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It Is What It Is Cast: Patriots training camp is underway

Jul 24, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price recap the first day of Patriots training camp, including Rob Gronkowski's return to the field.

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Welcome to outside Gillette Stadium where 2014. Patriots training camp is officially under way I'm Mike to try out. Joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com Christopher price. All right Chris first day is in the books nine from about 945 to noon. Team got its first workout and -- our Rob Gronkowski was out there indeed. Taking part not in full drills mind you but really an individual practicing drills. With Tom Brady and some of the other receivers but no seven on seven drills -- eleven on eleven action he did have a brace on his right knee. Your thoughts your observations from day one. You also the brace on the left arm as well I thought he did as well as could be expected at this point in the summer you know you're not looking for him to be. The all pro world beater tight -- that we grown accustomed to over the last couple years but you just wanna be able to see him out there. On the field running around. You want to get a sense of where he is when it comes to his fitness he looked okay he didn't appear to be limited in that the drills that he took part it all say that. Very interesting to -- also. At the end of practice -- working individual Brady one on one they're going over routes they're going to overthrow the -- over technique that's the positive side you wanna build on that. It's going to be interesting to see what the pads go on on Saturday C aquarius. When it comes to not only like as it is fitness level but when it comes to crashed into other guys you noted that getting a real center. Detect. Any significance to you weigh in the outfield right behind us they were in the end zone and rob. Oh gronkowski was taking part a lot of cutting drills especially cuts towards the corner. You view that is something very positive that he is ahead of where you expected envy just you know eight months seven months removed from so. And that's the one you want to monitor going forward like you said. He was cutting he was moving cleanly it didn't appear to be limited. When he's making those cuts when he's coming in and out of those cuts when he's on the field when he's working -- Brady is -- the other quarterbacks. You looked OK and again you know were -- were talking about the first day of training camp but you know to this point. But all good. He's a lumbering tight -- I think everybody would agree with that I mean he is explosively fast don't get me wrong. But it's hard to read into whether or not he was limping or not and frankly it will be because that's his natural -- is a couple of media observers. Observed up in the tent. Up on the hill were well. Where we were watching practice for the first time. This summer let's move on to some other things Tom Brady really pointing out in his scrum with us. Talking about a couple of receivers in particular that he was very happy with -- actually -- element. The -- -- I ask amber Brady if he was particularly. Encouraged. With some of the catches that Tompkins made in the end zone going all out flat out. And Brady said you bet because when Pembroke Tompkins makes those kind of plays anybody does it lifts the whole team up. It really does I think this is a key summer for Kimbrel Compton for a couple of reasons first of all. You look at the back into that depth chart when you're talking about the wide receiver position there are some questions there you're you're looking at a group. That includes Dobson and includes Tompkins and includes Josh Boyce. Crowded position you know eating Indian history history tells any Fiji to really keep every six wide receivers have to keep five receive wide receivers this year. That means one of those guys is not going to be on the roster now we don't know if the guy's gonna go and I are they're gonna find a way to keep around. But it's go to be a numbers game back here in if KT continues to have a good camp continues have a good summer. I think he does his part to solidify his spot on this roster -- will say this it's interesting right handle what the supporters sitting up in the tent. Talking about Tompkins and -- the bit that touches the opportunities he had today I wonder how many about how many opportunities you would have had today if Aaron Dobson was on the field. Right and the reports are that Aaron Dobson will start that. Season on the PUP let's just another factored it definitely consider when as you said. Considering the back end of that receiver sharp but I don't think frankly Chris they can broke Hopkins is -- the back and I think he's closer to the front end of the receiving corps. I think it was really interesting today when they brought. I handful of the skill position guys over to this practice field. When Brady was working with the guys it was federal then it was the Amendola it was growing tells you -- with general confidence. While Josh Boyce was on the other don't know that's not to discount Josh was because Josh -- had a really good day when it came to working as a secretary and opposition is still open he -- -- Find his way onto the roster through his special teams value but. When you're talking about -- the fact that he was working with those guys today -- -- the first day of trading -- but the -- -- -- with those guys today speaks very well for his future and -- All right Chris stay number one is in the books mother nature was frankly very kind to the patriots. It was not the 85 to ninety degrees that it was on Wednesday it was more like 75 to eighty overcast. Breeze throughout practice -- not really a terrible practice. In terms of the elements for the players to endure on day number one day number two again Friday here outside Gillette Stadium will be in shorts and shells. Once again and then though the full training camp practice full -- expected to begin. On Saturday he's first for price -- Mike which rally outside Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com.

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