WEEI>On Demand>>David Ortiz tied Carl Yastrzemski with 452 career home runs last night, 7-22-14

David Ortiz tied Carl Yastrzemski with 452 career home runs last night, 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

With last night's accomplishment, a heated debate was sparked about the all time great Red Sox players and who was better: Yaz or Ortiz?

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Doing and I -- drive right field goal of the -- hunter. Racing back. Pitch we've had to fly ball to center field this is they've -- but back to the warning track by the fifth -- stop. Into the second a lot of what two run homer for David -- okay is it going on my -- -- now let's not go after the bad. It -- jobs and it's. -- yeah. Yeah it's thirtieth. Obviously you're rarely use batteries -- -- second of the hair and another two run homer four RBIs tonight 68 this season. -- reported 53 of his career as he passes values Gretzky. -- 450 more of those to go. In Vancouver -- Christian Fauria middays with MF the noon hour on people's Donald wanna talk about the Al Michaels and Tony Dungy debate wolf. Get your thoughts there will sort of bring up something Red Sox related and struck -- yes there watching that. That game is David Ortiz coming through on his promise of getting hotter than Jamaica in August. Right up. The back goes to batting practice early in Toronto goes to a good hitters park and launches two home runs to pass Carl Yastrzemski. On the all time list. Of home run hitters not just with the Red Sox but overall as well or 53 for him passing gas before 52. It's hard to get me thinking here a little bit. When if ever would we allow. The notion of David Ortiz to be a better baseball player in Carl Yastrzemski -- sort of surprised Lou especially with. You grown up here and -- on the Red Sox for as long as you were before units are playing you very definitively said you thought Ortiz is already better and should be in front of. Yeah better and here's the thing better baseball player Carl Yastrzemski occupant -- won gold gloves I think as far as all time Red Sox. -- India and that just encompasses so much that encompasses you know. Well what you mean and obviously I have to -- -- parcel auto workers there it is right because. We now do you know look what David Ortiz has done over eleven years now twelve years with the Boston Red Sox. And you look at the clutch clutch hits the post season averages the big home runs three World Series championships and not have him. You go above a lot of guys that I kind of grew up watching you know guys like Jim Rice Dwight Evans. Meet Ted Williams I think forever will be number one I don't see him ever getting off of that. I think you make an argument I believe that David Ortiz beat number two -- a yes. And a number two all time Red Sox -- and it has Clint Willis I don't -- go back and forth and and it's sort of like. For me it's got -- ski I mean he is Red Sox right -- career that he's number one games played. I think fourteen for one team I mean it is the numbers are ridiculous point three years all the respect you go out there you give it to the man. You know and effectively played left field like I got you but Dave Ortiz impact over eleven years. Yeah I think YouTube put him above it what you better play the guys at DH has got the gold glove left fielder but as far as impact the Red Sox all time greats yes and exempt -- It is the post season. Really the the difference for you went to polls there suggest Tennessee you have years. -- they get that two years a post season and I think you get like 360 unit but it was sick two years and that it win in all know David look what the Red Sox have done here now in the last decade. And he's been right in the middle of it from day one to -- -- just this past October. Greatest clutch hitter in Red Sox history. There's there's one gnawed. Oak -- you have admitted already that your allowing intangibles to commend this right reason -- all time Red Sox that was very all encompassing phrase used Robert so intangible Lee. How much can we attached to. Yastrzemski for being beloved without controversy as supports as opposed Ortiz over the years. Yeah I think people love yes. Yeah well it was planned meeting they looked at Williams. While he was playing a deadly given a finger to the fans. OK but I understand you know we we forget Larry you know the history that much of these guys that wasn't you know born in the heyday things like that but. You know now everything is more out there you know like to think because -- you never complain about it. Okay you wanna believe that you don't -- so there's a lot of things out there that we see right now that we dummy back today and basically. I talk baseball like my dad my mom and it is the base the same thing. It would Ted Williams he was he was booed at times he was given the finger at that a fans because trust is not the cheers guy in the world either. But you know when