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Patriots Training Camp is officially open for business!

Jul 23, 2014|

We talk about what the New England Patriots and the rest of the NFL might look like in 2014.

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Yup it sure was possible that actually creep me out what the -- it's I -- from the star amateur -- there. The doubled from the John Rollins as Mayor Menino USA. Doubled from patriots made some news this morning Bill Belichick specifically made news and that's pretty unusual let's be honest. His press briefings are not normally hip deep in news content and in fact he tries to camp that's stuffed down. But he told in response to Mike -- told everybody that Rob Gronkowski cleared. Is a full go for training camp beginning tomorrow in on -- work out. There was a tiny. Little bit of a confrontation at the end of the press conference -- It took a while it took a lot of time there not thought somebody was gonna start up I would start up with so Cambodia. While the news got a plan earlier. Idea it was quite a lot -- -- how long your typical tax. I was listening to what I wasn't. Watching I didn't see it I wasn't there -- I'm sure you work streams every day Nvidia patriots stuck and I appreciate that but I was listening at the time. So I don't know who the reporter wise and that's my way of saying I'm not trying to hole withhold credit where credit is due I don't know credit which I don't Berkman was yeah I don't let the judge democratic in this regard she was dogged. She attempted she wanted. Degette Bill Belichick to answer but I think he was playing in the game. -- -- address. Of -- lawyer last week and. I don't have any further from. And administrative. No further comment. I thank you. Everybody. What is heartbeat we can actually -- a Connecticut man. Yeah actually -- -- a little bit how they -- -- on the podium like -- how much more of I have to take what he was accurate it was addressed in -- released last week that I believe was first report broken -- all this program thanks to -- -- actually. But and by the way Michael -- correct correctly predicted what the answer by bill was going to be when it was brought up. Let's and it released that statement about it wasn't 33 pages of text it was actually 33. Actual text of 33 are reportedly because. Once they put that out there okay we knew where that was going. Were putting this -- a week before training camp starts so it was addressed scenario below lawyers last week. He. -- -- -- -- And that is bill ballot check. He 10 that is -- with a crisis Ben -- we've addressed that I think we've gone over that and were on to whatever. The only thing the only phrase that was missing from the Bill Belichick playbook. When it comes of these things that further comment on that one that's operative. That's working -- -- document yes it's well documented. We joke entrants so yeah exactly manipulative and the -- and look corporate it's Stacey oh yeah. We get portraits yet and so one reason look at -- is yet because he's got the transcripts Republicans like. -- -- Cut this off you're the guy got a big -- to how this offers is not gonna go on much longer young Ben tells me it was Christina Hagar. From channel four who asked the questions I didn't think they were aligned but they were. Perfectly legitimate questions and probably a lot of other people in that room wanted to ask them well. I was a little surprised there were news reporters in that room. You are yet he has right but I kinda thought this was the first press conference of the summer the Hernandez thing is sort of rash with the text angle. I thought you might see grants -- to have in. Neck in grandstanding like last year with the announcement I kind of thought you'd see Byron Barnett and housing some of these guys and probably come at different angles with. And she was the only one -- Let's be on Michigan in under the bus or you can you answer these questions of failure by your -- bill. Oh yeah -- that that's the that's it it was a question that somebody. Or not a question or questions that somebody had asked the -- appropriate questions. Questions that we've been talking about you're probably gonna come up with five more and questions that he was prepped for expecting. That's why that release came out last Friday but he knew he was still gonna get them -- that he would refer back to the release it's all. A game it was game plan you know they scouted this out you know we probably won't see those text messages the 33 text messages. We'll see willing cornerback yeah I want a little way. What we're -- and they will in court but will we see them -- -- those will be entered into evidence and be part of the of the legal document I can't imagine why. Why the court would seal. Mean their certain things the court I'm sure autopsy photos and things like that but. But text messages. Communications back and forth that all get -- don't want the guy -- -- philosophy. Is. The psychological evaluation. That they that the patriots handed out with yesterday but right now hours before the court hearing. All yeah I you know what I think we probably settle this between hit -- over and so yes there's not an issue. That's not an issue -- to evaluate both -- yeah it's. Sort of the only report so what do you think their hold him back from what I don't know if they're holding back anything I don't know what they gave up but from the stories I read about that agreement. It was a little Vegas they they'd reached an agreement that made both sides happy. I don't know the patriots would have been happy if they just turned everything over. So I don't know I think the patriots probably were pretty well aware and that court was gonna make the mental there was also the idea that. Go get it from the company that gave the test. That's not our test that's like that that's administered by