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Larry Lucchino says the Sox have tabled contract talks with Jon Lester 7-24-14

Jul 24, 2014|

Larry Lucchino discussed the latest on the contract talks with Jon Lester.

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-- front office report is brought to you by noon turf care to -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the AT&T hotline. The president and CEO Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino it's been a while Larry have you missed us. Not very much -- -- a pretty busy is schedule with Ben Carrington and Sam Kennedy Mike -- and the front office report. There's has been working as that as -- doesn't. Why I thought we might get the GM of Liverpool today and so those I doubt that I. I heard you talking earlier about the dumbest decisions in. In sports history and I wonder if the decision about it. President of the -- red toxic on -- B almost weekly basis that in 2002. But qualify as those books. It's very helpful -- it's very helpful to stay in touch with your people -- -- Henry sent an email to The Herald saying the talks with Jon Lester have been able now to me. Reading between alliance that presents an air of finality. Debt. That in my in the case in in my impression that Lester will -- dipped -- toe into the free agent waters and somebody will blow him away. Might incorrect in assuming that. Been possible is that question I don't know what's gonna happen but what they do know is that did what it John. -- spoke very clearly I think Michael Silver an upbeat. The position that is best for the current negotiations. And it's that in part. Respect for Jon Lester and his desire to postpone this until after the season. He's not an extraordinary role and. Is that the last five or six games is the error is -- point 90 or something like that these studies he's leading this team. And leading the rotation and his very strong preferences -- particular effort from him just that day or two ago on on national television. Was to run. Not could be -- assembly independent self destructed. And it and focus on something other than pitching. Winning baseball games. Buried in your estimation out which of the two following items shaped and formed. The direction of this negotiation more than the other Jon Lester suggesting you detect a hometown discount where the original offer reportedly be seventy million dollars. You know I don't conflict and into the -- the question about the and yet. Analysis of the status of the negotiations because the negotiations will continue. We will -- continue after the season to be sure. But there will be an opportunity for us to. To resume negotiations with John Edwards is with his agent didn't make that abundantly clear it was. So I'm looking back and doing an analysis of it was just -- Broxton opposes the right steps would only be counterproductive I think that your listeners. Care about whether John. Lester is. That is like this -- as a member at the end of the Boston Red Sox for future years and probably will be diminished if we talked. Prematurely or excessively. About various stages of the negotiation now all the way. That's not the way to two -- -- -- -- that job -- start the Olympics or less committed. And radio because you don't have. Stages of the details and who shot John analysis of various parts of negotiations. But difficult is assigned Jon Lester it seems to me it because as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Again negotiation -- radio waves throughout the way to do it. We'll just to reiterate. What John Henry said to. The Herald. It's tabled until November Larry are 'til until October to that -- left. And you have that two week exclusive group negotiated it. That is correct until actually until us. For the day or two after the world. So what would be November that you next will talk don't. I don't know I don't know -- you could -- There can be negotiations in after the USC is over it before the free agency period began this season that or can. Focus on October so next time. You and yours will speak to Lester and his. We'll there. I know security area that then that question either a yes they'll have some continuing discussions with. SFR. Other issues or other matters that there's certainly -- negotiation. Is so that it it has been. The parties have agreed to go to. It does step away -- this two decision. Peter Gammons says that rarely has the -- as much pressure from the union the agents as there has is there is on Lester. And I assume on scherzer and some other guys -- to get to free agency and set the market does it feel you've been around awhile argument to a lot of these does it feel like. That pressures as great as ever on the player to get two free agents at the market. All I can I speculate because being in doesn't. Consult with us to confer with us but I would say I hear your instinctive reaction to that. I do think that the players association is playing tea. Significant roll and and negotiations doesn't always do that may be more so. This year there were some off. The longer term agreements last year we -- gonna get a no longer term deal done but it doesn't Pretoria. And I think the put it's certainly would be rational for the players association to walked. At least somebody's. Some of these leaders of the pack too good to be out there I can understand that that motivation that. What we've got to care about is is Jon Lester and job losses -- the preferences. And desires and not so -- we don't obviously don't have the same interest as an association. I guess I don't understand why it's being tabled bill from your perspective I would think you wanna keep the conversations going as long as possible from this perspective the same policies having. By far I think is best years tourism distracted I guess some. Curiously confuses the -- Spanish. Well. I'd say yeah I -- that it's very can make very clear to us who that was since preference. In nineteen thinker that they if the the pitcher is pitching extremely well and is focused and as productive. These days it's not on usual from one to -- a lot