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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Patriots Preview Edition - 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around predictions and concerns for the Patriots entering the 2014 season.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network we definitely have. And I guarantee you will. Hear that man during training camp at some point -- reactions and stuff but what I surprised he's not that. I don't know I don't know if we're -- by the bells well I was in the competition what word is that patriots ownership is behind. It is group and trying to by the builds them. I mean if anything I would I would expect his visit even more assured now -- them -- perhaps good side as skinny jeans knows -- You. -- -- -- -- Mean if so maybe the old viewers can still is it -- never ever made it -- too -- -- -- -- -- I was tool Bentley the third great. Well we're talking about the -- teams and others were swept him -- that big ball and I don't tell -- -- -- from much of my. Adolescent life we are talking about the beginning of patriots training camp and that leads to today's -- So we've asked you guys to each provide us with your top four story lines going into training camp and you've done it in secret -- you don't know what the other selection isn't -- battery pretty obvious your wonderful. So your number one top story line dale was Rob Gronkowski is help. The number on top storyline for Michael Holley Rob Gronkowski is how the number went up sorry for any heart Rob Gronkowski so. Doesn't result you're looking he's right now you're here as smoothly maybe. Central that's you have got your back here you're talking time. This push right now he probably Hamachi you're enough for 69. Nash and the. Hello yeah. Sort of random number I don't know I don't know grandmother well -- intentional. What's -- from. That -- It was he was running about Hollywood Hills to seek a couple months. -- we're talking about being kids well that that's appropriate. How worse is that the movies. As part it all goes -- what am. -- -- -- altered rock as the number one story because it forever looking at you look at Tom Brady in the corporate -- last year and what happened. Down the stretch what is happening is the championship game go back to crawl. Number one guy for Tom Brady that the the top. Game changer in this division. And won that game changer and all all of us -- though it's off the program. And an argument we made that -- season has ended three years in a row because from what's on the field LP that he too. Share the load that he normally there while I go back to that Super Bowl in Indianapolis and I am convinced that will be convinced forever. Today healthy Rob Gronkowski patriots went back could you argue that would help -- Rob Gronkowski that -- forcible. Noble too much. Much. -- 11 umbrella the call I I don't know about -- L one I would agree with it. They're really good when he's out there. They are really good and -- tweets that stretch last year it's it's a switch that it's linked -- different off. I will be very curious I know Bill Belichick professes. Even various press conference today somebody asked -- about you know protecting -- what were concerned about the culpable or players and he gets wider sort of Lagarde walking him. Because that's how he sounds. Five. I'll be curious to see how he treats. Rob Gronkowski during the course of training camp. You know where he's gonna have the afternoon practice. And he does that regularly with veteran guys anyway he's pretty Smart about you know. Spreading that out putting gronkowski case like I said he went to -- a pre season game for me. I was the coach the patriots know thank you. Yes we are Michael stopped asking every day that's every you're an -- something that he does. You ought to yes we are -- -- second most important story -- going and training camp is the defensive stalwarts coming back Mayo will sport experts that are any hard. As the young players stepping up. And Michael Holley has Chandler Jones will he be starting. It got three step drop content -- looks tackles sacked again Chandler show. The third -- in the first half. -- yeah Google -- Tyrod Taylor's hit Apple's typically do go over the business. Someone who didn't see -- soon recovers the fumble for a touchdown. Or my question for chairman -- with who really be a star. And I think you would get him first year it looks like that lead has now made already assured already -- -- first year. Eleven and a half sacks last year. And you've you've talked about Browner already in seeing how physical law he's going to be an awful lot about the secondary and all these guys coming back. The secondary. Is half as good as we think it's going to be imagine what that's gonna mean. For Chandler Jones going after the quarterback he's had a production playing 98% of the time. What some with them secondaries. That have been a little bit shaky imagine. If the defense is solid from front to back. Gemma Jones could be a -- you can also start I think he -- I really do a pass rushing star I think he did pass rushing star Chandler Jones. I'm not only played only 24 years old. And still figuring about. We've got a lot to learn. But going off of his natural talent already and the coaching that is I don't know if it's not like -- him coaching. And that he hasn't done anything technique wise but things that ceiling it's pretty high. I I'm not giving up on by any means I think he's a good