although some -- there was a lot of things are well I tell that -- I think reporting on this remember we got trouble once are ready by believing reports of 33 pages of text all right -- and then play the game with me okay. We believe the lawyer last week. Sure why -- with a -- at a at an auto giant and I I would but I took it one step further I don't think lawyers. Or very Smart people like Bill Belichick in his. When he's in Prescott is flat out lie flat out lie in paint themselves into a corner that they can be proven liars. I don't think that's Smart business out when Europe spokesmen when you're a lawyer and you're in any area and that's that statement was very definitive. We turned over 34 text messages. That's that's not a gray -- black -- -- yet the number was pretty definitive so I believe. I -- and I'm not disagreeing with you because I don't think by Smart guys like lawyers flat out lie to your. What is the government -- why would. You know why why do we believe what we believe -- there could be there could be certain information leading information leading us down a certain road. And there's just a -- there that they're able to take advantage so what are we believe a lawyer why do we believe. That the prosecution that that the defense. We're not allowed -- to them now okay it's all part of the investigation the two attorneys made the erratically one of the two sides could leak. But but not if they're Smart -- won't so so we can't see them now. But assuming they get entered into evidence. You're gonna get see all of us -- you're gonna get to see what some 34 it was 340. I mean it and I'm playing the game here and and that's does it like you said that backs a guy into a corner where and they and I heard before he got. I do to -- here's here's the other thing fellas and I know there are a lot of things besides the psychological -- but let's just say this is take it to the extreme take it to the absurd I think this is absurd. If you have 88 test that you have paid for -- that commissioned the money to do this for use -- service that your organization uses so it may be of their company but you're paying for. And I do it for free and you get the psychological evaluation and it says right there black and white Aaron and his. You know this is the psychological profile of somebody. Who could kill someone in cold blood. Does that still make the patriots -- And I questions about that that was have you looked into the test yet it's the tap. The T -- are -- line aptitude or something I went to look at now I don't know the one on what about you. It I was like Drew Brees I was you know like appropriate -- -- he called a mosque here. It's and I had a -- anyone arguing that -- musketeers yes that would -- -- Italian I mean with our spotlight musketeers I don't know what -- -- it in 91% match to the profile that they have created for this must that your guy -- I wasn't I I I was worried wasn't focus enough on winning was like one thing that was a fault of mine that's obvious if you comps I was compared to as I said Drew Brees. A bunch of great players which site. Pretty accurate only -- But then in which it says you know how your coach a bull how you react to -- like. No winner in their did I see where again if this is the test that they're talking about it with negatives that. It's more football in work related in and -- -- a spot where would have said. Future future alleged murder -- did it. Didn't see it it was more like. The type of coach talked about earlier the type guy that will bristle at hard coaching her it was more personality than true by this I artists are -- open. Then you get into this guy's really sensitive this -- thoughtful or this guy is not he's very very clinical. Very analytical. -- motions don't get in the way I mean. I think when you start going down that road but a part of that -- and exactly and it's all information they use the word killer. Paying you know watch out for this guy which by the way. That the company administering the test would never use that even if -- right even when I was back -- musket here killer huh. But -- well you musketeers a little freaky press spotlight. -- must hear hear an enormous heart -- year. Explain to me I'm looking like you haven't watched the three musketeers. I. I've seen that the Mickey Mouse version okay close enough. -- But in all seriousness. More worried about the scouting reports that are put together by my people in talking to college coaches and doing that research and Saddam. -- Test that mayor Mina the accurate calm I'd be more about what might -- wrote about this texas' -- the musketeers. People can name them not -- Apple's sport those art. Oh. Early which -- -- I -- -- and real app -- and earlier modern type of soldier equipped with a musket. After an important part most of early modern army particularly in Europe almost sold yet. When available although it texture said really what they were trying to use the room -- ski team not a -- here I am familiar with -- much like Netflix shallow and not like art and I want to see you coming here dressed like -- -- here and the legal hat. So RD. The militias anonymous used musket and musket. Olympians militia to -- in the revolution were these -- Musketeers. Wouldn't somebody shoots a must be -- year. -- -- The Indians and even our commitment but in general if you add your -- word means you do that job you -- mosque or mosque here. Exactly not not a not exactly musketeers. Got to. Outrun us an idea -- -- never told that. Three musketeers sort of yes I'm a bit of missiles but it's slow and yes the three musketeers -- They don't shoot baskets. Noble gosh I mean they might apparently Glock Pistols but -- the -- is sort guests at the -- long long time all of that and do what I. I. -- there will be but I assumed came from. Yes that's exactly I was hitting. The ball. Everybody's -- pronouncing ya don't