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Producer's Podcast with Julian Edlow 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

This week, Sam Packard and Zach Geld talk about the Post-Pierzynski Red Sox. Julian Edlow of the Green Street Blog, joins the program to analyze the Celtics off-season, and finally an over-eager discussion of fantasy football.

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You'll soon we'll prove fruitful. I can't fight the. I would -- tell you. Here -- sit down Tucker. Drew -- is the cornerstone. The -- to be bored to crazy down. -- -- -- Welcome welcome episode five I believe of the freedom did -- in gas. Hi I'm alive. No -- five. -- five. I think at my password for everything. It's like first hey I am in the unanimously -- 55 Nomar. Judea and oh yeah. Being like seven years old and having. CD you know mark them up he's his personal here. Half. Yet that the glove a glove publish -- -- definitely imagine Little League every single kid as. Just like toe tapping at the game took forever the grown up an army. We have. Cardinals fans. Not too many animated batting stances from the cardinals weren't the best fans in baseball as this was a little -- agreement that other investment. Wars. But they are pretty good fans. Give this kind of sports city that being said they're the worst but they are the best things in -- Give them some like that. All right speaking of baseball the Red Sox. You -- dead in the water for the longest time fifteen out twelve. Double digits out. Now they're winners of their last eight of their last nine -- of 96. RO. Last night yeah last night they scored fourteen runs against the blue jays in the month of June they scored fourteen runs. It's absolutely absurd -- for home run game of the year. It -- hit two dinners brought colts making a meeting on the aging amazing catches -- in an entry in words -- apple if guns. You can't even explain -- holes without making up where it's because he has been ridiculous that -- He's just an unbelievable came out of nowhere fantastic. But really what I wanna talk about them podcast is this winning streak directly corresponds. With the Red Sox cut in -- the departure. Of the most -- is the man in baseball. -- -- He literally my least favorite place when he was on the White Sox in inner divisional foe with Mike Cleveland Indians. Can't stand him he but my problem is. If this winning streak is actually at all connected to him leaving. Does that make the Red Sox and the like mentally weakest team do you think it is you think that's what spurred this winning streak. I think it's. Coincidence entirely I think a bunch of people started hitting but. There's going to be the story line you know there's going to be eighteen more articles coming up this year. -- AJ is on the clubhouse as much happier these boys like each other typical red -- fashion. Actually Nancy walks out the door but it's -- if you're a Major League Baseball team and you can't deal with -- wonder. Jerk in the clubhouse. That's absurd. Absolutely able to hit who do you blame for that -- fair offer potentially led team that. That negative attitude appears in -- bring down on the team I blame each of individual player for not -- Strong enough to deal with one a mean guy in the coldness. But you haven't dealt with someone you don't like it disrupts your entire workplace environment. If one -- on -- iPad. It's not like he was outwardly being a Dick. It was just like he was sitting alone is like that I'd playing candy trudged just naturally this here's question what do you think AJ Pierzynski has been doing for the past nine games watching the Red Sox win. Just collecting money -- and home so yep but I probably talking to fox again to get back on there. I would like to imagine him drinking alone. In like. His own AV room in his basement and just watching highlights of himself and brawls like that like him punching Michael Barrett in the face we had former head of the just bad only -- just him just frequently those wishing for a while yeah. Added I had it all out. He has to bring him. Winning. -- yes Red Sox on and quite the winning streak right now looking and looking like they might have a chance the pitch team has been solid all year and nothing strange there which is -- back to finally come on Stephen Drew. Hitting three run home run last time -- -- Bogart's played in terrible for the past month. At three hits last night you know he moved to third base that's the target there's another there's another stupid coincidence. So they have a chance I mean. That looks like them from. They have a chance that second wildcard it looks like the mayor's. If they acquire. David Price from. But -- team today from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays the Devil Rays armored cavalry if they look like a lock for the first wildcard. Now first -- it's going to be even angels are -- notes that's. -- completely right I forgot about the aids existed at the achievement but the angels had a division so it's going to be a real challenge for got the best team based on existed yeah. They're only their only lead in the league in ERA and -- going and I don't care about stats they're entire stadium is filled sewage okay that's not anymore -- Not anymore I don't disagree that they have. Arguably one of the worst stadiums in the league it's just their plane -- there's just proof. There are properly field advantage is not there -- that and -- oath that visitors and that's