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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Unexpected Phenom Edition - 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the unexpected emergence of young Brock Holt in the Red Sox lineup.

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-- -- we weren't ready for more details this is brought to you by AT&T AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans. Building new and better network preference -- and it's like. I'm just aren't Cole's performance last night it got us thinking here at their ribbons and aptly put it another story here -- -- historic -- rocket blast. I mean I I can I know the lyrics aren't Arnold with a song by its announcement in general it's not your home to you know achieving -- He was sure he does -- doesn't sound of a musician who's coming to negative influences. Something like that would welcome you into an and we were thinking about guys who came out of nowhere. And became stars in this town that's today's -- Well the first player on our list for today's unexpected Dino arms. Was drafted in 2009 in the ninth round by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Finally getting some full time action here with the Red Sox talking about brought -- Accountability about a -- -- are right Palin's make golf back political courage not. I think it's. Ted thank you don't catch up to get there I feel all five -- call we'll hit the wall hard he's got a huge smile on his face and he would not be enough. Why that would look like any chance that maybe I went back in the event. Barely hear they've jumped and I would -- -- about -- waited about ten feet up by the fans. Want to leap out. I think he had had a Big Three feet on the ground. Some -- -- suspect that awkward for a -- -- by doing this thing -- If it. My job right here you know this is not a not a bad we've already DL right it just. This problem is that brought calls -- mind. -- I I just I hesitate I always hesitate. If they give my love completely to some guy who comes out of nowhere becomes everything and the next thing I know he becomes pay grocery knock off right. I mean I love everything I've seen about rock -- As we said he's he's played every position positions player but catcher to play center field tonight for the Red Sox because they've got to keep -- -- lineup. I just worry that he's a flash in the pan. That is -- -- I don't know I just worry about you but gently -- everywhere he's he's hit everywhere yes. And I -- I I love the fact that you know let me ask you this. You surprised. That in particular the state needs to erupt more guys like oracle won't play everywhere. I -- to live and it Europe's socialization. Significantly once in awhile that'd be -- be more guys. I know there are guys. We'll come off the bench in this fight but guys who routinely every day players really need be there it -- go there are more more Steve alliance tie yeah right. -- -- Jose you can't go yep those kind of got solid choice that you think could be more than muscle. That's the part where we trust our equipment I noticed them. Where are these. All. To our history our Michael I'd like me like an urgent matter for the next play on our list. Was undrafted. But he waited all the way to his first NHL playoff game scores first and it's jungle. All here and that makes you wanna -- hockey better. So excited. -- heard the -- but the great -- -- look touring group was undrafted. But everybody wanted I mean there was a bidding war -- -- -- crew services a lot of teams Detroit really want them. Most NHL teams knew by that time this -- going to be player in the NHL. He might have been better offensive skills than a lot of us -- Best conservatory reviews after that goal that we're talking about. When that brought him into the dressing room despite the media and that the they were like 9000 people sick people there waiting thought -- look at his face was like. What what do I do and Alec Frazier this past spring of Montreal likes you you wanna watch. And it was just it was just in theory justice. He's we're so used to like guy when you want like that it was just kind of cool doesn't it also seems that there's a common thread here so far. In addition the fact that they come out of nowhere and and perform above expectations. Also under -- oh yeah Brock called the little guy -- groups a little guy especially comparison of the but he knows who play in the NHL these days it's fun to watch -- with the puck. And that much -- -- what it what kind of events many years. Probably below average. The department did its offensive skills are better OK and throughout the but it is a lot of fun to watch that book it's from street. Me not much to say about this next player other than it. Sixth round. 