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Tony Dungy wouldn't have drafted Michael Sam, 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

The fall out from Tony Dungy's comments about Michael Sam.

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I would be interesting on days that. Note Tony Dungy is in the news Steve Buckley would come out in making Jimmy the -- I mean Ellen yeah. Yeah yeah -- into the alphabet soup it would go let's play let's get it out a way to let's noted for the record that I was invited on the program for the -- comments came around so wasn't minds of people now you know it's not like hey let's color gay friend and ask him on the docket today. Wasn't exactly what we were dealing with it now. He sits around waiting -- phone calls all the time what which began about six old for this little old for a starting with -- -- I gave up nationally gigs is -- committed to the show it is when you are and are committed to show because you were the morning on morning Joseph today. Seven -- around the clock you know it's gonna do the all right. All right Jerry all right very good -- like OK hey this guys call I'll go and told the morning cruel ways to deal and holing going to be happy with this and here we are and they're like they think they're metal chair and not really concerned candidate. Well you don't like he nearly eight. If that's the case but we're certain director of Taylor -- calls on senator Bob I don't know if there was an actress went on the brow this morning -- not a lot no probably a victory looked very young confused and -- on -- a company with Bob. More than normally. Has a problem problem lies the problem. Odd to be honest with the -- I I honestly kind of thought that the Tony Dungy thing was talked out. Until about an hour or so ago when Tony Dungy came out with with his his statement. And and tried to clarify and and I'll say it even of other people say it tried to backtrack and I'm not buying and it. Is his past political associations his past comments. Sort of put the lie to what he's trying to say today. I have a feeling somebody at NBC said Tony what are you'd too. It's 2014. You can't say that it it's like the Bible Belt and you can't say that any tried to backtrack a little bit today but the -- well. You wave I see this is where I disagree I think you can say say what you wanna save my problem with Tony Dungy is that. He didn't I thought there was a lack of honesty. On his part. Yesterday. If you wanna say this is what you feel. My religion says that this is wrong or I read the Bible literally every -- every single thing in the Bible is 100% true. And because of that. I don't believe that homosexuality is right what is that going into that. If you wanna say that. And don't wanna deal with it. Because I don't I don't think it's right I don't wanna Cogent. Current going and say that he just kind of on the fence the little you know let me just dip my toe -- here and dip back. Some people might have a problem with that. Some people might criticize it just kind of nowhere. I thought it was just a lack of honesty and as part more and anything. Well for those who haven't heard he came up with a released this afternoon and I won't read the whole thing but -- but I'll give via a a couple of highlights here royals from what he said he said not now he claims the quotes were in the immediate aftermath of the draft. Following the news that Oprah Winfrey would be doing a documentary on Michael Sam's story. That has since then men -- did I I think Saint Louis probably signal not doing mountain and they have since pulled the plug on the project. Dungy said quote I gave my honest answer which is that I felt drafting him would bring much distraction to the team. I was not asked whether or not Michael Sam deserves an opportunity to play in the NFL he absolutely does. I was not asked whether his sexual orientation should play a part evaluation process it should not. I was not asked whether I would have a problem having Michael Sam on my team I would not -- -- quote. Okay said he wouldn't have a problem with them -- -- on your team is he but he said he would draft him. I -- government to seek to bring you wouldn't -- drafts ago saying you would not draft -- got nothing to do with Oprah Winfrey. Because so Oprah Winfrey opening came on after the draft right yes. Right what he was drafted -- -- an -- that when they broach this whole. Oprah Winfrey was realities -- right and they then it would no way I was against just -- clarinet or you're against it because to me reality TV is not real. And reality TV is horrible performance and performance is Warrick and performance is. Being something you are not. And he needed 100% focus on football he is and always -- dot that's that's a statement the obvious right of making this team. And I wanna see Michael seemed to devote 100% of his energies to making the team. And performing put quote unquote your quotes reality television. Takes a little work. Yeah I don't know people I don't know if you would -- had to perform. Four for four reality TV show. I just think it would be fascinating. To follow around a player the first openly gay player. Two testicle with him on his during -- thought it would be an interest now maybe that's not the right format. The reality TV show may be a documentary -- mini documentary. Would have been more appropriate but I would like to see it and by the way to -- in this. Tony Dungy. Yeah -- it I'm -- you know I'm not really buying the statement all the way dungy. -- -- player -- just doesn't know I don't know who would it doesn't I promise you he has -- all the guys problem for this time as an assistant coach. And as time has had codes. He has been around gay players in professional players he's coached him he has instructed them you let them. And maybe I don't know that to be true but may be one of them was on the 2006 Super Bowl winning game. Perhaps. So it's just the the bogey man effect. It is what it was really getting them. But I think I think albeit in BC got to him that's when I think -- that would does NBC think overall. I don't I don't. I don't want him to fit into a certain category I don't want him to say something that is scripted by NBC. Or my talk show host. I think the conversation. Overall. Is instructive. I think its interest in helping those who are on the other side and are reasonable. I have. Good counterpoint to the points that are being thrown out here I