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Buster Olney, ESPN, talks about the impending MLB trade deadline, 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

With the non-waiver trade deadline a mere 8 days away, Buster talks about the market for guys like Cliff Lee, Jake Peavy, Koji Uehara, and the injuries Dustin Pedroia might be dealing with.

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Luster how -- thanks -- coming on to join us again this week. I'm doing great epic countdown clock eight days ago that the yeah it is to start Cole Hamels or is that off the table now buster. Well -- You know -- an independent -- hey look I've had that the -- dummy that they've essentially been told by the Phillies -- not available. You Ruben Amaro the general managers command said look there's no untouchables and this organization. Will listen to anything. I think it's probably depend on and I know how you're interpreting the statement because. Other teams feel like the Phillies when they make trades. That they're not in touch with the reality. -- -- You know they have a player -- got a lot of money and they essentially want the other team to. -- take on most of the money all the money and it's the same kind -- up top prospects and other team their their minds that it. Look wait a second. It will it will take on the money -- take on most money and then we won't deviate Haim prospects. Or we'll go the other way you guys keep the money will give a little better prospects but you're not going to bowl and they feel like the trading with a -- you really complicated. And he didn't go through and look at. The options for the players involved you know Jonathan Papelbon. Cliff Lee with the twelve and a half million dollar option for 2016. On down the line Marlon Byrd with a vesting option -- around to the vesting option Papelbon with a vesting option. They have more crazy options than any of the team and they really mitigate the value of the players that complicate. The trade process because all that money and potential money at Abdullah. But someone out losing to run for the Sox -- is complicated bench -- I mean. Obviously they're two way maybe you would hear more about Koji and Andrew Miller but even hitting to a quarter what does that do for guys that Jake Peavy even a Jonny Gomes. Well I think -- they have enough gap. Where Decoud -- -- open interest they could say look we're still trying to compete this year. And at the same time we can begin to turn over the roster a little bit like for example. -- Matt Cain going down with the giants this week and being placed on disabled list the giants really have no idea what they're gonna get out of it and -- here. Because he's getting information is elbow you know reportedly he's got bone chips and double. We noted TV -- the past relationship with Bruce -- you from the San Diego Padres. He'd be great -- there. And that Red Sox clearly have internal options where he betrayed PD. The elite unit would make it you know could have other guys step and now. -- what I've heard is is that. The reason why you deal with the cardinals didn't happen it was because the expectations that the two sides are different the cardinals. Basically we're telling them look we'll take on the salary but we're not gonna give me any anything in the way of a prospect with a -- were hoping for something a little bit more. I tend to think that the giants to be a little bit more aggressive. If they see good step -- -- Jake -- you guys -- there are so he's that is three starts before last night were better in nineteen strikeouts in nineteen innings. So maybe you know he would be -- guy. That I think they can move and -- Johnny's kind of in the same boat depending on what they wanted to do -- you know whether young outfielders. But do they wanna use the last few months to ensure that fact. That they're gonna give those guys playing time down the stretch and begin the that only try to win this year but focus set for next. Here I -- busters so not to look too far ahead but obviously I just can't resist this whole Tampa Bay David Price and David Ortiz we what do you -- We expect to see an IQ we talk and fireworks are we talking just saw a whimper. Might -- did that mean that the rage right now. Are in a position where there every game. Every out in every game means something in the -- literally. Hanging on offense and what to do. In terms of whether or not to trade David Price -- -- early trade price. -- they trade price they're probably and it trades over -- -- probably get a trade Matt Joyce green about four on down the line the truck pulled back up. And you know we saw the rays two weeks ago. There are totally focused right now trying to get back in the race in their. 24 elevenths since June 10. So I tend to think that this thing will be deferred. And now are there hard feelings can still there absolutely but I. I don't think it's going to be the time of the plate that -- -- -- elated to have the plates were for the hoping to player the last time but it. -- maybe I'll I'll be surprised I don't think so I think they'll just focus on platoon went. You know being direct is a price it's democracy's gonna get rejected. I'll be like yeah spelled his Jimmie talk about it setting up a war. He just doesn't feel like after being around the -- it's something they're really locked in on. -- get suspended AI than they -- lot of it it's up the trade a player that suspended now. Do they they still feel like there in this thing too because yeah it's it's Tampa Bay right in this how they built their team the use a guy like price and rebuilt for the future. It they can still get as much in the off season. Now they definitely wouldn't get as much because remember he's a free agent after next year and GM really -- -- wanted to set me the other day that if they wait until the off season. And don't trade him this summer than what's gonna happen every trade conversation they have with you know the Dodgers the cardinals the cubs whoever it is. What they'll say is. Hey -- we we've got that straight arrangement before we do anything we have to have a window. To negotiate a long term deal and battled mitigated value now all right now you