crafty Billy -- really can't talk about money relative. I mean he's not messing around he really. Does whatever it takes for his team win. I mean -- that takes putting in the opponent and crap. How do it it's like Jonah Hill the as the effect guy who works in his office who. You know Jonah Hill played one of his assistants and money ball yes so just at least say Jonah Hill had a fat guy in his office. I'm sure he's had a -- it was the fact you have wants your check yet he just has that effect -- -- in the visitors dugout that's the unit that's doing that exactly that's cluster teacher. Again they got from Cleveland and alike that they got him from Cleveland. Makes -- extreme yet Cleveland could have been a good team ones may be and where. It passed a Carmona once -- -- fest and hello Roberto Hernandez. Beauty of the artist formerly known as faster car faster permanent change his name. Fausto Carmona wasn't his real mine you'd never heard that doable if you like it was like the he stole someone's identity to be younger engage in the manner that's all him and who is the former Marlins closer. We you know who something and or something and even the same thing -- busted for asked us to be appear younger. Ruled to be able to obtain Mike of these say it again and the states I think -- -- -- a lot of them do it. Yeah very very common date her Jesus it's 49 years old which just makes everything more impressed even more -- absolutely is yeah there's no way he's that they actually aides that he claims to be. None of them got now. But back the Red Sox. With the angels mariners looking like they're gonna have -- -- wild card it's gonna be I wouldn't say -- necessary the Mariners -- to get David Price and yes I put as the favorite to be the second wild -- -- now there -- a lot of teams right around and their I think -- five teams have been two and a half games and not one of them is the Red Sox though the Red -- overtake all of those teams -- -- got a lot of work what do you -- daunting -- they're playing really well right now good ball what do you think you've figured keep it going. -- is this just a flash in -- -- I think they have a chance of keeping going but they're gonna have to have a crazy crazy two months like. Oakland days of yesteryear when they won twenty games in a row they're gonna have to do that probably like twice. There tortillas -- are twice stopping only heavily. Thirty year like 4050 and laughed yet so the corporate. Really have to play well. I don't think they ever real. Actual chance but it's gonna be interest in and they're gonna have people in the seats. People love it is now played kids people all they really care about now I think -- trying to fill that fill the stands. And generate excitement for next year I think the real biggest thing is they got to re sign Lester and who knows if that'll happen every instinct -- think if he gets to free agency he's gone. But I think -- mark -- down I'll save this part where do you think what's happening in on July 8 twenty. Second I believe this but today is. What do you think's gonna happen to -- last page he's gonna get to free agency. The Red Sox are then going to actually give them -- legitimacy undershirt to free agency. Ten days after the season hands he will because that's the Smart thing to do -- agent's perspective but he clearly wants me back. The Red Sox are gonna realize hey we can't. Just move on without Jon -- they're gonna overpay him. So what cannot -- kind of contract entering him. I don't think they -- never gonna go about five years but I don't think they really think they will go to the fifth year and that's what seems to be -- -- back I think this year I think they have to eventually. I think they're gonna realize that we just can't move on without Jon Lester he's entering the Cy Young conversation. Just in the court of public opinion if you let your Cy Young pitcher ago. And especially he could definitely to -- to the Yankees just not gonna go for well there eventually gonna pay him there just. Playing hardball it's -- negotiation tactics. Yeah we my and I know change in tactics but I it's another GM around the Boston area just made a signing in with. Evan Turner come into the Celtics used to actually be a big Evan Turner. Why is that I'm -- he was from Ohio State used to be a big buckeye fans I think that's what contributed to -- but I think he's that solid number two point guard. And could point guard shooting guard he can he can. Be either guard and now we have guest with us Julian at Lowe from WE he has green streak in Celtics life. Julian -- do today -- got -- -- you know fantastic off wolf of course the newest news we have is celtics' surprising. Surprising signing of Evan Turner believed dead spin described him as a wet fart what do you okay what is your reaction to the Celtics and in. Well I mean obviously the Celtics needed another wing right. Yeah not enough from the -- are enough. I mean. It's really. Curious as to what it means is doing with this rocker arm. He's just sort of. Collecting anything he can -- to get its hands on it being great. So. This have to be some sort of starting at. Lead. A trade of some sort down the road -- How could this Celtics start the season which of these kinda -- players and guards they have on the current roster. Maybe what -- I heard that Ainge. Had to -- from to a deal with terror. My first two reactions were warned. That. Really am I'm starting to lose no further for this season. Every move -- -- is