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Danny O Show - Canelo vs Lara recap, Ronnie Shields

Jul 23, 2014|

Danny breaks down the Canelo vs Lara fight and the controversy. Mike Tyson's former trainer Ronnie Shields joins the show.

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All right folks they made a bed and -- they read -- now. From Framingham Massachusetts. And EE. EE EE. EE EE EE EE. Look into another edition of the Danny O show as always sign him bad decision alongside me any -- man. That's -- just cheesy two years ago but no we've got a big show today we're gonna bring -- -- turnovers. Responded bar fight what you really raise some eyebrows tips from you you're ready to go right after that fight -- raised so we must look at that out of the way it right now. Were your initial thoughts when you saw the decision came down in favor of can now. I think this is one of those cases where it's how you pursue the fight you know boxer -- aggressor. Kind of the same thing in the situation with Algeria from under cost. So when I saw the decision. It wasn't outlandish with those two judges you know it was close to tell you perceive it. In my personal opinion you know I have Marlins for a while I was in Chicago you know equipment but Eric who. As a fringe boxing fans won't -- the fight ever because too much hopefully that goes into it but when he actually sits down and watches it. He enjoys an and I made him score the play in the title hit. His chicken scratch your son Eric 11516. It was his score Africa. So he like the aggressor to and he told me that election aggressor. You know -- like the boxer. From -- Laura. I had to -- to fight a couple of times a mom what are those people that. I look at it differently a look at what they're doing and I have to sit down and watched the fight strictly as a judge can really. Get who I think Warren and you know it did last -- -- -- this morning. You know I think I think in my opinion I like -- So I watched the fight. I do want to live election after the fact starting -- with the result was going in so I can watch it would differences devised. And yes -- was the aggressor. But I'm trying to think of when I'm watching Laura he is. A very defensive fighter and a big counter puncher. He landed more punches than the aggressors. Should they usually show you who -- better if the defensive fighter -- more punches than the aggressor. Isn't the defensive fighter actually fighting to better fight. Yeah I mean you know the whole point of boxing is is to hit and knocked it -- and Laura is a masterful boxer and you know I just think that a lot of people the general public like the aggressor better and they see someone like Laura and they call it running so when you hear someone says. He was running a lot -- That's because there's a fine line between boxing and running which in my opinion running is not like -- burner on the ring it's moving laterally. And the fine -- columns. When. You don't throw enough punches so if you're -- -- and you're moving in you're throwing a good amount of punches for instance policy metaphor reverse Cardona. Masterful boxing display but he threw a lot of punches so he was boxing and punching. But when you take the punch a put away. And -- being more defensive and now you're just moving a lot of people view that as you're just running away and that's because people that like the aggressor. Wanted to see people beat each other and it's. In my opinion it's not. Fair because that's not the sport of boxing that's not what makes it an art form the boxer has just as much right to win that fight. Even if you don't like his style. And you know I am a -- I've been you know guilty of this many times. Is it an -- live. Is it Mike Tyson changed the game for everyone actually impression even say that because it goes back further than him. But the fact that you can YouTube highlight YouTube watch Tyson's highlights and it's knock out after knock out huge heavy punches. Is different just obsessed of that style amount and that's what they wanna see. I mean yeah I think that I think a lot of people like the rest him in -- sort of comes -- to a lot of people like they're aggressive they liked action. They like you know throw a lot of punches and that's why I think USC has exploded onto the scene because it's a lot of action. And it's exciting. And I understand the fact you know even -- At some points like the aggressor because -- you know even when I'm Smart -- to be the aggressor -- it's a lot more fodder -- You know there's just a certain rhythm and -- from the goes into good boxer and I mean yeah Tyson that was his style look at -- no Whitaker I mean he was a masterful boxer. And and just watching him was entertaining and she was so smooth and slick and you know it's just it's a matter how you perceive. In general and I think you know in this situation. In this situation those middle rounds of what I think hurt -- That's kind of the controversy because the first. Four rounds. Masterful boxing he you know -- oh what is clearly frustrated. You know he he was having trouble pulling