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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Energizer Bunny and Bill Clinton 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

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I was brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network -- -- the phone lines -- but they're not everybody wants to weigh in on this we will get to Greg Ryan and Tony and the rest view after a brief foray -- -- -- minutes Tony -- we have studies from New York markets where it works just down the line for. A check of us we don't like him -- it with the NBC -- he has been fired yet not quite firing yet. Problem. Stories about couples. One I totally believe 100%. And what I am absolutely calling BS on. And they're all very famous couples. Let's start with the what I believe. Bill Clinton reportedly asked a bucks a blog mistress who visits often when Hillary isn't all that Chappaqua. That the former president's Secret Service detail. Have given her -- -- they call her the -- for. Energizer. -- I love this. This according to Ronald Kessler. In a book called the first family deet -- Secret Service agents revealed in the lives of presidents. Yes -- no stranger to controversy surrounding the Secret Service. He broke the story but the Secret Service agent protecting President Obama hired prostitutes and put the president in jeopardy. But that's old school this is good. -- quote a supervisor. In forming a new Secret Service agent quote. You don't stop the Energizer. You don't approach her dude just let her go in we got a picture there that's the -- Honest to god at its best I imagine -- I -- gone wild here -- like young Lonnie Anderson yeah the second -- wanna hear laughter I don't think maybe it all up maybe. No battery lasts longer than yeah I'll bet -- so now you know I'm worried about why it and it's. Energizer was described as charming and friendly sometimes brings cookies to the agent. What agent told Kessler quote it was a warm day and she was wearing a low cut tank top. And she leaned over her breasts were very exposed they appeared to be very perky and very new and -- No doubt in my mind they were enhanced. Do you even Annika I couldn't snap a simple an odd phone photo. The Secret Service is aware of the Energizer presence. And day alert bill to give him time to get the Energizer off the property and clean up any evidence. When Hillary's Secret Service agent -- they were coming back the house and the drop a little blue pill. And that well but was the warning came late the agents had to scramble to get the Energizer out of there so there was not a big. Confrontation so our -- Hillary's agents on the bill that they're all Inco boat correct about it like -- think anybody surprise -- -- said disappointed. Re Hillary knows where he's at these agents are helping out bills agents according to Kessler is because she is so nasty to the agents. And hostile to law enforcement officers military. That being assigned to her deep -- meaning Hillary is considered a form of punishment. Hooked a couple. Of our whole Powell. You call -- that your. On what. It's now only energize our -- 100%. Through them like obvious. You know I think there's more than one I don't I otherwise there's like -- forum Energizer one it's iron now. Yes I called BS and -- this I think speaks to the price of superstars and the price of absolute international. Fame. The price of being a quarterback in the most popular sport in this country I think people's jealousy. Star star according to dislike the supermarket that happens obviously Indianapolis is not an -- and now. According to insiders the star talk about Gisele and Tom and Gisele is controlling with -- And has final say on everything from how their hope is decorated. To how and where their children will be -- I'm gonna stop you winning get to the park -- -- and to create differentiates him from every other guy and now including me. So far out were on the same page nothing but don't like you did not officially make the boss other guys that controls my life and what was that design house. I not only does she do all that but I was. You're doing okay when it's all the things I don't wanna I wanna go pick out you know we -- conference will -- window dressing is addressing your idea. It's -- the feminists that didn't pick up penalized but the flowers at a -- outside viewpoint and I don't know what you're -- -- I buy them and bring them into the house. Feels fresh flowers and a fresh flowers -- the house just to make the house smell civil locally -- flatly yes. All right Gisele says here has enforced a strict short schedule. They have housekeepers -- different but -- won't let them do anything she -- pop up at 6 AM at the children and has some scrub toilets and clean the floors wash easily that in our. Oh. When -- and that doesn't normally happen I mean in the lives of America what makes you get up at 6 AM -- -- the twelve if I want to hear what you think I'd be doing well right now -- in the crap all the toilet Imus and -- in control -- anyone even you wouldn't imagine get out of bed and -- the point that the send a real cutting back and it's stupid -- that even if she's controlling him and she's not currency clean oil. Which makes brings the whole story into don't know what's exceptional and doesn't mean that there will be. Wondered too inside linebackers -- outside