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What are the real reasons behind Tony Dungy's latest comments about Michael Sam?

Jul 21, 2014|

We delve into Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam and drafting him, and how there may be more at work here than on the surface.

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So the National Football League as all the other part of that story. -- -- and you'll start. And here and everything happily everything and it happily ever rafter at the I think it was happy for everybody I don't know why she disappeared that night. Vast Greg you know I should have asked got a light I got zero Erica. Not telling the media stories on main. We can do it right now everybody driving their car on the way -- eight we can do as they're pretty -- not -- Britain and know everything and by the way it's WB good one to get a good story you wanna do like -- -- the podcasts we can -- that media stories about that would be seriously will be great pocket I think. -- yeah. I -- another one coming out of out of -- enhanced. Oil was trending number one in the Boston Globe reported -- knock on -- -- stop and do you love it so the National Football League has released the list. Of the 25 top selling jerseys. For the first quarter of the football -- April 1 to July 70. And I have to admit I was surprised number -- Calvin Johnson computers Tom Brady's number seven -- -- He's number four. Josh -- -- etc. yeah. Or respect actors as Bethel Johnson 2.0. Johnny -- Zell has the top selling Jersey in the national football Johnny felt like you like -- like problem. Love Bob I think I think there's a real good chance that he's gonna Peter out not really do much at the NFL level. -- but does it say more about us in order pot or negative -- depending on tightly -- It Johnny -- Zell has the top selling Jersey in the national football late. Michael Sam is number six. And a Tom Brady to. What's up and provoked both of flash in the pans -- -- that are not flash in the pans -- -- as you said our new and a lot of times. As a society were attracted to war we just saw last. Let's say I think four for Johnny -- Zell advocates all football I think people like. What he's done and Heisman Trophy winner exciting player in a big time conference the best conference college football pains me every chemistry that but it history SEC is great. So he did that and then he's got as flamboyant. Know all the -- old he's got a lot of things going on he's friends with LeBron and he's friends with draped in you know all the celebrities. With -- Michael -- like a lot of people were into Michael -- and I love him but they are not put off. I know a lot of people just liked. -- I asked the question like this that or say more about us societal. Michael Sam is as high as he -- he's at a Brady Brady seven Michael -- mystics. And impart that is the newness by the way after a lot of folks have -- here's -- -- -- your rights although you know if I look at it here's here's your top ten. -- -- -- Number two with Russell Wilson and again new. Flavor of the month quarterback the Super Bowl champions lot of folks don't have the Jersey yet but they do. Number three is Colin -- -- Then Peyton Manning why. You mean you are wrong I was Jersey right it's new it's different you may be at the colts won before. Now you wanted to get paid managers all shocks appreciate -- and Africa might enter -- shocks Richard Sherman is number five. Michael -- six Tom Brady seven. Followed by Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers. You know what the tenth highest selling Jersey is in the national football like ten ties -- number ten on the list. Seattle Seahawks. And ties Marshawn Lynch no. Twelfth man. C'mon now so well -- and I have him saying don't -- twelfth highest selling Jersey but anyway. Part of it is your right Michael Sam is new journeyman -- -- Richard Sherman is relatively speaking probably knew for a lot of folks out there. But I do think that it's not just football fans were buying the Michael Sanders and by the way you think there's something more than just football ball as sort -- is -- gonna play the go back to. What a year year and a half ago when Jason Collins came on the NBA. His Jersey sales skyrocketed. As well swapping there's a similarity between -- what's going on with Michael Sam. And what happened what Jason -- Jason Collins. In the last. For five years of his career his jurisdiction -- shootings -- atmosphere just sort of an -- warmup. But I said I'm tired currently live right exactly the city marathon I have to. You guys think when Michael -- You think that there is pressure. On the St. Louis Rams. Keep him on the team when you look at we talked but the trend and I felt. And we're talking about things like running back in the fourth round. Well how often those guys have five or six year careers just for four property