the trigger first and what I mean that is you know Lawrence -- with his movement in his counter punches. He wasn't getting off first he wasn't Camilla wasn't throwing the punches first because he was worrisome in his brain that he was going to get countered. By a big shots -- wasn't pulling the trigger first so -- was moving very good he had a good defense he didn't stand there and just take punches like I said before the -- And he was landing punches so I think we're in law are used lateral movement and landed punches he won the round. But in those middle rounds when he became more defensive and didn't throw enough punches. That's when everyone thinks in considered running in the order that rounds did that hurt him in some people's cars. Don't think you went back to how who's fighting. In the first -- around right at the end I did last two or three -- he he seemed to pick the pace back up it was because landed a lot of shots. -- he was landing clean shots to I think. You know -- was walking down in the in the real hesitant to throw punches and was trying to land his punches -- it was touch and a lot of those punches. Large punches were very clean he was moving laterally stepping -- -- 12 landing them clean that -- that left -- it landed on the side. And and that continent with a jab in the and they were clean. Shots. Why do you think the judges scored it the way they did there's one judge that an egregious or what you think those kids. -- you know. That hurts me to see in the reason why -- indices because you have to judges they score fight. Realistically okay they perceive the aggressor one the fine that's fine. You know -- see that score and you may not agree with -- because if you like the boxer you think -- one. But if you a group aggressor and you like that style then yeah maybe you think they want and and you can live with that. But they have one judge mr. Levi Martinez yeah. 111117. Into meet its. He judges -- -- like who we wanted to win not by what he was watching and not hurt -- you know why because because of one judge. The whole sport is question to be honest and and it hurts me because this the sport of boxing -- he has such black cloud over it. And right now it's just sports job to rebuild the integrity of the sport to get people excited and know that that. What they're watching is gonna religion and because of one judge like that it it's it's terra del all the integrity that they're trying to build and I just you know it hurts me to see it really does and and you know he he knew who we want to win before the flavors was scored and to be honest something is changing you know what it is good judges in my opinion the judges who. What do you normally -- Martinez other than what they've done and you're nothing or nobody looks like general anything. The judges need to come into the ring after and speak publicly like the fighters you know why they scored the fight like. That's my opinion they need to talk about why they scored the fight like that in the public -- so that they can be held accountable for what they're doing. That'll never happen. They don't do in any sport no official or referee or umpire is a lot of talk to the media in any sports that they don't do it. But it's an interesting concept to have them. Explain why they scored some annoyed escorts on the I think that would help clean up the sport that's in it. Her deceptively it's not something that will happen overnight but it's a slow perception change that. All right this is an an actor be kind and corrupt sport that we all think it to be. But I before we go any further let's stop and and mention our sponsor for today's show Boston supreme. I could find in Beantown athletics in Dorchester on granite street -- -- Protect him out of Boston supreme dot com has some of some pretty cool stuff some -- Mr. and I still that's -- backs they're kind of cool. There cool I won't -- -- I Wear hats -- -- so I'm appreciative so thank you speak thank you to them don't forget to check out. Boston supreme dot com. Some really cool interest and stuff there. So coming up a little bit later in the show bring out -- shields under the show year old trainer. -- on Delores trainer Mike Tyson's former trainer -- bring him on we'll pick his brain a little bit about the fighting maybe talk about. What's coming up next -- on the Laura. But are there some drama after the fight. And can you describe do what happened after the fighting and why it became such a big hub -- You know I -- press conference which after every flight there's you know immediate war before the fight which in this case it was -- Cross country from California Puerto Rico in six days and people have to take into account not only are you -- fighter. Which are promoting fights are you have to do that stuff that goes on time with the terrorists in the promotion. And after the play you kind of -- thing you know the particle action -- whatever in the column to the conference room and have a post press conference. And you know de La Hoya himself said you know what our needs to get mine -- -- get -- and there's a line and