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Sidney Rice chooses his health over everything else with retirement announcement, will this continue to be a trend in the NFL?

Jul 23, 2014|

We discuss Sidney Rice's retirement from the NFL, and the greater issue, which is concussions and head injuries in the NFL.

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Michael mentioned earlier that this is the week and an -- he predicts that somebody on the patriots will retire on Saturday Saturday defensive line. Defense line on Saturday will say you know what it's just not -- no thank you well. It's already happened elsewhere. 827. Year old wide receiver really good wide receiver. Pro bowler at one point Sidney Rice has retired at the age of 27. Because of concussions. Missed the final eight games of the 2013. Season after tearing his ACL in week eight. I missed seven games in 2011. Due to injuries that included two concussions. You remember that Haiti tucked in the Super Bowl. Where he just got. Whopper. And he has decided primarily because the concussions. He said himself that. It's just not worth it anymore he said I've got quite a few injuries is something I've always battled through and come back from. But I just figure at this point I have the rest of my life ahead of me. I wanna be able to function well off and do things later down the road good for him so seven years it was career at the age of 27 Sidney Rice says. Not worth it anymore now we as football fans we applaud and appreciate tough players. Wes Welker ominous -- -- He'd get over the middle get his head taken off get back up and get back in the huddle. Oh boy there's a price these guys they eventually sooner or later they pay it -- -- You do you think with the group all the information we have on concussions. Head trauma. I mean as a book out now league of denial. -- been out for about a year. Former Boston Globe reporter rusty -- room is one of the authors of that book. Lot of information -- now that wasn't out. There wasn't as readily available ten years ago even five years and think they're going to be more situations like this -- guys are. Aware of exactly what they're doing and they say forget it I know it's millions and millions of dollars but on the second take that risk. Yes and I think the good thing for him is that he has some. The top one or -- the guys that have the concussions. With the release of the money to fall back and say. I got a gut out one more year to get you one more year and then I'll -- may be able get hit man again bright and I think that's the really difficult decision because a lot of these guys that may not have a lot of options to make. Even you know what's that the minimum that you know third year players making five -- five it's. Well that's a lot of money in the real world NFL world may not be a lot of money but in the real world that's a lot of money a lot of these guys are gonna find jobs where -- Macon. 35000 dollars a year remind 585. So. You know I think it's hard for anybody to walk away has got to be tough but I think it's a little easier when you have some money as a ton of money and liberals talk about this the other day and Tommy -- was mentioning. That that somebody and it might be Alex Marcus who actually do that and given his background covering professional wrestling as well I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to look at this. Where they they've looked at videotape. Wes Welker talking in 2007. And compared it to how Wes Welker sounds talking now. And sounds different. And you know there is a cumulative hold these things take after awhile. And to Sydney crisis credit he said I have the rest of my life ahead of me I wanna be able to function. He knew where he was -- knew what Brody was going down. -- don't know and it's always been an issue you know we always sort of joke about guys cool or notice that you know guys who play in the NFL to walk like the rest of world. They all have a new year -- A -- But that's one thing to say island. War you know I walk a little funny I need to in my knee replaced -- -- my golf club the way -- right on that's different then you know these stories you -- of guys you know going to the grocery store and forgetting why they are right here -- there you know. When when the brain is the issue that's a whole. Other layer of post football post athletic life and I do think more guys are gonna consider that and walk away earlier if they can or walk away sooner in the injury process. And it's. It's sad because you do you walk that line. We -- guys for being tough and getting up and taking the big hit. But as I told you off the -- I started feeling guilty and I think 09 might have been when I started to feel it. That Wes Welker would see -- just trying to. Shake his head in and they're not all concussions but now the research says it's not this is the big concussions it's the repetitive blows it's the and there was a game I believe the game in London he took a massive hit. On a first down catch. Had to go to the sidelined. Was sitting on the bench was really you know how you're shaking it off quote unquote whatever. I believe it then burst down second down he missed and it was like thirty -- third nine. -- comes wet Wes Welker and he catches the ball up the stakes for first and it takes another big hit. And it's like it's so impressive but it's so scary it happen not if it happened in the World Cup. Remember the hit that guy talk and and Taylor Twellman was talking about this. Took up shoulder and elbow right to draw up and you could see he was how he was -- and get back up. They got him to the sideline. He comes back into the game right he's back in the game for like three minutes and then they had to help them off the field the second time. I mean -- a guy and neither are underneath either arm and he's got that glassy eyed look about how many can't really walk properly can't really see where he sat. And and this is something Taylor