they retire everything years later dishonorable stories are really. About the way they come out now with David Ortiz now one thing we -- -- it was -- it was 2003 test. And you know and that's resort -- boys get a free pass right because they're gonna bring that part up and he's a DH but you can argue over the last. But twelve years he's been here the impact on this organization and what you've brought this organization always played a certain level but yes he's number two. Yeah by. The branch of my family that was diehard Red Sox fans you spoke with reverence about -- strips while he was playing his -- Position -- response to your question now way I always got the impression that often -- especially yes -- yes that sums it up right there that's. Feeling the vibe that I got about Yastrzemski while he was playing. Even -- twilight years I think it's fair call this the twilight years for Ortiz has got a few left to right this is in the prime of his career anymore even though. He mile walk away with a forty home currencies are close to a 35 home -- season he's on the back end of his career. Yet these disposed after three World Series championships no less he's supposed to be the salad days. For him and like you said earlier Chris about the up and down roller coaster year roller coaster Jonny Gomes quote it's simply been that kind of season particularly for -- as an individual. Yeah you know -- know what I'm looking at it it's a -- setting grumpier so it's and it's a -- different aspects of me so I just go back and I just look at the numbers. You know ended and the one thing that stands out. Regardless of years -- yes has those 2.3 seasons. -- only what two series. Three series in two years. But he just. Doesn't necessarily have the net impact full. You know culture changing dramatic wins like Ortiz has now. He's never gonna have as many hits never gonna have as many at bats. And that's just the way it's going to go it just there's no way Ortiz gonna play in the ten years. So the most important thing if you're gonna great somebody is that what did they give back to do organization. And he brought an Ortiz brought back just three. Chip Beasley if he talked to some people you know storing -- out of Felix this Red Sox Nation that we hear so much about right now gonna start 67. You know he adds that that year sort of changed the culture you know of the Red Sox you know in this city so. With that you say well he did a lot there's well put. Meant three titles playing at a high level you know where he is with some of the numbers he's put OK he's been here here that's so then they'll does that personality. Let people that don't like it -- people -- that made -- people are tired of some of the things but again I mean. Gas was a cheerful individually either -- -- son of a bitch you know to me when he played eighty play with a chip on the shoulder and that's they'd love the bottom. But it's you know league give somebody been calling years of them watching -- their whole career. And they say there were times when he wasn't great with the media it was a good the fan base in I'll say it's just. It goes along with everything that we forget in time. And it wasn't as much publicity is there is now with every single move. Well does that mentality then of the rings being attached to Ortiz by comparison. To Yastrzemski also extend to. For instance Pedro getting rain and Clemens not getting a ring of -- like not the greatest pitcher of all time. And how much how much does the rain for the rains to end the drought coming to play. Individually. For each player as being part of that collective. Clemens was so popular -- appreciate a little feeling to be in this Red Sox hall of fame and everything but this time of the Red Sox the -- was an absolute stud and Dominic are here for longer than Pedro was you know win in. But again you look at Pedro Martinez financial period of time in the way he pitched down -- that error. Again you double intangibles the personality with -- the fact he broader ring. The fact how he left to PayPal Roger left and things have happened since then Nate put right department Pedro had a Roger. -- go with the older guys -- both this a kind of surprised because attendant. You've been indoctrinated -- being hit over the head by your folks based on that last song we just that that was the right brand volume like for -- giving -- differences there I was I love Jim Rice. When I grew up rooting for like the lumber company in the -- the late seventies the Red Sox my second favorite team I love rice. And I stuck about how much alike writes my grandfather my mom's side roast -- strips strip ski every -- a straight he -- from -- batters -- that's the feedback that I was got the reverential feedback there was got about him. -- out maybe orgies OK and you give a non bias. Evaluation of who should be number may get can't. -- Williams mean maybe I can't. It is there were not really to -- and maybe people who are younger and can't either because they don't know you Chomsky is a player. Or Williams and oh yeah if you if you pull if you find a ten year old kid who came to his hand in 2002 and 2003. Now there in her twenties. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They hear about Ted Williams -- it it was noted electability pros brain is body. As a mentally now that literally get that and thought yeah that's all it is. You know so but. So the easiest thing to do it and there's a low hanging fruit when you talk about Ortiz and this is war you know distant co sign what he said. It's the past it's it's it's the stereo -- it's that while but he. Did they and that's where and that's where Roger comes in the play -- have been the better example right by you say Pedro -- you would have a look at the numbers it's. Off the charts in favor Roger Clemens -- it's off the charts you know I mean there was some. There was some Pedro -- years you know that mixed in there and well read on May ninth 2000 but still off the chart longevity. You name. Produce that for stats say we've but he -- somebody that in that range of say you know mid forties. You know that that -- Roger kind of detail and it's still great of fifties in that range were they saw Roger Clemens O'Grady was and they stop -- O'Grady was. You can't help. Can you separate the two pol Roger left you want to go close on the Texas -- run. Went to New York you know having -- -- him after his career with the court hear everything you take. Can you can you really separate them -- possible to separate that. And not hold that against him in his years now it's hard Red Sox hall of fame or questioned that he deserves Libyan. No doubt penalty can separate the two. That's why you may even look at Pedro two guys that looked at their entire careers your boss you might look at Pedro. Great Red Sox might go to put him in front even though the numbers tell me that Clemens obviously had a better career. So Ortiz passes Yastrzemski in the all time home run list has he passed you -- ski in the list of all time great Red Sox players in your minds Red Sox fans phone numbers 61777979837. We'll start off with skip calling from a cell on this -- skip -- 90%. Hi how's it going guys all right you're at present. I'm gonna give Ortiz the three championships. Okay. But for his career. You don't Red Sox twelve years it has a little about 2123. Years. So I'm an old school. When it comes to. Even in his whole career. Okay including Minnesota Ortiz hasn't played 23 years. A guy does it does it is yours is also everything in that Serbs would be -- okay. Because. There and he played left field better than anybody. A -- that's a lot more tangible argument I think the last few overs audience is a great hitter. OK well when you talk about great hitters always a great hitter and you can -- -- -- a cloture OK compare. He had hit almost medieval -- -- the rookies just acts of the wall when you have a -- time batting average. To walk -- a lifetime batting average. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not the attitude to refi enemy is I think -- attack but longevity. He's got him in and probably all the categories. You know and did it both ways that they're both to 85 hitters as a matter of fact. I'm gonna go time in Boston. You know David probably at higher than he has but the longevity no doubt. You look at the last twelve years of -- -- You know to 7515. Home runs in that -- -- over. Maybe 120 it's a year those last twelve years of college -- on Jimmy knows that that's him. No it's a 2.3 years she got all the respect in the world -- 03 or Revver beer you know that Red Sox great. I just look at the impact initial period of time. Like twelve years. Ortiz has done more. I'm adolescent bats that yes has 111900. Eat at. I mean 111988. At bats -- three year career Ortiz has 5935. At bats so he's he's he's. He's as twice as many opportunities to get tickets and Ortiz says -- and has done you know what is on for 53 sparse home runs ago. So it really comes down to a question -- you need to throw out these throughout the years if that's to me is a relevant it is the ability of some -- to stay healthy. Levels games not a relative though while I it means something but it but in the end is something given him extra credit. For playing six more seven more years I don't Ortiz is gonna retire but you -- even more just because he was able to play longer. I mean I can use that as a jumping up pointed that's going to be calling the last name on my list of things whether to judge who's better or not. A fact is is that who did the most you almost half to catch don't you have to kind of role in. The fact that Apple's fielding that he played outfield day in and day out yes -- -- I mean it was like he was easy for him to. What he was it at the -- and knowledge to do is go up there and just go to the go hit -- every 45 times about it. -- that's your argument. I mean that's that's