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Keep the Olympics out of Boston 7-24-14

Jul 24, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing how dumb the idea is of bringing the Olympics to Boston.

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I find it to be synergy. Bet the day the patriots beat again is the day we can pull the plug. On the Boston Red Sox. That that this. Kind of neat clean guy -- -- started feels pretty much you know that's true that's that's the overview about the view from 35000 feet. Rather than that let's get more specific. I would like to see a weekend in the next four hours I debt apply the single. Dumbest Boston sports idea. In history and I'll get you started with a couple. Certainly drafting Tony -- And passing on Dan Marino might be up there yet we agree on that yes this is very -- at -- and decent. Well jets -- topic you know Brian the chief passed on the -- black yeah -- I'll give the Broncos the past were taken away right. Now. Jury is who is a way to agree. The other one Jim Kelly and Kelly and yet. Daniel Bard. Reassignment. That -- that was with the best of intent it was just an idea it was that some idea you got all that Jerry. Yeah all right I'm just kidding -- it was a dumb doesn't want to listen to you that's number one this wasn't a flyer guy who they -- this was a great reliever potentially. -- -- -- -- close aren't waiting. It was almost as Thomas movement. And cut. Through brain drew back that remains to be seen. Grew up on the extra point team. Let's not -- -- mean it's spooky weird but. You don't really blame Bill Belichick how that MG guy is and like. 52 album ever -- of them are less valuable and crawled. Out there. He what if if you know and Randy are open them -- You never put you call you -- one guy with lots of quarterbacks hold an extra points -- listed in the old. You don't really think Blake Belichick that asks. -- -- -- I'll meet you bash for bash. When it comes to bashing bill but that's ridiculous. Do you agree. I don't think there was any reason for Gradkowski could be reached an area the colts' special gamers are not good and I was I would have diagrams like every. Player on the patriots aside from Brady and maybe Revis at this point. Is gonna do his duty especially that you be out there Hotmail Rodney Harrison -- -- kick offs. They're not Europe forget according flip flop. Flip -- tight end to keep a tight end all right -- -- acting at work. It's a big strong and I want to about rush hour of dumb ideas that he'd be on the special teams extra polio. Squad this year yes yes yes a suitable only some it was a shot you know that's what -- That's how that's gonna work -- in the city that might team screw you. But it was a rookie and you know it's like saying you know don't let Bryant -- -- rivals. The point Michael's album. Should be blocking on extra points. Rob Gronkowski it's hard to do when -- on the street have to get cut. -- Bobby Valentine. As manager of the Boston that's at the top idea top of the list yeah although if not for Bobby Valentine would have been the -- Brothers. When their -- world championship last year well. Doesn't really work. And yet you can testified that it actually -- -- -- you have to hit rock bottom you know that the -- -- -- that those meetings ago to drive wouldn't and one last night here in disputed. To me. Which for -- with -- -- atlas you're off the grid and often accurate yeah I was so looking forward to you go one. -- -- deal on Twitter. You know stepped in for you little Malone. Utility Alou once again until they -- -- -- you if you like you know mark you were like you know whatever pinched her yet out of commission opium out of commission and Lou Maloney is that and came -- Saturday. -- love I love. Malone I don't do you -- -- I -- to this was and he is better than no mark. Was actually better and smarter well. But he -- bogeys in. A we we can get into that later but -- Maloney if you don't follow one would you -- pitchers sees -- -- Google that he's the man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lady is. A liar. -- -- -- does confuse it efficiently. And over and are nervous hospital all. Columnists say entities mrs. -- -- much in his. She -- -- she's sitting at the Perkins right now. Waiting for someone to wind to blow -- the case Oilers pancakes and sausage. -- -- -- -- -- The waitress could smell it cooking in here there it's it's like they haven't. Sitting very politely if she's you know she's frustrated will frustrated. Really hungry Serbs. Are well this -- not vote -- Credit been mocking Perkins of course we are obviously. Walking person correct -- -- redeem on whispers. Content. Right now yeah it's you know let's revisit this. Fall plot wanna make sure -- twenty doctors -- something. We have to make sure she doesn't get waited on in the gutter tactics just in the off -- -- he isn't that will. -- -- and then we'll explain further if she gets split on -- a little bit yeah. Or could it could retire. The waitress comes then. Again I was