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Jul 23, 2014|

We check in with the manager of the local nine to get his take on the Sox recent hot run, the performance of the pitching staff and much more.

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Look I I did not expect that the Red Sox we're gonna go and win the rest of their games this summer OK but that was a pretty good chance -- gonna lose now and then. And unfortunately for Jake Peavy there's a pretty good chance when he pitches they're not gonna score any runs. It it it varies from year to year last year was John Lackey was in that -- that can't. Mean they just didn't score when he pitched it just didn't I can remember -- were -- Tim Wakefield -- that where is just. They don't score and they don't score when PBA's pitching and I I am at the point where I'm sort of wondering. How many more times -- I'm out there. Well we're all respect. JP. A lot of respect for Jake Peavy. Think record great clubhouse kind. -- record guy. You like hang out with just a fun guy that -- too easy he's a media favorite for sure an enemy. AFC and accidentally. He continues to be called a tough luck losers without a lot. It's not on John Lackey level Lester John Lackey had a losing record last year it was a good pitcher. Jake Peavy is not a good pitcher lowest ERA plus of his career right now highest whip of his career right now. Second highest ERA of his career right now. Tied for the highest home run up per nine innings of -- career one point five where's that -- block these -- bad pitcher who. Communicates well with the media. That's why he's described this way it's medium guys at 101 that good. -- -- -- it manipulation it's an international sport all towards Jake Peavy all of that scored a run support problem that's a pitching problem. Like that even his arm that things worked out. I don't read their web -- is that you run support from -- a pitching problem right match. -- -- Apparently at least one man in the media haight street Pete I don't -- a lot -- love talking to love your problem love to be problem I'll listen to him. But so -- commented and let you know I think -- you've got. This is one of things in and maybe jump eurocard addressed this. Because that -- Browns come out and said that sucks. Being in the bullpen -- -- -- and I need to pitch in whether -- here somewhere else but to examine right now socks and shorts are being. -- Don't know that's. But I think. This is one of those decisions do you go with the -- Over Jake -- You do that. You put American rotation. Joining us right now on the AT&T hotline is the manager of the Boston Red Sox apparel oldest guy rusty by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun John how Loria. Right counseling and timely call I. Hey -- you know what will dive right in the -- it with the weight Jake Peavy has been pitching. Are you -- point where you consider replacing him in your starting rotation. No not at this point. And then there's there's forty starts is the reason to that. Recognized fully aware of the record stands but it's. I even live there there's been a number games in which is carried have all the start into the seventh -- eighth inning -- really not much to show for. In and I can't say just because of lack of run support I have different things you know -- shared responsibility. Without question. But I can tell you that he's pitched better than the record and what she's shown today. -- that the numbers. But the numbers don't look so great job on those as -- from. -- lowest ERA plus his career highs -- of his career right now second highest ERA of his career home runs per nine innings. All pretty hard numbers and contrast that with Felix to -- has been great. Understand that but. You know -- -- has been very candid about. Where he is right now in the bullpen and where he wants to be what does he need to do to give back to the starting rotation and is there any possibility that. He gets back here this season with the rest. I wouldn't rule it out put get there was eleven starts made. Prior to go into the bullpen and but I think you have to look at and this has been explained Felix of this wouldn't be the first time that you might hear this. In that there there is competition. There there's certain things trips. You know he has the ability to impact. Positively or negatively. And as a result he found himself in the bullpen now -- two nights ago we can done it was very clean inning and I can empathize with the -- starter that's moved to the bullpen because. You go from a very regimented routine day to day approach to won that okay you're gonna pitch based on when the phone reasonable time. Two completely different worlds so his comments. Are what they are. But. I would love to captain of the rotation at the same time. John it seems as though every year there's somebody on a team some pitcher on a team. What do you get run support last year was John Lackey we were talking about the second remembering your work Tim Wakefield just didn't get any run support whatsoever. Is this Jake Peavy easier for that. -- I would think everyone would would acknowledge that and you know. Unfortunately within this week with an all world in baseball you keep achieving their is that guy that set pitched on the wrong day and if you look at the last start he made down in Houston where his walking on this -- into the eighth inning and in one run game or dirt 22 tie. Things don't happen quite right we -- thirteen men on base. You know it if there's a base hit somewhere in there -- probably not