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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Starbucks tattoo 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines is brought to you by eighteenth -- cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network it's nice to have him back to do headlines Judy that is about it office segment of the show you know well and pull off generally pretty good -- -- I'm gonna figure better. Really Marty says that. -- very. -- -- we need John in in that seed. Wise comments who. Your life I was every day. Yeah the felons are butch dirt butch -- -- -- Dickerson Dickerson important and resort. What's your -- the public what what you meant he did. Which -- that how to -- watched which. I want it too broad yet -- the next -- -- all eyes and a candidate John Dennis McGuire -- -- and watch how would you rank with the guys from best worst. Asked to worse it depends on the subject yeah yeah yeah. -- -- I didn't hear she said -- her I'll say this but on Friday free -- Friday at 2 o'clock all over the place -- -- the best out. Are like the biggest question was in there looking at instant replay for a bang bang play at first base. As the ball have to it. How huge pocket of the glove or to just -- enter the airspace. -- -- begin to. Focus on Twitter. Really yeah yeah tweet that. Not not bought the other -- he tweeted out that'd that would block. Up. Turn that. Except headlines brought you by ATT handgun used by. A marathon when he led Boston Marathon bombers jokers on -- I think it shocked the -- noted in a violent firefight with police. -- led to -- legend -- -- police officer shot caller was give it is -- Brothers by local heroin -- -- in the constantly Monday several law enforcement sources told ABC news. He's in trouble he's in trouble Stephen -- CR. In a classmate of Lazard have appeared federal court yesterday and drug gone possessions. -- charge related dealing the navy man. Silva acknowledge that already were possessed -- do you know yet -- -- -- bad headline. No atlas. And the players I'm not John Chancellor course X. I love the fact that around these -- up and they don't mess around. That is and that -- -- name is Hazmat punk that got rid of the stuff in the apart Hazmat yet on how coming days ago yeah. He's just the first domino records these rats will all turn on each other. And and pretty soon jokers turn them pretty soon will know the lineup. -- -- -- doesn't get deterrent is the last yeah right the lineup of witnesses that will friends they will point the finger Wednesday. He did it would do in. There and if -- allow whatever and that is in it's going to be a slam dunk case into how he got. Acquitted on the laptop charge. -- -- accused of clean right -- right right. That's a good thing and read this in The Herald editorial page. It proves that these bombs can get a fair trial -- it proves that we will give them a fair trial in a rubber stamping a guilty then why right right right yeah. -- Launch FOJ. -- of Joseph -- Fire at the elected rapid fire and -- friends for friends felons to present problems. Their former friend warmer for all gonna turn on each other unfortunately it now I can use that word to describe. Took -- mom says it all you describe any -- up now used game I was there yep shoplifter. Yes yes that's true jihadist and she's the one that these youngsters. Yet is she gonna come -- for the trial and its staff like hopes -- -- -- even in this state and fortunately it's a federal case but even in this state and there'd be no sympathy there's no simply anyone involved the case correct. Except -- from the Boston Globe and Rolling Stone. In the -- called speed bump a stay at home dad. That is how it was true it's true that home and build bombs. And you know we know everybody needs a hobby Jerry -- limited rental wise we've -- -- -- -- owner. Glamorized. Yes Joker but. I feel like if she ever came back here that she would beat. Handcuffed minutes ago the -- -- yes and we -- faced shoplifting charge she probably not government. Unfortunately have you seen other story. -- Mitchell the Alabama teenager who between -- smiling stealthy with a bonus smiley will be called -- a mode giant what does that look calm emote a condom. It -- for -- shorts -- their day trip with their friends that she's a big -- in -- self but he some have. The business that don't -- me god god god -- but. She was up with Megan McCain I guess as a as a television mountain in an interview she went everything -- McCain is rumored to be one of the few people out there -- you people are well. Did Sarah Palin did repeat it's going to be hard to not bring that word your favorite word -- if they. Now it's gone from now gone she -- on trying to give her side of of of why she decide to smile take a picture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we designed these Franken the Holocaust and warlords in the only thing that better -- this mean history. And it's -- -- part of this very and I saw a holocaust survivor in night. Grade at school we went hand. And that it's just not only missing green listening and whenever I graduated they said they take me. At this date Stewart and her on it and then see that one year mark that so that. So. That's why she smiled and for a social problem that you have anything else to say you're here. Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this sends. I personally believe. That yes Americans are unable to -- you sound -- head that some. People out there and -- nation and it don't have that in that I've really bad education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such as I -- Same woman right. Yeah they Malia. -- -- proposed that he should be the next host of the view she be the brains of which. You. Yet Xia -- excited she got over 150 retreats on herself that she she I don't know it is the most embarrassing picture to see a desperately. -- want them back -- -- in the background on the camp is right behind her a big smile on her face just Laker. Or you know iPad or iPhone battery. She's smiling and don't. It's adults can you do the story of these morons that laid down in the street. But I know these pro Hamas. And -- a confident guy and on Boston college and last night that laid down in the street yes yeah. To support Hamas against Israel. God these people to me protest Israel's operation protective agent -- Yet they had over two -- die in them. Boston Common I think it was over the weekend for the third time in eight days Boston Police. Forfeiture demon with a group of Israeli supporters. Swarmed by demonstrators screaming and ice cream and Jews back -- -- and in Boston and yes that yes it yes screaming and all of these. File in this -- things no. Wanna get arrested they wanna -- -- -- Statement here wanna get Hayes of the league smacked with a Billy club on TB. But couldn't we. We just have somebody you know that texting drivers just wanted to lay down the street. All I'm sorry if I was -- and ten hits to open forty. But there was a camera phasing works -- -- they were parents with children went in and bring in the children and leaned down nets and he's eons and then they turn around they say you know Israel's killing children. The killing children because that hamas' and the children. In in them they're hiding the missiles next to the rockets in schools. And in daycare centers they want their children to die. And hold them for the from the camp and as Charles Krauthammer sentenced the best level I think it came from. Netanyahu said we use missile defense to protect our children. They used their children to protect the missile missiles they do its troop. But still it's it's cool -- -- -- minutes ago and hang out bring it tonight it's cheap knock cools what is cool sport in the palace in the right. Yeah beaten myself please thank I think they did emotional truth there on the leader girl was their -- -- still Alabama this one's for you -- okay. Police animal rescue workers removed said the nine cats from ignored Arizona home Monday to -- forward -- -- house is foreclosed and sold on July 17 auction. 79 cats and of course among many of the most of -- cats yeah. Hinds as you would say dead rats and mice also went out NFC. Who can't always of course -- does this. Some human excrement was also a political on the whole. Maybe it was evident to -- to bull could be true. It decent match -- house most of it looks somewhat dampened somewhat not a an auction. And once that's a Sony buys an -- -- pretty good price for. Honey scrub them out. Ever well is it a fixer upper or carried -- And I wanted -- -- -- -- tickets and a half decent neighborhood yet when -- Arizona's sort of yeah AA suburbs but that's OK it doesn't look Arab knock it down 79. Seven caps removed and said at least that many cats. Were gone the stench is awful. Moved in the house next door neighbor said. You can -- outsider hang wandered up why is bothering you it's even worse after it green who is living in there. An old sausage. I know. And adults are 1519 -- site on July 14 for failure to maintain promises we -- Whitaker does the -- had it is property. Advocate drug new homeowners like a police officer was in the area on unrelated matter how we Hamptons places like on the on Long Island an -- and cats and they're rescuing well maybe this woman's risk -- access -- -- -- -- boards too -- well that's just think that it -- from outside outside -- -- area. That takes work like that she delivered the ferry captain Richard. You know it yet -- -- -- -- and -- cat what do you do with we do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kidman -- that killed good run over the -- house I was out. -- wanna go home a father Doherty. Went out in the on the house -- to -- and battered and and that night to merit and never would tell everywhere. Once the Lycos -- prayer or Israel if so you came back didn't -- the grave you -- -- the dog was dead yes. It will be cremated worst thing in my life really almost best of Toby cremated possessions on the mantle and maybe a world yet. Well I wanna -- cream we acquire Adobe does absolutely everybody should be cremated right yes absolutely element of a funeral home on Nantucket anymore. Right yeah I have no no interest of at the immediate the wound its cremated yet not -- cut off now -- like anybody under -- seventy in the panel thinks that this music that is they get the whole thing they still have open casket funerals where you commitments they. Like I did little -- natural it's awful. Maybe -- -- up and stand next point five hour take pictures shake hands and that he sent pictures of stare in the whole time might take -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A Starbucks dress policy permits any employees for a visible tattoos. Like court blocks the Kayla 27 year old priest. In Michigan she told fox issues -- -- almost five years ago but it's only now becoming a problem it's just. A little cart -- cover up we get some it's a little hard it's not offensive. To anybody a higher manager came in had mentioned to my manager. We need to do something about covering average had to why I win it's more socially accepted now you know I played one in four people have a tattoo now. It's so cold in writing at Starbucks and in the end however. This is why something's says. Now my name being told after five years of having this had to being hired and then I have to get rid of it or resigned for my job. Was a news person -- I could as a hero. It amazes me I mean that they do find jobs that restores and execution they go to school and learn and get that -- -- right. But don't they often look kind of I don't know. Out there and they look eccentric. Are they often have. Earrings and those -- -- -- -- -- and they didn't like a grown in the fate of glass so just in case by case you can't have a little heart that -- and yet and would notice. Yeah amass support your particular. Haven't had to do work its you know you have to have the -- Nonprescription glasses. There has to be summoned the -- -- -- you know the very nice people when you go there yet -- was -- nice yeah they don't hate you are right there to create a nice I Qaeda are gone those people that are -- creepy nice yes. -- I