wrong moderates like John -- not spending money on Jon Lester and that is spending money on this person a deal for Austria yeah -- The biter in. Got the ball and get rid of mis sold them I'm fortunate. He made it kill it really. Shouldn't intimately -- look at -- were that we weren't lunatic. That add to is sort of of -- -- open and he can't play for four months. That's true. He'd be worth more if -- weren't complete me. It would be good player. Well implies that part of it is -- That he settled -- you know easily term -- -- -- a fighter. -- -- was accurate as it was and trust -- rally. Right yeah it more valuable as. We ask Larry. Larry was being involved if you lose all -- that decision by the way that Michael after they won eight of nine that letter is gonna come out from under the bed some unison the two teams face. Out from under the bad that you guys 12 weeks canceled. What else is lost to -- run yeah we've been talking to Larry -- surprised me heavily and Steve -- Perot on real nice. To it's it. I want -- list I. I got. That right about a year sell this rafting acie Earl that's bad but we -- I got got a horse won. Ago Michael Smith the before or less Smith Michael Young. I don't for for a picnic and yeah -- income Michael entry into it from. The lefty. Which reminds me of this action like. Me you mentioned your company played I think it from double -- -- -- run this honest I was gonna say. Before we went on air and it is dumbest idea. -- that's the top well. Every single one top Reno being passed for if you -- I have to give me hard and can you -- -- -- on the special teams Bobby Valentine's. Day Celtics bad draft. -- -- -- A I'm sorry. My iPod -- Jelena were to happen. No one here disagrees with that call especially in the -- -- I -- draft -- hell as a million. Have -- it's what's his -- from North Carolina. And for -- that the allegedly the last read our back. Oh Joseph Joseph Forte. And -- balls through the boss I'm sure we'll crack. Probably pitino Rick what do you do you know it was worst than than Bobby Bobby Valentine Bobby was one year you rip that band -- off yeah public trading Chauncey -- forty years and forty games in his rookie year a hall of Famer gave up on that very good -- and pick -- very good when -- keys could finally woke up. Item you'd say yeah this yesterday and I want to -- tough it can be. I'd ask hey if you a couple of Joseph Forte that's good I I mean like rod rust. But that -- you wanna talk about. Mistakes again and a couple of euros were good because she knew right away it was a mistake. Rod rust was five minutes into -- into the job and everyone knew it was a mistake yeah and everyone knew it was -- -- Lifetime achievement Wharton and good coordinate let's make him head coach and it was a disaster like -- Crawford deal. Michael Young for never play again felt ever. -- tropic was cut training well at Phoenix. All of it's never public OK and that's my idea of what's a bad move Jeff Bagwell for Larry -- You we can revisit that but at the final four nobody thought it was that bad right at the time yeah yeah we didn't know -- well would learn the the -- of an onerous. And we don't know video with -- with the exception of Jerry suggestion. As the worst -- Worst idea Boston sports are present you the fact that our mayor and he trail Boston businessmen. Are flying to Los Angeles to get information about bringing the Olympics. To Boston single. Promised idea. I've ever heard OEM we are boy who was on who we have on -- -- yeah brokerage giant fish is run and oh yes yes and he says it's it's going to be great. Guys bill and all this is always a financial stake in its. He's I don't know the road already admitted I mean where I want to. Do you watch on fish loans Suffolk construction to just say yeah I wanna bring the Olympics bus and I don't want my company to do anything. I -- -- -- credit for on the Iowa -- -- the spokesman for that particular. Enterprise not to be financially and the financial stake -- it's like we've I don't believe anything he says because that was -- make money is that is the dumbest idea but it's not gonna come to fruition those other ones panic came to religion might. You think that my aunt -- Three cities LA Washington I'm sorry for city's three others side Boston LA Washington San Francisco and Boston. -- all showing up in Los Angeles to get a little talking -- we know about -- From the US Olympic Committee in terms of what's going to be required. What the financial entanglements will be how this whole thing will ultimately be presented to the International Olympic Committee. Now the USOC is waiting until early next year before deciding whether to submit a bid. We don't know what games are in your -- 024 correct 2024. And it's gonna be an American city bidding Rome Paris. No law. DOH. It's really hot there in the summer I know that no ha let's go over all harms Israel Saudi Arabia looked over New Hampshire -- ha. OHA. -- -- Saudi Arabia and Istanbul. Yeah -- if you're -- hours. Although I don't -- -- music and now -- like a guy infamous. -- Olympics I would be up all my worried that the -- stumble -- stumble or dog would -- you know -- Capital of Qatar. Allies -- them but they -- all media World Cup. The World Cup and on the haven't they are have the slaves in place the -- More slaves for the Olympics. Futurists you know Cindy. Complains that the Philippines or wherever they get ago and and get a mold their argument to bucks an hour of 101000 dead people get -- -- to push what's the World Cup up -- over -- again it's over a thousand dead building World Cup stadium what you saw the World Cup it's worth it. That's a good points assigned. On their construction site. It's been six minutes and we've lost a life in an industrial accident they go to mcdonalds they have the number up -- 1067. Yet. And they -- its -- and anybody die out note again -- these -- you start well. O'clock and I -- a citizen of 2000 given -- and guitars. Look for an update that is outrageous the World Cup -- celebrated. The team their their little tournament. To a place where the -- street. These its workers like slate. Modern day -- And the but they do give my all time box in the ninth and -- that's true. And that's about it believe they don't expect what court would limit should -- to sleep. You know he -- -- because he's there. Now I don't think I'll get your -- went into the living quarters yank and it's 12520. So to average -- 107. And they live without -- news. -- Your farm animals wouldn't you wouldn't put them in discount -- desperate must be to be from where Thailand. They were from different from Philippine title Thailand. Couple other countries so Germany went to see the window one -- riveting -- that's to bail aside how desperate must situation be in Thailand the Philippines right. To submit that to subject yourself that I guess they don't know go -- -- like -- -- right right yeah yeah these people are. Apply these obstacles to -- right -- mimic -- again that they take the passport away and they say you can't leave us basic cable. They're -- -- Mexican and ultimately the movie so -- forgiveness and well I think they do a good effort and that's tomorrow -- that is one somewhat anyway -- the port for work this Justin. The 12100. It is written -- -- wants to at 202 months. I don't kind of that are obscene human rights activist has Sepp Blatter have to say about that act. It will war is enough for more estimated about 12100 nationwide and the World Cup was awarded projected to reach 4000. By the time the games begin according to advocates the harsh labor conditions at the game sites and surrounding infrastructure of led to a massive. The tally -- rate up causes range from construction related injuries to cardiac arrest suits. So by the time the games get there or else people will die. Port like I one person died. Building the empire state. Now a lot more than that was yes it was it was a double figures yes it was the bottle itself is so I do not calling it too was check out how many people died -- in the Arctic. I -- it's less fewer than ten. And they were like Americans. And. Now that's. That's. Was the cost of doing business then it's not the cost of doing business as slaves either at home. Who went after he saw satellite jeans and a cigarette did you ever done drank coffee viruses have much -- -- -- like that I would no way. To be able to now known academic here could be at five feet up. We that your fingers let's switch but that's also. -- to. -- guys I'm. So that the Olympics in Boston's a terrible idea but not as bad as though we were saying that that -- -- The hot I would rather be at 80 I would rather have a hole that -- that's -- that that's place these evil people. Writing an article that -- look at traffic here now. Good point you'll be worse -- travelers I I guess I'm not -- sold on the fact that it's. Being taken seriously our bid -- our bid the wire they've lined up three finalists for the John what is Deval Patrick. -- around the world for us. Or in the US assets outside the US the summit in the form of four more -- the odds are against that's what you odds or for us with us. And Marty Walsh is making the presentation -- -- you think I had you thought we dictionary style and doubted that it's it is a terrible idea as we have talked about it written about it in the past it's insane. They have to build new stated and I love Jon -- says to me. A meter and and minute commuters this account any hesitancy stadium it's only sixty okay I'll K bring -- on base and aquatic center right. -- familiar with those who covered yes that's right and I guarantee you the one and Atlanta which was lavishing big beautiful. Basket like Cobb I mean I'm sure there is some. School high school uses what is -- news doldrums. That's -- every Olympics site that we do roller derby. Right now you don't use it to you to go a little athletic you have to for the Atlanta Olympics and you can't just used to -- since -- -- right now like people think and I've told the story minutes stole from me. When I wrote about it 22 cubs