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The Red Sox blow out the Blue Jays 7-22-14

Jul 22, 2014|

John, Gerry and Dickerson opened the show discussing the Sox 5th straight win.

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What do you think the mountain is too high -- the Red Sox as John too mossy espouses in the Boston Herald this morning. Whether you think they are on their way well underway to the magic of 2013. You must admit like -- the looking glass this is getting curiouser and curiouser. And everything else I would like to -- What that final plot in bands head. John's head popped his head and Larry's head he has when it hits the pillow last night after 141 win. What are those guys think and what direction do you think they think they wanna go eat a lot easy. Put everything -- That nine days they'll do anything right they note decision. The Dixon came in relation to speak the other half -- they'll speak on the day -- the exactly -- and -- -- every so often I say hi -- bias when Greg how are you do you know well are you got banks just last -- -- I feel that way back in the area but torment me to some rap -- That was from something else like it and got -- I believe. But isn't that simple solution when -- -- has just normal -- of what Russia -- -- right now. But I thanked him if your bench Harrington you're saying. You're doing this to me I had this deal I had that deal and I had this other deal. All set -- ago. And now they're screwed me out of there now the winning games and I have ownership. Believing we can actually contend what you are you're you're assuming. That bench during that does not want to compete with this group of guys that yes indeed waved the white flag from they would never -- are much ever did I think he's walking this tight rope and saying. If this happens then that might happen and if this happens then nothing's going to happen I think he's pretty happy about a couple things. Stephen Drew made him look good and well at least for a day that's what's great fun jamming. David Ortiz has again I paid for no reason whatsoever to skim fifteen million dollars he was he made him look good last night. I think there's a lot of human redshirt him was getting out. -- is even now right now gets it out for the season. That the creeping upward to you know deal minus people yes. Territory are familiar with the -- in the area. Number passing. Well -- but it's a barrel week. Don't -- times more I got asked playoffs from a -- I gotta be a matter -- right back down up again I think last -- different though. Because you know the last whatever was. Eight games -- so they weren't hitting. Ortiz and Pedroia were in big slumps. It was an illusion it was good pitching as usual and you know some. -- timely hitting but not -- break out right last night was different last night was usually felt like. 2013. And everybody. Reviews everybody had a good. Sponsor interest that was fascinating and last night was sort of a microcosm of it you saw success created by the old core of veterans and the young guys as well. And for that reason alone perhaps. -- go from an F two would the at this point -- Bogart's. Came out of his slump has commodities slumped. It was his first three hit game since may. Napoli homered Stephen Drew homered as part of a two -- night. Yet four -- rock called two more hits Daniel -- three gets Jackie Bradley to -- Christian baskets to Mitt and John Lackey pitched his ass off -- old and young are contributing. All the guys who were I mean -- Your partner in Annandale on ones and -- -- down before the games in the pocket lots of people had given up on Jackie Bradley. So there were real encouraging development and you know Ortiz. What was in his than it was. -- a little hacked off since 249%. Before the game one and I think the cup official scores changed the scores that the calls. To get them -- over 250 but. Guys like that you know they feed off the feel like every once and you know this is the bottom of the bat bat -- so you guys feel completely different right now with the new fell. Six days ago five days ago this team can compete at a -- that I got from there is no hole wondering -- ones that you you've changed that much. Based on a fourteen to one I -- peace. Houston and royals the Houston and Kansas and he. See increases were a little bit that deceiving because I don't think they were and you think one game against Ronald a little deceiving yes maybe maybe. I probably probably right but it did it feel like 2013. Yeah but there have been other games this year that felt a little. 