do I know exactly -- you never been termed nice I'd rather be. A -- that would be creepy -- -- pretty nice people secretly -- evil creepy or not all of them yeah in some genuinely creepy nice people go like -- I mean. I know people you don't know how -- so you know anybody famous. It was creepy unites. Creepy nice and analysts will also with us a -- honestly you know everybody. Big big Boston. Sports from India hours. I don't know peaceful and a lot of organized -- is very oddly still well it would die and he needs along with us and the U not a wanna speak Gilder that's not -- that's just my term. It's a lot of sales people creepy well yeah isn't pretty he's obviously the reason you don't want to yet -- -- -- it comes in the but over years and they've become. Ridiculous that was sort of a sales kind of guy. Agent. -- component of the stock and only an idol I think and I don't think. It's too nice yeah. And -- and these children I'll -- this horse of course it -- spurs. He's -- decree Bob lost the picture. Yeah he was created. The -- they're guys I don't know the -- -- -- -- -- the commissioner. Haas the part of rustic opted. PBS. Like sausage and all we never Tillman and the other day with these two knuckle heads. -- -- of -- -- elect this committee and back east looks a little low bottom yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it looks a date that. -- you around recall and I'll -- when Tommy Ramone -- you away. I know I was away now we never did the Ramones orbit he was away these obstacle -- over in his garden dies Jimmy -- -- -- I was I want my my favorite my five favorite movies is the greatest love degrees. It's. Four and that was the -- -- yeah important thinks when he thinks of the great escape he thinks of him aren't so why. You pick Steve McKnight ultimate big Jim Gardner -- met him I met Jim Gardner once the golf term was in California way. And he was. The nicest celebrity I've ever met creepy guys if you know Bobby York -- well that's a nice one body organized so that's an excellent like we are -- -- -- -- -- and talk -- agent to -- we have kind of was that hit the age it's legitimate and no talks -- Let's try to keep him my points some creepy and I know I legitimately -- yeah I hit an urgent putts and it's -- It's. Nice I don't I can be that and I -- those -- where it's -- it's Canada it's and we talk about Rockford Files -- played the theme song it's no outrage -- Russia we don't play any cuts from Jim Rockford. Penises the cut from maverick. So these idiots play the cut from the movie witches and wizards. But I what I did not in the Khat gives you -- -- Jodie Foster. Talking and say here it goes on and on what we're waiting for him and it never never appears opposite -- -- Mecca where you know they go into play from Hendrick America. But yes do that are good you don't Indian -- of any -- -- -- though is this surprise you when they couldn't tell Mick Jagger from -- -- you know James Garner was. Just say really no good at him -- you might not know the little -- Ottawa so not only that -- we don't care -- years. Annoy you that that's let's I didn't grow up or at -- -- generation -- watched and afterward. While it's scar. Your movie -- You're like -- he beat me I don't want your border 74 I was born and years that I can tell you stupid second -- TV star for ten years before that. And I don't know somehow you know once. The only license. Stupid stupid and it just matters lightly and we was -- -- to producers -- Notre -- -- and he got the notebook at the end. That's true that's fine McEnroe with how he was in -- -- at least you know -- yes he was in the no -- -- the notebook by the way. John Testaverde signed -- yesterday. That your back is generally -- that I know general has expertise and you know Tommy Ramone was. -- and the Ramones. And it was real nameless was from all well -- It looks Jack it was close look -- that's not that's not as bad as not telling victory at Jack are not -- worse than not no -- -- Austrian. Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan. Not on that is the dumbest thing ever that's what that's what I know it from anyone and -- Iraq this time -- between may -- then you know to rock like me five year old children have never heard anyone say anything dumber than that -- -- -- saw James -- movie that just like space -- make a lot of good movie I saw it never saw that movie is it's I don't just have. This is he made five good movies. Now it's time is these workers tell -- is that during the in Rockford Files and the great shows of all time of the great characters plus he was in Africa and he was that much TV movies that. To play a cup format on government escape has a great move was to -- -- band. Two point as a category -- -- -- -- just tweeted that -- as a big rate greater Bay Area do you follow James Woods. -- -- great Tweeter is in right when he didn't garner he adored the man I mean he wrote a home on two tweets. And knocked on the window and -- later sentiments and all that and mean you can tell in -- was a classic. If you read what James Woods and that's what your favorite James -- movie. -- Was I elect him was in cloning or no it was a crime here you know -- and it did it added to -- I feel like -- -- Ontario. And on air hogs are -- mistake excuse well all human my best when James -- Deborah good guy. Those TV couple embodied was the car -- good news and I'm Robert managers lawyers good. To be or should these. Producers -- -- The hostname of the true believer which is a good movie support your local sheriff. Yeah I'm down though those like the America's patient and believe David I was yes I can't pretend like -- -- -- -- war -- -- like an anti -- -- We do as I -- sidetracked. Into this that we queue up political -- tell you hello James Williams in the Nixon. It is used by use Haldeman yeah for a pitcher where has the time gone it's headlines brought to you by. AT&T -- people AT&T to lawsuits were filed yesterday. Kind of in the world sport's annual hate you blow both. People who filed these lawsuits next.

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