would go on forever this year is always some dreamer of their thinks that we can hold -- Olympic. And I asked him at least to get the ruling you know on the rivers -- You know allowed to row under bridges. And it's too bad enough to go -- -- well in the sometimes we take that on the bridges and a you take a long. -- down like -- mass that bridge and pollution. Not forever just temporarily when it's over you build it again -- -- you set them up to -- sake. With the war you usually means the wrong or right or this rivers vote in you know. Western map to -- vermonters some right American easily app and a so he can't actually have -- Which seems so charming Mario Merriman yeah me on the Charles. -- that that's out. Got a built. -- how -- Olympic village Olympic village for like consolidated unit we have obvious shift of the stadium stadium my question would you media center. We're going to play these were you played the basketball. Other than guard where -- public is million games apiece the -- took -- -- Doby and now there will be. I don't know and it can be small basketball BC's not bad but they play 45 different places that it's okay UMass. That's three. Which dissent from. Whatever it's called Providence should get on the good managed Providence etc. it would just be like what I mean it could not gotten but it would be personally got to build stuff and if you noticed. We're not we don't bills that that quickly -- here and on other than our friends in new balance we're just amazing -- we sit here and all everyday at the private sector work yes. If ticket this republics that Trojan that would job would have had -- -- be getting the -- -- the -- oddly enough it wanna be right about a 112 guys we didn't Lola. Now I am sure have one of those cameras going -- those -- -- -- laps -- -- things going on here. Shortly could only Muster. -- time and I'm impressed god another strongly that these construction zone in no particular to -- they are and they are awesome. And new balance gets things aren't so -- Even if John fish could convince me that all these things that are going to be built will be used and used and used again after the Olympics and somehow some way it makes. Financial sense. Can anybody solve the traffic situation they'll. But that can never heard a politician who gave a damn about traffic these are the bread when -- of the people who pay the taxes and make the engine run and and I've never been giver to Mayor Menino -- him -- her congressman ever to senator ever -- you know local politicians say. Stand and say -- are we have a big problem here of people going to work. Spending half their day in the car people as well and the and and the solution that was the big -- But fixed everything that it lupus. Thought golf it's everything it's with which right it's a good point. One of the main reasons for the big big was aesthetics -- you know it was ugly day -- so we spent. Fifteen billion original estimates were too good to -- the cost fifteen billion how many years fifteen years that's about right. To lower you know make panels and put on pretty long hours and he's beautiful now it's -- -- I guess I'll stop when mark -- -- Look around sit in traffic ought to support yourself -- Alabama's credit and takes two hours to get from like Quincy to Woburn -- who cares. I mean I I just I like that when you stuck in traffic new cup but does -- the -- -- pretty I'm actually a so production physically attracted. It's -- yeah I get a life did I do you think I would technically. There have -- off it's actually 24 consider interest 24 building so small price of paper. Or something that was estimated to be two billion yeah well as the Olympics and -- Davidson number forget what's been the topic is what every said whatever yeah and I apply right by -- yeah yeah. When you include the graft and corruption you're right John this is if this testing of many worst idea of all lottery you win -- Boston -- them well do you know wins that's the dumbest idea ever all right and is your worst than Michael Leon. -- Championships since -- played a good boy yeah that once yet but again as the worst -- silicone. You've got me there that obviously we don't close -- regional communities are aren't you an idea wins but I have to give Jerry credit for teen deaths while building the empire state. Or team. 20s30s. -- 616. -- -- -- The Boston assault he noticed that way to breakfast and throughout the world which are gonna check still early to see if a friend from boston.com. Got her breakfast because she went to the Perkins school for the blind that's. Where she thought. -- -- waitresses yeah. When Jack see that it could be now she said we we're gonna have an issue if indeed shipments are that there are waitresses there. We sure there aren't. Sure there is Syria you're workers helpers and assistance and after your neighbor -- beyond the sound yeah you Zain audio response and I I think this. Could be an issue IG said Jerry -- and we'll explain all the -- --

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