2013. -- -- there -- -- a lot like 2011. Ever at that many that's been the problem is this year. They've been losing the bush forty. Other types of -- that they won last year. -- EU dimension John Tomas -- article one of the things that John brings up. Is he says his team's gonna go forty and 23 the rest of the way just to get to 87 wins. Will that be enough to win the division or I didn't lock -- probably enough. For the division but. Do you see this team going forty and twice in 23 over the course the last 63 game is probably not three runs in 21 days now you right pickers and you're right absolutely right but. It was anything weirder than last year in your life watching. Sports now than them winning 97 winning world -- the same guys. It's the same -- but I -- -- but so here's the thing it's the same guys but I didn't expect him to do last year and going into the season some well. It's the same guys all over again. It's not like it's letter will also our all star all star all star Cy Young guy. I thought it was a lot of guys who had career type years and career type bullet -- career type months I think ticket or two years -- right it probably can't but here's. The question about. Us why are you sharing in or Henry Werner Larry. What do you look at when you pick up standings when you look at the standings what do you look. I mean do you look at the fact that the three games behind the Yankees and blue jays mean their -- half but second place. Mean no probably not. Four appearances sake of them out of last means you're here not last -- tip is pretty. He certainly left Houston Texas in the dust. They -- a Houston couple weeks ago which is kind of embarrassing. They Andrew Higgins blonde -- Probably the Rangers. The Texas Rangers. Men but the first against the that tied with Colorado right now the worst -- legs and Connecticut that hot topic the Rangers may get the topic in the and that's what you get when you make a big deal for Prince Fielder now going to get up and -- he end up with the top pick in the draft. But you look at that -- do you think Henry Werner generic looks that says. We're almost second. And it does yes you know -- secret door prizes. Else are they look at they say it. Wall the Yankees aren't really that good -- -- really that good we just crushed to Ronald they're struggling lately. We're only seven and a half follow were only three got a second place. Yeah we can do this seven wins the division 87 can win that -- the rise tomorrow and tomorrow SC com. The last time the AL east. Has been one with under nine. 2000 with -- 87. In 92 used to be the benchmark was the benchmark until this. Scrappy -- baseball teams a lot of leadership read exactly what happened it was just like. Couple weeks ago this was agreed to yeah. -- -- Iverson the team to look at all -- in the AFC east and there are all the -- at least one but seriously that's true that's true but. I I had to answer your question you know there's all these little post it notes and bends. You know he's gonna do today yeah who's gonna go to the line plays squash there have been dozens and -- ghost of the Harvard club there was a lot of -- why in a lot of steam out ever since I was for the Harvard -- complacent squash and have -- -- a good list -- -- a grew -- So sale of a real little that -- have one actually faced a solid yeah yeah it's gonna go peppery taste praise after he plays squash has this team -- he's gonna. Can't complain now little navel gaze he's gonna sit in the steam and say. Peavy and PB help. Homes he owns he could they help TV tonight that might be bullish Rinker. I don't know Pete he's not pitched badly if if he could be surprised if they had one run that I ought to Ortiz left I I wouldn't be so I won't be anything happens -- -- like it's harm. But don't get a bonus for an official reason wanted to -- a lousy. You probably you'll lose the game and the other reason every -- is lousy. It takes away from his trade values -- also have been as men and a lot of balls would come you know uncle won nine. One and then right nineteen start to believe yet when. And and don't give -- innings sin and keep mean games the way he has only win one he's had some bad look at some and no support. Generally speaking when there's no support it lasts an entire year on Levy's last of those who qualified in in run support is not one of those things it. All second half here now or scored six runs a game for you it tends to. Perpetuate over the entire course of the season. That's set. I think I know what five words binge Harrington will say most often today and phone calls -- did he tell us you would make an out on a day like this thirty to forty. Beyond thirty to forty conversations Jurgen says -- right -- -- or what you are thirty or forty times -- -- to say five words today what they are. Welcome back I'll get back to the fact if I was gonna say thank god I'm not Tony Dungy. But that. Get back to. Just check and