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Fantasy Football Podcast July 24th Edition

Jul 24, 2014|

With Training Camp starting this Thursday and the August Draft Season inching closer, Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson are ramping up the Fantasy Football content to meet the demand! Today’s podcast gives an in depth look at Pete’s Top 50 Wide Receivers Article that is LIVE on WEEI.com right now. Pete breaks down the receivers by Tiers and the podcast gives full analysis of those Tiers and the players who occupy these spots and why. Get prepared for your drafts and enjoy!

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This is the fantasy football. -- kids and -- -- in the world. We'll run. -- -- -- -- Presented by a Mohegan Sun on them. Welcome to the WEEI fantasy football podcast. Presented by our friends at draft thestreet.com. And by Mohegan Sun. I'm on the phone here -- our good friend Pete Davidson the chief editor and writer wrote a -- dot com and our number one Tennessee football contributor and were inching inching inching closer. To training camp will one day away -- And -- lot to talk about how high today. I am good -- for an -- you. Doing great doing great I saw. Just moments ago that the WEEI dot com article with the top. Receivers is up on WEEI dot com for our listeners reading pleasure. It's great article -- keep his basic and his ranking in different tiers of our receivers I figure that's a great great way to start. Yeah yeah we tried to. You know it's funny I was gonna do top top quarterbacks -- gonna do essentially the guys we projected starters and as people thought it. As I work through the receivers I'm like man there's no way to just opposite 36. Quite frankly -- I almost went up to about 57 but I -- like that number so it chopped it to fifty but man. There receiver depth right now it is it's. It's pretty incredible ridiculously compared as compared to past years. Now there's always that I mean if you go back but if you go back to 2010. And go to Italy July it was -- offensive football. People are talking about there -- always talking about depth going to -- you can't there's always done to death yet. -- other guys start behaving like you know. Not so great guys they get hurt to get pulled over by the police and -- cancer -- right. Never received never at the receiver position I never have any issues does it. -- don't go -- all they albeit a very well at the receiver position. On its quarterbacks is generally. -- That's the future and our entry exam exactly opposite -- I don't know if -- -- -- up QB and play well right now he is -- -- -- -- -- -- left. Yeah these these gonna get his priorities straightened good news at 24 hours to do it. Right now we want to get into the drama of football so we're much more about the nuts and bolts. Yes and with that said do we we do we have a lot to cover here you we got a lot a wanna get into this article at the receivers we teased and I'll ask podcasts at the end of last week. -- at that point it was the top 200. But I projections in good Tennessee football rankings of Audubon dot com and as of Sunday that has escalated to the top three -- which I wanna get in dipped. I think you'll like that it's a fantasy football conflict that did that escalated quickly but it's it's which universe -- her. Yes it is it's just escalated quickly. Com and brick was involved yes. It's stabbed in the ostensibly in the heart of the trident we Italy -- it is exactly -- So we are back in the -- to cover but I've I've been keeping an eye on you on now on Twitter at wrote a bond. And I'm watching you from Matt wrote a bond hacks dot -- prevalent that's listening to cut take a look at those handles and into fall off but. -- and then maybe -- wrote it exactly all -- on death with a diet soda to your big strong powerful Coca-Cola classic. Until. But diet soda Africa class security -- is it exactly but -- I didn't -- very old or thirty. Yeah this relegated to though it's it's the end of July or. Yeah a lot of like not nuts and -- that we're gonna take the preponderance of this time -- really dive into the nuts and bolts of Tennessee football. I would like to give you a pedestal of a couple minutes of what you're seeing out there all this nonsense. And the car -- in light from -- on the NFL. I mean like a lot of the writers what you know I think of people beat writers of the same brush to some of them do excellent work. And some not to listen -- -- you get out of that actual examples right. -- can do it well it's. Man I mean gosh you know some of these questions and I don't know if you caught the person at the end of Belichick's -- -- -- -- I think multiple texting questions. I mean can you imagine actually getting access to Belichick having a chance to ask a question and ask him and ask him a question about texting people unbelievable I just I mean I don't know because your day well yeah. -- I did it it. Online you're saying mean things were not gonna talk about right. We're not gonna talk about the Washington football team and all the things you might or may not call them more like inaudible Michael slam. What about talk about Tony Dungy. About 2 o'clock o'clock but Tony Dungy and Michael -- -- -- but we're not gonna talk about Chris Korea his lawsuit it is obvious need for attention yeah. When it got better and and as. Unless there's a conviction or something -- -- architect of the populace to the NF five list. Not -- not yet anyway that's gonna draw on the list actually -- -- wish to get put under twenty minutes but I think is a worthless list. NBC ABC players on elected declared the -- on popular quote I didn't know he was hurt. And then at 330 -- thought it might have been given a break. Anything else what we're not photography it was a joining hands now told good on it unless they're really good. And it also lets not talk about anything Rex Ryan says in August. July. That's a good idea actually -- we start talking during the season slide but right now it's just you know. You can't contain himself. -- -- -- -- On your your master of the Michael Myers statement was a little kid would could need chocolate that they tied to the chain link fence and -- you'd like. Running as far as the Chaman alone to go and they get choked to death when he remain sort of push -- do armies -- -- details it's. It's sometimes you want to pick -- a huge -- at -- bank. Whatever but anyway we've already we've that. We're work -- that's ten times as much -- trying to oxygen that wants to and I went to the podcast but there are a lot of good things. Let's talk about you know things that really matter like but until a person's parents Weston's. You know Jordan Matthews trying to force his way into the rotation in. Philadelphia yeah teammates and then what he may or may not be able to do in terms of trying to gain some ground on backstage seat. I that's one of the lots of things. -- -- -- northern watch I mean of course you know the rams today and it's interstate highway I rolled my eyes and I saw this but they've put out the thing about. You know -- Fisher says well you know. Recent change of pace back at the competitors think. You know it's funny everybody misjudged the rams' backfield last year except for us by the way -- rewrite the podcast yeah -- you know everybody buying into this. You know saying it's actually he didn't notice didn't know that was -- really do this through that and then yeah that's what happened so. You know pitches to death about a rookie backs in the Saint Louis took the opposite wanna do it for sure. So yeah I would write off. Trading days and just yet that's a very tough backfield -- both backs are in your excellent. But yet one of these situations to keep an eye on guys like right Alou and Washington live on today. Divide is Freeman going up against Steven Jackson intact as -- the big -- -- dodger McCain and and Matt Matt it's got a battle for the backup job to Peterson and that's it. That is -- big is Gary Hart and his closet that for years. There was just never competition is our on our -- outlets yup. This year so. I like the guy behind until. I Denard Robinson. Well yeah we love I love Denard Robinson again he's been sort of -- tagged with the dreaded change of pace but it's like he's some -- and it's you know ninety -- -- You know he's he's around 200 pounds so. If it's interesting now Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson can play. And it you know at that Pro Bowl at a global level for years and then when some 201 that -- back comes around. You know. Well -- a change of pace back I mean haven't we put that idea arrest but yeah smaller backs are automatically change of pace accessible Andre Ellington. But the change of pace -- that -- you know and by the way he was like last year everybody sit just. Just to back just. You know just a couple carries a game guy you know nobody say that now. So you have to be really careful hey -- would be reporters and on -- so called experts say about guys before camp even starts. And you have to be really careful about putting too much stock into what coaches said. Yep and the labels to intellect. The labeling of these players -- it's out of control it's out of control and that's. Labels and adjectives and subsequent political people and Eric Decker is a good example there was there was not a true number one receiver. What he can -- Only gets ten touchdowns plus a year he catches the ball when you needed -- -- red zone target against. You know thousand yards or busy it is not -- When you think about checks secretary orders director of player personalities you know lack. I don't think our guys are true number one I'm told that conversation never taken place. In the places where it would really matter that I think that takes place between. Fans and fantasy owners yeah yeah it's just it's it's and profanity footballers just don't follow the bouncing ball just ignore it. Yeah I think it's great advice and one of the things I love about your work. In the work that Steiner wrote a bond with like with a -- with the scouting is that