red Sox. Are probably going to be looking straight Buick through Koji no replacement there Andrew Miller no -- replacement. Jake Peavy you do not replacement. Jonny Gomes. He probably -- find a replacement. Right there -- the right handed bat who's able to impact left and pitching and you Bartlett applied at a will middle Brooks is back nine by more playing opportunities for him. And then to go down the list -- roster is an interesting one I think because. Ross is the guy who. He probably could use you know veteran catcher all we did use a veteran catchers down the stretch. By he could serve really really valuable purpose that I I think they hang on to a for the sole reason he's the guy they want to run -- -- I think they keep him next year real. Yeah I I think that they had his value as a mentor. With Vazquez out and maybe Blake -- hard getting pretty close next year. Is considerable. Down -- it's it's always his body holds up you know there and I think that. We we've seen with David -- I completely across only played thirty something games last year the -- we remember lap sixty day DL for the yeah I know but I guess maybe it's because he vols played thirty games in the postseason. Dusty seemed out way by thirty something games he's played around that this year. -- he seems to be hitting a little bit better by as a planter fascia IDs now need. It's weird when he says when a player says -- yeah -- friend -- -- first hoping it rip off -- lieutenant ripped off my foot. That's an atypical proclamation yes that is an eight a lot of atypical proclamations. But this so we have him your roster of peavy obviously then you get to Jon Lester. But first before we get to the red the Red Sox create news we wanna talk to. Jon Daniels Texas Rangers general manager come up here in a minute and I think he's up right. Now John how you doing. -- -- are you good good so John you're on with. Myself and Alex beer both of WI dot com you know I I assume you know very well. Are you well you know as well enough it yes thanks very much for being honest shot has some -- it in the Boston area -- Dunkin' Donuts. Enough ago and the other places in the area but job we've been talking about the trade deadline obviously a week ago and and you just made a trade -- involving. -- Soria for a couple minor leaguers my question regarding that I'm just fascinated by one you know it's time. In other words you -- -- weeks ago -- the trade deadline what you know that that is the deal to make that's going to be the best deal would make at that time. Well at you don't ever know on 2% to that you can change I think there's there's different strategies different teams employ you know certainly. If it. If you have kind of a unique. Player. And you feel confident. Monitor it turned out that they're making some. You know some. Reasons to wait till the deadline -- -- deadline during an industry and then you -- the price goes up at happy unique guy out there you know Mark Teixeira. 2007. You know we've we've and I wanted to wait and make sure we got the -- -- -- he opens -- unique. As far as I know that the player was in and point seven year old switch hitting middle -- guys got within nobody else out there. So that need for for a contending club. There's a case with Soria. Personal very tough -- to make. And very very good player. On the team great make up winning guy again to get control over for next year. Land that we expect have a much. Much better club. We really kind of established our own mind and -- level -- -- little value -- scout a lot of work. Background of tutored the organization. And we felt like if we can get above that line so to speak. That we would you know once we understood that your players weren't enough. On the buyers that we would move is that there is some risk obviously there -- other players that that's shortened Bowden and acquired. And I wouldn't injure it could be or bounces of the player and you know thinking Noah differently so you ever think -- it is unique. To that specific player and circumstance but those personal factors into why we decided to move we did. John I think taking further step back you know it's it's strikes me is being such a hard thing per team to enter a two year with such high expectations particularly given. You know where you had been shopping in the offseason. And then the change gears and be thinking you know I'm sure that you know through the first you know through the first month to month of the season. You work counts -- your focuses. What can I acquire in order to give us this chance of contending how difficult is it to change gears when you have so much invested in 2014. Tibetans say are for the for the sake of the organization we have to be sellers. Great question. We were 35 and 35. And been a lot of injured players -- what I thought that. You know and the cavalry was coming back at some point we're gonna get healthy I think over the last five to six weeks. And we played poorly -- -- a record as soon as we. In a period by the worst record in the game and and really on on that a bit but more importantly. From it simple and a mindset where you're talking about at the same time we got a number of those players we hoped would be coming back. The relative they're not. And so you know put it on the spot or not only are we felt we right now