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Cyd Zeigler of OutSports.com joins MFB, 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

Tony Dungy is catching a lot of backlash regarding his comments that he would NOT have drafted Missouri LB Michael Sam because of the distractions it would have brought to the team. MFB had Cyd Zeigler of OutSports.com on the show to discuss Dungy's comments.

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Former Indianapolis school that is a big boxing coach. He's decided to move its -- although he does -- dead end. Did you were not drafted my sanity because who wants to deal with -- all the that is just a bill that provision for his own home oh yeah. So you don't raise a lot of money for organizations fighting against my right to marry my car I'll let -- Tony Dungy is all over you on the record being 00. Even not thought there was -- because I was in his day. One of the many hot topics of debate that we got -- today on middays with NF below Maloney -- For any team bands that was the voice of -- Ziegler the co-founder of out sports dot com. And he joins us right now on the AT&T -- sit I had a very similar reaction to what you just said right there as we played back that clip. And talking about Tony Dungy is comments regarding Michael Sam. Personally I'm of the opinion that. Michael Sanders a seventh round pick I can understand why some teams didn't think it was worthy to bring a player like that on to their team in terms of excess attention and distraction. But when Tony Dungy says something like that given what you pointed out. About should try to help fund the cause against allowing gay marriage in Indiana and based on the fact that he had done so much to try to force teams to give. Michael Vick a second chance that to me it seems a very hypocritical. Stance for him to take. And he traded for Kee Shawn Johnson who wasn't exactly known to be a quiet wallflower in the walk around and he said last year that he didn't agree you with chasing Collins lifestyle so. You -- everything had help pretty clearly to Tony Dungy. Being a whole football he does not agree with people being gay he has the moral problem with. Mean marrying my partner of eleven years. And he does not want that in the locker room and and you know to me it's one thing to just. That it does say that but the problem is Tony Dungy was the head coach. The NFL team he was making hiring decisions. When you're in a position like that you cannot allow hope things like. Religion gender and sexual orientation and race. Entered into your head when you're making those hiring decision that it un American unfair and that to me given his position that he was. Once in his is really what the big problem. You know Syria dusty but it was on a show actually earlier on a different show the morning any city you know vis a homophobic just felt that he was scared. Malia basically afraid of it in 19. See Tony Dungy talked about you know we wanna deal with all of it indeed be going smooth. Is this more about the fact that Tony Dungy is saying this or that anybody is saying this. Well first of all up. All wrecked the phobia is a fear of spiders. Homophobia and be happier days so you could. You -- slightly better than whoever you want to end the day. Tony doesn't usually -- -- he has the anti gay he has the -- -- you can use however you want that. Pretty accurate -- defined what he has said and done. Over the years. They get I think. Certainly just to -- at -- Milan mystery says dumping it you know it that we we don't talk about it Adobe guys. But win the former head coach of the Super Bowl winning team. Says that who is on and coming YouTube really one of the big. Voices in setting the -- the public conversation around the NFL given his position -- BC -- that this is doctors some. Random drunk fans leaving fox -- this is this is Tony Dungy. And say that that's that's -- -- -- NF LP a man at coach consistency you know there -- a French player seventh rounder I don't know he's gonna. You know making NFL audio I don't wanna deal with the but the fact that Tony Dungy everything that you stand for everything of people believe that maybe he stood for you before the I don't know. Writing books you know the -- leader all these other things affected it was him I think he's. Public takes me back. Yeah and and certainly many other people have made the point that if professional sports team owners and the league had not. 40506070. Years ago said we're going to ignore the race the people like Tony Dungy and we're going to put them in positions to succeed. Where there where quote -- afraid or whether it's going to be quoted quote a distraction with a standard like it or not we're going to do that and you Aiken at the right thing to do. The fact that Tony Dungy would he beneficiary. Of those very specific things. And you wouldn't know. -- that Michael they have been gay people should not be the beneficiary of those figures that. It's it it would be stunning if it was anybody but Tony Dungy but Tony Dungy has a record of saying that in doing it he. He raised and the thousands of dollars. The fight against equality for gay people with India for what ever reason this issue it is -- -- in his body and he just doesn't like it. Are talking to -- Ziegler from -- sports dot com -- -- you talk to. Aren't you have gotten any reactions from Michael salmon -- what his opinion of what Tony Dungy has said. No idea but I can I can pretty much guarantee you. That Michael is shaking his head and I and I know it but the pilot Michael last week and when you go to LA today at these and Michael its goal full of fire right now he is one of these guys. Who has the 31 logos up all the T duke passed up on him somewhere in his locker or so where in his apartment. And he is going to just kicked out each wanted to eat that you kick their butt on the field to use. He still motivated by this kind of thing you want to prove himself on the football field. And you know he's he's he's cut a little way you'd you'd also at the big time ball up a little bit and he looked up in days. And he just has -- ballot and so. I'm just excited what he has what are you gonna do and I think that Tony Dungy comment we'll just motivate them. I sit so what do you what do you expect. From Tony Dungy now do you expect an apology and explanation hey the guys took us out of context. What do you think's gonna happen next. He is going to all of rationalize this he's going to explain that -- well no it. -- obviously at Michael's fans had the talent that the Michael Vick. That it would have been a no brainer but because he was between -- because he was probably going to be a seventh round pick in the the questionable player and might have to cut and eventually -- that was just too much of a risk. To be going to offer all of these rationalizations that. That football minded people looked at all yes well that explains it entirely it doesn't explain entirely Tony