kind of looking towards the summer of 2015. And go from there. And your standards seeing what he can get -- -- -- until -- and to do. And inserted into it. Perfect perfect -- -- Bret -- bill -- happened and what stern lecture circuit. And just keep adding to the part of just either former number -- rocket district's music and the it is that he can. Really -- his value which. Why -- much higher when he was in -- last year in Elkhart Indiana. In particular attitude as the air be turned into more. Like he said they clearly don't need to many more wing players and you're looking -- for. When he fifteenth so how do you see a working out with Bradley Rondo Smart and now turner. It's going to be assisting. Who knows where the -- second ago the only player on the roster that is really. Guaranteed a row is we know that -- is going to be the starting point guard he's going to be a leader dean. If you wanna break it down from there. Bradley is the most likely suspects two are started the our guard -- that was -- all -- healthy last year. And I don't believe that they've added into the roster that would take that role away from him. Evan Turner is it's easier to its two year history that's kind of up for interpretation. Could see he's certainly gonna take minutes from Bradley from Jeff Green you would assume. So. It's going to be turned -- I actually like it might be in nightly basis I think as to who's gonna play and then. -- -- that you know ease Marcus Martin James -- -- are pretty in. I'd be surprised -- -- at any series and its its earnings in the paper are now. And then you have you know Marcus Gordon added to the -- expired contract. Is he just gonna play the year out in Boston and then they'll send them on his way or they are trying duke in -- Stir up his value and try to move is expiring before the deadline. It's going to be interesting and my guess is good -- -- out is that true where the minutes are gonna go in a year backcourt. All right speaking of kind of playing time are all these guys is kind of playing for their. For their features -- mean is that does everyone expect to be treated. Could anyone on this roster -- -- go at any moment. Passing it to good question it's certainly feel that and you know. There's a lot of guys on this team -- -- have a lot to prove so it's you know right. They're gonna be. Not only playing for or the team playing for themselves a lot of active contract years there's a lot guys and Alex turner who are. I mean is Paris barriers that have been lower so you can use your two year deal which -- could be. You know you gonna be playing forward a much bigger contract next time around. So. In the Eastern Conference. You really. Think that even though the late free agency has gone so far not quite as one sided it last year where there's water -- seen. But even so he is you know nowhere close to conduct to a western conference's. This team can compete with anybody in the Eastern Conference our nightly basis which is scary you never know where they can end up there. If I had to get our state. The roster holds an -- fifteen guys that currently have guarantee contracts. It's. Going to be a another long season. Are so -- all these players. Kind of the speculation the biggest question is the -- where is the so what are the Celtics gonna do with -- Rondo. And everyone seems resigned to the fact that if they don't really bring in the star like love which looks like they're not gonna do. Are the gonna trade him Jackie McMullen was on last week saying they are probably to treat him. And I've just kind of curious why is that have to be the solution is resigning him completely. Not an option I mean if we signed him for Max contract now you try to could get high value in the cap goes up in two years for that country. -- certainly keeping his options open. Speed Rondo is obviously he's still here and he's been saying all the right things that -- seen in about arrow keys would like to stay here every year so much trust in change. So these are looks good on the surface. What I would assume -- is trying to do is leave leave the -- open as long as long as he and up until. Kevin Love is. Garden whether these as the warriors wherever he may learn and I think he's trying to keep that option open a ten game with -- And that goes for anything else because that could happen if he's never know who was at the start could. Be made available before the February deadline. So it means -- there. Lock out into another. Tibetans -- are Nazis in this would obviously be in season that kind of a similar situation where he can. Kind of grains and start -- you're. With Rondo. That that's the effect this week -- so I think -- you would prefer to do. Now that doesn't happen by the deadline. And you you have a much bigger decision are you willing. Let -- walked effects would he choose to do are you in -- throw money at him without. Much other star power here play alongside him. I tend to think that you need to go one way or the other EU. Can -- pair Rondo and bring -- more starts. And then you'd need to go young go the complete direction. So -- your question about resigning Rondo. And alone. Big move for the 2016 -- in -- you act of war while. To put this in contention if there's nobody here -- under -- we're. You can have better options as -- where he wants to go play. And I think Angel are better options are out to spend his money. Older -- of that cargo Carter -- the you know 45 years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talking