having this same conversation but yet that's. The reality of things. And I thought through five innings last night Jake -- had his best breaking ball this season. With the strikeouts and was able to record quality pitches movements -- position. But he pulled two fastballs across the plate for a total three runs. With a two home runs in the sixth inning and you know but those happened. But when you have. Limited or no margin for error there hardly even further. Jonny Andy Hart here Patriots football weekly I'm a little more positive than these two guys some of the start -- one of the most positive things on this team this year which is obviously. Brought -- but coming from the NFL where it's it's generally accepted there's something called -- rookie wall that hits in November December for these guys. I'm wondering if that's a concern you have for young player like COLT who has been so important to your success. Has had a lot of pressure filling a lot of roles but -- get worn down and how do you monitor that. Well I think every player gets worn down regardless of the age or that or the year in your career you know until the end of July and August -- -- those of -- -- refer to the dog days and I can -- is brock's first day off since he was inserted into the leadoff spot so we monitored close we've been able to spell. Jackie Bradley and and -- at times and Brock who was maintained. I think a level of performance. That that's been clear they'll hack heck we don't wanna get a model lineup so. He's out today but you do monitor as we get into the later days of summer. De buster Olney is on the station every week John -- was on with our obligation today. And he was talking about Dustin Pedroia and he said he quote may Wear down faster than other guys do too is a maximum effort play and I am wondering if you agree with that and B is is Pedroia. And always not want to talk about injuries there or his own situation but. Why do you think he is playing at 100% right now. He's put in a 100% as far as I know and I see him every day actually improve with certain you know every players -- -- and work that they do in the training room which he goes through. Is his style of play more taxing physically it it might be but I know that seeing him when he gets to the ballpark here in -- one in the afternoon. The early worked and he goes through that -- off as we get deeper into the season and much I would talk about the rookie ball. Dust and he's Smart he's got to back off the number of extra ground balls -- takes their early BP's it'll go through all of that is condensed. But it's not abandoning a routine that is putting him in I think a place different player puts in place mentally that they feel prepared and ready to go -- You know doesn't -- off they come -- wall even though we come out of all star break we've still got to be mindful of the number of consecutive days and the best part of whom the balancing act when he you don't get to this part of the season. David Ortiz. Was called -- a bit of a slump of his own a mini slump of his own he said he was getting ready to get hotter than Jamaica in August. He came up with two home runs is your first game up there in Toronto had another one last night how does he know it's coming and did you know what was coming. What America no huddle I'm not that he was about to get hot like that. You know what he wouldn't when you talk to veteran players that they get -- -- or Tobago -- in and says it would went through that. You know eighteen to 22 at that stretch. You know that they're working through some things and they're pitchers that they're just missing. You know we talk about you can see -- I mention have a date Q was Stephen Drew coming. You see the timing it's either the hard contact becoming a little bit more frequent. In David's case to an early work that he was doing it felt like he was start to get there and and probably you commit to a place where he's had such success here in Toronto. That's a boost of confidence. It plays maybe a lousy hitter relax a little bit more minutes and there's that swing pass -- in the total more consistently produces three home runs in the first two games here shall. I think there's probably culmination of things that. You know David probably referring to that early work noticed coming in Toronto. That they come together to produce two -- is that. John we've gotten a chance now to see a little bit of Christian Vasquez and and obviously has a lot of strengths defensively. One of those is his arm and an ability to throw behind runners at first for behind runners at second. And I'm wondering as a young player young catcher. Does he have the green light to to use that skill set anytime he wants or is that something that is sort of game planned in specific situations when you when you expect or allow him to do that more. No we give the green light because I don't know that you can really plan for that you we we know. Of opposing base runners that might be over Russia with the secondary leads. Whether it's as much the read of the situation so another words when he's sitting behind home plate machines that. A runner at second base getting maybe a little bit careless with the secondary lead. Well we have. You know communication with on the field nondurable. Beckham put something on that. You know you -- if he's aggressive he's confident. He's very accurate which is most important. So we turn him loose and we don't want we don't -- hinder. Those abilities but I think the one thing he's shown is that he hasn't done it in the game situation