you got eyeballs on these people in your ear it -- I imagine it -- like you know. In this like basement you know in years liked to hear what you're in the bunker. And isolated them all the nonsense that you see on Twitter on the web in the and the people DS the end. Just you know spouting off you know that the the really easy stuff to say in throwing labels around what's a well -- we actually brought down the film for a really long time. And we like this guy and here's why and that's why that top 300 list at this point on July 22 attorney third rather is so meaningful. Because its eyeballs on these athletes and how it can be extrapolated onto the NFL field and then thus -- Tennessee football rosters so. We do our level best to do that and much appreciated and I mean I don't know I don't know what galls me more is the fact we're talking about stuff that doesn't matter. Or that for some reason people like. Mixed like football and politics I don't know why people have such strong urge to do that the you know we're getting you know -- you know the sociological. Aspects of you know and drama of football. Seems to be more on people's minds. You know in the actual football. Yeah I worry about it too -- with the NFL expansion -- into Europe it's it's all about like what's what's better for our. Perceptions the market the revenue but is it really better for the product that's what I question all the stuff on I don't think it is. I mean it is a lot of road trips that have lingering effects that's for sure I mean you know what what when West Coast teams have to play in London. I don't I don't know how -- gonna. Let's do the that is excessively a pain in the old backside yeah. Yeah and as -- especially when we're talking about and this is you know what I probably should -- I'm not a doctor or to a play element or podcast split. You know we're talking I mean I know it. For example the Mets had an outfielder and got the name is escaping me for some reason they get a bad concussions five or six years ago he wasn't on the fly. From outperform from LA to New York yeah. After the game -- -- concussions. So I'm wondering you know for guys where you've got you know an NFL teams -- -- get two or three guys at a time with multiple concepts and systems do we want them flying from. You know. I would think we're trying to limit flights flying verses yeah hey let's play in London yeah but -- what you and I know. Yeah exactly like the -- night and attend dentists and see that they think but can sell -- Really we antioxidants similar not gonna talk about the drama and a journalist. Number insurance salesman exactly young Paul Richards -- I it's a -- up Paul Richardson is a great -- he's a wide receiver and I wanna hit this article. It is lives on WEEI dot com right now fantasy football. Why received. Top fifty wide receivers great great article. Some great players the cement their position to talk about the let's jump in -- Right. Exactly the tier one tier one indeed these are all of the major names -- -- it's interesting because. The projections are always different -- how it ends up by -- these are the that the -- this is the first class. You know flyers here Calvin Johnson. The Marius Thomas AJ green Dez Bryant. Julio Jones Brandon Marshall tough to argue with anything there Julio as a bit of of a red flag to me just -- the injury but down. You know but that's really it does is stunt. Yeah I mean Julio Jones the reason he's in the top tier even though he has the injury concerns because based on what we've seen themselves he's one of the guys who had a chance to take the top spot. So he has a chance to play you know and a at a first round level so I'm willing to take the second -- -- -- -- but you know for someone who's like you know I'd rather take Jordy Nelson and Julio Jones. I'm not gonna get my big problem with that you know Nelson in the next here and that's. It's a reasonable thing to do especially if you think you can get an upside elsewhere. Yeah and also to a savior. More conservative and you don't like the rest of the injury makes a lot of sense. Absolutely we lead a horse to water whether the -- drinks that's a little. Can you -- me and you are in your defined terms you know. The difference between the tier one in the tier two receivers only give the tier -- again then the tier twos and just -- to kind of bring it together. What what that little bit of separation is again the lawns mega Tron Calvin Johnson. To Marius Thomas EG green Dez Bryant Julio Jones Brandon Marshall tier two. Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb pal -- Jeffrey Antonio Brown. Sure and other than the one thing you see always in the first period you know in the second tier is side. Everybody in the first here's a large receive them church recently attacked I mean -- Dez Bryant would be the small one. So that's certainly one factor in Q1 we like -- receivers zinc and all the other stuff top shelf and with these candidates in the at the ball lands. Right you have to do you see with the top here. He got the guys we like the talent size the speed the routes the total package. But the other commonality with these guys is what's but I'm not gonna go to enabled with the quarterbacks all the book Calvin Johnson has Stafford there's Thomas says -- You know AJ green well maybe the exception but he at least you got an established guy that he's put up all the numbers we got so AJ green has. Three years in the NFL the last two probable Albert they're both whose current quarterbacks were OK with that yeah Dez Bryant has Romo Julio Jones as Matty Ryan and obviously burn -- was Cutler. So you've got solid to great quarterback play and that here yet in addition to the you know the the big the big -- highly talented receivers now insured to. Nelson and top. Now Nelson. As I say very close to the other here he had enough injuries seasons. And I don't feel he's. Quite as high and does your -- try and gregarious -- here AJ green's. But he is just in the air off of that first year now with Scott we got a guy coming off an injury although it's -- you know -- percent -- at this point but he's not a big receiver. So you know we you know -- -- you know a little bit of -- -- -- down. -- big play receiver but on a big and so physical and obviously it's an insult to be near the top appeared to write out showing Jeffrey the guy who had Q1 performance last year. But you know he's -- -- is only done it once. So we're not gonna politicized Marshall is good track record of performing at that level if you look at tier 11 thing you'll notice is they were all in Tijuana last year. Yeah yeah there I -- -- the pedigree receivers yeah. So out punch it about challenger pre repeats the monster year he put up in 2013. WQ one next year. I think I think he's really -- well because he you know as is with Marshall in that same line -- I foresee Marshall getting a lot of extra coverage and I just I think Jeffrey could have a break out. Sure I mean I talked a little break out because his numbers laster wrote down birds if you break out often that he can be in -- correct receiver extra yeah. And then Antonio Brown who I like a lot. No doubt I think you can do very well but I do think he's -- in terms of touchdowns in his smallish receive -- he has been hurt the past. I'm just not really of the English to push -- up with the elite yeah. And that's about it you know you know -- -- big drop off these or -- -- -- guys you absolutely want. They're going to be there yeah we project him as first receivers on your average and. Yet he did it to me again I was just gonna say like you know don't be listeners don't be confused by tier one tier two because. All ten of those guys that we just talked about from megaton mega -- down Antonio Brown are all wide receiver ones and fantasies. Including the top half of the next year tier three. You know those guys look good on your eyes you -- receive -- ones -- and that includes. A guy we've talked about a lot of I know you've got a big key affection for Michael Floyd. Don't point the guy where we just felt that the whole world went too far down on them right again the labels -- -- -- exactly so I mean an item. We don't think Michael -- necessarily the next great receiver that's going to be the number one -- like back then again we would be shocked if he was. But he's you know he's again these guys sort has at all. You know what what can't Michael what do you and you know pop harbors a reasonable quarterback. But when you look at judge Gerald you know -- easily be entered do. Up from its talent standpoint no question Carson Palmer is probably the thing that keeps him out of here to. Yep and that two ways sometimes I don't know how to define as that circumstance like this and a lot of circumstances. Out of Larry Fitzgerald's control like you know the offense to this point you know being the guy that you always have to clamp down on. Not having good quarterback play in heat. Said the poet John Skelton Kevin Kerr Max Hall yeah it seems sheen's around Lindsay I mean these are guys you know -- -- couldn't say they've never been in my kitchens that the that the final jeopardy but whatever food -- that the mothers and sons that. Also predicted that within the categories. I just 200 children about. Does Alex one would you choose. To. Affix the stamps. Mothers and sons but the year bar trivia. -- postal codes it's correct phenomenal. -- owners of football aspect that the Bosnia so Michael's Michael voids your -- the eleventh ranked receiver at the top of -- three. But the guy behind Atlanta very aggressively there this is not that's not where you need to draft Michael Floyd is studied deeply. It's just an honest assessment of where we think he's gonna end up. Where which to then say that out. This little lonely guy -- targeting the guy I want to draft if I can. But I'm gonna use GDP as a -- so I can get as many good players I can't and so you know. Last time I looked which was the good days ago Floyd was rocking around 565780. -- So you know I'm looking to get laid in sometime in the fourth round I can look