think this is you know I think it's that great and necessary conversely this wasn't supposed to be. Typically I'll raised by others are more disappointed. Because. I don't profess to have any great relationship with Tony Dungy beyond the fact that. Ten -- twelve years ago in the pats are gonna play one of those big games against the colts. They sent me out to Indy for a few days duty vans that you've done that before. And I'm sitting -- his daily press -- I'm gonna ask questions that the Indy beat parties have been asking back in July and August. So I kind of sat there and I waited too was open as he's walking out I said. Tony I'm Steve Buckley from the Boston Herald with and I hated desk though he's questions during the open press the case ask a couple of three questions totally opposite. -- -- won't come come in my office. And provided it was obvious receptive at 35 minutes gave me everything I needing gave me more than I needed it -- -- stuff for good story. And always so I respect for him because he says such and nice person right armed. Made aware of these quotes yesterday it was like on -- -- I didn't want that to be attached to him because he's someone that I have great respect for. And now I have to sort of re calibrate my feelings. Because of this is that what I wanted to see attributed to someone. As. As lofty -- coaches Tony Dungy who's been through hell and back and -- own life. And I eased some in the have always kind of rooted for. It's instructions. -- overall. Isn't that. If I don't if it's not a cop out isn't it at the very least. Not precise enough we're just trying to say thank you say a -- If you today -- what's a couple of to come for dinner on dale too many distractions. Roger and me. To me distractions you don't like my kids and in my life and everybody on -- Michael -- well when you're living on the block army and that's not a good start that I get into that kind of dark guys are run by the house every -- it. Around our house was on my jogging running a -- -- -- -- house I like I don't think that around -- -- direct. Oh I didn't knock on the door right away illegal and a host tonight of the fifties like the milk bottle of -- -- the Paramount and put it. -- distractions. What is that what are you trying to say. I want and they do it to what he -- -- even mad -- -- -- -- as opposed to. Let's just have the pep talk. But see you hit the nail on head yesterday. And and I am I'm just inviting you to do this when you can do this today on the show just Google the words Tony Dungy homosexuality. Just those three words just -- you'll learn all you needed now. He has been affiliated with -- with groups who were against same sex marriage and and want it in the constitution that same sex marriage not be legal in the in the United States I mean it's it's pretty obvious where he stands. He was trying to he was trying to Parse the baby yesterday. He was trying to I don't now I don't wanna say baton out of people mad but I do wanna say this and then when that when the heat came down somebody and NBC said. Tony we can't put -- on TV this fall. If this is how you feel you got. Exodus some but see even if he feels that way even he feels like. I'm Michael -- Does not deserve. And should not have the right the constitutional right to be married to a man even if he feels that -- does. It doesn't mean that you can't coach them. It doesn't mean that he can't play in the national only want to. Yeah he just he would prefer not -- guys on his team I'm short based on his religious beliefs are and his team more to all sorts of things. But he finds objectionable. But he -- Now. I wonder what he -- going factory that would -- long in depth GQ story Marvin Harrison. Who helped Tony Dungy when inseparable in well a lot of games in this careers in his record is outstanding as regular season record and policies and record. What he thinks about Marvin Harrison. And Eagles back there and looked at that story. I think I was in you're in earmark and I know you don't believe some of things that Marvin Harrison was accused of Marvin Harrison was associated with and I don't. Other guys in your -- on your team who who cheater cheater on their wives guys and your team. We're accused of domestic abuse all sorts of things -- -- you spoken out against but you've coached them. Because your mission. Is to win football games. And if you're the National Football League you come across a lot of people that don't necessarily -- That you don't necessarily. Agree with how they live their lives but your coach. You gonna have to coax them this is a guy. Who publicly went out and supported. Eighteen signing Michael Vick after his prison time and after his separation from the National Football League. He pushed somebody signing Michael Vick wouldn't be a distraction their right. Michael Vick -- about a distraction when he was practically public enemy number one in the united state great point let me speak to -- just -- one word distractions. That one -- distractions. A year ago a DB two examples a year ago the patriots invited Tim Tebow ought to be part of the mix and it didn't work out Tim Tebow moved on. In terms of being a distraction what Bill Belichick in the company did was they way it'll help small doses of Tim Tebow. So it's a tip and daily needs of the media going -- a have that it is some raw meat. Everyone got their thing and ran off and then they go a practice. It was not a distraction. And then you get Jason Collins. Signs that the Brooklyn nets and everyone has a field day with that to -- -- story. Well two or three weeks later Jason Collins into the Brooklyn nets are at the garden for shootaround because they were playing that night. Me I jarred eve. People that Baxter Holmes usual suspects. He sits down in the end zone as a nice chat. And how much of a distraction is it that well it was used to be this than it was this. Any content with with great comedic pacing Jason Collins says now it's you guys. And by the time they made the playoffs. Was it was it was a good single utterance. In the mainstream media. RJ's -- being gay now it seems to be a story I mean the story it was a contractor and and frankly he was a non factor too on that team. In the playoffs and you know Derrick Gordon for you mask comes out and by the way -- Derrick Gordon -- -- Gordon came up because Jason Collins came out it affected his life. In -- mesmerizing effect on -- goods like so when these people say. Why do you have to