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Steve Buckley on Tony Dungy's comments 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

Steve Buckley joined the show to discuss Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam.

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Well Tony Dungy certainly changed his meritocracy. Comments yesterday and speaking with -- Ira Kaufman. Of the temperature being in the Tampa times saying I would not have taken Michael Sam. I would wanna deal with all of it it's not going to be totally smooth. Things will happen this on the AT&T outline -- Steve Buckley columnist for the Boston Herald. Up are your thoughts on Tony Dungy is -- hypocritical or pragmatic or somewhere in between. Are we -- -- disappointed because. I've known Tony for a long time. On the -- -- -- almost always found him intelligent engaging. Just all kinds of things that are good. These comments were very bright because it's we've seen time and again players that are so called distractions become nothing of the sort -- you look -- I don't think it's Tim -- what they quoted quote distraction at parks last year even though he had pretty much a breast and following a more rounded. Telecheck. In the patriots would put mobbed everywhere throughout take note TARP and drag it bought indoor practice trying to see on contractually would be. Ochocinco wasn't a distraction Albert Haynesworth wasn't a distraction so they can deal with it. My my question Jerry earlier was what form have we seen or do you anticipate seeing these distractions take. I I I can't imagine what they're going to be occasional press conference where homosexuality comes up OK and that what. Well I mean I go back to decent college when he signed with the Brooklyn Brooklyn naturally this year. And by the time he came to Boston. April wanted need to go a different kind of roll my eyes is that. -- I don't look this is the big story spot he did plays for the Celtics he returning to Boston has an openly gay player owes its historic. But wouldn't we talked to Jason -- to ensure our morning. He said he felt he said first there particularly people in North Africa as a people knowledge you guys and it's me and my security and you know usual suspects like -- very you might have been I don't remember but just 67 people. Just kind of spinning around -- -- to be a story that I'm Brooke and -- the player people are accusing college anymore. You will your pals since the locals MO -- dungy home hopeful but do you agree with that buck and culture is firing by the way. Well that this is quite -- Jerry York solo because they say. Totally it would cap measure but it what. And I'm not qualified to say it's Sony's online I am. Qualified to say that he's scared that the little wayward. And that he could've written communication and I hate to Jackie Robinson Eric and there are rugged territory Prius in the magazine and a year or two ago and all kinds of reasons. However 11 words and apply is that there are a lot of teams that witness -- Jackie Robinson back in the 1940s because. They did want the court court distractions. Distraction and they Cody were music to meet our kinds of things -- -- into the destruction so I don't know what's going on between 2030 years. Should Tony Dungy be. Be fired poor. And dismissed or -- -- disciplined forty said. I'm. What should -- you know firing -- and the people that stupid saying that they that the public determines. And if you -- -- -- particularly egregious. You'd you'd say looked important at the saint Lawrence but now I'm not a big fan of bringing the gavel on the people that thanks to the. Do you think that. We talked with his last week reviewing whether. Fisher can cut him and how that all work about it. I go to the gay guys Montrae. Yes he has -- -- in this case I think it does but don't you think. But that 31 of the teams passed on him maybe some just you know he's not good enough -- place -- fast enough. -- specialties but don't you think others felt like dungy feels like we just don't wanna do any of that lets you know pick another seven guy in the seventh round. Butter but app but I I do know that SI quoted from unnamed. Scouting directors does something in the NFL. Saying that the NFL isn't ready for and hopefully gave players not for good ten or twenty years. And eat it if that's the thinking that exist anywhere in the NFL. I don't think what's illustrated need to clean up I do believe in my heart -- -- did say that's our record our our name rather. And if if there are -- -- the NFL that feel that way that we are ready for an openly gay player protect let's just ridiculously net. What negotiate what should they Wear it is that. Did he go out what dot com. Kid is writing stories -- -- gay athletes coming out at biker wreck where yes hold back on stories do at all and we want to beat them today means. Athletes are coming out Jason Collins Michael Graham even Derek. Their record at U -- each of these high profile