he had his business yet and in. That's because. You know they don't -- argument that I don't -- human rights and what I didn't like a boat condone those post words work. He was so adamant about the fact that he should've stayed and fought Laura shouldn't be running all -- did was running senate like eight times. Why would you be. Angrily surprised. And now try to slow or his game plan when. It's exactly as advertised you knew he was gonna do that the whole time you knew what you were -- -- that's his game plan it's never change that's how we -- all its flights so why all of a sudden do you now get angry about it and try to say that he was running the whole time and that's what he was going to do. You knew that you prepared -- for that so cents. The -- in goading you you know your game under way you wanted to do you then backtrack and trying to say -- they -- -- -- absolutely not mission statement for. Which really dumb because you have all heard the eight. Use someone's aggression against them and we've all heard that you've heard them more than most of being a boxer. -- So when you look at the surface of -- game plan it makes complete sense why you would fight that lapses or why anyone would be surprised is beyond me. So I think that's a little ridiculous and him getting back in line I'm okay would that comment subdued because. You fought that decision was they lost. Bronson the next person I'm OK with that I understand that. Lou it's a little ridiculous. -- should get another shot Canelo. Considering that. I think a lot of people think that Marcia -- and I know more people think that can notional one simple because they're more into that style. Whatever side you're really into. Shouldn't really come into play it's about who fared better. It doesn't matter it if I if I'm big Tyson. Fan. And I like the way he fights yet I don't like to him Mohammed Ali fights. I'm not gonna knock Mohamed Ali if he beats Tyson using his style which I don't happen to like they're not saying I don't like morally but I'm just using those -- example. So. I don't understand why. They you said it before. It's your voting for whichever style you like that does make sense to -- You voted for -- -- but you also you can't be so far on one side of the fence that you're just. But I guess to that style you have to give credit where credit is still in an interview her the style you don't light. -- -- style that you do like you need to be in the middle where you can admit that in judging fairly for that and you know. This is how you know I don't see your rematch on the bottom line is lower. Was it dangerous fighter when he took this plate and second time around he's going to be even more dangerous fighter OK and I just. Don't see. -- given him the rematch in if he does I will be very very impressed with canal absolutely. So where where they go now who plays who you know. -- who is saying -- got to get back in line so he's got to climb back up again. Who who do you wanna see him fight who do you think he knows fighting. You know -- can mellow. I would try to look for May be a codify it goes back he's got a great following. And -- -- great -- -- -- big money fine yeah yeah absolutely. As Laura I don't know man you know that's that's kinda where you fall into that parallel of he's so talented he's so strong he's such good boxer. Who wants to -- him not -- who -- you know it is so it's like I don't know I don't know I don't know what he's gonna do but at the same time. You look at some like -- you right and we talked about this the other day he was he he has so much trouble fund to fights he had to go out of the country for awhile before. He came back in. You know longer is accurate and eventually he's gonna get the credit that he's due Andy's -- and discuss our you know form. My bullets take a moment now welcome Ronnie shields to the show. Culture and it is. You are would score an old man. I really appreciate you common non. First question the most important how much do you miss me. There. Perhaps save everybody try explicit anyway. You see him through a century ago but it. You know microbrewery and I understand well you you know as. Substitute without you know I couldn't have an additional one day. In the process so we accept backing. It also might go -- You know stated. I mean. Beautiful time dad M and a husband and -- mean you know it out of the -- it's the best feeling ever so I made the right decision. Yeah. They wouldn't. You know -- -- -- didn't rule in investing don't. Think it out I didn't particularly salient. Make him -- to have here. Have you gotten. So. My first question is going to be about the training camp I watched the men and listen you could go there on the big screen when I was fortunate that showtime and things. Like that but I did notice that did they put it can't go in. In Nevada can you just kind -- analyst. Well you know don't -- and it wind. It sure that it made -- -- -- -- here. You know -- and they include. -- -- -- Has 61 -- You know instead of where -- -- -- -- from how the girl how well Guerrero. In the year yet beautiful COLT. -- did