right now yeah. You know I mean obviously it's it's there's a guy I want even more I may take him and hope to deploy in the fifth. But for a kid I've seen him consistently going higher over the last couple weeks so you know I think. In a week or two and August oh pretty good idea -- settlement. Yeah like guesses by draft day effort though later drafting leagues. He's close in around three. Yeah I'd like people say and I I don't I don't -- anybody really ranked much higher than us so we're we're we're being out there on the limbo you know with this particular player come. I'm quite -- -- Excellent the next guy the twelfth ranked two receiver Annan whose second on the third here is my banking is Keenan Allen. We thought Keenan Allen. And the -- aggressive ranking really that -- -- I agree the one thing I think people need to be careful about you know this year the two things one is that. He's gonna see more complex coverage that he saw last year -- -- not gonna just let you know right about Iraq and happened so what. I was so yeah I watch a lot of chargers football last year and he he was sneak a leave open a lot when they -- them. -- very interesting given anybody now. And the other issue is. You know that and discuss for the whole. AFC west the west plays the west this year yeah. So you know Tina Allen gets matchups with Seattle Frisco the ram yeah Arizona those are summit next match yeah. You know the Denver defense is improved and the chiefs defense yeah groups so he's got sub divisional opponents as well. The raiders would be so nice match -- obviously but. -- -- -- It is if you had a regression this year wouldn't shock me and I think there's been there's been a very good chance that the regression didn't so much. Indicated drop off in place so much as you know an increase in defense of the -- and competition level. -- invited -- I think yet is it having said that is kind of an aggressive ranking but all things being equal are yet is a good player. Rounding up the tier three receivers Larry FitzGerald who we mentioned. Who's lying lining up on the field with Michael Floyd they can only help each other I think and then Andre Johnson the venerable Andre Johnson. Who did you know Johnson the guy where I mean look at what this article a couple of days ago but I did -- building yesterday -- -- toying with the idea maybe push and AJ up a little bit I want to see how they look -- pre season. You know Fitzpatrick is obviously got a great quarterback. But you know popular Johnson did have a heck of a year last year with terrible quarterback places on a lot of penalize him too much. You know for Fitzpatrick so you know Johnson. He could conceivably jump up to the top of that here will say. When it ends up kick catching balls from Brady were losing end up. I don't see any way to traded I don't see how I mean unless somebody really steps up and off for the Texans kept saying that -- I think he's gonna be playing for the Texans yeah and obviously and showing up on time to campus a big factor if he's holding out. He may drop down you know move the other direction he may go to tier four. Only old players and he is an older player now showing up late August you know early September -- Yet just that doesn't make sense argument -- dad doesn't make sense and he. If history shows us anything we did get into camp Dick on and get get some fresh clean start. Yeah I mean as I mean what control what you can control it gets Revis held out of the jets a couple of years back and you know a lot of -- -- freaked out quite frankly I'd agree as to the right thing about I'd been him either held out so you know the best -- get paid like the past that's the way it is sending things change quickly in the NFL. We've learned that. A number of times the last couple years injuries happen. Maclin last year precinct was in nasty when you know she's going into a contract here should so yeah I mean these guys need to protect themselves but at the same time. Your right you know to a country Johnson ordered Andre Johnson. -- open holding out really -- you don't like the direction in -- You know what if you're gonna be excited -- don't sign a seven year contract that on godly terms. And he's making big guys making an effort on the money yet so. You know personally sorry AJ -- a lot of sympathy or. Yet somehow I picked -- I think that's. How little the most of the majority of the of the fans feel I would say that's on the Houston fans they'll. I know that pitchers fans just wanting to get him here are some outside on what has happened. Joining Revis. Can stack thanks so they've been conducted patriots -- -- Yeah -- talked about that I think they do value but they certainly don't need to pay the price to begin on Georgia right. I mean I think one thing New England does as well as anybody in football as some other teams -- doing well lately too like Seattle and and the 49ers but the patriots stay ahead of the draft pick her. Ice ice on them I would see no reason to to move away from that your -- Speaking of that yeah I know we we talked at the top a little bitches about some of the labeling in in -- different things that people want pub for a couple minutes they were to pick there were two patriot receivers on that declared for pop which are. Young Jeremy gallon and and Aaron -- any thoughts on that. Is just posturing some. A little studying Dobson it's sounds like they're just sort of working him in slowly because he's coming off the you know the foot injury yet are -- -- and I didn't hear anything specific at. From what I heard it was basically -- much and he -- Oil and it's just there's something either one of them will find out it's hard to imagine gallon got hurt I mean these tiny little guy who. You know -- -- if you didn't hit. -- better. Maybe hit the -- has had under his desk or something like that. It yeah I mean certainly it's -- the follow on both guys because they're both significant players especially Dobson who you know when we think should be the starting -- for the -- And particularly if you're not gonna be in the market for a guy like Andre Johnson he's a name I don't wanna sit on pop. That's true I -- look at. You know Julio Jones as a -- they're saying going to be limited I mean I think Dobson is probably similar thing for the patriots are just being cautious yeah it's. You know unfortunately the patriot she may never know in enter find out what it's -- Body injury as an idea lenders -- typically. And so is so just kind of rat running up that tier three again Michael Floyd Keenan Allen at the top. And they would be wide receiver ones and they're in the top twelve. And FitzGerald and Andre Johnson the bottom -- -- -- but but if you're going into. I'll be honest I mean I -- -- that way -- didn't you know the fact that there in the same -- an indication that they're very very close exactly so look like wanted to -- country continental flight now on. Got Russia and call an old wide receiver one I have no problem. Right if you gonna flip flop any of those guys in the case in point is anything if anyone of those guys are wide receiver to a new team -- real that. Sure -- Moving down the list we look at here for some very very. Sexy names and bounce off the page. Some I really like some I know you like. Here for Percy Hartman Cordero Paterson. Vijay accidents and Jackson -- -- own. Roddy White Michael Crabtree now this is where it gets a little bit interesting from from my perspective where. Every one of these guys have some what of a question -- it's health. Well I was just gonna say he's the one guy that stands up but but you you could if you -- trying new manufacturer question here ago. That yeah between new quarterback yeah indeed the thing about it to Jackson as he is handled change so well in the past. It's hard to bet against. -- well let me let me rephrase so this is as you -- to cheer for this is where the questions start. It better way to say it right so at the top Percy Hartman who I love in -- ethical and likes football laws of that guy can do. Injuries migraines all that kind of stuff surrounds him. Migraines -- so my. Yeah exactly and -- their coral Paterson is next is bursting with talent we saw last year towards the end of the season but again young you know and. For the risk takers there's no doubt about it. Yup Vincent Jackson's probably dubbed the is he just said he's the safest asset in this list that it gets that it's really interesting -- sown now there's a guy. Just oodles of talent there is a competition with the -- on Jackson is an injury histories a lot of questions there. Roddy White aging injury and then Crabtree. Injury and also new weapons there are some women as a lot this is where the questions start to happen once he got to those first three -- asthma right. Yeah I mean what carbon I don't think we have to explain his risk factor to anyone I mean he missed all regular season Lester yeah of course you also put up a hundred -- all -- -- in the super. So he's really good news really leaned over the -- is still there you know did in the big spot. But hey you know let's let's face it over his career he's not been consistently available week two weeks that you are taking a risk. By the same token he's a player you might get the fourth that you know. Not exactly. You know a risk that that should scare you I mean. Usually taken pursue evidence second atop the third yet that. That's probably rich too rich for my blood but if you're gonna tell me I can take commitment second receiver area of two running backs. -- -- -- -- going to be able to build depth behind and by the way for those who do take the point jumpers -- -- open. You might wanna consider drafting their favorite insurance ultimately -- -- absolutely because I you know I personally think all reached in mid. I think all Richardson may make an impact this year where there are insulting -- not but a player right now -- our -- down. I think Paul Richardson goes up. Paul Richardson much like the yet. Public's eye popping play of who we talked about in your favorite tax accountant or something like that but