2000 NFL draft this Kenny green pool with a young man walked over me and so I -- -- -- introduced myself. I'm Tom Brady -- you're here. Six round draft choice and I always remember you -- me. Like a laser on and -- and it's run a momentous decision this organization as a roommate. But if that's not even true like the Bob Kraft perpetuates. The so that the rest of the stories driving at night by place depicted. Right or the the best decision we've ever made it got replies that -- my fifth start happening and we're I know the story is true. If you like I'm no expert this book. I -- people make. Radar contact with the Tom Brady make eye contact we'll let it go. He won't let go of it -- -- -- laser thing like when he pitches guys on here it's like OK look away now. Really it's a scary detectors poll connect you regional on its name dropping that I'm gonna get all the way to out of our -- -- -- idea that we don't you before Friday one with Bill Clinton. He was the same way in an interview famous politicians before. But he looked at you he looks that you like you are the most important person in the world and what you're about to ask is vital to his existence since the question asked. But I want to say one thing to the American I want you to listen I'm gonna say this again I did not. Have sexual relations with -- woman miss Lewinsky. Let's let those sports fact is on the woman asked that question of our lives on lap and -- right. -- you've all been through this and you watch him holidays Tommy get a -- analog and asked questions he looks at you play. Steve's gonna ask you very important question going it's the -- your question I'm gonna say. Very close attention and it kind of disarm if you like you know it's carrier what do you think of this is what it. I could maybe two but it works it's playing the game we'll be able to say. Those who have that Clinton. -- He remembers. What you said here in 2009. You know my has got to start to upgrade. And he's -- opportunities. -- a little basketball. You see in the 2014 and says here's our resilience and just -- teacher was well and I said well enough hello and I that seventh in the seventh straight out to play soccer playing bass -- as one of bills what I like -- -- case. You definitely -- nearly eight years ago in the museum -- joint trademark I don't. Oh yeah and that's it that's your column but look we were attempting to come up with a one per team. But let's be honest isn't -- -- one of retires the only and fifth sixth round pick the ball very well prepared talk about his eye contact -- -- no -- -- -- don't -- talk about. Tom -- the football player anymore. -- Time now for the -- unexpected -- of the day -- ever would've thought. That the fifteen draft pick for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1977. Would be an important cog in three championships for the Boston so. Change grounded out to divert his first trip -- you want 85 that pitch a slider for a strike. The wind up badly want to -- -- back pain Jason right in the days what I do and now train wheels around and has a word or 24. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Striking about. They -- on a breaking ball. Outside world. Hold on. That membership them. You know the broadcasters -- you remember nabbed him. Now you know those Indians rise yeah that'll be better than me is in the broadcast little Mikey holly in Akron as Indians and it. But there are little transistor radio Eldorado they are from -- I -- -- you don't have I got was. Herb score fifth after her score or I mean I love -- -- -- -- well it definitely terrible -- And so we're that Earl wild jokers that -- with Duncan in that city now million dollars. -- be -- there for those that don't know. The ages batting coach on the Toronto Blue Jays was the great -- door who was also at second base of the Red -- lobby door also scouted. Danny gains because Bobby -- lives in Bend, Oregon. And he was assigned by the blue jays to ghosts go Cheney and I think -- -- -- if you're at the play by play he was hitting 185. I'm and went out after that that -- barker perfect game but I think Danny Ainge Arnold you've got -- I think he fits in this segment because. I'm not sure if you wore a Celtics fans and Danny age comes to this team not that came out of nowhere yet a very decorated college career. Now one of the great plays by college basketball history going in the end. Against Notre Dame I believe it was so he's a great athlete but I don't think you thought getting -- to grow up to be. A starting guard on in my opinion the greatest basketball team I've ever seen in six Celtics. Then have a great career not to put the Celtics but Sacramento and Portland and Phoenix played an MP finally finals. And then coming back to back that's part of it but come about to be general manager of the team and winning another championship mean I think he was. And unexpected or surprising -- does agree that he fit. So we -- earlier today -- with this morning when we first came up with us we tried to go through the list of second round picks who made the celtics'. Luck finding a partner have. I mean we came to the conclusion that daddy -- -- on for giving them -- yet Danny Ainge was the best second round pick to play for the team.

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