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Three For All: Is 9 years old to young to be left alone? 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

A South Carolina mother was arrested for allegedly leaving her 9 year old daughter alone for hours at a local park while she worked a shift at McDonalds. This has sparked a national debate about whether or not the mother should have been arrested, since many are arguing that 9 years old is old enough to show dependency. The question arises: Where do we draw the line?

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man who thinks he's three or wrong kind number 30 yeah it's kind of 33 full raw red -- It's three overall these days with MF beat. British brawl plus by the -- solid construction needed new roof they've got you covered. Christian -- the Maloney in -- review and this is the three brawl. Where we cover things that don't necessarily have anything to do with sports. An -- they can maybe we get better earlier Tom Brady and Gisele and a house divided. Over the fact that. She wants to decorate on her own but now you've got something president CNN that I saw I'm glad you're talking like a westerner it would need to. The static at Carolina. North Augusta Deborah Harrellson the mother of a -- and a half year old girl. And she's arrested. For leaving her child at a park unattended. And could possibly face. Up ten years in jail now. There it is never Harold works at McDonald's. The case and it'd. At times they would ever -- his daughter would go to the -- with other friends or if you bring him to work with her. At McDonald's and you play on the laptop bullpen and the laptop was stolen the Donald he's bring it our McDonald's with her that night at nine -- half years old she got bored. So she let her daughter go to the park by herself. Barely eight I think six minute walk to their house is a key just cellphones. And for the cops arrested her relieving your daughter. At the park and in the court to came off. But -- -- genius -- out of the ten years just -- and you know a child with social service services rather but now they have that the mother has the child back in her own custody. But the question is at what age is not really law out there of leaving a child at a certain age alone at a park. But not -- -- viewers on what age would you leave your child at the park. Did you see that happening -- a lot of factors in here right what type of neighborhood it is now they say it is a very responsible young child. You know obviously left alone do a lot of different things most work and try to make ends meet at McDonald's. And what they charger -- negligence or negligent child endangerment yet they. Yes and he's he was no. Doubt it's a bit in the questioners Tim you don't have kids unlawful conduct toward a child. With the disorder makes up about that I'm not really sure Lester put differently way of saying negligible pace is that addicts check out my neighbors it's stupid to walk into my -- warning half obviously it would never do that right now. But a look at the neighbors that twelve and -- at ten year old on the channel ten year old you know when he's out there explaining -- by himself and everything else I'm looking at him going. What I for a comfortable and just going down the block shoot -- there instead of in the backyard. There's a bunch of people around everything else -- at what age do you feel comfortable leaving your job. We'll see now here's wants me so it might if my son of my kids wanna. Roll out to the park and play hoops go ahead does I'll see you wanna see gather together yes and that is all you know even if there with their friends I would. I would let them go to the park president subsidies -- -- other kids their animals Peres you know my daughter whose hand like I just. I don't feel comfortable about it at all even if I have a cell phone. Now back with me girl it was completely different mean does I'll see you wanna see it badly this you know I'm gone later I'll be bald -- home. And that that question always comes up in my house. One of the old enough to let them ride their bikes and be gone and they -- -- to three hours at the park with out our supervision without my supervision I just don't feel comfortable out it -- All know that this clock -- is also the site of a government sponsored program. So could adults show off on hand giving a free breakfast is lunches from ninth to ten and then twelve to one every single day. You know and the question comes up in that their lawyers are raising it like oh. But he's now appeared officer you drive by a park you know you look at for ninety year -- -- -- if left -- -- -- -- -- -- that. Old enough I don't know much his seat and I just look at my neighbors say it would IA. Leave my kid at ten years old. I think right now I'd have a tough time doing it but does that mean I think this woman who is just trying to work at mcdonalds and obviously a tough situation. Should be out there isn't any any -- the child away from out of that joke if you're if you're doing your job as a cop police say you know where's your mom dad. And you grab the kid if you if you think the situation is dangerous. You grab the kid you bring into the works illicit. Either you you do you get off work right now take control of your child or -- and -- you don't you're -- the mother I mean that's. That's -- not every child away from them that's just the stupidest thing I've ever heard how do you know. I table right be trying to -- project tell me how I should pair might hear it and trying to tell me. What I think is safe for her bike AB CS a scary situation and you think that is the state that girl or the boy don't matter. Grab the kids put him on the card take but the -- worked -- -- the rest of the -- so ride a bike to the park with a bunch of my friends. Right but the back and -- here at the time they always have counselors do though is that it appoint a girl like high school students. Belichick general there to -- you know watch over they have different programs and things in different parts. Feel what they'd just let me go to park -- -- didn't -- with a -- I was always a -- part of myself with another buddy just got a shot who would have done whatever. You know where I grew up in Guilford Connecticut no big deal appears there's a nine year old buy yourself a deal from lakes elementary legal showdown in New -- yeah it's nice to throw it -- so officers went through an officer regular several Carolina -- -- and the -- -- I know I just this it's like you know you just don't I remember being nervous you know we went through I wouldn't -- the school at the public school. At school -- who had offer whatever release quality was. If we walk into the park we always located two boxers gonna pick up the unit -- -- school. I don't like a real fear that was the only -- that we had raised an area. Grab some rest -- parents I mean about it now what followed him facetime. I -- feel it's easier for you to allow that -- -- the just it -- but everybody. Well we've got the story up on line and there's going to be if you wanna see if there you can get more details on the -- -- the -- referral. Upon we -- upon further review or get -- one yet I do now are you what has left on the table well yeah you got left on the table because I asked the question during a break and you. Shattered Liu shivered a little bit like you didn't want answered so we're gonna get him -- And across I thought if I hadn't yet coming up at 155. It makes me as uncomfortable as possible -- -- seven IV.

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