margarine cells that. And it him every say that it I think of the 1968. That man movie -- -- west when he's surfing. In his full background and are ready to test. You surfing and has that man out there with bathing trunks on so I was like all right you imagine Paul Richardson I imagine him in his suit. With a football helmet like with pads under the suit. An outbreak in tackles with people down the field for fly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By the way that it sends out there I've noticed lately that there are reruns are numb I NC. That's great news playing like they do little many -- -- got a couple yesterday. We should get I have since -- Michigan I've channeled to sponsor us and them we could we could pick all sorts -- bad -- references. Yeah -- fantasy football podcast about Senator Obama. All right -- that's the second guy and here for we talked all environment. It just and they the next guys -- Paterson who reminds me a lot of our. It in in what the skills that he can give view in you know putting him in the backfield. Move around the field catching the ball returning kicks all that. Yet people like carbon and he'd -- -- -- these big LC Harvick yeah you know. It the you got to -- a lot of credit I think in Minnesota on the move I mean they treated carbon way got a number one and then used to number one on Paterson. To me that's called an upgrade. And it's not a knock on heartened by it. You know you -- like the 215 -- -- -- you know six foot two -- With that kind of ability outside it was a good move and hard and obviously was doing a lot of gap and have a lot of complaint and so. That was that was good business well excuse about the vikings. And what would be a well executed use of our listeners time is to go to -- one dot com. Go into the the category do you go to Yvonne and pull up the scouting report last year heading into the season quarter all Paterson. It is dazzling. Isn't tennis right now as a little bond because we were doing the robot that point we that came after that -- -- to. It you can if you just go on the road -- onsite search quarter up -- percent. He'll be the first. The -- -- the oldest thing that pops up. Or just go to the Internet and I'd been robot girl Paterson pushed pulled up pretty quickly that's it's a tidbit that I dimension now that I think about it -- That video -- dazzling of what he did at Tennessee -- On 12 I think yes actually if people just go to the article that we posted on WB I today with the top fifty receivers well it's in there. If you click on quarter up Patterson's name. The patient the robot article so you have a devious scouting report and who can do that just a certain highlight real for him really easier Tennessee. It's ridiculous it's it's like Bo Jackson asked if you if you took all the great moments of Bo Jackson at Auburn. Bo Jackson on the raiders Bo Jackson is a Kansas City royal and put them altogether it's it's got that kind of impact it is jaw dropping. Yeah -- record -- Paterson combines you know speed burst cutting ability and vision. Like very few football players I've ever watch. In the end in an instance. His cuts at full speed are amazing to watch. And his his -- cut is impressive but he does he will sell the cut and then go right over people. Episcopal he's he's got to -- -- -- does this odd that hesitation forward jump cut move that is just. On the real he accepts people. But because people are terrified of you see defenders getting on their heels but it's when he gets a guy in space the guy knows he's in trouble and that almost makes it worse. Awesome yeah he's. He's really fun to watch it'll be fun watching your fantasy team if you draft and so we've got them. -- -- -- -- -- Norv Turner is not gonna waste has potential out the -- bill musgrave Australia. -- to the party and in and now you know fresh start. And you know fresh staff fresh ideas and I think it bodes well for him he's definitely someone you might wanna. Let it get way ahead of the ADP on I would suggest. Yeah I well look I mean right now Patterson's ADP is aggressive so you know really the question do you wanna pay the DP ADP price for Paterson. I mean I'm not looking at ADP right now but I that. Here we go and -- -- You've got you've got on top slightly you know when you mention a -- by the people before but we have an ATP section. Bump in the road Obama. So for folks looking to you know. Try to get a bead on where guys are going in their draft go to the ADP section in the -- bond. Which you can find on the top toolbar at wrote about dot com. And you'll see the ADP to appear in an ESPN league you'd -- ESPN ADP -- Yahoo! league used Yahoo! CBS yeah you know. But and it's really dot com whatever it is we've got the major ones -- support. That would it should be because one -- and I think some people realize this but maybe some people don't. The ADP from the site is gonna be driven by the pretty rankings of that site. So when a site ranks their players that tends to drive the -- picture. A cases CBS has a certain guy they really like -- -- you know. Invariably be higher in their ADP because the people who -- CBS like CBS or are just you know sheep and they go directly yeah. You know specific it's it it can become a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy when it comes with a stop so it definitely looked act. The rankings in the ATP on this site you're -- uses that can give you the best. You don't market rate pricing if you will for the players -- -- -- and then take a step further do some mock drafts getting get involved -- -- get. Go to my yeah I go to my tennis Sealy dot com in an article that it's a much just in just such a see for yourself. Use the information and and input into practical action. I'm just looking at Paterson confirmed it is but now discuss I'm just gonna go to. And some of -- fantasy pros. With the the receivers. And right now they're calling Paterson. 48 overall OK and you gonna come back actually that probably the the best ADP in terms -- I have seen for MP I've seen an even higher on some of the other things. You've got to ranked in the top 340. Tour inside the top forty so -- -- right about in the right spot. Right yeah well that's -- and so yeah now if you go by CDS. And see -- comes -- yes. Actually stood before -- just seems in some places you get Paterson may be in the fourth round eighty in early if it's your lucky. It's possible and you know for people who just wanna play value. And that's good way to go and you might lose -- yeah. He might you know you might he might go pick or two on Friday it I mean actually the trick with eighty people want to squeeze every drop of value out of a player. And risk losing him or do I want to target him ahead. And did that all has to do how much you really want or need the player right I'm more than willing to go ahead of the guys -- if I think they got merits it. Yeah I mean EDT is not correct it's just up the prices. You know it's you know. You have to base sticker price sometimes yeah sometimes it's worth an instant can't they just have to you have to decide how much you want these guys in the -- you know. Feel free to go to -- will tell you how much we think you should want them. And then you know you gotta be should teach about it. And yet the thing too is like that that the nice thing about this is you know I like tearing my players because. You can look at it it's a very rare life we can have it both ways we can we can actually straddle the fence. And have security on both sides of meaning if you might be looking in this tear into your force I really like governor elect Paterson. And you miss them in your drafts I well. Ali Vincent Jackson too he's there to sell. This part of the theories that it's great to target players particularly if you are you know really into certain player you have a good feeling about them by every member. If you tear of -- you've got a little bit of thumb of of of back up there and depending upon. Draft league you're using like a CBS news -- whatever might be where those rankings are you can hang back a little bit itself like you know. Let's say -- the guiding alike in -- -- and Vincent Jackson and Crabtree go first then you know you probably need to jump. Well yeah I mean it's it's it's like anything else you just have to decide what your priorities are -- like I said you know it. There are people who will not take guys had a very deeply. -- you know. Certainly with -- arranged yet. I don't really think that way to -- EDT here is just an indication of what other people think that's all that but did anything to do it how -- these players are in my mind that's the way I look at it to me it's simply a price. And take it take a step further to even think about CBS they've got like three or four experts and it's hard to kind of navigate right it's like. Did those guys can never come to a consensus. Yeah I mean look at -- and and again the consumer can decide what it is they want right to meet some people may want. Nine different takes on a player. Some people might want actual actionable advice tell me what to do yeah so don't give me nine different pieces of contradictory information. You know -- experts agree it's -- yeah -- we try to do -- -- Obama we try to argue stepped out. On you know coach and I get a room and you know we we have a discussion and -- out. Yet and it eventually come to a conclusion so. That's the way we do it you know it doesn't mean that one -- is -- one way is wrong habits we're comfortable doing that's what's that's what's worked for passover consulate change. Yet it's gonna resonate with people too because you know that the fact that -- what you're actually reading in printed form on -- -- is the consensus. You know -- -- this is what we are based and are now it's. Not a true but but but they're deducting the that you bounced it and off of coach being one of them and it's like -- This is what we were how we wanna go to market -- is gone somewhere in being you know busy if you're listening to the beauty I've podcaster -- -- dot com. And you reading these articles