think I -- Russian great Alexander do not ever come up at tufts. We've -- them. Carlo masters that today when when. Do you think back to. Aaron Hernandez's situation -- here. Do you think that was an egg shells thing from the media was it an understanding that somebody had to go there has set. And that you know what people didn't wanna be that they got. That the release meant he's just gonna say I'll stand by the release. I think most beat report a first of all -- news. Publications or they don't force their beat guy to cover these stories. Because they don't -- hurt the relationship between the writer and the coach the writer in the team so you know even Mike -- generally. Doesn't cover this NE SP in Boston it's an ESPN wire reporter they put it together there are other ways so I I just think in general the -- reporters are gonna cover this. And they know they're not gonna get any things so they just fall back on what the news person asked the question to the one on quote. We can use it in our notebook and. I will say this -- and for those Sheila who haven't been following. On. Jury selection begins January 9. The trial is expected to begin somewhere around the middle of January. Next January. So that's less than ideal so at about the time -- in the middle of the NFL playoffs and hopefully you know plotting your path to the Super Bowl. The star tight end of your team is going to be on trial for murder. And -- that won't be getting much well -- eliminate that he's no longer the start he's long gone and hard not to know I have. But you Dylan and in India wondered you can go couple ways with this you say. It's happening during the NFL playoffs and it's a distraction or. It's happening during the NFL playoffs in everybody's going to be focused on not just the patriots and it's not I'm not talking about. Patriots fans took my NFL -- would be more focused as an NFL fans on Aaron Hernandez. In his trial or the NFL playoffs saints Packers Seahawks Broncos -- everybody but what are you more focused on about what what's what's. But it's perfect today at eight Kirilenko trials take place Monday to Friday. You know in football games take place on the weekend I can focus totally on both I can Italian debt that nationally. Hernandez trial is going to be you just -- in the playoffs. Just not as big as the -- yeah yeah it's going to be -- -- yes this is the biggest sports slash real life story since coach since OJ and he -- you have a Super Bowl tight end a star tight end on. The mark key or one of the marquis teams in the league in the most popular sport in the country. On trial for now a single murder but the whole story encompasses. Three murders allegedly this is massive storm. -- north and elect a huge story but I'm saying for you have to be a certain kind of got to be a certain kind of person. To be interest that -- I would think to be deeply to be deeply interested in the trial and be deeply interest in the in the play out that type of person is apparently -- mosque here is I'm very much gifted in both. I find this -- -- -- and whole story I mean one hour special. About that it was really held -- -- to get out the the attention of AC NN one hour spent one hour special talented guy Kevin Faulk on. As a power -- catapult off long. Okay that's where anything that's when negative probably if -- Kevin -- you want that on the cutting room floor yet that was and tolerance. For a pretty terrible but haven't this is a this is a major story that'll continue to pop pop I mean you have so much media coverage now. About the different angles the TMs the pro football talk the celebrity the court the sport's all overlapping in their coverage and there are four in the amount of information you can. And it consume it -- it would probably take -- to a different level if he would add to that trial he goes in there thinking. I'm taken somebody down with me. In football or some somebody that you know. You know beyond the these guys are about to turn on me how to make sure that you know unprotected but just outside hey. You may think I'm you know the bag but let me tell you what was happening. There. -- our problem is that -- a court won't allow a judge won't allow it it's not germane to the case it doesn't matter what that guy was doing down in Foxborough. Tell me how that applies to -- to the case you've been charged rent a judge would never allow it and yet to prove it even if it is somehow tied -- you'd have to have. Evidence evidence dale physical evidence not just somebody saying something like that we had to fight. Don't spark that. You mean like if somebody pleads guilty in their stomach never right. Never mind and maybe -- -- the fault somebody else that is not -- -- to -- -- now if if somehow. It comes up in the course of the trial. That the the Aaron Hernandez circle includes current members of the patriots then you've got -- story. Then it's -- wedeman not only were these guys who've been charged in this case. You know around but player X and player -- were also. You know at the cure that night and then you know that's who he was meeting then all but I -- -- point then what I don't buy now well. Like for example ex player -- Light. Number that what exactly everything east yeah it everything he stood for Ike could not been more against great degree or did right -- Sort of implies some sort of -- correct. If you're an attorney could say rule I wanna bring -- let's talk about my right. At any point anybody takes a stain and or becomes then that stores real. I asked Armey -- this. Last week you big nemesis -- -- him get -- it's a ratings rival in the Thursday night I RT it was nemesis. A lot of nemesis. And embassies. English major. What the tops of a long time at tufts is a really good school real it's really Smart person art so. We'll talk later on got him to -- When asked Tommy current last week that do you have any of