linebackers who may have a little fun it is extra hydrogen tell us through I think she dresses them. Actually each well touch which is not unusual now. Mean she does a good job of -- and analysts say the issue after issue. No one -- -- didn't want to think she allows me to do but aren't so if you're pretty popular got to take okay. We thought we did when we've mentioned this a hundred times but it was the single -- call we have had we did. How impact -- you were Alastair and pact story yet and among guys and people called say you know only as wife my friend's wife dresses him. She you know drives issue let him drive just all the usual and pick stores and and the guy -- says. I get the winner that the the best and next door and it will give it to the trophy remember this. You probably little catlett. I said his brother his brother his brother's wife. Putting the healer like in church in Mueller in front of the toilet yes the -- when he -- leak so he wants black. What I'm trying to solve the probably cut off his penis at that factors that -- be sitting down and out. -- I think lots of people -- -- -- -- look at their phones right right -- but can you imagine if your friend brother and he walked and you were kneeling. -- and this is -- the white Ford did -- stand there with the door open. And may make your meal he doesn't close the door unlocked the door what he does his business. Let that -- that. She's ultimate compliment that she can't hear it boils down. Any life anyway even if some -- beat you never worked today looked like a -- Would anyone actually get out of bed right now clean. Known especially now when react when he -- cleaners. Would have cleaners to do the job why would you do that tiger tiger with a Dickerson here it's -- -- is -- probably say the first court the first game eight optically that part at this morning before and pick up. They're items and and Tom with -- Yeah. Imported bleach and I. He poured bleach his wife and chat child is Baby. Suggs system Crete -- a Creighton. She had a headache and then solemn. If -- sexually frustrated husband documented every time his wife refused to have sex with him were a month. With reasons like I'm too drunk and I ate too much I might be getting sick and the Brady story I don't know it's a separate. In retaliation the white post machine on read it and it went viral. The document which has since been deleted included snide side notes next to such excuses as I'm trying to watch a movie. And that she felt mostly fifty minutes later I just came back from the gym I feel gross and I didn't shower until tomorrow morning. And the oh -- here's -- list recorder that recorded everything even as dates on here bottom. June 3 of this year. I'm watching. My show a French rerun. I feel sweaty and gross I need a shower these are recent what she's talking of sex and I. I'm still a bit tender from yesterday. Well well well well a little on the what you do yes I don't know that I don't well. I'm too drunk and I ate too much she also did you at least talked about the fact that. A recent weight gain has not made her feel good about herself. How worthless sweaty sex works a monopoly not -- that's waste. I won't have time to get showered and ready for dinner. I'm not feeling well I ate too much I still don't feel a 100% and then as a bunch of non verbal. Refusals and I don't know what form those would've taken. She is old or older via a story related to the Hillary bill story at all behavioral decision to be built Hillary may be maybe Hillary -- and they'll give up on that a long time ago or a year ago because that's I don't. And finally a jetBlue pilot from Florida is among six people arrested by Boston PD over the weekend. -- an investigation of drug dealing incidents near the Boston Common. Police say pilot John man wearing 42 of Maine and Florida and a woman with him we're charged with what. Possession police said man wearing told them he was a pilot. In arrived in Boston on Sunday two men were charged with selling heroin a third was charged with cocaine possession and trespassing. Up police said investigators have focused on an area near -- pot and -- and streets after getting complaints from neighbors. That's several drug arrests had been made their earlier. He was scheduled to file fourteen hours after the bust yet some of you by the heroin. And then you go with her to wherever some flop -- shoot up right. Are you going to be okay and apply in fourteen I think jetBlue frowns on that. You'll be frowned on you get over bureau for five -- a suit but can you get over a violent harrowing atom powered I'm no expert at it. Sounds like right out of -- How does -- right right out of Denzel Denzel yeah did you see his excuse by the way do you set it to the to the court reset it to the cops at the time. He should know -- -- here for drugs are just try to get laid which is a great city it was buying her some heroin. Knowledge is I think he got by the heroin bug. These are just trying to get laid -- behind me looks in council normal that she doesn't she doesn't have that go flying to play and you wouldn't think nationals now. All right I -- -- -- he was -- from Malaysian national headlines -- brought you by AT&T to cover more than ninety odd percent of all Americans building a better and our network. Up all like to feel we will get to you right after this.

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