you think about the seventh rounder. It was pretty close with the likes February picks await of being a free agent. Like that I think it was what seven. Seminary. Left of the seventh round he goes. It is very difficult for any seventh round pick to make it one. To a seventh round pick to make it on -- team. I don't know he's gonna play linebacker -- -- pretty deep but it gets the -- in the defensive line that got a good young defensive line is going to be tough for him but at the St. Louis Rams. You know what some peoples -- say oh you cut him. Because of his sexuality because -- preferences. I would think I don't want to draft him in the fertile delta was drafted them so I get a shot and I think it -- -- Patrick now rising. For us to keep on just because of his sexual preferences you wanna say. -- we wanna bring back though wanna bring about a world of equality. He is a seventh round pick. Odds are against you. Whatever your sexual preferences is going to be very tough for you to make this team you think there's any pressure on the rams keep on the matter despite. What you just said naive. I agree under percent yes has a lot of pressure to keep him I think. Just for that reason for good PR. They will keep them and they will stashed him somewhere. Whether it's on injured reserve for the year. Whether they let him go bring him back and put a month practice squad I think he sticks around. -- Tony Dungy today. In best part of a story in the Tampa Tribune. Tony Dungy talked about -- And talked about the drafting Michael this is what Tony Dungy said and I quote I wouldn't have taken him. Not because I don't believe Michael -- should have a chance to play. I wouldn't wanna deal with all of it. It's not going to be totally smooth things will happen on quote Obama. Advocates argue now I'm -- -- I is that eighty -- -- not saying I wouldn't have drafted him. Beek says he's okay what are going to be other things going on here. But he's also not coming out saying. I don't like the homosexual lifestyle and apparently the note -- you say that it didn't he say that he just said that the whole lot and the the things that surround. Michael -- as a football player I just don't wanna deal with that sort of thing -- my football team to me it's like. I'm sure there were some general managers and some coaches out there who say. I kind of like this man's -- Bob I. I don't want as the job. Don't Greg that's that that's the job of being in Monaco coach you're always going to be dealing with certain things now from Michael stamp. It is you're telling me that. You don't wanna deal with the and I think it's going to be short term the short term distractions the immediate distractions. Of people saying wow. This is the first openly gay NFL player and they'll be more camera crews in Saint Louis. Or if if only -- dungy were still in Indianapolis more camera -- and Indianapolis more camera crews in Tampa. -- -- to deal with that there's more attention or more stories after awhile the -- proves himself as he is competent NFL player out of the star. After awhile that subside because there's a new story. Coming up it's going to be every. Every season every training camp there's gonna be added attention from -- and the other thing dale. For Tony Dungy he was the coach of the colts were for many years of Peyton Manning's great. It's almost like another assistant coach and -- -- about him he always says the right things always does the right things please at a high level. -- repair to where Marvin Harrison. Who is a dangerous receiver on the field any dangerous receiver on the field we find out. The guy I would like -- may have killed somebody you're like -- or or there's some mystery around Marvin Harrison. There's always something. Gonna have to deal with as the NFL head coach now as as Michael David Smith on pro football talk what it what Chuck -- headset back in -- You know -- I'm not sure that I wanted to deal with the distraction of adding a minority coaching candidate to my staff a predominantly white coaching staff. So I don't know if I wanna -- that Tony Dungy guy which he did. It doesn't I don't think Tony understands the words he's saying and the impact of what would say do you think. With his words there's malicious intent because I don't. Malicious malicious you know about malicious and that's that's meant that you were enrolled there he -- that it -- malice. I think is very clear. He's out it is a it is the it to exit on the fence remark. He made almost any good football player. I understand I want to deal with. Well that kind of crazy because it he's got -- -- -- -- deal entered coach. And it's such a -- wrap them in -- if he's available in the seventh round I think he's pretty good that value of getting a guy in the seventh round. What he's ultimately saying it's we know Tony Dungy story. He is he theories here hardcore. Hardcore Christian. Things