to very good defensive end and past pressure. I'm not sure he's a star I still haven't seen him. All -- a tackle dominate a series a quarter or half a game I still. That thing that we see from the great ones whether it be Jason Taylor JJ watt. Clay Matthews. Anybody those guys. You see flashes where they just only game it's like everything revolves around them because the offense is just in. It at your event like 98% of the snaps ever in a season ever. I'd get JJ watt yes 98%. Probably pretty close did you want to frequently flooded with JJ -- a different story about setting a star that's -- Yep but do you mentioned the other guys probably claim that disaster that is for some time. I added that I don't think Jason Taylor without their -- percent of the time. He had he didn't have -- done early in the year though. I've never seen Taylor you've never seen -- dominate Jones dominating game I don't. That's what a way to -- because I like him but he's a really good guy I think he's a hard worker I think he's talented. But I'm not sold that he's that next level that next step of star -- Look I think the Patriots defense made some significant additions which will make it even better. And I think Chandler Jones is pretty close to that star Michael talked about EF. You get back to normal production from guys like Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly and Jerod Mayo injured guys. Really decimated the Patriots defense last year then I think. You're looking at a top five defense Vienna now. Dream. For the third storyline going into camp dale wants -- will be the number one running back Michael -- wants to know what it's like watching an all time Greek defense. And any heart wants to know what the -- acquisition and the new secondary will look like. I think that was a number or priority. You know after I got released but I would -- it was too good on the list of teams and see what's the best opportunity for me anyway I'm really every player in this league. In August before. We we all want to win the championship I mean this what we've played this game. And outside you know the new page is probably the best thing for me. Did did Michael -- say an all time great defense no Michael Holley says. I wonder what it's like to see an all time great on defense. Bull laundry -- -- I was about to get to a flight that I whatever we get to a fight anyway. All time great on defense because hideous because -- having restated restated offensively. For many years Tom Brady and Randy thought when he was -- as much as I love some of these guys Mike Vrabel. Tedy Bruschi. Rodney Harrison. Even Ty Law. I don't think we've seen an all time great Richard Seymour and we've seen an all time great on defense in his prime. With the patriots that's junior say how qualified. -- wait and relate to just -- -- not by the time I was an all time great -- great locker room guy and all that stuff but not -- Andre -- and what it would rivas that's good call. I kind of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have a sports section now I do cheat sheet and they had an article couple utilities and a seven quarterbacks. Who changed the game. Seven game changing quarterbacks and mention in order rod Woodson Deion Sanders night train lane. Gerald green -- -- -- lot Willie brown and I'm wondering. Before it's all said and done well. To -- Revis. Is he going to be on that level he's recognized as a great player now maybe you know top two or three and in the NFL now will -- be an all time greats that have. Curious I don't know the answer. I wanna see what it's like. Studying those guys deserving of guys burning -- I think he has a chance to be an all time great I think it's good for him to be in New England. Obviously Tampa was a bad decision for him in terms of the stage to play on the scheme everything about that went on there he's healthier now. -- -- -- Bill Belichick may be going to a Super Bowl and he is a great thing for him. Pulled up phone. Time now for the agency patriots training -- storyline of the day. Still wants to know if the offensive line can keep Brady up right in the heart wants to know about the backup quarterback situation Michael Holland wants no thinking closeout big game -- great. -- third and eleven. Giants were confused on the play nobody down the field and walker makes that catch a hundred times out of behind. Stunning to see in this and especially in that situation. Oh is it OK to say it was a bad pass that -- should've been caught yet. Is that the right way to I like to say that -- eliminated the chance of that being touched them with a perfect for it would have been a and then. The neighbors I am right -- you literally. Could have ended the game. With great growth catch touchdown game over all the celebrate and raise my husband cannot just about -- about that rejects a criminal toilets. It out towards eyebrows to. -- It's about her out at 6 o'clock did come -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You shouldn't amount to get tickets. -- isn't that the number one thing the number one. To screw with me last week. We were talking about what. Patriots fans expect. -- patriots fans expect you mean to tell me. But your average patriot fan today thinks that they get to a -- game they're gonna close it out like Elvis you got to what we thought they were closers. The patriots were -- out of Rivera -- act and Koji all the one when he got to the Super Bowl or big game we've got the cold and cold weather got -- gonna