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The Bradfo Show: Talking hitting leadoff with Brock Holt

Jul 22, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox leadoff hitter Brock Holt, who since being inserted into the top spot in the batting order has been among the best leadoff men in baseball. Heading into Tuesday night, no other leadoff hitter has had more hits (77) since May 23, with Holt having played every inning of every game during that stretch.

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It's nice secret. Not -- things that interest. So I wish my chest. And just sit there and it's okay. Episode of this and to be who would wind you know. -- Welcome to another addition of Brad those shows sponsored -- always my goals distinctive clothing you know publicly deterrent. Through the finest institutions you'll find on this planet. Today's guest is Brock hole lead off hitter for the Boston Red Sox. And -- re talk with Brock -- about leading off for the Boston Red Sox nobody has done it better. In the entire major leagues since poll started this position for the Red Sox back on May 23. You talking about heading into Tuesday night 480. Innings. That 53 games as the lead off hitter for the reds as nobody is more nets 77 total heads. At the top of the order for Brock -- this is the guy who's done it throughout his life. Throughout his career but just get a chance to do right now and made them all important -- something the Red Sox desperately needed when Jacoby Ellsbury laughter. So here's it is podcast solely talking about. What it takes to be a lead off hitter. Brought -- they were Brock Colts. Lead off hitter. The Boston Red Sox. Just a few at bats away from qualifying. For Major League Baseball status for batting average champs so obviously that's right around the corner -- placements on that profitable. Think he had seen him. Throw it went four. And then -- and. So what I wanna -- feel about this -- leading off and your experiences leading off obviously you as leadoff hitter for this team has been hugely valuable. Arm I it's gonna go back to win the first time you served as a leadoff hitter whether it could have been a Little League could have been high school one was the first time. Com. I am sure I did summons and you know while younger than Lee but. You know coming up thought really ever done one -- did in high school. For four years. -- college. I'm inundated it and smiling so some them through the you know I used to and comfortable. In that position. So a lot of times players adjusted there hitting styles to where there in the order some some guys try not to. Leadoff hitter having done it before when they get when you put into this spot. Did you look at it any differently than being in any other -- -- -- or suggest I'm just gonna keep approaching the way it. Yeah it was it was pretty much keep sane approach. You know on you know don't try to do more than I'm -- from -- you know at the plate on distract. Trying to get innings of positioning it in and look for good pitcher out of play and put it it's going on and you know whenever they told me that -- can hit the off. Tom you know and knew that I wasn't gonna change you know who was and had been in the -- you know 789 hole in the bottom of the order but. You know it's going to be the same same hitter. You know up with a with a leadoff spot just first at bat. You know this is more for the team you wanna see some pitches but you know I'm an awesome awesome ready to hit. You know look for good pitch to hit. So it's just you know after that I mean after you first about -- pretty much just another another guy and not in the lineup so you know my job it's that. You know get a good pitch to hit and and try to get on base anyway -- that they got on the -- in. In the bottom line is you get to be up. More than anybody else -- this as a baseball player that's honestly wanted to. Yeah I mean it's fun yet but it's fun you know. -- like -- six at bats last night so you know you don't you know and get sick at bats two off -- -- because guys bond between the baton. Just fortunate to get them in -- but. Yeah I mean that you in the office is something I'll always done and you know it's a spot that -- comfortable and -- you know it's it's working so far. Who was when you release and you used was leadoff hitter early on your career early on -- wife who was the guy who is a guy that you tried to emulate. -- I know when I'm young. Jerry Remy -- brutally tough hitter -- -- days as I wanna drag bunt like he was -- guys that you looked -- today as the guy -- I I emulated a lot of different guys who knows -- to come and it was always my favorite player at the time. -- -- -- will Clark at one point so liked him. Or number 291 year because I like rusty Greer. Com. Yet you know I I switched all the time. -- Griffey junior in obviously. Every kid my age did. But you guys just trying to not fair player Tom I never like -- it blew in on him leadoff zone -- -- this. Whoever -- not fair player it's time it's it's kind of -- did try to be like joy you were rangers' Derek yeah how big range guy and that's buss mentioned will Clark and rusty Greer. And the reason -- like restaurants so much sees he's -- He's ballplayer you know monument that went to a he Rodgers for regain that he threw and -- -- made a couple time plays and out of the -- -- -- games so he can't he can't climb to top money list that point. Now it's like will Clark like Rafael Palmeiro like. He's -- good analyst with the old Rangers. It was the so who was a leadoff -- -- teams can remember. I'm. Married there. So while so for some reason once -- Gary pettis -- tackled it. These are with the win you obviously when you're leaving -- you're you're. When you're young and -- like I can get on base but more importantly I can appeal likely he Anderson -- steal bases and and -- was in here was there a time. In your career where you said OK I think I can be at the equivalent of fifty stolen base I can -- can be. -- legitimate stolen base at a popular. You know -- -- little lie and didn't think things like that you know applause. Lines you know I didn't think. On the bike helmet they. Drive me you know listen thinking like that -- is going out playing baseball. But I don't think there's there's not. You instill faith and it's. You know and Stallone too many. -- -- my career something that you know I'm like you know the team better Q were. He is that. In and Watson. They -- -- that are what was your sense of adrenaline when John told you -- be the leader Erica. And I don't I don't know I mean nothing to lose you know. We're in Tampa and you know he said hey you know -- -- the off and it's something. You know. -- you know I'd been in the bottom of the order something that Ellis excited about obviously it's some house used. So he knows. You know is good news. -- wins a loose. You know there's any changes in -- -- Notes in -- for the games to close that. It was a pitcher's pitch -- different. On. I haven't noticed big change. On last night you know everything in. In. It. It. You know. It's just in my approach regardless it. Pitched me. Still her the truth for -- Trip ribeiro. Question was the cool thing about being leadoff hitter for the Boston Red Sox. There's a lot of cool things. When you eat -- or free anybody be pretty cool but you know being on this team this is pretty special. And last you know we had driven them. Big -- twice and went to his home on a boat this homers so he I think most people say that's pretty cool. And you -- at home anyway you get -- -- up music before anybody else so first. Time yet first -- at music so says that that starting pitcher that they've. The and you you argue that the -- here mile walk that he's. More more than most most guys a lot of pressure you know averages song and a yes on stigma Wellemeyer takes country the -- thanks.

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