but. You know the answers to shorter term answers so to speak that we hope that -- -- not going to be either for a they get to a point where. You know are looking at Republicans don't know some of the reasons -- strongly this year -- -- look like next year out what that. Medium term aren't sports and the point you know we've ever supported ownership group that we have pretty stable. Group we've been together now for nine years and you know where it -- biggest setback and -- -- valuation relative you know we. We need to grip on things pitching depth being one of them broke the news in the two deals wouldn't it. With target a little bit you know prospect that we liked. John deals text Rangers general manager joining us here on the -- -- would trade deadline show and job to give back a year and you -- different position obviously. But this dynamic of going after a pitcher who is perceived as a -- rental guy in this case it was Matt Garza. How typical a decision was that knowing that you don't look at the draft pick and obviously you. That's why David Price is so valuable right now because he Donnelly and this year but next year going back to that decision. How to furcal was to allocate what you allocated. For a guy who knew you knew the problem is only going to be with you for a couple months. Evidence that the top one. And the way we looked at a time. Orders sort of repeat -- Of course what we we thought we had a without the American League someone up for perhaps that's and there are a number of guarantees. We didn't unit that that time in July and who believe anybody. Sure you go the separate from the acronyms. You know Oakland Detroit. And below. -- in Boston goes on when the whole thing but this into the middle of the season and we felt we we could truly contend with those clubs and I wanted to get shot we've been to last the previous three years. You wanna continue that and we also knew that we had a little bit cheated and and with the club. Free agents that look -- consistently -- coming up and and we wanted to kind of -- given -- real shot. I think there's not become like. You know Abu you don't trade around the players and and obviously. He gave up a lot of years -- control back yet. I'm a little bit of the month when you have a chance to win it went in front of you know we just take it and it was close we did. I know how special it is that are unique it is to win to have a chance. Course -- like no longer term control players of course that's preferable but. So I think you have to won't take a little chance we could and -- You know -- If you're not completely risk averse take a little bit of a chance that you result. And approaches the way it. And -- that's subject you know it and it from the from the dynamic there where you currently find ourselves it is you know it is interesting to see the kind of impact that you are able to. To Garner the trade market and you know I I wonder. How aware were you know how aware were you of the lack of cellars you know that you were competing with did you feel like you had. You know did you feel like there were there were few people who define themselves. At this stage of of July. In so it gave you kind of an opportunity to really. Bear down and figure out what you wanted to get for a guy like a Soria. Yeah you try to pay attention certainly don't what else out there both sides of it. There Loretta wrote I'm a year where things change your so I think you can't get cocky and think it would get in my diet. You know somebody loses her border over the weekend. And the next week. You know they go from. You know three back of the wildcard. Six or seven back in other behind five or sixteen minutes you know we're gonna. You know we're not gonna I'm not -- used only to be cavalier about it but he. Certainly you're aware what would scorn on the marketplace. You try to be your best effort out there to two. Know who you're competing with -- -- but really comes down to the individual deal and especially his situation with what teamwork. We had a year and a career control we didn't feel like we had to move on but once we got above that line and we felt Thompson and not enable. -- that that level of value for us. We're complement the. It'd -- at the all star game -- since a catcher but he -- Beltre in. And I know that that's a pretty big commit be made five years and at that Miami's -- who's in his thirties -- right around thirty when you signed him. And he's looked up to that he's looked up to that deal I mean he's been he's been one of the best players in baseball through while. How do you how do you view that him and the reason I ask is because there's a lot of conversation. About pitchers and position players alike going through the thirties on these five year deals how did you view that at that time. That very question we did a lot of work on it. And certainly. You know the general rule. And as you'd expect and we looked like players aging patterns and and the bulk Irvin when he gets PT. You know you'd typically don't wanna go long into into guys did upper thirties an obvious. The problem that goes some of the best players and are out flyers strike but players are getting there at 91 years old. And a lot of cases the best players all in elder players are producing and dignity in late thirties at them. Some cases. We we are -- -- we only Adrian was in that category with Billick used. Figure -- as we look back on of the hall of Famer. I think that I think ultimate -- and -- could be you know light. And we felt like you know he really -- gonna maintain that level place for. Her you know maybe if you work for years more than more than ever -- And go back and look at a lot of clusters. That you know probably maybe some viewed as. You know they're at -- tool that amendment but they end up performing -- -- -- honor Mike Mussina there. And Jayson Werth student good job for Washington in the contract that made it when next time. People view it a little differently. I was sitting at Papa he can't always signing guys and -- mid thirties you're gonna get burned but. Are we -- he was an exception rule. It's interesting to think about approaching the opera to the trade deadline now in a season -- been unquestionably you know a surprise and in naturally. A disappointment in terms of where the record is but I I I have little doubt that you guys are kind of -- for bear in 2015 with the idea that you can. You can turn this around pretty quickly. Our argue is that something that explains to me it seems like there's a great deal of volatility. In in terms of even elite teams in baseball right now. Where it's possible to -- kind of the needled jumping up and down in terms of what's happening on a year to year basis we've certainly seen it up here with the Red Sox you know even to see you know to see you guys going through a year like this. But with the I think you're not far from contending you have a means of explaining why that's suddenly becoming possible baseball. Well the amount of level the rules are. Actually set up to create. Amateur position rules. Are set up the great parity. And great access to the best young players based on. You know the finishing up a spot in the standings. And we're we're we had chances this year -- and certainly don't want to -- -- was -- -- on that way but. And it was set up such that it an enormous advantage. To finish -- I'm in it with I think. And it with a week to look at an industry we have. An incentive. To lose on some level. And nobody wants to acknowledge that in strongly and we built -- -- in the against the blues got. And whereas in the NBA if he finishes the last. Well -- record east but get people who have -- lottery right you know you're not guaranteed. Pick first. You know a million examples where that doesn't happen. And the baseball I only do you get to pick first than you get a bigger threat budget they're cool. So you actually get in the the access to the top water but you also get it. The advantage of moving money around and having more money -- spent throughout the draft. Simply on the international side plus you get that something a little and McKnight probably reclaim all winter. On and the first spring training the first month of the next year. -- -- -- you know -- -- up -- so they'll work a lot of times over you have an advantage. In terms of acquiring players. I can almost every avenue except for trade in Major League free agent that I do think that contributes to what you -- Chela -- -- out how I was gonna say you know how you know -- you -- you then you know you've been look at those and say. You know as disappointing as this year's been yet winning fifteen is going to be an opportunity for us to reestablish who we've been in and you know kind of arc in to reach our competitive ambitions. For sure I'm number. I think you know personal. We're real healthy. It's hard and a 100% talent helped turn everything around but. You know we're gonna get a 100% of our guys back at all understand -- -- but. We're gonna be a lot healthier and -- a chance to see Prince Fielder to crow bar and Derek Holland and shippers marquee -- you know guys that are our core guys for us. Hopefully it won't feel together through an average chance there this year. And it's also an opportune an owner's -- Hopefully we're not picking first in the draft but you know we will have access to do that a little bit different level of you know amateur players and we've had here last few years and I would much rather be picking the bottom of the draft and he -- -- event in the when Europe. The last question is a starter exactly yesterday and he thought that. That a lot of this trade deadline was gonna go right down the wire it's gonna go down to 31 to yeah actually thought it might you be perceived by a lot of teams as this is our offseason this is more important in our offseason we can make moves now that. We wanna make now instead of the offseason. You think looking at how things are unfolding that this is gonna be really really have to heavily loaded the last couple days. I think so -- because it negativity see happening you see well that's an agent or we can get to see. It seems that -- away a little bit and then wanted to -- finishing piece. He's really ball back in the pack and look at it a little differently. It is. -- also get as prices get established on the market may have the team that called back a little bit as you know I'd like. We're -- cashed in on on this these other guys come available you know later as you move on. And -- lately that is kind of a fun time of the year I'd much rather be buying. You know trying to make our team better right now. I would