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Red Sox face uphill battle, but keep Sox Nation interested with offensive surge, 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

The Sox exploded for 14 runs against Toronto and got home runs from Stephen Drew, Mike Napoli, and 2 from David Ortiz. 7.5 games out of first place seems too big of a mountain to climb, but the Boston Herald's John Tomase reminds fans that the division is terrible, and will likely be won by a team with less than 90 wins.

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Advances and that's what has all over the Red Sox whether they're straight they make -- 809. I'm -- the Red Sox are playing as well as they are right now I just hope for their sake. That once they leave Toronto regardless of how things go from here there is the seriousness of blue jays they take -- train. And if you guys saw this -- before we get on the candidate has the story came out from Canada that the Air Canada plane was the latest claim to have problems mayday -- made it -- managed to land all right in Toronto. We pick up The Herald they've got the one pilot -- Selena heroin on the comment it. Well hello all. He really slinging heroin or heroin he slinging heroin. We do its arm bright matte hair but it Summers who -- who's with him there's a false May Day on an Air Canada flight landing in Toronto the thing -- Apparently now they're rerouting the planes. That they're not to go through that area of the Ukrainian -- is it safer to go over Syria. We just train everywhere don't fly anywhere. That's what I take it away from the last 72 hours -- -- in the train sort of like just an easy. For me on a train. -- New York durable okay how easy is that does it role models not and they don't let anybody else and. I'm by the time you roll into an airport like an hour and a half early bags get your bags everything else. Point five minute flight to New York City to jump monetary yeah -- fifteen minutes what takes off. When it's going to go to bed and you walk off we either thank you. -- Well Dave Ortiz apparently has his bags packed for Jamaica where he'll be hotter than August and I guess he's following through on what he promised guys with two home runs last night and the entire offense. Blows up and even Stephen Drew Stevens true. A Sawyer tweet yesterday Lou somebody who's tweeting to you about how hot Stephen Drew was getting I just adjust to the shortstop have a good night yeah Stephen Drew -- -- usually a lot about it. She'll have a your -- will bring the governor ignited the tablet not like he couldn't read the crap we. How much does it. -- mistress is just that simple. You know it started withdrew with that after obviously the RBI single in the bomb and then a good -- that walker just with the -- -- -- to have a good night that it wanna say to rule. Is that it would just you know people -- have waited and the last three months now -- -- is good yes that's -- do. Would you proposal for five with five punch out you don't hear from the when he goes two for two with a walk and four RBIs and a bomb then you probably gonna get -- weak from sorry that's just the way it is but then Bogart's. Rip that single to right field as well -- Third -- seven goodnight and then Jackie within a double -- you know what let's just keep up the trend. Sox center field is -- a good night as well he stays hot. It just that's all -- about being honest. Honest actually I actually was I think -- Ortiz is over to his first at bats. I actually wanted to him to go -- for again I'd just because I wanted to hear. What he would say afterwards that it worked out from congratulates them happy for -- Partly wanted to impetus to be the gets dumped. So -- -- -- -- Pedroia and take care Pedroia ended up taking an -- had to carry that mantle for carry that cross border. And it tore up her perform -- Ortiz grows. What about the Lesnar Brock pulled out -- surprise me I'm in today and you didn't have he brought cold catch in right field is your screens -- is a -- the plane over and over and over my man disk you know. Well ever guys who were backing and you don't. The -- sweet Lou yes Stephen Drew I'll just say he's got a nice but as we deal. Millions it ended about times that is. It's but at the same time it's like there's so many games it's been so bad it's that -- as Johnny goes to say it's an up and down -- -- -- it's like a roller coaster. -- to O'Leary motion that the marathon not a sprint. But yeah that goes as you know look for him but at the same time out. Internally I want -- to see a skunk I want to see well well well we're not that the plane has imported or to make yet so so I'm not really ready to. Go -- -- eat right now wanna settle in with the heat I'll be all that crap I got to -- my time I wasn't and Dion air strike ski. Is that of its return games walked from the club busted dug out Ortiz told me feels good to beat Toronto. As I asked wise response was you'll see. -- after second home run through that thing out so. David Ortiz he likes he raised our editors don't have to be in Toronto on my god all just gotta love that place that's second -- the -- We necessary that second -- at Fenway that is a can of crap ranked at Fenway Park really. And right field becoming in these might not admit the warning track at Fenway Park that's -- they can't of crap only said it's a bomb in Nelson Ortiz on fire again. The -- the TV broadcaster talking about the condos being built around that park. Will they and then how it changed the wind currents was up for the good -- for the bad because it's likely that is still flying out there is there is their roof retractable I know anemic it's good yeah throwback player. Does the -- -- ethic the ball trials actually better when the group -- closed and that it does when it's open but it's still a beautiful park to hit that in this -- You know the concerns with with David Ortiz coming out of the break return as always it's it's like the first week of the season. They're always gonna beat you guys that come out of the first week of the season you know threw for 21 in August say what is going on with this guy is it's all small samples. The all star break is