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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski cleared to play, 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

At Bill Belichick's Wednesday morning press conference, he revealed that Gronk has been cleared to play and will NOT start the season on the PUP list, as was speculated in the previous weeks. MFB talks about what this news means to the team's Super Bowl expectations.

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Let that PG -- campus opening up today because speakers didn't highly excited. Yeah yes you know and I didn't Dearborn excitement your voice -- him I don't wanna. -- -- -- -- -- -- fired up -- Belichick on all season at Villa for Belichick press conference and just kind of already you have guys your first patriots press conference that he's already had. -- -- -- -- -- time and I stud pitcher Abdullah I think he's a lot more similar to Belichick then what you might think in terms of questions that he just bats away dismisses it gives non answers to. -- makes a lot of national. Headlines and gets national sound -- because he sometimes good and fifteen to 162 increments with those funny kind of turns of phrase -- steel on steel iron sharpens iron. -- rubber meets the road stuff like that prospective parents interrogated generic. Like -- quote cliched right it's going football cliches he's a master. At those and he's a little bit more colorful in saying nothing that Belichick was. -- -- here's the thing right and can be dismissive just like -- listening about listen to build this morning. It's it's similar driving and yet say what awaits its like a reminder right. Of maybe we have heard so often that now why I find amusement. And I feel the frustration. Namibia that all the beat writers pain I expect that I think I hear Mike -- asking good questions first run -- the back and I hear Tommy current asking a good question and sure les -- that question. -- that everybody kind of sometimes you press coveted -- asked this question I kind of already -- -- quote 'cause I already know like you know. Well yeah with Billy can -- the call because he notes is nothing mean. There's questions specifically asked about one player it's -- -- -- but it report. Yeah I mean it's just. There are no answers I get to one of those beat writers like last night went bad start heavenly shakes. Right market -- -- is -- opening up and it's going to be onions -- there at four and they love it. But -- -- at that press conference tomorrow -- more can be another year of just filling in the gaps screens dramatic here as a disorder of there's six words quotes and then. They're opinion on what it means is this is not playing and I actually find it amusing now. I'm beyond the point it's kind of annoyed by it. Maybe you're going to be at that point listened to maybe constantly. When I go in there and ask question most -- -- -- in their yeah I know I don't know 000. Let me tell you there. Know it's funny because it's. You know you do these pre season games Indian opted to sit down with bill and a renowned and I seem like just walking around you know -- -- a featured the axis stuff on Wednesday. And we will sit around as a group trying to figure out. What's going to be the question we're gonna ask him not -- it doesn't necessarily have to have any relevance of anything really important it's just how we didn't. Answer the question. And not giving a big response -- no comment or. Make you feel stupid answer that's what you really wanna avoid the make you feel stupid question and answer your question the players that. The media guys are Olympic closer way. In Pittsburgh we used to you know there's -- running gag. After Wednesday's with a locker would open up. About the players coming forward and saying had a little bets about who would ask one question and how quickly be shot down by Tom on or before that calorie. So I don't of the guys there used to watch the press conferences all the time. Board that sort of amusement as well. That almost that shot and Freud of having the media go through the pain of dealing with the head coach that they went through in film study is good to see the media to squirm. Under the coach from -- retirement is live televised press conference did you ever watch is to get information. Suppose the players just want to get information their team from the coaches who know how they would handle questions about what went wrong on Sunday or handle questions publicly. As opposed to the way things were being spun behind closed doors after all lost in a Monday -- something like yet so. If you if you talked on a Sunday -- talked on a Sunday analysis kind of the way it was an after game you know but. Monday when you came man and you know coach coming in talkative I would do their list. He would basically. You know without TV saying hey listen these of the Martin Lawrence is what you need to say he would say what you would want you to say put in your own words. And it would also do the same thing against whatever team you're playing you meet Wednesday morning early in the morning you go over the entire team go over the game plan go over the team who is more important. What's what's going on their season why they good weather bad. Would need to be careful about. Who's a who's a stupid person on the team who said something stupid. And then you know the media would come -- and then. Every everybody said the exact same -- you watch the news. And you would see. No bloomer -- say basically the same thing Tim Spence says but he just set it in -- -- -- personality and and Tim bands would say it he'll pare phrase it. That made it work for him but nobody really. Went off went off kilter you know and everybody kind of stayed in their lain in state or state bills -- really. And it kind of I guess you know not to quote the great Paula Abdul but they've made -- their own. That we get all of dual reference how -- our discussion of the first ever. Votes does Aruba. Via. You're regarded by its users to Belichick actually giving some information there was some to be glean today from his camp opening press conference and -- was the big question heading into today. Al Rob Gronkowski was -- to be health -- to participate in training camp or not. This is how Belichick answered that will. Gronkowski. Has he been here -- decision on him still to come in terms of weathered out. -- -- he's -- here and outsider would it be accurate to say he won't start camp on active PP let's. You've been eligible to do. Well not because he's been here because he's been -- -- They are. Why but you feel in my -- voice spoke Rob Gronkowski like. -- if east come here in eighties on playing so would he. Because UK. You couldn't help of those guys man I doubt it the hardest job and it's our hardest job ports as you're -- collection I don't. Ask a question without being made to look stupid boys is all it has the but it is Regis what is the best way to go about just ask the question. But he's gonna come up with a way to swat it the more direct you are the more direct you'll be trying to swat away and making books to. Huge huge its director though we audio -- -- gross -- fiscal today at data probably gonna put him in a pup -- -- at least camp -- in combat but no. Cleared for practice he surprises ready to go I am. Yeah I am extra severance and -- know it's funny 'cause I don't think actually got surprised just right now. Because when I heard it driving in actual city and in the office. Them the monotone voice of bill just made it seem like it wasn't a big deal yet. It is a huge steal what your opinion -- determine the Super Bowl Brett not. -- not first day camp. Week's sixteen to nineteen yes -- 171819. Yes that is the difference they can be read only want we want we've seen this before from grant. You know and then last he came back -- you know I just went back done for the years so it's -- -- at the end of the year. But I just now he can still be probably not and pardon -- no contact right person I mean -- case not a publicity is still participate and everything ballot think that. Well though it was -- there was a detective says he's -- a place so if I'm cleared by the doctors to play. Okay if he's not a pop based on any of those you know injury prevention like you know what to make sure he's healthy type deals. Why are now I'm okay well so he's he's suit up tomorrow -- surprised is because of 07 months removed Zardari all right because of you thought they'd be local protective about I just I both really I thought that the injury itself conduct. Leads me toward this being more of a -- flip a coin first game of the season September type dealing -- whole another month because it's. It was solid job gruesome I want but at the same time we've really shouldn't surprise pat -- everybody comes back from an injury in less than a year. Ager Peterson actually know Carson Palmer was first got that I remember even doing it whoever the blood as he and had a rule you know extensive rehab that was. Followed by everybody in you know they showed on the cover Sports Illustrated a walking in the pool rehabbing and he was ready for the first game of the season. But that's probably more about it I just didn't think he'd be physically ready. Angle that the last year. I guess how they handle his other injuries you know -- real -- a Stanley got involved. You know we -- sure there was help -- if he wasn't helping -- is being overly cautious and be careful. So -- but he just came out say -- he's included playing OK it's football time and then obviously going to be. Restricted. You know some you know be careful what you don't want you know you don't wanna have that but seemed to -- syndrome happening where you're. Where you come back too early you try to do too much and you end up -- -- dating a setback. I would have known known contact. Our cameras -- but I -- we -- contact evident for for long long time which is I wouldn't I wouldn't mess around that one bit on -- Clarify what -- -- -- -- -- when your time on him being available at the end of the year are supposed to now you -- you prefer to see him not play early to save him or later in the season. Or if he's ready to go no. Not -- -- -- -- actually be healthy knockout literally does not give it takes in the when he gets a football I could care less. -- I I don't know I don't care he's ready for week one I don't you know it it's nice they're better football team as long as he's ready and obviously. You know you -- it to sit there and take a healthy football player and not play him. Until week ten. You know and it's your -- it's not gonna happen. So surprise he's healthy I'm glad he's healthy and happy that he's backing camp. But I just if he has a great fourteen weeks and gets hurt it does nothing for me. Because I still think that impact the rubber -- that before I think they'll win a Super Bowl with carpet Glock is not healthy -- drug get played a postseason noticeable on the -- was -- History with gronkowski is the