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Tony Dungy says he would not have drafted Michael Sam, 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

MFB discuss Tony Dungy's comments with help from the callers. We also hear from Cyd Ziegler, Steve Buckley, and Keith Olberman.

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Former Indianapolis Colts and then big Boston coach Tony Dungy decides you Steve it's all -- -- and stated -- were not drafted my sanity -- -- to deal with all. And it is just a bill -- provision for his -- -- -- -- yeah w.'s -- raise a lot of money for revision fighting against. My right to marry my -- let him. -- -- pieces fall below you on the record being 00. -- dollar stamp on this team because my stance is dead. That's it ziglar stimulus at 1 o'clock co-founder of -- sports. You'll hear that interview coming up at 100 days -- Timothy. Fauria Maloney bands with you up until two. That simply big national story today guys. I think when you hear the litany of accusations that Seagram makes -- against Tony Dungy won new word that he also could be used as a hypocrite. He didn't because this the same Tony Dungy that. Fell on the sword for Michael Vick. On numerous occasions as a head coach of the Indianapolis Colts brought on or kept guys that were distractions based on their off field behavior and running afoul with the law. Didn't have any problem with those distractions but this distraction when Michael Sam he seems to have a problem. And I can't escape the fact that what it was talking about is right there this is a guy who. Didn't wanna see gay rights advanced how do you separate the two what you're talking about Tony Dungy remarks regarding Michael -- It is the problem that I have with this and it would dungy says that would have taken him up get terribly -- the chance to play. Don't wanna deal with all of its not gonna be told to smooth things will happen. Probably Tony Dungy is is would use portrait right I mean he's written books -- to be uncommon. The mentor and leader Iranian nary talks about -- learning from others at a different from us and talk about legacies of -- leave and try to make the world better. And at the course everything he stands for apparently. You know dealing with all these sort of issues. There's several homosexuality Elvis is not involve any of that stuff like you just distance himself from homosexuality. Right aegis. Is that it's not worth that I all the -- bring in a guy like -- did you second chance Michael Sampson looking for a second chance -- -- -- -- first chance. You know and if -- to think that he the way he is looked upon right this moral standard and a leader in the Kamal and say something like this. It's just you talk about it the correct you get -- power you know one of the great coaches in the league not want to deal what does not think that he can handle it in his own locker room. This just this type of distraction. If he thinks it will be -- me to me it's more a coward. -- -- -- but do you think that you know could I ever a couple times obviously and I know the whole Michael -- situation by. What he says but I wouldn't want to deal -- is that the whole risk reward a situation that he's talking about here's a guy that. Let's just is is being is I guess there's light on the subject. Is is is it is a terrible drastic. Is he is it was a great one year college guy at the Missouri. I got a bunch of sacks big chunks of sacks and a certain amount games. One you really break it down and you really had to be honest with his ability to play football. You knew he wasn't going to be a good football player. So what wedeman in not according to the scouts before the pre draft come by me Fessler. What what draft scouts before he went to the -- -- US waited as a late third round pick. Can become mine portly and all the sudden he was going to be out of the entire draft. I always thought of that. And said OK if this is an SEC player all year -- days ago if this is an SEC player of the year. That was slated to be a mid third rounder late third rounder as a bad com line. And he's not gay. Asif all the way out of the draft what she would -- at Saint Louis didn't step up and take the hometown kid nobody else is gonna take him. Everybody else pass -- him over and over again nobody else has been taken after Saint Louis used to be a rookie freeagent. My opinion on that Meyer read on it was he -- that -- because. He was gay. -- appeal is he'd taken in the fifth round he's not -- has a -- com 96 round of -- gain as a back Tom but probably we'll. It's the -- adjustable who said it. I honestly like it if that's -- yesterday Els had said something like that you would say you would you be gold -- at all. You can even plays seventh round pick and he played but a guy like Tony Dungy but everything he stands for is everything that we're told that he stands for. You know everybody to solar run to -- it worked for the NFL guys trouble policy Tony Dungy you would think that if he was still coaching NFL. He would be a coach that would draft my -- he would be the guy because of what we believe in him. As