with Julian hello contrary are free EE his green street and Celtics left a -- question for you Julian from that you go. Have been. Seems like the only person in a part of the Celtics that is for sure gonna be there in the near future is the head Coach Brad Stevens. Having been there for a year now what were your thoughts when they first brought him man as a college coach in what do you think of it now a year later into the job. I'd love deciding when what happened last summer are -- I caught everybody by surprise imperatives. Egypt's twitters that are no secrets and that nobody knew that that was happening actually you know which. That was impresses. I I'd still like him very much -- he did a good job its first season. Obviously we don't know he wasn't given much to work which you've had a broken down Rondo free you know the last. Have shattered that he's in whatever you call it. Brad are things that you go to there. He -- good at getting the most out of his young players and at -- are with him coming from the college level up the NBA level coaching. And the very geared. -- year. So I think he. You understand -- basketball he's not the cracked the code that is gonna Warner you know dump the ball down one player in isolation or gain. You know he looks her -- to get out and run it looks at the Barlow is moving. We which is nicely so the spurs were able to accomplish in India our -- and release speak to the geek who. We came in without superstars in basketball they -- so. Oaxley. Hopefully Stephens and send them and that certain direction and have them playing the kind of basketball that result from the spurs this season. All right that was it. Julian heavily can follow him on Twitter at -- in though he writes for WB I dot com's salt are green street blog any race for Celtics let Doug Thomas two -- -- -- check in as. Once again as the season approaches to thank you. -- No problem I was Julian and blow contributors TE EI Greene streets and Celtics life. So basically what I got from that is the 2015. Celtics' season is the biggest mystery in sports like absolutely keep either -- heat in the atop the east or they can -- lottery team. If I was got out of I know this is not like hard hitting analysis that this is how I per how I think about it. Was -- NBA two K why do you you're gonna get -- to get a Q did you see him to the trade deadline and you see where you can get your pieces. And then -- the rest of the season I personally think they should -- -- I think he's the best player on the team they can give him the Max now. You saw Carmelo Anthony returned to the knicks because he believed in what Phil Jackson was -- talking about region. I think what I master. I think Rondo has the same kind of belief in -- agent thinks -- and Stevens are big fans of Rondo my questions do you think Rondo could be. -- -- -- figure out -- -- do you think Rondo can be the best player on a championship team. Yes see answers now I think he can be the best player he can't be the best score a I think you obviously he's never going to be but I think our -- innocent but I think he brings so much value as a distributor and playmaker that he could be the best player you just need. The right pieces around him there's people talk Jeff Goodman of espn.com who hates Rondo. And we'll take any opportunity to basically crap all over him said free agents don't wanna come here because of Rondo I think that's -- I think the people notice that Rondo is talented -- cousins said the other day that -- is the best point guard in the league. I think people wanna come play with him I think Jeff Goodman just like had -- to steal the sandwich or something like that once -- as a personal and are there any non Kentucky players that -- around as the best -- -- only I don't know I haven't pulled the league of nine Kentucky are certainly did but I I didn't why not. He's a good point guard. Gainey into the Smart GM -- gonna have cap room out -- -- at the end of the season. -- -- -- I think but I think -- it's a solid piece the last question about the Celtics don't move on to win and you're really -- talk about it. What is your Celtics starting five. Opening day for everybody on the current roster healthy in east the roster is the same starting five Rondo Bradley. Reluctantly Jeff Green. Jarrett Salinger who has the biggest asset they receive I don't know if I've gone on this rig edit the big -- but I like bandits but it worked couple Celtics games and television in dislike. Noticeably. The biggest deaths have ever seen on a man interest and that's got to help down low so he started yet for that after round opts out almighty god he throws it around. And then at the 50. Helio Helio if he cuts stupid. You know like well -- I just don't like white guys that long hair. And kitchen and kitchen. I just don't like the look. And so he cut the pony tail that good if he doesn't I'll throw in that ugly -- there. So not really looking forward to that coming in south sixties or no I'm really -- they're not gonna really win but it's going to be exciting to see the young players develop I think. Smart coming up the bench as a six man. The rotation of Bradley. -- it's marble -- will be crazy talented I think they'll be one of the best defense of backwards in the India. So he'll lose in low scoring game. Hopefully. Hopefully we'll get a good young pick. Others in Austria in guiding Siemens another -- here's a guy who just actually got kicked out of SMU for. Academic things