you're probably in the demo in the demo that we serve. It's anyone who plays Tennessee football but it's a busy guys write it. That's yes that's it's good point. Because. And we before I pit road problem I had. You know I was at home I was working at night and I'm home with two kids one years and you know three years old when -- old and I head at that time is over ten years ago but. I had absolutely zero time you spend on my fantasy teams and I certainly wasn't about to quit now. So you're right I mean if I mean I myself have been in a position where. You know. I would scouring the Internet for him or for information two weeks before my draft trying to get informed. Obviously since go the other way and you know I'm ready to drafted -- -- rights you know but obviously you know -- you he got a bosh got a wife. Yeah the girlfriend whatever you know it's. That they did. Those are times sucks so we know we're we're here to create. The 36 hour day -- we're here to help to get some of that product excellence ultimately -- -- it will what you were saying about. You know -- in you know. Not reaching an all that I don't remember -- we wrote an article I think was the first euros on it's -- maybe -- -- Revised that article or try to dig it -- -- it was called wild kilts yeah. Amanda yeah. And it's true love does -- -- fantasy football it's your reasons for wanting the player are that you -- your favorite team or went to -- for you know graduated from your favorite Big Ten school work. You know you'll you know you'll like the -- it was an -- whatever that's the reason is that it's not a football reasons you gotta put that on the shelf yeah. And -- I mean I. You know quarter of Paterson as he said -- you know Florida's might think you the truth about it but the -- ultimate big yeah. I'm gonna have won that fitness. And it you know for me. I do have to make sure I don't get stupid about it. Yep you don't know the enormity Beavis and -- looking at Todd in the parking lot that's. Not how you wanna drafts. It's true and I mean is for me I have to make sure that I I keep working at quarter of Paterson with my brain yet. And you know I do but. The bottom line is also it's it's it's it's half. You know sort of Tug -- war because on one level it's important to have occurred your convictions. Right. If you pick -- guys that good. We'll have quietly offensive football if not the tester. Your thoughts or beliefs right now the only you know you have to you should do what you think is right. But you wanna make decisions with your mind and higher -- yet so you know quarter of Paterson to the best of our ability has been in mind ranking. But he's -- guy where. We accept all the risks that people are sort of thrown out there on him we don't think that they are as meaningful as some people think. In other routes and that kind of stuff we were the first -- -- we think that the -- the wraps up as overblown we don't think -- -- -- as bad -- people saying. In fact we don't think they're bad. But you know by the same token. And as I said with Keenan Allen and -- and what we set about the amount challenger for. The more you do it the more you should be expected to do it right. One year is not for years. -- you know it's ironic that in a single the off season it's still just a single NFL. The counselor who I'm someone that he and I've done. I'm pretty consistently though my drafting and and now he is a guy like Ryan Mathews is an example I'm terrified of him because he's -- in his first Syria underperformed. And the first year on people it's only get them you know early rounds. And -- before itself -- a little hesitant so I think that temerity. It's it's it's the kind of thing where you're not that you know situations don't always cooperate to yeah I mean if -- -- takes. You know like when Adrian Peterson was drafted. You know in the top ten he went to Minnesota and you can clearly be their starter from day one. Back I had to go in the first couple rounds sure even though we never played in the NFL but filled with that good he was going to be a starter. That's just the way it is at Monte ball last year a lot of people overdraft the monster ball now we actually were a little bit sober on -- table we learned rookie. But I totally understand those people who ever drafted him I understand why they did it. Because it could start for Peyton Manning you're the kind. Yeah absolutely never an office is clicks -- I -- don't you ever -- not a great back look pretty good last year. I can promise you he will not be doing that in the picnic -- -- -- not gonna happen yeah don't. Yeah that's absolutely. Right so let's let's give a little bit more color on some of these tier for receivers so we've hit Harvard and Paterson hired Vincent Jackson we know is done. Maybe just limited by a -- is but that you don't seem too concerned about that the guys are really interested in talking about in this tear our car -- Roddy White and Michael Crabtree they're all little bit different yet the same but. -- got our -- Zahn he just reeks of red flags to me. Personal yeah yeah I I don't I don't think -- foot injury ever becomes a non issue yeah because he never had it repaired. So -- do you think you know for me the flag under our son is similar to last year although I mean I guess you have to give me -- you know some credit for playing sixteen games on it. But you know. It's similar to the complaint we had about Carson Palmer for five years ago when he was with Cincinnati and hit the elbow problems and ultimately the elbows fixed with three have been arrested. And that's fine but you know -- our strength he never came back. So you know it's it's I'm not saying he did the wrong thing by not having surgery but. From what I can see surgery would have been better move for Carson Palmer just my opinion and you know it that's the way it is sometimes so. And also it. Yet an Indian dossier to teach on Jackson into Iraq. Yes and I think you know -- I mean again. I have a respectable person I'm sure he'll have a good year yet will he repeat last year I mean there's two. We have three factors that we we still have some concerns about the -- it helping promote helping -- we have some concerns still fragile about a new offense. It's actually indians' offense anymore and now look like what you said yeah I'd be concerned about what will DeSean Jackson. -- his presence mean the course under the good stead as consistently markets and I mean. He probably won't mean yeah I think you do have to look for some kind of regression from our son and again it's the kind of regression where the player doesn't necessary play any worse. Think there are some good restaurant could play better football this year and post. Less statistic yet totally pops yeah -- -- he'd be the ascension of Jordan reed who also probably not be a positive for corresponds statistics. Because remember -- missed a lot of last year. -- as can cost for a really long time. Of course I was really the only game in town on that team for awhile and the statistics show that. This year he's going to be part hopefully for they're you know for for Washington's case he's going to be hopefully part of a three headed monster. Yeah yeah and then if that's the case that can be very effective -- 300. Period of months as it's done well in the league -- -- -- you think that's it. All right and the path of other guys that -- new wrinkle into the shelter to do we go on air when it whenever someone like Hernandez is mentioned. That we should launch into our have our producer. Play a clip of prick and a lob original laws like a lot of background at -- -- -- addition to the show. Maybe it isn't. About that at a idealism but I -- -- Might not think that was funny a couple of the FCC. No out of the one vote in Visalia. So Iran saw a couple of more in this -- brought UN we talked about a little bit on Friday from what you saw there and he's an interesting asset because is a great Blair. Is an aging Clair he's a tough Blair isn't a good offense good offensive under performed. He's gonna miss Gonzales there's a lot going on there. -- In -- -- you it was a good player before joining about venture will be a good player -- don't allow us to lose back. Yep Julio it's gonna help. You know I I I think Roddy what did you just -- but. You know has said he is getting -- years he is on the other side of his career now -- he's not as explosive as it was five years ago this is the truth. But he's still runs good we are great route it was great and he's still tough Smart. He's gonna produce she's gonna give you ought to catch is -- probably post a thousand yards I don't think he can make a run at double digit touchdowns anymore I mean you know. Five to seven is what you -- -- your life isn't here for. Yep and he's a guy too I I've done now I get into a place. In the draft where I'm not I'm not feeling great if he's my number two line in my Tennessee team I want him as a three. No I'm not you know I don't look at my receivers Serbs are stacked like that I would look at our receivers in terms of well when did I start building my receiving corps yeah. You know I started my draft running back heavy I'm not gonna put the same amount of importance on being dominant receiver you know it's if -- first. It's my first two picks or receivers. Yet the right to it cannot keep a particular dinner. It's really just about where I get guys to me and everybody dressed differently. But I just think weight especially in performance league's standard leagues Don PP ER. I think the upside is more limited than it was in the past. If you're at a point per reception -- he still could be pretty darn. Yes -- In these and again these rankings -- projections are based on standard scoring always important to re highlight that. You talk about going to PPR's standards this year as the baseline because I've been -- I've I've had a lot of people pass to to do with fast. But that two reasons why didn't hey I'm not a fan of -- yard don't like PP ER I don't think it's a good scoring system I think the reasons what people's started doing it. 5678 years ago -- started I think those reasons have minimized because the way the running back she's now live. -- you think you need Pete I think the original reason for PP are scoring was to try to elevate the importance of receivers. I don't think you need keep your scoring do that but you know like the bottom line is if -- -- like the scoring format and nearly who cares what it is yet. It out so -- and it's you know it's really neat -- neither here nor there but. My take on the general fantasy football community is that PP yardage reached its. Peak. And I think it's gonna fade a little bit I do think there's going to be in it a lot of leak site do you think you'll see a return to standard scored just. Did the policy and and I don't really know there's a statistically -- monitor that but. I know I haven't been seen the number of requests for PPR stopped this year that I saw last year so. The interest in monitoring of scientific but yeah -- -- dissimilar during the season. And the last guy in the in the tier and it this fascinating when I've always been a little bit hasn't on this guy is Crabtree. I don't see big injured last year. Absolutely has. He gets sixteen games that Crabtree he could end up at the top twelve receiver. It's absolutely possible. Unfortunately I mean look it's injuries go all the way back out yeah so. I think you had. He is not ranked at his projections are projection for him is higher than the ranking but the projection does include dangerous the rankings do. Benefit but yeah still a monster he -- You know anybody who thinks that all of these receivers and services -- Crabtree I'm not buying it. In fact it may help Crabtree could you -- your double cover. -- now -- those who I was gonna go at that so he did it detonate that that's number one yeah. That tier four is very interesting and in his day. When you look down to the next tier receivers that the fifty year. Now -- it it's interesting is that the first series of like real questions sent to come into -- four. But then I almost look at this -- I don't have questions because they seem to be appropriately ranked where. Where they are again depending upon as you said how your draft that make up as looking up a decent guys that like. They look good on our roster kind of where they're ranked. And it's important. Kind of think this -- when you're drafting if you miss on a guy. There's a lot of receivers out this see here's the fifty. Okay you bring up a good point because now we are getting into that point and really once you get yourself in this is just. You know you're you're getting to a point now where the caliber receiver you're seeing. And to be -- in this -- but certainly coming up in the next couple tears. Where you can just hold off and you're still getting that same caliber player -- later right. So that is something you really need to know when you get to that point because that's when you get into our QB planned this year. I'm definitely encourage people say okay. Now start looking for your site and the quarterbacks in the gallery -- because now is the point where you don't gain anything by taking receivers right. Right you can you know you're getting 72 out of 100 score premier receiver in the seventh -- guess what in the eleventh round to -- -- said that it -- 68 yeah. It has a very small drop off. So it -- good point. Yeah and I think and I really think senator wrote look at these guys -- look at the names. I think any will be happy to have these guys is their third. By the way out and I jumped at a couple tears there this year I think really maybe is the -- the difference makers. Potential these guys in -- -- our potential difference. I agree that it yet and that's and that's I said at the outset. Rewind the tape I like this -- community -- yet and in there aren't as many questions as the one before a little before as higher upside but listen to some of these names Torrey Smith. TY Hilton. Mike Wallace. Eric Decker the issue on Jackson. Lot of talent there lot of proven pedigree. Lots of big upside. Lots of touchdowns. On prayers and good situations for the most part. I mean this is a great -- to fall back. It will -- and number one receiver and his team that's it was a plus Stuart Smith also a number one receiver and his team as is Mike Wallace yeah two Q I -- it is very big player where. But it didn't wanna tell -- he's their third receiver but the easily their -- -- exactly I don't know how we square that circle but still owns an interest in player in that regard. And DeSean Jackson. -- code number one or a really -- one day when every column these are all players were in -- are good -- football. Yep exactly in -- outs are about to -- Hilton weathering deal and he wants to admit -- they're not up just put it this way I like playing against them. You know when Sunday rolls around in my opponent has to you by -- and now I'm -- he can. The bobcats inventories 125 -- Right he might drop -- but he could trapattoni five. He's probably -- you know it will. We're in any article on wrote -- -- talk about and it felt sense you know trapped only league's best ball scoring where you -- you know it's it's like you know set it and forget it for fantasy football yeah. -- -- and have fun and you know Hilton is one of the really good. Receivers in those leaks because. The way the format works when he puts of the two or three you don't actually get that two or three -- because -- next receiver when he lean. -- was a British -- together so you can shoot a great games and his little games don't Killian he's great for that format that best ball format which I don't -- a lot of our listeners are playing so. For what it's worth you know that's like me on the golf links and I've started to open like he -- to the 22 round. And a guy like -- stood wins the same kind of thing where he may put up a couple bagels are also currently up one week so. Michelin guide avenue team you know with a really late round that. That's a fun format that's like me in a golf course I I committed to winning total there to start that a couple of seems a good time yeah. And -- -- and it is -- list and -- -- money's good yeah and money. Torrey Smith is one of those guys to his explosives. Portland absolutely Mike Wallace absolutely yeah practice so this isn't here quite honestly yeah. And that they're going to be up one week down the next. Let's talk a lawless Furman because he was on. The EU does. Misuse miscast maybe a little bit in Miami last year and overpaid immense talent they expectations under delivery. But it's still there. It's still there. Mike Wallace's is that is huge talent -- green monster to its -- yet for all the belly aching over his season last year means 73935. It's not quite. He wasn't there yet I mean it was a it was a decent season I mean I think he's capable of you know going over -- thousand and hoping that touchdown number and probably catch a couple more balls but you know it's not like he didn't do anything -- had a better year than the year before Pittsburgh. You know. -- just felt like what this senior but you know. The big -- strikes were missing last year verses in Pittsburgh where you get that occasional you know sixty yard touch. Down -- that's -- you know part of that is because it was really it's it's really hard to make big plays to -- throwing all the time yeah. The other guy like Mike Wallace if you can get the running game going right and you get their defense leaning a little bit now you're speeding you're talking that you're talking about big place yeah you know you on the play action you buy your quarterback an extra calculus that you know you -- the deeds speak to get him. You know with a strong our quarterback I can't tell you really get some golf with a guy like Wallace but the way they ran their offense last year. I mean it's it to work for anybody yeah including Canada -- by the way yes. And you know what the funny thing is you mention that with lawless you know he was playing with one of the best play action quarterbacks that's ever been on the planet Roethlisberger. What -- made them but he's great at that and they can always on the ball so that makes a lot of sense why are trying to. First play action urged action but yeah he's gonna do -- accident on the news that without Roethlisberger you know I think. We get ready to go down guy's a monster but he can sell it to you need I mean the guy that really work with Roethlisberger of the guys -- know how to play. When the police breaks down guys who work after the quarterback well. Who can get that guy Anthony Kim puts up big numbers there yet you didn't like Jericho Cotchery by the way yeah put up good numbers -- is a very Smart -- -- Hines Ward the -- that -- you know open and get real big time yet Mexico. Yeah. -- the next two years of funds year to end. This is until it's very much alike TO five although it's got like a little bit. -- less you know syrup frosting or sugar on it but there's some upside guys here I mean you know I know. Victor Cruz's may be in your projections down a little bit but you know lot of talent there. Golden Tate new lease on life for him. Marcus Colston you know that he's these old standbys he's got like a little Andre Johnson and them but. You know it's like she's I don't want him as my one -- again a little later -- you get -- I can't get good production UQ you'll get wide receiver one production from him many weeks. You -- Wes Welker we know him that concussions are obviously worry. Kendall Wright and then Dion. Consistent. Julian -- so out front here. Yeah I mean it's I think all these guys are very similar some have maybe a little more upside and others maybe some are a little bit more solid -- you know I mean. Obviously if I wanted to push woke up in the rankings I could and I don't think anybody would bat tonight. We talked about last week I think sort of well there's we we don't really need -- -- that's really go over them but. I just you know until I see Welker taking hits getting up and not. Having concussion yeah not soul yeah and I I don't feel like brokers and other the difference maker an