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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Weird Al is #1 7-24-14

Jul 24, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99%. Of all Americans building a better network. It's scary out there -- -- in the for -- not so friendly skies should proceed cruising altitude 35000 yeah. Another plane disappearing here out of Algeria. A flight operated by air. Algeria is that right Gary are at sixteen people are disappeared from radar early Thursday the plane's owners -- Internet navigation service lost track. But be swift they're MD 83 about fifteen minutes after take off. From the capital of Burkina Fossett -- 9:55. PM. EDT Wednesday. The official Roger in Eugene agency says that means flight 5017. Have been missing for hours before the news was made public. I'm front and airlines to opt out of the line Malaysia's out of the Islamic law is the option yeah -- -- that's probably assay for -- buses and has never this year. Now well known how to crash higher. It's true that company people on board 116. And an egg disappear again didn't help parade you don't know where it is oh. Plane carrying -- 110 -- six crew. Left 917 -- PM Wednesday but not arrived as scheduled time of 1:10 AM Thursday -- -- to -- it was not possible to make contact with the air. Now the companies have tenacity after the plane to the crew include two pilots and four cabin staff. -- watch CNN is exploring the possibility now that it all in the black coal. Habits. Mean sure that the him. Area 57. Dollars and was it on land on -- asked and aviation expert and religion equation flown into a black hole. And gone into. Like outer space I mean. I tickets are looking at these possibilities out these planes disappear and your relatives -- he went to middle earth. We'll show up on game of -- -- good season premiere show. I -- but around that was on the other night I can't get next to that show. I I don't know what's going on I don't know where it is -- -- a look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get on board ray Donovan because -- -- and not like I watched the first episodes Chrysler wants it looked really good. It's going to be like. I just wasn't as some shows you don't title which you have to be patient. If the patient. Fairly patient the last ship that you see that's not wanna see that was that are kind of about which. Adam Baldwin's yes. Part of -- about it's that there's that we have there's -- at a ball yes. Not one honorable and they'll know Houston you know Foreman jacket yes my bodyguard. Captains in the movie when when. I'm Patrick Swayze was hillbilly went to Chicago -- the in his -- deliberately and -- and all right yes written on. I believe not -- -- -- was not great move ago rednecks they came up what's -- it took on the mobsters and Chicago. What's name Adam Baldwin is one mobsters and leave Neeson was this redneck with a scraggly beard at what Neil Diamond in March and maybe snakes poisonous snakes -- kill them all now is Mick Jagger and Bob Hope that little area missed that movie and I'll I'll have to -- -- great movie should mean title. Don't but not my thing that you'll think -- it it's a great movie -- funny him connected again next the best candidate I didn't say there's a fair rule ever skip. We have not as good as the Roger -- document now terrific guy Eric again about what yesterday by the way you're the only I would -- -- the brattle street -- good yeah over -- did you Kendall square's -- -- adding a twist at the coach caller yeah. -- coolest car -- when I bet he's been in that theater work if I'm not sure if I was going after woods. He went to the Perkins school for dinner -- correct I was that pancakes were offs are good breakfast for dinner. Yes that's a big this -- as a kid I did that'll be still do. -- -- Internet -- breakfast for breakfast and now it's official now you just have Turkey sandwich structures that are. That's a pilot hit the -- this let's get a good reputable journals talk smug journalists today yeah here's one from CNN trying to figure -- Koppel explains wants some answers. What is hijacking or terrorism or mechanical failure or pilot error but when it was something -- that we don't really understand what people have been asking about that about. Black holes and on and on and on and all of these conspiracy here's the -- this. No it says what else can you think about Michael Bermuda Triangle and then did she says. Just like the movie lost in of course. It's also a -- also referenced in the Twilight Zone which is a very similar plot. That's what people thing I know it's preposterous but it is a preposterous. Out. That's the host anchor now a CNN. Compares the Malaysian flight to the Twilight Zone. What -- -- shot with an up with the -- on the plane and a guy was most of the engine that -- that was redone and John lift go lift yet. On a new one right it was great I was the one of the best episodes in the toilets on movie. Had that he leaned on the one wing right. Yeah I was -- -- Twilight Zone really and now. CI. And I diet I listen -- I wasn't as a -- than what the collagen Hamlet two channels yet on the TV yeah. And it was always and that's when it had no choice like fat and and you must relative lack of white black White House. Might have some rough certainly moment for them. On Twitter talk about it after guy -- he's dead he spoke with a black hole is all. Harris soma is another unfortunate victim of plane flight. He died. Trying to fly these trainee pilot single engine aircraft around the world under the watch -- father Plainfield Indiana entrance of the world record raise money built schools Pakistan. They're playing crash to a 1015 American -- time Tuesday destroying -- if you take off that island that route to Hawaii his sister said how -- -- seventeen. And he was gonna fly around the world is that trying to raise money to build schools and black -- dead they are both dead affair was notified the crash for the US Coast Guard early Wednesday. Or six hours -- It together do you know -- died doing -- they love still looking for the father but it's presumed. Now