make a big deal until like you just keep it to -- because Derrick Gordon was a troubled kid who saw what Jason Collins did. And you tell me there isn't some kids somewhere coming on now because he read abut Derek Gordon. Yeah man it's important stuff here avid -- to bring up great points and Michael why. Did to get to that and we hear that all the time. Hey I don't care but I don't wanna hear about I don't care but why do you need to fill a need to announce it I think that. Has value to -- we can -- -- and maybe it's been too idealistic here have that have that -- and Ali a lot of you folks probably are surprised by that that I have some. Idealism in me but I really do. So I think any in the best case scenario. You have folks coming out. Opposing it. Opposing it but being honest about that we have the conversation that we get to a higher level. -- higher level dialogue so I don't want people to run away from how they feel. And if you think it's it's the worst thing in the world and it affects. It affects your children. Don't want to -- my children day. I don't want to try to turn -- day. I don't want you to do this to mail if you feel that like about him. That's what Tony Dungy comes -- what you really trying to say Tony so we can get beyond this because I don't think anybody. I don't think anybody -- in a closet I don't think. Gay people should be in a closet and I don't think people who. Have opposition. To homosexuality should be in the closet. I think the thing that bothered me the most with what Tony said yesterday. Was when he said he supports things will happen. Well I'm assuming he doesn't mean. Michael -- -- -- anything -- in -- -- things will happen with other people so his problem is and even with Michael Sam. It's with how the other people like things will happen for there students with problems with Mike Stanton but he has to. Do the Roy Firestone some people say yeah. It does bring up a very critical at all pet peeve of mine -- at a very critical column that was written about you. He has a terrible person he is awful he has batted just your thoughts. Afterward part of the. It used to be a writer and I won't name names but he's always -- athlete since day. Meteors saying yours so you -- vote that was prepared that was. -- -- it was a it was the media is saying this. What do you need beauty gathered to receive this in the in those guys the exact same story notes that knowing. But he wants -- -- the saint and and I at this famous episode back in 05. When the ball between Tony. You know. Second baseman right here for you in and and and the ball between his legs 00. And in the play and it. Chicago right it is up to him and says. I hate everybody in the press -- was comparing you to -- And they said we warrant. -- -- -- If fuel I believe the exact quote was that's complete -- -- yeah. Are texting plan out there we. Yes. Well. Knows the game to. Him wells in the -- on the you know. It's -- that moment that all of those who want a lot on the Internet. Out here -- Michael all actors. And actress Mila. What was -- my. And -- -- -- involvement -- it was picked up on tape. Buy it in and guys use what. You what you mr. right mind. Knows. With the short. A break in and out of line and India with board have got to find a partner. We'll take quick break we got bunched up and talked about most of it has to do with baseball and and the suddenly red hot Boston Red Sox and the suddenly not even suddenly even hotter Brock hold. He's actually going to be the jumping off point for 44 coming a little bit later on today but I saw the statistics fuel a few minutes on the last seven days. Rock pole sitting 471. When they one point 1760. PS. He's hitting 325 for the season and oh by the way can play in the field through. He's played every position every position player except capture. But the Red Sox so far this year so far and he's become Bob rock star talked -- crackle as well. 6177797937. -- telephone number it's dale and -- Steve Barclays and how Sports Radio WE yeah. I'll just you know -- And and and in the end. And had faith in god and then I believe in my talents and and and mr. -- and coast this year in the secede. They all believe in my talents and here I am. That's Michael Sam we'll get an opportunity to make the yeah St. Louis Rams look I'm going to be honest with yet. It's an uphill climb for him. Got nothing to do with are not now you are not usually honest with us but sometimes I am. Sometimes sort of times it's more that it is just a lot closer that's another -- I -- an honest answer I think he's got an -- plot seventh round pick yeah. On a team that's already pretty deep -- the position or positions that but he can play. -- he's really got to make his mark as you said yesterday as a special teams -- to begin. And based on -- forty times that the Columbine I'm not sure that's in his playbook here. -- ran for 940. To come by his pro day so -- -- I was not impressive. Audio portion Chile did well in the interviews. Answer all the questions. His pro day was not that impressive once again in terms of what he was going to be asked to do and I think he was put in positions. By by the NFL personnel men. Where you haven't necessarily played before -- college. At at Missouri. You're able to do is rush the passer but he is not really. A lot of coverage. For him at the collegiate level and if either play linebacker. He's gonna have to learn some of the drops gonna have to learn from the things that linebackers due to be on the field and there at the very least at least a couple months ago -- -- very awkward doing maybe. Maybe since he had the disappointing. Com -- in the disappointing pro date maybe he has worked at it in and got more comfortable doing things that he didn't think that he didn't necessarily doing college. But it's going to be tough for -- very -- Got a very uphill climb here and team may well be cut. He probably won't be cut early on he might be one of the last cuts but I'm not going to be a bit surprised he's not on the roster when the season starts. -- in in some respects it's almost the worst team could've been drafted by just in terms of personnel. At the positions that he plays. Pretty deep that pretty I will military's contention that tie goes -- the gay guy. I'd don't agree with I don't agree with the -- -- mean -- you eighteen -- Jerry believes that. If it comes down to player named player be in player a.'s Michael Sam yeah. Then Michael -- in again it's it's