somebody that would just say you know what I want it to accept this individual. OK because the seventh round pick the that the story behind him as you know he's gonna is gonna work his tail off he's not a normal seven brown picked. -- said SEC player of the year there's obviously some talent there. Andy's going to war this is what I want is the type player that I want. On my team and I'm Tony Dungy. -- -- -- On the moral standard NFL. I'm gonna accept them and for him. Anybody else you'd like -- okay would you -- talk about it will would be as big of a story but because he came from Tony. I think it is because it's it's sort of like fraudulent everything at them -- we were told about this guy. Well it's -- because it's. Whenever there is an issue to people come to mind that you're at your star at your high profile star. You go to Oprah Winfrey and you tell your story. You sit down with Oprah she softball at Lance Armstrong none Lindsay Lohan OK with two different things again edit. Tony Dungy is the other one Tony Dungy if you're. An athlete you're black athlete. A young athlete who's had some trouble. Usually seek out Tony Dungy or you know somewhat in his camp -- get -- Tony Dungy to kind of maybe change the perception of people you know I listen to Tony Dungy is backing this guy then we should all give them a chance does Tony Dungy is a very. You know of righteous man or god fearing fellow you know and and everyone is treated equally. This was probably the last day I thought I would ever seen him saying it right re reading it trying to I guess give them a pass. I'm trying to give them a pass I'm trying to say okay what was he trying to stay. Here it is says again -- yet it's not going to be totally smooth dot dot dot things will happen so a case. So we get Tony -- on the phone and kind of put this into context so I can wrap my arms round did you pass. What I asked you earlier to what kind of want to get into. Just a simple question. Are you OK with what he said. I'm okay with what he said when he's claiming that I don't think I would have drafted him based on the fact that he's morbid distraction what he's worth. I think every other coach by that point thought themselves. Seventh -- wife -- seventh rounder who's gonna do a TV show -- Tebow element to this year. Why don't need to guys not going to be all that good is going to be more of -- circus act that he is a positive player because distractions on file with that theory except. That he has not on numerous. Public occasions. Backed people and -- two other teams. I will take this guy or you should take this guy in the case of Michael Vick. Who was the most reprehensible. Human being we'd seen play in the NFL prior to knowing about Aaron Hernandez. He wanted other teams to take that -- So that's why I have a problem with is a -- hypocrite based on the fact that he. -- particular like on the sexuality. Is is being in consistent utterly inconsistent. With his beliefs. And what he said publicly this is Tony Dungy from February. NFL has always been based on merit and I think that we'll continue to be the case whether it's Michael slam -- -- Lucille -- almost excels there anything else. Guys who produce and play well we'll be welcomed into the league. If Belichick or Rex Ryan. Or Doug -- come out and said you know what it's not worth -- in this guy because when we bring them onboard is going to be. War of distraction and training camps is the seventh round pick and we don't think he's got that great -- a shot to make the team he's at -- Giving any reason you want but Tony Dungy advance the cause of Michael Vick. Give the guy a chance. He's also a guy who worked against gay marriage you can't tell me that this is not gonna do with his beliefs. Against -- -- it has everything to do it is but it's really it's ridiculous so I'll take you back to the back and that's go to school hop in the hot tub time machine to take you back to 1000 college. Bill McCartney was my coach. Bill McCartney came out publicly. And said that. Pair phrasing is as much as I can't neck -- -- an abomination of god. So that. Publicly okay abomination. Of god this is what he said Mike coach. So we are dealing with this. Our -- college. Okay because he was he and Tony Dungy their cut from the same -- I love Bill McCartney like he was my bother. Some of his beliefs and what he was trying to push. They're just didn't work on one hand your hear a guy. Talk about you know helping your brother out helping your fellow man in the other hand. You know -- -- just the opposite problem except this one because he likes the guys of the same things don't. So. If you have a problem with with with that at one part about it don't it's not going to go leafs moved -- happened -- now probably everything because everything he says. Is contradictory of what he tries to portray -- -- -- that's a hypocritical part -- -- yes. And you look at Michael Sam right Saint Louis in camp -- Jason called -- the next. Like how long was that a so called a distraction on that wasn't gonna -- -- ban the use. The Brooklyn nets used in immediate couldn't control how about Harry