to be the -- did you see the Dutch honorary remote via the Malaysian victims. Yes brought them back again the Netherlands and 45. Purses 45 cops shouldn't do that and the Netherlands attack Russia. Mean and we enact that they alarmed -- -- do. I don't know but they have much as summits are vilified some military presence. And what you gotta do what you gotta do slick -- picked on by the bully. Actually got to pick a swing of interview the mom and dad who's three is. It is in the view yeah. Well -- they sent their three kids home with their grandpa correct because they wanted to spend the next week -- and answered it. And that. And it perverse kind of way -- They almost wished they were on the plane with the -- question absolutely you know life is over imagine that you know you know all three kids recover that but doesn't -- have to pay a price that just shot -- -- billionaire got seventy billion Gerri what do you need to hear or understand attacks on the move the beginning I think and I was in the Netherlands and NATO. They're probably your idea of the then you know have to help via. Present and -- -- I guess we should -- arms but I think no I don't. Would than what do you suggest we do. The United States of America would do nothing -- and nothing to do it and you know there and how skilled hold on to their people they got for us hate to be callous but with the conference. Wouldn't choose envelopes. Does the Netherlands control -- who do. People get them. -- changed my mind the tulips ups. You know at the number one album is I guess the so called on the one yes I don't know I know I know now what don't answer record. Fifteen I do not know you do not I don't do not know -- had. It's weird. Weird. Obama. Group or solo or solo artist law. Mick Jagger. Is that that although that obviously a guy -- really I have no idea weird Al yank it. Indeed as the number one guy in America the first -- -- -- was yes the first comedy albums since. Somebody Sherman in 1962 and now this year. Via us German -- coming out since what 1962 -- and number one you're. Record America. Here's his worked crimes and knock off on Robert -- blurred lines yourself. That's number one number one song -- our number one seed -- seed its single up the number one albums. I remember reading one -- like People Magazine that yeah cops Mironov. Had like four rolls Royces yet that -- -- or may -- something like that and they showed us house Republican LA replica. Beautiful mansion in Malibu and saying hello I'm -- and Jack -- Puppet shells. Work as well worth sixteen done according now worth sixteen yeah it's weird I yankees tickets are sixty -- sixteen million a week or do father -- -- A limited. -- elect that little weird niche comedy yes yes but he sort of thought I was Darnell have sixteen -- to do what was your number one record in the country and he buys it I know when -- comes anymore anyway I think that I'm right right I discount well lots of people who have that but. -- warehouse have like a Renaissance room that people don't like him now he's now within the Nazi remembering. The part he's the -- was one and remember those days not so much anymore. Bad news for John Travolta yesterday well you this is this is level that you think you've got a toughness is going to be a tough day for John. When pilots Doug got to -- October. Doctor but I got a raw data Barack. Spoke to TM is -- six -- affair with the let him sleep with men charged with treatment John Travolta Nash require virtual camps after the cease and desist. That's out now he's going to be allowed to write this book and allow I guess anything he wants in the book and he is saying it's going to be full of the -- hole. It all you need to resulting in an intimate relationship with John Travolta is that I was shocked. Shock now but what -- -- get some details. My same is going to be so. Any use of pilots of the flu places. Yes he's been in 2012 from the million stories -- -- -- -- people came said. The men said they had some intimate action with Travolta's so we'll see what happens there but that's almost no different than a masseuse on cruise line right. -- -- That's true -- being distributed music star doesn't hurt him at this point I think at this point if he just came and said listen I'm I'm Gaiam but it's a little late he's been married for like thirty years OK but you get invited to the espy's. We know that story we did yesterday -- There's no such thing as a former homosexual yeah there's certainly. Such thing as a former heterosexuals shore and I guess on the pendulum has swung all the way yet. But this -- guys. -- mayor governor of New Jersey McGreevey agreed yen. Who have families kids' lives and then one day is -- going to be honest. And that was on Mac but it probably straddling the -- ought to -- -- see how that happens obviously it's obviously extra -- -- a relations with -- woman may be you know while he is due -- and he closed his eyes and John Travolta but he said -- documentary and it goes well -- up and he said that he said that he can be attracted to woman as well I mean we've said this before you're gay guys. That it was time -- think we agreed he's been with a lot of women since he left his wife no -- but I think you would women be fourth wife. But that was on acting -- as a politician games behind if it wasn't stylish and the active you know. Making triple sessions. Sullivan -- analysts on -- -- a couple of -- -- -- you can -- you can be you can have. A woman might be gay does that make you. I know obviously we should bisexual and -- body by a group that but you can double your chances so that's true because also not enjoy the process I bloody demand not enjoyed an -- Through and not so megabyte. That's -- headlines brought to you by eighteen. Greg Dorell from. National columnist for CBS sports dot com. Weighs in on dungy headline says it's a distraction. Isn't homophobic. It's just being -- and we have some who's bringing new moves out on -- on less pressure also maybe yeah maybe the that we can move on. From the story of this summer here that next.

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