go to the Super Bowl you're gonna win it beat the rams no problem well. To beat the Panthers no problem. Eagles got you don't 2007 he got to the point where you expected it and it didn't happen and had expected it. It's 111. And it's wanted to end at home against the jets. They've gotten to the point where I think some fans say. What -- for the playoffs. Or the patriots really believe. So they need to. Answer that question are. Don't promise that won't be answered. I'm camp but as the number 10 he went with a long term but it just but I don't -- -- question the -- -- question it was one of clever lines in detail at the Christmas story line and that's where the back -- starter that comes into play because you're drafted a second round stud named Jimmy drop below with the ladies like. The scouts like. And his vying for the backup job immediately we all know there's a lot of pre season action where Brady's going to be on the sidelines with a one of them looking for -- -- -- pre season -- -- we as at all and -- -- -- was going to be settling in and around the field to begin the -- I think there's a chance he went -- the job right now. All well know what evil is critical for sure what was your available at predictions that that I wanna see I want to make sure this team keeps Tom Brady out. Keep him -- because. I do think it's the later stages of his career you get a little concerned about people down around your legs and when he has time when he has space when he can step -- throws I think he still. To this day one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the national football. -- he's really good at throwing on the run really really good running period. And I wanna see if this offensive line can do the job and keep him -- where exactly is it is your focus their improvement. New players winning jobs on the inside like if you're placing your -- where you are appointed to the inside of the patriots offensive line currently here I was but -- part of that was Logan Mankins to. Remember. -- beat him in media in Denver right he'd like now pot is sold. He's not getting replaced. So that's kind of -- -- it to step up from him you know people say Brady can't close Brady hasn't lived up to the -- Brady is in a finisher in big games. You can argue the offensive line has not closed in big games dating back to the 07 Super Bowl and since then -- -- -- and I think that falls on me. What are my body -- Poland. Wrote today's job buddies now Boston Globe via bimbo. My boy what are you talking about. Some format that's a name bit bright young men young -- -- -- a -- bowler wrote today he's talking about the same thing deal with the offensive line and you focused -- Dan -- And he was saying that you know that's the guy who really struggled at times blaster and I think according to according to with debt. Connolly was the 67. Corner pro football focus 67 right guard and 81. I love that our development that's just crap if not outcry. -- -- No one knows what he's going on because Andy had a 63 on parallel it you know Dante Scarnecchia grades his guards how to he sits down with the play sheet he knows the play call and the assignment exactly as it's supposed to unfold. Pro football focused. They walked -- down they don't know what's necessary regular round and assignment was. Whether the protection was posed a spider do this man -- how many times we see these protections were guy -- appeals often wings out and you need to know the assignment to know whether fulfilled it and it's very difficult compared team to team. Never mind any position but guards we're now gonna say that. These three guys anti love pro football focus they put a lot of work sounds like and that they bring numbers and -- -- so I -- months and in some of those guys I've had good debates with them but. These guys are are not really capable of greeting every guardian after announcing the. Skies 66 is that's what seven six and that's what makes regular right okay so. This is a criticism from my buddy Ben bullets he's been -- Right guard -- in the cross hairs right guard Dan Connolly Connolly -- 32 in September started 58 games over the past four seasons has several factors working against them. He was so weak link at an offensive line that allowed forty sacks last year Tom Brady's most since 2001. It was right by pro football focus. As the 67. Best guard out of 81 across the lead the league he has an abnormally high cap number four position. Four point one million dollars in the patrons can save three million of debt by cutting. That is fact and that is why companies in trouble but I think skill wise if you're looking to put the best line together will think calmly backed senator. And changing the guard position getting Ryan window lot of -- might be your best group but. I think that there's a good chance one of those two guys is not the start of this year was we strongly or window that you -- unwittingly. Addressed football London by talking about the changing. Of no less. Changing of that. Is this what it's like to -- -- pretty much every get checkups every time there is economic. Changing of now I know Michael talked about this earlier in the program this is appointment in the pre season where things get underway. Where people just unexpectedly say you know what. I'm done. Have one of those happened here today we'll tell you who when we come back -- Hollywood -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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