back had nothing to do with the arm which had nothing to do with the -- The injuries that he's had a not necessarily being cumulative nine always healing from a -- and this is different but. Well we've seen from Gradkowski is no matter how careful you want to be with him. Sometimes may not matter when it comes to his health of the interviewer does something else is going to occur today and that that's a lot have a lot to do with the way he plays -- just I don't you -- protect dropped as much as you want but at some point he's just. He's just gonna run off and it's just like it when you try to teach a quarterback to protect -- -- to get out of bounds or to slide before -- hit it through the same thing you need to do with him. -- sometimes. It's better just to fall down. That's not the way it plays -- another reason that he's its budget amendments that I know but that's what I wanna talk about -- saint -- trying to do with the quarterback Robert Griffin the third. -- slide. Russell Wilson is really good did not bow right -- of the third not not just -- no receiver -- and -- Is seeking an -- and a bikini. And he found to be on the field first this is true. No but I group I think a lot of it is as it is just his personality his mindset is his mental make up. You know but. At the same time let's that he doesn't have to necessarily. Practice and every practice he can go out there have been maybe just do. -- about seven that'll pull out maybe get three -- than -- he gets five reps and it and he builds his stamina and strength. You know -- hopefully you know he's ready for week one he he played the first pre season game which is like tools it's right on the corner of file with all that. And it is Rob Gronkowski need content. Now now he does not need any contact now I you know after a certain amount of time it finally just the whole contacting Google overrated -- treat it. I mean no actually he's just deregulate like -- you to be -- you know what's in the bag -- -- journalists -- is doing the stairs. Not he's actually gets in full balls you know doing 77 whatever and a no contact at all. To stay healthy keep the legs and need to keep that Armstrong and any shots that a forearm. We don't need any kind of twisting litany I don't need anything from this guy don't put him a glass house X yet I guess I am. -- the cars are pre season now he's out there you just need any contact none whatsoever. He's he's Rob Gronkowski deploy any contact come his way come regular season. 61777979837. Christian when you were playing did you ever -- thoughts on the field that I did on the sideline covering training camps over the years. At what point especially for the veterans does this feel like is a negative point of return. When it comes to stuff like that what it comes to contact risk of injury etc. -- you know the older I got the -- less. Contact I need it I just did -- I need okay -- sometimes those you know sometimes fortified weeks and you have. Contact practices twice today for three weeks. But I've really felt like I need about three days of two days four days Max of two days of of contact full -- but after that. He's needed take a Marcus it's all about timing giving -- some -- used to running. But I needed anymore couple -- of the nine a 7000. Yeah but now it's. If they protect the players so much. It is not to -- practices back to back -- it's easy for guys to recover there's more downtime that there is well. Editing assets -- the moment it is remember. When that -- it was finally cashed out and all the new rules came out about how much more limited player interacts with coaches would be in there was this national firestorm that got kicked out for many of the folks took over the NFL Nash oh my god there's so much less interaction -- practices and and -- myself these guys cover the same practices that I deal. And you're just bored to tears watching this and a lot of times especially the veteran players are bored to tears Columbia Pruitt. I always thought that. There were many moments later in season's -- felt like my god these guys been doing whispers long. I think -- and outs or at the amount of practices. Have eroded. How fresh they are later in the season. Especially guys like Gradkowski used the phrase glass house or bubble -- some like that is a little more credence to that maybe even what you're given credit to Abbott. Agitate -- ethic his -- -- -- talked about you know that the the light camps right the less contact -- there's there's a thought out the Minnesota I wanna get -- as quick as possible. You know I mean I want that context so I just have that ends you know obviously using a word is a really mean no more. But he's just that that body I want it to just be absorbing hits. So just brushes off me it's no big deal wanna get some contact -- feel good about it but just look at Wes Welker returned. Pretty similar. -- he had surgery and in February. And returned full pads full team drills August 5 2010. There when he missed. Not rocket surgery in January correct soul he came back August 5 here we are July 23. It's pretty much the same time different. Yeah but it is it just. I guess I'm just not used to seeing guys come back or I should I should say I should be used to see because it happens that's really the norm now -- have a -- if you have a ACL in you we blow your ACL and dislocating your ankle whatever it is actually no -- both -- -- and that wasn't quite the case. You -- or nine months. It's like it to nine months and if you're not -- go you