Twellman you know is is very passionate and I retired his color barrier and -- Because of concussion issues will we saw with Danny Amendola last storm that hit he took on the on the end around on the sideline against the saints maybe and the look in his eyes as he got up was as bad a look as I've seen from a patriot and an NFL game and it is you continue to see more and more of it and I know some of the taxes are wondering is -- anymore better helmets are coming in new domain. They're not there yet unfortunately I don't know if they'll ever be there but they're not there yet where the helmet is the answer okay were fine he we got a helmet that'll never happen again. This is going to be long standing issue. And I know that there are some people out there who just say hey. You know to sign up for. You know nobody's making -- play football and their new. We're pretty dead yet to write you know we're just not well I sign off -- walk away from right and that's what should -- crisis thing yeah I signed up for a nominal awkward I feel -- if for a different reason. Mendenhall. Former steeler and now it will world was with the cardinals. Decide to retire and I don't think he mention. Concussion experts say for the reason. He was just talking about you always a little different and here's a guy who had some controversial things to say about nine elevenths. He's a guy who's always felt like hey I'm not a football player I don't wanna be defined by that he wants to travel only once you right and do all these other things so he decided. At a very young age to. To walk away from football I think it maybe I know we've been here and as for twenty years -- every every year. In sports no matter what the sport is an average salary goes up by 500000 here a million here. We always say look at -- retirement. With you more retirements -- these guys don't need the money. You know they have this luxury -- in 1985 or 1995. To walk away from these millions of dollars mound when he fourteen. Unless the -- and giving up on what he was Smart moves right I'm terminal there and -- that you played your payroll report I was hitting. It was before -- time -- -- at thirty is enough pay a texture taking you to task says two hours ago you implied Jimmy Graham was a keyword. For not seeking out yet. But like that idea to seek help us yes he didn't she just got a bachelor once Aqib Talib got in his mug you wanna catch the ball you wanna play anymore. It's not about taking hits you're dumb to try to take it that's about it dale prosecutors about -- a lot -- okay thanks rob in Charleston on Europe next on Sports Radio -- -- Got to know guys you guys are great show all all it's logical and well. I wanted to make a point of coaching football for a long time and you know. Amazes me there are concussion today that it worked thirty years old what I ought to believe something Bemba. Very -- companies have been on the sidelines concussion. We're more aware of them today what I plague good ball -- right back out that you didn't know any better the -- -- knowing that you have traded on the sideline I look at it really -- -- the college. Now we help them all over the place. We treat get out -- can make sure they have in a level that they do get hit -- measure the level again what do you do not out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not a bad during the first republic -- -- what we don't like it but from -- you know what general -- standpoint you have to applaud that. -- you bring up an interesting point Robin and I do agree with you that there were probably. If not as many concussions has -- concussions. You know 203040 years ago we yeah we they were under reported they absolutely war it was my shake it off and get out there. Although I do think that part of the issue though is players are bigger stronger faster than they've ever ever -- the collisions are even. More horrific at times just because physics are involved and the speed in the size of some of these guys there may be a little bit of that but in general I think there are just it's the awareness of what a concussion is. And diagnosing them and not really an increase in the actual number of them. I have -- I think that is a great point because. Concussions -- we'd be crazy -- -- concussions were happening in the fifties to all of our -- and the players were smaller. Not as fast as they are today on nutrition and not as much as of a focus as it is today it was happening but you're you're right India as a whole. Basis of that book legal denial right been happening for wild. Information. Has been coming out and that information according to the authors authors of the book. Was kind of marginalized. Or or glossed over. I think this has been a problem. In the National Football League and other sports for many many years now just more educated about it. It's also true that yes you can build your. Hogs your hamstring everything you can be bigger struck your brain isn't isn't. Stronger you know of the fluid between -- doesn't -- doesn't really change so I heard you guys actually yesterday talking about. To buck about fastballs and you know word today -- was hard back then right. I I think it's fair to say they were not creating as much force. On a league wide level thirty years ago as they are now some of the greats I'm sure were -- deacon Jones or whoever you wanna pick. But I think in a general level the average player is bigger stronger faster and physics says that creates more. We don't but I also though also. In -- -- night train lane earlier. You know remembered night train lane and outlaw outlaw -- is it calls on people and part of his hope that brought his repertoire. Kohl's line you'll never see that now. You know imagine deacon Jones would deacon Jones through the head slap you can't do that now so a lot of these things that were happening Warner's big. But some of the things that got away with now we would never reported a criminal I mean you can imagine sports