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Conflicting reports from the Lester negotiations 7-24-14

Jul 24, 2014|

Merloni, Fauria, and Benz discuss the conflicting reports regarding the Jon Lester contract negotiations. Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino said on Dennis and Callahan that Lester wanted the negotiations to be put on hold till the end of the season. WEEI.com's Rob Bradford reports that Lester would be willing to negotiate, if the Red Sox made the right offer.

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Good thing it's they shorts showed Red Sox baseball coming up at 11:50 am dragon a little bit stayed up late watching Olbermann. On some bad traffic right by the Perkins school for the blind in -- -- an air -- a rough. Rough past twelve hours or so from -- Understandably so all right. That's okay. Group out into the cafeteria at the Perkins afterwards they'll admit being lodged any time -- they gave the Red Sox right is artisans like starting -- Fired up man half -- school basically you know -- -- -- work half days to put in half the effort but no. Not half the effort 100% -- actress has not yet have the time what is the daily special there Thursday specialized opus and that's clubs in much this is still Perkins -- -- really want Perkins right -- that's Perkins school blind Perkins restaurant yet I was one thing most people believe. The receipt Perkins over -- that Americans. They don't believe that it's the the Perkins school for the blind in Watertown. Yes I do think it's a restaurant there's a Perkins doubt cross should my school and college in Colorado and it was -- they had the best chicken club sandwich. That that's what I'm hooked up. Poked -- is -- fifty pounds overweight and you have soaked carpet pretty much the point. Danny C report was up Danny's -- -- -- us -- no Waffle House that you're talking about a completely different animal there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A Waffle House out beavers exhibit a while policy -- at 3 AM in the morning all -- so. -- teeth are optional. Cleanliness optional no disrespect to people don't have T Moore wrote just don't have you don't shower. On the list I don't want wards hours but waffles are phenomenal especially -- menu. It's just been a menu very strong if you really don't you -- to Wear bunny of the Oslo to accept the -- precede you all you -- about you want waffles smothered. You have a eggs over medium -- sticks and gravy on top there. I mean that is a hang over recipe forget about bloody marys -- -- -- -- the -- in the cup -- you go to a few final Waffle House. You've traveled to south. You file on every every exit. What's the smarter strategy here guys the Boston Red Sox hit a lot of it is tragic thriller or Kirk not at all -- -- -- was using his his putter skills. Are there were on point yesterday I missed the whole thing I didn't hear about this morning Lou you know. Israel does -- a slope and a strategy -- get a good job careful about it to stick with it you know -- just -- point to criticize what I thought I read. As I try to stay with -- That's all -- did a good job because like that's like what scares me because likes closure. -- slippery slope. How would be slipping down slow I would not Democrats in an interview with Rohan Marley mortgage battle but -- -- I got -- yeah. Mention yet does not just Lu vs boston.com. Here at UN role in Marlins don't get too little bit later on for recourse things it was that -- -- -- But what's the Red Sox do should they just sit -- home to so -- on Lester. At a Perkins and hammer this out -- -- past the maple syrup in the contract let's just get this thing done but because it's also the go in the opposite direction which is almost -- Dare him to go to free agency at this point so they're looking on and it would Dennis and Callahan. But he having so John Henry emails Mike's apartment in the Harold -- the globe and your health summit -- -- -- the same thing because that was. You know -- -- we we've heard people say well you know continue but jobless folks a pitching when you hear John Henrik -- talks would -- You know pretty much our request have done you know so that's yet. And I do feel that if it gets to that point he's gone. Me because -- what what are we gonna get a Red Sox I've always made an offer because they albeit offered free agency for 61 side. Maybe more okay what you get the free agency so that five and one point five you make it's just got to turn down fifty million bucks. You -- at that point. When the season is over -- puts his cleats await puts him in -- trash it puts his bag he puts his bag and he sits in his locker and says you know what. We made a nice run. Yeah we got close it was a lot of fun I'm thinking about my years here in Boston this season is old Europe. My goal this year was to come -- have a good year -- addicts aren't so maybe I'm not it's not healthy pitch at -- level. I did all that my job is done. There's no more risk for Jon Lester it is no more risk of a bad year or injury last two months or bad two month stretch. The risk is gone. It just sits in his locker with the numbers in front of home that he accomplished in the year. And no way in hell takes a fifty million dollar discount to stay in Boston -- -- -- how bad he wants. Here's Larry Lucchino understated Dennis and Callahan today on their probe. I don't know what's gonna happen but what they do know is that definite date but it John. Spoke very clearly I think to Michael sort of about the heat. The position that is best for the current negotiations. And it doesn't part part of respect for Jon Lester and his desire to postpone this until after the season. And Larry went on to say that the parties have agreed to this from both sides to step away until the end of the year. I know security area that's been that question -- a yes so that's some continuing discussions with. Self taught our other issues or other matters that. There's certainly a negotiation. Is so that it it has been both parties have agreed to go to. -- stutter step away indeed this after the -- Miller always did it seem like time and time again during that interview leave the door open crack missed just a little mate that might have come via. There's always have a backdoor that we can all our