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Peter King: In New England Darrelle Revis will show why he's a top 2 corner in football

Jul 24, 2014|

We return to our weekly segments with the one and only Peter King of MMQB and NBC's Football Night in America.

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Kind of feel like old school dale and -- now president. Elena holly have been reunited. And we've been reunited as well with our NFL insider. Joining us that today for the first time which will talk to throughout the course of the season. The they head honcho for BM and QB. Peter King from Sports Illustrated joins us hello Peter. Reunited and it feels so good. -- -- been very good how are you guys what's up man I don't. Everything's going great how are you might. Papadore grabs just check out to training camp schedule here all over the place. Like I put it he put that you checked out delicate on the website. His Vietnam going to be here this Davis here this day that he has writing day. Writing days silverlight two or three days and that goes securities focusing on the ground in the focusing on. Chargers and and a lot of support when I start off with this forward. The football stuff. Well I mean occasionally. -- trip. You need to have a I try to call it a serenity now today. Where. You basically. Just sit in a hotel or you exit somewhere and you don't pay any attention football for eight or ten hours because. Thought he'd been doing her sixteen hours that they -- Overall this is really the most fun thing I do during the course of the year professionally because. You know I don't I don't travel -- my experience he's in the right used new and so. You know the opportunity to. Get. You know I -- weird you know I spent twenty minutes could Con Coughlin yesterday. Kind of a -- looking Newsom and and John Harbaugh and Joseph Flacco. So I mean it's it's good to be able to. See people face betrayed who you're right about talk about all the. Well -- that's a perfect that quake that do what it taught you about fun stuff and and -- -- -- as well but. You're with Ozzie Newsome and Harbaugh and Flacco and I think the news out of Baltimore's little surprising out of out of Baltimore New York NFL offices. Ray Rice I expected more than two game suspension. I don't know if you agree with that and it gives some insight as to why it was only two games. You know Michael I think. I think probably most of the certainly the media world from tracking it on Twitter in both the republic. I think. Believe agree right Scott about the easy way is. A two game suspension to beat Hillary even and so that would clear. Usually when what are your best players get suspended for two games you're not really happy about it but I think ravens were relieved. I think what this came down to for Roger beat bill. Is that. You know at the end of the day. Ray -- was not convicted of anything. And even though. -- and you know he clearly now it is being physical altercation. -- its fiance and I think. Where the NFL gets in trouble on this is that they have the crowd at the table and hold players every single year. At the rookie symposium. And at other events you have to respect women and not torture in. A woman. He just can't do that and then -- at the opportunity. To set an example I think because -- Wright has been fairly close to a model citizen who is spin. You know until that event happened he would clearly. The number one guy in the community on the Baltimore Ravens used this state spokesman for anti bullying campaign. So you know I think he also. Got some credit some some points or whatever you call it. Four award for what he had done in his past which. I think -- been very good at that point. I don't Ray Rice hasn't announced yet whether or not he's that'll appeal this. I find it hard to believe he would woody I doubt -- dearly he would appeal now I don't think -- anyways will they. When you look at in speaking of Harbaugh and hopefully have the right Harbaugh he's the Harbaugh who had a guy blowout as Achilles on the conditioning rent today right. Yeah -- They did the Aaron Ross the former giant -- In the conditioning era and today. Torn Achilles and which seemed right. Incredible injury for somebody who. You know probably I would think was in pretty cheap coming into. You know coming into training camps so what are we salute each inning error or whatever -- I don't know -- announced that it. It's sort paled in comparison with the rest of the news today. Don't elect Peter thank god you need to get a life I I didn't get what you need to get a life because he -- -- for charity camp as you pointed out. Trying to figure out the best team in July before the game has been quite a little crazy to try to -- alive because I'm gonna ask you about not paying attention to I think -- You're probably a little higher on the world and then a lot of people when I was curious. After while you have the patriots that believe it's six or seven just tell me about what you see it what do you think about that knowing the patriots won Tuesday's. Well I mean. Especially if you're. Just taken a whack at this before training camp begins. I think one of the things that should try to do. It is you try to predict the future a little bit. And one of the reasons I am New Orleans is that I think last year Rob Ryan. You know started. Are real kind of landslide with -- defense playing better. And I think the second year under -- is gonna be even. Even better and sixteen year old competent defensive play or you know the better defensive play. I think he really learned last year had to use young safety Kenny occur when a new hybrid -- -- And and I think right now they're -- They're much better team than they were the middle of last year and I think now. To any green in cook. It's such a good player he's your rookie receiver from our in state potentially -- such a good player. For -- after her team or whatever they play you know field or whatever it is super ago. But. We cam on the rug and these can be extremely dangerous and I think. -- against -- for 5000 plus it's just the matter how much -- that theory of over 5000 and so. I like them I like them