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Christian Fauria reviews his Madden ratings 7-24-14

Jul 24, 2014|

EA Sports released its QB ratings for Madden 15, placing Tom Brady tied for 4th with Russell Wilson. The discussion quickly shifted to Christian's Madden ratings and his perceived lack of awareness

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We've had a lot of talk this offseason about ratings are Christians and especially as it relates to Tom Brady quarterback ratings. Where is he compared to Brees Rodgers Manning is he still leave without these debates seemingly -- ad nauseam. Well the -- in ratings came out Madden football -- boy. And you probably can speak is better than anybody I know that in my time and NFL locker rooms there's always been shatter when these come out. When it comes to espn.com. Nfl.com. Fox whatever players below that kind of stuff off. Now this is where it matters though if you're rated. Low in one particular category. When it comes to Madden football league they rate it was not strong enough. Or not fast -- -- or -- overall player rating is behind. Somebody else in the game that your position. This is a big deal right so go ahead tell people were Tom Brady is and how you interpret that night think Tom is going to react to this. All right so obviously like you -- -- marry him out so. I don't actually take full -- ticket is the best car because of the players take it seriously they were really like I was like to. Seriously -- gamers big it's huge how players are rated. And people wouldn't play Madden going correct me if I'm wrong six -- 777979837. But this is always chatter within the gaming community when something when these ratings come out and I found it to be. In the locker rooms significant shatter like biscuits buzz going within the players themselves. Yes so so Tom Brady is tied. With Russell Wilson as the number for signal caller that the that the -- so here's what they say about Wilson. So Wilson is described as the ultimate dual threat and has an 86 people after about this. Eight overall for quarterbacks that ninety agility which is seventh. 92 accuracy second. And 93 the growing power rules also has 89 deep eight accent. Deep accuracy or overall race -- in throwing. On the run Brady. Out on the other on other hand has a 99 awareness was I guess means. You know he always -- when he thinks he's gonna get hit. That's -- is that -- think awareness is. -- -- pocket awareness pocket awareness -- date a pocket presence. Which is tied for -- -- -- -- and and ninety board short and -- -- -- -- third. Plus 93. Growing power -- them of the strong arm that's fine anyways so that's it so. And this article has quote little tidbit. Now this is our produce what they want -- I want to get -- did you pay attention when tight ends that you thought you were better than -- were rated better than you imagined there was a time when I did care about -- there was -- short here time to add Tivo. What Matt -- about ninety. I know mostly they cannot earlier that about maybe in the ninety's I don't know. I look at what would it matter what kids come out daily school electric doesn't view was awesome as way back and I stopped caring about years ago. A lot of guys take it seriously it especially -- I knew I was better -- another tie it and and they gave the Mattie gave him a better higher reading. Day yes yes I would be -- its recent elect and it gave him hires be back again Saturday all guy yet it's come out you would go crazy on the Soviet. And at a time. There's a time when when they were doing this they are having these when the whole motion detection rate of diesel -- -- -- bubble right yeah. And they needed guys did too light moves -- -- the guys that went down there. At a couple end zone dances you know just running to stupid -- literally years what year Augustus was. And young. I wanna see what end zone dances you inspired. Your bubbles out of this is like 96. -- shuffle. Now that they feel basically -- -- just got their just do whatever you did like. It's many you think of and they -- -- -- you -- too passive and they do as much as you could much of you can imagine they want now screw you injury -- so I I actually you are not. How slick hitting it inside track I thought I was gonna get the you know in -- -- -- and -- A little bit for the upper right you know I know your -- but still does this -- like hey on the side he'll be upbeat data dads out -- make relevant. I always found that the first second and third year guys. If they were guarding a receiver. For instance defensive backs of their regarding your receiver and you went up to on during the course of the game week and said. It when he figured covered Jack Johnson. -- frequently get the younger guys slot in. They raider like in 87 on mad but I don't think he's that good -- like this is a barometer is like with him and difficult circles is -- honest to god barometer. That other players use about one another. Yeah got a monsoon says an espn.com this is the stop right here notice the hard data but -- really looking for you to codify this. You care month and. But luckily they get to Rodgers and Manning a type first and Drew Brees. -- second. Or I guess that the third his third by himself right. The Brady. Russell Wilson -- not love Russell rules -- do the -- generated in him and he's got it you know is Kelly easiest. It -- -- make mistakes he makes good decisions -- deep ball great but. I guess today in madness of -- deal with. The weapons yet the throw to is that much over there either. Defected he can run and -- -- -- first downs from running make it easier he hasn't really jackpot tech mobile over the get a body couldn't stop them. Given he's also he's I mean again I'm were were debating. Maybe you'll gain rating system now that I'm not and they're not sitting here trying to figure out why Russell Wilson although he is very good. He's a product of his team I was admitted he still -- -- interchange these cornerbacks can you put Russell Wilson onto the -- to put Tom Brady. On the Celsius he can -- deaths now wanna see what is green is did he keep his computer rating. On another team and you ask you right literally imagine can you train the guys earlier I think he's could theoretically. Can you do that can you do that on that and I haven't played an added in years I imagined I would not been Alyssa how do. -- -- draft entry draft the entire league at all do you put Russell Wilson. On some of the slop that Tom Brady gets the -- of series like. That Dallas that now like to see now give -- usery. 