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Tony Dungy would not draft a gay player 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

The guys discussed Dungy's comments on Michael Sam.

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NFL -- always been based on merit and I think that we'll continue to be the case whether it's Michael slam in -- issue of homosexuality or anything else. Does to produce and play well we'll be welcomed into the league. Who told -- I'm so glad you're not coaching. The more people like you who -- based. Why does when he's been distraction whether the day or black or anything else should not be -- -- you are not. Europe that I'm so tired of hearing people say what a great man are you learn. Or call hold you to use it to try to undermine people who are okay. And I hope that NBC. Fired him but I'm tired from. SS have ziglar for all sports are responding to. Not that particular meritocracy quote from Tony Dungy which happened at the -- line. But his quotes yesterday in the campus star and Tribune where you -- I would not have taken him. Not because monopoly Michaels and should have a chance to play but I would wanna deal with all of it it's going to be. It's not going to be totally smooth things will happen now that today I don't think needs to be Tony Dungy. Saying what 32 other NFL coaches. Are afraid to say at -- -- schedule yet. Killed if you do it. At that it will get here the couple things first double. It is clearer in my mind that the rams and Snead and Fisher and whoever else was in control. Sees this as an opportunity and wanted to embrace this kind of lack a better term or phrase. Pioneer spear in what they have a tremendous defensive line they need this guy that they need. Michael Sam on their football team. And all the stuff they've done since then supporting -- at the -- give a big hug before he went up for beat for the award this year. They want to look like the pioneer spirit here they wanted to or pepto. Why the why a -- -- -- to god economic team in there and therein lies my my my second it's situation. Did not. Tony Dungy benefit from people who were willing to take a chance willing to be. Courageous is probably wrong words at all. Great -- Branch Rickey if you wanna go back be there are benefits to people as somebody's on the hate groups it's Olbermann. Who look like Tony Dungy and a benefited from people who were afraid of -- of those distractions would be if they brought that person into corporation if they brought that person into a locker room they brought that person into a board room. Dungy and people like -- benefited by that outrageous and now -- -- I don't think I would do I don't think I would do. And just sit Ziegler that's his name right the cigarette boxes did not I would get along well. These different box I assume he said the same things about Belichick crank out and see if you can find that about him written Belichick -- -- Belichick didn't take them. And he was the co defensive player of the year in the SEC. -- he's just put words to what every other GM and coach was thinking when he was on the. -- -- -- at -- a statement today with a thirty I don't know I don't -- -- -- -- what they make today the debate is that Tony Dungy would not be brave enough would not would not be inclusive -- would not care enough to give other people a chance because he thinks there's a threat of a distraction right when Tony Dungy has benefited historically commodities and totally -- what you read and Dan -- now I mean. There's just no comparison between -- -- Jackie Robinson -- it offends me -- Robson was MVP. Was a hall of Famer. And I might have missed it wasn't around -- but in 1947. Was her big ceremony in Las Vegas with a hole cut he stood and cheered. Jackie Robert -- went up instead much more difficult back then it was much more difficult as the opposing manager stood on the top dugout step and you LB and awarded Jackie writes it off so it more guts. Branch Rickey. To do what he did and it's taken Jeff Fisher -- less need to do what they you know and you think that it was before the -- all. Well of course it was a we saw Jeff Fisher at the espy's and that's something Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll and -- companies got didn't wanna deal with that all the wanna do is put. The best team on the field and they didn't think it was worth the distraction and even a way even -- agree with from Tony Dungy and his right to say what he said. -- The guy we just heard from Europe close personal friend mayor says I hope NBC fighters him. I hope they get rid of what did he say that it makes it affordable France. I don't get bigger piece of art or wanted to be a lot of people who say on he stated -- a lot to be a lot Nigeria time. Who come out because I know that come out will -- -- Tony Dungy should be fought our audience that attachment that people adults who have the guts to speak out and tell the truth like dungy although people who bilk people you'll -- Howard also troop but he should be you'll have. The cowards lining up like Dan Wetzel -- all the Reston saying this is awful with Tony Dungy said -- Tony Dungy just answered a question would to a draft -- Would you take on your team said I I wouldn't at that point in in the seventh round a special team or I would not of and when when Michael -- had a deal to have local network the Oprah Winfrey network -- around with cameras. You think the other 31 teams -- sound good we don't wanna deal with that I'm glad we didn't take them. Mean obviously somebody got to him home to think twice and he's not gonna do it. But don't you think when Sam made this deal with a Oprah. But he kind of made the point proved the point that dungy was making that it's just not worth the trouble that he was gonna be more than just a football. What he wanted to sort of got and it let me ask you this with the exception of yesterday's story in the paper and today's discussion which will go away in a row which were your time. Form of these horrible. Distractions taking on the rams as -- their -- an absolute mess we're in an apartment and anybody to the Arab or do they all go opposite directions have no idea what to do as the coaching staff been unable to put together a roster and -- depth chart. And plans to get this team ready to play football what distractions how horrible -- -- articles yeah -- locker room affected the slightly Lidstrom. You're yelling at me like you think I I believe that once -- old opens up and starts. That'll be able Michael same here and Michael -- narrow body and the rams won't be able to concentrate. To me last year what was supposed to be the big distraction for the England patriots last year in training camp. