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Red Sox catcher, David Ross, joins MFB, 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

David Ross joined the show to talk a little bit about his foot injury, but mostly about some of the other guys on the team. He spoke about Jackie Bradley Jr's defense, Pedroia's leadership, and how well Christian Vasquez is playing.

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David the catcher for the Red Sox joining us right now on -- days with an FB. Rare are the times David were you would even say in the same -- points to about your on the basis so much but. Looks like you're allowed a little bit and a lot of pain lasts and how you doing today after three hit performance. -- -- the -- hit certain guys. The first not doing so great but. They get a lot of treatment on it lately they have to get a lot better I think the turf. China may aggravate the west come out of box right there and have a -- that hard -- socialism. I'll be all right it's one at -- helping must be -- the actor. In my game so. We just gotta get back to. We are playing good baseball. And the team's -- well also so we can just keep that -- and -- think -- these -- slowed down. You gotta tell John that you contracts and some analysts play once every 45 days of playing out roaming out there not two or three times a week. It's kill -- do you look at your foot. But I like I like plan it's it's actually. It was saying that it's. My time has come and hitting lies and the warm out there and it is just a lot better to play and be in the battle and especially. As good as we've been playing lately and and how what. You know one of the highlights to be honest he has been and it catches pitching staff and it's a lot of pundits say go -- game plan and try to. Trying to beat that other -- to figure out. How to get to their line up with with with a great group of guys because so it's not so Obama -- when he -- About it you know the last night obviously guys playing very good baseball you're now eight out of ten. Or what how has it changed a music just a different feeling when you show up as opposed to before to see -- couldn't get on the same page. Yeah I mean there's there's there's there's that there's a better five I think I think the number of things you know we we got guys that are having some fun now. I think Jackie Bradley is it may be one of the biggest. You know -- turn around away he. He's been playing out of late last month or so. He's really. I kind of figured out. How to compete at this level and and doing a great job in the box and having good at bats in deep at bats and big hits and obviously plays great defense but he sees dig up to the opposite side that's really helped us out a lot in. Obviously brought -- -- Creighton Mike Napoli back and help the his fingers get a lot better that that kind of put him in a hole for a little while and I think we're just jealous of the group gain on novice sort of about a lot better than he had been Jonny Gomes coming up with big hits. I think it just I really -- Steve Rogers started and about a lot better I mean. 22 home runs to back to back games at home runs. Some power. You know it's just it's an all around the world playing great defense does and you know we don't have our horses you know really going to get David Ortiz starts -- about -- better and and -- doesn't got a little help right now that he he's the guy that we we never worry about him and and they can always count him so. I like our chances were playing a lot better. Did you ever look at the schedule I know it's hard to do and answers you don't want to do that but just look at how many games are left and trying to figure out how many games you guys would have to win. To get in that while car's body you guys just completely just remove yourself from it altogether just trying to play baseball. Yet we would leave that that you guys in and we saw. The percentage -- that it would start looking at that it just seems. You know too much of an uphill climb. I think the main thing we focus on his you know I think we did it last year and we we we still do it you know what I'm working out early on we really do is focus on that night and if you if you get it yourself in this game is -- get buried so. -- we honestly don't win every every night just like. You know the end all be all we try to win that tightened and play as hard as we can and and tomorrow and tomorrow win -- -- -- trouble come back try to do the same thing if you look to too far hadn't. And then -- planner Tommie got a winner Utley got to -- is. You know we we know where we're at the pop up and we gotta win each night especially with the trade deadline coming up in and we a lot of good pieces so. Where is trying to get the front office. A glimmer of hope so we can and will probably get this team on a roll it in and -- can give us some time to compete each with with with this group. David Ross for this right now here on 937 WER Red Sox catcher you just said David we were just talking about it not more than twenty minutes before he joined us about Dustin Pedroia trying to play for -- played through injury. I can you speak to us about how he's dealing with that and whether or not it's gonna get to the point where he passed do. Sit donning -- go to the bench as he plays. Yeah I think I think I think he's I think that they dusted one of those guys that it is hard to get -- out of lineup. I think we're a better team he helped us in some way to win a game on nightly basis that's why he's Dustin Pedroia. He whether he hits or doesn't hit whether he is is healthy -- not healthy. Brains and a candle to our team every data makes -- want everybody else on the team better and and and they've. Performs some kind of baseball player on a nightly basis to help us on a baseball game so I think. We're a weaker team with him out of the lineup for sure and and we need him in there and is his presence is it make you wanted to them. Most valuable teammate other -- team. There's Dustin Pedroia mean that what he brings -- mentally. Physically on a nightly basis the way he plays occasionally make her -- better is second to -- to anybody ever play with. If there was anything bothering him physically would any of you even know about it. I'll win the league -- away. We talk to me he's so -- -- I think he's pretty closed off to. Teddy he had a -- doesn't make excuses he he's the guy that's going to go out there performed and there is no excuses that you can't. You can't. You know you can't go to this game with a go to church and that hurt you just got to put -- got sympathy for you eat out that we talked and we know what's going on winning but the -- system pretty quiet in. You know like -- they were better when he's in the lineup. You know a hundred or ninety year 80%. Were better when he's in there. When asked about Jon Lester -- -- to talk to rob Bradford say he's not concerned one bit about him five years from now kind of guy he is physical how hard he works. You catching this guy right now and his quip you won his best stretches during -- regular season that we've seen through Lester electorate boy and it was amazing. -- know what have you seen the kind of was the difference between last year at the also ever agreed at this point last year to what he's been cents. I think he's matured. I think he's he's matured mentally. It's just always been good I think he was so when I first got over here last year he was searching for what trying to get back to the