like they're -- -- -- tracking intangibles that are now which one parts is here with side and if it comes down to. This guy that guy tie goes of the game. We'll take their gay -- and why why why would agree to curry public favor to avoid controversy started to -- -- -- caring words by Jerry is that my content. I happen to think oh hey I'd be disappointed if that happen and B I don't lead ties I believe that football people are still locked into. All the different things are -- making -- right what are looking forward looking for our that if this guy has 116. Of an inch. Was skill set they'll help them now on the -- that's ago make the team. And that they've already they've already been down that road to St. Louis Rams have have done something that 31 other teams didn't do. But for whatever reason I think it's good player maybe. A lot of folks felt the same way Tony Dungy did that. It's just not work the distraction. Is that word again who knows but the rams if something you know but nobody else was prepared to do so I don't think they have to. Think about the public reaction in the public backlash if they decide that Michael stand -- outfit for the team. Departed on circuit. Now they're the team that drafted up they they are about children and -- sugar. Nobody else in the National Football League gave him the opportunity that the rams are giving them. Look I hope I I do I I do honestly may be a making excuses form and I shouldn't do this. I do think there was so much going on in his life between the time he came out. And the combine but he probably didn't want to come by and as prepared as he should event. It was said some of the stuff I read with the didn't seem to be in particularly great shape physical shape their guys who prepare for six months for that -- her and her one day. And he probably didn't spend the time and effort preparing himself for that that he should I sincerely hope that from drafting until now he's done it. Is it knows assisted didn't sit Ziegler yes I'm out sports who had a month don't last always fantastic so he talked about. What Michael Sam -- asked the question what. What is the LG BT community expecting from Michael -- does -- have to be a spokesman squat there it is yet to be an activist. So Michael Sam has to do. -- do the work of 100 active. If he goes out and he makes actually agree with that out. Will see what what Michael -- does if he does make the team if he has a 5810. Year twelve year pro career. But at the moment he said every time we've asked and interviews what he wanted it adds -- approved I can be great football player as wanna prove that I can play. It get there doesn't seem to be at this time. Any type of agenda where he wants to be. At the at the forefront of any conversation and I'm going to be one of the expert on this robotic campaign for that -- swept by -- so we'll see if that happens. Get calls have you guys 6177797937. -- Fall River Matt Europe first on -- on -- Yeah I got I wanted to make a point on the fox -- have a minute to the talk about the Michael hand Tony Dungy of course it's course. -- Are you looking cute guy well I'm waiting here and a distinct and different. Pro football opportunity to prove that it is the national pastime at some -- the baseball. You know in terms of its hold on the American public but they -- lived up to its responsibility I mean. Pretty tricky -- willing to take the distractions. Tool called like where he did -- for them you know economic reason to get you know. -- black people into the staying -- because they're gonna play it but he also did it because he felt. A responsibility as a baseball man. And I think football is dropping the ball on this just one last quick point here. Tony Dungy knows something. You know Michael and establish itself the football gay marriage is the next thing that -- it is already -- support throughout the country. I think it looks really bad that you know that he made this statement but he did predict within he had the platform on NBC. I think they should. Think what he's saying on the whole issue. That the quipped on the Red Sox by the way everybody's talking about the offenses being the key is to keep coming back but it would have been unnoticed. If the defense has been particularly great the last thing -- Would that kid and. In the deal probably Stephen Drew -- -- saying one thing I think by the end of the Stephen Drew and have twice as many home runs. But Pedroia. Sporty and I think -- serious thing that should think about resigning from the here who don't have that they shortstop problem appeal we played them would become the new season thankful like. Just just a quick note on Stephen Drew -- -- double play Saturday night. He was Saturday night that was as good visual oversee. Scramble up the middle dives through the year knocks the ball down it's up on his knees does that -- push -- shorts to second base. Adori completes double play I was -- like while. That's a beautiful at -- witnesses and that's baseball and its very best and -- home run last night puts him now. One behind Dustin Pedroia -- -- point but is it twice as many well Dustin Pedroia is one ahead government has been here all year. Stephen you know what he will end up with twice as many home runs on -- -- -- -- -- because if you want to I hope that stop contest that gets us through the summer -- I like you know. If that's true -- Forget about everything you guys there in the first five minutes of the show about and the American League east is weak and sick and somebody maybe the Red Sox can go wanna fifteen to 21 run. Because if if Stephen Drew has twice as many home runs Dustin Pedroia you're troubled. You're in big trouble and maybe that's why there as part of the reason their big trouble right now. No David Ortiz living up to his own words he's about to get as hot as Jamaica in August. He was last night with two home runs. What he had been you know discount it was an un Ortiz like season but look at Dustin Pedroia -- part of three I I know people have and I offered other people say that too is it true. No it's not true he's got what 23 home runs. David Ortiz. At 68 runs battered and which means he's gonna end up somewhere between 35 and forty home runs and a hundred runs batted down to about his other numbers. And I don't really care about your batting religious batting average I matter I don't I'm not really don't off. Michael. 