right when you look at the six point three years playing left field winning gold gloves -- twelve is DH is quartered here. That's the argument but I think and that's -- we say with a no doubt yes the better player to play every single day I look at all year impact their organization. And yes -- impact the organization and huge way everywhere talking about the different we're a discussion now -- better Brady Manning. Right it would by no means is coming up discrediting either one of them but believe yeah I say yet Ortiz is demean. Number two behind Ted Williams is not I'm not taking yes and I'm throwing him like twentieth OK it's it's not a disrespect is just my opinion one guy Iverson -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because red scarf -- go ahead hey what's up guys why are you know Lou I am with you with people impact. Argument. Op I think that night and I of 48 actual yet play in the mid seventies the big jazz -- But I think that. The. I give. A ball whether what he's played the deal would not. And he's just the DA. Get negated when he's arguably the best each of our. Is the best thing any not just how salary it's the house -- just curious because DH is still a DH regardless to whether or not or. You've got. -- the best at. He's he's not a big that that. I mean what was next Edgar Martinez's name baby. Who what he's. That people. Aren't so. I think bad. Are it is based on longevity in this hole cut at the end loyalty that people have it would yet which I do too. But in terms of impact it will work who -- one that we do unfortunately we do we're a society that measured by championships. If we're to -- to one or want to. But it's three to zero and not to say that it has. Was responsible. Flew the Red Sox look signals to title but we can clearly see it we have the one person that was responsible. For the Red Sox wind pretty. We go to. One of guy and I understand not as it's just him I mean would you -- a very case there was just Pedro and not shelling. You know which you won a World Series of mr. Schilling and -- Beckett. You know if Manny wasn't involved of them as well it is this a lot of guys that impact winning World Series and don't put on one guy. But I just yet you. Looked at yes and again it's this is it's gonna come office people -- arguably real big he's a good there's less thirteen years to 75. Sixteen home runs in a 75 RBIs those last thirteen seasons is point three it's amazing no one of the all time greats is no question. But I just do put impact on twelve years and put Ortiz -- 6177797937. We go to Bristol next to we talked to Joseph on line -- I jail. I do not know I'd I'd like that -- about the impeccable records. Is. Played most of his career. With com. You know there was a wild crowd. There was no bomb. Create something out so I mean I believe the Red Sox without you know they they -- Pedro. They glide showing they had -- and I know Pedro. And Becky Cain would trade by force because free agency although he. Could get -- in -- -- so the impact. The red truck and think it is and he's had to do it -- old fashioned way. And it's our play. In front you -- -- batting title lost. One by percentage point or he one point one RBIs used a lot Triple Crown -- -- -- number -- -- in my right. Anything. I mean there -- the -- I don't anymore. The World Series but you -- not a big thing. Is that you -- you can have that it -- added you can have that freeagent keeping well. Free agency. Free agency kind of on the night talking about the team I don't put weight on World Series with three total -- right I mean -- -- to sing you don't lose players either. No earlier a lot of you know field of Len Evans and writes that mean you're allowed to to keep the L players there without losing a freeze to correct. No no I agree you look at let. What you're saying don't seem like without -- eight. I mean that we don't have Pedro -- and I Beckett Schilling and what we want mogul -- probably not. So I mean that's not our military -- these apps -- -- -- don't get me wrong I don't. Let the baseball play up. He can't compare the -- and all those other tangible and stop Italy it everything else batting title. Not at all. Batting title I think that the Tom the comparison is very valid. And I just look at the world looking at this for reasons because there are numbers that make it a valid comparison cancer it's dismissive point yes -- -- everything as far as longevity goes right it's I just testament Romans. That's evidently 23 years you know in the big leagues as opposed to -- maybe sixteen total seventeen you're gonna have. Those bigger numbers and I understand that you know you wanna hold it against the governor went World Series grossly poppy was just him individually again. But I still just look at you know -- Great career point three years and you know the second half it was was good. Good first -- was outstanding. Is it. Fair for me to advance the idea that yes maybe should be