the case. Anything now in retrospect. -- all the conversations you've had with Aaron Hernandez was there one thing. It makes you say. -- It was a little curious little -- Now that makes sense when you see what he's been accused them now and -- it. Absolutely not that's -- -- has never seen nothing anybody who said yes. I would say is line or is being just just looking for attention because. There was nothing. You know. We looked at his cellphone. You know he's he's not the weirdest person I ever came across that locker room. Not the craziest not mean it's not the scariest not anything well it appeared to you because you might be the crazy within the meaning meanest. Did he didn't appear to -- here right cracked right hind sight in you know now we know some things but yet at that time he never appeared to be. The most of anything good or bad. As a player. Don't seem a little weird. Somewhere in the vicinity of ninety football players have been less than that but somewhere in that vicinity will take the field tomorrow wearing patriots uniforms no -- But the first workout of training can cross your fingers for numbers when we come back. We're gonna find out which player you most interested to see on the field tomorrow for the very first time we'll talk about that when we return 6177797937. -- telephone number. Dale holly and heart Sports Radio WE yeah. There'll be some huge crowd of patriots fans got to -- tomorrow I mean it's always huge crowds for training camp hopefully weather permitting out. But I -- generally speaking -- get. Brooke -- turn -- for thousands and thousands and by the way it's agreed to take trust summertime you're on vacation with your kids silicon for something to do and if you have kids I mean I think it's great for anyone could you can get as close and sort of see things like you've never seen before but. You have kids to just sit on the hill and -- is fifteen feet away in the end zone during. -- songs like this. Songs in the I know it I know you're a secret Tran Andy couldn't resist. The poet laureate of the United States. Cents. 1991. A man has been a poet laureate of the United States -- -- who have the -- the position officially. It's always. Unofficially. -- batters to up the. So what -- and most of the fans there are gonna north. -- or whatever yeah I rolled up fast and I got out of -- trying to get whatever they you know they they're gonna what he wants to break I understand that you know experience is is always a huge draw for people. You guys when they're on the field tomorrow who's the guy who your most interest to. See what he looks like I -- an -- and all of that is predicated on we don't know the list of who's not going to be able to participate tomorrow so pretend with me here that you couple. Ninety man roster to play the and I am not sure if it's tomorrow or Saturday because of the pads factor. I look forward to that step towards -- but Brandon Browner I -- Tremendously intriguing because of his size he's unique makeup and playing style. You know. It -- if Crocs on the field he's great if Revis is on the field I'm expecting -- to be the best quarterback on the field and be an elite cover corner that's what he has sort of -- I'm not sure what I what I expect from him and and I think he's a key player I think a lot of people including him is just an automatic starter an automatic positive factor for this defense. And he maybe I mean guys started every game he played in Garcia. Net never didn't start game was always a starter but that lost his job stop starting then -- that the suspension. Only played once I didn't play both sides so. Browner for his size make up and the unknown factor of what he can contribute is Mike. How much they might in the second but before do that -- -- you a personal question after personal question and her sure. I'm sure what you graduate you're -- -- it was yeah I just had to go up high school yes on tops and world as juror accurately measure lifeless to the program I don't believe she does she text into the program no. Somebody was just talk about how entertaining you are you're much more entertaining than Tommy current they're just text her I mean echoes -- Italy less and less of a -- That Tommy Karen. So -- does wondered that the Fed might -- GRD action and -- -- a better quarterback and now I mean just please just let it all there all this is just went out there a lot. How much are the guys -- I am most looking forward to seeing. It was just I'm like this every year. First round pick or new guy who want to see the new guy. So I I agree with what you're saying about properties in new -- for the patriots but a team player in the league before I haven't seen Dominique -- And I got time is Michael I don't remember. You don't plaster can he was out for all but what three or four games in college. So I wanna see these. What they see in him and in what is playing style is in. I should know better by now that most of the time. When the patriots have these have these tropics. And it's not a top fifteen or top 22 -- you shouldn't go crazy thinking guys it's gonna. Jump into the rotation and be a part of that we've seen examples that we thought would Logan Mankins. You know a starter from day one in a very effective starter from day one. But that aside I can pretend I can dream during training camp and that's the guy when. -- that was my my call was him as well but the other the other call because running backs always look better at the beginning training camp and mails anyway. There more instinctive it's it's. It's easier for running back to make a mark in the National Football League almost ran off the back. You know here's the hole but then you make all the people miss okay it. And and the kid from Wisconsin running back from Wisconsin is another guy that I think I'm interest to deceit. 