3100 guys. He's one of the few 3100 guys in my -- on page four. But it's it it's not the Ortiz season that he was that this is after typical David Ortiz he's I don't look at. Like it now it's like in 68 just we -- and she has a bit earlier. When yes it real one in 1968. Well he dropped 26 points up is batting average when he went to Triple Crown you before but yet it was also. The American League batting crown. Because in 1968 he was the only batter numerically and it'll with 300 it to the next -- with -- gaining catered to ninety. So did yes have a bad season now but you know had a phenomenal season in that he helped pace the rest of the league and hit -- you're giving the -- 2014. Version of the mound being raised. That's what happened right sixty mile -- 69 -- when they raise them down below them around right so so they rent when they raise. Now they low after the 1968 season low with the after 68 OK yes are that's when that the Bob Gibson was -- -- I want one who -- yet. And and it it is to me is like the 714 that that that type does that kind of response I look at here okay David Ortiz in 20126 elevenths slugging percentage of -- -- batting average of the regular batting average on gory. 611 slugging percentage in 2012. Bobby Valentine here. 564. Last year. Four and ninety. This year that's not enough that that they would they would just for perspective. -- -- David Ortiz was released. From the Minnesota Twins and I you hear some people called notes man there must be doing steroids because he sucked. In Minnesota and they released a when they release them is slugging percentage was 500. So for ninety is not a David Ortiz and. And that's fair he's not as. He's also getting older every year and I understand that. On a team is bereft of talent as this team is what I want as a middle of the order bat -- will get to some home runs in some runs batted -- that's all I really care about from Ortiz DH for wanting so I don't care about is in the field. All I want is some power and some right and some production. He's going to be there he's going to be a 35 to forty home runs and a hundred to 115. Runs back and elite team in both departments probably by far. I'm OK with that quick break right back to the calls Sports Radio WEEI. I -- in Springfield -- I don't. Your anchor currently aren't appreciate -- sure it's -- it that you aren't -- they that they. He was talking about earlier. With regards to club I'll look at the 88%. He. In the dynamic so. That's not the catcher in I'm not only pitching but sometimes and you know it personally -- -- -- Also upset that I. Players around. Little bit biased that they capture her -- years. That went on up to their level where they were professional ball in there. And everybody. Seeing how excellent is two nations -- know that at the effect on the team. In the sense that. Yeah that wasn't called me eighteen. -- properly and personally kind of -- into the clubhouse. And difficult than worrying that decade when there's no obvious. We're not cute. In it doesn't come into play interleague until losing streak. And then everything gets magnified and makes a lot -- Coke -- -- -- spoke not another mine in a lot of the stories in natural. -- that this sick accurate they haven't been talked about alluding to the when independence very apropos in this situation. I I I didn't understand the signing when they made it it seems contrary to everything the Red Sox were about. -- both from an offensive philosophy a philosophy point of view. From a up a clubhouse personality point of view it just seemed contrary to everything -- never done. The only thing that you could say. Spoke in its favor the signing of Pierzynski was at the one year deal. There was nothing else that that I said OK that's that I understand that. I couldn't come up with anything. And I was that he what I aging catcher would -- the shop keep the seat -- if you will until -- restaurant assets is -- why aren't already. To assume that job. Well yeah I mean that's the thought process you know you you think about it but and you said it earlier today. That he -- swayze he bat -- just could not catch. On top of everything else all the personality stuff. How they missed that think they wanted to dismiss the personality I don't care we want to we wanted to jerk and here -- these guys up a little bit we know you never have the same chemistry year to year. We need a different -- latest. That point how can I -- this right I agree with that I just wanna point out that that there are a lot of people that -- the Jonny Gomes was a jerk Jake Peavy. Did an interview with him. I'm very proud to say by manually got to track them down. In Arkansas or Alabama or relies on the duck boat thing that he bought drama and is -- Alabama Greta and -- memorable for you why I got -- on the phone. Any inning got -- and Jonny Gomes he said -- Johnny Gomes -- couldn't stand joining homes. But the when I came to this team. And I realize why he's a good -- avenue a team. So this -- good guy bad guy team thing depends on how your viewing the player. -- issue. And how many times Brad marsh in here that about as is as -- in hockey players having DO you would agree. That that this applies to Shawn Thornton on anybody NHL hates him except guys who play with -- wag I mean if you go. Back through -- -- joining MacKenzie and shouldn't I hated Johnny MacKenzie. But he played with them got a prize here -- so I understand -- So it's I'm thinking as they think it may be. That dates at the attitude and -- purely guessing you're Michael. And I grew to a larger point they should recognize you just can't catch anymore that's the part they missed right the intangible. That they may of conveniently overlooked was because. We have -- is in here than other guys maybe don't like. I can see like like like Shane Victorino plays baseball like a lunatic. You know the guys are all Y album on the cavs flying of course should do because he's on your team. I'm wondering upset about the fact that a lot of always on the way he played but the Ottawa maybe not with the Dodgers have maybe maybe is a bad choice but Jonny Gomes is a guy. That that players and other teams but again you put him when this team at this point in time. And everybody was I I wrote a column on on. -- on Sunday. That to meat he was one of the most enjoyable plays on the team last year and and it's hugely important. The -- like that this year oh yeah and he's definitely it is a way to win -- key reason they won last year in the key reason they've lost this year 61 sevenths. 