feel appreciated you know. Extended to us. It was sort of and I send. It over political turmoil and it'll look like ORN. She's so so. So -- in -- That's cool. And they look nice to a cozy. A homey feeling and when I was watching on TV. But the finalists are able to -- a little bit. Did was that the game plan the that you Laura had going in the way that he -- That's -- is -- just don't know sappy. You know we got that one income no. -- was still under permanent Indonesia did there are just -- they wouldn't show it until -- I -- -- that's what do -- that is fast. So why -- actually fact every. It was crazy true. You know for people want to suggest I am not able just -- opponent can't let him -- -- -- Rangel. In Augusta and other stuff. Never has been. So I know I -- but the fact that they don't change so they wouldn't didn't answer. Yes and you know what that's the same thing I said I said Laura's gonna use what got him good in what he's good at in the first place. In the fight and that's exactly what he did so I don't understand people can now little. Could then act surprisingly angry that that's what he did of course that's what he did that's what he's good -- that's what he's gonna do. How can you act like he shouldn't he's gonna stay in their fight to and it's so wrong move if you did. -- -- without -- -- and didn't inform others. I don't think you go back a few groups. You know recruit graduates are -- -- -- -- Obama calls. This same thing he talks. Being able. She's she's score purchase just the same exact thing we didn't send effecting. Yeah don't know in order so they are most afraid they're Christian they weren't so. You know the real -- you know one difference and that's on -- -- doesn't just. Yeah I I think a lot of people are. A lot of people like the aggressor and then they totally. You don't downplayed the boxer than boxer is what you know it's it's. Moving don't get hit in a lot of people don't take that into account to the boxer has just as much of a right to win a fight as the aggressor does and that has to. Come into account in -- mean. Well it's a thing. You know I hope this failed that it vote chart doesn't stop the constant. Is that we can. The most important thing for our source. That he can be aggressive. But not effective. Accrued interest in delicate and that a district just. Put it should aggressive and you're able to say it was to make him. A major and this and that it's -- little -- -- -- -- getting rid of this deadly. This is actually dated that's exactly what people -- it's not an almost oil while. Didn't try to not borrow one shot. It didn't go. I mean he. Can -- clearly frustrated. I mean you can you can. Talent times that he was clearing frustrated and. Good hit on the sanctions pressure and that's such as -- -- -- just keep box and able you don't have to do about it as clinical practice. Think about certain that it could happen pretty apple purchased yes sure we -- yes but if you put the score. A fight correctly. Dating. In -- camps say. They had because it is clear that Christians. Are Christmas -- you know that he'd give -- look at. It's food food. Back. Laura -- who went to. Dude that's sacred anymore so what does that change. That are a little lost aqueduct. You know you think -- dealership and it -- question -- you know can now though. He did you put into effect of progress and they didn't score that's what actually went right. There there're -- What's next lower -- is. Well right now it is -- had a baby Monday. So you know these. It was. To support it until right. It would not give it about I did you know shut out that this there and then you know. -- -- -- -- -- This -- don't have that should happen to him. You know what -- -- talks. About a problem they know about it -- -- lost so all -- Joins us. So it's sort of put it but I -- right -- then -- relax and just do it assembly. Yeah yeah that's this a good game plan I think that I do remember one thing from from showtime thing was when you're talking about. When he sat down -- like Tyson. And I know the you were part of Tyson's. Camp -- one points or just wanted you to really just. Talk about you know being you know and Tyson's team from the -- what type of guy -- Well you're not they have extra travel that a lot of people but not totally content like Israeli. -- guess is what it was and he put its attempt look at. You know it was vicious than you know. I guess it is dead. You know what -- profile fight it is vicious are not you know lateral people you know not a lot in the case. It was very nonchalantly. Didn't you know -- just. He took campus -- yeah it was sort of sinister. Yeah more what do you think oh lead in their prime enticing their program who is our. Which everyone here then. Well they're not mean I don't know if that's true interest is. You know -- about it probably hadn't actual. Provisions justice whole match. And it goes and gets really couldn't put it so you know it's gonna let him beat Tyson. It's article but also a little bit but it -- open -- The man I love taking your brain Kudrow and two be talking to you can't let alone