lapse between that it makes it easier operate in small college after tomorrow. Like I'm you know it's so what. But does the other side of the coin upset you and by that I mean Saint Louis appears to want to be a pioneer a vanguard. And courageous. That they are doing it because he's gay and there's something in it for them in terms of public perception and PR. I don't know I don't I don't know what their motives are I just like the fact that they took a chance on him and it. Doing the right thing -- remote. I don't have an issue debt because it is. Someone has to stand up and lead the way -- and while I don't see that that's an injury crisis if they -- different quote -- PR reasons. That's a little different in doing right that you agree. -- as best you can quantify the following. How much pressure. Was there on Michael slam and other gay athletes. From the LG BT to -- that community to be front and center to to carry the banner to be able -- ornament on that vehicle. Our I don't know I can't I don't think is pressure because I didn't feel any pressure and I came -- great -- I got a telephone call in and out to. -- Resilient appearances -- still get tortured for -- that would mean right -- front and center. You -- tomorrow John and then -- -- out now I'm -- figure in the back and cancel the debate myself. There's there is today there is days -- activists. Part coming out if you -- a public person. What if you -- and what if you were. Employer in this case of professional football team says. We want you to tone it down we don't want you to -- public -- a lot of things like being on the Oprah network thought he responded that how do you react to that. While toning it down in focusing on football two different things. If if if it -- -- and that was player. Whose place -- the team is secure. Then. They have no right to say on the arm because he established identity -- my only concern was with Michael -- is. That you'd need to. Put 100%. If you focus on making this team. And this is where I disagree with some others. That the opening to me it was a bad idea because. Even if people say well just about. -- -- around just reality and -- not reality and encourage gamers aren't it ceases to be reality it if we all understand that. Cameron means it's not real. Much you don't know which cameras there so if if if you are performing for cameras. Performances art -- I know that sounds silly but you need again to focus 100%. This guy is hardly a lock to make the team on the so he needs to put 100% and energies aren't playing football. And for that reason -- and I don't why I think this other -- I think he's Smart enough to -- 100% this focus needs to be on getting ready to play football play at a high level. That the Oprah reality TV show. Wasn't necessarily his idea it was probably her idea that's why I ask you a couple of questions go. You'd think it was pressure. By any faction -- say yet to be a great great exposure for us I don't think that was his ideas -- -- my agent call Oprah and see if they give me 25000 -- let cameras all around. Well I don't look at your -- I I certainly believe you'll learn. Yeah I say what is -- -- of the key Arab Wednesday with a clipboard trek. How Michael and -- Wright right and I would Bragman is that is a very well established Sierra guy out -- LA in May have been involved in it. But yet at the end of the day individual has to decide what's right what's wrong. And and you wouldn't they want the right thing here. Everybody may be trying to push different -- agendas all hoping to get Michael stamp out there are making some money do this yeah. By a Garrick back toward the a couple of minutes ago it did the Oprah would have been a disaster because eat eat eat you didn't -- but it is focused. What can we are all the perception what it and it's more popular with the -- It is about the optimist. What's gonna happen book -- win. The others now on the bubble is that -- since competing with now. Yeah yeah that's going to be an interest and other special cover to get the other seven pronounced 67 round freeagent specialty -- but. Are you ready for the religious objection call that the Chris Broussard went there as a coach a player and commentator says. I just don't believe -- it's against what -- learned in the Bible. You actually keep rates that are. We all ready for you particular mean what happens when there's a player on the rams -- on the team that. I don't I'm not not that he you know stupidly tackle him. Chris Colbert thing you know bringing net stuffy in here at. Like ours are upset yes but I don't peaches I thought dot dot Broussard was gonna get fired that really did he survived. But that's what he feels that's what he believes city's prominent guy and ESPN. Who thinks that it's a season to live the way you live. Yeah well I think each individual -- and make their own pact with god I've made mine I'm a believer. I interpret things as I choose duke and I have no doubt whatsoever that we're not up to the