Carson's quote today says the captain of the team we all knew that we had a gay got her team its first I'm -- -- about it. But of Visalia but just don't know the point is is that Michael -- which opened camp. And of course that first week there will be a lot of toxins and Oprah Show whatever it's gonna be right things like that he makes the team they'll be some initial talks. I week seven will there be any. You know I mean just about -- we tend. If Michael -- is playing up playing well there will there be a huge distraction. Well enough isn't one now is there one now and is there what is your distraction now there's instruction now what what to distract visit. Media but there is an even -- this this is so funny because. I thought Michael Salem. NC got drafted by -- destruction out is not a camp but there will be. The first day hey look the first openly gay guy I'd struck out to the field okay nothing to see here let's go. I mean that's really -- to give -- -- -- portable media hoopla right and distractions. Bill Belichick's eyes Tim Tebow shows a camp -- is what -- beat them and talk about circus tent. Right and now it just becomes this Tim Tebow media distraction apparently you know it was gonna go smoother. -- just you you deal with that it went on for awhile he didn't make the team he moved on if he did make the team and he just. If he had that great of a coach and the things you believe in and just sort of put out there that you wall art trend setter and giving everybody an opportunity. Come out and say it's not like that. It just extremely consistent I think it it that -- suck the last long enough but he triggered a coaching NFL you should be able to deal with -- put it behind -- -- focus on what. But what really matters and the guy play football like Tony said before the draft. Now after the draft he says he -- drafted which one was. 617779798. Reset and -- give -- a phone numbers now in case you can't get through is the first time I've done so all our area bank phone lines people party called in on this obviously -- touched a hot button by bringing it up. On before we get to some of the calls -- only three of the cuts from Keith Olbermann cued up from his show last night in the -- Tony Dungy. Remarks this is what he had to say about the Michael Vick comparisons. -- years ago we received an award from a group that was trying for a ban on same sex marriage in Indiana. -- surprised even them by publicly announcing his support for their efforts and the ban. Secondly Tony Dungy was the man who advocated for the readmission of Michael Vick to the NFL who volunteered to be vick's mentor. Who stood up and said I'll vouch for his good behavior. After vick's prison term for his unforgivable crimes against dogs. To mr. dungy whatever the distractions Michael Vick presented to you were nothing compared to the distractions Michael Sam might present. I wouldn't wanna deal with -- things will happen. Is remarkably similar to what football coaches and owners said that until 1946 about players who looked like Tony Dungy. And it's remarkably similar to what -- set until 1989. About guys who wanted to become NFL head coaches who looked like Tony Dungy. And it's remarkably similar to what TV executives said the 1966. About man who wanted to broadcast NFL games and coverage who looked like Tony country. But maybe just as relevant the micro. Tony Dungy just admitted that Tony Dungy wouldn't be a skilled enough coach. Did you with the distraction of doing the right thing. Agree to remind you was a black quarterback. Here in Minnesota comes out the pros. And it was a big deal. In the eyes of somebody's got to make a position change. Actually helped his career ironically enough and played well on the offensive side the ball on the key defensive coordinator and great defensive coach but. Back then it was all too common have a whole bunch of black quarterbacks. In the league so that's another angle. -- -- over menacing and it dose of. Verizon -- somebody came out there and said this amicus a lot of coaches are gonna make this decision based on. I really nothing to do if you can take out the sexuality aspect of his career. And just lump all people who could be a problem man cell thing I am very broke for whatever reasons you believe and with that. Other Marcel Darius I don't you in the book because I just told you you're gonna be a threat to the patriots became pastor conditioning test put all those guys in there. I don't have a problem any coach saying he would wanna deal with certain distractions Tim Tebow I don't have a problem that all right. The biggest surprises that I guess it came from him that's it I guess a lot of people now start to find out. What Tony Dungy is bullies really talk of the majority of the public sees them as this. You know -- that -- figure you know Oprah asked where you know he should be happy to sit down discussion with some of these players about issues. And cattle and counsel them. He believes everything he's -- stands for everything morally good accept homosexuality. That's basically what would you look at Tony Dungy now Mikey. He's -- guy