he's going -- abroad there's some there's some fifteen prospects in the Cassie here you're looking at the lottery. Oh yeah I lest I don't think we can bring in lover and you start this season are looking for lottery cap space and just development of the the young -- guys. Sounds fun season -- it's going to be. Into another fun season. Tell the people only -- what you can't wait for I can't wait for not just football. But fantasy football like I realized over the past year helps -- that become a fantasy football. And like I start checking rankings in mock drafts are -- and -- How many -- these seeded. Last year I was in three do you know all the people -- yours is just like a public and join randomly. Last hearing new. Two to like the two -- and then one I just joined the patriots fans on credit the patriots credit Erica a historian and repeat of did you follow all three teams ER oh yeah every week. Just lineups waiver wire all that stuff. -- -- into up putting money on it on a trip street. And numbered and gesture it's pretty fun really ups your interest needs steam. Action. Did quite well on its of that it's I'm also looking forward to that here's -- -- that fantasy football supplement the income. Yes the paltry sum I'm getting -- this station is I probably made more from terrestrial last year than I did from W the that's. It. Here's -- thing about -- football. Everyone's gonna take a running back in the first. Pretty much the top six straight. -- Running backs are completely Letterman it's why not -- -- topic. To top receivers. I'm not drafting a running back until the fourth round here first round pick is going to be a wide receiver if I can get in my want Calvin Johnson or -- -- -- want to believe receivers. Obviously tight and make its rounds a first round pick who missed but I know I want wide receiver would you draft that would typically be your first round -- Q would you take Bryant as AJ green I'll take any receivers over I'm not taking a running back in the first round or about like plastic arts. How are your thoughts on that because I think -- is probably the best wide receiver in the week. But I am always hesitant to draft him because he has in -- to he's whose birth to me and he's got four games against Seattle and San Francisco to appoint. What that I took CJ Spiller in the first round last year and completely crap the -- of me that's you're going to be able to find a random running bad can't draft in injury prone player it doesn't matter. Out of the top. First -- running backs like for work actually produced you're not it's such a crapshoot you can find running back to come on leader -- in the season. Why not take and known entity in a wide receiver who's gonna get points plus. People rotate cornerbacks in nearly early enough they get in the passing -- call they make. They get the most amount of points I took Peyton Manning but the first pick in the third round last year he led my team. To. It's kind of a ball he -- -- owner. B.s -- what he talked in that everyone knew Payton was going to be Sochi -- -- him and Julius Thomas -- -- basically won my league based on that. Why not -- quarterbacks it's throwing me it's us. That's where you get the most points. I know running backs are harder to find but it's such a crapshoot you -- keeper league you have those keepers and Nike really ready to -- draft again and one keepers league and it's a half point PP -- league. To keepers. Sheeting coy now ice now and the that's assaults on -- Are they -- McCoy is one of the few running index I would take in the first round he catches he gets to that's exactly -- like it at the low should count. And that offense he is unbelievable. MVP I have to agree this is a passing league take people we're gonna get points based on passing. Wide focus on imports. That's our fantasy football segments in July. Movie that's so excited I react normally if you look at the levels in the energy from the entire podcast and -- it's got super -- -- -- -- a look at those waves the waves. Negative ten indeed these men out. Awfully awfully high of a DB. That many people say that at me they say and just like huge DB guy that is keep on calling me. I know DB Packard yeah. That is episode five. Of the producers podcast with -- yelled at and follow me on Twitter to act -- -- -- well who won the race 200 followers Sam Packers sitting here in the 101 flyers right now alpha 101 right now I got their first I was up to 99. And then some involvement -- and nineties and that's when he when he passed me I actually have access to the EEI Twitter can't dollar -- there it is. So allies will column and I know I got the wind was the other -- It's your lead him away at any channels are -- the next next competition is who can reach 200 could be awhile. In the long its its like you're playing and produced that thing is when we're both promoted our own Twitter handle -- problem that we need it need actions hopefully Julian. Yes this tweet tonight. -- at low thank him for coming on the program. Julian while I believe that is exactly beautiful. And I am at tech guy please follow me and not that killed so I can win this next competition which is route where -- can only be -- team. -- -- Should make like up podcasts. Putter again I don't know it would follow that -- free followed them for each of us. If we theater -- deaths. I don't know hollered -- we'll crunch the numbers and we'll get back next week document.

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