the -- -- -- One of many foreign conversations that rope you into the I appreciate everything coach on. But there is no problem criminal -- attendant who. You have to Mona Sendai area. Social overtly because you care about American paper and other. -- turkeys and -- her. Picture. Of those pretty cool. Funeral train stops by to our source says Tyson would beat Ali. In their -- But he -- with -- How -- well I I -- I don't go against everything the coast artists. You know he is. You know I wish I could have been a fly on the wall some the experiences. He's I mean he really is a legend and you know problem. Those those really -- to have -- join -- -- you can tell -- how deeply personally your relationship is with each other. Just I'm listening to you talked to each. -- them. So -- have a lot of respect Brooks are -- Jewish -- and. We've got a lot of big interest in fights coming up. This weekend. Some really strange fights and that when you and I were sitting there looking over the schedule we're going really discuss still fights him. Let's just talk about the first second and -- out in Riga Latvia. You're gonna see. Two huge names from like 1998. Fighting. Roy Jones junior. And James -- James Sony's on the undercard. -- engineers in the main event. Why are these guys still fighting dissipated that good of Europe. You know that's that's the lifelong question -- why do -- welcome back in. I don't know I don't know if it's you know there's a lot of moving elements in -- I'm sure they made some morning you know maybe they didn't handle it right in the -- and thousands of pro capital time. Or. Maybe they just have that hunger inside -- now that they don't fight in him anymore something's missing and then they wanna try to get that back. And I can't answer that I don't know but I just hope. That there are good at because I don't know maybe you know maybe they sell it wouldn't you know got some like Bernard Hopkins who's really old and still is you know very very good at what he does and in I don't know -- have to watch to fight. I haven't seen Roy fights as he's come back by it. You know I do wish him the best because I know the feeling of of still having their hunger and you know. Feeling like something's missing so I feel like I'm gonna wants to fight and really then judge it -- to see where he's as. Now Jim -- last time I saw him he was getting his ass kicked at the Boston Garden. By. -- in the USC match -- and I can't remember the fighter's name off the top of my head. How awful was that -- did you want to do and in. It was terrible news was a stoppage box servers. Yeah I got stopped in the first round. A white -- I think it was ready to tour. Always our program look at all like really restorative -- the garden when we weren't your cereal you don't want that yet and it was pretty easy for him to win that fight. -- but I was really interested seek a rating at Georgia they'd still isn't there older old oh yeah jurors. Over 45 that's. What do you like -- I don't know although Roy he might still have the ability to fight and attend and -- how does not -- then. More power to him you know that's probably. I know from experience inside the ring is probably. That feeling that he gets it can never be recreated -- house and he wants to let that. Last as I was ten and that's okay as long as you're in the right house in the right mind. Well the cautionary tales though is a vendor Holyfield. Curtis -- trying to structure. He did so when you look at. Holyfield going into that 84 Olympics. When you see him talk very well spoken you can understand him very well when you look listen and talk now you Camaro and understand where that's coming and is now. And and stuff like that scares me it and that's the worse it is and and but again I mean I think that's. That's a generation ago where. Box was a little bit different you know it's little -- you know I don't know I don't foresee it. In house it can be get points and fees can be but it's a little bit more geared towards -- can now only. You know I don't know if they wore her figure back in those Olympics you know him is so it's like. What you have -- anything -- how hard heavyweights are hitting in the that you're taking so I think that. You know. Yeah you have to really you Roy Jones speaks well you know I see him on a -- is this commentary -- you not yes and launched him like he's not well he he's all there together so. You know I'm really I am curious to watch despite this weekend and judge for myself in Ireland is why it. -- -- you know what I see out of it and from what I think because right now I always named on a piece of paper and I don't have any basis. -- that -- really. No yeah. Well you look at some fighters. That. Fought for very long time -- Foreman as an example. Sugar Ray Leonard as an example. Who took some time off in the middle of their career. And came back and had arguably more success than they did when they're in their quote prime. My Foreman not really but he did come back and win a title at forty whatever 44 years old. And Leonard obviously retired -- came back and had that epic