there he goes to. You know don't trust that a thought this guy but he does not believe. It homosexuality get your point Krishna I would agree a 100% liked Bill Belichick -- bring in Tim Tebow is -- Dario is a distraction alone is kind of get a lot of attention eight doctors he can help the team you felt that it was worth it if -- can help this guy you want to see him. You know firsthand first six weeks or whatever was to see if he could have become FL player but there's a lot of coaches out there that didn't wanna deal with the distractions. Don't agree. Maybe all the teams felt this way about Michael Sam -- Tony Dungy to say it that's the issue any coach could have said this but it wasn't any coach. There's open Mike Jones set on for -- and has been. This is a pretty spectacular level of hypocrisy for a guy who was trying to -- OT that they should try to -- Michael Vick when he got out of prison which is what elements that attracted to head it's also a guy who played quarterback in college and adequate defensive back in the league because he was black and large parts of the was that he did what a black quarterback because of the distraction is Tony -- -- -- -- this day. -- -- -- -- phones go to Burlington and talked to mark mark you're a 937. So you have a problem thought Tony Dungy and a true. Know what's truth what would actually have a problem with him being hypocritical -- I cannot do with his beliefs. Well that's it he can only include. And he sighed -- negotiating them have gotten the religious right. And he believed that homosexuality not something to celebrate I don't I don't think there's anything wrong. -- what he's saying is inconsistent. With what he did did try to get a guy who was a convicted felon. And it's very large level back into the National Football League the issue he has inclusion. Appleton guys Ellison has his caucus -- -- is all about her religious belief is all about religions believe it. Michael Vick paid his debt to society. And what went dead as Michael -- have to society. He again. You have not yet. He had he has -- that -- fighting all I'm saying hey this guy we're honestly. Expressing an opinion that he has because of religious beliefs. And you -- take exception to I think we should just accept -- that team appreciate the year that important yet. So Luntz also honesty okay great moral or poorer were we all want to be able to say are true beliefs and not get completely heckled when in passport. That's really not were debating right now OK we understand it I think we're talking about is it hypocritical nature of the statement based on. What he is as a man what so he can be able orderly but Laporte you -- and but I think if your -- And I think if you handle circles with him you kind of know -- we did -- come to know the fact that they got him to save this. I really think you could -- when he finally does come out explain himself. -- you'll have to decide and examine herself plenty. Well does he OK it's not going to be totally smooth dot dot dot things will happen now mental anyone is on he's not a homosexual. And I have IN AV I even have a hard time believing bats. I have a hard time believing that out what I'm trying to try to play devil's advocate or Tony Dungy and trying to figure out away. Like what contacts was he talking about. It is the head coach -- is he just to head coach. And regardless of what the system was what became what he just has this team and he doesn't want to disrupt that he doesn't want a disk rot. The character and personality of that team. Had just take -- is take it for what that's worth his white tee it up like he doesn't want to disrupt it so. Whether it's Tim Tebow whether it's Michael -- he has every right. To say you know I don't wanna you do if they would ghost movie I like the way my team is. I don't want anyone -- but it but isn't at -- That he saying that you should take on the distraction of Michael Vick. Who was public enemy number one in America for multiple months in a row because the dog fighting thing. He was encouraging other teams to take on that distraction. But this distraction. Which is heralded by some in many quarters as a positive. He's not willing to take on. I like the -- at what with the caller said all applaud his honesty. God bless him for being an honest in speaking his mind he's got every right to do what and should be hammered for speaking his mind. But I will rip him for the inconsistency. Because he's being. Patently inconsistent. We don't know the systems owners whose beliefs. Right we we we we we get death that this is a guy that meant there's young children mentored young men. You know in all the troubles in their life. In feels that everybody deserves a chance it -- willing to take on a distraction of a troubled youth are troubled in any form. But yet one child want one young man that has come out and is -- a homosexual to him is not worth that -- everything else it is. If it's any other coach says this. Do you even have this discussion I noticed that does the other coast as the other Coast Guard inside Michael Vick that's my point out -- code is right now