affiliate of the book value. Well I feel like taking a risk. Yet and it's got to it's make difference makers in Denver already you know with to various Thomas and -- -- curious sort of. Him being shut out of the offense I don't think that'll happen -- worried about it's just upped its. I just in my mind I. If you look this year Rachal played the first 3234. -- you can miss a couple that come back and you'll get hot again but it is gonna -- -- -- and I'm worried about it being -- -- -- season -- him. You know -- I really do think. You know -- push the envelope for so long -- in terms of how much punishment can this guy take. You know maybe the glasses finally full. Yeah once again and it's a good tactic. Only you know I can take its -- I I don't like betting on -- yeah I'd I'm not a big fan of betting on guys who are close to the end. You know smarty. You know I'd I'm not obviously I don't want Wes Welker to have concussion news sources like I don't want him to be living the way encrypt that. Retirement. But. You know that that's being here and there I'd you know when it comes to fantasy football I'm not -- bet on his longevity at this point. Now I think it's I think that's the thing that's why stance and as I look at this tears -- -- yet police. We we rank amateurs -- if he gets there. You know we've got to rank below is ADP eaten up player were afraid to draft if he slips I wanna make sure I'm getting value. Yeah it yet if he's he's in the right place he still. Jack draster the last place an -- again back to the scoring we used to underscoring -- -- doing Pique your leaks we're moving Wes Welker -- no doubt. And at this isn't just as I'm looking at the at these rankings and to me. It's after tier five were really starts to change you know I mean is obviously. You know you you get the super relief you've got you know the next tier down in this in this but this really is a lot of production has to come through the the terrifies in there isn't here 62 but this is where I see that latter difference. This. -- you don't see intercepts for the most part is like. You know but maybe the touchdown potential. Yeah public crews in the crews as that Colston. Well I I don't know if you -- and go the other -- and cruised to cruised does have that great post up potentially -- he's done in the past but. If you look at his regression to -- years. It's not a pretty picture looks like you're going down a stairway. And he every year's a step down for him and -- you can turn that around he's still young yet but I think right now -- Beckham is better football player of the recruits. Period you so I you know expect it to happen if Beckham happens quickly. Yeah and Rubin rambled jumps forward Victor Crist because they're perceived attitude marginalize you I don't know what sort of stick my neck out on that I know he's got a lot of fans but and -- McCain Victor Cruz can't have a big year absolutely can't yet. But to me there are other scenarios and you have to respect those other possibilities. -- and by the way the same is true for Beckham. You know that Beckham can afford. You know they say he's got a hamstring or if he's had his hands up in slowed in camp yeah we're gonna pull him back -- -- move -- left to be good news crews yeah it's a fluid situation all three of those guys. They depend on each other but you know by the same token Orton goes down I mean obviously those targets are gonna go somewhere and just to make a point now. If there's an injury. In New York if some happens to go back to cruise. Or to bottom group there have been Randle -- This guy that I would want people to keep their eye on is that -- Jernigan. The fourth receiver the giant yeah get back I get into the three man rotation especially if you're PP our league. Or under the waiver wire really yes. Why he's the kind of guy who they go from being a bit part player to be a major producer. If you got a chance heart -- yeah. And he's got a good system and a solid quarterbacks so. I'm just saying that if you know I would -- and the guy we really like until for this year until they took back. That beckons all other level players so we recommend there that definitely pushed journey into the out outside. But all you need is one injury and and -- during the because of. And it. Had to. Yell yeah I definitely do any you know what if you played Tennessee football you know that the waiver wire. Is chock full with you know up to twenty players plus that you can get every week and the reason is largely. So it's -- its underperformance. It's injury. Yeah injury and what piece you know slowly coming around and yet there and whatever things. Things change on the ground that I you know I think I. I think we're about toxic stuff has been great but yet the stuff we bring to you -- -- to entry of the senate seat football season once things -- government. Yeah you definitely get into the -- work as we're gonna. If you just go back a look at -- we waiver wires from week we don't want to entry last year look at the names. You'd be shocked at some of the names. Oh yeah look at Keenan Allen Danny would I mean there were some what Darius -- Jordan -- yeah. Yeah I mean yeah Jordan -- to Goodwin with various screens and other one I don't know if we -- Greenville and we want and he was a guy we like pre season. You know now we're saying the second one -- take a look. Paterson instills in there I'm sure. Any Ben -- yeah -- beyond the hell yeah. Joy to help the ocean on Marino yeah you know these are guys who -- -- -- pick up you know they were available and a lot of weeks I was creeping out doesn't it sure does you know which aired on. And I didn't yes hi Josh Gordon Michael Floyd. While Reuben Randle and Blackmun went off for a while he did yeah and a sergeant Julian cattlemen Kenny stills. You know these are players who could help you with. You know good out of the -- SEC -- and Martellus Bennett guess is this promise. Six is a sort of trouble on. Marvin Jones might have -- one. Yes so if you -- if you are on the road about a waiver wire last year the first couple weeks. And you played an intense -- -- you made out the band that. Yet so it's important just to give our our listeners a little bit of a framework of coming now with Scott okay. So. Yeah an -- more articles will be coming on WEEI dot com frantically in the draft. And three grasslands actually yeah quarterbacks coming next week and then once we get into CEO in the pre season will be rankings position all. Projections more podcast. Our show on air is gonna start. Scheduled for August 3. We might get bumped back to August 10 that they'll keep you posted on that but regardless the odd issue the on this show is gonna start at 7:30 in the morning on Sunday so. It's really kicking off the the patriots in NFL coverage. There would be running all day on Sundays and out of Tennessee football I'll be taking -- 730 once we get into the season we get towards opening day. The bump back an -- some -- some previous commitments that 63730. Get a -- get some coffee -- tennis club off that absolutely and then you know what if you're sleepy head. And we're gonna posted on the on on the web -- any icing get an online like you do right now and our podcast so -- point. So yes you -- those of us to you know have a life and go out Saturday night. And you missed the show on Sunday by all means check it out on -- side. If you don't have a life like me can actually. Lead the shell and again on my line into -- it'll add the hot tip that's typical thing. You have twins. It's and yet. It was at that it's -- Slovenia. By Reid's guy we get the -- -- you did you really do. We've got five minutes OK so. There's a couple tears seven as the next year and this is that a couple players a wanna pick off on theory okay. Hey you know we don't have to finish this is the article there for people who enjoy. Yeah element can I just pick a couple players to talk about article. One guy I wish I could but it's hit tears seven. Now we're just talking about the giants and in in Victor Cruz in his downward trend. And that impacts. One mr. Reuben Randle who is it that in the top half of the seventh here. Really adjusting guy. Talented. Jim are you doing a bit of a brick Hamlin only half I -- that you just pulling up guys and you're keep early deficit and -- love Atlanta now I -- and well. Though it is those -- Miller. I was gonna pick I was gonna make cosmetic apparel. In -- seven is Reuben Randle Guinness this question marks 78 at the top of that is former giant Hakim nicks all right and so so where I'm kind of goal that. And nick is -- very if you look at this whole thing -- one of those also restricting and -- sesame street's on you know which one of these things. Alone if I mean I mean I I would I really long and hard on where to put mix and you just pure potential yeah. I mean if you watched Hakim -- last year -- team oriented and but the bottom line is he may be starting and Andrew Luck. Well that's something can sell -- and any -- not Darrius Heyward you know about that right it's in his own goal with this whole thing so it's like we were talking about the critical to work yes. Mentioned that stopped talking for. Does it can really talking about Victor Cruz. And then you mentioned you know. Weighing in the weeds is Jernigan and it's like well they drafted O'Dell Beckham junior the draft and -- for a reason okay. And is Reuben Randle and look who -- was before that with the with the injuries Hakim -- the trend being. That the giants really like these -- and go get a receivers and I just. I'm wondering of that mix cruise. Randall. And you know O'Dell Beckham junior and then it makes three day in nix pops up the page you know now and in. It it brings up a lot of questions as it you who who on the giants is gonna make it and then as our our former old friend Hakeem Nicks. Going to stand out in India I'm gonna sneaking suspicion if you can stay healthy and that's the question right. That there is this some Daytona. Beck is sort of clouded the issue because he played last year you can play well yeah. So now the question