where it's. Late innings game on the line and there are an overthrow might result in Iran. He's picked his spots I think very you know pretty savvy. I'm curious them and following up on the Vasquez suck comment for just a moment I -- arrives here in the middle of -- season he replaces a savvy veteran catcher. Who's been around for thirteen some odd years and certainly knows you know pitching staff not only here but hitters that he's gonna face. How has Vasquez taken on the duties Europe knowing his staff knowing what they want getting in sync with them because I read with interest your comments that. He he really cares about this pitching staff and the guys in the rotation. Well I think it shows in the way he goes about not only receiving but the way he blocks balls. You know they keep in mind this isn't someone that was just inserted that we had no history with. The last two spring training so he's been in our camp. So guys are aware of him prior to coming here it's just the the regular season in game relationship that has. In the that's in the process of being. Established but they're they're well aware of what -- Christians about it and one is the physical abilities and then to you know that there's an understanding. Of the way he talks with them in the big questions to ask. And the energy in which he plays those things are are very apparent to the guys on the mound and and certainly to everyone in the dugout don't watch essential. Oh I think what he's doing is not a surprise. I think just the fact can use these. Think just been out of your legacy -- it in post game comments are his willingness to go to the mound regardless of who's on the on the type of -- the status for the veteran presence. And he gives his honest feedback and that's I think the beauty of Christian Vasquez in his own self confidence in those moments. You don't -- circle back to Brock -- for just the second. And always played all over the place what's his best position for you. Well gosh. Well he's probably most natural second base that's where has the most games played as a pro who you know since signing a pro contract. We didn't have any history in the outfield side of things sports. If you know. To be become an everyday center fielder I think he's a center of the diamond player so -- -- he -- because he's got athleticism his control he can run and he's got very good instincts. I think you can put -- many one of those three and if it is seven of the diamond positions and do just fine an everyday basis. One final question from me and then I think Michael -- will probably end this thing that. Has there ever been any discussion or any thought given as -- Bogart's has continued his offensive struggles. That some time back at the triple -- level would hurt him at all. We haven't talked about that no in the one thing we wanted to stay consistent with -- standard because of what his. What we feel his abilities are and what the view of him going forward is. Yeah is he getting challenges here there's no question he'd be the first to admit prettiest. But I think it's important for us to have to maintain consistency with him that he feels the support and belief in him from my organization and staff standpoint. -- in and you see. Some of the adjustments started get a little traction at times and then it's a little bit of give and take but I firmly believe. When he looks back upon this year this has been a tremendous learning experience for him all the way. I John one of the best promotions and radio is guys get to have guys there are girls get to have. Dinner with -- Mohegan Sun and have -- pick up the tab so that's a good combination so today's question comes from James Murray James is from West Warwick, Rhode Island. He wants to know windy UN management decide to be buyers or sellers. -- -- in the process of that right now to be quite candid with you we know that they of the games leading up the end of this month are are gonna put us in a position where -- we've closed ground on those ahead of us. Or we or we can maintain and then that's where we've got to be brutally honest with ourselves an objective. -- -- the steps that are taken. But I will say that that doesn't necessarily mean we wouldn't be a buyer trade if it's a player that becomes available to us that we can build young 2014. I don't think we'd be hesitant to make Ameritrade. John we appreciate your time is always good luck up there and Toronto will talk to you next week. -- yards reporter anchor John thanks that is our Red Sox manager John -- brought you by our belly and Sharon's. Town fair tire and mohicans. Also got some for three years he got a question when asked John Ferrell does visit. Dot com slash Mohegan. To submit your questions for our weekly interview of chosen you can be dining with John throw -- -- -- -- policies -- right is it dot com or should be WEEI that. The WOK. After that dot com I don't think you can just like better dot com and try to art does regular -- why they are on the -- Webb's got Smart. That's my Ron Burgundy moment I'll read do you think you're a continental grip -- -- -- WE EE EI dot com -- that when it slash WEEI dot com slash -- to submit your questions. For the weekly. We will can't turn our attention back to football what happens if you put -- common. A computer for you guys -- you have the right attitude -- where god I hope it's porn. Remember boys she's working for you us. It's hard Patriots football weekly is it allows its dale and Holley Sports Radio WB yeah.

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