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Upon Further Review: What is clanging around in my ratty old backpack? 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

Christian started the day by packing up his back pack as he always and heading to work. He noticed that the zipper was broken on one of the pockets. As the show was ending, he remembered this and reached into the bag and pulled out not ONE, but TWO New England Patriots Super Bowl rings. His response: "Oh! There they are." Much to the shock of Tim and Lou, Christian was completely unfazed by the fact that he hadn't seen his SB rings since the NCAA National Championship game 7 MONTHS AGO!

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Upon further review the ruling stands -- there won't -- Earlier I realize that -- you. -- upon further review Rutgers. You're going real stand Christians for it I have. So these -- -- upon further review. One big group upon further review year actually -- many one Lou can you please read that tweet -- just got this hour conversation about why the Red Sox shouldn't sign John -- innovative real -- we had a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go -- -- Because. Simply get approval for me because I feel bonds that was all that data so they should not. Resign him because of that ability ability of getting guys out with the ability of evidence 2.5 Vieri the American League before in the -- but it's the fact. City he would go to -- first they should not sign him. Why was that the -- week and they had that that title is it's all Major League Baseball history. And it's the best at getting out that grounder slash favre's number one in the league is Adam Wainwright and his wife worth a 105 million dollar and it's sitting. At 137. Is Jon Lester out of all his daughter so he might beyond -- of the the only problem is that two spots. Below him. We're actually hit close to two spots ahead of them is David Price on 35. Justin Verlander at 141. So you've got some guys right around there they get aware of -- might have been on the stuff. -- act as a right upon further review we dismissed that call to quickly break point don't sign Lester he can't feel bonds. Has brought you by five -- money dot com fast free easy -- -- their baloney Christian -- for upon further review of the sisters disable or read. I'm stuff that we sort of missed along my way -- big big -- find stuff. Like a pair of Super Bowl. I am not kidding when I'm not exactly in this one iota we go to break now and Christian looks at me and says hey you whisper of fear. Covered over there some point what do I do it by Super Bowl rings were right from our Super Bowl rings and I think we did the very beginning of the show as Baylor find him -- that you know -- -- they went. -- that's -- that's -- I'm not sure I haven't I haven't been able to find him in awhile but they'll they'll pop up. -- popped open his book bag that he brought to work today expect what they've roped in zipper. On the couch with a two Super Bowl rings are about it okay. But -- you know reform I during this fast break. He's -- -- -- to a significant item like yours did. There may affect that -- -- two Super Bowl ring guys breaking news from pro football talk they just as Christian -- is named for the question I had to put up. And -- through Super Bowl rings there in this. Rag tag -- -- pact with the zippers -- broken backs they want to hear the things that book bag since she was a junior in Colorado. Know the book -- zipper broke this morning. And her daughter -- -- -- BI added a new book bag now and I really needed because we're gonna keep. My approval ratings I think I can't care in my survival rate after all this stuff. You bet you never know when you're -- need to -- you don't back into a restaurant maybe dedicated to a club. Maybe gonna talk yourself out of a ticket you -- -- people already know what's up. You get into the club to get the first table I get out of the ticket. An -- -- what exactly does that mean you're not up to the fancy restaurant better to Colorado die every bit that you need that you think back at. That was there a moment like six months ago three months ago last week where you had the rings on and you'd just the room in your back for I don't know what your rings are they might. For for all I know I think they might have been in there was the only thing I can speak they might have been in there since. -- that championship game between Florida State. Ann Arbor because you're doing -- show. And -- arts championship we operate my Super Bowl ring the gates not a national -- -- and for -- to have finally also OK okay we're that is oh yeah and it. Bill Monroe kept up the bottom of the pool crap that boulder and how -- There's already and there's a boulder you need to get you to -- which one -- so yeah I think dividend is that that kind of the same bag. I use -- for college football. And I -- an eleven -- I remember yeah. I don't Wear