it's you know Nixon got one of these guys where it's well is on the field together stardom now. He needs to be on the field and -- yeah -- -- of the burst back the -- -- Hakim -- could go back and watched first couple usually involved the possible cover yeah minutes against them on the ground and -- and and he can take off he came out of this breaks extremely well. Great hands and ability to make hand catches. Catch off senator balls you know you know getting used to the state farm -- initial on the initial would be tacklers and very impressive player. Physically touch Enron make big plays -- we haven't seen that. You know last year that's not the player we saw so it's. I mean I think it is a matter of him getting healthy. But I think it's you know I don't know I'm not sure if last year it's really hard to tell what last year really was striking -- was cute guy who was out -- make -- -- get hurt. There have been well what was cute guy playing at less than a 100% trying to show -- she could do that without. You know it's it's hard to figure out exactly what went on the one thing we know he'd played that well yeah it's scored touchdowns. So. You know the whole thing about nick is he's got. You if you look at his career he has been an impact player. And then you look at Andrew Luck. Just talking about a guy mixes student still young enough to get it back but the question is are the ankles and knees and that all the things he's had a of course if -- damaged out of the point where that -- isn't happening anymore or to become a guy we're at some point he gets to burst back. That's the question it's the million dollar question it's not something you can answer please see that plane. You -- that's really long and the short of the. Yeah and if you draft well and you -- these tears and you you know you you kind of beef up we need to he's a guy can may be. -- do a little later exactly right down there and -- here with the under opt in and Aaron Dobson and Beckham in Beckham right is -- -- locked into you know. Could move up a little bit of the bills show any proficiency at all throwing the football season. I'm Justin -- -- -- these are all guys with crazy ups and this is outside the series is all about -- -- that you know. But but by the same token. It until they actually do it. We can't say they can do it you know it's just projections so this is like upside projection. Here and by the way if you look at the rankings these are guys you should be able. To draft as a fourth or sisters and yeah so you they don't have to necessarily be guys were gonna rock and roll for you we want. It could -- the guys that look great in your bench it for the five weeks and for trades and four K you have exactly that's my favorite thing about. In the league I planned. We this person I've traded Robert Meachem back and forth many times and it says is a -- I said -- the kind of guy love having on my bench is it shows that -- is -- having -- a -- and so that it did it has some thoughts -- McNair took off which is like you know you make a trade offer and then invariably. Robert Meachem review Johnson back from one lot of the other it's a -- note that since his. -- religions and offer this kid's fantasy. Even more I don't want anymore and all the models but having said that as we talked on the -- -- nine or two guys. Yes exactly so it's here now gonna wrap it up with the with the venerable. Reggie Wayne and rainbow laid -- -- distinguished gentleman here yes and into impose an interesting one because some. He's. He he. -- slow yeah he had a bad year you know the but it is still a lot of talent and yeah. But did somebody might say maybe a vegetarian now or something like an amateur that -- that. But it's. But it -- I don't know but what is that you know what bowl belongs and that's here I'm not targeting -- it could be a nice guy who could you be so wide receivers through productions. Wayne I think of the marching guy and -- here and I've seen Wayne. -- a lot higher than and truthfully I mean a bomb went up I just wanna know is -- -- -- percent I wanna know that he's starting. And that everything's you know -- pathetic you know my thing with Wayne is even before the injury I was seeing signs of decline. Sure I mean small. Aside to decline Steve he was still a darn good player I'm considered originally was going to be putting up numbers last year that went with it was 2012 numbers. And you know he's 35 now. Did you know if you want to draft him and think he's gonna be your third receiver that keeps your league okay. But I don't think you got a target this year if it falls in your lap any slips okay that's different. -- don't jump up and get originally. I agree with the and you know what else to losing -- He actually had a resurgence in 2012 as a monster year. A lot of -- I think that was really I think that was the exclamation point on his career everything that happens after 2012 Reggie -- is gravy. I mean the -- already in my opinions in the hall of fame. So. No question and in with too involved you know is this part of him. Exactly and it in his cornerbacks can escort Donovan I'm so. You don't mean a bit like yeah Alex Smith is into -- -- -- -- ads is not a good mix in Iranian but but he's his pedigree and past history and his upside. If a word -- work merits and being in that here. -- -- -- It's a -- complicating matters on boat now is this the Specter of the Jamaal Charles hold out live and that is whoever. That is not good news for anybody in the cheats you know and and you know another thing about the -- -- -- mentioned mentioned -- -- -- but I'm not hearing enough of that. You know they've taken some hits on that offensive line. Yeah and Brandon Albert is gonzo Eckert left the hot so you know that the chiefs that the great story last year they've got some questions answered this year. Tough schedule to yeah oh yeah tougher schedule -- -- be careful about buying into the -- yeah. Now to Los it -- a worry -- at top a lot of people's chancellor. I'll I'll roll over Jamaal Charles if he gets his -- into camp and he's ready to go on drafting I got no problem using a high pick or even a one pick and Jamaal Charles blood. Two things try to get married David to the handcuffed in the case. And if he does have a long holdout I mean I'm sorry you can. It said it best he's the third guy for me if it you know if this system is -- You know we're this hypothetical but if he's you know at least if he shows up at camp August 26. Lunatic animal and I downdraft in that night. And I'm the one heck of a ticket to Paltrow. Now in India particularly at running back to its like it takes time to get those. Wheels running you know that the hold -- it's it goes back it dates back to Eric Dickerson. It dipped to one soft tissue injury in early September defense for policy yeah you know all Soledad a couple of weeks what that might help the chiefs but you might be -- 13 don't get back in the lineup. Also good advice. Say away from the Eric Dickerson -- types yeah. Eric dictate it and patriot fans you know he's not hope now which is great the Darrelle Revis was no Revis held out. All the capturing first game and the ravens to Monday night. You need a full camp -- -- Thursday night I can't remember it's -- you need to fall camp period. Yeah I mean it's it's it's it's it's a big deal so you know you know it's Aaron Dobson may be on the -- -- but you know he's out there he's doing some work. You know. You know hold -- or is it simply going to get it going the next week or so he's going to be fine but when yeah when these guys show up towards the end step we thought the patriots had a late arriving holed out I can't remember really any. Mankins can yeah. Mankins just came into what we did yeah yeah that's the only one I can thank and then Deion Branch back channels. 304. -- are you don't back a decade yet but no they do get credit for not having too many of these particular business and destitute -- -- -- -- I think I I I read I'm Mike Tannenbaum but for the most part as jet GM give way to hold outs Revis is really only one. Yeah that's tough when needed that the it's. Is a perfect I don't know what it's gonna -- well. Was being a cheap -- now for some reason neither wanted to reduce the money -- way to -- -- he's -- doing -- -- -- he's. Let's fix that collects. And I'm glad -- -- -- -- and we had WU and really it was -- and you can actually Robert Kraft. And know that we can that like utter crap topic I don't. Captain loves daisy air he -- zero man with. Well the good job great article up on W I I don't come pretty close up yeah. One interesting point just go Woody Johnson the jets and that completely botching up their roster because of public seat license yeah. And I think it is sort of interesting to point out that Robert Kraft didn't do that it is for him that's right. And it's funny the patriots didn't pay a price where did that now there was a lot of money get into PS cells and only to lose a lot of audience either way to gotcha yeah just wanted to throw that out. A cattle ultimate. That's the though for the weekly jets read that I look forward to some -- and now you are not yet and in many things not that. And you know what this is the last podcasts of the week we're gonna ramp up. Because as -- so much so much to go through simple. Yet to -- -- Friday. And and we can we have our good friends address thestreet.com and Mohegan Sun to thank for that. And will be prepared -- ready to go and -- this is a wrap on our conversation. With the multi talented. Chief editor and writer for -- dot com Pete Davidson I appreciated come back to WEI dot com. Check out the written content that's up they're now. The wide receiver rankings the top fifty that Pete's given you get more detailed the top 300. Players ranked at wrote a bond dot com. And -- Number. Deny there. It's escalating as we -- at the top and that's a wrap folks we will talk to you again this week thanks for tuning in again thanks reference address should dot com and Mohegan Sun. -- -- -- Thank you are right.

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