Iraqi Government -- -- And when other people make those comments right at the point now just roll my eyes went to -- all glad upon. Stan -- Boston Herald columnist and talk and -- appreciate the time. Inspect all with Dennis and -- AT&T outline -- -- tingles when racism was on the news means he's and no doubt ramp them so they will not suffer the wrath of god has seemed weird you know. Two consenting adults and I am a renowned home before you know that yeah yeah according to. So -- quote I of the globe definition. The idea that some consenting adult and does whatever -- -- public sentiment -- he's gonna burn in hell and that's what Broussard thinks yes yes you think that's dungy thanks. Yes yes I think dungy and Broussard RO wanna won their -- what do they think the same dungy would have taken less heat yesterday and today and going forward. -- -- -- Would not allow me too don't you think that's common I'm yes that I know -- Now from all of the number of coaches players commentators and I know again I don't think you'll hear much of the Crisco over. Thank you don't and NetSuite stuff that he yeah honey I mean I think that is kind of the leaders in on the logical yes you guessed it and that's proud to identify just like it is not important and I think cobra went to sensitivity -- did indeed he's all better -- he's fine but -- -- Broussard can't turn around -- west side who probably. You know will trying to put himself in that position but of Broussard is on a talk show in this subject comes up. He can't tendency not changed in God's OK with yet billboard. He'll avoided or ordinarily I don't go on the show -- -- coach every player who's Kevin and evangelical background who believes the -- -- -- and we have that. We should play. Most people disconnect keep it to themselves or will that will we hear that religious objections some point when that happens. But the wrath of god the wrath of the PC no police are gonna come out on that yeah. The extent that an individual would keep their religious beliefs to themselves anyway -- all kinds of things I think that continued -- -- -- this in sports scene here has identified as an evangelical like Broussard like dungy then you're going to be asked about it but I only anybody's gonna volunteer calling Doug -- when we in. ESPN shows up of the buffalo -- and it's all by the way. -- my biblical you don't think that will ever happen again what we're sod was put on the spot ashore and I don't -- Latin superstar but I think it'll happen to plenty of other guys that I I think you know I have to -- What happens then does. And on this since Siegler promote sports and Wetzel won all these you know all elements come down on them -- they demand they get why they -- with Chris Broussard I think some did. And I give ESP and credit they stuck to their guns they didn't let him talk and play a religious card is like yeah I'll do not pass go collect to our past our -- 200 dollars debt go ahead. You know excel -- restart. Personally I don't believe that you can live. And openly homosexual lifestyle or. And openly three -- like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If -- openly living that type of livestock. Didn't the bottles there's you know the body of fruits is there is that you don't bet that's thin. And if you're openly living in our repentance and whatever it may be not just homosexuality. And adultery. Fornication premarital sex that we have a set -- whatever it may be. I believe that's locked in an open rebellion. So god and to Jesus Christ so I would not characterize that Carson is a Christian could -- think the Bible would characterize some of. And he survived all the fruits to me is that your approach -- very identified by their here's. Well he so I was convinced that his days were number yeah when he said that of people get fired for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of them on my team would it went like that might have some of the question was would you wanna when your team he said not that Chris it's good to see that. Any -- in -- And I don't know I just I just can't believe that he's living and open rebellion civil war. On which woman detained so public that question with if you were coaching Tampa or the colts and it was cloudy. Who's going to be the first openly gay yielding done he would allow -- -- he can get the blow the Bible they'd look for loophole that's when he would. I think the loopholes obvious and I'm sure -- would agree that. If you look at the Bible as a -- and you're the expert notes and talk and old testament so much. The final lot more love thy neighbor in Allen and -- by enemy than you will. Mention not like that man right with a bunch of stuff and I'm just as -- said roll your eyes everything in the old testament even use these you know -- that in on the was darkness that -- and where. To mosquitoes to fly -- Abraham was 400 diesel yes 57 as a different. Different accountant and -- sword remember that. Call me I'm usually a clemency. Ads