expect to see quite a bit in the. But judge Dale's Texas Rangers GM John really appreciate you joining us and you're really really busy this time a year but always good to talk. Much appreciate like an -- to Mondale's Texas ranch via Amazon said in and always -- lightning in and it's certainly in a unique -- Position this year different from as -- pointed out a lot different from -- was a year ago and in. I'll think they've never -- the last time they were sellers it's been it's been years and you know Teixeira. That landmark trade you know that that was the last time that they that they really. Mean -- me a huge -- you know from I think 200720082009. They were building and in 2010 may -- camera boy that was a great dancer in relief. Insightful. Apollo. The motivation of finishing last. Yeah I really want our -- advantages yeah I mean think about it and they that you have a team like that. Who was good good good good. Been really bad. -- now has these as he pointed out the 456. Advantages. -- out and then on top of a team that was already perceived to be good by had a flood of injuries. Does not such a bad thing if the if you can whether -- one year why how. Yeah hi Andy -- and that's that's the thing like it's losing is really hard for the wave of these guys are wired. But if you came if you can do it in there and just get it out of the way in what year then you know it changes a lot about how you approach in between the Red Sox where it's. Where were. Dealing with a total novelty when they were planning for the draft last year because they just they were dealing with a different caliber prospects. Did it ever dealt with and ironically they might actually had a better after this -- anyway so we're giving it one more break here before we hit the road at midnight as we always do in Thursday's. You squeeze and a call 6177797937. Will wrap things up. Our final thoughts before the last. Non waiver trade -- one club doing insurance non waiver trade lines show which will be next Thursday at 6 o'clock final thoughts and not after. I get. Explicit instructions from Matt -- Producer extraordinaire of the show. Owner of a -- -- -- feature. Maybe the proudest owner opera Bradford Easter may. Thank you there's Twitter account is. I don't know what he think it here QU. SSA. YU 289 otherwise Q why. I'll have time. At that. Go back to job today yet the expert Matt excellence we when you -- followers on Twitter yeah well I mean -- you're you're begging not to be follow on Twitter. At. I would love to where QU SS a wide to two late ninety -- but that will never happen but thank you February now Brad poster. Though -- some calls and your bill Tennessee made -- billion on the hot -- insurance trade deadlines you know. Well. Rob out are you -- very well you know what that blow blow. With all the -- goes marked up I wanted to outlet they're a lot out of here. It to one question in the Red Sox have to. Put themselves out there. But there's McNabb. Has not talked about but is it is that is one of them and. I don't believe all of just say I don't believe so in terms of being a helpers going forward. -- he has been -- he's been cancer free for. For what we are now in eight years with. It which which basically reduces the risk of any recurrence. Him out of the normal populist yeah. Yeah it bill I am really we really appreciate you bringing up that subject I know it is home for you and and I think it's it's. The logical path to go down we have to look at every single part of Jon Lester at the look at every part of the situation. And and when they bring up fortunately for Jon Lester when they bring up his name bill now. It's he had his only physical makeup. In the his entire career really has been that time which he'll also -- site is saying listen. If I got over that I don't worry about this other stuff. And -- maybe you brought something up without even us know it which is we talked about Lester handling all the stuff so so well. Maybe some large part to that. Right. Where he divorce but you know what -- -- divorce but all of a sudden you are now they're here now. Yeah apparently it again and you know what. It adequate. While the gap record -- and bill thanks so much for the because I hadn't. I think fit what Jon Lester has done since then you should be commended for. Certainly it was a tough time in in you've got to this point in this is he signed the contract early on he got security he wants to carry this time. It just hasn't worked out for the outside it's it's going to be an interesting next week -- really obvious could be the last week received no roster and rents are. Staggering reality I still think that's unlikely but it's it's huge to have possibilities that -- -- possibility it's -- that -- -- or every -- restaurant -- talking about -- like the mindset of people involved in the opportunities -- a buyer -- at the -- it changes that are -- -- get out of here again thanks to -- -- the -- also you if you -- listen to the entire show will be up when WI dot com along with the Jon Daniels -- thank you Jon -- Texas Raiders general manager for doing -- thank you Alex -- I'll see you everyday this week probably coming up all the way to next Thursday that's where will be back. The hot knowingly and trade deadline show -- him.

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