know the -- can have conversations with scenes. And tell them look you know you're gonna get David Price for two generations there isn't going to be any kind of window and probably just in practical terms it really isn't. Going to be an opportunity do that. There's no -- with a race playing well that if they continue when the trajectory over the next five or six days. Then I think that they'll hold off because remember they put a lot into the pot for this year thinking that this team was good enough -- And they were surprised early on that they didn't play well. So what they're doing here over the last thirty by -- that they get closer to what they. It you know how they evaluated themselves. So like and it think that if there within five games. In the wild card race -- four games the wild car race six games seven games. In in the American League east I I I think doubling America's and then from 2011 they can overcome that. Are talking to buster only from ESPN espn.com baseball tonight -- you're everywhere buster and you always hear us on Wednesday at noon. So up your -- its Kmart earlier in the week with Dennis and Callahan. And that the deals that he's talked to said -- that the Red Sox seemed on insisted -- -- Koji you are are when they were called about him. -- -- you hear the same thing one and do you think he gets dealt before the deadline. Now I don't they get dealt before the deadline lucky can't. Being in the red -- positioned. -- where yeah you're certainly not so far out that you have no hope you're close enough that you at least at some hope especially given how well they played. And what kind of message do you send the -- at the hands. Who bought tickets for the last two months and it ends and paid get paid out their money. In -- debt that would be a difficult thing for them to do because -- deeply betrayed Koji. That the white flag and that would be really really tough to sell the thing and I remember 96 when I was covering the Orioles. Peter Angelos killed two deals. Trading David Wells and trading Bobby believed that exact reason he felt like that you know what I've got to contact with people bought tickets for the last two months and so. Even if there will be and chatting this and I think they hang onto him but on top of that is not necessarily a great market betrayed closers right now. Because of the volume of believers who were available the other day talked with a. You know one club official and asked him to ranked the number the positions according to the volume available. In other words which one is more than buyer's market which was more than seller's market and number one and inspired -- buyer's market was right handed relievers you can go get. Joaquin Soria Joaquin Benoit. These these check. Maybe grant -- the -- wind up selling you can find a reliever and that means that the red -- probably wouldn't get as much as they want to return. Muster only what -- from ESPN espn.com. -- two parter here where when it comes to Dustin Pedroia are you at all concerned about his lack of performance of late and this is I'm glad drug for sort of a national perspective on this. When we talk about out the Red Sox they're being buyers -- sellers at trade deadline. If they were to give up some of their prospects to the people outside of new England and -- people -- mean general managers and executives and so forth and other cities. Do they have the same high opinion of the many prospects at the Red Sox have that we do here covering the team. Unique take -- player by player. I think he's really like -- -- and I you know I had conversations with guys that it seems and they read -- -- scouting reports about bet to win the day that he was called up. They think he's going to be good player. They need -- our developing questions about Jackie Bradley's approach at the plate they loved -- Bogart's. They light their young pitching so. You know I think did you know big picture answering your question is generally speaking I think they like the Red Sox prospects. Is much as the Red Sox do. On Pedroia have. It and it just think that the beginning of the markets look he's like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera and players like that people with other teams love them. And they wanted to do well and when they -- play. This year they cringe. And there are concerns and because. In a -- C guy who goes that plays hard every day and they assume that he played through injuries. And the other part of it is that they see someone who plays with maximum effort all the time and they worry about him wearing down. And you know because of his dedication to be a lot of every day that. You know eventually. He may Wear out faster than other guys because of those dynamic because. He -- the Mac separate swing because it is the nature value plays at the Max separate thing. And nothing is gonna come easy for him. And can be playing a -- look like it's what I hear from rival value waiters. They think that he may have been shorter shelf life than you know other guys you make a cut themselves to break and drift a little bit. -- -- report received about a -- region and the big debate yesterday Ortiz vs as Ortiz vs jazz better it's not buster. While I think hot -- we're gonna go out on this roster wow does that sound -- raised for the rest of the week -- I don't throat that it's a big debate. Well I mean -- the better player for their Red Sox who -- yet who -- the guy is a littler is -- without a doubt probably has more. Moments that were gonna remember. -- would be -- reason why I have -- we get at all -- number one reason why is because is unbelievable postseason moment he created. There's probably no hitter in history baseball. Who's been more clutch in big moments and you know I'm not a big fan of that word. But it is come up with -- more big -- and David Ortiz he's been unbelievable but hey. You know what. 3400 it -- 3400 bits and yet play a long time and and no one is gonna play more and history the red -- him. I'd buster thanks all for coming I'm really do appreciate it we'll catch him but he units and hitting me up on that. There's a great walked I'll tell you Laredo laws a thanks --

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