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Jake Peavy is done 7-23-14

Jul 23, 2014|

The guys discussed Jake Peavy's 1-9 record this season.

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That would be in this morning's 61777979. -- 37 Dennis and Callahan and hand back from California. I ask who went to the break. I feel sorry for what athlete and generally speaking based on how much they make. -- game for a living it's difficult to find an athlete that you feel sorry for its war. Readily done the final Monday despite the root against like Greg. A-Rod for instance who doesn't despise -- root against him. Do you feel sorry for who are you rooting for well I feel sorry for I didn't until I saw that picture you show me with cottage -- at the bad for Dustin Johnson stopped. That -- that on the Internet access -- Becket yeah yeah life right Jim -- of -- does an excellent excellent analysts. The college basketball player from Baylor. Austin I -- Austin that was the feel bad for him yeah and and and this doesn't even rise to that occasion obviously this. It is like threatening disease. -- Austin does. So bad for Jake Peavy. JP -- -- for -- yeah a lot of guys ladies tees. We talked to a couple occasions spring training he seems sound earth he's got speed on the ground he does a lot of stuff. A lot of money on his camp to bring kids in. Does the right thing can't catch a -- break now. Will miss him when he's gone yeah probably be you know by the end of the week might be and the TV -- over which Tibet because -- would you. I like him a -- like his demeanor on the mountainous. I've never a bad word about him off the field at the keys to the can be good -- a good -- -- that I think he was part of that. Be -- brother's home thing last year that transition from the -- part of that from winning chemistry last year but it Tuesday work and in the American League now -- -- upset at a retirement -- -- Can't believe he was unanimous. Cy Young winner a few years ago in the NL I'm it was a great great pitcher. For the Padres so. It's weird is number suck obviously -- 19 -- Fifteen straight starts with a win ago the numbers here in. -- follows call 521. ERA during that streak his whip is the highest of his year. Those -- India raised 84 among all -- pitches 83 and whip and all the numbers terrible home runs allowed and -- I do think nationally teams will want him. And and I do think he'll do okay in the nationally I don't know why. And I think you'll do okay down the stretch I think he knows how to pitch I think he's a clutch guy a tough guy and he's -- he's healthy he's not gonna help this team anymore he's done. I was I was stunned to hear a program on this radio station yesterday talk about if you can get a -- Deal for Jake Peavy you move him. Adams and stroke big deal went pastoral. Are getting no big deal now EV I believe. It was Jim Bolden who breaks down all the perspective trades for whom -- you -- for -- Who said. Of these pins -- Things. But he's pretty good Ani list of the -- interest and he said the question is. Other in teams will pay yourself just as big. But the Red Sox won a prospect. As Willis that money yes so there holding on the final days as the -- to a three teams that won him. But they just -- taken on pay and which is a lot anemic fourteen million. And fourteen points at sixteen million but and and whatever whatever is left two months left of it is considerable. Run support per nine innings leaders having my hand Major League Baseball all the Major League Baseball it's a -- guys qualify for the the answer is 984. Guess we're Jake Peavy is on the list of 94. HL and NL pitchers in run support. The senate -- that would be wrong 93. While. He's next to last two point nine mill runs were run minding pitch it -- a 117 innings by the way. Who's 92 just ahead of him. No run support. Just the margin. Eric Stults -- last. 60%. And he's leaves the American League in homers -- yeah correct in a second in the major leagues the leader has give up 27. I forget who it is yet he's not I think he's loses. Don't know what's so if since they acquired peavy and accurate this morning the Red Sox attendant when he -- to start yeah just hasn't won last year but just hasn't worked -- here's AB after the game last night. You know. There's no excuse you know there -- -- -- decision and make excuses. But like that it you know we certainly. -- that type games that I have been in -- -- and in my whole career so that. -- -- -- -- -- You know it's us it's frustrating to lose I'm so sick of sitting here I'm sort of have a not the best attitude in the world a lot of trial promise for a truck but. Run support no run support it's not fun to lose. -- in knowing what I know to stop that from happening this is for me to get better. Obviously elect when they trade him I don't think he sleeps on the dot -- and David Brent and I know. I feel like when they deal him a little piece of the 2013. World champions. Guys this idea -- -- -- yes you know go you wherever he goes -- nationally easier aerial theories. It'll be -- it happens all happens all the time. So low was this performance last night -- -- drinker. We want to stay back -- -- yesterday after they've won five in a row and the the the what wins after Preston yes let's get one now it's eaten two this that's sort of take the wind out of the sails. Absolutely I feel like they have one data you know the build on what they did yeah and it's over there now. Like they're now in last place -- exactly and last place yesterday they were three games out of a second place. And there was a real hope you feel it in the street and everywhere you went report that in this team is back. And then announce that the one game last night they couldn't move runners along the couldn't get guys in from third base and it's over their last play out back. They went three -- Saddam Hussein that he said act they'll say that back now. Will we decided number -- of these ten games there were eleven days left we discussed this until the trading deadline