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Gregg Doyel defends Tony Dungy 7-24-14

Jul 24, 2014|

Gregg Doyel of CBS joined us to discuss Tony Dungy's comments on MIchael Sam.

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About thirty seconds away from talking with Greg Doyle national columnist CBS sports dot com Barbara favored guest on here but first we think there may be some. Light at the end of the Jon Lester story panel. This is from C so -- robber in The Herald today. If Jon Lester received this morning Jon Lester -- the Red Sox won't be until after the season in an email to The Herald last night. John Henry said the teams agreed not to resume contract talks with its ace lefthander until the season is done while so that means -- -- I think. Yeah don't interest him in the over the globe emails herald for a struggle cookies first coupling any favorable. Good put us yes you beat them with this until November I guess. No more talk it's -- done done now I -- -- -- basically saying what we've been saying he's gone I think we're we're going to be proven correct because. Once he gets to November again it's over. You just get stars and its size and dollar signs in his pocket -- Gregg Marshall Coleman CBS sports are competent or favored guest joins us on the AT&T hotline. His column today dungy calling -- a distraction isn't homophobic it's just being honest good morning mr. Doyle how are you. Although -- Margaret I hear what they are you -- tiger attack. I read -- we'd like to open about broke it Doyle Doyle -- That we're gonna get -- -- I got the impression I would look at -- not think that might not -- So no surprise side I think there's bad news common for you Greg and you knock him to get invited to the next like. Twitter -- Online columnist convention because everything I've been read -- stepped on the line here. And defended dungy -- know you're supposed to attack dungy and compare. Sam to judge Jackie Robinson did you get the memo. Yeah you know. In him in my business our business beyond that there are people -- almost everybody. I've done two. Yet -- line in the sand in your -- one -- and once thought that laden and therefore. Everything on that line is correct and everything on the line and correct. In every fact that happened along the way can be shaped toward what side of that line and in -- and your you sit on. And that's what got. I don't like in it like the line and it. Made him black masks -- what -- -- that that's probably don't why don't you tell why didn't you guys told about the daily and people are more people can handle it. Probably don't senator of people are more a person -- support. People are dumb stupid animals you know and that's true individual and individual person out there were clustering your sport but you get people and groups -- dummies and the companies decide that if I'm a Republican every diplomats on the I'll correct. And it tells us how how to attract and -- -- about Democrats and then by first about the Red Sox yankees in. Anyway I'm never going to be those people where to copy all that you. 33 my best friend or -- -- I mean that in the in the white racists say about those front or -- probably prevent but I tried to get in other. The -- out there they're there are three of the best friend -- It doesn't mean that every part of the story. That comes out to come out what that's clearly right on the gate cited along on the old -- side and -- not not necessarily. -- Greg do you think gets up maybe just a little bit ironic that the only reason. Michael Sam is currently a distraction. Is that Tony Dungy is comment has made him such. Well that's interesting in and probably at the moment probably true Jeff Fisher was that took the round -- how much distraction. -- sample the first day. And apparently there's a maybe an extra camera to what that big deal right -- so right at the moment the public distraction. But he's going to be and dungy -- whether dungy contribute to it or not. He he's going to be he already all the laws mean you know Oprah saying that he want to -- Oprah Show it didn't happen. Thank goodness for everybody involved. It's it's gonna happen it's coming you know with that dungy was. Does he wasn't helping the overall called distractions or not but he was just saying the same thing that that. That people like me you've written about detect other sides of the political while Tim -- distraction and he's not in itself. We gonna talk Margaret player but he's not even being given a chance. It temp table. Distractions are allowed to be distractions if you allow them to be he was a distraction with the jets because they embraced that had a -- press conference he was nothing close to a distraction here. My my point is if not for Tony Dungy. What form would this distraction with Michael Sam take. A couple extra cameras for a couple of days I mean. I don't know what all -- distraction to take. At this moment is at this moment that you can't there's no there's nowhere to go against your argument that does