he's the -- Dallas Tony Dungy. About Tony Dungy track record in this is about Tony Dungy is biography that's what this is about. It is not about right -- wrong gate religious in my opinion this is about Tony Dungy is by -- Said going from Springfield -- 937. Yeah my willingness it's you know what Tony Dungy it to minister. To Michael they're imprisoned Michael Vick admitted he did wrong at that insults only -- Step out that helped him and I think he told consistent that that's what he does. That Michael stamp. Don't know don't have to listen what about the distraction I would admit what first of all -- what -- that -- to -- have to be repentant about eight and beat. What about inconsistency on the issue of distraction Michael Vick whether he admitted it or not was going to be a massive. Distraction whatever team he signed with. Well maybe he didn't -- quite accurately but I know -- coming from we're coming promised his re route will leaps. -- believe that that is wrong behavior and. But what does it say about torture. Did -- say about torture. Dogs aren't being so they -- to pass the pass now won 61777979837. You can text 37. 937 will get -- -- on at 1 o'clock talked about this. Let's hear from Steve Barkley on this -- come back he was Odessa Callahan this morning its image and comments on the TU. One phone line -- everything else -- jam pack of people want to like about the Michaels and debates or do that 97 going to be it's. -- All I displays only to look all right I am. Qualified to -- is -- -- hands that could have ridden patient and I -- -- Jackie Robinson parrot talk and reason. However one on earth does apply is that there are a lot of teams that -- -- -- -- back in 1940 because. They didn't want to quote quote distraction distraction and they already -- -- -- all kinds of things about him do it distractions. So I don't know what's going on between 2030 years. This Steve but mr. Dennis and Callahan this morning. He was on the guys and coming up later on it's is ziglar promised outs towards -- 1 o'clock to talk about east Tony Dungy Michael -- debate. -- -- you listed names here guys and again this goes back to Tony Dungy is quote about how he would have taken Michaels and he did wanna deal with it meaning the distraction and the media hoopla. Concerning taking a player that late in the draft because he was the first openly gay player to enter the draft and give you some names here. Marvin Harrison DD Dorsey Dominic Rhodes Dexter Reid Michael -- derail read what all those guys haven't comment. David dungy played for John dungy with the colts and had off the field distracting. Incidents. They ran afoul with the law Marvin Harrison was a big one is being investigated for homicide at the end of his time in Indianapolis but. Dungy wasn't quick to. Quick to cut ties with any of those guys based on the distractions. That -- war it's his assessment now. That he wouldn't -- taken Sam. Because he's going to be a distraction late in the draft maybe not all that important component of the team to have all that hoopla surrounding him being around training camp. But we also know that this is all code for I'm saying I wouldn't take him because he's day. Based on the money that he used to fund an opposition group to gay marriage in India. Okay yes I am trying to sit here and think about it and it is it. The thing he's guilty of Kate is just a blocker so yes that's it like nobody is going to. You almost can have -- bet ya right like you can't. Support him being honest and forthright with his opinions. And then be critical of him for being a hypocrite because in actuality. By bites. Talking out of both side of a smile he is a hypocrite. I can look at a coach independently. And say this coaches a valid opinion in a valid point for not really winding draft the seventh round to -- defensive player to bring Amanda happened. Output a circus tent over training camp currencies is not worth -- a coach to say that that's fine but not coach instead look to build its reputation. On. A long path of trying to include and give chances. His whole career was based on the premise that he was given a chance to be at the time a rare minority defensive. Coach the first black coach in Super Bowl history. Had -- bay Buccaneers. I sorted -- I guess I wanted to bomb this I think is a myth colts based on this. This distraction this this circus atmosphere that is going to be going on around St. Louis Rams. I just don't see it. -- as grandiose as most people -- believe. Like it is going to be -- Darius McNeill not programs are really going on what the -- is that there would be camera crew in Saint Louis for training camp from Jack Straw. If Michael -- win there yeah but even that might even that make. Big deal it's like he would like to deal with high school kids -- pop Warner football players who stepped it -- go put out. You know intimacy of a camera -- -- Obama dollar friendly -- It just doesn't exist anymore it's like not a big deal like every team -- deals with their own distractions this is just. It -- -- -- from a different -- play any of that when when Tebow was a freeagent right