Dungy said he would not attracted Michael -- And it specifically because he's gay and enjoy. Say some simply because he was gay unions say that. Okay you have been what do all -- scored a quote stock you bought under -- -- -- that's not what I said is that he's not going to it's not going to be told -- -- dot dot dot. Things will happen on this out of sorts he didn't come out and say I'm not I would draft Michael -- because he's gay he did say that we are. Reading into it -- were assuming that's what he said. -- -- -- -- Appreciate that -- that you're not going to say that I'm saying that what he said he said very clearly. There's only one thing that made Michael Graham. Called totally different from everybody else. And in the league and there's only one reason that Tony Dungy was being interviewed about Michael simulate that because Michael -- with gay. So to say it that they get because you'd like fruit loops or because he was protected to some of them. Bogus read it -- because he's gay that's why he had to the question that's exactly what Tony Dungy set. -- ziglar co-founder about sports dot com with us in the AT&T hotline Sid my gripe with what dungy said is more about his hypocrisy. And more about his inconsistencies. Then the fact that he said I'm more I wouldn't take. Him because the distractions if you're assist not Tony Dungy were talking about right now and I know it is but. For the -- argument it's Pete Carroll who said I don't wanna take him because of the distractions it was the seventh round. There's another guy on the board who played the same position that we thought was just as good so I went with him instead would you have the same problem with Pete Carroll that scenario. You putt putt but can hit the -- -- Billick quote to view a meritocracy is supposed to be judged. Based on on how well you play and if you are -- it. Ideas of people's sexual orientation race or anything -- entering into your mind. Then you should take a step back and question whether you should be an NFL head coach or not if you cannot leave men. To a couple of extra cameras. Or some questions in the locker room. Your goal is to get to the biggest media circus and fiasco of the entire year that that's why you play the game to get to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl there's nothing more distracting in the world for football player in the Super Bowl it. Not I know that signal what I'm saying is if you've got to players playing a 43 or 34 defensive -- right on one. Are your board the next party boarding got a wide receiver that you might need to have on special teams okay. And it comes down to -- the last pick in the seventh round you decide to go with a wide receiver and you're asked Michael sands orientation have anything to do with that. And your response is what we kind of viewed it needs the same. But -- with all the distractions that would have gone along with Michael -- you think it's bad -- even though they had reasons to do it that they pick somebody else besides him. Yeah I mean not only is -- that illegal -- State and also goes against -- with a collective bargaining agreement. The narratives they need a wide receiver than what was the problem and take a wide receiver. Though there's no problem with it. But if you part of your decision is that someone is wider -- let me ask you this -- we wrote that this guy because while he's white we. Get too many black people on the team anyway. How does that sound. -- that sounds illegal but it knows all I can totally different compares eagle also -- -- -- like what Sony -- percent black. So I mean c'mon. But it does that map that it. Hit it is illegal in many states to do that Michael they have and that's also again against the collective bargaining community and I -- you're breaking and -- policy. Sit and yes immoral totally immoral let me ask you what went on Tony Dungy says that distraction and we we rent -- strain on the of the media side of it and maybe -- locker room but as far as the media goes. Will -- distraction in the new co-founder about sports dot com or different. You know. And again in the gay community will you with a B responsibility for him to kind of speak up talk to the media or the goal -- just a gay man blending in the NFL and nobody really noticing. I am so tired of the distraction nonsense. Bit. You have cameras and questions from fans and screaming fans. Everywhere you go back. At the NFL it's the biggest game in town you are always in the middle of the media circus no matter where you go what you do. And Michael Sam brings some extra cameras. A 100% at lone soldier on an adult -- clowning and so lots of other people that's just that part of the game. And to make decisions based on whether it's an extra cameras are gonna show up for people -- ask you questions and press conference. Q valued and seeing -- -- -- to be at the top of your profession. That if you make decisions based on that you've just you should be get out of the head Coke. Like I guess Mike my questions it is that it in the gay communities Michael Sam a responsibility to. Dude to draw the sudden media wise throughout camp or with the goal to be just stick to show that he can just blend in it really not be that big of a deal. Bull Michael doesn't -- always get into the gay community but I know we're talking many many people who work at all they want to hunt and from Michael. For him to play in the NFL as long as he possibly -- that is. The B he will do more. Ford LG BT equality then a hundred activists could do -- ten years that Michael just makes that roster. And played in god forbid the green and gold playoff win the and that the west. But that's all people care about he -- and he didn't need to try to bring immediate -- doesn't need to talk about the issues just musical played well. So associated let's just say a Michael Sam does not make the -- say he gets. Cuts by the Saint Louis and St. Louis Rams now is the initial reaction -- he got cut because he was gay. It won't be mine I you know I've -- I've spoken to -- neither Jeff Fisher in the back in the the annual meeting back in March. Before they ever traffic I've felt bad that these two guys were too upstanding guys that it wouldn't matter is that my. I don't believe the first second the rams would make. A decision based on his sexual orientation I I I truly don't we know what some people say that of course some people are just. Some people are stuck on this idea and a soldier apparently homophobic institution I don't believe that I have believed that for years. As I you'll hear that from me -- a look at Michael goes and collect. Six or seven -- over the course of the pre season and they cut them well but that might be questioned but I just don't believe for a second that perhaps. Receipt of an -- -- thanks up that time and perspective. Thank you -- that is exhibit the co-founder out sports dot com on the AT&T hotline and.

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