in -- months and yet. I at ago -- morning. Like that was the first and call it what have you board. -- I would just I'd never caught guys' reaction when the -- first made comments that get to -- about yeah. And I'm so happy are you guys say this about. It disgust me to see him on sports that are. You select it and day out. And watch it turn the channel. Your -- the three more Christmas card is that he's terrible reporter that he that he was something nobody he believes what he believes. As a Christian. I so so -- there's no greater numbers no NBA value added for you from Chris Broussard because you know how he thinks. It just it it turned you know from you can work with it and open as well. It is dated -- is so -- that. It's just those. You're at at the NFL. NBA news they -- full of the evangelical Christians especially baseball. Look what he's not alone -- percent so it because I note that there's a whole bunch of guys who agreed dungy Broussard. He just -- watch in a room for that team -- where does that go neck and this that's why I asked the question deal. This is going to be an issue on port I don't know that pulled the guys again like the culvert tips discussing it at sweet stuff. Do. But the big guys saying. It is against. You know to the group. Musical rebellion is in open rebellion to the Loria Mike teammate over there or at the opponent over the -- and whatever number 98 when. And 96 that guy he's living in open rebellion total also. RO TAs it hasn't happened according to Michael slam they respect me as a human being and as a football players and that it was teammates. All the older guys are showing me the ropes like and see how the program is run. I'm telling you they get after it here I've got to step up my game to compete with the defensive line. I thought our defense of one of -- pretty tough this is a whole new level this sounds like a guy who's at his eyes opened in terms of the level play it is going to report him to make the football sounds like every rookie I've ever heard boy I thought it was fasting college. Faster here in the role of an easy guy. An easier if you just whenever declined the SP. It didn't perform for the cameras on draft they didn't. Known even you don't even know like who was partner was he just said. They don't yeah I'm gay like kind of like Jason calls that initially and then he came here and as the grand Marshal he pride parades and he was. Live and open rebellion lord do but think of -- feature set and gave one up and never an asphalt questions and ninety business do what. Upset the people who were pushing you forward right to believe what ornament on that vehicle I mean -- -- people that some people wanna be the ability Sox -- it but he he he had a number of phone calls were -- to speak at a number of various. Functions -- And I don't know how many he chose to accept or not but there is pleased -- -- considerable amount of pressure from certain factions if you come out -- and and and beat. And have you know public. And spoke for you know. -- sports I believe maybe not out sportsman out. Was Out Magazine I think it was initially initiative that sparked this but you know what they used to do or threaten to do. How cute. Yes because they think you're living there's no power which is so wrong and it is so wrong. But there's clearly pressured to be. As you put the hood ornament righty. Note to be sure there in the black and that he ever said. Yeah I have a partner ninety business who it is and ended and how -- seventh round picks -- And I'm making out with a partner in front of the cameras anyway I don't ever remember seeing one. Right there on Medicare -- that they brought -- let me second our our big rally was urged to do it Jerry -- called an -- and lol I called -- Morning guys morning you know -- -- -- of first time arm. What I want to say is I'm really kind of sick and tired of people who use religion are. Two. On you know I don't do it right and the integrated technical OPEC you know if they were really using religion or on how to. Start. Well everything that the Bible says. -- And pick and is operational by cutting off hand. He couldn't. Technically you can tell your daughter. I'm a little bit to get that your daughter -- laboring on you can't work on rabbit until that again they actually met in the Bible. -- people can ignore them. Because you've been in modern. Between her country. Really people need to get over I'm content. Realize. Reports -- People. Are the way they arc -- -- affect how you live your life on -- you know I just don't want to mention that. 6177757937. Headlines actually are from -- ziglar after that everybody's timing on on this. -- Jerry forever -- money Jones. Keith Olbermann Jack McMullen frank castle around the -- woody -- Everybody's way hi I'm Tony Dungy going to disagree with you and saying keep Goldman's full stuff. Stuff he's full of cry I think as usually once in his life people -- was correct.

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