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Three For All: Landscaping goats, 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher puts peanuts in his Diet Coke, and Tim learns that this is actually normal,... in the south. Lou learns that he can get his yard trimmed up nice by goats. Christian sparks a conversation about the stupidest things ever done in the name of love.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man -- -- -- three or wrong. Number three is a country -- full raw red -- It's three overall these days with MF beat. -- -- on the days that I feel Maloney Christian Fauria. And meet him events sponsored -- parts of solid construction needed to -- they've got you covered. Is the save this show referral whole bunch of things that are one big group called the free for all our rhetoric counseling session. What some cases yes absolutely we're gonna get that just a quick one here is -- -- -- either of you guys have heard this prior to. The YouTube video that came out this week -- Fisher of the press conference for the ACC media day. He was talking to reporters and their gather around their microphones out -- a Diet Coke in front of -- drop in. And drink is Diet Coke and one report is actually asked what is what are you doing that. That's a thing that's a drink peanuts and Diet Coke never heard of it and he said yeah -- -- -- what's the reporter crossing -- each tried sometimes really good. I looked up online and apparently there is an absolute dividing line anything from Virginia and below this is a thing. -- in coking coal. Anything above no way no one's ever done a -- I would ever know wake up and I've never. Heard of that. And I'm trying to think if you want peace we have here in the -- the -- -- in Coca-Cola is what I sweet and salty. Which also don't like I hate chocolate covered pretzels -- them. A sailor talk idol experience altogether. I think I love my sister is actually we both. -- -- -- -- don't want or so between him back to -- -- my grip -- stick its sleeve of shelled. Out peanuts planners and just put him into his. I don't know that that affected and it is -- I don't. The verdict surely didn't like one of one of those either Laverne or Shirley with like Coke -- milk she's the -- the top Nellie did -- alerts early. I remember him over the drink yeah I do remember it gives us a hope that milk and a traffic you know I iced it at one time my head. Wine in Coke if you were mixed winding cope together disgusting didn't actually from not that bad Carolina went -- while the red -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But peanuts and Coke and I would phenomena -- -- that from a -- by -- as we. Let let me ask -- this at least at the senior now legal for you know audio or at night and you what it looks -- so by the way but as -- -- you know we're gonna get some -- Would your reaction -- Our actuarial falling tree and we're gonna get -- it's my reaction is -- living my life -- -- -- look at you are badly my wife wants a -- how that -- asked me get out of town and agreed. Arnold says it's about by about evidence or -- okay to get your goats she lost -- this is a backdrop -- -- we cleared all drop like thirty trees but we still to have our yard is that -- -- a lot of brush. She -- -- and get a -- because this new company that started in the social. -- gaping company right. Go green go dot com this is what they do. Lot of people so much brush with the -- poison ivy -- -- -- -- -- and everything leads. The bush is you name it. They bring goats your house you rent -- per day hardly ever about a week write whatever it is per Boe per day big clos and closed the that is that -- only screaming that's goats resist them. Yet. And they take it all down and they just clear right to the ground -- -- I'll give them I think it's about a week I don't even on that look more -- White -- the pin is getting goats. To clear out the brush and of course Mike -- gonna actually love it. Are you going to do it yes at -- Lewis go escaping to be a lot of brushing your backyard poised not get rid of cricket Bush's. Just a clear you want to clear it out. A neighbor guy in our neighborhood electric drive out some of what what the hell he's still because of the white fenced area with goats in there. I don't threaten main road. The go to -- on the -- has gone. And it's nice little -- or there was guard now it's all clearly -- you are possible for its beautifully caring not a -- governor brittle than they checked and the goats and everything else care about the Pope in the woods. But clearing it out he'll -- pearl Bush's -- yes -- -- a new thing about it and it always in my house did not elaborate on it that this just like these -- category in my backyard that epidemic cut them down to grow back rent to go. It's you can -- that copies they just they don't an awful they don't like Easter grass and it -- -- that like low fat and at our defense kind of thing to keep you know predators away. Is lasting and needed some Fisher comes to would -- down -- record outright and they had for those girls they they they close -- nothing gets -- that the offense no predators in there. And they clear out your backyard but you just read that