797937. Francs -- frank. I thank you particular culture what's out there. That a lot of calls about chat live -- lush as you know idea so war -- served this country. That can you imagine. You know because of the rating system in -- and if you -- Willie Mays and China field Jackie Robinson. Some of the great bat well black ballplayers we could -- a ball. Good had a ball. What about it it would have been a Red Sox the Yankees. Well and that gets back to Michael's point about you know -- Ted Williams doesn't World Series title that don't says more about the organization here does -- -- -- -- sounds like yourself that you're. Historian and a big head fan you know -- -- did. At his hall of fame induction. He's always out spoken very highly. Of players and in the negro leagues and says that more should be -- hall of -- so absolutely. You can't hold that against himself IQ what did Tom yawkey today yawkey. Are you happy charity and -- happy continue to be less enlightened can continue to keep. A black players up your team continue to be the last I'm await final -- I baseball to integrate. Not only did early to tell -- always poets are not delegates don't use a lot not only did Ted Williams make those comments at the hall of fame induction ceremony. But that was in 1965. Without him Bull Connor. And and -- the march you know the the peace writers in the south yeah Montgomery Selma there was a lot of note. -- to members at Medgar Evers was shut down. We're talking about some incredibly nasty racial stuff going on the country. In 1960. Y eight not 19751985. But 1965. To Italy has made those comments during his hall of fame induction speech. That's amazing. To me. There is absolutely no argument that can be made that places David Ortiz above Ted Williams there is not. If you're if you're trying to make that argument year -- trolling your beer you're attempting to make an argument for the sake of making an argument. I can easily make an argument that he's ahead of Carl Yastrzemski I don't have any issues without one. -- he could easily do what you can do it I don't know how easy it is because you do have to factor in everything now -- know the position. Back to the position so DHQ responsibilities. As a DH hardest hit the baseball your responsibilities even though it's left field got a premium position. In those left field at Fenway Park. You have other responsibilities and longevity does go into it with that with yes -- of the longevity is a negative I think that's a positive. And here's what we're glad you say that that is decades to easily dismissed and there was no scandal. There was no scandal here. There was no question. About why his numbers were what they were not like a people pregnancy yet that 1967 season he was the man but you know what was going. I'm not saying it's cut right I'm saying I can make an argument for Ortiz over yes. I can't in all good conscience try to make an argument of Ortiz -- Williams now. I don't know how you can while you've got a guy you can lowering it or have that title I guess is policy look at these guys got some feeling strolling that got us Hillary got Barclays might or might just like -- -- look if you would. Tell Terry if you attempt or get that -- by comparison of my life. What about it what -- my best friend Mike Castle is the only argument you you might be able to make is three championship rings is better than not. That's the only one you. But I think your point is exceptionally ballot there. Ted Williams and picked this team Ted Williams played on this team led this team and all by the way gave up. Five of the prime years of his career in service to our country what what his numbers have looked like if he didn't do that. Maybe just look at all the numbers and if you look at if you look at slugging percentage if you look -- on base percentage if you. If you deign to look at batting average or no it's overrated so again for help for six we can't talk about that because batting average doesn't matter for some people. Any any number you want a breakdown -- yes -- just keep going down a list. Far away. Is instantly. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. -- Joes on the self on page I don't. But it looked at what's up. That's how I want an area -- quote I talked about our share of a minute okay. A couple of called golf all the ball. -- we came out quiet in. It Wallace at the net -- saying about. I remember what you care about to -- a big boat show our Gary and I go plot that did not have a beer with. Everybody with a victory not -- -- -- what you came out out of Europe you're it would go a little old. -- -- I got that back a bit more pressure on China to respect you'll like I do your very gently on the radio artists. Respect. That -- right. Where he went -- all in all domestic. Front all. That's when guys that. Don't need your finger it's like you're well we look at. Does that come -- this guy. He plays college spray out the ball. At the I would bet that sent to play in college. Is hurry. -- -- wrong he'd shoot it came out at that. -- gotta. -- -- well. That -- -- -- -- efforts were out sick they get -- throughout Europe and -- well all the way to -- the and now I don't. -- -- -- -- -- draft pick EI I don't know if you're accurate what you say first to third. Don't you use protected get caught. So Iran that are eagle or dietary order. -- so I -- it's always got a problem with him or is that a problem with the system of if you're right let's -- third round fourth from a fifth -- -- he inning came out is who's -- issue is that that Michael Sam make them. -- But but but you have a Bud -- have a problem Michael -- when you have a problem with the league and finds out about sexuality and they say OK well we don't want you anymore why is that. Problem. But you have Michael let -- -- moral optimal. We can't -- -- any other sport you guys. And I don't doubt that you really had to be real clear to get out ahead. Well okay. I think it all possible key role. You know and that should applaud at All My Children. -- -- Yeah apparently use it as a result for patent had a whole -- play. Should look at Abbott and shipment well -- they are different here the way he put it. You know I thought that that support to the result. -- -- that he was all over the plate full boil. That -- reality show don't put all poetry it is. -- I that it should act that okay what does that tell. It's always about all. Shut down so. Quickly that it -- But. Yeah maybe somebody did maybe some maybe maybe somebody maybe somebody sit down but. I don't have a problem Michael stand deciding that he was going to be who we was. Before NFL draft. You can say it it was silly. Business wise but for -- felt like that was the time. Q well here's like here's the other part of this and buck may disagree with me I don't know. He was out two entire college football team. Last August he came out to -- -- RO LA football that that that minute to be kept under wraps -- is spellbinding but my point he has the chances of its staying under wraps. As he begins the process of the car behind it but I'm -- knew what was coming out. It was already out he just wanted to control the story they already know about. -- nobody that there's no question. Know these guys you scouts go to these and have excuse me these scouts go to these college campuses and out publicly and what it was and publicly run wasn't up publicly. But it was going to. There was no doubt it with you want to make sure that he was -- one. We're told the story with the scouts of these campuses and talk to everybody don't just talk to the players hit in the head coach to talk -- -- -- -- reality Syria left a lot of money in the civil Elizabeth Arnold. I think there's a good luck because if there's a way I read somewhere -- -- -- got over that can happen 6177797937. Its telephone number -- holly Steve Buckley Sports Radio WEEI. We -- was talking earlier about parsing terms area a texture. On the AT&T -- line says DH is not a position. It's a rule that allows a designated person to hit for the pitcher's spot in the lineup without affecting the status of the pitcher or subsequent -- it. It's a position OK now if it is it is an eight. Player who plays in the field like the left fielder doesn't shortstop does all of whom are mandated by -- rules by the way I roll me out there's a -- that you can have a guy here here here. It is a position that you hate you you you may you may not value would as much as people play in the field and I understand that argument. But it was harder for Ted Williams to performer Carl Yastrzemski to perform at the levels they did because they also had to play nine innings on the field every -- guys. Our batting third is the role David Ortiz you know it it's a it's a position of designated hitter and a lot of people. I don't agree with that I I still think at some point maybe baseball and 20/20. They will either take away the DH and the players that would be 220 vision yet oh and I'm not exactly. -- the players association taking away. But I guess you would -- it would make more sense. If you candidate for both. That's what they're gonna ultimately end up doing and answered box question off the Americas were talking about you know DH is being in the hall of fame and there isn't one yet. Our ray guy was elected as part of the class of 2014. Very good Michael -- to the to ask a break I'll call him -- is the only punter in the hall and -- -- only a couple of place kickers George bland but he was also quarter what is right. I think Adam Vinatieri is going to be an all fame -- The top -- the to certain positions. But you have ever worked the baseball writers and we know -- -- baseball writers are -- out by how finicky they are not picking the army. It's not just punters and kickers. If you look at safety's. Look at safety and hall of fame. It's a position that is not one those -- that was on it and then another one yet another one nose tackles especially. 34 nose tackles and rose has talked about this along -- right yeah you're right. I mean it. What what what's that -- Davida. Public premium premium it's not a pre positioned -- You guys if you didn't hear it replace them clips from that interview -- one at one point. I -- at night till now when I heard him try to make the case that Jeter was better than that much at kids when -- 108. What -- you kept going up what you guys ninety years old. What do you hover near the hunter well they're selling you rate of defiant -- that he's a friend of viewers tell me. Like what he's like it is good moments but if he can be very generous -- charitable guy. Really like for the party will peas and the corn with the Salvation Army bells and that's what you mean -- I don't know what he does he have anything. If he's a friend of yours there's some basic equality to meet him despite that easily -- friendly affable guy he went to University of Michigan which means he's a all right I. Well I'm I'm ha ha that's the envelope you know -- -- there elsewhere on the fifth that's another veteran Joseph Maddon and I got to -- on replacing you my walked into the Alamo area he's only eight mile an -- and all non medal. Why did it all out now a Princeton new report president of the -- ridiculous -- good. I thought -- one of restaurants. Also -- -- a typical times sports a guy Graham great book the two -- ballclub. He author's name escapes me fantastic read about baseball in the twenties you would love and -- and electric stuff I Dylan music and that. Yeah yeah it's not Al Capone Rogers Hornsby -- -- humbly with great book annuity and certainly -- is that there. It is truly out of player quite a bit hitting and you guys talked about -- great that number but. You console and after bet that that I really think it's. It's really huge advantage to only interleague play about an hour on base every time so and the and the thing would Ortiz to. Would you. And -- want you all claim based on his numbers. And we're -- -- -- the usage comes in as my argument is that you can if you are suitable for import also came. Because he uses that problem. And his career took off after that that you could make an argument that is no no clear. -- to a -- place from TDs and Ortiz. Then I'll probably the ball for every. And he can't just they were. Well help me out here what do you mean by by it was clear that David Ortiz was helped by other. In in what year. -- are right and we didn't know about it till 2009. I guess something that you nobody is a more -- to impede the user then Ortiz if you believe -- -- On and on I don't know many more people are more proven PDs users than I mean there -- any Ramirez's flunked three of them. So it is in painting she wants it's okay that the -- several I'm then you're LT and nobody took. -- to -- rule out here here and I'll I'll help you out here there was a 104 names on the list. Our -- that brought it -- and there were eight names on the list. Who