I don't know whether. I don't. I don't want the government now is that there were a lot of coaches in general managers in the NFL. Greece will agree with Tony and an -- -- this Angel will basically said that around draft time and they didn't wanna say it public right. This is the most high profile person to say it on the eyewitness drafted him. -- I would wanna deal with that. I'm a little surprised that Tony didn't understand how was going to be perceive I think Tony did a Smart guy and he did understand. I think and the key is being. As a moment of of honesty. Has part not well so some honesty when he and the bottom line of not wanting him on the team that's the honest moment. Where he lacked honesty here at the very least clarity was getting. To that conclusion. Getting big -- -- -- jumping around he's he's saying like three or four different things just get that point the point is you don't want on your team won a tournament team because he's almost because he's. First openly gay athlete national football he's got the first game. He's the first openly agree all agree or disagree. With what Tony Dungy had to say I hold. I hope that god NBC. Doesn't discipline them doesn't firearm because I'm sure there will be some backlash in that. I'm sure the dungy will probably after Kamal with a not a statement what he when I -- malicious comment. And -- meant. You know anything against Michael Sam. As a homosexual or as a person I don't think he said anything. It's a fireball or disciplinary able prefer -- events art art art. Greg if -- if he says why don't you think you want the money team is that good football player. I don't wanna deal with what does that mean what -- think he means the distraction. All of the extra can't whether it's extra cameras for a week whether it's extra cameras for three weeks and the and the questions may be just. Baby you're right. Much like we saw last year when Aaron Hernandez we all thought that the Aaron Hernandez situation with just. Going to be a cloud over -- England at the entire year. The second week was a pretty much on alleged murderer nobody. I didn't like it cures for killing three pretty ugly notable what I'm saying is we really talked about it we really talked about it worries. I agree with you -- -- sense that come week two with three of Michael -- missed all of the smaller roster. I don't think all the cameras I -- I -- a -- point I think is to begin whatever really have a conversation -- does this mean it's so obvious to me. What Tony Dungy he has his beliefs and he has his beliefs and it would be very. Would be very tense. Fascinating if if you just leave your third party does is looking at. How -- how these two. People deal with -- -- deal with each other but for Tony Dungy. It's not what he believes. There are some Christians who say I'm fine. Fine hey you know it that this is this is about where it's an inclusive. This is an inclusive religion so whatever. Whatever you have whether you're straight gay bisexual whatever you have. It is it is okay. And then there's some Christians who say now the Bible says that two men to mention not lay together and that's the way it is and it's wrong and I think he is with the latter camp. Here's that the that the closing line of the dungy -- but I gave B quote it's not going to be totally smoke. Things will happen. Fault would they be. With a B Michael Sam's fault -- So -- problem isn't with Michael spam but he would draft him. This problem would be with the other guys on the team because I mean if it do you Tony's -- things will happen. Because of Michael's means he probably doesn't trust the other guys on news quote unquote football team to deal well what Michael -- In Brussels -- I think they'll make it a problem I'm surprised. That he was his candidacy was -- I I guess I should be pleasantly surprised right. Better to -- let me know what to. If he's not even at a Texas as it stopped putting words -- Tony Dungy throughout how about this this Google Tony Dungy homosexuality. -- He's talked about it before me did they secure may have done something -- Dan Patrick. Leading up to the -- after just after the draft and he was he was asked about it his views are are fairly well -- and this is not a it's not a secret Tony Dungy has written a couple books but he's very. Upfront with this faith in what he believes what he stands for. Look it up simple. I'm surprised -- I I guess I should be given credit to put his name on it wasn't some you know an anonymous source said I would have drafted and he said now I wouldn't have drafted him. I guess in that regard I got to give credit where credit is due. I'm not sure that he thought well maybe didn't didn't -- probably did it 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. I spectacles with you coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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