the trials slight favorite tonight. PV against -- It's amazing TV's one and -- right. Yes with a 459. Happens 75491. He's got a better ERA. And have. He's won one game in nineteen starts. You talk of what you're talking about management you're talking about ownership with the Red Sox. Is Larry. Is John Henry useful Tom Warner. But the kind of get non Ben's case now a little more than they did a week ago are they pushing him for a deal the other way now of my. To body as opposed to sell you the big turnaround I do of course but I do think that scrapped and and John -- sega's writes about the script any idea of any notion trading last -- do you think that's out the window. I think you know are probably to deal would be you are obviously the small deals would be Gomes and PB. But the big chip that there are holding him waiting nine days to make a move on is as you. I mean you can't say they were contending in -- clothes that's correct so shooting and Andrew Miller's. But I think I think you know Maloney makes good point and likes first from pictures like -- first round -- -- Consolation prize win last two walks is they get the panic. And they say you know we tried we we did our best right up till the deadline we never gave up on it and so it's not New York in 200 million what was supposed to. Here's David I'm headed to Jamaica Ortiz -- began last. Often -- now. They really you know. Did the first eating well. Now we have run. You shouldn't. -- -- -- And so on and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our question for you don't look at the statistics. Who has a higher batting average David Ross Stephen Drew. A man Andrew Ross. Question on 75 each role whose -- -- at the end of tonight. Drew -- average. Gonna hire old people BP correct. Was gonna have a higher July averages -- the other -- Dustin Pedroia by the way it's almost the same number of bats and -- number of hits it's awesome Ross and real estate and you're right WBP is 242 for Ross to 54. Stephen Drew two numbers and never thought we'd seen Jackie Bradley to 34. Almost to that point were he's worth keeping around for a defense. I -- not there yet but if he keeps up with the pace in the and god knows. -- he's worked at it and he says he's changed everything stances beat his hands arms. You know I was approached the plate. If he gets to forty yeah as any worth have an out there so -- -- was worth about they're even at. 200 I don't know if Sizemore and -- at all I think you wouldn't heaps you'd right now Bradley would be in terms of importance to its web. Opera and -- about a 15881. Now gained on average at 256. With the 3410. BP. His remarkable when you think of where he can you mean it seems like a vote for days ago he was written hundred and he was hopeless it's not like he had. 350. At -- and now you can build that average. Fairly quickly. -- a three hit game before the game of the two game. Over the course of a week or so you -- that average from. One got about thirty titles a lot of people were given rating give up on now like Austin the news sent down a packet. You know he was the forgotten man in -- order form is he has already done it -- not to it would it go informers no one else did the job guys like Cuba and Bradley are here can get that chance that. The hit it to the redeem themselves because Grady Sizemore sucked because Shane Victorino to skip it hurt. Because nobody. Came up and and and stole the job just took over the position. A tea what you get the bucks or funny yeah there's one number on the sparks or one number from last night and that was a big night for everybody. In -- it's excellent one thing jumps at me 00. They got eighteen hits fourteen runs. All kinds of Boston. Bogart and Bradley and not heard through through a Napoli and Ortiz alikes CA Jonny -- total of 10 right now. The Brock stock and he's being featured. On everywhere for the great catch in right and it was a terrific catch but he makes one of those like night. This makes -- -- Aroused sitting down -- in this box number of pitches seem by Brock COLT in 19 inning game your leadoff hitter. This is a scrub this is it a journeyman. He saw 31 pitches and -- -- six at bats it was a long game but that's amazing and when you think about it there leadoff hitter Jose Reyes. So six point six the only at a couple at bats but still like that that is what. The Red Sox hitting philosophies pays them built on right there guys at the top of the order. Let everybody take a look at the pitcher and I'll bet -- prepare deterrent from joining us today and he's not busy now. Thank lower layer of all the -- and -- yet and it is -- -- can't win at a come up but I'll guarantee you that that. Marilyn Jarrett and all of their -- doesn't his hitting coach to have. Think that that patience that the way he worked the currently world the pitcher. Contributed to all the guys behind them Ortiz Napoli and through non. Getting good looks and getting and again Vick. It's certainly didn't help Dustin Pedroia -- a lot of credit I thought that was Tuesday blowing up Dustin Pedroia the only all for on the night over four and we saw fifty pitches. All right. 