them. And I know like I do have a little case for them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pockets and stuff like keep it in there. Don't see nobody knows -- is only nine word is. So I'm like I went in like to get one of my watches and America where some -- that. And I just couldn't figure how that it is. -- in our state of panic no because it's happened before it's happened before -- -- that happens I don't nobody stole them I know others they're somewhere in the house. It's just going to be. It's some time before accident that -- pop them answer or not there are and it's funny because I go and that pouch. Every single day to grab a pan of this every single day in -- bottomed out but -- -- there. Well I go there to -- and the -- keep that -- letter that I let you today which about I want backed by the way at the one that they'll be able to. I'm not concerned Obama thirty sit eyeliner you would not have already. And it looked good that hey you and I could have -- at -- that they asked about to blow it back goes yep we're giving back I don't it's all of chromium -- -- -- that's not true. -- -- Should -- call by calling these what did go ahead. So Michael can verify we are not exaggerating at all about this story yeah it's -- -- -- and I didn't Nazis you miss you're not -- Yeah you you I did not find. I am I just want to show where they were I knew they would end up somewhere as a platform -- -- at the national championship game Florida State Auburn. There's not that long right seven months months but they were gonna what -- The other and -- repaired right of real time for your travel anywhere you know I'd sure alerted yes. Yes I didn't. -- goes and every -- to get a lot but my back back I don't care in my backpack over you know what you do on what he does is it you won your could put on the these do I took this to Aruba. And they didn't go in and say -- -- -- it off now I don't you don't go you put this on the salvage -- you in the best on the -- the right though. I guess it's just the carelessness I mean they're important to me I love them. I don't know if they're going to show an -- Google the security guys that come. So you -- get these two of posters brings the bickering authentic you want to get those things unbelievable like I talk about what we're back room. That's Bobby Taylor realized apply to the right guy broke the -- do you feel it is that you missed after it does not want to let -- yeah. Now all of -- highlight her back. Crap. Reagan I -- one next right now I can be telling -- my hand was shaking. It would hold it and it and I -- actually -- I can't keep them in my backpack anymore. Now the force we do earlier popular and edit this add this my back back in my kids to go to the market and they are long they want to go I'll hold on to them. Boy -- a web front the stories I hear from nose ring ceremonies about -- -- right. For guys getting emotional the -- are handed out emotional break apart very happy they don't suspect Corey Dylan was crying it. You know Teddy was it to Tom Brady was a -- a lot of and Christian Fauria those spectacular because backpack. So -- I did you ever if you go back of a party what are who won the Heisman Trophy that's go back and talk to guys who won the Heisman Trophy. Okay Ty Detmer the guy won the highs of ever Cory -- his brother play -- Colorado -- are we were talking like. So where's your brother keep. About as a -- is a guy and I think it's in the closet somewhere. I -- -- nowhere did it is not a big deal. Until it actually wanna presented in display my I had a perverts I've -- for some reason. OK I wore them I -- back and I forgot about it because what do you think what do you weigh a suitable re like when he whatever I -- know you're not -- that's the thing. Then you're that guy -- look at -- -- and I know you're not wearing these clowns are deeply aware of the Ray Lewis is wearing it during the threat. Yeah I -- I don't like that they won't let you know that they won the super -- -- -- -- did O'Brien we're there there's all the time the polls it's they're awesome they're so big -- -- -- there's not comfortable in my fingers to be big fat chunky back in the day they don't -- that you saw -- taped underneath its total fit all I know -- gonna ask about that. So that's why I mean it's a -- you're not where the buck belt buckle maybe being around my neck. Good Jerry Rice -- it around neck who are running neck. -- submitted a good look what let's I promise you we have Steve Buckley who do your show yesterday it wasn't our version of ask a gay dude and work to stride and I drove. You know Steve Buckley -- this but you know topics come up so we'll talk about baseball great -- well Michael's they have as well in the world famous lightning round. And all 4500 -- down on -- resemble WEEI. Of -- only given Ross tomorrow we had to reschedule David -- tomorrow's -- beyond -- or -- -- sabathia.

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