saying like oh you'll bring a man is distraction you know you're only gonna -- from moment. It's going to be a ESPN's gonna beat -- camp each and every single day you know so there's teams to stayed away from the wanna deal with it. Bill Belichick brought -- many city north is probably perfect fit is bill can handle that -- quiet the media nearly connection put a muzzle on Tim Tebow we can kind of soften it won't be that big of a distraction what Bill Belichick like it was maybe with a New York Jets. Right so we said good fit for Tebow to go to camp. The only thing with me is I'm disappointed because I would of thought felt that Tony Dungy would have been very similar. In the way he -- leader I felt like he was a guy that a mentor got a could have. All would have brought a guy you like Michael Sam draft that a minute seventh round and said you know what. We give this young man a shot to prove he can play in the NFL. Now here what everything else that's going on because I am Tony Dungy and that's where I was kind of looked at him this figured he would be the guy that would actually bring him man. You know and could handle it and be that leader beat that meant to be that head coach ticket deal with it and what he's saying with this right now is that he wouldn't. And that's -- more of a disappointment that's where it's more of molding a coward like I said before that I thought he was more than that. The alleged patron saint of opportunity is now talking about access and yes branding calling from Medford your 937. -- -- -- And that's what a book about -- I mean on all pitchers are and don't let the colts built right dungy I think he's being consistent. I Michael Sam. A home equity doing it against. Countries religion. Michael Vick like he was wrong he chill -- -- -- repent. And like you do if you like. Aren't you didn't go -- him when Michael Vick would continuously -- blog what every day and say okay he's still killing our soul. You can in like problem that way but it Michael -- And stop doing what Tony Dungy in his religion thinks it's wrong -- -- sort don't do what it would welcome him. OK so theoretically -- as -- as if I'm understanding your point here on your point is that the pre draft meetings had Tony Dungy for the sake of argument still been an NFL coach. And he was considering taking Michael Sam if they took him behind the curtain or into the hotel room for their pre draft interview and said Michael would you repent for being gay. And Michael said yes but it would have been located draft him and Tony Dungy is eyes. That's so that they went on yeah I think that that's only thing that is wrong at bat that would send just like chilling -- of the sent an accurate and -- It's okay by. From that religious standpoint he achieved being -- is an abomination. And I understand Michael simple -- -- understand that but. From don't you point of view it will be all were trimmed out that -- player that it yeah but but it. And -- brand and it's it's the inconsistency. Isn't about his beliefs on repenting being consistency isn't about his belief. That you should or shouldn't do something after you committed wrong it's about inclusion. It's about allowing somebody. You have an opportunity that's where the inconsistency he has. 61777979837. Sean calling from Dorchester Shawn you're an -- 37. -- With this phone just glad it was listening or go to China Daschle John -- knighted for seven yeah I had. -- looked so I think personal point doggie is absolutely hypocrite he's given more guy. More chances Allen and others. In this league and any other coach but it politically and legally talk about should people be repenting. -- -- homosexual ridiculous you can't help the question another job in America about someone's sexual preference that religion. Or anything else -- -- it sued for discrimination. What they've got all the I won't -- that but I haven't conversation and I can understand and an -- on opposite. Hesitating to draft him because what it. His senior year walked them on the what you know he's not good enough football player to play in the NFL. And you -- him. Now the sort from the distraction becomes you caught him because. Well that's there's -- Michael sands said Michael Sampson you want to shot misses a shot missed the chance for him to prove that all the pre draft come by and information that he built up to about performers was misleading he can do better. And a I don't make this and if he. Two things are gonna happen this was going to happen other coaches talking about whether they would take -- -- and people would obviously have their opinions. To the St. Louis Rams. If they can't take what they did and if they do eventually have to content which they probably will. There was automatically going to be okay of questions about why Dick -- okay. People never -- people ball down life would be the severity. I expect he should be made to look at he's been on this guy will -- even mostly because he was gay. Buying -- and -- that I'm not buying into one bit of it. Michael -- gonna make this team for one reason only if you can play special team that's the only