type of pitcher he was an. I think it's halfway through we figured that out in and and he challenged himself and and I challenged him in. You know I think he's stepped up to the challenge he's gotten. Not let things bother him as much on the on the mound little things that they can and realizes. How to kicked it to control the game game management. And and I think it's stopped and somebody we know what kind of stuff he has not at all I'm -- I don't worry about Baghdad he's. One he's a big goal even be in need to carry the load and he has here for a long time it. He's a big guy he works his tail off then. I'd look I I believe he's become a more complete pitcher -- on more two seam fastball then and with guys on getting ground -- his changeup. Is becoming more of a pitch he's worked in both sides of the plate. I think he's just got to get better with time to be honest with the. David so we don't we talk about -- -- content which seems like every day on the hour every hour and turn ourselves have you guys did you guys talk about at all as a become a distraction for you or is it. Bob you guys are dealing with that. Yeah I don't think it's a distraction whatsoever it's actually pretty comical. For you know look at that I it is that the he has to deal that we army at that I don't. I don't we're about other guy's contract I don't I don't have a -- and that's another good player you are about other guys baseball status so I think. It as a group we we support him. But now I don't I don't -- we know I'll get it out ideas it's not like. You know how they'd be a distraction is that a bad year you know he's having a great year and I mean I just think that he's make him make himself look even better put themselves -- in a better situation and -- was so. I don't think that's a distraction one bit I think the main thing is that we're playing good baseball that we rely on him to pitch well on his -- he pitches can we expect to win that day in. And because he's such a good -- -- the best left handed pitchers in the game. David Ross for this year on WEEI David if you could this is for some of -- on our show since. AJ Pierzynski was like going here the other catcher in the locker room with him how did he handle himself -- in the locker room and how did he handle himself was that pitching staff was there any feedback you tried to give him along the way to maybe help him. Help the rest of the pitchers because it's been a big talking point since he's been like well. I think we're I think we're. As a catching group I'm always. Trying to help the other catcher. Especially. A new guy -- -- felt that way last year or so. Well volleys well on the helping and try to do my best. I think we do that well over here as a team and they're by trying to get on the same page and help each other out the best way to attack an opposing team's lineup. You know I've. But I think the main goal is is we want to win and and we go about that every day like I said on on a nightly basis trying to figure I -- beat that team that day. And and everybody's on board with that. Christian Vasquez summits that you'd hear about it here public's wire can blow him. The throwing I love -- that you love to throw the baseball arise that that much confidence. Just defensively he looks like he belongs already. Daria oh yeah there's no doubt about that Christians phenomenal. It reminds me honestly when I first came out still I still like that throughout the don't have as much on it. As they used to that I mean these guys the young guys here Christian is probably one of the better young -- I've ever been around. Just coming up he fits -- well he wants to learn he's got leadership qualities that I see already you're not intimidated. He doesn't get this deal and hurt when pitchers come to me and ask me questions about the game he's caught he comes over tries to get. Input we had to try the other day and he was just listening to me and -- talked about -- about Batista what I thought he'd just won another. You know some else about surrounded and as best -- -- talk and walk right out there and listen. And was just listening not not in this -- -- -- not feel like. You know why they gonna better not median age just a really really quality. Kid who wants to learn any lost -- when he cared about when he cared about it it's step. And I think he can hit and you had your right hand and timid Blake or while harder some of them. So the best young young catching up and around they want -- learns good attitudes and now I think I think there's there's going to be good catching corps here and for the -- -- prolonged. To see -- have that pitch framing style and technique with the forms that we keep hearing about John -- down better. You don't doubt about it -- are things that. I don't know what that's all about that. Yeah I mean he can really catch they can really get to pick that low pitch I think that's one that is really tough. That you got to learn to get down low strike and he does it as good as anybody really stopped that ball to lower half of his own and and that's a huge pitino if you if you -- the pitcher throws a breaking ball mark that spot down his own. 11 that you get that pitch it's. It's 12 rather than 21 as a huge swing. In the count for providing an attack the hitter so it's a really big deal get strikes and get each each strike because it changes. These -- so much. You know I heard of people mention that that low strike and I felt like that was one of things where I think I thought AJ struggled you know and I'm just. I had a nasty note is that a lot of more talk maybe is from frustration or do you think that AG's kind of bought it always is just a veteran kind of been around in wanna kind of adapt misery of that. I don't know I mean I can't speak for eight yeah I think I think we all have our strengths and weaknesses you know I think gun. Yet to take -- good did good with the bad you know I don't there's not too many. I don't feel like there's a whole lot of complete catchers in the game on the once they hit and catch and and pro and care about the game calling and you know and bring the opposite side there's there's -- those guys. In the game and those guys -- get paid a ton of money so. You know I'd like everybody has their strengths and weaknesses I know make it worked out very Harding and got a lot better with that low pitch I thought he was -- -- a lot better with that didn't. Still what I saw in spring training and I was really working hard to do his best and and try to help our team went. -- David a good area -- couple days this plants are fascia Odyssey going to be our and he planned. How they are. I think Abby are right I think I'm scheduled to -- catch on Friday without masters next start so -- -- give me two days here in and I -- up this turf I think his turf. The turf monster got me a little bit that is closed -- the turf per two days and giggle and get direct sort of excessive charted took Tampa. That thing is painful little broom stick you know roll your ankle on this thing to loosen it up and it -- -- and I had a good night and I did it this morning first -- well and -- that -- -- on the feeling that I just dare I say. Well they -- put it makes me feel like a baby a. David thanks a lot for join us appreciate a good job last night and continued success as you guys -- can -- to try to stay in this race is closer candidate trade deadline thanks for coming on. They trapped me -- guys so had pleasure.

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