talk radio. With the knowledge that we have now we went back in time. Other commissioners gotta -- something we can't allow this it should be banned from the league endowment consumer would be eight pussycat. And in 1950 or 1960. TJ is in Portland hate each. I don't think guys thanks very big culture yeah I played soccer my whole life and had several concussions that you've been nail right on the head it's actually. -- knocked on project a couple times but that would that would it be damaged. It was this small ones that put my head on the ball constantly. And you know it can be scary you know I didn't make money doing it. And you know there were times after I'd gotten better over the years -- I had no idea where I was driving to give me an hour and a half to get home. When I was fifteen and away from my house. Up like that after people what happened to them when they broke down like in the -- that everybody knew. Armed and I don't even know how football players it with a continues. Seven -- it's 7000 time more physical. Than -- I just don't know -- elect. I mean it in all of the contact sport well heck I guess baseball. Could be a contact sport he got hit with a ball or collisions but but we talk about football and hockey. And the size of the people and the and the equipment and in hockey that's one of the things they're. Studying to this day is you know that the show the cup on the shoulder -- that hard bulletproof plastic. And when that's making contact with a Geist -- there's a gift to. The old equipment back in the old days the elbow pads were soft for the shoulder pads were softer now it meant you got more shoulder injuries and elbow injuries. Why you didn't have as many concussions. So it's that. Look all things being equal if you gaming choice I'd rather have my shoulder give her in my face get her my head get hurt and now you get into the -- James Harrison thing remember he said. He'd take a concussion he'll take -- head injury over in the entry that in my career I don't wanna get hit in the knee -- in the head now I think he's probably in a relatively. Small minority they are vocal and somewhat idiotic minority journalists -- Pittsburgh's depth. As well we don't want so. The classical. Or he talks like a guy who's may -- RD had a few -- that concussion he's the other issue I do think it's inch and you brought up just a total side. Was the rest. You know that's another sport where concussions. Steroids. Made the pain killers you know there's all of the -- what. Yes and he's an amazing -- steroids or wrestling really. -- and accuse anybody. Certain guys think here I think you're pretty safe to steroids in wrestling and I've always talked about that I I think long term they might find that the concussions which is your brain. Are also may be somehow affected -- and made -- different because of the drugs that are going through your bloodstream and by nature your brain in painkillers -- downers manipulating your goal. Formal system and now and I think that's a long term issues well. 6177797937. Is telephone number 37937. As the text line dale and -- within the heart Sports Radio WEEI. They add -- -- 3793 sevenths as can you call up John Clayton for his crap saying rice retired. Because he wouldn't have made the team on Twitter it's not exactly what he said. What he said was that the retirement was not unexpected. I'm quoting prices retirement I gives Chris Matthews a 65 receiver from the CF -- chance to make the roster of the Seahawks keep six wide receivers. But he also said. He said down. I'm one may -- the quote right here. He says Saddam. He says he would have had a problem making the team anyway. At 827 his hips and knees are shot plus he has concussion issues the game was ruining his body. He said. In my had a hard time make in the club even if he hadn't retired. And probably Sidney Rice realized that as well he may have I -- the only thing in and we were talking about this relation to Michael's prediction that. Some patriot defensive -- could retire. On -- Saturday. You know what changed he decided to re sign with the team. And now all of a sudden you realize I guess it's just the sort of the finality of going to camp and practicing and all that means -- but. It's interesting that maybe he didn't choose to do when he was cut this off season. Lucky out. He he got. Cut in February and they say like seven point some million dollars seven point four million. In salary cap charges. But then they re signed an April and he recent signed him to a one year -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know he signed the contract I think they signed him to a contract. And then it's like. Michael was saying earlier you start -- to do what you start to go through the process and put in the work and he hurts the hip hurts when -- head is hurting. And you know -- headache in the bright light this just isn't gonna work. As if it's not gonna work now -- a lack of work in October November December. Well. And in this not that that that Sidney Rice is. You know great receiver. -- for the for the Seahawks. But this is part of the reason. It's so difficult especially difficult in football. Get that back to back that they're in a tough division anyway they may be the best division of football NFC west at least they were last year I agree with and if if everybody is as good as thick as expected. You don't have a weak team in the division in concluding the rams and week. It does not on the on the level with the 49ers in the in this Seahawks but. Not a bad team so that he got a tough division. You have departures and free agency they lost golden take off some other guys to free agency that's what happens Super Bowl teams guys go off. -- marginal players get paid. Good players. Get paid like great players -- have unexpected things like this. And free agency I'd be very surprised as talented as they aren't as as as much as I respect their defense and Russell Wilson on -- to be very surprised. If