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You McBeal did not let it except I don't think Jeff Fisher. And the ownership and the management of the St. Louis Rams will allow it to be distraction even order electric Michael's big what does Tony Dungy afraid you know this is going to ask it every third press conference. How's the -- I don't want the depth chart you all caught up. Don't ask me about going to think that that Belichick call Carol would have -- the espy's and sat there right. That would take the time on this disease Coughlin do an ftp to limit yes -- LSU -- not acknowledge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other GMs and coaches didn't -- -- I think Fisher wants to be where Fisher it is up I think Fisher wants to be on the vanguard. Bringing the first -- -- players why after all why tie goes the gay guys suites and block. He's -- column and another teams would not want that that -- why won't why wouldn't they cut -- Because if you're if you're single cent in the eighties on the vanguard on the cutting edge Fisher likes that role but if if you are missing Louis -- and you realize. Four weeks from now that Michael -- can't play that he can't fit this roster. You think they're gonna just gonna. Keep them around just for the final and now -- our CA that I gave what -- it's close it's close and I don't think there will be any criticism except for some lunatic fringe of the rams were the ones who drafts on there should be no produce exactly and they've been very supportive of him and I felt this pressure last week with the New York Times. Said the and a lunatic fringe okay at a store precious and -- after the first in the draft first three rounds. And it proved that the -- the -- and it's the NFL is not ready and openly gay player conceded get drafted in the first three rounds when nobody. But he's gonna get -- additional plain ignorance Jonathan is in Worcester Jonathan Europe first with the NC. First time caller. I want it to what they're not that I compliment you. Intel -- and act out that I'm pro. Life but I that think this is the religion question that just. Out to -- like -- -- Wednesday it. Now 31 teams did not think that I would get a -- Probably academic tree. That that is the first openly gay person. Speaker that onto it and -- -- -- you know I think -- evangelical Christian background and I bill. He -- -- -- -- -- now great people -- current iPad AP not a part where you. And be productive player on -- you know whether he openly what the Christian you know I feel like. What about all this point so I want it yet. It is -- ultimate meritocracy. And call me -- eve but my guess is that most people who didn't draft him but he is not good enough to help our football team. We went to the stats we went to the metric to throw all the places where he had -- where yet impact immediate impact in three damn games against three poor teams in the other ten games that he played against. Higher quality teams. He virtually disappear in fact he wasn't even the third best defensive player on that particular team. So my guess is when Belichick looked at it which is not to say the politics of I don't want the distraction that the best in these guys look at the film look at this guy. Whole offensive MVP. That's just. There he's he was the -- MVP I mean it wasn't in name this guy was not an impact for football player that's what you -- But I I'm also sure that there were plenty of teams out there are plenty of general managers who said. Make our team now what often and a six round maybe put him on the practice squad. But don't agree with dungy instead of themselves was said in meetings. He may make the team but is it worth that to draft him and deal with all the distractions we've had to go back to year ridiculous Jackie Robinson comparison not the only one we -- -- all these other people making it. Jackie Robinson was the perfect guy who's tough and he was a great player. Michael -- I told buck the other day is not the perfect guy he's not good enough. I mean I hear people refer -- was the first openly gay NFL player. We have to wait on that we have to wait a month. On that because he's a borderline talent if this were -- it's a whole different story if this were clowning Tony Dungy would take them. Belichick what I've read every team in the NFL would take him whether he he could you know come in the locker room in aware and address. So you're making my point the reason it didn't take it because they don't think he is good enough to help they're they don't think it's worth the trouble and in the seventh round six rounds that kind of trouble where the trouble just explain it to you -- would overhaul -- the trouble okay. Do you think Belichick would have wanted to go to SB. -- samples you don't wanna hear some practice how do you think haven't Oprah Winfrey's cameras in the in -- around is troubled public debt that was in the -- in 24 -- well he wanted to do at all -- that's pressure to do you agree that they were -- and -- home so you know this you know he's pressured to do the exhibit cash was -- it and nobody -- I think I think people came to him listen here is an opportunity to advance the cause. You can be on the vanguard -- you can be a pioneer -- -- okay and and if anybody for that you're Belichick you're sand. I don't want him beat on the band I want I want to play it right probably need to put pressure. Well to do you agree with that one example you don't -- Europe that's one example -- to distract -- nominated for coach of the year Belichick wouldn't go to the -- forget I mean that's that's just silly argument. Particularly because that's our actions I can get free distractions -- on the quality it was a distraction yes because of the SBC given the Oprah network the old network and they -- shut -- right. Everybody I got shot -- -- craft the bill Jackman says I think Nancy is that say. We don't do that now. Not too well that knows what's gonna go unlock the ball and David they still might they still might didn't matter these are distractions that football coaches don't need. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tony Dungy is it hypocritical. -- at. Every single time but he Peter King writes out the Rooney rule out -- collapse in American coaching. -- African American and ownership. Equal Tony Dungy so what it meant to craft work or perhaps. I'm not -- hire black executives on the higher or coach because it's a distraction. -- -- -- -- I agree. Peters -- Springfield for the opposite point of view Peter. The year not their quick -- 6177797937. Hard to believe. Johnny -- Zell. Is ahead of Tom Brady he has a lot.

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