did not test positive for things that would be considered performance enhancing drugs. But were banned substances at the time by the way I don't know which of those two numbers that David Ortiz falls under neither do you. But a bit. Yeah it was you know what it's early performance enhancing let's look at it this way let let let's look at this -- Chris it was something for for everybody let's Leslie David Ortiz out of it because. If he's easy polarizing guy when it comes through. Comes to this discussion and people don't really hear it because these are if you're saying something positive about -- minorities. Then you're you're sucking up to -- he say something negative but David Ortiz you're yankees fan would take Gingrich he's not a there are many guys on that last. 103 guys that list. It's something that triggered a test yes. So let's look at it that way it's triggering a test. It could have been unlikely. It could have been and that. Something from from DNC. Something that was that harmless it had something that you were not even aware of it. You're not thinking about baseball you're not thinking about advancing your career it triggered a test. So that. That test where you are glass half they'll -- I don't know why I'm saying I. It's not a David Ortiz and that's why I took David Ortiz out of it when you say you can't but go ahead know -- you when you talk about the test as you can when you talk about. That 2003 test. This was about triggers as opposed to banned substances I think it's important distinction and as a writer a cure for writer. I think you would I know the difference in and appreciate the difference we can't just say everybody on that list about equities are right on that list. Failed a steroid test therefore there on the list doesn't work that wasn't that. That wasn't what the the the test was about and I know in in the years since it happened. While the test was in 2003. The report came -- and 2009. In the years sense it has become I mean I got the biggest kick out of it I actually pulled the New York Times story up Michael's Schmidt Michael C -- story. And a whole headline in the picture wise David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez on the list of -- performance enhancing. 108 names on it Monday headline in the picture was. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez ended in. All by the way in the sky -- the sky is were also on the list where you highlighted some -- beanie was an event there were others there were other. Right high profiled. We try to sell it or understand why did he try to sell the story and those -- the biggest he got his his two towns two pounds of flesh right there with with Ortiz and Manny. And you're the New York Times you gotta have something with some punch and that's got much. That punch all right I gave up a New Hampshire in the right button here they gave you know thank god are you that yet. Gregory I wanna I wanna commend the level of discourse -- conversation -- having about the Michael and situation over the last four radio I gotta be -- and the stoppage. A little bit quite a certificate all commend you guys on a lovely conversation I don't know what Tony Dungy and it'll look -- on neighbor or what I wanna talk about the quick point one make here. And that -- can it be that idea as I -- although a part of the earlier by analysts but of course this Greta. That you know that they'll say things like you know I'm not against Michael and coming out that I got -- -- around or many many get. I -- Michael and coming out but I wish he would wait and eighteen and become sort of wanted to I. And I you know establish an opening it up helpers. The implication there is inherently -- -- but I'm not sure that people realize that staying I don't know what it is essentially what they're saying it. It's okay to be -- If you're gonna not to play I'm asleep at a certain level that you're not that we don't want your batters -- and -- Under the and got the -- to can't even know every single commercial on the Super Bowl. Lamb and her sexuality -- beer commercial standing here but I -- Caledonia. Well not try to act that let Michael go -- it strictly you know by trying to secure a reality show she canceled by the way what when he when he had to be -- blew it up about it. And try to secure eternal regret not know nobody on the radio should get. But I'll probably think about. I really think. They might airway I don't think as a person I do think that there's a legitimate train of thought which states that that if if he gets hot. They would prefer to not think that he got cut because of his sexual orientation in -- -- hadn't come out. That would have been a question in other words if he just. You know Michael -- seventh round picks St. Louis Rams and three weeks in the training camp that the rams announced that you know Michael Sam is among the thirteen players cut today. Sexual orientation wouldn't come up now Wendy's announced as one of the thirteen player cuts there's going to be a segment of the population is gonna say well you know what economy on -- And they get a break coming up but real quick it's very important the most important thing on -- sale day. -- coming out goes. Do it when it feels right to not be pressured into -- anybody. And in the that there were there is an element out there everyone's got to come out you gotta do this yet do it when it feels right. And I did it. I waited. Probably too long and wished I'd done it earlier but things happened. But when I finally did it I felt great but. I am not an advocate I'm not one of these people screaming from with -- you've got to Kamal. They're all kinds of societal reasons religious reasons family reasons the end and you just may not know that's people we vote. If you see a guy to gay bar doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. It may mean he's -- curious it may mean he's got a straight I gave buddy these -- The guys and Comcast I've gone to bars and guys with straight from Comcast. So that you gotta be careful about this don't make assumptions and don't push it when the coming up until that already I already not only have you and. Visited my house never invited me to Dave -- no one's there it is world of late with this 'cause we have some technical issues we have to work through but as -- texture says it's for. You for a four white before I have to go in the my -- like all right we will.

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