another one is we talked so much about your start here right. And this guy since the all star break -- of that guy since the all star break. Because this again now stuff for the first week out of the break. It's you know David Ortiz one for seventeen hour we will read in this last night as the reasons why -- -- not really worried about David because -- -- averages down. But the man is still on pace for. I don't 35 and a 110. -- shouldn't even if he's at 215. Dual roles on this team. You know I don't expect power from -- call but we're getting is unbelievable. From -- An unbelievable rate but David Ortiz in the full -- formal. I want the pop. I want the home run. Midway rather have it 300 -- at the last couple years yes. But as long as he's -- -- to fifty with fifteen home runs and 42 RBIs that I'd be concerned but he's not the power -- production is still there. But John to -- did a nice job in the Boston Herald summing up would just about all of us are feeling as a relates the Red Sox right now let me give you -- from his story. Repeat after me the mountains too steep the mountains to Steve and the mountains to. I mean it's too steep right. Let's maintain objectivity and respect historical precedent and acknowledged the Matt doesn't work the Red Sox can't possibly LeapFrog the entire American League. -- reach the playoffs the next 63 games. And they not about mr. -- it's Everest is littered with frozen corpses of these foolish enough to attempt the climates. Here's I think if you -- us and exports and a one thrashing of the Toronto Blue Jays the same blue jays that led the pales by six games on June the sixth. And the Red Sox by ten games three days later and crazy thoughts seep into your mind the Sox should be cut in virtually any of the year they would be. In which case they're winning eight of nine -- last place that wouldn't even register but this isn't any other year not in the AL east. The champ of this -- mediocre division probably won't finish with you with a ninety wins which hasn't happened since the Yankees in 2000 when they claim the crown. With 87. I think that crystallizes what a lot of us are going through and this is the point that I can bring up for a couple weeks now -- couldn't if your bench Harrington completely cashing in all your chips would use that remain on the season. And start to push them on the table for other people to trade for at the deadline until they got through this stretch. At the all star break -- these divisional follows. Would you want at your bank charity and if you're deciding what are gonna be a buyer or seller what you want it isn't it easier I guess for you to do your job it's black and white yes it would -- easier for great. So now you've been debating this we've been debating this answer -- also what to do you remember hootie and are we gonna make around for got to make a run it can be bring in it or not and who can we get rid of but not just completely mortgage our future prospects. -- that tough situation because you. You're not. Really out of it I think AAR. So and you guys. -- -- an optimist though you I think I broke you you sit there alchemy the plants which -- Pope. Mean this is still false hope this is a fun ride this is entertaining baseball. This is what you can do it in two. Because you don't you hate you hate anybody on this team anymore is there any guy on this team you don't like. Personally -- not just. And just let me know what I mean there's other declared Null Null value what you look like -- it is a likable team even wonder even when they're struggling still like them so. It's easy to have hope it's easy to back them it's easy not to give up on them. While I'm telling you there is no hope I'm telling you that it's also tell you. Did you forget about the first half the season I know. I note an up and down season I know it's it's they've all played -- they displayed that is slander hundredth game out of 62 left. It's a -- when you like a team and when you and you like the personality. And the other -- that old college try and nobody really going out of line growth in the right things. It's easy to like this team it's easy to believe that there is hope my thing is that there isn't any but OK it's good baseball fun. What is go back to say opening day and think what what do I think of this division and there's certain things they still feel the same wind. I felt their rotation I looked at Tampa Bay into Tampa Bay probably top to bottom as a better rotation because of that 34 area. But I just I I believed in kind of their guys maybe more. And I think their rotation with healthy and we'll see if it is going to be maybe forced to trade David Price in May be not to continue this -- they do in the off season. But I still think that the Red Sox rotation is right there with Japanese division. -- better better than Baltimore better than new open in Toronto still I still think they have the best bullpen. In this division. Okay. So I talk a best pitching best ball up the offense is where it just collapsed. The offense is just up and it just if there a middle of the pack in the fighting is Valassis our tweet went from -- 26 in baseball fifteenth in one night. Right but it does it feel like they're middle packed. Because of ethic their milk packed a proud to be in this thing. I still feel NFL and before that one in six home stand at one point right. That they were the best most well rounded team but at some point it just sit there and say it's just not gonna happen -- the -- just isn't gonna come through. But even today you look at and say I don't know off the map is gonna work. I don't know the game's gonna run on all of them but I still think -- the better and what most well rounded team in that division. Maybe Baltimore up and put Baltimore they beat everybody else know. The better that's a better team that Toronto team and although without commercial and land but again early that first up we talked about right busy burial before. Busy area before and after that second half -- done in New York OCC -- to knock out there -- their fallen through as well. So do I think that there -- It better team than teams that division yes but as the time running out