61777. -- 7937. If you want to be the dominant CEO like I play electric mobile it was like -- to take -- 85 players in the you're always gonna win lets you play the raiders and Bo Jackson scored every time it was granted the access isn't there something on YouTube where they org guy. Is as is is Bo Jackson -- hands off the ball Bo Jackson he just hasn't run for like an hour and no ever -- know can attack LaMont horrible. It is out of your mood as he goes to like he's -- score a touchdown called back the way. If it is does it because your -- Jackson's Alter pay it was really good -- game Kurt Warner. The running back curt Warner from the Seattle Seahawks probably second best to -- is our member. Down our current work how's he Democrat -- yet I don't why are the Seahawks remember the -- here and back. I just I stairs is there's 85 bears curveball and it was just Tuesday will allow -- goal was allowed to use Bo Jackson was like in just unfair. You were allowed to use him went -- to pick him as a as a as a as a team or a pack. So what was more awkward doing the bubble stuff when they put the little bubbles on you to oppose and do moves or posing with me in Lou we do and our green screen shots -- What. Probably you guys thinks elderly guys who I still haven't seen the whole knock off of The Three Stooges that we did yeah that's ever when he we have not seen obviously Sox career -- -- would -- -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- either -- Just embarrass us real quick has got a lot Matt Fall River Matt you're united recession. -- guy plays Dylan -- the people welcome back and look I want you to watch out and then they have this thing you like you're right he's your best friend that's like -- Hannibal Lecter you bet but coming up with -- that you watch your back. Hello I'm -- electric but he knows that the now we're -- friends at all. -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- that you it certainly -- that if he'd been news about Brock was great defense is good but you know we still like to be you know beep -- wide receiver on the outside to make it easier for com. And -- looks like you may be opt for most of that preceded scenes with the what probably I'm just wondering crude prices mentioning that day and we may be possible card or out restructuring. And I were watching last night these -- -- -- one B. The did you live on Comcast would think he'd beat Tommy Kelly -- pot will cut. Could they be cutting -- our players are restructuring to be making room for Andre Johnson is a possibility. No big automakers that white whale it would be great. I think in theory I think they could be but these are moves that might happen regardless of Andre Johnson. But these are must realize that might be happening regardless of whether or not they think they have an actual shot of detaining him for years. Yeah I just don't I just don't see the patriots to ivy -- but at the white -- right that's -- the one -- it's just. To be a patriots -- -- -- at this stage. Of the of the off season finale to camp opening up today and get a they gonna bring a guy like Andre Johnson nine agreements bring it -- to work with Tom Brady at Raymond Miller camp we -- a wide receivers adjusting to. It on the system and everything else that in the clear space that they get they have folly of that wide receiver -- agree we don't know but I will open Braylon -- got enough time to figure this thing out. He said -- ball you'll -- a volume a lot of numbers yes. We don't know how much impact those those guys -- the way they think over it if they wanna see Dobson. It's that they wanna see tokens at the wanna see no -- before -- Gordon just. Bring in a guy like Andre Johnson and clear all this base out there financially and it just it wasn't a salary cap league. Yeah we be screaming for probably be lovable realistic. Tell a -- Jon Lester -- only outcome we -- -- lot of people differently and especially in baseball owners don't seller mark Northampton real fast mark go ahead. Yeah Richard careful. Austrian Christian walk more cultural -- arranged shouldn't suspension. Local ball -- home I totally get. General meeting. -- registrar Qatar where the go between you -- -- -- -- bear a bad. BP in a computing and call him unconscious and we get to gain this. Month. Publicly beat his girlfriend on Cox is actually we don't know what happened inside the elevator all he knows -- -- over tore open and you sell out as she fell out flat out unconscious yeah you know it. -- -- -- -- because you know you get suspensions for drugs and marijuana and you know and it's a 45 game suspension and then becomes a yearlong suspension. And I guess it's just depends on the team I guess. I don't wanna -- as the league's suspension I believe that's a league source -- -- Roger Goodell that this is the problem right into organic feel like he's throwing darts at boards. -- for two