elevated more than what you're seeing base in the comparison Ortiz anyway. On the fact that he was more of a singular identifiable player. For a while as opposed Ortiz being part of that great group that pushed through and finally won three titles. That was the more I Diaz especially earlier in his career. Then there was on Ortiz who was part of -- -- this morning cast your health series -- got a World Series. Yeah right. God that this would if -- keep -- -- the argument that gas had to do more on his own and Ortiz did is that a valid check mark -- he has his column. Like I guess we criticize athletes for that. I'm just saying you know and never did enough you know it's like will criticize Peyton Manning for now when it's -- we'll look at -- team. Right the fact that they couldn't. Wasn't good enough team so I just. This is is arguably golf for days and almost people it's as a generational argument right. If you're above 5560 probably think yes is a stupid arguments no brainer. If you're 45 below fifty below maybe they -- Ortiz given what you've just seen a what you're watching. Currently in the -- he has. It's been a three chip -- running ten years in one man's been a middle of it for ten years. Some 77797937. When we come back we'll get some more of this and oh by the way speaking of potential generational players guys apparently there's a little in house divide. -- -- Went well colony like so much somebody in our parish vehemently disagrees with that the next David Ortiz Giancarlo Stanton is he coming to Boston or not. They would think that might happen a wise coming up next 937 Libya. Marie Maloney and Fauria yeah. Six meetings. With M. -- Sports Radio network -- WEEI dot com. Half past twelve to bed a little lower reported it is an MS speak. A couple hot topics of discussion today the first of which had to do with Tony Dungy his comments surrounding Michael stamped. Since it their outs to force dot com is going to join us at 1 o'clock is the co-founder and mobile witnessed talk about. That discussion which got national attention locally. We stumbled on something and David were teased him for us by hitting two home runs last night passing Carl Yastrzemski on the all time. Home run list and were asking you as Ortiz also pastors from ski. On the list of all time great Red Sox players that's a lot more of an intangible -- just looking at home run numbers. I'm of the opinion that hey I just -- on them I had happened because you know I grew up largely of pirates -- the Red Sox for. One -- clearly favored American League team and I really loved destruct in rice that was my favorite Red Sox players -- -- can't bring myself. US Christian can you be by -- yet I can on this one I've got just enough statistical data to allow me to say that used -- ski is still better but -- you. Are of the opinion that originally has passed what is what is -- statistical data. Was much statistical look at what is it -- just break in Africa you know. Constant numbers myself you know that they'll get him the most important -- me. Going a ballet lesson Fernando Valenzuela was the only guy out there to look at that he don't he was read about it -- right so. You look at guys are you implying that's its impact on your team. The numbers suggest if you're just going based on numbers and that jazz should be -- more hits more facts. Batting -- similar. But it's -- post season numbers by Ortiz that is jump off the charts and those little moments like. Most memorable moments. That you -- -- -- US a ten year old you know back in the year 20022003. You're never gonna think anybody else other than Ortiz. On dvd statistical data OK three batting titles the Triple Crown. The three times sorry five times he led the American League in on base percentage. Four times in OPS. And three times and slugging percentage. And Ortiz. By comparison. As one year we led the league homers to an RBI two walks one an old BP and none and all PS. So it's so they're pretty clear where you figured you could remove the names I guess that. You would put jazz -- Ortiz. Gotten David -- one MBP has always did Triple Crown year. So -- you look at that year about look at David a five year stretch was. Second third fourth twice in fifth wants like top five for five years general note yes this one it. At the top 51 of the year -- as far as so it's all compares the time you were in I mean -- the years that. GK compares as far as like batting average in home run totals because he has more home runs obviously -- late ninety's early 2000 things like that we don't get the offensive numbers. Longevity no question you give it to the car you strapped ski as far as full -- give the -- don't give -- -- -- play left field -- glove -- given Carly steps to. I'm just look at twelve year impact. And how this organization has changed and how went from me six years to that it. Was you know they'll get over the hump and win a World Series part of it not all because of