they're standing there and Super Bowl. Argued that Michael it Narragansett hey Michael played on. I got the -- into a long time thank you. I -- and I know you get to talk about your future we'll all most of the NFL but our -- guys bring in Everett and Arco on. Couple weeks ago by pilgrims and get a moderate and he was talking about how eventually college football will start. Not a mystery playing college bubble but I'm saying he'd get estimated by 2025. That harbored would be the first to announce it is just not speculation but it honestly that you guys are on how would trickle. In the end at -- eight kinda about seismic shift in sports it was Britain during the World Cup. I I didn't see built peace and and I'd I'd like bill's work a lot of didn't see it. It's it's interesting speculation which is what it is and it does make sense that if if what he. Foresees ever comes to pass but it would be the Ivy League schools that would start that more than ask -- Were an academic conference. -- -- -- This is a topic that has been sort of on the back burner for a couple years now people talking about how. Down the road. As the NFL that the talent in the NFL that could start to become a socioeconomic. Divide where. Well the educated families. And they're not allow their kids to play football so all of a sudden the talent simply becoming from. Inner city whole war you know we've been other countries you know he's used more of an influx of may be African talent and things of that nature. This is this is a common belief and I do think college football and college athletics around a little bit of cross roads here win. The money issue with the Albanian lawsuit. The the northwestern. In the whole unionized station idea. The the what is -- the big fire power five -- on power but you know there's a lot going on in college athletics NCAA and college football and I do think. Help insurance medical care long term issues from injuries concussions. Is is a factor in that and there are going to be alterations I don't know it's gonna go down the road of college football doesn't exists but it may not exist at some more schools may choose to get away permit. And then. It is a minor league it's just. You know -- -- from Alabama playing at Alabama so they can go to the NFL 'cause they -- no other option life than their parents. Art wealthier educated not to say I haven't seen a man have you seen any need. Any -- Of that yes improbable aware what's helped I think to -- at the lowest level as a parent of of a seven year old and a five year old the amount of discussion that goes into. Will you would you. Are you going to let your child play for capital to go Brett Favre said I had a son I wouldn't want him to play football right and anybody I don't have a -- no he doesn't -- but I got. And I Cyril and I don't like Little League team if he wants to yes wreck I love the football player I'm sorry -- -- sand I think you know it's it's. It's hypotheticals and all make sense you know everything discussion means there's probably some percentage of saying no and does that start up attrition and away so what that percentage is I don't. 40506070. You know I it would let him play because I played football I love football -- my greatest memories as a -- our football related all of that. But parents that don't have that feeling or mothers who feel may be more strongly liked Gisele then the father and maybe the domineering personality in the family says no they're not. Playing they would have to start here because if you look at if you look at football now. You if you look at the highest level. Out of the game in the NFL. Look at the backgrounds of some of the some of the players from the top players. And in -- across the board it's a cross section. Yeah there are a lot of poor people in the you know that that story ahead -- have much talent that elect that. Exports as an escape and footballs and escape they have those they have the first family of football the Manning's. Don't think they have any problems with the with money and all those cues. Aren't they they played they played as much as far as they can go and someone just weren't good enough to get where were Peyton and Eli are. There -- people more in the middle. So I haven't seen the at NFL level we haven't seen it yet college football haven't seen yet still a cross section of people who were. We're playing big time college football I guess it would have to start now eight. 910 million world where generations away it's sort of you know we talk about the steroid era when to begin with what ended the concussion. Awareness -- head injury era began five years ago. OK so five years ago. Probably I mean you'd demean all those decisions are talking about serious this -- right and I agree with you it's it's pretty recent although serious all those people you're talking about the -- that they were well entrenched. And concussions -- known is back in the time when people believe you know in the NFL they were covering things up and -- -- -- -- -- they -- yes and -- now -- they started long -- -- -- The guy sat out a year. A year. Because you know he could have been his neck yet again when things are reasons that 45 or greater sentimental -- go to Europe so heroic so he's doing all that day. A year away from football I'm never -- time to think what's important like what does he do. What he's cleared area to go back and go to get one big hit could really change not only my career but my life. I think but he entrenched in it yeah but he also -- is also. Just insanely wealthy -- -- money is a matter -- clearly that. Football is what he loves football's -- what is it will always done -- but I -- father when he was seven that you can't play. He would have never gone down that path and that's what you're gonna seed in generations ahead 6177797937. Is the telephone number dale and -- and any heart from patriots football weekly Sports Radio W --

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