with ten games will be played expect the next off day they have believe -- -- not -- July 31 trading deadline day right how many of those ten games with -- I have to win for you to say. Why don't sell 73. Exact I mean I'm mile ice on the matter what but I would say seven -- in previous quick cup -- -- 34. I would guess 33 -- 33 -- that makes fourteen and a half million bucks you and he's won in nine. He's made a 103 million in his career. And so it'll get sorry -- I am having trouble yeah form maybe -- -- -- -- -- -- through luck Bruce off so I mean he's in personal friend of our church right. Optimism is gone. And now it's just feels like it's a stand up -- feels like he helped yet again this conversation five days from now. And when we're Gomes he -- -- loses again next RP in his last start before them now the most -- it's too bad. What a great probably didn't think -- it by any results and he's not signed. The NC player option for next season. If he has 400 innings pitched the last to -- is not call for including a 190 this year. It's highly unlikely. Com so he's he's done so he would never sign him. So who's done anyway you mean you would never re sign him whose time is up even our into months and months will be and -- does any of the baseball. -- attrition has ever done a study this more psychological than it is numerical about run support. And why lasts. An entire year. You would think that just the law of averages guy breaks out of a slump and gets hot the second half. Cools off in the second half it goes the opposite way it never does well -- -- -- wanted to run the writing about it the ace. Often get no run support and that's a psychological thing. Because when Pedro is on the mound yet animals on the -- -- when he's felt like I only knew a run or two. And it just it wasn't a conscious decision correct I guess I -- wore my guesses are bloody year for Clemens tolerance support New Year's game in port you can look it up Pedro and Clemens had long stretches with no support. And it's happened to a lot of aces -- just felt like when he's on the hill we don't have the middle but that doesn't Carolina PV. No doesn't play a preview all to. Buzzard luck there's guys every year -- capital -- future happen to you via big picture it'll happen quick -- those guys he wasn't the eighties. News -- the opening day starter between the Clemens -- and the Pedro you're -- -- the trivia question. -- -- treated equally effective privacy and whether it was section. I was like 600 club -- and a sister called it soccer is always a fan and mrs. bathroom as the fast food. Legroom NASA pretzels and I -- pulled out that crank the heat and make it make it an academic and nice nice and annoyed Wade -- which was an added bonus that's right in like -- got a book and it cost Ortiz yes. I wanna do this isn't worth by minutes it is not work show. Yes is a much much better baseball -- -- well no no -- -- -- -- means more than anything else about BS was a better baseball -- is. This is a better -- Ortiz. Well you mean in 67 and seventy. -- -- wanna look at Ortiz is numbers meaning they have an asterisk I know they do hundreds Oprah yeah I think yes the ever got a plaque -- -- -- all of our news conference for 47 RB meaning that off their prayers so we guys are doing that that. Yeah well you Buick I would compare the two guys on winning a batting title when you hit 301 is different than you know the -- -- -- -- And he never you know obviously Ortiz hasn't won MVP there were many years where he was the best player on the team. But I think Ortiz. News was better hitter. I agree as a better player and -- he was a great defensive player. Great left fielder -- think Ortiz observers good news yet as was his first. If you look at yes from like 6320. Seventy he was a great hitter I mean I -- forget that Graham now but he you look at the numbers. It was a great great that are better Ortiz and play great defense that was a great outfielder from this field. Is that you're smoking matters. Techno music great defensive player great left -- very good. A first baseman. But Ortiz wins. And you can't say it's just the team thing he wins because he's clutch and I know he has was just tremendous play better. How many times -- how many rings likely three times he was let's face quite the you know he's disappointed at the wild card either. He played three times in the post season. Had seven. 369 with a 600 slightly yes. Made the last than 75 middle -- -- I open I mean you'll be years ago policies that are. Is that correct what I rank him above Ortiz in the Red Sox -- -- -- I would say he's a better player I -- huge huge it's much much much better people are much better all all around players of all around play you know what that did more reduced the result is you better all rompuy and Ted Williams. Public -- -- so much better hitters are actually no that's my only points hitting matters more absolutely I think yes the pattern Ortiz Harry's in Quincy hey -- good morning. Martin and what's up. I think -- acted well in that area and it poppy adorning it with BP. In on this lots of variables here to get good calls and thanks for that political. I'm just one good and Matt I don't give him credit for smoke cigarettes but I do give him credit for being the most average looking superstar I've ever seen yet. You know just and I know -- -- -- pull whole -- like -- -- small and all this but didn't look like any and from another sport to grow and when to cover sports. And one -- you look at it you know John -- next that you -- -- -- Robert Parish and then Andre -- and credit to Britain and you walk in -- -- She is of course cup and a cigarette he cigarette. And whatever it was a Miller Miller Light lighten over -- -- -- Ian Rowley and all that but a superstar. By any definition. And couldn't have been more -- -- still it is you know loans to lose. Croce and grow 617777937. I'm so glad minute hands back on so many levels but at least of witches -- gonna do headlines.

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