him obviously is on the pieces and ended a ten year stretch when you win three titles. It's it's different it's different now and the impact he's been Miller beats every one of. -- plowed -- Christian and if you really wanna crunched the numbers and I -- we have to do this we're gonna get it and they have to Parse these -- he still got. Another season plus likely of home runs to go before it catches you strips is -- homers Red Sox uniforms to talk about Red Sox players. Because there were I think -- 58 home runs. It Ortiz hit as a member of the Minnesota Twins before I came here Boston yeah. Let's go to nick who's calling in on this topic kind make your nanny for seven. And yet there are other relevant -- attack in baseball player -- based outlet that the 22 up 20 cool player I'm talking about. Luckiest person -- afford to play good yet it has great speed. Attacking about a guy who -- lately -- -- -- -- -- wake -- more opportunities. Yeah tell me abilities and probably isn't gonna naturally he has bitten yet I always he's got a downgrade okay because of these days. And I don't think it's them you know dabbled in performance enhancing drugs personal opinion yes if they win the Triple Crown. It is the one that never you have -- you know anyone else I don't hunt in the past -- So there is -- pre some loss -- so. Basically he says it's not a contest Hussein is a contest I mean he's he's using you know obviously. The years played. That -- he's using of the drug. Quote unquote -- error as an issue and just general numbers all around. So I mean. And the people of our generation and I'm asking you because I know you grew up here and can sort did. You know by association -- -- grew up I -- and as grueling talks about David Ortiz and but I had a Red Sox games in my TV every -- York yankees bare for all we know you can be like you know you could've went either just -- is not a yankees spent. Bombs going -- like when he says David Ortiz in the decline. Again I'll point out that the last thirteen years for card Ostrosky. You know did the the average years to 75. With sixteen home runs every five RBIs 130 -- I mean people and that's they would look at you -- well in early in his career obviously the numbers there for 1011 years that belongs to every part at the last thirteen. It was you know helping out the play and everything else but. 27 meters 69 to 71 is a couple of but it Warner won 300 year in there to 9246. To. 64 to fifty forming there was. Some OK years. Some OK years you know the last thirteen world was okay. And it's exit points out the as the last thirteen years sounds like -- -- right now we say he's done beat thirteen of those sold you don't. Longevity giving out the current world for doing and again this is what they were debating this Manning Brady discussion -- it a rip in one though right or the latter probably the last -- -- -- number one a cake ice -- -- -- substitute some people story. Meant to say to those -- is ridiculous comment if you start asking is do we then go Ortiz three. All of then are we talking Jimmy fox. -- speaker. Well we're we're where we going next so its target that's not too much anger in this discussion it's just that I'm my opinion that's all. David calling on a car phone let's talk about yes into IA's market go ahead David. Yeah I guess it's the top side argued that innate but if you can make an argument could be out Ortiz it's -- an act argument. The reality is Ortiz it's only position he can play in the National League in batting coach. In that if you put a different twist on this look at financial perspective that the statistics back in -- -- impact I get my question would be. These days how much it -- -- each. I'd been on -- ten runs -- Forty home runs at -- 300 make. Purses and eight time gold Glover. At bat too weak spot that it's thirty -- on its. Yet. A hundred RBIs and eight. And I think -- -- argument that what are our keys make what I did he teach their prime make -- Person and Alec yelled buried it can't hit 300 probably -- -- It make it 22 that million dollars a year or Alec on solid not adding forty for the Dodgers. That may hit twenty I've -- -- ultimately this itself. They'll put more value want the type of player that yeah that is because the mall based on black but you can certainly make an impact the argument -- those -- Because of the -- and everything else you're going to be looking around everybody. It's not going to be around. -- Okay let me ask -- this David as well again I think you know. Almost the -- careers here for -- yes I guess you know 11 was the beat the golf in law obviously career in the richest. Not a games played which is pretty much cement the -- The last twelve years how much do you pay more forgot it's 275 with sixteen and eighty. Are not like any extra slick Willie Mays in my opinion I I. Hated to see out retire because he'd gotten mine it aren't -- -- -- leaking what and Utley at my age. I would tell you that. I'm