battle with Marvin Hagler and beat him. Still very well spoken take a lot of shots in the face but very well spoken. Face looks fine. It just it scares me because it's always hold them that's when I know think of Holyfield don't we end up like Holyfield and well I don't know how they do and -- at that age I guess the money must be pretty damn good but there's also a fight here in Boston. Yes which room I'm excited because he was my first. Shot at a conference I mean obviously you know -- Openly about the fact that I would like a position. As commentary one of the networks and I think -- be so much fun I enjoyed watching boxing injury talking about boxing you know passionate about it. Sort of be able to to get my foot in the door for this flight which is. Big six entertainment. Going to be at the -- which I thought that a couple times you know great venue great atmosphere. So to be able to get you know gimmicky way and get in there and and do this commentary. You know beyond except that you notice you started you start slow you build up and you know a lot of sun smarter we -- showtime so it's -- practicing -- And you're commentary careers like your boxing career where you get a start in the small did you ring in gyms to get to the palaces India. Does pretty exciting I mean as you've been studying up on the fighters. I noticed you know I know a lot of them and a lot of them yeah from being around that area. An and I will do my homework before -- -- actually talk about them but what I'm most excited to do and it's going to be. Breakdown on the flight as it's happening out of time because I beautifully differently. Then than normal person watching salaam and in the end when I was I went to Chicago -- -- Manhattan judge to fight -- we talked about it. But I also practice commentary you know I practice pretending I was being. You know one of the people talking and I talked to him in I was breaking down the -- and seeing stuff it. After he was very you know I told him listen do you brutally honest with me if I -- -- -- know and and he was very impressive the -- talking about stuff that he initially there was happen. So to be able to break down something -- time and give give my opinion on what's happening at what should be happening and what's not happening and what needs to be happening. You know is a -- at. That's going to be interest thing I wanna see that only here in CA I want to account I'm gonna come. So but it's an immigrant from that announcement and a Earnhardt. And boy oh she's gone on Saturday as the only -- perfect all right guess that's what I'm doing Saturday -- That's exciting and I know that's what you really want to do son I'm thrilled for that for you a couple of big fights coming up Mike levers -- -- -- Michael the good -- and Chicago native -- -- in in Texas for a long while yup which courtroom and he's out in California now. Great guy -- graduated -- day and very very Smart head on his shoulders Perry kept together -- worked hard to say it's hard. You know you injured for a little house always been so. Very excited to see him back in the ring and excited that play if I wasn't such a hectic week I would set up for him to call into. But you know and just don't like the other fighters before the -- Old -- after the exactly exactly. So let's Friday night on -- -- into Friday and actually it's light heavyweights I was looking through. I was looking through the pound for pound rankings yesterday. End. I always forget that there's crews -- decision is something you ever seen occurs -- -- who is I don't know I didn't even know who was earlier room -- rankings just don't. I know you don't but it's good for me to study out here. And it's just -- some -- cruiser froze forget that this is of our weight class. The news when a secrets with some uses you know WCW back and debris mr. junior flying around -- ring that. I don't I don't follow through -- you know I'd have to really look and -- -- -- this but I remember watching good usually -- from -- I went to do you see you senator and it was a murder from mr. Arafat. The lefty from New York. Cameron the closet. And I like it was a daunting commotion in the loss to Jose lost sort of his -- and I think and culminated it was a cruise doing it DiMarco. And actually very entertaining who was a good fine. Saturday night on HBO. From Madison Square Garden -- converse dial. -- -- -- He is. He might be the real deal often you know he's very good. He taught Maclin sat down talked kudos on the undercard that play and and the chance to meet them served in the Sauna room and his government to get a coffee and you know I don't know what his abilities speak English is good. In as we communicated very very nice soft spoken guy. But he's a monster power. Just just devastating punches. And you know I think he he's he's also like I say a -- says Jerry he's a pretty good face for boxing and you know he works hard. He he has said he grass there there's no boxing and he has an aggressor I'm going to knock you wrote it hurts your style that people liked us. You got a government now in his -- it is like