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Stephen Drew after the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 14-1

Jul 21, 2014|

Stephen Drew joins Joe Castiglione and Rob Bradford after the Red Sox offense continues to roll in a 14-1 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Fourteen runs the Boston Red -- -- scored -- that any team this year it's David you've got to start analyze singular right and and the first pitch home run the three run blast that. You really -- some great swings yeah I -- and I I was pretty pleased and it's come -- long I think some good swings and I. You know Stephen was. Look at the some of those good bad you really jumped on those first pitches early in the count. Was just a matter of just feeling good team to pitch him and he it was something that you want to go up with a plan and -- I mean I had a plan I mean I knew he had the ninth and never faced him in and the other guys. You -- just I know what these guys have and basically just react minute pitches you know that's that's you know. When it was and I it was -- that I was gonna go and hit the first -- two -- you know get bigger. It's. Pick between them. David certainly the offense has really picked it up starting with that thinking right before the all star break. Against Houston and that this was bound to happen but. -- it seems to walk come together yeah I mean it's. Everybody we're gonna hurt you know we're we're Pittman found him. You know it's just a matter of time and you know it was a good win for everybody in nineteen. You know for some good at bats together and played good defense or lack and lack threw the ball well. Yesterday a lot of times you wanna say he'd -- feeling better about yourself for. Or the vibes different or also he also had a conference that you didn't have before. Just what is the difference between now and a month ago -- or when you first got here in terms of the team doesn't feel like. 2013. Or is it just a matter of guys are playing better. It's just. It's a little votes you know confidence and we're pretty good good Davies together and that in and some balls or fall of course you know we've had some -- where. In big situations they felt so. You know it's is deathly differed with. Since I've been here about a month ago in. You know it's -- to be a part of him. They Christian defense has been there all along when did you first start to feel like you were. Comfortable again as a hitter. It's you know it's. Not too long ago you know I mean not having. Too many AB's in down in the minors and I knew it was going to be fast tracked him and the way things were going up here at the time and you know it's history -- you know -- It ABs together and you know it takes little timing in and it's you know -- -- to -- up here in it's -- for the big -- so. Thomas coming around and and hopefully. You know just like lesser come together and and when you think about it you think at second when was gone one just went well. The well I mean I just kind of look at -- that Bavarian inserted talent so I -- You know another good swing right there exists you know it is unfortunate and I hit a -- about copies is it is -- -- Jamaica in August 5 -- Well I mean the guys that are around you guys know that we've seen him in you know just like they mean. Coming out early in and hitting you know he's working on things just like everybody is in. Trying to keep this thing going. Well thanks so much staving graduation and I got theory they've written. Are right the Red Sox roll here fourteen of one of their highest this scoring game had been eleven the day before the all star break it Houston enough tonight fourteen runs around. Today and we focus on -- on favorite season and some of the bigger Batman really. And I guess it was a microcosm of somehow some of these other guys are coming around Jackie rally the annual novice. Stephen Drew is time to -- Bogart's turning the ball again and so this is what they were looking for -- this lineup when they put it together and and it's just Joseph is just a matter of seeing if it was too little too late we'll Woolsey and you have to keep winning that's the that's the weird thing about it like to do at the beginning of this trip. I know that. Jays are struggling -- Charlotte what they were worth three regular stop but still. An important win yet you can no longer say well they won seven games against teams are plain bad they won a three game series against Minnesota but only scored five runs. Now they're beating. Every single kind of different team. And they're doing in a variety ways so. You do feel like this is different you do you feel like I hate to say it but more like last year so I yet. -- you Stepan right direction I'll say it again though issue is if this is one win now you have to go out when again tomorrow. Enormously. Enormously huge road are the Red Sox roll fourteen --

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