way he's going to make this team. It was last everyone who's who's a football fan is that seventh round draft picks. It's slim chance they make -- team they are picked seventh for a reason. They were able to play to your point Tim look at his pre draft grade before the comments say oh okay. Third round pick. Okay no watches film no one knew knew about college football but he got three sacks against Arkansas State three sacks of -- And at three against Florida and then have another one point six gains. So there it was easier for your arm out NEC is comp line you see a run. And you you -- you have to laugh at how slow he is and how out of shape is and how week is at any questions about how the hell. Did this guy become the SEC. The -- the player of the year -- MIT report talking about Zach Thomas what is the southwestern conference defensive player of the year. Yes it's tough apricot I don't color yes I understand that being out of the southwest conference -- -- -- different brand of football. And at SEC which is not these big giant defense -- tackled that grade well. That test well -- jump out of the gym that match press the bad press all the which you have an air. And brought up or five -- up or three as a -- at the tackle -- -- pounds but it -- it makes sense of finally start to be some. You know some some clarity on what was real what was. The united because there's -- -- point because this is the world we live -- If Saint Louis does cut Michael Sam -- there will be stories right people already have the stories written. Like you said most are probably maybe going to know what the NFL at all you know barbarian -- play. But they'll have the story ready at that was the reason why he was cut. It just does seem -- you know the SEC player of the year like you said you would nine sacks right in those three games and this previously frigate amount. Usually Iran releases the SEC and is the best conference in the country. If your first team all SEC you agree you're going to be an NFL player. I mean I zip -- And go back and look at all the FCC first team policy players and see how many of those guys playing NFL beat if you're just an upper tier. Player and SEC -- the guy's got a home. And didn't yelled at Columbine itself going into combines a late third round dropped to barely drafted. In the Columbine really do that to a player that's -- well Zach Thomas is still looking at film. Write it and and before the Columbine even happen all these NFL scouts of pre draft everybody you name milk represented a look at that film -- players. And I'm sure the SEC player of the had to look at film as well this okay. He's not an -- pick a most NFC is SEC defensive players the are. But he is gonna be late third round pick you go to a Columbine. And be slower than what they saw on tape or week and what they saw a tape and dropped to barely drafted. That she seems a little -- And I -- out how it might may accent in my show when I talk to the Michael -- thinking not a had a late third. Late third. Back com line to me bumps you down to fit. Six doesn't bump you -- I drag out I disagree my nephew. Who plays of the alliance was a pre draft. Top three tied and did not get drafted. Did not didn't have terrible number I -- little different than now it to -- talking about passing you're talking about now you're about. People have issues with its whatever your personality like his issue was he goofed around too much he was too tall. We're not taking anyone -- over 66 -- all of these things -- That bill on after the season when he was going to the Senior Bowl. And he was just starting to look at these players he was you have your skeptical out a deal the late work on the ground work and they get the numbers they get that. You know the heart of hearts the physical information height weight. It atop the coaches and then the real war starts and the coaching -- well listen I don't like this point that it has little to do that if you do become. Was it just it was only was he was it was it was. As like -- like world umpire but he didn't you know crap the bed either I mean for his size and his speed he had good combine. But there was there was something else that was missing. As a -- is going on about why not getting drafted -- he'd drop so he missiles via third best tight end. Everybody got it wrong or what's the war one of the rumors going around the league about him because. You'll assume it had to be something. And it and I figured out it was once like talk to yells it's a topic scalp I figured out what is she won. So. You know the blind guy you can sit there and make accusations and trying to figure out -- because it was game there is no way should drop that much. But you don't know it was a problem and you don't know where at least this team is going -- with -- gets more people want to like about the Mike. -- -- Tony Dungy debate because it's definitely touched a nerve or have that for you next stick around four and one of Christians -- -- draft choices are off to bad starts say who is what happened on yesterday this is 937 to be.

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