you know and sometimes I try to violent play like it and it always never ends well for a because. Yup there's -- -- nearly when you're the aggressor if you're fighting another aggressor is going to be a war look at -- Micky ward style -- it going to be a war. And that's the type of punishment. That. Doesn't need to be taken by someone like me who has your ability to box someone like Laura. Who has ring general ship been in knows how to box and knows how to move in his past. I don't need. To take any of that punishment even though it's more exciting end. A lot of the times -- but I tell you right now as. A person that I am is very hard to keep that composure. For ten rounds. After you get our sisters and for me personally I try to be smooth and give the -- that talks about wanting a partial face. The pride kinda kicks in and you just wanna go to war and that's something that I used to have to work on to -- my composure and understanding that. Getting punched in the face is important to us again baseball. You score a run into polish court touchdown boxing you get punched in the face it's important. You really need to take your emotion out of the game because emotion is what's gonna hurt you a lot of the time. You can't get angry -- it's -- -- can't get frustrated you have to be machine. Interest and -- it took her much hero query like. -- for you ever saw. But you can think of the first fight the jumps in your mind as a great fight. Amanda it's already know Whitaker fights you know I loved him coming up as a as a boxer and then you know you kind of gravitated towards the style of fighting that you are out. You know one of my favorite places the cost that a four corridor part of -- all the time because. -- metaphor was such a tactician when it came to the boxing element of you know and initially just through so many combinations. Cut out of the way you know the movement was good combination to a crisis and to me as a boxer I love scene that. -- the huge impact them and and the fat and it had to fight you know younger I'm gonna watch as distinctive. You know that sparks and when it was in this iron clad leaders and room and I -- -- turns yeah there's literally kid there's so many fights you know and and since I'm such a student of the game. I played I enjoy watching because you can and I can always teach myself something about it and so. Passionate about the sport itself that -- just enjoy the fight and I wish that. I could land some -- a role where I had the ability. To do for work. To go to all these places it into Washington to break him down because. I mean that's dream right there and do the most work. You will soon with the latest review what's going on last -- talk to you. We're just talk about you getting into training. So what's going on now. So so island as a job you know and and I'm actually very very happy with this job. -- boxing club you know. It's it's a corporation it's it's a gem it's it's you know a similar to accuracy of the USC Jim yes -- and so title boxing analyst -- -- franchise and it's moving and what are the chances of this it's like a puzzle piece -- Padilla. Is moving and half mile from house how incredibly. -- -- or stop shop is right with a fireflies Applebee's used to be YMCA now so they're moving -- where. Applebee's used to be and a fireplace in the quarter up and we're talking about who. You know absolutely. Guys appealing in news. Very. Amazing boxing -- sixty punching bags. You know and the reason I like to -- him is because you walk in and and I similar conflict Iraqi feeling of -- -- -- This -- is so nice it's it's all about having great experience it's it's a fairly -- and it's a fitness -- lost so understandable to people fighting -- -- -- sparring. You're gonna come in and as a birthday as a person your. Going to get healthier and and the reason why am happy about you know I. Approach seven to find out about it and I ended up meeting that you know that the two owners that you run and we sat down and you know Jane -- and they're really great guys are solid guys I see their vision I see what. What they want it. Matched up with my vision and and so I came on as a head trader who worked everything and I'm very happy to be able to narrow. May. People -- people big small Yahoo! pulled it doesn't matter I can now make you healthier. Happier healthier lifestyle. And used boxing as -- format to do and not really incorporates everything that I stand for. As a person hero to me and I -- hope a lot of people get to use this sport that I love. To do that so I meant to open October 1 we got a got a whole ton of free passes so that people can come in and and check it out and I'll be run in the classes. I'll be doing private 10 -- any age group. You know on male female a dozen men the whole point is is to come and checked his Jimoh. And I know I know from being in every gym in the world all the best agenda. That this is going to be amazing -- and there's nothing like this around here I think people are like it so for anyone interested is listening and that they wants to be part of this. And wants to come