that that's gonna be the only case seat about why that team believes that they can still do this. And and and we brought this up yesterday and this is the point -- solace article K we were obviously on to something because. We were looking -- I thought everybody was looking at the wrong way we're looking at OK can they get the 92 when's the last five years the wild card team has had. 92 wins that order to so you're looking at the schedule going. There's no way. They're gonna be able to win that many games to get to 92 and I just gave the numbers about how hard it is to win the division without getting denied yet -- so yes there we said OK I don't think about it as ninety to the divisions weaker. All the teams aren't as good there's lots of injuries everybody's going through some some issues so don't look at -- 92. That 85. If you can get 85. Then OK you're now mixed now are now being seriously enough. You're not yet but now okay it's at Sotheby's some crazy pipe dream. You can see -- could possibly happen but boy is the biggest the biggest difference between now over this what does eight of the last nine. And the tank game losing streak and the up and down up and down winning and losing. Oh while they are just going through the steal this I guess growth -- I should call. -- what you think Tim what what do what was the biggest difference three now. And before the break it would have been the biggest difference in this team. Want to start to get better before the break but your time now before this when he stretch ballots in the line yeah I think the fact that. Guts of the lineup is now being balanced out by the fact the back in the lineup is and hinder five and there have been times when the guts of the lineup have been down. The classic example being the most recent game at Fenway assert two games ago at Fenway where that. Last re hitters in the lineup carried the team -- hopefully David and the -- did nothing Pedroia get your it Pedroia and David did outline. And they do great right now I think they've stretched out the lineup a little bit that's. Mean that the nets and -- we always talk about the young kids write -- bottom of that lineup we should put on them which put on 34. I just -- three -- gonna be there they might have down years for themselves but they still gonna be productive now we and in the -- a little bit. But I think Ortiz is still going to be their Napoli still going to be there what we're seeing is 526529. Or six through nine depending where Napoli hits. You know Bogart's. Last night a beast but struggle last night look good but I would put him in a class less than the first time really saw that. Jackie Bradley spent on fire Daniel Nava has been on fire Stephen Drew the last week or -- been hit the ball well. Christian Vasquez is giving a little spark offensively sets and games and defense to be doing a nice job -- baseball. So you don't have that black hole on the bottom there or not only. Rallies being started the bottom of the order but they're finishing rallies by knocking guys in and to me that's. That's the biggest difference that's what was missed the first two months there was a black hole in five through nine for the first two months two and a half months of the season. 6177797983. Senators -- John -- -- after the game. You know as always we felt it. Even that much more clear coming out of the series against the White Sox blow a couple of ball games -- they'd give us some momentum going and Houston. You know even in there and -- too down on Houston we were swinging the -- away from. Don't win there as well. And has continued as -- come out of the break so. Guys -- playing those guys are playing confident. And we're playing to the capabilities I think over the stretch that. We felt would be in the case throughout the course of the year. -- Christian here's where I think you're right what you've been talking about. When it comes the math when it comes the numbers the Red Sox can't overcome to get into the playoffs and even appointed John Hamas was writing an article there about not being too steep. This makes it very hard. On bench Arrington because not to say for the sake of argument say it was picks up the phones as I know we couldn't get -- on -- before the break and look I know you guys are kind of back in -- now on you've been playing really well of late sell. Working up the ante -- deviate too prospects -- -- -- you -- this prospect you asked for and we said -- about first for -- That makes it hard -- sharing to now because neither cook with gas and now looks like they're bailing when there's an opportunity there that makes it hard on him. I think it's sold. Difficult to weed for all these teams to get back into the playoff mix by the end of the regular season or win the division. That'd be huge offer comes along for -- a great offer comes along for Gomes that they weren't expecting. Yes you still make the move. Yes. Sure you make that those guys you make the move would don't -- make the movement with wouldn't mind greatness the only thing right do you even. OK so if you if you lose peavy and so sure -- you -- can bring in a Workman and dale -- now there they're there in the rotation every day you know and it Gomes visible some guys Grady gets lefties right. So anytime you can't find somebody did to him to take over that production. You know wanted to got to get you don't carry that load I think -- by reporters this theoretical discussion between false hope and cautious optimism. That's -- that theoretical discussion has some real reality over -- necessary. And winning eight out of nine has changed the mindset of a lot of people we -- in the front office on the team everything fan base whatever you want some things. Things have changed. You know so if you look at it guys an offense to guys that -- guys that peavy he's a you can replace them. But -- still. Down the stretch as a five as a fifth starter is probably better than Workman. I know people kind of loved workmen they don't like workmen on offense and -- but. You know what you are getting -- record doesn't really show he'll have that one game which by evidence five runs and that's why that he -- is what it is. Up