just talking about the value of baseball for a -- Player in their client that's why at any other DH in the weeks and compared to Al barrier Gonzales -- -- you make twenty plus million a year. At the position player. Baseball itself without uses the limelight but -- ads more than climate by Portuguese. SharePoint and in the armed or agreement put it that way you know and and knock you on. You know the Ortiz his post season numbers it's it's often to knock a guy that Tony had limited amount of playing time any in the post season like -- like price -- Because when he was 23 two series three years. Two years three series -- 360 now. So eating enough opportunity -- -- resonating gather the differences that they were -- has. And he has put that resonate together and he has delivered in the post season and he has won three World Series. -- -- Join us now this up what points they -- if you're gonna have a little old school you know scales of justice you know you know. Put your positives SI don't want sides see what's one outpaced the other when he really had those. Each guy can take three attributes our guests are three things that you think are important to decide whether. He ranks number two number three Ortiz and gas going head to head against each other. What would you use for yet so those three things -- what would use for Ortiz won't be the three most important things. And an annual figure out who stacks up what vehicle cool who's important whose. Contributions to the team outweighs the other. So you're saying then that would be in favor of Ortiz in large part because of her looking at hitting for average hitting for power and getting on base. And World Series of lightning outside. But a tiebreaker would be that yes played the field and Ortiz Dayton but I would think of many -- I -- -- yes. -- -- -- You're gonna take a one by one OK even when he used years OK yes played more -- fighters want. Without you -- you would use that you would help you win World Series victories moments big time memorable moments that -- -- green in your head and make Ortiz would get the advantage there. I mean it is set. I don't think that's a fair -- of you don't have but -- try to figure out I mean this is this is you know do love your brother your sister more I mean I don't know it depends on you know -- had a -- impact on. Life. Real quick lieu of the Red Sox get Gian -- stand within the next year to. Repeat -- rank -- -- number one odd number one I've got. A great stuff because our guy you look at her arm might want to eat it up like a pair of arrows. Today on as my computer now. Our guide Danny -- yes. Got. This posted on his web page. Weekend host here WEEI basically says my what it will call this bull crap Christian does it doesn't mention him by name but. How -- would Danny has to say here he says Red Sox sources tell me. They believe they're one of only a few teams in Major League Baseball that the prospects to make a stand and trade happen. If he has made available this winter now that's a team is made available this winter if business week if yes pity if there's the whale -- by. Don't don't beat on you to suck suck and really -- Danny talk us into this yellow. Yes -- solution because they are position. Well ER I mean they they absolutely have all everything every team wants. You know what they want they want pitching you know this team is deep this team could actually. You know if they if they ought to resign. Jon Lester. Okay they can trade away. Henry Owens Anthony Renato ruby Della Rosa and still have the pitching the Connecticut -- next year for championship. Not many teams can say that. Not many teams can sit there and say that we still have the pitching to do it. And they deal may be harder but they don't they have an opportunity to lose anyone in the system. And still compete for the next three years ended because they have that have a prospect down there whether beat you don't Gallic -- -- -- maybe it's Christian Vasquez. Maybe look at best is now say logs could get to the future yep you can have him because we believe this wire that probably wants -- -- people look at him is the be better all around player and is often Tibet. Maybe Henry -- But the Red Sox dealt a lot people don't want idyllic but they dealt Henry Owens and Blake's wife are. -- -- I'll stand the Red Sox will be okay. Don't they might lose out occult pleasure to be very good but the -- on it's extremely good. Let me just say -- already I hope Danny is right and I am wrong because I would love to see -- in that ballpark for about ten years that's going to be their last -- efficient six was 77797937. -- the has Ortiz thing has been. Pot so is the Michael Sam Tony Dungy thing. I'm going to. Put this on the line right now Lou is going to bring up in the three -- might be the hottest topic of the day and not just in sports either went into that next this is not -- avionics.

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