of didn't change our routine and a lot of changes he would jot or tittle of the way and on doing things. I don't want to just kicked my health day and that's talk with my agent all they have -- contract. I can see I think he has a player wanting to compartmentalize. Contract negotiations. And Larry is there now in place and -- -- Lester aside and talk in general terms non Lester specific. Is there are an organizational philosophy now in place that. Says no long term deals for guys north of -- arms or thirty -- thirty. And I guess they got it certainly is the first thing over forty yet that's unequivocal 200 -- long -- player of return over forty. But. There's city I think it's safer to -- that they of off of philosophical presumption. Rather than a hard and fast stuff policy. The case by case basis. -- case by case basis yet. Yeah apple -- it was a presumption. In its they'd be in favor of the if shorter term president monitor you. -- the trade deadline I believe -- one week away from today will simply come down to something as simple as how many wins between now and there to determine whether your buyers -- sellers. Yes and again -- I don't think it's admiring process I don't think you're either one or the other is you may see some some moves that that take place. And some other moves that did not take place so maybe something maybe something in between but yes you're right. We've never been in this position I would say at thirteen years. We have ever been in position where we have been anything but aggressive. Both fighters because we all receive it and these. -- catastrophic years of the eleventh and twelfth. We we were -- the well. Well over 502 at the at this stage of the season. So this is this is relatively new to -- I think that's -- I'm pleased that that's the case that means that in most of the years that we have been here. That we have been in contention. But it gate at the time of the trade. Deadline -- and. I do think that. We will. Be active were always active. I think Ben is burning up the phone lines says sister. It is didn't have many GMs do but if you look at our track record that we have got out. A year after a year trying to as players just -- men and. June July and sometimes and August. In those services. A different. One position for the -- Larry is we all know -- like he's under contract next year for half a million bucks. That's a good that is a very team friendly deal do you expect in the show up next year and pitch and perform. -- under that deal. Com. I think it says there will be some protracted negotiations. With him. Probably at the end of the year as well. In wolf we'll see where it is a frame of mind -- respect to. Walker's term contracts session and we should -- it won't -- the technical and what you're remaining. And and it will we Lola explorer ha ha we can -- Keep John Lackey as a member of the bus itself. You know two years ago on the show you said that you guys are looking a bold moves before the deadline for the big trip with the Dodgers he said teams -- built on bold moves. Over the years that's still the idea it's going on over as a trying to do you get the sense a bold move we may hear some time and next week. That's. It still is the the philosophy or talked policy or philosophy certainly being bold. Is it is one of them but it comes to a based policy and action and any kind of front office. Decisions it was a. I think bold decision decide to stay in preserve certainly part. I think some of these these players transactions simply may represent some bold decisions someone's been. Right itself has been dumb and wrong but yeah we do. A prize boldness in decision. -- Do you think Boston could handle the Olympics and do you want. The Olympics here in Boston. You know unless some I -- my job description did not include opining. On political controversial issues like that I would say yes. It's good for the for this city. And for the region. Yes it's. But I have not been to the state that that question and I and make amount. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Larry do you anticipate losing your assistant general manager Mike -- and the Padres. Boy I hope not Mike is extremely. Talented and versatile and valuable member of our front office. He is a right hand to today and Carrington. Is that a yeah a great future in baseball he ultimately will be a general manager someday that I have no doubt. I just hope it's it's. It's it is. Right now -- kind of the civil self sufficient to say. The -- But. IE I hope my case -- -- us -- say that he is finally in the final four. In in San Diego in they. They have been known to. Take -- our front office people in the past but that we want to keep my case and it's a total possible. After the friendly last night you guys have to get the sawed off at least give portion of the infield to rebuild the mountain correct yes exactly. It's not a big job. Well we have a a great ground crew and Dave Miller has about two. Wolf we'll get it done as it's a little bit of a challenge for him but he's he's. -- does the other challenges we found Adam this year. -- must say it was strange to see him on. I guess it was Sunday. Would say yes but that had to pick and being in the mud -- the pitchers the bombs. It seemed like that was a -- ever. Seeing that before and it happened reform because -- -- suffered their fourth I have never seen as it looked a little bit strange. But our grounds crew is extraordinary and and that -- get that it displaced back together for our national game. Left the mound that would add an extra element of the game -- -- exactly top analyst of flop on the thanks Larry okay Larry Lucchino presidency -- Boston Red Sox joining us on the AT&T outline. The front office report is brought to buy new home turf care the -- business solutions and the New Hampshire -- again of course the great boss around there win. He comes back as these opening day starter in -- room the New York Yankees. Will they believe import cheer him the whole lot of those debate -- subject I'm crap Jon -- the final -- the NC.

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