check me I mean you can follow title boxing title boxing club on on FaceBook you know any in my FaceBook -- -- rattling to rid. I think the biggest thing for me on this is that. I have so many fans and friends and family. And -- to understand a negative of late eighties show hectic post. During and after. Did so many of these people supported me in to -- support me. -- never really had a chance to them. Come out and actually you know -- to -- hang out with them because stuff is so hectic. Knowing -- the chance to be at a gym in and then you know a group setting or private one on one where these people can come to know me and I can't thank them for all the support and help them get healthy. Well sounds like you're doing really good news you like with the next phase occurs going to be. You know I do I think I got a lot of stuff been in the works right now I think that. You know I think a couple. Couple what will really unravel my plan and what I think in. You know I've tried to get my -- a lot of things to really see what what was benefit I think his title boxing gym is definitely. You know the puzzle pieces fit together to perfect to be -- -- for a little bit -- to myself being like man is too good to return to determine. Let's title boxing club it's gonna be opening up in Framingham October 1. Connecticut. -- know CP we're. Good old Connecticut path -- so let's Stop & Shop and read by the YMCA. Don't forget it's today show's been brought you by Boston supreme. It's www. Boston supreme dot com. Beantown athletics. On granite am in Dorchester. So. We interviewed -- -- couple weeks after his huge -- there's some big news going on with him what's the latest recruits. Well I had the chance even though it wasn't for work they -- as I was invited Ludacris says as a guest and it was to go to. Huntington to try to Netflix young -- And -- buddy Mike Marquez and we drove down -- got a little hotel when the plates and do you need to really really cool placement they got a whole strip the Paramount is where the fights -- -- are great venue. The main event was Emanuel Taylor who are actually five. In the US nationals. My first national -- that I won and and now -- along with to the Olympics so you know I've always kind of followed his career and -- -- decades ago and equipment -- communal -- actually 23. I like the way that he flights but here's what -- you problem yeah why he just he had just turned open I think you might have just been like. Sixteen barely -- just some limits but yeah you know it was a great time in. I didn't actually get the chance to sit down into our -- I JO I would've liked to. But I wasn't gonna bust his boss -- you know yet the HBO cameras around and it was I could imagine how hectic q.s for them two days so I kind of just. You know -- the Texan I was there in game that texted thank you very much for her for inviting me and you know star boxing -- Gordon was a promotion and you know after I had a really good time just sitting back. So a lot of familiar faces David -- -- announcer. Dreadlocks 26 years of growth I mean this guy. I like him a lot he's been announcer for life. Political times and he plays a role of -- a buffer you know yeah and he is really good at what he does men and and it was good to see a lot of people in and catch up and you know the biggest thing for Chris those areas that Cinderella stories is still unfolding I mean. You'll look at him -- Preval undercut anyone that played in the in his rooms changed upside down you know. And now he just signed to -- me any help you signed to fight Manny Pacquiao. In. Chris if you're listening may have left the -- if you -- sparring partner can't. I'm always available at. And that fight's going to be in November is going to be a -- -- is -- China. -- -- -- -- If I think it's in China and or somewhere over there but. -- that is it that that's the dream that citizenship that's the highest platform that's the dream. You know I. It couldn't happen to -- execute them I'm happy for -- and I really am excited. If I was a soap or I would consider buying a ticket and go and get. China was where the Olympics wasn't 2000 a year and and I've had it was an amazing to great culture there was it was cool I had fun so. You know I I think that this is going to be a great partners. Well. Will be supporting him he's a friend of the show and we're to clinical form to get a big victory in November and will be following the path along the way -- it will be interest at any time you've got. One of the biggest names in boxing history. In a fight against someone you know. -- -- you can't help but be excited for that person so Pacquiao over soldier -- be fascinating fight. -- more fights coming up over the summer and over the fall will be bringing those fights do you will be previewing them recapping them. All fall long it is the Denny no show of course I'm not -- and that's standing. I am Danielle the one and only. You want to end the only thing you guys again for listening to the radio show here on WEEI dot com. And I tickets and Exxon.

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