6777. On 79837. A lot of ground to cover today. Global markets to host the injury. Oh not yet did you ever heard of stool. Ball now until I thought of still -- that time we played the celebrity sop like my hamstring and it toward hand tweet tweet you know like a torrent -- between what your Hammond in and he got a -- -- -- -- -- yeah it idea. -- I don't accept. You want but you still play -- play I feel like I didn't do it via credit for that into an Ellsbury go to Arizona for six months or buckled. Gothic -- got a dual I sat I -- -- -- Jeff the move off -- -- -- -- up I don't know a little embarrassing when he brought -- plate they hit yeah that I heard much of what like that is yet. -- somebody we have to drag it back to -- back up but not save him you know let's just say crystal balls some may -- -- a scarlet witch and beach volleyball. Anyway YouTube you told you had to read you have to. And global. It -- the ball -- -- -- gonna do this I didn't think Kevin pulled upon the idea was killed and 2.2 wrong in trouble. Suggest that oh yeah. I told you. On the on the lunatic fringe and it has told the one thing that most writers I know want to be is to be read in one what you write can be yes. People read and although I would just up to the point that I figured out what was. -- that calls global. You'd want your promoting his final if you bring a stool sample of the game and -- that's -- that -- it -- yet I don't know why it's called all client. A are 6177797. Injuries -- -- -- spyware but these were next segment. But don't like Warren Sapp said tennis I would get I would understand that that's just being -- at opus you normally NS. For the guys who set it to say it. I guess on one hand doesn't surprise me based on his Christian beliefs. But the fact is I was Smart of him and finally at last again he'd be one of the last people I think would step it. Someone has stepped smarter than what I mean he just spoke. Honestly that's all gave his opinion -- out. What's wrong with -- step and he stepped in it because he is not on board with this country. Is not on board with the way you must think and the way you must believe. And the way and let issue of als the other end of that theory you were going to be of the -- like any country anywhere on the -- work -- getting -- -- -- You say you know and I agree on onboard with the media in this country we have stacks of people who are -- -- him you know always on board with. Bill Belichick. On board with Pete Campbell mile 31 guys you draft on board with the Jim Harbaugh John Harbaugh Tom Coughlin. I mean is on board with all the teams that looked at Michael Samson not worth it not worth that. And past and if you I don't think it's a fix it Lewiston taken with the eight last pick out of the -- it's drafted and then one so does that. Buddy you were convinced that the other 31 coaches didn't take Michael Salem. Because of the baggage as Tony Dungy might put it he would bring to the locker room. That organization. Or because they don't think the guy can play ball. I'm sure it was all but I'm sure that there were some general managers some. Pro personnel directors who said. We don't wanna deal with this whole thing he -- may not make this franchise it's not like he's a first or second round -- but we don't -- deal -- circus. I I I completely. Disagree. Bomb with the thinking and beliefs of Tony Dungy and how how he believes about the homosexual lifestyle on same sex. Marriage but you know what I -- more -- the world has studied the -- on the rhetoric about a bureaucratic he went on the record he would know what else would do he won't record said. I don't I wouldn't do this but I wouldn't like it Morales is like hiding behind -- -- we saw how investor Jeff Fisher's in this and less need right. There 31 other teams that want no part of it and of course they would all draft and ms. Judy -- Sammy Watkins of course his talent is part of the package. But at least dungy has the guts to be honest about it -- do you think Belichick and and beat Caroline -- known -- boss are ever going to be honest and say we don't -- that and we don't want that circus. Of course not the -- Sega. You know he wasn't so we will -- talented. Homosexuals on our football team but we will take a chance on marginal. Hope this choice is what what do Martina you're right back.

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