'cause I'm a little concerned about the running back position like -- blunt. A lot carries on this team last year. In was the offense late December and early Jane after rock went down was -- was not only offense was the kick return game as well. For a while never quite understood but it works late. The genius when on the professor -- brother Jack professor well in the end up the one problem these -- he's on -- list he's on NF. So he mean opium field. Friday so and and again and we welcome the press coming our way you got everybody available to alias all right and I don't probably have to wait a while for him. Yeah so -- -- -- chance -- just want -- to ask -- I agree with because of his ability to catch the football all the versatility also. I forgot the exact number but fumbled you know put the ball on the ground twice in 700 or 800 career carries. So you play he he could fill in for Brees pass catcher but oh by the way if it differently gets himself in trouble with the fumbling. He might be sure handed option to pick up some of those carriers as well to catch the wheel route he did he I believe he -- one in this. And while the only reason but the only reason -- and I thought that left their cheap shot analysts it was a cheap shot but only Republican catch it last year at the personal civic. You know kept up thrown -- -- it's in the call that that was and his strength last year. But it was part of the injury he pooh poohed that. He's locked in an exclusive interview on yet their progress Patriot -- -- -- said he'd like to use that excuse but it enough that it -- respect him for -- pulling it. Because that's probably what you're supposed to do that's what you're supposed to say but it's clear. I guys' hands aren't that bad but he alligator -- one -- -- One of -- aegis like didn't extend far enough that's not the wrist. It's just. The blind you wanna hear something. There was or -- or maybe not confidence in in your your hands I think it's just a hole in his vision a hole in his swings speak. And he needs to work on an and the reason they kept throwing because it was open. I think that could have been a big play for them. 34 different times. And that's what you're looking for with a guy like freedom match up where you get a guy all of sudden boom he's opening you get this this on -- -- big play out of a running back out of the backfield that could be a weapon for them. Yeah but I can say. And the difference were open for a reason. -- for a reason they don't think you can. You can hit it I don't know if you just leave a guy wide open thing I'll drop the wheel route like twice before on film will drop it again but. In. Are that that's not news. I think the injury and the fact that that is best -- factored into the remember catching me against the Houston. Yeah I mean. That's -- hoping he it is your hope he's running back that I can split out and -- -- broke down the field he can make these how pleased catches for touchdowns. -- behind the defense especially for this offense that right now. You don't have anything with any certainty there's nothing you can count on other -- hopefully ground if he's on the field you know what -- can count -- -- You cannot refute what you guys that run the ball well giving your Ridley as -- And you fumble I was -- there be holes on equipment and let's be honest as he puts it on the ground. Bills like exactly -- it has played out every year for him. Every year there's going to be stripped -- puts on the ground and it also address -- by the way that is I mean that is fixable if he hasn't yet that. -- everyone bubbling yeah oh yeah Tiki Barber fix that but I'm not sure it's fixable forever. I mean this is an issue that not only goes back three pro years. But goes back to college it's about. Seven years let's say that he's been trying to fix this. Oh win does -- just admit that maybe that's the -- in fixed and it was harder on Ridley bill Ridley. Because frankly bill I think -- how I thought we get why Ridley I would look at the -- does things directly loses his stuff. When he fumbles and it is just like. Our casinos what's common jab that what are fifth. He knows what's coming and he reacts that way or just reacts that way because he's just wired like I think he reacts that way. Does he know he's been doing it for so long and he is working as hard you can and doing every little thing to try to get rid of it and it's that frustration of -- -- -- Rivet. He does he says all the right things he Mans up -- I'm gonna get better from this and learn from this it's it's high and tight it's drills it's keep the ball -- on Google down its vision. What do -- and yours isn't fixed was at the Texans game when they had him on the sideline. Was an -- he's on the -- -- -- was it the football it was a whole game that's when the entire Kevin Faulk aboard in the hotel try to talk to to the by the way another case of somebody who facts. Correct but but you know that's why they brought Kevin -- Did Kevin -- talked and the -- talked to CNN about that I hope that because that's our graphics that look can't I -- what are try to -- we're trying to inspire -- Or you try to tell you retire I did very fumbling issues early on local and and certainly fumbled a lot less later in his career so he did fix. -- now. And I currently fixed and I don't know everybody was never in the position of -- he was never. In a one year he was like the split. You know the primary guy but you know Kevin talks -- -- even more frustrating because it wasn't touching the ball that often. And what he did touch it in the in and he would be tackled it was always -- -- you always look to see where the ball was all out. A really handle -- much more than -- Kevin Faulk and Faulk should open. Able to fix that ball that often 6177797937. Is telephone number. Are the patriots prepared to save your some. Dale and Holley and -- -- Sports Radio WE.

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