games a lot people Fella is gonna before game to maybe they'll be an appeal while at 60 yards as a why is it just two games you know regular let's let's go through the history of his suspensions. Right and just say okay. Does this group over here -- at four and these are the reasons why this group go to Q and as the reasons why. And is there consistency with any event and I just feel like -- never really adds the red Speedo. What do you think there's I mean. How do you have a chart for -- Knocking out your wife an elevator do you look at the target like aren't that close. You're divisional games Christian hobby you know we associate -- so I had to do says that in the Steelers so yes so maybe -- -- -- -- -- -- game. Well what I'm saying is that you know beating your wife. But gave being arrested or whatever is that where. Where does that is -- category but I get arrested for this -- for the rest of the deal while we here in it's just what what it what are we doing here raji is sort of like. What's -- well joy came in the studios had done the same thing that the car was suggesting in my responses and nobody wants to hear it and it sounds politically incorrect but it is also the truth. You know what is special and it comes to drugs and performance enhancing drugs that affects what happens on the field the issue with. When you hit your wife or do something illegal like drunk driving -- -- like that that's perceptual off the field. They care more about what effects. On the field than they do off the field and you can take your own value judgment to say if that's right or wrong but. That's -- -- let me ask this -- stuck Josh Gordon. All right he's been drug program going to be his career can be over Rio and I'll -- mean can be spent for an entire season for smoking marijuana. An entire season for smoking marijuana but -- a -- is a multiple offense -- and I was still marijuana and I understand. So look at the second diary right beats his wife what do you think it's XIRL -- to -- to the power of is in the one guy gets two games for being in his life. It a public place. In what guys can -- -- you for smoking. We'd -- -- part of this past do with the fact that dale realizes that he over shot with Roethlisberger. And now its he's trying to over correct the other way and he doesn't know with the medalist 61777979837. When we come back. Will what are dust up that had nothing do with Lou boston.com. Or Perkins. This has to deal with big guy who knocked Christian out at the university Colorado gotten out. We'll do that we come back this is not resentment Libya. I wish people could have seen the interaction during our -- not here there's nothing better than when you advance and argument or premise and haven't proved within five minutes. So I was talking about how the bad ratings came out -- Russell Wilson's -- Tom Brady and we doesn't matter whatever we've been talking about this entire offseason. Here on Maloney Fauria -- about the ratings of Tom Brady vs other quarterbacks because what really matters what really counts are the bad ratings. That's what gets people fired up that's what moves the needle. That's what the players care about because they argue about them all the time within themselves insured up. Jolie. Lou our producer and some find dirty work. Digs up Christian Fauria is -- ratings from a year after the patriots won here there's suitable. As you've won two super bulls at this point. And your overall rating was 86. That's pretty good right could -- take and I guess now Christian says why don't you get the ratings from when I was good at. -- I was younger players who ratings so I was younger and better this beat Madden 06 right -- -- and I retired and boasts that it would be meant no six going into the topic that 2005 season. Going into 2005 season without it the old -- -- 06 this madness thought now's my case cyan. Yes -- my -- like thirty youth or the the way I disagree most with is and you're -- and -- that these ratings are here. Yes so awareness is low and eighty are aware are you mad about awareness. I don't think you have that -- of awareness about anything. I don't know what I choose to have awareness that it's it's called it is important awareness things that are important. Analog and good aware aware that you don't need any day that stupid what -- doable and yeah like it the Lotto I have -- -- I know the I don't know if they're gonna show up. Let me ask you this is dominant at -- ranked tennis Canada I don't more than -- that you can't I don't know I got more fair about it here. It's every five or -- -- awareness eighty catching eighty run -- 65 pass blocked 62. And these these three -- he's the 68. What does that's how you and 86 I. I don't know how my speech which is the slowest. Okay it has a higher rated in my blocking which of those sixty by what's I have the -- that's also -- but all your grades below 86 except beat Jersey number. Yeah I maybe they throw that in there as some kind raise my Andre they're still got to pay me back for helping out that that put you like a 67. Yeah rearrange my I don't -- at all about this is if you look all the way through kick return Christian -- only an eight. -- accuracy. Europe fourteen. They think you'd be a better kicker that you would returning the ball -- -- that as a former wide receiver in your heyday. That has to (%expletive) you -- Yeah -- again. Look at the matter ratings. It is this you'll. -- -- obviously you sit there and ego are. What are they -- on speed should be low that definitely like I was never know okay. Blocking. -- blocking was that pass blocking and run blocking or 65 puts it can be should be a hundred. Lockers from looking up -- and pass blocking sixty's to you you can pass block don't