a little bit better in Carolina I think you're the best team in their division. So we'll see what happens -- And I kind of think the NFC teams right now when I look at. The landscape like the NFC right now a little bit more mediators they. We're talking to Peter King Sports Illustrated in the MM QB. Look let's be honest Bill Belichick economic news very often when he gets together with a -- fact usually just the opposite he tries to keep the news from yet. So when he just casually dropped the word yesterday that Rob Gronkowski been cleared -- full go for training -- -- was out on the field with his teammates today. It's surprised a lot of us do you think it surprised the other teams in the AFC east. Well it's obviously been an excellent offseason for rehab for Rob Gronkowski because clearly. I think most people felt that he'd start training camp. And physically unable to perform. And the fact that he hasn't tells me that. Patriots feel very confident that he's not only gonna be ready starters -- but you'll be ready to be sixteen game player. One of the key things for the patriots that they shown in the past few years. Look at all the players. That they have not only been sort of if they haven't rushed. In two. You know into play. In training camp because they just view that. Air training camp training camp -- big names are worker or are what's important. But I think the other things they've done is that they Denny Berry could drop -- they're good players. Are both knowing exactly. Went to -- in training camp. You know and if you feel like you need to be you know wait -- a couple weeks into the season there or whatever you know they've shown signs that. What were gonna try to do. We're gonna try to play for the long haul American try to played it. You know the first game is the most important game of the season and we have to rich people helped -- so. But I was I was a little bit surprised about that and clearly affected the planning. Says to me that the patriots thinking here heck of a chance you. And get help the end to be sixteen game player. You know Peter we were talking yesterday on the show about know what we're looking forward to and I was announced report -- A game changing. All time great perhaps defensive player for the patriots we think Tom Brady is that guy. What his career is over he's probably gotta be -- But I don't think there's anybody on the patriots who who we considered about on defense we've seen in their prime and in Darrelle Revis. Could be that got -- wondering you know what the people I we were going over a list yesterday. A game changing people on the secondary -- magic -- plot -- to Deion Sanders and night train lane in. We're just going down the list -- Ronnie Lott. Is that going too far and it is Darrelle Revis on that level or is just they're really really good quarterback and -- and possibly the best -- Well that was like oh I'm really curious he's one of the early feet and stories it's here because you want to see. Everybody thinks it Darrelle Revis -- a Eddie heater mediocre year not a not a very good year for Tampa Bay last year. Yet anybody who played Tampa -- left -- and I'll tell you. That Darrelle Revis was every -- -- 98%. As good as he was you know before he got hurt with Padilla. So I have every expectation that he's going to be really good. And you know among the top two or three quarters and -- also. Is fantastic. Signing by the patriots. For Smart money. And I think it he's gonna take its place along literature Sherman. In my opinion anyway one Q2 on whatever as the top two corners and football. Congratulations on the one year anniversary for the MM QB I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to visiting with you this year and thank you for taken a few minutes pre season as well. All the bad -- thanks for a great park it there thanks Peter. That is up Peter King joining us from Sports Illustrated and the MM QB. If you think about it. Would appear if your football fan and football fans he's a cool thing to do and have some guy who will drive your Winnebago. Just take you from camp to camp and you get there and you ought to practice the day and you get back in the Winnebago and some guys driving. Go to the next town in the watch them for what I mean it be the coolest thing to be deal. Yeah I -- you go all around net that he pointed out he's got a mess. He pointed out the things that he's gonna miss the -- he's gonna miss this year he saw them last year but it's only like. Maybe seven teams. So it's going to be able to see yeah I think 25 point five games. Pretty good training camp to be fun. When we come back here to Gillette we don't you think -- let -- like picture with whoever Winnebago into the show meant I got a feeling for commercial -- been -- we can probably. Hop on for a short stint. But do I got a feeling we -- doing the show from the road purely from the road in a Winnebago. We got a driver -- -- -- got a guy drives. -- predictive Michael we can't get the broadcast rights. Were -- not emotion and all will be well but they would let up and tell you can't be over dial Connecticut airport and gets a fair point but. You know people step up when they are challenges. See -- we get the challenge of doing it. It a Winnebago. That's when -- see people do their best work. Let's -- to be here -- Peter King king left his beer. Crowd appears that it's only the best not to be stock would clear the man like the. We'll have so much fun but all that clear when we come back to Gillette Stadium we'll talk about the first -- no pats now don't get crazy although it was funny. I somewhere they brought pads out at the end of practice today and then I saw a picture tweet about it to be a problem -- pads back. -- about just to make the rookies like them back to the locker room afterwards because it was a non padded practice today. But we'll talk about guys who stood out already first day no pads you -- it -- you hear names you hear people talking about stuff. We'll get to that we'll talk with you guys -- Sox and patriots football. We're broadcasting live from -- dale and -- Sports Radio W media.

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