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Chris Price, WEEI.com, Analysis from Day 1 of Pats Training Camp 7-24-14

Jul 24, 2014|

Chris Price of WEEI.com joins the guys to discuss the key position battles going into camp, as well as the contract status of Devin McCourty

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Tomorrow will be out in Foxborough dale and -- will be there later on today be listening for all sorts of patriots training camp interviews news notes and joining us right now to share on day one from WEEI dot com. Are patriots beat writers it's Chris price Chris thanks -- come around us today how aria. -- your -- actress still feel like story number one especially for today is gronkowski coming back to the team and being cleared for full participation. Yeah I think that -- very suspecting from what we've seen at this point there about an hour or so in how the it's I mean it up that it because Chris and Kristin in the that are. They're short and so you know -- -- not -- -- so there's no getting going and at a relatively low intensity practiced. But went out he's out there are you on the field with it in -- you -- a big. Rate slash Li on his left arm. Up but he appeared late period people who are allowed to record that you haven't called cutting -- or do anything of that nature so. You know it is relatively early but are you -- one it would affect. So they Chris you know a lot of talk has been about Darrelle Revis Iran gronkowski. The one area that's not getting much attention to what's what's I think -- -- kind of play a big role how this team looks is the author of the line policy all five guys are back on the starting off on the line. New off but the line a coach. But at the same data -- is gonna draft a three offensive -- How do you see that -- seeking out. I think it's going to be -- dynamic here because you're -- your point that the fact that there's a new offensive line coach in talks broke for the first time in election in twenty years. I think that's going to be really interest -- a -- particularly with the veteran group of offensive -- or are you doing particularly adept at duke. Is critical and radically different direction -- -- what doctor was able to do but I think is gonna be so -- in the transaction -- it's always inevitable. A quick look at it group. I think it would really interesting fact that the drafted real offensive -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Three very highly regarded about employment who I think at least two of them. Of course first starting out if you're on -- you look at guard spot I put -- and I also think -- sport it is the candidate that the -- -- delicate position sort of a great college career with a little award winner at -- -- College football Lester. For national champion we've got a pretty impressive rhetoric. I I think it's gonna be fascinating dynamic of it out there and re a great question. You know I'm sick of the offensive line Dan Connolly. You know he's got a big cap number they can -- three million dollars if caught how big of -- camp is it for him and is there a possibility that he could and apparently. He could be that guy who you know we always talk about those surprised are expecting their retreat at. That you could be put by a lot -- who I can hear you talk about the work. College wrote me a lot you'll. Really particular -- the -- of the -- -- Florida. Are you look natural over the course this spring session that would block the road you know not a local well. That you look natural look good you do what you're supposed to do over the I think. It is -- -- for calmly put Koppel read Lou you mentioned the contract I think that that top number it would like to get their bill. I'll do whatever -- that the immediate that it could be that guy in the summer where they are and -- eight a bit of a cut article to a contract. -- -- interest or maybe you'll find them over medium -- another wired if they don't make it work financially. You could because I give it a lot of that depends on on how a lot you'd done. I'll over the course this summer you -- well over the course this summer you look good I think it might be inclined to go that direction. Chris -- joining us from WEEI dot com -- -- day one of New England Patriots training camp will be broadcasting live from out there mark -- -- later on today. After the Red Sox game. Chris -- like this wild optimism in New England about how good this defense can be how well Revis will -- in act corner. There's also significant optimism about Brady having a bounce back season because the wide receivers we'll get better may be gronkowski will stay healthy so there's optimism on a lot of fronts. Is there anything we're looking at and just assuming is going to be good with out as much merit. As is really the case is -- I think perhaps that work I don't know -- rating has a definite improvement from last year surrounding the patriots. Well epic quest in I think there's still when you look at these men a lot of it wrapped up from the fact -- have a lot of you guys coming back and there's still a lot of went a little when you look at you know the -- in conventional -- out he can repeat you know their spirit of optimism about where you're at the speed the process. At the same time this guy who only played in nine pop O 2016 October blaster -- so I don't know -- malign him at least at this point. Well there's little -- Western at -- -- I think it you know you get beyond. I like gentlemen who proved himself be very dependable last year their questions you know -- -- -- -- -- -- together. You're a couple of successful year. And it brought hope and -- Ford emerged -- vote for central go to guy and can it go CLU or go full Indian it and there aren't the -- in Ohio and I'm not saying that. No they're not it -- that -- you know will be in my opinion -- all look forward sleepy New York but there's some big -- You don't want to go a long hard look at where you say they're gonna end up bears owner of the first week of February. How important is this the season for Steven -- not just for Steven Ridley. But for this patriots team when you look at that backfield that he steps up and is that -- and protect the football. Yeah Lou -- the future career lyrical or -- -- coming off that have been a lot -- -- the Baltic urgent. Everyone -- about -- going a little nerve root out. And I think from a personal perspective I looked junior -- required but from what perspective. You'll -- it would turn that around you'll be able to get the chance to go out on the open market. Make a lot of money because they think what you're right when he got all that you don't have a problem. Our structure in -- -- you can defeat. Or all the important. The running game in that house for -- I think secret about our court of aggregate numbers out of that market so. I think from our perspective by the BP order camera back in orbit an awful right now you will bring me -- to back. And golf or personal perspective the future foreign because it is contradictory look. Into -- being trigger. -- assault on the defense side of the football. You know most of the spots are pretty much locked up. There's a couple battles I think that me made determine themselves you know towards the end of -- of camp. Drawn Harmon is one of strong safety did record Tsotsi Lockett at free safety. But is there another battle that we should be paying attention to on the second level with -- with some of the -- for the players. It's not very six Hebert back up linebacker that there are questions about -- When it comes to linebacker for the and they went out they acquired in theaters that are pretty good. -- a well respected guy who created to put a really good number but at Chicago and Carolina eclipse actually are credited him. We're being a mentor and kind of help bring him along what you Carolinas so. -- you can step into it and really solidified their back -- linebackers -- equal work -- -- cover linebacker you got to chip in their. I'll amend the strong but I think that the real western marketed in order empirical political possibility of entry into -- seven according. Really -- -- -- and yesterday really the work and argue the guy who got -- from the outside -- Davenport. Their children you know epic really been working hard and really -- should be at the army here out how open the possibility blog on the all these guys are our our potential. Strong -- each entity for the came but but again. Don't look at the -- -- the -- pretty much everyone is blocked here -- exception of that book about the vote or speak to the. So if Brandon Browner is going to be out the first four games. Who was gonna be taking his spot and and during camp will he be working with the ones or they just flat out just put about the twos until he actually is able to play. He's working with a one right now over the course bring you worker with a one while America they're gonna continue that predicted that -- -- grouping going forward but. I imagine you're gonna see a combination of -- in and of a hundred better over the for forging the -- would Aaron. The work in the swat I don't think the -- are going to be caught short like account been. The locked up your -- comes up that their quarterback position I think. When you're talking about a -- Brower Kabul. I think you're pretty good shape but it -- first -- that they are gonna be brilliant I think one thing. The patriots prepare to break because they're really don't -- in the elite level passing over the course for him are illegal patent with a report content. I really think probably their biggest challenges that a compliment and a city that fourteenth so. You know if there's a -- lining to that -- the bullet that forty suspend it. They're not -- in Denver our regular murder or another in your book the book called the out attacks so. But yeah I get the relative short -- the question well right now working with a one. I'll but when -- out for the first order impairment gonna go on the. There's precious and WEEI. Dot com day one of training camp in Foxboro for the New England Patriots -- bringing up forty. And the new strutting his contract where it stands right now which is not much talking. Were spent a lot Saturday talking about John molesters situation in his contract. How badly does forty wanna get this done and what's the -- organizational view of it. Want to get it -- I -- you want it that we -- A couple of different cities and about. Wanted to at the -- -- away yeah I haven't been very public about it but look I look at that number according. As as really the leader at that second period but a lot of got a lot of low interest you know went back looked. -- the W yet Beckham is not most senior member of the second pilot -- now nine. But the guy before him that he sent it back but you have become. Definitely important to the expensive but you are working. Italy and versatility -- worked recorder into the -- in -- a level. But it or call vote McCain you really a lot of weight and extension Bill Belichick out there and you'll wanna get it done being need to get it done because the air coming out which vital. Vital part of it knowing what. But got a surprise that it hasn't gotten done -- from the patriots side of it you know that's Alec -- number jumped to five point one I think a lot of people just. Brushing it off two straight and it would get done lower that number and extend the guy. Yeah I I think you got out of all these year these are playing terrible the first or your degree is applicable little. I think you bring up earlier and a lot of us believe it. They would have to argue it would have something to refute the deal over the course -- to make it -- more friendly deal and maybe give a little bit more -- Out on the other computer beyond but I am I'm a little -- surprised -- in the but the putrid that that the we are a couple years. Particularly Rob Ninkovich I think was another October November luster to an extent. I wouldn't be surprised if that all who knew what they're doing and not one other thing the bigger picture there where people -- in a few people and the up or read they don't that are out. To have a ring needing money or things like -- you that recording an extension you're -- and expect to look at the big picture of the vote just figured it. Appreciate it Chris thanks a lot for coming all of this all the best TN will see out their training camp tomorrow can't. Our Chris Chris price from WEEI. Dot com -- patriots beat strike beat writers and yes not only will we be out there tomorrow but. They'll -- will be in Foxboro today after Red Sox game has done his way.

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