mean you -- -- at this moment. But it rookies just reported no nothing's happening the media hasn't decided to really care yet. But they will you know what's coming Mike at all and -- used by the name hasn't been released yet you know and maybe won't -- yet been released. We've got a month or so four games maybe a little more. Distractions are coming you know they default file above all your life back -- -- model that we -- little -- Democrat -- I Albert bell Mateen and I guess I would ask in what form I mean he's right two or three extra cameras I mean what. What other than media people talking about and I understand it's a good conversation. How is gonna is adjacent call us at every place he went after he came out. There were fewer and fewer and fewer cameras and fewer if you were questions and now there are not -- -- I don't I don't I -- -- -- -- actually -- -- -- you -- -- -- Because Jeff Fisher said there's only one extra camera. We just say oh well I guess Hillary register camera -- what borderline -- gonna be on the bubble questions. Every day are going to be about. Are you go to cut the seventh rounder okay that doesn't normally help that's three questions okay as it Roberts or Jeff -- I that you that you won -- six -- -- walk in the locker room and ask every one of those teammates how's he do what do you think you'll make the team you think you might get cut nine serious. That's where it is that's the distractions going to be and that's what coach is knows -- dungy knows it's not about. Miette Michael Sam hey how did you -- football player like doubly elegant black -- -- It's not about that. It's about the other two got locked room. Being asked about arguably one of the worst players in the team over over over and they start to -- it and the -- becomes an issue that's that's what but he's talking about not talking so much about. All look at the cameras over there -- the -- or distraction -- we talk about. That work -- when a locked room because players get jealous and -- and it breaks up chemistry players -- kids and they're not know like get and that's no good. What happens if he gets cut Greg in Europe and obviously Fisher and less need are invested in this we saw them at the as -- we've heard them they are big Michael -- fans. To this point if he can't play and they have to cut -- what do you think the fallout is. Well I think it into what happened to become the next three weeks four exhibition games start it'll be pretty ugly. But that the same people that were told Milan -- all the -- amount -- the rams are but it is not gonna happen like that. If you -- Scott will be after. Enough public evidence where we all can see -- -- exhibition game Michael stand. It anchored by everybody here or he tried to drop back and coverage tripped over don't beat three times -- if he gets cut. They'll be evident. And if he gets cut and there's evidence and and a few people there'll be if you still raise the issue of all the phobia of the most people look stupid let -- -- down. You know I I'm not I don't know how works for your Simon's you're Simon editor. Have you ever been sent to. The Cleveland Saint Louis pre season football game. From your home base that -- insult because I think you're on your way August 23 -- men's they'll plays. Michael -- I'm chicken -- as we speak. -- look at Cincinnati and drives they're the content -- -- -- played like crap. -- corrupt it's going to be huge. I mean that's a third game right you're you're extra read your piece Johnny -- -- is my other co favorite NFL player this the question I do we've we've knocked back and forth well. Pick one -- the other. Star in the NFL or abject boss. Wolf first -- if you don't mind beaten. It Youkilis with the governor the right now what I think -- player doesn't mean a route from win Wednesday from blues which means that he's no guarantee you'll watch right. -- Stores that sell out who bust I bust he's. You know even if he was the heart for -- the world. He's so small and and it would -- about a growing would I -- might -- -- critical -- sure yet but a lot of blood there. In the best times demand -- not gonna show up to the best times he's -- show up. After an off season partying and possibly after Friday not a party on Saturday morning camp completely this kid out of control. -- public speaking out of control and you're not completely control make the transition from from spread offense quarterback in college -- -- -- felt. Quarterback you're not completely control completely control. You can't do it and he's not totally controlled therefore he can. Couldn't agree more he's our friend from CBS sports dot com -- national columnist Greg Doyle. -- was a pleasure to talk with the games it Cleveland by the way -- fill the tank can and out 'cause it's -- FirstEnergy stadium August 23 8 PM. -- -- -- had and -- -- vs Sam thanks Greg. Our Greg -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T. Hotline 617777937. Our 3-D NC straight ahead.

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