way back in -- -- a magically before the end of the year there should be a contract. Signed between two and -- -- and he said there was gonna happen until the end of the year. I did say that there might be talking to some other matters of other matters were come up and all the sudden there's some discussion about Jon Lester Sunnyvale will still be yet. So this is still glimmer that they might try to get the -- for the and the year but the intent. Of what was said that email in the intents of what was said today and Dennis and Callahan -- Larry. Is to suggest that they don't wanna talk about this anymore into the season is done Red Sox fans what do you think 617779798%. Roy -- well I think OK I do think at a lot of people last group talking about. He'll load Jon Lester army of that I can they don't sit don't go over the numbers are looking at John hey John you want to stay here. You know what what would surely sit down the right now if you closed the door. Because if you really wanna Steve it's your agent in a Red Sox got a -- things up behind the scenes. And when they get to a close to a final number. Then they come to you what it's it's your day negotiate because you pretty much already there and that's why I think I'm surprised come -- break that nothing was done. But to me I still firmly believe. The Jon Lester wants to stay here. And that set -- his his agent Seth Levinson ethic he still. Wants to talk that a Red Sox now they say that they know and John side doesn't wanna talk. Well if the Red Sox came in made realistic all for offer in a ball mark. For Jon Lester. He would sit down and talk in that realistic number would still save them forty to 45 million dollars that what it's gonna say what's gonna cost them -- October. It still come to -- plate step up and just let it okay we're really gonna talk. Four and seven has there been another offer since the night event was in the ballpark probably not. Though that's what I think about this whole situation. Lester he's putting it off his back he's putting it off because every time even there's a phone conversation debut last month the so. Red Sox are even still aren't even close. Given an indication that they don't wanna get this thing done so that it away. Boy and that was the biggest that was the biggest thing I was biggest -- okay throw and throw out an offer to try to figure out. It is a -- close enough to a jumping off point where you can give us a counter offer. OK so it in it we are going to negotiate all of that number needs to be respectable located she's network. This whole thing about him. He wants to say of course and he's been here forever I mean it's easy for him to stay but it is it that hard for him to -- -- either that's not like. Uprooting your family it's Sox -- sometimes depending on how older kids are but really. It's like pulling a band -- off I want to -- -- -- You move very new city and new excitement new things to learning and figure aware of schools are -- the best restaurants are Heidi with a trap situation is going back and forth from work. New teammates but. But at -- that's been overrated that that's not a big deal like that he would it would Bruce is going to be the numbers now Mets at. Unless there is indeed perfect situation the ideal situation based on a guy who's going to be a free agent. You always want to have your best year. But if you can't a career year on your contract year that's that's what's going -- for him but this is this is the dream situation for him. The perfect so yes it doesn't doesn't make any sense for him to negotiate at all if the numbers aren't even remotely in the ball. Well how close. Would they have to get to the overall number of 125. You shorten the length of the deal coming want to divide and give it to vastly overpay. Up front like -- A hundred over three. Nine -- over I mean if they're really spooked. About having money going towards pitcher that might not be worth it on the back end. To shorten the life of the deal. How much they have to overpay on money for shorter term to get this done. In three years I think I honestly think if if first off like 120 is it's OK let's do this -- four years five years one point would you try to get to 125. We're gonna throw -- -- a six year vesting offered 2.5 million elect a twelve half million dollar buyout. The guaranteeing of five years want thirty. And 37 and a half some like that OK -- fraudulent breakdown for years. Averaging 24254. Years you bump that thing up the point 728 India ignited there we about it no one -- four years 105. You do something like that for years 110. But I just I don't think there are still going depicted there. God I don't think they're they're they're close to a 51 -- number. As I still believe that Jon Lester within sit down and a guy let's let's hash out how we won a couple of the buy out the sixty year old kind of -- situation you want that six year. Others get this thing done let's just move on. Christians Christians pointing -- getting up moving your family. The saudis in -- family -- 150 million yes yes okay. An -- -- to do on that subject you know you don't remain the moving company comes. And they pack up everything if you had a why is it kicks a house yet anyhow she wants fine Kate and and you come out divided. Yes and your dad had a are you mad because -- you don't. He's not win the -- close and I don't like tied for some reason Jon Lester -- -- upset because the furniture was picked a wrong in the new house not just ruins everything I should stay in Boston after all. But I'm looking at this story don't -- didn't at some of the things that. Where Britain today in the Boston Herald durable Lewis saying and I just keep coming back to what would make both sides happy enough to get this done in. I feel like the Red Sox have plenty of money to overpay. On the short term it's at. Would Jon Lester ever be willing to take something like that Lou where they shave off a couple a year two years in the back Gannon. Bought a mistake and he's gonna pitch well enough for three years he can still get huge money for fourth -- figure out free agency. While we look at John Black holes like right now right now yep he's that isn't it kind of an example to 36 to 37. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right others look through your -- at the at whatever some it's not like 35 years voted done. I don't think he's going to be done at 35 and we can state every single bad contract out there and I understand. We can go to CC sabathia who with the eight to thirty at 2300. Innings pitched. It was just used and abused. Before the Yankees ended the problem the Yankees was the extension right the opt out. They went nuts after that political athlete go look at Roy Halladay from 3135. Go look at those pictures at that that age. Now 36. OK I get it. Wheels fell off but 31 at 35. Not that bad -- a lot of guys that can pitch through it you -- white body injury. I worry about a 24 year old on a lot of miles an hour too much or or about 32 year old. There would have a Tommy John yeah so the injury partners restaurant every part of it but I just. I don't get it you know I really -- and a and I know that the Red Sox now and then kind of spin this as far as it would try and when it's Lester request of travelers it Lester -- unless you're request to hold up. They seem real offered I think you get to sit down. And it seemed like he was pushing it to be oh look it was Lester -- look it was less -- it was it was less about them that -- arsenal as well Lester asking. Not to be bothered by it. And there really is no distractions for. You know Michael Salem you know missile Tony Dungy situation but. Contract negotiation what does what does that do what does the discretion for anybody while this just gaming Christian as a -- -- 1015. There's just posted. -- read directly from what rob Bradford has just put up a W. EEye dot com according to an industry source despite the statements made by Red Sox officials principal owner John Henry to the Boston Herald CEO president Larry -- to WEI. That the team has agreed with pitcher Jon Lester to postpone contract negotiations it's a lot this season. The pitcher would you be open. To an in season offer. That was consistent with the marketplace. Interest. If the Sox were to make an offer in line with what the market has produced in terms of recent contracts for pitchers of Lester status the source added. Such an offer -- wouldn't permit. An efficient resolution. As to whether the basis for an in season extension existed. Thus supporting concerns about potential distractions. For I had the pitcher. Or his teammates. Serve. Volley. 61777979370. Yeah. Melissa Leo rob. Rob is pretty -- and a lot of people -- now make fun of that but the bottom line is the man is pretty tied at. He's got a lot of stories we're Jon Lester. Sold this exact coach is talking about. I if if back and forth we can't have starting points of of we but that the four and eighty. And we okay well so confined to -- -- McCain at this if we gonna do this will be to get this thing over with quickly. You come in at 5121 -- But I will try to iron out few million here and their talk about the -- talk about buyouts and everything else we can get this thing done in an efficient way. -- quickly. Like the current source. Told jog -- rob Bradford. But Jon Lester analyst were never on the but the source Sierra Bradford neither -- his agent that if it was done it came in with a number. Our diets let's just say 51 point 51 point five that this -- get done quickly. All right just -- the residents David -- close. Not even close. Well I mean if there and that means they don't want aside and -- are going to be just a lot of outside we do not want to sign him that would start the ten that -- -- it listless night trying to cloud and I don't wanna sign -- and -- it's not about maybe they don't want him right. Ethics and they didn't want Jacoby Ellsbury. I wanted to go Ellsbury will pay the money but there's no way to say no cops aren't they don't they know the -- so go ahead make -- make an offer. What does this say sought to make an offer in line with what the market has produced in terms of recent contracts for pitchers of -- status so. Lesser status you compare him to -- Who I don't know -- law would -- -- want from a year renal. And I would have compared him at the beginning of the season I would compared to Adam Wainwright. Who got five in 97 and half and that's what the 5105. Number was three with -- low bone. -- -- more than an Adam Wainwright. Now the way Stalin yet now the cops are more like Max Scherzer what no more like. Oil Hamels. Greinke again 144 hour 147. You know six years 1446 years -- four in that range did you shave off one which puts you in pretty much what category. -- sixers won 44 be sure about one year. A pretty much but it I don't know what five and one when he went 25. Video so episodes of it's that obvious that with a message that easy for us to flat out they -- -- comps are for for pitchers of that caliber. They know what they know the cops are now willing to go there and here's here's so I'm done lesser absentee ball and. Here's the problem right when the season started -- -- that there was a good story out there Larry look the John Henry -- philosophies of baseball we're headed. You know youth and in big contracts and word is this fiscal this response is yes. This is the litmus test -- year to -- Ellsbury wasn't. And given 7150. -- you know that's not the test of we're not willing to give up big concert is that wasn't a Smart contract. -- that was paying a guy 21 point two million dollars to be reported that he wasn't the lead off hitter who can steal back the relies in his legs. So this is the test. This tell you I think of the Red Sox how the -- deal with people the future of the that a deal with giving out money in the future. It it would scare me to think that they would be willing to go market value. For guy like Jon Lester Q -- before. We got to constantly look for the Shane Victorino is 313. Well we are we looking for right depth just to Philip rotations that we were just gonna rely on the young kids and if they don't piano like a lot of kids don't. What is legal position than not will it take the next step. Specifically with perhaps -- to a horrible talked about we come back his contract status is in the news as well. Let's Dustin Pedroia is he hurt or not. It seems dead at a different twist to it just about every time we investigate that topic is global discussed we return it's his night 37 WEI.

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