go. You deal with the sound all the time he would deal. That's not a -- that's ago I never played video. You know you go there agreement yet YouTube funny goats screaming like humans it's got -- over formula almost five million. Well who hears about the foxes in their home screen and continuing to myself he's -- these goats I don't know if they would have to agree goats and declare our yard. I can't wait to -- or how I don't know. All their degree in Atlanta my wife is going to be all over this promptly in the Russia by senator cook years ago aggressive we've got soldiers as LSU freshman football players demonstrate lay a loved one who. Obviously a line in a completely butchered it but this guy got little pissed off -- argument. With his girlfriend and ended up punching a window -- window in the weight room and ended up almost losing his farm. What there was biceps and it was just horrific. Was horrible -- he didn't lose it -- but there is room was going around that he that he -- lost art. So my question you -- stupid meathead guys. The dumbest thing you've ever did after having an argument with the girlfriend not necessarily your wife's -- pick yourself back to high school college. After college the dumbest thing you ever did -- your sister to corporate. I'm just -- you know I'm just -- obviously -- don't -- Oregon they'll -- -- not to -- I don't know. Yeah well I don't know about it. -- -- assuming she's -- can you know who doesn't like you don't troll for this you know the below the belt that went -- dumbest thing you ever did it bears beat me every day. The dumbest thing and extravagant golf but my wife apparently by a herd of goats because that's next on the agenda now -- -- -- out -- get a lot of change your story give me one. Would you do not mean listen to part of fastest -- -- written on the spot. No I know it's you know -- -- down. I think the dumbest thing every -- I got an -- -- -- -- back in high school a girls -- got up by -- -- But that we kind of made up. Put -- at a basketball game like the next day. Put her name on my shoes. There was like all happy. With another -- -- about another do here I am with her name on my shoe and I'll see there's no there's no sharp beat there's no nothing. And also the whole game I consider going I guess I just didn't pick up on the signals -- We are broken -- were so harper Iowa and I was so I was so. There is if she only you know that I didn't you wanna see me ever again I just didn't and it picked up on it what it's like a hold on the camera I'd stop there with a chance. You know you got. A guy you've you have you have some of the Irish are weighted average or wanna put a roof in Syracuse once. Trying to scream at my girlfriend through her windows that. She would take Michael she screwed up and I try to talk her into she's screwed up you're trying to convince her that she did screw up that it wasn't necessarily you it was her. Well enough so he's not -- utilized try to say let's talk this out and she wouldn't take. Michael actually did and also -- -- -- -- you wanna put a -- I did I want -- late at night which is crazy because we hold up that big of the boom box yeah radio play you know. I never went that far but guys at me if -- now -- to do that now did that today how many people -- my ears yeah it's Europe stalker public know how. I was trying to academic point. Yes I've still in view I get off my my balcony you Psycho. We a lot of punch in windshields get this throw weight that that telephone pole. A lot of things through my keys in the woods and anger techsters. Well a lot of good I like I did jump out are you rob Marciano I -- I ever college he was driving I'll. I Harry it's -- that's again when I forgot about -- when I got bill. -- with the girl I was dating -- so angry that I left the house and ice bites Mike keys down the cars -- -- -- down the sidewalk it was a fall. Does that occupy a key sponsors no actual meters yards this car you're seventeen you to keep up with and always the tough. What are the -- You know -- as -- dad the doctor and thought I don't want to -- dad and a -- seven the united screwdriver that they get started my car just because I don't take. The electrical gloves I shocked about why in my car driving it in the middle of the electorate college with the windows rolled out socks on my hands. He's the dad there's nothing unless punctuating the -- really that option. Could throw the key thought doubted she. Yeah unlocked and you're just looking -- now how to like drive away -- does that go to the heart of slow roller sob. Well this is how well it sounds like that to be back then it was an infinity. It was gonna thinks of the -- on -- -- being a college or high school this is what does this 1000 Pittsburgh. An -- is not on here -- -- two years ago bottom line up. That's neither neither she played for the Pittsburgh -- we'll put that didn't but passionate. The Pittsburgh president's budget we. We have to me is a lesbian it's really keep up to the ground I had no idea I turn on -- and I could go to Malia aren't believable in about a -- it adds that to regulate the Ross about next up our editors evidently.

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