either not working hard enough or just don't want it bad enough. It's. Amazing -- -- like Wes Welker that you obviously I don't think you know had a great year and a Wes Welker type a year -- talking about. ACLs cutting out things like that agility. Probably affect -- was welcome more that would grow. Right with the quickness that he has always cutting almost trying to get open equipment to be lost that the step that's gonna affect. You know Wes Welker getting open as opposed to crawl to speed -- in those -- -- -- hit me. So I was -- and have a great year I don't expect that from drunk but I would I'm surprised the back I am happy that he's back. But I put a little glass house for a law that's just me I want this guy healthy. NAM Walcott didn't miss a practice stadium he came back. Right at the -- thing he came back the -- first they have gambit he was out August 5 was his -- -- it was disbursed so camp probably starts it by missed couple weeks ago. He probably did start a pop. But his surgery was 23 weeks later in the year. That -- because he's a pretty much same time for a six was 777979. It resells the car phone talk to Josh about gronkowski go to Josh. Did you guys all right Josh thought -- -- on the baseball guy a little bit you're talking about sitting here opera house eat it that the ball at -- Don't sit double that he helped you Larry that's what victory in black the meat still managed to get hurt -- the playoffs so. A guy like that help you keep them on the bench makes absolutely no sense if you let -- play. Yeah Josh I agree with generally talking and I wanted to mr. regular season game. Aureus or are I don't know we just missed the plant I agree with you. I I but I'm not I'm not saying -- see me go let me tell us -- got a tough job well done I just don't let the time my -- Josh now Josh you got to fight your way out of this what -- just that and that it. Not -- comment I hope to listen -- I agree I just we agree let me ask you this you want a full contact all through camp. I'm not necessarily can't -- a few big hit at like riding the bike you know when you are not yet you know how to achieve. We don't actually mean it's one thing for the rookies don't need a little extra cracked but I'm definitely for. Or -- six years it was about you know what do what you want but don't you let an -- at practice. Okay well yes yeah I disagree TI and I am I can't disagree to the fact -- he's not. Lowell is -- it's like baseball -- -- -- more durable Harriet Christian an innocent guy that you know. Just -- the -- -- -- -- older parent prayer in my soup bowl rings down mariners I am thankful contact you would do that drill in the middle of bull ring ring with a rock. You want to do that -- -- this -- item discretion is the better part of valor while we're dealing with rob Rob Gronkowski this year actually it's just it's. You're not talking about a guy that's coming out of causes of the Dominic easily. Rays who doesn't know this doesn't really get the speed it's gonna take a little longer to realize this the speed of the game. The thing with they figured compares -- is a good one because it easily if you don't do much with them he's still learning. Right he's still learning the system Vista dressy what he is. -- not learning anything they know what he has you know this is a classic veteran how to treat a veteran how to treat -- rookie coming over the same injury. The veteran chills the rookie fights throw it. And it that's just the -- What do you what do what would you think both of you would be the biggest obstacle for Rob Gronkowski to get over with this injury what's the biggest obstacle for him. Just anything. Answer to catch the ball in the middle no one at some six coming down on the very similar play again that you get injured bodies he's got the ball as to what got defending league isn't -- On the blinds that he has no who's come in where that would be that I would think. This the how the injury happened. I would say assessing his own -- let Susan know how open he is how -- getting you know he's got that a leak outlet a -- for a tight end. And does yes to gauge whether or not he's still got that 100%. As he comes back from this ACL early in the process soccer some lean more towards -- -- -- lose. On I think this the mental aspect of dealing with an injury like -- need. They are when you go out and gets a ball at are you heard footsteps when nobody's even mayor are if you're blocking somebody and he starts to conduct or do you. And you feel little pain in your knee are you gotta bail on the block what we got to make the tackle because you don't want to get worse. There is some getting used to your new delayed. You know real time real game time speed type mentality that needs to come first if they cleared him he's. They've decided and not just miss -- throw this out there that he's to protect himself to be to protect himself when he -- were loaded up. People wanna talk about gronkowski to miss the news he's been clear he won't be on the pup list to start training camp. And apparently everybody wants talk about that you wanna try to get through -- Cameron and number 61777979837. Won't get some people we come back. Also if you missed the other storyline from today with bill Belichick's first press conference about. -- Aaron Hernandez tax questions we'll get to that Belichick spoke about that topic -- well you'll hear his answer when we return. A knighted for his seven WEEI aimed at.

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