they'll come back -- six and two thirds to it two runs in just a loose the game right that but he's been given yeah outings. Johnny gold still -- lefties. And he stood at that kind of presence in the locker room. He's probably more valuable on this team this year but at a future but this year and -- -- -- so I think those two guys are more valuable for this team. But the stock it but Jerry did that at a crossroads and this is like a bad scenario of them winning eight out of nine I think you're. And losing out on the prospects you can get repeating Gomes of the goal great and what you can get repeating Gomes. I think what you that he would -- let you determine value for gadget guy he's they would would almost be like a salary dumping you might miss out on you know. At a ball player that may never get to the big please don't think -- get an answer for him or Jonny Gomes what are you gonna get for Jonny Gomes I don't think you go to. You'll lose out on future players that can help this team out impact guys by holding -- -- them. Did you gotta put the value on how valuable is that. Of us make in his run right now and -- to sort of atmosphere with these games are big. -- something to play for reach every night the experience Saddam giving a guy for Christian baskets to play in those games. The experience of Jackie Bradley playing those games brought -- the plane those games we noble -- has but dealer Rosa -- a big game in Yankee Stadium you know it. That experience is extremely valuable maybe more valuable. That he salary dump on those two guys and a and a prospect that may never get to the big leagues that that's. To be -- it was a bad that it is exactly what they want they wanna play meaningful game. So case out some sodas -- -- the draw a line in the sand and say OK I'm -- going forward or I'm not going to -- you -- -- Okay because I think there's a big cities did -- for the all star break of the blindness and being we have to be within this amounted games by the time. August particulars there's this risk right that we've already given an app for the first half of the season right I -- but the miners thank you gave -- -- -- game -- -- -- Him but isn't there some point in the season -- right now. Where you have to say okay. If I screw up again if I decide to ban on goal for this went right I see I've done the math 62 games leprosy New Yorkers do when -- see what Baltimore's -- -- Played great right now where we're winning these close games and that was the difference -- my earlier question do you think we're winning these close games there was a point where they had lost. A twenty. One -- games. And now they're winning these close games now -- -- they're winning five and 45 before a walk off two nights in a row five of four or three. Other lost the two to three against Houston with which they've they were in that game Dakota won that game. -- to go back to two to one and five of organ and -- -- growth. That's been the biggest difference timely hitting in critical times. You look at last at their game in its second and third two outs. Any one run aborted Vasquez is up. Any -- that'll infield hit. You know scored another run those those -- weren't there you know it was a beautiful elite league that you whatever you scored a run but those -- were there and in the point of about people mentioning. Peavy Stephen Drew another name now goes to a particular. Once you get past July 31 trade deadline right in Egypt and the waiver wire trade deadline where people got to clear waivers north betrayed them. The people the clear waivers. To get traded on the ones that are high priced -- all the -- slowly value not a lot of money for the rest of the season. Like peavy is thirteen million Andrews ten million dollars in the you know so once you get past this if you buy yourself some more time. In Johnny's doesn't have that much left when you buy some more time. You could deal those guys. Need to put him out there and waiver claims if you just look at the dump. To clear space. Forbes in a bogus maybe to go back to short or print work and get a rotation you put him out there and waivers a team claims him. And you can either -- just walked. Right to free up the money just you can have a if you claim you can have a because I don't really care what again return. All I really wanna do with the ball got too short and Workman rotation. To those two guys that particular even Jonny Gomes you can take him -- because all I really want is to put rookie bats in the big leagues. Those three guys in particular because you have guys that can step in the you may wanna see. Come straight after the trade deadline. It can just walk you can just send them on somewhere try to get some that return what claims -- -- back and it worked at a trade so. Those three particular you don't need to do anything before a deadline not before a lot of it you wanna try to deal a coach you and Andrew Milligan a lot return. Those guys I think are off the books right now you can't did that this don't come after them. As a sports awareness you're Tommy at the same team that -- wanna pay an additional two to three million for Jon Lester over Cole Hamels is going to pay whatever the remainder Steve injures salary and Jake -- salary -- between now on carriers you don't you claim and you get the salary. Don't know I know but I'm silly if the ideal or to be to not trade them or dump their salaries they're willing to hold on their salaries from now until whenever. Is there and it does there and it yeah this victory and it is not the longest such a fine line with as I'm going to spot that this team was put them in. Because the first three months that if they lose the next three games up in Toronto. -- Baltimore went on how you started in -- rate every week we have a different discussion is all the sudden I attended a half games out your eleven games out of this video so. That that's how fine it is. But if your venture to you know watch each and every nine just continue this run. Six or 77797983701. Guy who isn't enjoying this run is Dustin Pedroia will tell you may be why next week come back and had a threesome and Iberia.

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