pass block. We don't pass block any wheat wheat chip it off week it's called a shopper out release chipped released. It shows some awareness about what's going on Joey you know what's Corey makes that tackle can do his job at that ship them help them out to -- get paid a lot of money what a -- and nine -- -- senior. Mike Vrabel that's good that's good yes. Based on his defense so statistics not -- offense. Puppets of pass catching capability you're tackle ability is only 37 I can imagine that -- pass catching was the least in one week he was in 9265. Ole hole all the dirty unlike other -- told Dan Graham and Ben Watson Wiki was was in 92. No higher. More to -- I'd be looking to make it -- malaria mortality your computer maker yeah he did have more -- and a more agility and had Aston. No it wasn't really bass which was really quick really -- light. At the top routes but you didn't think he had forgot that big -- you that you had quickness to kind of separate in a quick area. A separation Gusinsky he's a better athlete -- you. Tonight is now serves up and up deeper thought and. He was never can cost spiral and morally. And you referenced yesterday that you would be costs by -- and morally in college and this arteries what some weird numbers alone what they should have been this collagen. So I look at Twitter yesterday and some guy tweets me. And he's got -- Bob Marley avatar first and foremost -- a point that is avatars of Bob Marley. And he tweets to me that he had tweeted to Rohan Marley his nephew -- nephew. That I heard a story today about Christian Fauria getting knocked out by UN college. What do you think of that. And Rohan -- this he's the week. And favorites the -- So he's kind of passive aggressive trash talking you on Twitter -- -- finally remembering the fact that he knocked you out in college. Personally did that knocked me out a team back into the game like four plays later thank you very reminds us I -- that -- -- their credit this before there was any doctors on the sideline him would you do I and they said -- they -- call my buddies say hey ask him some questions. About the offensively I asked him to make sure he knows where lineup so the guy would my -- would say okay where relied upon. You know read write you know north -- -- I said the right he's ago OK he knows -- ago. -- -- get a game. Carrying so what do I do so but no he did that knocked me out and it wasn't all the bells -- -- really think he remembers. I don't I don't -- I don't think he knows that knocked out of the game. -- I -- there's I -- candidates made -- all and that's all that now he -- you know. On it and Goodman became victim but now I know really a team Beckett -- on the ground stepped on its throat that's what we had a huge fight Belichick's flight. Merlot that was going aren't. I know what the hell on diaper upon further review. -- -- pot pot for the review brought to -- -- five -- money dot com. By mass money fast easy free okay upon further review today Christian we'd pick on you once you go first. I you know I want further you guys ago stick it gave us up to you to Joey awareness for the -- back right over my stamina up. The data may upon further review locate take what you want about the matter race. They do not portray what is real okay that's why it is big video game writes it is not real dislike fantasy football is the real deal. Not a real GM if you -- bands people bought you when it's suitable and you leave it does not mean you can do it in real life. -- lot further review of real. The guys picked up the Boston Globe today I did good -- -- we're stuck on the the Boston Globe front page Clarence currently work as a picture of goats. Goats gaping we talked about this yesterday. Apparently -- I -- try to clear out a lot of poison -- a lot of brush. Everything so with the -- and adults said and we talked about this he got the brush all over the place you want to cleared up they can actually. Rent goats to clear up your rush it doing at -- park that's one thing oh it is one of its of this Mark McGwire Jose Canseco. Where Edward take a little bit of a meltdown apparently we look at it came out and doubted. Mark McGwire did lying McGwire it is. -- -- wanna talk to marry -- it's too late I don't care. Ever speak with him again Maguire -- is being -- that has not come -- did was wrong now the -- -- -- to forgive him. He went on Twitter. We -- these out Mark McGwire no humanity and believe me know what's more mattered either myself or write that book. I respect you as a player -- suffered more than anyone for writing this book. I don't know also tell you I'm sorry your -- marked I don't blame me if you can't forgive me I can barely forgive myself and finally mark. Let's -- run challenge for charity if I win will you forgive me. So I think it's just this needs to -- rose inevitably get along Canseco thought -- -- like careless over the moment serving -- now would you. That's how the hit that home run -- take -- did not lying. But he did. McGwire and in that spot that came out eventually knew that the right thing but. In my reply kind of -- process against them against. Punt for either of you wish god upon further review little bit earlier has -- time. I say look at -- Rourke from Liverpool football club television that's what does it do for minds are nests in the last night. While. I need to watch soccer a little bit more plus the accent a -- Give him a large tomorrow you'll be Ellison is Marcellus -- coming on -- I don't know yet we promise them today but forgot there was I guess I wasn't aware -- -- the -- ordered -- There will be at training camp in Foxborough awareness and again patriots off to Perkins we go.

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